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The Waltham Directory 




Alphabetical Section (page 165). Gives names, occupations and addresses of all men 
and women eighteen years old or over and all business houses. Dates of deaths during 
the previous year are given, and where possible, the addresses of people who have moved 
to other cities. The names of partners in firms are given in this department (the wife's 
name being in parentheses) also incorporated companies and their officers with much 
other information that cannot be found elsewhere. 

Business Directory (page 553.) All business houses, individuals in business for themselves, 
and professional men are listed without charge under the heading that best describes 
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Street, House and Home Owners Directory (Pink Section) (page 449). A complete 
list of Streets, showing location of intersecting streets, and enabling one to tell at once 
between what streets a given number lies, and the quickest way to get there. 
All Householders and Places of Business are arranged in numerical order upon their 
respective Streets. The Streets are arranged in alphabetical order. 


(Note: this information is as given to our canvassers, and is not guaranteed by us. It should be of value 
as an indication, but not taken as legal proof of title.) 

Advertising Department (page 65). Where more information than is possible to give under 
the headings is placed on file for buyer's reference. The value of this department can- 
not be estimated. It is an index of the best business interests of the city, and stands for 
them and the city in reference libraries all over the country, as well as on the desks of 
progressive business men. It is accessible to everybody, and the logical place to look for 
specific information. This probably explains why no other form of publicity is so gen- 
erally endorsed by business men, as a glance at this department will show. 

Map (opposite). The clearest map ever made of the city, on a scale large enough to see 
and small enough to be handled easily. 

Miscellaneous Information (page 6). Organization of City Departments, giving officers- 
Post Office branches — -Parcel Post zones and rates — -Institutions, etc., with officers — 
Courts — Population tables, — Calendar, etc. 

(For detailed Index to Contents, see page 7) 


Established 1846 


VOLUME 4K&* Xf> ? MM VI 

PRICE, $8.00 

Copyright, 1934, Sampson & Murdoch Co., Boston, Mass. 
Printed in U. S. A. 


♦Number of Names in General Directory of 1934 22,800 

Number of Names in General Directory of 1931 20,269 

Increase of Names 2531 

*This number includes the names of 1365 persons who have died or removed 
from the city since the 1931 Directory was issued, with date of death, etc. 





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compiled in a way to ensure maximum accuracy. While the Publishers will in no way be 
held responsible for any errors that may occur, they will be glad to have any inaccuracies 
brought to their attention, so that they may be corrected in succeeding editions. 

Sampson & Murdock Co., Publishers. 


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by imprisonment for not exceeding one year, or by a fine of not less than one hundred 
dollars nor more than one thousand dollars, or both, in the discretion of the court. 




y V3 







Abbreviations 166 

Advertisers' Index 9 

Advertising Department 65 

Alphabetical Section 167 

Assessors 20 

Association of North American Directory 

Publishers Y 

Associations & Clubs — Commercial 553 

Banks 555 

Buildings, Public & Office 557 

Business Directory 553 

Calendar 6 

Cemeteries 558 

Census 15 

Chamber of Commerce 24 

Churches 558 

City Government 19 

City Statistical Review 11 

Clergymen 559 

Clubs 559 

Constables 560 

County Officers 24 

Courts 25 

District Court 25 

Express Companies 562 

Fire Alarm Boxes 20 

Fire Department 20 

General Directory 165 

Halls 565 

Home for Aged Women 566 

Homes & Asylums 566 

Hospitals 566 

Hotels 566 

House Directory 449 

Insurance Companies and Agents 566 

Land Court 26 

Lawyers 567 

Libraries 22, 568 

Masonic Societies 577 

Massachusetts Government 26 

Masters in Chancery 25 


Medical Examiners 25 

Middlesex County Officers 24 

Military 24 

Music Teachers 570 

Newspapers 570 

Nurses 570 

Parcel Post 29 

Parks & Playgrounds 572 

Permits & Licenses 17 

Physicians 572 

Police Court 23 

Police Department 22 

Population of Mass 15 

Post Office 28 

Probate Court 26 

Public Administrators 25 

Public Welfare Commission 20 

Railroad Passenger Stations 574 

Registrars of Voters 20 

Salvation Army 558 

Savings Banks 555 

School Committee 23 

School Holidays 23 

Schools 23, 575 

Sheriff and Deputies 25 

Sinking Fund Commissioners 20 

Societies 576 

State Officers 26 

Street Directory 449 

Superior Court 26 

Supreme Court 25 

Teachers 578 

Telegraph Offices 578 

Telephone Offices 578 

Trial Justices 25 

Trust Funds 20 

United States Courts 25 

United States Government 27 

Walter E Fernald State School 24 

Wards 30 




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Alberti John 255 Newton 70 

Alcazar Restaurant & Coffee House 481 

Moody 115 

Alcorn Machine Co. Inc. 6 Water 100 

Allen Thomas M. R. 463 Main opp. New- 
ton 83 

Ball A. T. Inc. 609 Main 119 

Barker Geo. J. Lumber Co. 118 Bacon. . 98 

Barnes & Beal 637 Main 119 

Barry Printing Co., Music Hall av Ill 

Beaver Brook Lumber Co. 1 Massasoit at 

Beaver Brook Station 98 

Bigham & Sons 259 South 72 

Bleachery Fuel Co. office 200 Moody 80 

Blue Jay Cleansers & Dyers 765 Main.. 76 
Boston Consolidated Gas Co. 210 Moody. . 88 

Broderick Patrick S. 364 Moody 96 

Brown ,& Benson 420 Moody 113 

Bunten Hardware Co. Inc. 373 Moody.. 89 

Business Letter Shop 420 Moody 102 

Canton Low Restaurant 309 Moody 115 

Cataldo J. M. Inc. 353 Moody 114 

Cedar Hill Farm Inc. Kendal Green, Wes- 
ton 103 

Chamber of Commerce 613 Main 

back colored X 

Chapin George L. 247 Bacon 103 

Clark George A. 29 Spruce 87 

Colantropo S. 153 Calvary 81 

Coleman "At the Bridge" 200 Moody 114 

Collagan Walter and Edith School of 

Dancing 333 Moody 118 

Comman & Reblin Co. 42 Felton 75 

Corcoran Edward J. 49 Cedar >. . 86 

D. & D. Sales Co. Inc. 692 Main 68 

Dowd & French 680 Main rm. 11 96 

Dunbrack Tool & Die Co. Inc. 106 Alder 99 
Dutch & Fardy's Service Station 1025 

Main 71 

Eastern Auto Parts Co. Inc. 917 Main . . 70 
Ferson Oil Co. 15 Grant, .front edge and 107 

Flynn ,& Flynn 657 Main 96 

Fuelite Natural Gas Corp. 705 Main 90 

Gardner John W. Motor Co. 817 Moody 68 

Gill Robert E. 9 Clinton 104 

Gray Andrew W. 424 Lexington 82 

Greenough Construction Co. 200 Calvary 81 

Griff Furniture Co. 284 Moody 91 

Harrington Edward E., Gifford av off 23 

Crescent 119 

Harrington John J. 657 Main 66 

Havey Michael J. 245 High 104 

Healey Frank C. 333 Moody 113 

Hornbeck Linn E. 30 Ash 108 

Household Fuel Corp. 688 Main 79 

Howard E. Clock Co. 256 Charles 77 

Hubley Austen A. 50 River 82 

Ideal Concrete Block Co. 232 Lexington 82 

John Hancock Mutual Life Ins. Co. 740 

Main 94 

Jones Ralston P. 899 Main 68 

Josephine's Shoppe 24 Cushing 78 

Joyce Francis J. 552 Main 87 

Joyce Thomas A. 135 Moody 3 

Kay Jewelry Co. 316 Moody 95 

Keane M. & Son 30 Elm 104 

Keefe Patrick J. 22 Lyman 116 

Kelly Geo I. Inc. 429 Moody 78 

Kirwin Fred H. 588 Main 109 

Libby Bros. 158 Lexington 99 

Lituri Charles 100 Chestnut 90 

Lituri Frank C. 100 Chestnut 96 

MacNeill Charles A. 634 Moody 108 

Madden W. J. 11 Myrtle 72 

Main Plumbing & Heating Supply Co. 697 

Main 110 

Marcy Coal Co. Inc. 151 Lexington 80 

Meaney & Urpin Inc. 165 Prospect 109 

Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. 267 Moody.. 93 
Miller Oil Co. 69 River. . . .back cover and 84 

Miller William R. 21 Cherry 87 

Mitchell & Corcoran 13-15 Whitney av.. 109 

Mooney Frank J 740 Main 93 

Mooney John J. 749 Main 87 

Morris Clarence H. 254 Crescent 88 

Moulton Marshall L. Inc. 596 Moody 69 

Mullin Bernard E. 36 Elm. .top end and 86 
Nolan's Plumbing, Heating and Electrical 

Supplies 133 Moody 110 

O'Malley P. Joseph 82 Massasoit 81 

O'Neil Joseph H., Lawrence bldg. 681 

Main 108 

Pearce Fred A. 571 Main 75 

Perkins D. E. 844 Main 113 

Perry Radio Shop 620 Moody 112 

Peter Pan Cleaners & Dyers Inc. 552 

South 76 

Potter C. W. Inc. 2 School, Watertown. . 

back cover and 111 

Potter Press The 537 South 117 

Quality Wall Paper ,& Paint Co. 585 Main 120 
Quinn's Furniture Warehouse Store 15 

Gifford av 91 

Reade Charles L. 22 Common 85 

Richardson Frank W. 698 Main 89 

Rooney Leonard J. 680 Main 94 

Salvucci Peter 55 Pond 81 

Sampson & Murdock Co., Boston 112 

Shaughnessy Coal Co. 184 Chestnut. ... 80 

Simpson Alfred F. 837A Main 70 

Sinclair Warren 412 Moody 114 

Smith Paul B. Co 838 Moody 69 

Spencer Herbert T. 708 Main 91 

Starr Harry A. Fuel Co. 420 Moody 80 

Stone H. L. Dairy 1295 Main 103 




Sullivan Automotive Service 1019 Main 71 
Thomson Judson L. Mfg. Co., South near 

Roberts station 115 

Varney W. S. Printing Co. 31 Spruce 111 

Viles Daniel F. & Co. Inc. 637 Main 94 

Walsh Arthur A. 34 Fiske av 82 

Waltham Chamber of Commerce 657 

Main back colored X 

Waltham Chemical Co. 118 Calvary 92 

Waltham Coal Co. 633 Main 

front cover and 79 

Waltham Co-operative Bank 45 Moody . . 

front cover and 73 

Waltham Dairy Co. 187 Adams 102 

Waltham Electric Welding & Iron Works 

19 Heard 120 

Waltham Foundry Co. 71 Felton 83 

Waltham Fur Shop 353 Moody 88 

Waltham Hudson-Essex Inc. 173 High . . 70 

Waltham Ice Co. 200 Prospect 92 

Waltham Lumber Co. 217 Lexington .... 

back bone and 97 

Waltham Machine Works 296 Newton 

cor High 99 

Waltham National Bank of Waltham The 

637 Main bottom end and 74 

Waltham News-Tribune 18 Pine 

front cover and 105 

Waltham Publishing Co. 18 Pine 

front cover and 105 
Waltham Real Estate Exchange 353 

Moody 114 

Waltham Sales Book Co. Inc. 2 School, 

Watertown back cover and 111 

Waltham Savings Bank 702 Main 74 

Waltham School for Girls 327 Lexington 118 

Waltham Supply Co. Inc. 707 Main 110 

Waltham Times Inc. 19 Felton 106 

Waltham Tire Exchange 913 Main 

back cover and 71 
Watch City Co-operative Bank 7 Moody 72 
Wellcome F. D. & Son 95 Riverview av 90 
Wentworth Freedom & Sons 4 Cutler ct 85 
Wollrath ,& Sons Inc., Beaver cor. Wav- 

erley Oaks rd 83 


City Directory Statistical Review 

Suggested and Planned by American Community Advertising Association 
Adopted by Association of North American Directory Publishers 


Form of Government: Mayor and Council; Council consists of four councillors-at- 
large, and seven councillors, one from each ward, elected biennially. 

Population: Federal census of 1930, 39,425. 

Area: 13.56 square miles. 

Altitude: 67 feet. 

Assessed Valuation: $58,445,950 with $28.80 tax per thousand. 

White Population: 39,030, estimated 1930. 

Colored Population: 395, estimated 1930. 

Number of All Males: 18,675. And of All Females: 20,740, estimated 1930, 

Native Born Population: 73.6 per cent of whole population. 

Predominating Nationalities in City : American, Canadian, Italian. 

Parks: Fifteen with 394 acres valued at $1,085,000. 

City's Bonded Debt: $2,769,500. 

Financial: One National bank with total deposits of $5,000,000 and resources $6,- 
000,000. One Savings bank with total deposits of $9,956,204. 

Post Office Receipts for Year Ending June 30, 1933: $140,123.70. 

Telephones in Service: 6,944. 

Churches : Twenty-two. 

Building and Construction: Value of building permits 1932, $781,558. 

Real Estate Transfers: 1,423. Number of homes, 8,831. 
Industry: Number of establishments 132. 

Trade: Territory (Retail) serves 251,000 people within the trading area covering a 
radius of fifteen miles. 

City Served by : Two railroad lines. Seven bus lines. 

Amusements: Largest theatre or auditorium seats 2,500 people. There are four 
theatres, with a total seating capacity of 5,197 people. 

Hospitals: Three with 225 beds; also Metropolitan State Hospital with 1,248 beds; 
and Middlesex County Sanitarium with 250 beds. 

Education: Number of schools, twenty-one including three high schools and three 
parochial schools. Number of pupils in public schools 6,439, in private schools 
2,439. Total number of teachers in public schools 235. 

Libraries: There are 95,738 volumes in the libraries of the city. 

City Statistics: Total street mileage 73.126 with 48.655 miles paved. Miles of sewers, 
62.647. Capacity of water works (municipal) 14,660,000 gallons, daily average 
pump of 2,224,879 gallons, with 90.648 miles of mains and value of plant esti- 
mated at $1,963,524.66. Fire department employs seventy-seven men with fol- 
lowing motor equipment: ten autos, two engines, three hose and chemical 
wagons, two hook and ladder trucks, one chemical, in five station houses. Value 
of fire department with property is $150,000. Police department has fifty-six 
men with one station and six pieces of motor equipment. 


Historical Outline 

Situated on the beautiful Charles River, nine miles to the west 
of Boston, the rich and fertile plain on which stands the present 
city of Waltham was called Eden Vale by the earliest settlers. 

In 1738 this area, which then comprised the Western Precinct 
of the town of Watertown, was incorporated as a separate town 
and named Waltham, but it was not until the establishment of 
a paper mill in 1788 that it became anything more than an agri- 
cultural community. 

In 1826 Waltham achieved the distinction of a daily stage to 
Boston, and, with the improved transportation thus afforded, be- 
came a popular residential town. One of the early Governors 
of Massachusetts, Christopher Gore (1809), built a magnificent 
house with bricks brought from England, and surrounded it with 
imported shrubs and trees. This house and the extensive grounds 
are now the property of the Waltham Country Club. 

In 1844 the Fitchburg railroad was opened to travel. Forty 
years later, Waltham had outgrown town government, and was 
incorporated a city on June 2, 1884. The last three decades have 
seen a rapid increase in the number of homes within its borders, 
not at all surprising in view of the advantages which Waltham 
offers both to those who commute to Boston and to those who 
work hear their homes. There are excellent automobile roads, 
eight convenient stations on the steam railroads, and bus lines 
which connect with the Boston Elevated system at half a dozen 

Waltham's population in 1765 was 663; in 1865, 6,896; and in 
1930, 40,000; with a potential population of 250,000, residing in 
the surrounding cities and towns. It is essentially an industrial 
city. With an area of 13J square miles, the city has ample room 
for expansion without overcrowding. 

Waltham is situated in the fourth largest metropolitan dis- 
trict, which in itself insures an excellent local market for all 
kinds of products. It is connected with Boston by two railroad 
lines, the Massachusetts Central and the Fitchburg Divisions 
of the Boston & Maine Railroad. Together with the Watertown 
Branch these roads provide ample shipping facilities, with spur 
tracks available when needed. It is only a short haul by truck 
to tap the main line of the Boston & Albany Railroad at Newton- 

Paper manufacturing was the chief business of the town in 
the early days. Here, in 1788, John Boies, taking advantage of 
the waterpower privileges on the Charles, built a paper mill. 
This was soon followed by similar mills at the western and east- 
ern boundaries of the town. In 1812 came the Boston Manufac- 
turing Company, famed the world over as the first complete cot- 
ton mill to include both spinning and weaving by power under 
one roof. 

Waltham is often familiarly called the "Watch City" because 
for years the making of fine watches was its principal industry. 
The Waltham Watch Company, one of the largest manufacturers 
of watches in the world, was the first to make fine watches by 
machinery. In Waltham, too, kerosene was first refined and 
made available for household and commercial use. 


There are 114 factories engaged in the manufacture of watches, 
clocks, knit goods, precision machinery, furniture, canoes, en- 
amel ware, jewel bearings, plumbing supplies, yard goods, paper, 
iron and brass castings, traffic signs, die stuffs, window frames, 
ice cream equipment, optical goods, paper tubes, automatic irri- 
gation systems, dairy and poultry food, pest exterminators, mica 
products, electrical switches, batteries, sales books, loose leaf 
account systems, paper box machinery, grinding wheels, rivets, 
builders' finish, lacquer-chemicals, gauges, patent leather, oil 
burners, rayon metering pumps, and women's shoes,, also hun- 
dreds of other products. 

Although Waltham has long been known throughout the world 
as the home of high grade industries engaged in the manufac- 
ture of quality products, it has always maintained its position 
as an important agricultural center. Here are located the head- 
quarters of the Middlesex County Farm Bureau, and the Federa- 
tion of Farm Bureaus. The experimental station of the Massa- 
chusetts Agricultural College was transfered to this city some 
years ago. 

Waltham stores are well stocked and well managed, and carry 
a complete range of merchandise at prices as favorable as any in 
the large centers. 

The Waltham National Bank, a fine and progressive commer- 
cial bank, founded in 1836, has resources of over $6,000,000 and 
deposits of over $5,500,000. Waltham has a Savings Bank 
eighty years old with deposits of nearly $10,000,000 and over 
17,000 depositors. There are two co-operative banks: the Wal- 
tham Co-operative Bank, which was organized fifty years ago, 
and the Watch City Co-operative Bank, incorporated in 1914. 

There are twenty-two church congregations, also numerous 
philanthropic societies. Every leading fraternal society has at 
least one branch in the city, while some have more than one. 
The stranger in the city will find here to welcome him those 
affiliated with his own organization. Three theatres, attractive 
in their appointments, present entertainment of a high grade. 
There are three hospitals, and in addition to these, there is the 
excellent Waltham Training School for Nurses. 

The superior water supply of the city is derived from driven 
wells fed by underground courses, but in case of need the city 
can tap the Metropolitan system at a comparatively small ex- 
pense. Practically all of the residential and business districts 
are connected with the sewer, of which there are now 62.647 
miles. Disposition of the sewage is made through the South 
Metropolitan system. The tax rate in Waltham is among the 
lowest in the cities of Massachusetts. This has not been brought 
about by excessive valuations. The valuation of the city for 
1933 was $58,445,950. 

Over six thousand pupils are enrolled in the seventeen public 
schools. The Junior High School buildings are of the modern 
type, each with a spacious auditorium extensively used for com- 
munity purposes. Besides its public schools, Waltham has three 
parochial schools, two of them extending through high school 
grades. There are also two private schools — the Waltham School 
for Girls, and the Mount Prospect School for Boys and one 
business school. 


With parks, playgrounds and other facilities for outdoor recre- 
ation, Waltham is bountifully supplied. In the center of the 
city there is an unusually fine Common. Prospect Hill Park is 
a natural beauty spot such as can seldom be found within walk- 
ing distance of a busy city. The Cornelia Warren Park, lying 
between Waltham and Waverley contains 67.78 acres, largely 
woodland. The State Girl Scout headquarters, are housed in the 
spacious mansion on Cedar Hill, left for the purpose by Miss 
Cornelia Warren. There is also the High School Athletic Field, 
and ten active playgrounds competently supervised and with an 
efficient corps of instructors. The Charles River, with its facili- 
ties for boating and canoeing in the summer, and ice sports in 
the winter, has long been famed as a pleasure stream in Xew 

For the motor enthusiast, Waltham is an ideal center. Many 
main thoroughfares converge at Waltham Common, giving a 
choice of routes to the Berkshire Hills, Cape Cod, or the White 

Waltham has an excellent supply of both skilled and unskilled 
labor. Much of this population is native New England stock 
with a permanent residence in the city. Fire hazard and insur- 
ance rates are low, land values and rents are reasonable. 

Along both lines of railroad there are many acres of land avail- 
able for manufacturing plants, some so located that only a few 
hundred feet of spur tracks are needed. The City itself owns a 
large tract of land at Roberts Station, which has been specially 
set aside for manufacturing purposes. This land is offered at 
much less than the assessed valuation to industries planning to 
build with a year of purchase. 

Good government, good roads, good schools, congenial social 
conditions, a high standard of citizenship, convenience to ship- 
ping points, nearness to a market, excellent transportation facili- 
ties, sanitation above the average, abundant recreational and 
amusement facilities, the advantages of homes in the open spaces 
combined with urban conveniences — these are the qualities that 
go to make a city desirable — and Waltham has them all. 

The Waltham Chamber of Commerce welcomes inquiries from 
manufacturers and will be glad to make a complete and intelli- 
gent survey of the situation for any prospective newcomer with 
particular reference to his special needs. 



Total, in 1925, 4,144,205, Total, in 1930, 4,249,614. 

• Cities designated by an asterisk. Shire towns in small capitals. 


1925 1930 








Barnstable 5,774 

Bourne 3,015 

Brewster 774 

Chatham 1,741 

Dennis 1,749 

Eastham 494 

Falmouth 4,694 

Harwich 2,077 

Mashpee 298 

Orleans 1,078 

Provincetown 3,787 

Sandwich 1,479 

Truro 504 

Wellfleet 786 

Yarmouth 1,532 



Adams 13,525 

Alford 221 

Becket 778 

Cheshire 1,842 

Clarksburg 1,222 

Dalton 4,092 

Egremont 477 

Florida 362 

Great Barrington. 6,405 

Hancock 510 

Hinsdale 1,044 

Lanesboro 1,181 

Lee 4,058 

Lenox 2,895 

Monterey 348 

MtWashington. . . 58 

New Ashford 85 

New Marlboro 991 

*North Adams.... 22,717 

Otis 395 

Peru 113 

♦PlTTSFIELD 46,877 

Richmond 619 

Sandisfleld 480 

Savoy 399 

Sheffield 1,614 

Stockbridge 1,830 

Tyringham 280 

Washington 231 

W. Stockbridge... 1,212 

Williamstown 4,006 

Windsor 388 





































121,255 120,700 


Acushnet 4,135 

*Attleboro 20,623 

Berkley 1,118 

Dartmouth 9,026 

Dighton 3,208 

Easton 5,333 

Fairhaven 10,827 

*Fall River 128,993 

Freetown 1,663 

Mansfield 6,590 

*New Bedford . .119,539 

North Attleboro. . 9,790 

Norton 2,769 

Raynham 2,128 

Rehoboth 2,332 

Seekonk 4,191 

Somerset 4,818 

Swansea 3,250 

*Tatjnton 39,255 

Westport 4,207 



Chilmark 240 

Edgartown 1,235 

Gay Head 168 

Gosnold 142 

Oak Bluffs 1,314 

Tisbury 1,431 

WestTisbuiy 332 



Amesbury 11,229 

Andover 10,291 

*Beverly 22,685 

Boxford 581 

Danvers 11,798 

Essex 1,403 

Georgetown 1,888 

*Gloucester 23,375 

Groveland 2,485 

Hamilton 2,018 

*Haverhill 49,232 

Ipswich 6,055 

*Lawrence 93,527 

*Lynn 103,081 

Lynnfleld 1,333 



























Manchester 2,499 2,636 

Marblehead 8,214 8,668 

Merrimac 2,349 2,392 

Methuen 20,606 21,069 

Middleton 1,667 1,712 

Nahant 1,630 1,654 

Newbury 1,432 1,530 

*Newburyport... 15,656 15,084 

North Andover. . . 6,839 6,961 

♦Peabody 19,870 21,345 

Rockport 3,949 3,630 

Rowley 1,408 1,356 

*Salem 42,821 43,353 

Salisbury 1,820 2,194 

Saugus 12,743 14,700 

Swampscott 8,953 10,346 

Topsfield 915 986 

Wenham 1,145 1,119 

West Newbury. . . 1,337 1,549 

496,832 498,040 


Ashfleld 919 860 

Bernardston 844 893 

Buckland 1,555 1,497 

Charlemont 820 816 

Colerain 1,562 1,391 

Conway 931 900 

Deerfield 2,968 2',882 

Erving 1,344 1,263 

Gill 918 983 

Greenfield 15,246 15,500 

Hawley 354 313 

Heath 298 331 

Leverett 664 677 

Leyden 270 261 

Monroe 143 218 

Montague 7,973 8,081 

New Salem 519 414 

Northfield 1,821 1,888 

Orange 5,141 5,365 

Rowe 292 298 

Shelburne 1,538 1,544 

Shutesbury 208 222 

Sunderland 1,290 1,159 

Warwick 364 367 

Wendell 397 353 

Whately 1,229 1,136 

49,598 49,612 







Agawam 6,290 

Blandford 437 

Brimfield 840 

Chester 1,514 

♦Cbicopee 41,882 

E. Longmeadow. . 3,134 

Granville 609 

Hampden 632 

Holland 141 

♦Holyoke 60,335 

Longmeadow 3,333 

Ludlow 8,802 

Monson 5,089 

Montgomery 191 

Palmer 11,044 

Russell 1,398 

Southwick 1,267 

♦Springfield 142,065 

Tolland 150 

Wales 434 

♦Westfield 19,342 

W. Springfield. . . . 15,326 

Wilbraham 2,833 



Amherst 5,972 

Belchertown 2,905 

Chesterfield 445 

Cummington 508 

Easthampton 11,587 

Enfield 749 

Goshen 251 

Granby 810 

Greenwich 450 

Hadley 2,888 

Hatfield 2,702 

Huntington 1,543 

Middlefield 223 

♦Northampton... 24,145 

Pelham 519 

Plainfield 282 

Prescott 230 

Southampton 916 

South Hadley 6,609 

Ware 8,629 

Westhampton 337 

Williamsburg 1,993 

Worthington 429 



Acton 2,387 

Arlington 24,943 

Ashby 907 

Ashland 2,521 

Ayer 3,032 

Bedford 1,514 

Belmont 15,256 

Billerica 4,913 

Boxboro 333 

Burlington 1,431 

♦Cambridge 119,669 

Carlisle 510 

Chelmsford 6,573 

Concord 7,056 

Dracut 6,400 

Dunstable 338 

♦Everett 42,072 

Framingham 21,078 

Groton 2,428 

Holliston 2,812 

Hopkinton 2,580 

Hudson 8,130 

Lexington 7,785 

Lincoln 1,306 

Littleton 1,411 

♦Lowell 110,296 

♦Maiden 51,789 

♦Marlboro 16,236 

Maynard 7,857 

















































1925 1930 































♦Medford 47,627 59,714 

♦Melrose 20,165 23,170 

Natick 12,871 13,589 

♦Newton 53,003 65,276 

North Reading. . . 1,689 1,945 

Pepperell 2,779 2,922 

Reading , . 8,693 9,767 

Sherborn 929 943 

Shirley 2,394 2,427 

♦Somerville 99,032 103,90s 

Stoneham 9,084 10,060 

Stow 1,185 1,142 

Sudbury 1,394 1,182 

Tewksbury 4,985 5,585 

Townsend 1,895 1,752 

Tyngsboro 1,107 1,358 

Wakefield 15,611 16,318 

♦Waltham 34,746 39,247 

Watertown 25,480 34,913 

Wayland 2,255 2,937 

Westford 3,571 3,600 

Weston 2,906 3,332 

Wilmington 3,515 4,013 

Winchester 11,565 12,719 

♦Woburn 18,370 19,434 

860,414 934,924 


Nantucket 3,152 3,678 


Avon 2,360 2,414 

Bellingham 2,877 3,189 

Braintree 13,193 15,712 

Brookline 42,681 47,490 

Canton 5,896 5,816 

Cohasset 2,913 3,083 

Dedham 13,918 15,136 

Dover 1,044 1,195 

Foxboro 4,934 5,347 

Franklin 7,055 7,028 

Holbrook 3,273 3,353 

Medfield 3,867 4,066 

Medway 3,144 3,153 

Millis 1,791 1,738 

Milton 12,861 16,434 

Needham 8,977 10,845 

Norfolk 1,213 1,429 

Norwood 14,151 15,049 

Plainville 1,512 1,583 

♦Quincy 60,055 71,983 

Randolph 5,644 6,553 

Sharon 3,119 3,351 

Stoughton 7,857 8,204 

Walpole 6,508 7,273 

Wellesley 9,049 11,439 

Westwood 1,706 2,097 

Weymouth 17,253 20,882 

Wrentham 3,214 3,584 

262,065 299,426 


Abington 5,882 5,872 

Bridgewater 9,468 9,055 

♦Brockton 65,343 63,797 

Carver 1,306 1,381 

Duxbury 1,688 1,696 

E. Bridgewater. . . 3,538 3,591 

Halifax 614 728 

Hanover 2,755 2,808 

Hanson 2,166 2,184 

Hingham 6,158 6,657 

Hull 2,652 2,047 

Kingston 2,524 2,672 

Lakeville 1,439 1,574 

Marion 1,271 1,638 

Marshfield 1,777 1,625 

Mattapoisett 1,556 1,501 

Middleboro 9,136 8,608 

Norwell 1,466 1,519 

Pembroke 1,480 1,492 


1925 1930 

Plymouth 13,176 13,042 

Plympton 511 511 

Rochester 1,100 1,141 

Rockland 7,966 7,524 

Scituate 2,713 3,118 

Wareham 5,594 5,686 

W. Bridgewater.... 3,121 3,206 

Whitman 7,857 7,638 

164,257 162,311 


♦Boston 779,620 781,188 

♦Chelsea 47,247 45,816 

♦Revere 33,261 35,680 

Winthrop 16,158 16,852 

876,286 879,536 


Ashburnham 2,159 2,079 

Athol 9,602 10,677 

Auburn 4,927 6,147 

Barre 3,329 3,510 

Berlin 1,071 1,075 

Blackstone 4,802 4,674 

Bolton 801 764 

Boylston 970 1,097 

Brookfield 1,401 1,352 

Charlton 2,295 2,154 

Clinton 14,180 12,817 

Dana 657 505 

Douglas 2,363 2,195 

Dudley 4,594 4,265 

E. Brookfield 926 

♦Fitchburg 43,609 40,692 

♦Gardner 18,730 19,399 

Grafton 6,973 7,030 

Hardwick 3,046 2,460 

Harvard 996 987 

Holden. 3,436 3,871 

Hopedale 3,165 2,973 

Hubbardston 1,067 1,010 

Lancaster 2,678 2,897 

Leicester 4,110 4,445 

♦Leominster 22,120 21,810 

Lunenburg 1,875 1,923 

Mendon 1,030 1,107 

Milford 14,781 14,741 

Millbury 6,441 6,957 

Millville 2,366 2,111 

New Braintree.... 423 407 

Northboro 1,968 1,946 

Northbridge 10,051 9,713 

N. Brookfield 3,046 3,013 

Oakham 525 502 

Oxford 4,026 3,943 

Paxton 591 672 

Petersham 672 660 

Phillipston 384 357 

Princeton 773 717 

Royalston 821 744 

Rutland 2,236 2,442 

Shrewsbury 5,819 6,910 

Southborc 2,053 2,166 

Southbridge 15,489 14,264 

Spencer 6,523 6,272 

Sterling 1,516 1,502 

Sturbridge 1,845 1,772 

Sutton 2,174 2,147 

Templeton 4,368 4,159 

Upton 1,988 2,026 

Uxbridge 6,172 6,285 

Warren 3,950 3,765 

Webster 13,389 12,992 

Westboro 6,348 6,409 

West Boylston.... 1,916 2,114 

W. Brookfield 1,314 1,255 

Westminster 1 ,884 1 ,925 

Winchendon 6,173 6,202 

♦Worcester 190,757 195,311 

489,697 491,242 




Permits and Licenses By Whom Issued 

Alcohol Methyl or denatured Pub Wei Commission 

Amusements Public Mayor 

Apertures under sidewalk City Council 

Auctioneers City Council 

Awnings Public Works Street Div 

Bakeries Pub Wei Commission 

Band Concerts on Sunday Mayor 

Bandstand on Common, use of Building Inspector 

Bay windows &c overhanging public way City Council 

Billboards approved by City Council 

Billboards licensed by State Dept Pub Works 

Billiard Tables and bowling alleys City Council 

Blasting Permits and transportation of explosives . . Chief Fire Dept 
Boarding House for infants, application for approv- 
ed by Pub Wei Commission 

Boats, power City Council 

Bonfires and permits to burn rubbish Chief Fire Dept 

Building Permits of all kinds Building Inspector 

Burial Permits Pub Wei Commission 

Chiropodists, registration of City Clerk 

Circulars and handbills, advertising Director Pub Works 

Coasting on certain streets Director Pub Works 

Concerts on Sunday Mayor 

Cows Pub Wei Commission 

Dance Halls (supervision Recreation Dept) Mayor 

Dances (must be in licensed halls) Chief of Police 

Day Nursery Pub Wei Commission 

Dogs City Clerk 

Employment Office City Council 

Explosives, storage or transportation of Chief Fire Dept 

Firearms, sale of City Council 

Firecrackers, &c, sale of Chief Fire Dept 

Fishing Certificates City Clerk 

Garage and Gasolene City Council 

Garages, 2 car Garage Commission 

Garbage, conveyance through streets Pub Wei Commission 

Gas Meters and fixtures Building Inspector 

Gasolene up to 130 gallons for private use Chief Fire Dept 

Goats Pub Wei Commission 

Golf Courses (miniature) Mayor 

Hackney Carriages City Council 

Hawkers and pedlers (see Sealer of Weights) Sealer 

Heating Permits Plumbing Inspector 

Henfowl, roosters, duck (Health Regulation) . . Pub Wei Commission 

Hunting Certificates City Clerk 

Ice Cream, confectionery, soda water and fruit, sale 

of on Sunday City Council 

Innholders City Council 

Intelligence Office City Council 


Permits and Licenses By Whom Issued 

Jobbing Wagon City Council 

Junk Collector City Council 

Junk Dealer City Council 

Liquor Licenses City Council 

Lodging Houses City Council 

Lunch Cart City Council 

Lying-in Hospital, certificates by Pub Wei Commission 

Manicuring and massage Pub Wei Commission 

Marriage License City Clerk 

Milk, license to sell by producers Pub Wei Commission 

Milk, license to sell by retailers Milk Inspector 

Motor Vehicles, sale of second hand City Council 

Moving House through streets Director Pub Works 

Numbers to buildings to be given by City Engineer 

Oleomargarine, registration of sellers of Milk Inspector 

Optometry, registry of City Clerk 

Parades, after approval by Chief of Police Dir of Public Works 

Pawnbrokers City Council 

Physicians, registration of City Clerk 

Picnic Groves City Council 

Plumbing Permits Plumbing Inspector 

Poles, private telephone wires, etc City Council 

Pool Tables City Council 

Posting bills, placards, show cards, &c Director Pub Works 

Revolver or pistol, license to sell City Council 

Revolver or pistol, permit to carry Mayor or Chief of Police 

Sales of goods, ware, or merchandise on sidewalks 

or in streets, recorded or licensed by Sealer of Wts and Meas 

a By minors Supt of Schools 

b Soldiers and sailors, injured, &c State Dir of Standards 

c Manufactured by self or employer State Dir of Standards 

d Obstruction of street by team or stand Dir Public Works 

Secondhand articles, dealers in City Council 

Sidewalks, obstruction of Dir Public Works 

Sidewalks, opening in Dir Public Works 

Signs, advertising devices, clocks, marquees &c . . . Dir Public Works 

Signs, permit to attach to building, &c Building Inspector 

Signs, permit to obstruct sidewalk while hanging. . Dir Public Works 

Skating Rink Mayor 

Spur Tracks R R City Council 

Stables Pub Wei Commission 

Street or sidewalk speaking Director Public Works 

Streets, obstruction of Director Public Works 

Streets, opening for drains, gas &c Director Public Works 

Sunday Work necessary Chief of Police 

Swine Pub Wei Commission 

Tag Days, for charity only Pub Wei Commission 

Theatrical Exhibitions Mayor 

Undertakers Pub Wei Commission 

Vendor, transient Director of Standards 

Victuallers, common City Council 

Vinegar, inspector of, by Inspector of Milk 

Wires, electric, over public ways City Council 

Wires, electrical, installation of Inspector of Wires 

Wood, hay and straw, sale of, on streets or public 
grounds Director Public Works 













City Government for 1934-1935 

City Hall, 614 Main Street 


Office City Hall, 614 Main St 



James J Harold 


Terms expire 1st Mon in Jan 1936 
Edmund A Broe, Thos J Flannery, Anna W 
Fogg, Freedom Wentworth 

Councillors by Wards 

Terms expire 1st Mon in Jan 1936 
Ward 1— Wm E Bartel 
Ward 2— Albert J Wollrath 
Ward 3 — Raymond J Tracey 
Ward 4 — Francis B Turner 
Ward 5 — Louis B Connors 
Ward 6— Ball Bartlett 
Ward 7 — Jas J Harold 

Standing Committees 

James J Harold ex-officio member of all 
standing committees 

Finance — Ball Bartlett (Chairman), Wm E 
Bartel, Raymond J Tracey, Anna W Fogg, 
Thos J Flannery 

Public Works — Francis B Turner (Chair- 
man), Edmund A Broe, Albert J Wollrath, 
Louis B Connors, Freedom Wentworth 

Franchises and Licenses — Freedom Went- 
worth (Chairman), Raymond J Tracey, Ball 
Bartlett, Anna W Fogg, Edmund A Broe 

Ordinances and Rules — Thomas J Flannery 
(Chairman), Albert J Wollrath, Louis B Con- 
nors, Francis B Turner, Wm E Bartel 

State & Military Aid — Edmund A Broe 
(Chairman), Ball Bartlett, Louis B Connors 


City Clerk — Richard Steele, Term expires 
first Mon in Jan, 1936 

Asst City Clerk — Elbert L Greene. Term 
1 year beginning 1st Mon in Jan 

City Treasurer and Collector — Harlan W 
Cutter. Term 1 year, beginning February 1 

City Auditor— C Ralph Dow. Term 1 year, 
beginning February 1 

City Solicitor — Geo P Drury. Term dur- 
ing pleasure of Mayor 

City Engineer and Director of Public 
Works — Henry F Beal. Term 1 year, be- 
ginning February 1 

City Messenger — Samuel E Clark. Term 
1 year, beginning February 1 

Chief of Fire Department — George L John- 

Chief of Police — Richard Currin 

Bacteriologist and City Physician — C Ben- 
jamin Fuller, M.D. Term 1 year, beginning 
February 1 

Inspector of Animals and Provisions — Ru- 
dolph A Sibley 

Inspector of Wires — Arthur L Holbrook. 
Term 1 year, beginning February 1 

Milk Inspector — Frank T McGlinchey 

Inspector and Superintendent of Public 
Buildings and Grounds — Zoel F Leger. Term 
1 year, beginning February 1 

Inspector of Plumbing and Deputy Build- 
ing Inspector — William W Stokes 

City Forester — Warren M Ryan. Term 1 
year, beginning February 1 

Director of Public Welfare — Joseph T Mul- 

Sealer of Weights and Measurers — Fred- 
erick M Haggarty 

Inspector of Graves of Soldiers and Sailors 
— Fred M Stiles M. D. Term expires 1st Mon- 
day in March, 1934 

Purchasing Agent — Henry G Saumsiegle 
Deputy Tax Collector — Arthur E Storer 
Constables — John P Doyle, LeRoy O Fuller, 

Peter F McGann, Francis J McGuire, John V 

Dwyer, Thomas J Philips, Joseph L Meagher, 

Joseph G Randall, Herbert L Sweat, Francis 

M Duddy 

Moth Superintendent — Warren M Ryan 
Compensation Agent — Geo P Drury. Term 

1 year, beginning February 1 

Fence Viewers — George C Snow, James I 

Rooney, George A Mansfield 

Field Drivers — Charles F Chase, John R 


Fish and Game Warden — Henry F Shields 
Labor Registrar — Leo J Hinchey 
Keeper of the Public Pound — J Arthur 




Board of Assessors — William T Shoesmith, 
Chairman, term expires 1st Monday in March 
1936; Anton N Sederquist, term expires 1st 
Monday in March 1934; Mary M Codyer, 
term expires 1st Monday in March, 1935 

Board of Appeals Under Zoning Ordinance 
— John C Collins, Chairman, term expires 
July 1, 1934; Hoyland D Bettinger, term ex- 
pires July 1, 1938; James A McGlinchey, 
term expires July 1, 1937; Frederick E 
Burke, term expires July 1, 1935; Daniel W 
Gibbs, term expires July 1, 1936. Associate 
member, Louis P Hager, term expires July 
1, 1938 

Board of Park Commissioners — John H 
McCusker, Chairman, term expires 1st Mon 
in May, 1937; James D Kelley, term expires 
1st Mon in May, 1934; George W Barrow, 
term expires 1st Mon in May, 1935; Rev Sven 
G Youngert, term expires 1st Mon in May, 
1936; Katherine H Owens, term expires 1st 
Mon in May, 1938 

Board of Recreation — Lowell A Warren, 
Chairman, term expires March 1, 1936; Frank 
L Gallagher, term expires March 1, 1934; 
Jeannette C Chisholm, Harold W Wren, 
terms expire March 1, 1935; John J Thomp- 
son, term expires March 1, 1936 

Board of Survey and Planning — Charles W 
Potter, Chairman, Robert B Somers, terms 
expire in March, 1935; Allen V Mosher, term 
expires in March, 1936; John H McCusker, 
Fred E Burke, terms expire in March, 1934 

Board of Cemetery Commissioners — Fred- 
erick H Kirwin, Chairman, term expires 1st 
Mon in March, 1935; Reginald A Hooton, 
term expires 1st Mon in March, 1936; Elbert 
L Green, term expires 1st Mon in March, 1934 
Derward W Hill, Superintendent 

Commissioners of Sinking Fund — Shirley 
H Eldridge, Chairman, term expires March, 
1935; Jos P Morrissey, term expires March, 
1936; Thomas I Curtin, term expires March, 
1934; Harlan W Cutter, Treasurer 

Public Welfare Commission — Martin J 
Coleman, Chairman; Philip L Landry, terms 
expire 1st Mon in July, 1935; Catherine F 
McCusker, Henry A Turner, terms expire 1st 
Mon in July, 1936; Joseph T Mulcahy, direc- 
tor; J Arthur Burke, investigator; Rudolph 
A Sibley, inspector of animals and provisions; 
Francis T McGlinchey, milk and sanitary in- 

Registrars of Voters — Roger S Browne, 
Chairman, term expires April 1, 1934; Ed- 
mond F Cormier, term expires April 1, 1936; 
Mary V Connelly, term expires April 1, 1935; 
Richard Steele, Clerk 

Trustees of the Buttrick Charity Fund — 
Christina Fulton, Chairman, term expires 1st 
Monday in March, 1935; Rev Leo E Sella, 
term expires 1st Mon in March, 1934; Harry 
L French, term expires 1st Mon in Mar, 1936 

Trustees of the Leland Charity Fund — 
Joseph H O'Neil, Chairman, term expires 1st 
Monday in March, 1934; Josephine B Callan, 

term expires 1st Mon in March, 1935; 

, term expires 1st Mon in March, 1936 

Trustees of the Royal E Robbins Memorial 
Fund — John C Collins, Chairman, term ex- 
pires 1st Mon in May 1936; Wm P Bartel, 
term expires 1st Mon in May, 1935; Joanna T 
Leahy, term expires 1st Mon in May, 1934 


Headquarters, Moody St Fire Station 

Chief of Fire Department — George L John- 

Deputy Chief — Bertram A Neal 

Fire Prevention Inspector — Graves Graver- 

Chemical 1, 21 Lexington — Capt, Geo H 

Engine 1, 533 Moody — Capt, Henry F 
Smith; Lieut, Frank W Morse 

Engine 2, 27 Lexington — Acting Capt, 
Ernest W Balcom, Acting Lieut, Henry W 

Hose 1, School av — Capt, Orrin H Walker 

Hose 3, 533 Moody— Capt, Phelps E Pol- 
land; Acting Lieut, Geo S Tapley 

Hose 4, 20 Prospect — Capt, John F Whit- 
comb; Lieut, Frank H Haron 

Ladder 1, 29 Lexington — Acting Capt, Er- 
nest L Neal; Acting Lieut, Grover C Mc- 

Ladder 2, 533 Moody — Capt, Arthur L Der- 
byshire; Lieut, Thos J Glasgow 

Wire Department 

25 Church 

Inspector of Wires, Superintendent Fire 
Alarm Telegraph, Electric -Lines and Police 
Signals — Arthur L Holbrook 

Linemen— Edwd W Burton, Arthur L Hol- 
brook jr, Francis J McGowan, Robt E Neil 

Location of Fire Alarm Signal Boxes 

12 Moody front of South Junior High Sch 

112 Moody and Chestnut sts 

13 Moody opp Spruce 

113 Crescent opp Hotel Crescent 

131 Moody opp Walnut 

132 Taylor and Union sts 

14 Adams and Maple sts 

114 Crescent and Walnut sts 

141 Crescent and Maple sts 

142 Adams and Chestnut sts 

143 Crescent st at Martyn sq 

15 Crescent and Robbins sts 

115 Woerd av opp Gov Gore Lodge 

151 Rumford av opp O'Hara Dial Co 

152 Woerd av and Martyn st 

153 Riverview av and Dennison st 

154 Riverview av opp Hull's Est 

155 Riverview av and Park st 

16 Moody and Ash sts 

116 Crescent and Adams sts 

161 Moody and Robbins sts 

162 Moody and Derby sts 

163 Orange st, front of Bemis School 

164 Adams and Robbins sts 

165 Adams and Ash sts 

17 High and Hall sts 

117 Myrtle opp Beech sts 

171 Lowell and Alder sts 

172 Lowell and Ash sts 

173 Lowell st and Wash av 

174 High and Gardner sts 

175 Newton and Myrtle sts 

176 Newton and Robbins sts 

177 High, opp Cedar 

178 Parmenter rd and Ash st 

179 Hovey and Hamblen rds 

18 Pine and Gardner sts 




118 Cooper lane, rear of Elec Light Sta 

181 Newton and Benefit sts 

182 Newton and Gorham sts 

183 Newton and Chestnut sts 

184 Lowell and Taylor sts ' 

185 Lowell and Chestnut sts 

186 Hall and Pine sts 

187 Hall and Cushing sts 
19 Cedar and Oak sts 

119 Stearns st opp Cushing 

191 Calvary opp Flood 

192 Calvary and Farwell sts 

193 John and Friend sts 

194 Day and Bolton sts 
21 Main and Moody sts 

212 Moody st opp Hotel Middlesex 

213 Moody st front of Embassy Theatre 

225 Winthrop and Boynton sts 

226 Fiske and Park avs 

23 Felton and Waters sts 
231 Felton and Harvard sts 
234 Sun and Fern sts 

24 Charles and Mechanic sts 

241 Charles and Fountain sts 

242 Charles st opp Williams 

243 Harvard and Russell sts 

25 Main opp Spring 

251 Main near Christ Church 

252 Main opp Bacon 

253 Main and Howard sts 

254 Main and Prospect sts 

255 Main and South sts 

256 Main and Lunda sts 

257 Main st and Edge Hill rd 

258 Main st, opp Stow 

259 Main st, near Green 

26 Vernon and Cabot sts 

261 Weston st, near Summit av 

262 Cedarwood av, nr Weston st 

263 Weston st and Sibley rd 

264 Stow and Dorchester sts 

265 Virginia and Hamilton rds 

266 Cedarwood av and Thornton rd 

267 Summit av and Rockridge rd 

27 Prospect and Sharon sts 

271 Charles and Prospect sts 

272 Vernon and Prospect sts 

273 Curtis and Highland sts 

28 Vernon and South sts 

281 South st opp Charles 

282 South and Dartmouth sts 

287 South and Turner sts 

288 Sunnyside and Morton sts 

289 South st opp Roberts Paper Mill 

31 Pond and Exchange sts 

311 School st opp StMary's Church 

312 School and Grant sts 

313 School and Howard sts 

314 School and Hammond sts 

315 Rich st and Wellington av 

316 Columbus av and Banks st 

317 Prentice st and Sterling rd 

318 Lunda st opp Berry Est 

319 Prospect Hill rd and Jennings rd 

32 Bacon and Dale sts 

321 Dale and Tomlin sts 

322 Plympton and Caughey sts 

323 Dale and Murray sts 

331 Bacon st opp Emery 

332 Bacon st opp Greenwood lane 
3321 Greenwood and Saunders lanes 
334 Bacon st opp Worcester lane 
3341 Worcester and Saunders lanes 

34 Lexington and Lincoln sts 

341 Lexington st and Stanley rd 

342 Lexington st and College Farm rd 

343 Lexington and Lake sts 

344 Lexington st and Trapelo rd 

345 Trapelo rd and Bow st 

35 Lincoln and Curve sts 

351 Lincoln and Winter sts 

352 Winter and Malvern sts 

353 Winter and Locust sts 

354 Winter and West sts 

355 West st opp Clifford Griggs 

36 Lincoln st and Hillcrest rd 

361 Pine Hill circle off Lincoln st 

362 Lincoln and Ode sts 

363 Lincoln and Lake sts 

364 Lincoln and Wyman sts 

365 Lincoln opp Driscoll's 

37 Trapelo rd opp McAdoo's 

371 Grove and Plant rds 

372 Trapelo and Outlook rds 

38 Lexington and School sts 

381 Lexington and Pond sts 
3812 Middle and Common sts 

382 Lexington st at Central Mass R R cross- 


383 Lexington and Dale sts 

384 Lexington and Beaver sts 

39 Hammond and Lawrence sts 

391 Summit and Lawrence sts 

392 Plympton and Prentice sts 

393 Summit st and Bryant rd 

4 Church and Summer sts 

41 Beaver st at A T Lyman's 

411 School and Liberty sts 

412 Summer and Pleasant sts 

413 Ellison park at No 63 

414 Ellison park opp Sanderson's 

42 Beaver and Linden sts 

421 Waverley Oaks rd and Beaver st 

422 Waverley Oaks rd and Linden st 

43 Waverley Oaks rd at Pierce Est 

431 Waverley Oaks and Trapelo rds 

432 Brookfield and Upton rds 

44 Warren av opp No 28 

45 Trapelo rd and Forest st 

451 Trapelo rd and Woburn st 

452 State Hospital, off Trapelo rd 

453 Middlesex Tuberculosis Hosp, Trapelo rd 

46 Trapelo rd opp Baldwin Est 

461 Marlborough rd and VanVechten st 

5 Main and Elm sts 

51 Main st opp Liberty 

511 Main and Heard sts 

512 Lyman st and Faneuil rd 

513 Newton and Barton sts 

52 Main and Townsend sts 

521 Grove and Bright sts 

522 Massasoit st and Massasoit ct 

523 River and Elm sts 

524 Elm and Benefit sts 

53 Main st opp Linden 

54 River and Willow sts 

541 Willow and Grove sts 

542 River st opp Farwell 

56 Newton and River sts 

561 River and Bright sts 

562 Hastings and Bennett sts 

57 Central and Appleton sts 
571 River opp Jackson 

61 Main and Willow sts 

62 Main st and Bowker rd 
621 Bowker rd and Chaffee av 

63 Main nr Gore sts 

631 Beal rd and Chaffee av 

632 Bruce rd and Chaffee av 

64 Gore st opp Country Club 

65 Beaver and Warren sts 
651 Hollace and Waverley sts 
661 Gill rd and Barnes st 

71 Lake st and Indian rd 

711 College Farm rd and Montview av 

712 College Farm rd and Piedmont av 

713 Trimont and Marivista avs 

714 College Farm rd and Princeton av 

72 Lake st and Bowdoin av 



721 Hiawatha and Amherst av 
73 Lake st and Lake view av 

Private Boxes 

8 Waltham Watch Factory- 
Si City Home, South st 

811 Boston Mfg Co 

8112 Bancroft Walker Shoe Co, Moody st 

812 Car Barns, Upper Main st 

814 Noyes Buick, off River st 

815 Browning Drake Corp, Calvary st 

83 J L Thomson Mfg Co, South st 

831 Waltham Pumping Station No 1 

832 City Stables, Pond st 

84 Waltham Hospital 

85 Mass School for Feeble Minded 
851 Warren Est, Beaver st 

86 Notre Dame Training School, Newton st 

9 Standard Oil Co, Muldoon's ct 

91 Whittemore School, Parmenter rd 
9165 Fitch School, Ash st 

92 Bright School, Grove st 

93 Lawrence School, Trapelo rd 
9322 Plympton School, Farnsworth st 


1 blow for test at 6.50 am and 8.50 pm 

1 blow for time signal at 12 m 

1-1 Two blows will dismiss companies in 
waiting and give notice that companies in 
service have "made up." 

3 blows, followed by box number, second 

3-3 Three blows twice followed by box num- 
ber, third alarm 

3-3-3 Three blows three times followed by 
box number, call for assistance from city of 

3-3-3-3 calls assistance from town of Lex- 

6-6-6 followed by box, calls Belmont 

6-6-6-6 followed by box, calls Watertown 

10 blows twice will assemble for Police in 
case of emergency 

22-22-22-22 Twenty-two struck four times at 
7.15 A.M. indicates no session of schools in 
the morning; same signal at 12.35 P.M. indi- 
cates no afternoon session; 6.15 P.M. no 
school for evening session 

7-7-7 Military call. Seven blows struck three 

Railroad Fire Signal — One long blow of the 
locomotive whistle followed by three short 
blows repeated twice or more 

Company Calls 
Engine Co No 1—1-2-1 
Engine Co No 2 — 1-2-2 
Ladder No 1—2-1-1 
Ladder No 2 — 2-1-3 
Hose No 1—3-2-5 
Hose No 3 — 3-2-3 
Hose No 4—3-2-4 
Chemical No 1 — 1-3-1 

Assistants — Raymah H Smith, Nora C 
Rooney, Ethel M Nute, Helen M Nims, Gladys 
L Davis, Mabel I Buell, F Dorothea Williams, 
May E Jones, Helen L Hosmer, Elizabeth A 

The Waltham Public Library is the union 
of three libraries. (1) The Waltham Social 
Library, founded in 1798, and the earliest 
Waltham library, was given to the Unitarian 
Society, and later, in 1865, was presented to 
the town. (2) The early Boston Manufac- 
turing Company's Manufacturers' Library 
was given the the Rumford Institute Library, 
which, in turn, offered all of its books to the 
town in 1865. (3) The Agricultural Library 
of the Waltham Farmers' Club was presented 
to the town in 1874. The Public Library was 
first housed (1865) in the Bank Building on 
Main street. In 1879 it was moved to the 
corner of Charles and Moody streets (Welch 
Block). In December, 1915, the Library was 
moved to the present building, which is the 
gift of a Waltham citizen, Francis Buttrick. 
The cost of the building was $124,000 

There are two Branch Libraries, the South 
Branch, established in 1919, now located in 
the South Junior High School Building, and 
the Lakeview Branch, established in 1925, in 
the Nahum Hardy School, Lake street 

There are about 95,738 volumes in the 
Library. About 361 newspapers and periodi- 
cals are received. There is also an excellent 
collection of pictures on every subject, ar- 
ranged in Classified form, which may be 
taken from the building. The Library under- 
takes to help all by supplying information 
and in looking up difficult reference ques- 
tions when requested 

The circulation in 1932 was 535,991, an 
average of 13.6 books per capita. The City 
appropriates about $29,500 a year for the 
support of the Library and its Branches. 
There are in addition seven endowment funds 
for the purchase of books: The Lowell Clark 
Fund of $5,000; The Enos T Luce Fund of 
$1,000; The Jacob Whitney Fund of $1,000; 
The Porter L Newton Education Fund of $5,- 
000; The Phineas Lawrence Fund of $2500; 
The Lorenza Haynes Bequest of $1,000 and 
The Pryor Fulton Fund of $5000, which 
yield about $700 a year 

Library Hours 

Main Library — Every day except Sundays 
and holidays, 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. 

Children's Library: 1 to 6 P.M.; Summer 
hours, 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.; Saturdays, 9 A.M. 
to 6 P.M. 

South Branch: 9 A.M. to 12 M., 1 to 9 P.M.; 
Saturdays, 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. 

Children's Department: 3 to 6 P.M.; Sum- 
mer hours, 9 A.M. to 9 P.M.; Saturdays, 1 
P.M. to 6 P.M. 

Lakeview Branch: Adults and children, 
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 2 to 6 P.M. 

Waltham Public Library 

735 Main st 

Board of Trustees — Michael J Connolly, 
Chairman; Miss Corinne E Boucher, Secre- 
tary; Rev James T Baxter, Rev Francis E 
Webster, William H Slayton, Dr Nicholas W 

Librarian — Leslie T Little 


Headquarters, 25 Lexington st 

Chief of Police — Richard Currin 
Captain — Edward A Cloonan 
Lieutenant Inspector — Asa E McKenna 
Lieutenants — Francis J Donahue, James A 


Sergeants— Michael F Duffy, William H 

Lyons, Francis J McGuire 




Court House, 25 Lexington st 
Standing Justice — Michael J Connolly 
Special Justices — P Sarsfield Cunniff, 
Frederic A Crafts 

Clerk of Court — George A Mansfield 
Assistant Clerk of Court — Alice L Dowd 
Probation Officer — J Stuart Cameron 
Assistant Probation Officers — William P 
McKenna, Dorothy B Thompson 
Court Officer — John J Stankard 
Sessions of Court for criminal business 
daily, except Sundays and holidays, at 9 A.M. 
Civil business every Friday, and oftener as 
Standing Justice shall see fit 

Supplementary process 1st and 3d Wednes- 
days of the month at 10 A.M. 

Small claims second and fourth Wednes- 
days in the month at 9.30 A.M. 

School Committee 

Hon Frederick L MacDonald, Mayor, Chair- 
man, ex-officio 

Dr Conrad Bell, P Gerard Cahill, John H 
Walsh, terms expire January, 1938 

David A S Barker, Jeannette C Chisholm, 
Florence A Somers, terms expire, Jan, 1936 

Superintendent of Schools — William H 
Slayton; Office, High School Bldg, 55 School 

The Office is open from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. on 
school days. The Superintendent may be 
found there as follows: 4 to 5 P.M. on school 
days, evenings by appointment 

Attendance Officers — Richd Currin, chief 
of police; Chas M Andrews 


The annual meeting of the committee for 
organization is held on the first Monday in 

Regular meetings of the board are held on 
the first day of each month, excepting Aug; 
provided, however, that when the first day 
of the month in which a regular meeting is 
to be held falls on either Saturday or Sun- 
day, the regular meeting for that month is 
held on the following Monday 

School Sessions 
The Senior High school from 8 to 12:45, the 
North Junior High school from 8 to 12:45 
and 1 to 5:30, the South Junior High School 
from 8:20 to 12 and from 1:20 to 3. In grades 
one to three, inclusive, the morning session 
is from 8:45 to 11:30 am. In grades four, 
five and six it is from 8:45 to 11:45, for 
kindergarten, session is from 8:45 to 11:30 
am. The afternoon session is from 1:30 to 
3:30 for all grades 

School Holidays 

October 12, November 11, January 1, 
February 22, April 19, Memorial Day and 
Good Friday 

Vacations during the school year shall be 
as follows: From noon of the day before 
Christmas to the day after the New Year 
holiday, unless the holidays fall upon Tues- 
day or Thursday, when the session of the 
Monday preceding or of the Friday following 
(as the case may be) shall be omitted; the 
weeks in which occur the 24th of February 
and the 3d of May 

There shall be no session of school on 
Saturdays, legal holidays, the afternoon be- 
fore and the day following Thanksgiving, or 
the days following graduation in the last 
week of the year; these final days to be de- 
voted to such closing work as teachers may 
do in the absence of pupils 

Storm Signals 
When the storm signal 22-22-22-22 sounds at 
7:30 am it closes the elementary schools for 
the forenoon. There will be a session in the 
afternoon unless the signal sounds at 12:35. 
The high schools will be in session every day 
regardless of weather conditions 

Teaching Supervisors 

Elementary Grades — Marian J Wesley 

Music — Raymond A Crawford 

Fine Art — Mary R Comley 

Physical Education — John L Leary, Louise 

Nature Study — John A C Kimball 

Americanization — Gertrude M Farnum 

Sewing — Eleanor L Childs 

Foods — Susan B Hunter 

Clothing — Alice A Cutting 

Commercial Subjects — Grace L Woodward 

Industrial Subjects — Harold L Pride 

Special Classes — John R Fitzpatrick 

Custodian of Buildings — Otis E VanDe- 

School Health Dept 

School Physicians — Irving W Fraim, head 
physician; Nathaniel P Brackett, Ralph W 

School Nurses — Rachel A Mackintosh, 
Alice V Backman, Estelle O'Brien 


Senior High School, 55 School opp Liberty 
— Principal, Arthur N Burke 

North Junior High School, School cor Lex- 
ington — Principal, Leroy E Sweeney 

South Junior High School, 510 Moody cor 
High — Principal, Winthrop N Crocker 

Nathaniel P Banks School, 948 Main cor 
South — Principal, Reginald Webster 

Jonathan Bright School, 260 Grove cor 
Bright — Principal, Theresa N Brassil 

Ezra C Fitch School, Ash st — Principal, L 
Mabel Forbush 

Nahum Hardy School, 51 Lake — Principal, 
Emily P Sweet 

Thomas Hill School, 2 Heard — Principal, 
Maud B Priest 

Phineas Lawrence School, 258 Trapelo rd 
— Principal, Edith E Stone 

Chauncey Newhall School, Charles cor 
Prospect — Principal, Reginald Webster 

Old High School, 49 Church cor School- 
Principal, John L Fitzpatrick 

Thomas R Plympton School, Farnsworth st 
— Principal, Helen P Jones 

Pond End School, Winter st — Teacher, 
Martha Hammond 

Royal E Robbins School, 56 Chestnut — 
Principal, L Mabel Forbush 

John D Roberts School, Sunnyside cor Mor- 
ton — Teacher, Helen F Sulmonetti 

Samuel D Warren School, 211 Waverley 
Oaks rd cor Beaver — Teachers, Helen M Bur- 
rill, Sarah C Perkins 

Waltham Vocational School, 45 School opp 
Liberty — Director, Harold L Pride 

Henry Whittemore School, 30 Parmenter 
rd — Principal, Effie G Higgins 




(See Schools in Business Directory, Paro- 
chial Schools are also listed with additional 
information under their individual names in 
Alphabetical Section) 


200 Trapelo Rd 

Trustees, Charles Francis Adams, Concord; 
Francis J Barnes, M.D., Cambridge; Stephen 
Bowen, Boston; Thomas N Carver, Cam- 
bridge; Theodore Chamberlin, M.D., Con- 
cord; Francis H Dewey, Worcester; Moses 
H Gulesian, Chestnut Hill; Rev Russell H 
Stafford, Boston; Mrs Helen C Taylor, New- 
ton; Charles E Ware, Sec, Fitchburg; Roger 
S Warner, Boston; Paul R Withington, M.D., 

Resident Officers — Ransom A Greene, M.D., 
Supt; Charles S Woodall, M.D., Asst Supt; 
Anna M Wallace, M.D., Edith E Woodill, M. 
D., L Maude Warren, M. D.; Esther S B 
Woodward, M.D., Sen Asst Physician; Mary 
T Muldoon, M.D., Asst Physician; Fred V 
Dowling, Assistant Physician; John F Don- 
nell, Steward; Emily E Guild, Treas; Mil- 
dred I Helms, Matron; Mildred F Brazier, 
Principal Teacher; Margt B Wells, Music 
Teacher; Ruth A Gegenheimer, Social 
Worker; Anna M Burgess, Dietitian 

The New-Church Institute of Education 

327 Lexington Street 

Members of the Institute — Rev William L 
Worcester, President; John S Reed, Treasur- 
er; Joseph R Worcester, Clerk; Albert P 
Carter, John C Moses, Dr George B Beaman, 
William W Towle, Rev William F Wunsch, 
Miss Martha Mason 

Board of Managers — Joseph R Worcester, 
John S Reed, Rev William L Worcester, Dr 
George B Beaman 

Faculty — Louise Fay, Principal, Geography 
and Nature Study; Dorothy S Waterhouse, 
Asst to Principal; Clara L Buswell, Latin and 
Greek; Ruby E Viets, English and Spanish; 
Louise B Cooper, French; Jessie Beals, Civics 
and History; Fanny L Riley, Primary De- 
partment, Frances H Tomer, Domestic 
Science; Ruth H Worcester, Mathematics; 
Ruth M Tilton, Singing; George B Beaman, 
Science; Edna G Calef, Grades Four to Six in- 
clusive; Ethel R Larson, Physical Education; 
Frances H Tomer, Housekeeper and Dieti- 
tian; Dr Alfred Worcester, Medical Director; 
Gudrun Gustafson, Art; Ruth Masters, Cello; 
Dwight O'Hara, School Physician 


Edgecliff Park, 423-425 South Street 

Trustees and Officials — Dr Frank L Whip- 
ple, Mr C Ruggles Smith, Mr Solomon H Gor- 
don, Dr Joseph I Cheskis, Mr John M Rus- 
sell, Dr James A Arne, and Mr George P Til- 

Faculty — Dr Albert Biller, Dr Horatio S 
Card, Dr Joseph I Cheskis, Dr Adelard A 
Demers, Dr Howard Charles Gale, Dr Mar- 
cello Gandolfo, Mr Solomon H Gordon, Dr 
Raymond E Gilbert, Dr Jacob W Hite, Mr 
Eugene F Lawler, Dr Gustav H Lindquist, Dr 
Isabel Livingston, Dr Francis Richardson, Mr 
John M Russell, Mr C Ruggles Smith, Mr 
Alexander R Troiano, Mrs Edna Bartols Ty- 
ler and Dr Frank L Whipple 


Edgecliff Park, 415 South Street 
President— Horatio S Card, A.M., M.D. 
Dean— Frank L Whipple, A.M., B.D., M.D. 


(See Churches, also Clergymen, in Busi- 
ness Directory. Churches are also listed with 
additional information under their indivi- 
dual names in Alphabetical Section) 


(See Societies, also Associations & Clubs — 
Commercial, also Clubs, in Business Direc- 
tory. Societies and Associations are also 
listed with additional information under 
their individual names in Alphabetical Sec- 


(See Societies in Business Directory. Fra- 
ternal Organizations are also listed with ad- 
ditional information under their individual 
names in Alphabetical Section) 


657 Main St 

President — Alexander T Skakle 

Vice-Presidents— John H Walsh, Harry E 

Secretary — Earl J Arnold 

Treasurer — Oscar F Falling 

Directors— Paul W Bartel, Wm J Callahan, 
Cedric G Chase, John E Cobb, Thomas I Cur- 
tin, Roy L Downing, Mayor Patrick J Duane, 
R Earl Eichler, Shirley H Eldridge, John J 
Harrington, Ralston P Jones, Thos A Joyce, 
Maurice Kniznik, Urno V Larson, Dr Fredk 
L MacDonald, Aaron Mendelsohn, Thomas F 
Neelon, Dr Joseph H O'Neil, Robt G Pease, 
Howard B Peterson, Charles W Potter, Jos 
F Rogers, Edmund L Sanderson, Alexander 
T Skakle, Robert B Somers, John L Totten, 
Henry A Turner, Charles A Whipple, Frank- 
lin G Woodward, LeBaron Yetten 

182D Regiment, Infantry, 2D Battalion 

State Armory, Sharon st 
Headquarters Company — 1st Lieut, Walter 
Flanagan, Randolph. 2d Lieut, Perry Chand- 
ler, Arlington. Drill night, Tuesday 

F Company — Captain, Francis J McGowan. 
1st Lieut, Archie J McFadyen. 2d Lieut, 
Elmer Mitchell. Drill night, Monday 


Incorporated May 10, 1643. Population, 
1930, 934,117. 

Shire towns — Cambridge (East), Lowell 


County Commissioners (Have also jurisdic- 
tion over Chelsea, Revere and Winthrop in 
County of Suffolk)— Walter C Ward well, 
Cambridge; Erson B Barlow, Lowell; Na- 
thaniel I Bowditch, Framingham 

Associate Commissioners — Robt D Donald- 
son, Lincoln, Melvin A Rogers, Tewksbury 

Meet at Cambridge, Tues and Fri, except 
in Aug and except first Tues of Sept; at 
Lowell first Tues of Sept and third Mon of 
each month 



Register of Deeds (South District) — Thos 
Leighton Jr, Cambridge term (six years) ex- 
pires Jan 1935. Asst Register, Albert T Guth- 
heim, Cambridge 

Register of Deeds (North District) — Wil- 
liam C Purcell, Lowell term (six years) ex- 
pires Jan, 1935 

County Treasurer — Chas E Hatfield, New- 
ton. Office, East Cambridge; term (six years) 
expires Jan, 1937 

County Engineer — Francis H Kendall, Bel- 

Sheriff . Office, East 

Cambridge. Special Sheriff — Joseph M Mc- 
Elroy, Cambridge 

Chief Deputy Sheriff— Fredk T Peabody, 

Deputy Sheriffs for Civil Business — Arthur 
E Bannon, E Pepperell; Fred A Beals, Ever- 
ett; Herbert C Blackmer, Melrose; Arthur B 
Corey, Concord; John Fisk Ford, Cambridge; 
Bernard F Gately, Lowell; Loring R Kew, 
Lowell; Paul I Kingsbury, Holliston; Elzear 
J Larochelle, Lowell; Gerald E Lorman, 
Tyngsboro; James H McKenna, Waltham; 
Arthur H McLearn, Lexington; Chester M 
Ricker, Newton; Wm H Stiles, Marlboro; 
Henry L Walker, Medford; Wm H Walsh, 

Deputy Sheriffs for Criminal Business 
Only — Frederic F Clauss, Cambridge; Edwin 
J Grant, Somerville; Saml Miller, Maiden; 
Robt F Parker, Medford; John J Sweeney, 
Medford; Leroy Williams, Cambridge; Leon 
H Wilson, Arlington 

Court Officers — Albert J Adams, Marlbor- 
ough; George W Bishop, Natick; Roland E 
Brown, Cambridge; Wm M Emerson, Water- 
town; Alan C Eveleth, Arlington; J Willard 
Jones, Somerville; Wm P Kingsbury, Hollis- 
ton; Gustavus E Litchfield, Waltham; Chas 
S Robinson, Concord; Geo H Stevens, Dra- 
cut; Franklin G Taylor, Cambridge 

Master of House of Correction and Keeper 
of the Jail, Cambridge — John R Fairbairn, 
Cambridge. Deputy — Jos M McElroy 

Masters in Chancery 

Cambridge — Reginald J Murphy, J Henry 

Lowell — Henry V Charbonneau, Wm P 
Morrissey, Arthur C Spaulding 

Maiden — Lloyd Makepeace 

Medford — Jasper N Johnson 

Newton — James P Gallagher, Edwd A Mc- 
Laughlin jr 

Somerville — Edwin P Fitzgerald, David H 

Wakefield — Stanley A Dearborn 

Waltham — John J Flynn, Jr 

Medical Examiners 

T Morton Gallagher, Newton; David C 
Dow, Cambridge; Marshall L Ailing, Lowell; 
Henry J Walcott, Concord; M James Shaugh- 
nessy, Framingham; Wm H Keleher, Wo- 
burn; Frank S Bulkeley, Ayer; Roscoe D 
Perley, Melrose; Norman M Hunter, Hud- 
son; John Paul Reardon, Somerville 

Associate Medical Examiners 

Clyde H Merrill, Marlboro; Fritz W Gay, 
burn; Frank S Bulkeley, Ayer; Roscoe D 
Bryant, Lowell; Donald E Currier, Cam- 
bridge; Michael F Burke, Natick 

Trial Justices For Middlesex County 

Daniel J Riley, Hopkinton; Fred E Mor- 
ris, Maynard 

Public Administrators 

Joseph A Dengeleski, Arlington; Paul A 
Dever, Cambridge; Fredk H Hilton, Framing- 
ham; John A McGuire jr, Lowell; Chas L 
Perriello, Medford; Nicholas A Loumos, 
Newton; W Fredk Davis jr, Woburn 

United States Supreme Court 

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court — Chas 
Evans Hughes, appointed in 1930. (Fourth 

Associate Justice from Massachusetts — 
Louis D Brandeis 

U S Circuit Court of Appeals 
(First Circuit) 

P O and Court House bldg, 15th fl 

Associate Justice — Louis D Brandeis 

Circuit Judges — George H Bingham, Scott 
Wilson, George W Anderson (retired) Jas 
M Morton jr 

District Judges — Geo F Morris, New Hamp- 
shire; Ira L Letts, Rhode Island; John A 
Peters and Clarence Hale (retired), Maine; 
James M Morton, Jr, Elisha H Brewster, Jas 
A Lowell, Massachusetts; Ira K Wells, Porto 

Clerk — Arthur I Charron 

Deputy Clerk — Roger A Stinchfield 

Marshal— Wm J Keville 

Annual Term — First Tuesday of October 

Sessions for Hearing Cases — First Tues of 
October and Jan and Second of April 

United States District Court 

P O and Court House Bldg, 12th and 
15th fls 

District Judges — Elisha H Brewster, Hugh 
D McLellan 

United States Attorney, for District of 
Massachusetts — Francis J W Ford 

Special Assistant, J Duke Smith. Assis- 
tants, John A Canavan, Joseph J Hurley, Wm 
T McCarthy, Charles A Rome, Hugo S Bag- 

Clerk, James S Allen. First Deputy Clerk, 
Frank H Mason. Deputy Clerks, John E Gil- 
man Jr, Mary E Prendergast, Arthur M 
Brown, Arthur D Grandison, Edith G Rollins, 
Helen I Tweedy, Katherine E Quinn, Joseph 
A Dengeleski, Joseph J Duwan 

United States Marshal for the District of 
Massachusetts — William J Keville 

Deputy Marshals — James A Tighe, Chief; 
Christopher Ghiloni, Asst Chief; Thomas J 
Pyne, Edward J Leyden Jr, Joseph Gately, 
James Mahan, Mrs Mary A Bussey, James M 
Cunningham, Ralph W Gray, John J Har- 
vey, Jeremiah F Sullivan, Joseph M Winston, 
Thomas F Cotter, George W Murphy, Wil- 
liam F Hubbard 

Referee in Bankruptcy — B Loring Young, 
of Weston 

Terms of the Court — March, the 3d Tues- 
day; June, the 4th Tuesday, Sept, the 2d 
Tuesday'; Dec, the 1st Tuesday 

Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts 

Room 238, Court House 
Pemberton Square, Boston 
Chief Justice — Arthur P Rugg, Worcester 
Associate Justices — John C Crosby, of Pitts- 
field; Edward P Pierce, of Brookline; Wil- 
liam C Wait, of Medford; Fred T Field, of 
Newton; Charles H Donahue, of Boston; 
Henry T Lummus, of Lynn 



Reporter of Decisions — Ethelbert V Gra- 
bill, of Boston 

Clerk of the Court for the Commonwealth 
— Walter F Frederick, of Boston 

Terms of the Court for Middlesex County 

At Lowell, 3d Tuesday in April; at Cam- 
bridge, 3d Tuesday in October 

Superior Court 

Pemberton Square, Boston 

Chief Justice — Walter Perley Hall, Fitch- 

Associate Justices — Marcus Morton, Patk 
M Keating, James H Sisk, Franklin T Ham- 
mond, Nelson P Brown, Louis S Cox, Fredk 
W Fosdick, Elias B Bishop, Wm A Burns, 
Stanley E Qua, Alonzo R Weed, Frederick J 
Macleod, Joseph Walsh, Winfred H Whiting, 
Edwd T Broadhurst, Frederic B Greenhalge, 
Wilford D Gray, David F Dillon, Harold P 
Williams, Walter L Collins, Danl T O'Con- 
nell, Thos J Hammond, John M Gibbs, Raoul 
H Beaudreau, Edwd F Hanify, Abraham E 
Pinanski, James C Donnelly, John J Burns, 
Lewis Goldberg, John E Swift 

District Attorney — Warren L Bishop, Way- 

Assistant District Attorneys — Frank G 
Volpe, Arlington; Wm G Andrew, Cam- 
bridge; Frederic A Crafts, Weston; Paul R 
Foisy, Lowell 

Clerk of the Courts— Ralph N Smith, Arl- 

Assistant Clerks — Frederic L Putnam, Mel- 
rose; John R MacKinnon, Watertown; Fred- 
erick C Bean, Woburn; Charles T Hughes, 
Somerville; Anna G Graham, Cambridge; 
Fred A Beals jr, Everett 

Terms of the Court for Middlesex County 
For Civil Cases — at Cambridge, first Mon- 
day in January, February, March, April, May, 
June. Tuesday after the first Monday in 
September, first Monday in October, Novem- 
ber and December. At Lowell, first Monday 
in April, fourth Monday in May, first Mon- 
day in October and third Monday in Novem- 

For Criminal Cases — at Cambridge, first 
Monday in January, February, April, May, 
June, October, November and December. At 
Lowell, first Monday in March and Tuesday 
after the first Monday in September 

Probate Court 

Judges of Probate and Insolvency — John 
C Leggat, Lowell; Joseph W Monahan, Cam- 
bridge; Arthur E Beane, Cambridge 

Register of Probate and Insolvency — Lor- 
ing P Jordan, Wakefield 

First Assistant Register — Leroy C Vose, 

Second Assistant Register — Ernest M 
Hodgdon, Cambridge 

Third Assistant Register — Edmund H Gun- 
ther, Lowell 

Fourth Assistant Register — Edward J 
Shaughnessy, Ashland 

Terms of the Probate Court 
At Cambridge, daily except third Tues- 
days in every month at Lowell, on the third 
Tuesday of each month 

Land Court 

408 Court House, Boston 
Established by the Acts of 1898 for the 

registration of Land Titles 
Judge — Charles Thornton Davis 
Associate Judges — Jos J Corbett, Clarence 

C Smith 

Recorder — Chas A Southworth. Appointed 

by the Governor for a term of five years 
Sittings in the Court of Boston, and by 

adjournment from time to time, at such other 

places as public convenience may require. 

Court is open every day except Sundays and 

legal holidays 

Middlesex Law Library Association 

Pres — Augustine J Daly of Cambridge: V- 
Pres — Lowell A Mayberry of Newton; Direc- 
tors — Richd Brabrook Walsh, Lowell; John 
P Carr, Winchester; John M Maloney, Ayer. 
Clerk — Chas T Hughes, Somerville; Libra- 
rian, Grace H Parker 


State election on the Tuesday after the 
first Monday in November 

(Salaries of officers and employees of the 
State have been reduced from the amounts 
specified below as follows: Those receiving 
$4,500 or over, 15%; those under that figure 

Executive Department 

Governor — His Excellency Joseph B Ely 
(D) of Westfield, salary $10,000 

Lieut Governor — His Honor Gaspar G Ba- 
con (R) of Boston, salary $4,000 and ex- 
penses of travel 

Secretary of the Commonwealth — Frederic 
W Cook (R) of Somerville, salary $7,000 

Treasurer and Receiver General — Charles 
F Hurley (D) of Cambridge, salary $6,000 

Auditor of Commonwealth — Francis X 
Hurley (D) of Cambridge, salary $6,000 

Attorney General — Joseph E Warner (R) 
of Taunton, salary $8,000 

Legislative Department 

Meets first Wednesday in January 

President — Erland F Fish, of Brookline 
Clerk — Irving N Hayden, of Wollaston 
Sergeant-at-Arms — Charles O Holt, of Som- 
Chaplain — Rev Arthur M Ellis, of Newton 

Senators from Middlesex County 

Compensation, $2,000 for the session 

District 1— Arthur W Hollis (R), of Newton 

2 — Joseph W Monahan (D), of Bel- 

3 — James C Scanlon (D), of Somer- 

4 — Angier L Goodwin (R), of Mel- 

5— George G Moyse (R). of Waltham 

6— Charles C Warren (R), of Arling- 

7 — Joseph R Cotton (R), of Lexing- 

8— Chas A Stevens (R), of Lowell 



Senatorial Districts of Middlesex Court 

First District — Framingharn, Marlborough, 
Newton, Wayland, Weston 

Second District — Belmont and wards 4, 5, 
6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, Cambridge 

Third District — Somerville 

Fourth District — Everett, Maiden, Melrose 

Fifth District — Acton, Boxborough, Con- 
cord, Hudson, Lincoln, Maynard, Stow, Sud- 
bury, Waltham, Watertown 

Sixth District— Arlington, Medford, Win- 
chester, Woburn 

Seventh District — Bedford, Billerica, Bur- 
lington, Lexington, Lowell, wards 1, 9 and 10, 
North Reading, Reading, Stoneham, Tewks- 
bury, Wakefield, Wilmington 

Eighth District — Ashby, Ayer, Carlisle, 
Chelmsford, Dracut, Dunstable, Groton, Lo- 
well, wards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 11, Littleton, 
Pepperell, Shirley, Townsend, Tyngsborough, 

Norfolk and Middlesex District — Ashland, 
Holliston, Hopkinton, Natick, Sherborn in 
the County of Middlesex and Dedham, Dover, 
Medfield, Medway, Millis, Needham, Norfolk, 
Norwood, Walpole, Wellesley and Westwood 
in Norfolk County 


Speaker — Leverett Saltonstall, of Newton 
Clerk — Frank E Bridgman, of Quincy 
Sergeant-at-Arms — Charles O Holt, of Som- 

Chaplain — Rev Abbot Peterson, of Brook- 

Representatives from Middlesex County 
Compensation, $2,000 for the session 
District 1 Cambridge, wards 1, 2, 3 — Francis 
D Coady (D), Thos P Dillon (D) 

2 Cambridge, wards 4, 5, 6 — Ralph N 

Hamilton (R), Chester R Swen- 
son (R) 

3 Cambridge, wards 7, 8, 9, 10, 11— 

Charles T Cavanagh (D), Joseph 
F Cleary (D), Paul A Dever (D) 

4 Newton, wards 1, 2, 3, 7— William 

B Baker (R), Warren K Brim- 
blecom (R) 

5 Newton, wards 4, 5, 6 — Clarence S 

Luitwieler (R), Leverett Salton- 
stall (R) 

6 Natick— Jas E Arnold (R) 

7 Waltham, Watertown— Albert W 

Bullock (R), Arthur A Hansen 
(R) of Waltham, Geo H Dale 
(R), of Watertown 

8 Ashland, Framingharn, Holliston, 

Hopkinton, Marlboro, ward 1, 
Sherborn — Bartol Parker (R), J 
Walton Tuttle (R), of Framing- 

9 Marlboro, wards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7— 

Stephen A Manning (D) 

10 Boxboro, Hudson, Maynard, Stow 

—Frank C Sheridan (D), of 

11 Acton, Bedford, Carlisle, Chelms- 

ford, Littleton, Westford — 
Horace F Tuttle (R) of Acton 

12 Ashby, Ayer, Dunstable, Groton, 

Pepperell, Shirley, Townsend, 
Tyngsborough — Jas E Kendall 
(R), of Dunstable 

13 Concord, Lincoln, Sudbury, Way- 

land, Weston — B Farnham 
Smith (R), of Concord 

14 Lowell, wards 3, 4, 6, 7, 8— Henry 

Achin, Jr (R), Victor Francis 
Jewett (R), Frank E McLean 


15 Lowell, wards 1, 2, 10, 11— Daniel 

F Moriarty (D), Thos A Del- 
more (D) 

16 Lowell, wards 5, 9 — Albert L Bour- 

geois (R) 

17 Billerica, Burlington, Dracut, 

Tewksbury, Wilmington — Harry 
Dunlap Brown (R), of Billerica 

18 North Reading, Reading, Woburn 

— Norman L Duncan (R), of 
Woburn, Mollie A Sweetser (R), 
of Reading 

19 Wakefield — Maynard E S demons 


20 Everett — Joseph L Larson (R), Al- 

bert E Morris (D) 

21 Maiden— Burt Dewar (R), Wm H 

Doyle (D), John V Kimball (R) 

22 Melrose, Stoneham — Mary Liver- 

more Barrows (R), Jos A Mil- 
ano (R) of Melrose 

23 Somerville, ward 2 — Jas E Hagan 


24 Somerville, wards 1, 3, 4, 5 — John 

J Crowley (D), Eug H Giroux 
(D), Francis E Ryan (D) 

25 Somerville, wards 6, 7 — Hiram N 

Dearborn (R), Philip Sherman 


26 Medford— John J Irwin (R), Don- 

ald N Sleeper (R), Arthur L 
Youngman (R) 

27 Belmont— Owen D McLellan (R) 

28 Arlington, Lexington — Nelson B 

Crosby (R), Hollis M Gott (R), 
of Arlington 

29 Winchester— Wm E Ramsdell (R) 

The Executive 

President — Franklin D Roosevelt, of New 
York; salary, $75,000; term expires March 4, 

Vice-President — John N Garner, of Texas; 
salary $15,000; term expires March 4, 1937 

The Cabinet 

Arranged in the order of succession for 
the Presidency 
Salary, $15,000 

Secretary of State— Cordell Hull, of Ten- 

Secretary of the Treasury — Wm H Wood- 
in, of New York 

Acting Secretary of the Treasury — Henry 
Morgenthau jr, of New York 

Secretary of War — Geo H Dern, of Utah 

Attorney General — Homer S Cummings, of 

Postmaster General — James A Farley, of 
New York 

Secretary of the Navy — Claude A Swanson, 
of Virginia 

Secretary of the Interior — Harold L Ickes, 
of Illinois 

Secretary of Agriculture — Henry A Wal- 
lace, of Iowa 

Secretary of Commerce — Danl C Roper, of 
Washington DC 

Secretary of Labor — Miss Frances Perkins, 
of New York 




Salaries of Senators and Representatives, 
$10,000 and 20 cents mileage. Seventy-third 
Congress began March 4, 1933; ends March 4, 

(A 15% cut of the above salaries, with the 
exception of the President, went into effect 
on March 1, 1933) 

Senators from Massachusetts — David I 
Walsh, of Fitchburg; term expires 1935; Mar- 
cus A Coolidge, of Fitchburg; term expires 

Representatives from Massachusetts 

District 1— Allen T Treadway (R), of Stock- 
2— William J Granfield (R), of 

3— Frank H Foss (R), of Fitchburg 
4— Pehr G Holmes (R), of Wor- 

5— Edith N Rogers (R), of Lowell 
6— A Piatt Andrew (R), of Glou- 

7— William P Connery Jr (D), of 

8 — Arthur D Healey (D), of Somer- 

9— Robt Luce (R), of Waltham 
10— George H Tinkham (R), of Bos- 
11 — John J Douglass (D), of Boston 
12— John W McCormack (D), of Bos- 
13— Richard B Wigglesworth (R), of 

14— Joseph W Martin, Jr (R), of N 

15— Charles L Gifford (R), of Cotuit 

Ninth Congressional District 
Comprises the cities and towns in Middle- 
sex County, of Wards 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 of 
Cambridge, Lincoln, Newton, Waltham, Wa- 
tertown and Weston; in Norfolk County of 
Brookline, and Wellesley; in Suffolk County, 
Ward 22 of Boston 


(Branch Boston Postal District) 
738 Main St 

Office Hours — Daily except Sundays, from 
7 am to 6 pm 

Supt — Martin T Connelly 
Asst Supt — William A Lawless 

Contract Stations 

No 203, 617 Main; Louis P Tankel, elk 
No 206, 1058 Main; Kay S Minas, elk 


(See Railroad Passenger Stations in Busi- 
ness Directory) 


(See Cemeteries in Business Directory) 


(See Parks & Playgrounds in Business Di- 


(See Buildings — Public & Office; also Halls 
in Business Directory) 







Weight in 











1- 1 








s l 

o H 




i— i 



















































































































































































































































































































































6 64 






6 97 


7 08 


7 19 


7 30 


7 41 


7 52 


7 63 



NOTE 1. — On parcels collected on rural-delivery routes the postage will be 2 cents less than 
shown in the foregoing table when for delivery anywhere within the first three zones and 1 cent less when 
for delivery in any other zone, provided they are indorsed "Mailed on rural route." 

NOTE 2. — The local rate applies to parcels mailed: (1) At any post office for local delivery at such 
office. (2) At any city letter-carrier office, for delivery by carriers from that office. (3) At any post 
office from which a rural route starts, for delivery on such route, or when mailed on a rural route for 
delivery at any other point thereon, or at the office from which the route starts, or for delivery on any 
other rural route starting from the same office. 

Weight limit, 70 pounds. Limit of size, 100 inches, length and girth combined. 





Ward One — Beginning on Main st at its 
intersection with Spring st; thence westerly 
by Main st to Weston st; thence by Weston 
st to the Weston town line; thence by the 
Weston and Lincoln town lines to Winter st; 
thence by Winter st to Lincoln st; thence by 
Lincoln st to Lexington st; thence by Lexing- 
ton st to Pond st; thence by Pond st to Ex- 
change st; thence by Exchange st to School 
st; thence by School st to Spring st; thence 
by Spring st to the point of beginning. 

Ward Two — Beginning on Main st at its 
intersection with Spring st; thence easterly 
by Main st to the Watertown line; thence 
northerly and westerly by the Watertown, 
Belmont, Lexington and Lincoln town lines 
to Winter st; thence by Winter st to Lincoln 
st; thence by Lincoln st to Lexington st; 
thence by Lexington st to Pond st; thence by 
Pond st to Exchange st; thence by Exchange 
st to School st; thence by School st to Spring 
st; thence by Spring st to the point of be- 

Ward Three — Beginning on Main st at its 
intersection with Grant st; thence easterly 
by Main st to the Watertown line; thence 
southerly by the Watertown line to the 
Charles river; thence westerly by the 
Charles river to a point opposite Harvard st; 
thence to Harvard st and by Harvard st to 
Charles st; thence by Charles st to Grant st; 
thence by Grant st to the point of beginning. 

Ward Four — Beginning on Main st at its 
intersection with Grant st; thence westerly 
by Main st to Weston st; thence by Weston 
st to the Weston town line; thence southerly 
by the Weston town line to the Charles 
river; thence easterly by the Charles river 
to a point opposite Harvard st; thence to 
Harvard st and by Harvard st to Charles st; 
thence by Charles st to Grant st; thence by 
Grant st to the point of beginning. 

Ward Five — Beginning on the Charles 
river at a point opposite a private way 
through land owned by the Waltham Gas 
Light Company and known as Cooper lane; 
thence southerly to and by said private way 
or Cooper lane to Pine st; thence easterly by 
Pine st to Lowell st; thence by Lowell st to 
Myrtle st; thence westerly by Myrtle st to 
Moody st; thence southerly by Moody st to 
Ash st; thence westerly by Ash st to Crescent 
st; thence northerly by Crescent st to Pros- 
pect st; thence by Prospect st to the Charles 
River; thence easterly by the Charles river 
to the point of beginning. 

Ward Six — Beginning on High st at the 
Newton line; thence westerly by High st to 
Lowell st; thence southerly by Lowell st to 
Myrtle st; thence westerly by Myrtle st to 
Moody st; thence southerly by Moody st to 
Ash st; thence westerly by Ash st to Cres- 
cent st; thence northerly by Crescent st to 
Prospect st; thence by Prospect st to the 
Charles river; thence by the Charles river 
to the Newton line; thence by the Newton 
line to the point of beginning. 

Ward Seven — Beginning on High st at the 
Newton line; thence westerly by High st to 
Lowell st; thence northerly by Lowell st to 
Pine st; thence westerly by Pine st to a pri- 
vate way through land owned by the Wal- 
tham Gas Light Company and known as 
Cooper lane; thence northerly by said pri- 
vate way or Cooper lane to the Charles river; 
thence easterly by the Charles river to the 
Newton line; thence by the Newton line to 
the point of beginning. 

Wherever a street, way or the Charles 
river is mentioned in the foregoing as a 
dividing line, the center of such st, way or 
river shall be the line of division. 


Bricks Without Straw 

In ancient times, we are told, the Israelites 
were forced to do their work without the 
proper materials. They did it — after a fash- 
ion — but at an enormous cost in time and 
labor. Labor was cheap in those days, how- 
ever, and their task masters had the power to 
insist upon the full quota being given in spite 
of limitations. 

Now the labor market is high, yet, in many 
cases history repeats itself. We still often see 
business trying to get along without the proper 
tools or with antiquated equipment. 

You can do business without the telephone; 
it is possible to get along without a typewriter; 
you may use a quill pen for your correspond- 
ence if you so desire; it is your privilege to be 
without insurance, or the latest directory. If 
you wish you may still use a mailing list that 
was old when grandfather was a boy. 

// the results are not entirely satisfactory, 
it is up to you. 

Some firms prate wisely of business efficiency 
and then lose time and money sending to 
wrong addresses culled from an out-of-date 
directory. Rather than spend the few dollars 
necessary to insure themselves being properly 
listed under all the headings applicable to their 
business, they run the risk of letting their com- 
petitor get their trade. They save the first 
cost and waste postage stamps by the gross. 

Would you improve on old methods? Then 
phone or write at once for particulars to 

Sampson & Murdock Co. 





A Lasting 


Insuring Maximum Coverage at Minimum 
Cost Is Now Available 

City Directory Advertising lives as long as the book is current. It 
is readily at hand and can, through cross indexing of proper representa- 
tion, be made easy to find and fully informative. Any business-man, 
desirous of effectively registering a service or product, in such a manner 
as will form a permanent advertisement, owes it to himself and his busi- 
ness to be thoroughly informed on City Directory Advertising. 

Your City Directory is not alone a local medium. By a system 
of distribution through nearly 500 City Directory Libraries, your ad- 
vertisement takes on a national aspect. Send for descriptive Library 
Folder and Privilege Card. 




Waltham Directory 

Reference Department 

Where more information than is possible to give 
under the classified listings is placed on file for 
buyers reference. The value of this department is 
inestimable. It is an index of the best business 
interests of the city, and stands for them and the 
city in reference libraries all over the country, as 
well as on the desks of progressive business men. 
It is accessible to everybody, and the logical 
place to look for specific information. 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 



Tax Consultant 





Massachusetts and New Hampshire 

Associate American Institute of Accountants, Member National Ass'n of 
Cost Accountants, Member Mass. Society of C. P. A.'s Inc. 

Telephone WALtham 2995 


M i 

II » 

"e SIGN. 



— means 
something to you. 
But is only seen by 
people who pass your way. 

Make it visible all over the city 
by being listed in large type under 
every heading in the City Direct- 
ory where a buyer might look for 
you; giving information that a 
buyer wants when he wants to buy. 

"Advertising that lives 
and works for a year" 



Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 


Common Sense 
About City Directory Circulation 

THE TRUE VALUE of advertising circula- 
tion is circulation consulted. 

TO BE EXACT by actual survey in twenty- 
four average American cities by actual 
count each City Directory averaged three 
and one-half consultations for each busi- 
ness day. 

TO BE CONSERVATIVE we will eliminate 
the sixty Sundays and Holidays when no 
tests were made. 

RIES sold there will be an average of 
three and one-half daily consultations for 
each book for THREE HUNDRED and 
FIVE days, therefore — 

1000 x 3y 2 x 305 = 1,067,500 



Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 



Parts .. Accessories .. Repairs 


Authorized Sales and Service 


Telephone WAUham 1106 

John W. Gardner Motor Co. 




Sales and Service 


Telephone WALtham 3215 








Phone WALtham 4673 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

Automobiles 69 



Sales (mrj&SA&Aw) Service 

Parts and Accessories 

Telephone WALtham 4210 



DeSoto and Plymouth 

Sales and Service 

Telephone WALtham 3200 

The cost of Reference Advertising 
of the above type is more than 
offset by its results. 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

70 Automobiles, Accessories and Supplies 



L. S. LACKER, Proprietor 



TELEPHONES WALtham 3491—0479 




Electric Refrigerators 

Washers and Household Appliances 

"Firestone" Tires and Batteries "Philco" Radio 


Telephone WALtham 13S0 




PHONE WALtham 4084 


Standard Replacement Parts 

Brake Lining Bearings Ignition Parts Gears 

Axles Gaskets Springs 

Main Store and Warehouse, 182 EASTERN AVE., MALDEN, MASS. 


Gasoline and Oil Service 

Automobile Accessories 
Goodyear Tires and Tubes 


Automobile and General Insurance 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

Automobiles, Repairs, Service and Supplies 71 


Battery Service 

New and Used Tires 

Auto Accessories 

First Class Vulcanizing 

Authorized Service Station 

for Genuine Rims and 

Rim Parts 

Telephone 3343 





Authorized Sales and Service For 

Auto-Lite A. C. Products Radiators 

Delco-Remy Speedometers Packard Cables 

North-East Springs Fan Belts 

New and Rebuilt Batteries Parts For All Systems 

1017-1019 MAIN STREET 


Telephones WALtham 2219—3148 



Dutch & Fardvs Service Station 

Specializing in 



Telephone WALtham 2118 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

72 Automobiles, Repairs, Tops Awnings Banks 


Automobile Tops, Upholstering, Floor Carpets 
Body Repairing and Manufacturer 

Windshield Glass and Glass Enclosures 





Canvas Covers 

Estimates Furnished 



Telephones WALtham 3204—4799 





Encourages thrift through systematic saving 

Loans it's funds on conservative 
first mortgages 


Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 



Jl Record To Be Proud of: 

Over 53 Years of Service 
in making homes and 
citizens ; in helping people 
to Save Money Regularly 
Safely, Profitably; in 
Building the Community. 




• BANK • 


I CTJhe Sank for I 


Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

74 Banks 


(Incorporated March 19, 1853) 

702 Main Street, Waltham, Mass. 

Dividends payable April 10th and October 10th 
Deposits draw interest from 1 0th of each month 


8.30 A.M. to 2.30 P.M. Saturdays 8.30 A.M. to 12 M. 

Saturday Evenings 7 to 9 o'clock for deposits and Life Insurance only 


CHARLES F. ALLEN, President 

CHARLES J. OLNEY, Vice-Treasurer ARTHUR H. PAUL, Clerk of Corp. 

Term Expires 1934 
Paul W. Bartel Brenton H. Dickson, Jr. Kilby P. Smith 

Henry P. Buncher Joseph P. Morrissey Philip R. Spaulding 

Charles F. Allen Term Expires 1935 Arthur H. Paul 

John E. Cobb Joseph M. Quinn Charles W. Potter 

Term Expires 1936 
Alfred T. Ball William B. Comstock Allan V. Mosher 

Henry F. Beal Matthias F. Cunningham Gleason Wood 

Board of Investment 
Paul W. Bartel Charles F. Allen, Chairman, Ex officio Charles W. Potter 

Allan V. Mosher Joseph M. Quinn 

Auditing Committee 
Henry P. Buncher Arthur H. Paul, Chairman Philip R. Spaulding 



1836 1934 




Complete Banking 

Main Office Branch Office 

637 MAIN ST. 318 MOODY ST. 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 


Building Materials 75 


Bicycles and Supplies Auto Accessories 

Sporting Goods, Radio Equipment 


Phone WALtham 1813-M 







The Directory 




Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 


Cleansers and Dyers 

Blue Jay Cleansers & Dyers 

Deluxe Dry Cleansing 

Exclusive Users of the English Formula 

765 to 767 Main Street - Waltham 

Telephones WALtham 2080-81-82 


562-A Highland Avenue - Needham Heights 

Telephones Needham 0026-27-28-29 

Telephone WALtham 2300 — Connecting all Departments 

Peter Pan Cleaners and Dyers 





Really do Direct 

Are Published by 



Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

Clocks and Watches 



The Nation's Timekeeper Since 1 842 


Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

78 Clothing 

GEO. I. KELLY, Inc. 

Outfitters To Men 


429 MOODY STREET .. PHONE WALtham 1884 


Custom Made Suits and Coats Barcley Custom Corsets 



Remodeling, Repairing, Relining, Hemstitching 

Cleaning, Dyeing and Expert Furrier 


Telephone WALtham 2906-W— Mrs. B. Le Blanc 

There is Something 
You need in your Business 

This book nas helped many to find what they want. 
Perhaps it can help you. Better look it over carefully. 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

Coal and Wood 79 

Established 1872 Over 61 Years Retailing Coal 

Anthracite I I I L\ , Bituminous 



Telephone WALtham 0116 

Waltham Coal Co. 


Yards Beaver Brook, Elm Street 


'blue coal' 

America's Finest Anthracite 


Phone 00S2 WALtham 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

80 Coal and Wood 


Pittston Coal 

Jet Black Anthracite 

Main Office and Yard Branch Agency 


Telephone WALtham 0008 


Coal, Wood, Charcoal, Coke 

Famous Reading Anthracite 

New River and Pocahontas Bituminous Coal 

Certified New England Coke 

Office and Yard: Uptown Branch Office: 


Telephone WALtham 0240 Telephone WALtham 0036 


"Serves You Right" 

The Best Coal Mined 

NEW \ 

Coke 1 

Cone Cleaned A Certified Product 


Telephone WALtham 0884 


Coal — Coke — Ovoids 

Lumpy Soft Coal 


Telephone WALtham 2108-W 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

Contractors 81 




Excavating and Road Work 

Phone WALtham 2327 



General Contractor 

Brick Work, Grading, Street Construction 
Cement Work a Specialty 


Telephone WALtham 2173 



Steam Shovel Excavation and Foundations a Specialty 

Trucking and Grading 


Building Materials and Masons 9 Supplies 




Mason, Contractor and Builder 


No job too small. No job too large. Give us a chance to estimate your work. 

All Work Guaranteed 



Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

82 Contractors and Supplies 


General Contractor and Builder 

Building of Any Description 
All Work Guaranteed 


Telephone WALtham 4743 


General Contractor and Builder 

Jobbing of All Kinds 


PHONE WALtham 3575 


Contractor, Mason and Plasterer 

All Kinds of Mason Work 
Estimates Furnished 

50 River Street cor. Farwell St. Waltham, Mass. 

Telephone WALtham 3804 

Ideal Concrete Block Co. 


Sand, Gravel and Cement 

232 Lexington Street - Waltham, Mass. 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

Druggist Florists Foundries 83 

T. M. R. ALLEN, Ph. G. 



463 MAIN ST., Opposite NEWTON 
Telephone WALthatn 3797 WALTHAM, MASS. 


Plant Growers 


Beaver St., cor. Waverley Oaks Road, Waltham, Mass. 



Plant — No. 2 Reed St., Lexington Telephone LEXington 1190 



Manufacturers of 

Fine Grey Iron — Semi- Steel — Composition and Aluminum 


High Grade Babbitt 

Long Distance Telephone 


The only COMPLETE Guide to the City 





"Directory Publishers Since 1846" 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

84 Fuel Oil 

Miller Oil Co. 

Gasoline — Motor Oil 
Range and Fuel Oil 




The City Directory is the power that generates information 
for the buyer that he may know who deals in the product he 
wishes to purchase. If your business is not classified properly, 
and a display advertisement arranged to describe your business, 
how can you expect the buyer to trade with you. 

ADVERTISING is the foundation upon which successful busi- 
nesses are built. You must apply this to your own particular 

ADVERTISING is the power of an idea multiplied. 

Rates Upon Application 



Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

Funeral Directors 




Funeral Directors 

Dependable Services 

Reasonable Prices 


Telephone WALtham 0566 

Telephone Natick 1010 



■w FUNERAL HOME <&%?&* 

Authorized Representative for National Caskets 


Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

86 Funeral Directors , 


Successor to THOMAS S. WILSON 

Funeral Director and 

Services Anywhere, Anytime 
Charges Reasonable 


Telephone WALtham 0327 


Funeral Director and 


Telephone WALtham 2247 

HPHINK how many other people besides 

•*■ yourself read these advertisements. 
Every hour of the day the Directory is 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

Funeral Directors 87 


Funeral Director and Embalmer 


Efficient Services Reasonable Charges 

Anywhere Anytime 


Telephone WALtham 2500 

Residence Telephone Garage Telephone Office Telephone 

0077 0155-R 0155-W 


Funeral Director and Embalmer 


Lady Assistant When Desired 




Funeral Director 
and Embalmer 


Funeral Home, 749 MAIN ST. - WALTHAM, MASS. 


Funeral Director 
and Embalmer 


Telephone WALtham 2895 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

88 Furniture Mover Furriers Gas Appliances 


You Save Money With MORRIS 


Moving, Storage and General Trucking 


All Garments insured while in our 
care. Call WALtham 4410 and our 
bonded messenger will call for your 

Waltlyam Mux ^Ijflp 

Waltham's Only Exclusive Furriers and Designers 



RELINING and Fur Storage 

at moderate prices Open Evenings until Nine P.M. 

MURRAY A. DENNIS, Manager— Formerly with R H. White Co. 

353 MOODY STREET .. Phone WALtham 4410 

Boston Consolidated Gas Co. 


Automatic Gas Appliances 


Telephone WALtham 0027 

If it weren't for the false notion about the high 
price of a directory hundreds of people would 
no longer deny themselves the information to 
be found in one. 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

Hardware 89 

Bunten Hardware Co. 


Hardware, Cutlery 
Building Materials 

Oils, Auto Supplies, Tires, 

Sporting Goods 

Radio Sets 

General Electric Refrigerators 

Telephone Connection 



Waltham's Leading Hardware Store 

Builders' Hardware, Tools, Cutlery, Paints, 
Varnishes, Etc. 



You can never tell 

When you are going to need, and need badly, some part of the 
information that is contained in this book. Why not spend a little 
time, now, looking it over, so when the need arises you will know 
just where to look. 

Read over the digest of contents on the title page, and consult 
the Index. 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

90 Heating 


Heating Contractor 

Residence, 14 Bright Street, Waltham, Mass. 


Telephone WALtham 2117 

Telephone WALtham 0966 


Heating Contractors 

Gas, Steam, Hot Water and Vapor 
Heating a Specialty 



Gas For Cooking and Hot Water Heating 

Where Illuminating Gas Is Not Available 

A FUELITE installation outside your home will not increase the 

Insurance Rate 

Cool Kitchen — Cheerful Housekeeping 

We supply Gas anywhere. Distributors throughout New England 


Phone WALtham 3218 


That the Directory of your city is on file in 
the Directory Library in all of the principal 
cities of the United States and Canada and that 
information about you is in it, accessible Any- 
where in America? 


Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

House Furnishings 91 



PHONE WALtham 0690 





Carpets and Rugs, Lace Curtains, Scrims, Linoleums and Mattings, 
Upholstery Fabrics and Supplies. Custom Shade Work, Carpet 
Work — All Branches, High Grade Upholstering, Mattress and Cushion 
Work — Fine Cabinet Work, Re-finishing, Antiques Restored. 





Everything for the Home 


Telephone WALtham 0183-M 

This Book is Your Silent 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

92 Ice Dealers Insecticides 




Fuel Oils 


Telephone WALtham 0114 

EXTERMINATING e±„„. AT T<s „, e ,. j.. -. 

-^ Specialists m handling shipping, 

Institutions, Business properties and Homes for elimination and control 
of all pests and vermin. A well trained organization constantly 
available for all types of this work — anywhere. 

FUMIGATING ^ r ■.«'.« 

mj M rlUJN fumigation is the officially recog- 

nized medium for the extermination of household insects, and for the 
protection of grain, tobacco, food-stuffs, etc. against costly infestation. 
4 "Penetration and Kill" not equalled by any other medium. No fire 
or explosion hazard. 

MOTH-PROOFING^ Amt ^ tm u -. « r . 

Jt ARTICLES moth-proofed carry our "Five 

Year Guarantee" against moth damage. The ONLY way to pro- 
tect rugs, draperies, upholsteries, etc. from moth damage for all time is 
to treat the fabric with Moth-No-Mor. 

INVESTIGATE us as you would your Banker, for we, too, handle your valuables. 
Prices and Inspections FREE 



SINCE 1893 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

Insurance 93 

Insurance of Every Description 


Fidelity and Surety Bonds 
Contractors' Bonds 





Life, Health and Accident, Group, Corporation, 
Partnership, Mortgage, Redemption, Income, 
Educational and Industrial Insurance 


Telephone WALtham 2200 



Acknowledged by all thinking people to be one of the 
greatest benefits given to our age. 

The companies represented in these pages cover all 
known kinds and are safe and reliable. 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

94 Insurance 

John Hancock 
Mutual Life Insurance Company 

Complete Life Insurance Service 



740 Main Street - Waltham, Mass. 

Telephone WALtham 1130 
PHONE WALtham 2839 


We represent reliable companies for writing — Life 
Fire — Automobile — Plate Glass — Liability — 

Probate-Contract and Fidelity Bonds. 




In Waltham for 68 years 



Is Your Rate High? Our Engineers Will Show You How to Reduce it 
Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

Jewelry 95 

— —« 


Extra Fine Quality 


Cash or Deferred Payments 


The City Directory is the power that gen- 
erates information for the buyer that he may 
know who deals in the product he wishes to 
purchase. If your business is not classified 
properly, and a display advertisement ar- 
ranged to describe your business, how can 
you expect the buyer to trade with you! 

ADVERTISING is the foundation upon 
which successful businesses are built. You 
must apply this to your own particular busi- 

ADVERTISING is the power of an idea mul- 

Rates Upon Application 



Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

96 Lawyers Locksmiths 


Attorney and Counsellor at Law 



Telephone WALtham 3085 Waltham, Mass. 



Residence Telephone WALtham 2705 Residence Telephone WALtham 1742-M 

Attorneys at Law 


680 MAIN ST., Rooms 10 and 11 .. WALTHAM 

Telephone WALtham 0518 








Telephone WALtham 2117 








Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

Lumber and Finish 97 

Waltham Lumber Co. 


All Kinds of Lumber 
and Its Specialties 


Phone WALtham 3300 


7 Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

98 Lumber and Finish 


Lumber, Mouldings, Asphalt Shingles 
Hard Pine Flooring, Oak Flooring 


Pine, Redwood 


"Bird's" Products 
Telephones WALtham 0740—2172 

Massasoit Street at Beaver Brook Station 



Everything you need for Building and Jobbing 

Hardwood Flooring under Heat 


"No order too large for us to execute or too small for us to appreciate" 

Telephone WALtham 0074-0075 


A Free Service 

is given the public through Directory Libraries 
maintained in all the large Cities of the United 
States arid Canada. 

Your Directory Library is maintained at the 

Chamber of Commerce 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

Machinery and Tools 99 



Makers of 

"Waltham" Gear Cutting and Thread 
Milling Machines 


Small Automatic Machines Designed and Built 

Also designers and makers of clock type cutters and small cutters 
for gear cutting and thread milling 


Telephone WALtham 0508 



Sub-Press and Open Dies, Gauges, Jigs, Fixtures, Cutters and Light Machinery. 
Experimental Instrument Work a Specialty. Light Manufacturing and Press 
Work solicited. Let us solve your Mechanical Problems. 







General Machine Work 
Experimental and Watch Tool Work a Specialty 


Telephone WALtham 2330 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

100 Machinery and Tools 



Cylinder Grinding 
Cylinder Boring 




Pistons and Pins 

Fly -Wheel Starter -Gears and Ring- Gears Applied 


Telephone WALtham 2520 

There is Something 
You need in your Business 

This book, has helped many to find what they want 
Perhaps it can help you. Better look it oVer carefully. 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 


The Return Circuit in Advertising 

The circuit must be completed before the bell will ring 
The Buyer must find the Seller before a Sale is made 

Creative Advertising — in newspapers, maga- 
zines, billboards, etc., tends to suggest wants and to 
create desire. 

Before a sale results the initiative must pass from 
Seller to Buyer. 

When this happens the Buyer begins actively to 
seek where he can best supply his wants. 

This Directory is a logical place to look (at least 
our subscribers tell us they use it for this purpose) and 
the Reference Advertising herein has assisted many 

Have you made it easy for Buyers to find You ? 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

102 Mail Advertising Milk and Cream 

WO Moody Mhat. 

Wattfiam. DHmtL 

Typewriting, Multi graphing, Mimeographing, Public Stenographer 
Complete Direct Mail Advertising Service 

Phone WALtham 3133 




Wholesale and Retail 

Telephone WALtham 1424 


Every Wasted Minute Costs You Money 

Whether it's your time or that of an inexpensive 
clerk that is wasted by using an out of date 
directory, the loss is yours. 

In the course of a year the time wasted usually 
costs far more than the price of a new directory. 

Misdirected parcels or messages cause expense and 

Cut out this leak. Order a new directory at once. 
It will pay you bigger dividends for the money in- 
vested than you realize. 



Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

Milk and Cream 103 



Wholesale and Retail 




Telephone WALtham 0227 





Ice Cream Manufacturers 


Telephone WALtham 0157 
ESTABLISHED 1895 Telephone WALtham 2637 


Fresh Local Milk 
and Cream 

Special Golden Guernsey Milk 



City, State and Street Directories and Maps 

179 Lincoln Street, Boston, Mass. 

Telephone HANcock 6309 
Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 


Monuments and Memorials 



If you desire quality, service and reliability 
at a reasonable price give us a trial. 


Telephone WALtham 3322 









Lettering and Cleaning 
in Cemetery 



Telephone WALtham 0090 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

Newspapers 105 

A Complete Service — 
That Solves Your Advertising 
and Commercial Printing 



Publishers of the 

AMfttmtt Netarsdrftjtme 

The Only Daily Newspaper in a 
Trading Area of 150,000 People 




Of Every Description 

Our Representative Will Call At 
Your Convenience 



Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 








Circulation in the Walt ham Trading Area 16,200 

Typesetting and composing section of Printing Plant showing new 
lighting system at Sampson & Murdock Co's new location at 179 
Lincoln St. and where the directories for Waltham and over 50 other 
cities and towns in New England and New York State are printed. 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

Oil Burners and Oil Dealers 107 


Sole Representative for 






Regular Lubricated Gasoline Lubricating Oil and Grease 

Kerosene, Fuel Oil, Furnace Oil 

Office, 15 GRANT ST., WALTHAM 

Bulk Storage, 54 WILLIAMS STREET 
Telephone WALtham 0940 

981 Watertown St., W. Newton, Mass., Phone WESt Newton 0943 
955 Main Street, Waltham, Mass. Phone WALtham 0320 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 




Optometrist and Optician 

634 Upper Moody Street, near Brown 

Office at residence only 
Telephone WALtham 1357 Hours 2—8.30 P. M, 

TELEPHONE WALtham 041 5-W 




Office Hours 8.30 A. M. to 5 P. M. Wed., Fri. and Sat. Eve. 7 to 8 



Registered Optometrist 

Office Hours 1 P.M. to 5 P.M. and 7 P.M. to 9 P.M. 
Other Hours By Appointment 


Telephone WALtham 1275 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

Plumbing, Heating and Supplies 109 



Plumbing, Heating and Electrical Contractor 

Steam and Hot Water Heating 

Stoves* Furnaces, Ranges, Fire Place Equipment 

G. E. Electric Refrigerators Electrical Work and Supplies 




Plumbing and Heating 

Phone WALtham 3725 

13-15 Whitney Avenue - Waltham, Mass. 



"Grinnell Junior" Sprinklers 
"Electrol" Oil Burners and ElectroLux (Gas) Refrigerators 

Gas Stoves and Ranges 


Telephone WALtham 2422 



TUESDAY The Directory 

WEDNESDA Y Some one may be looking for You 

THURSDA Y How important it is for you to be properly rep- 

resented under all listings where a possible cus- 
FRIDA Y tomer may be looking for you. For particulars, 


Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

110 Plumbing and Heating Supplies 

Plumbing and Heating Supplies 





Telephone WALtham 4S37 


Plumbing e F~ PaintB 

tt„„f,W Supplies r/ 
Heating Kjlass 


707 MAIN ST. <>pp. Waltham Savings Bank WALTHAM, MASS. 


Expert Radio Repairs and Service 

Public Address Systems 
133 MOODY ST. Phone WALtham 0893 WALTHAM 

O UPPLY HOUSES of many kinds 
are listed in this book. A 
careful study of its possibili- 
ties will be of benefit to you 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 









Bank Stationery W J!L J . p jSs r{l II I IV Ss Business Forms 






(Successors to E. L. BARRY) 

Book and Job Printers 

"Service That Satisfies" 


Rear of Waldorf Theatre 


Telephone WALtham 0070 



W. S. Varney Printing Co. 



Drug Store and Medical Printing 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

112 Publishers 









All Makes of Sets 


Open Evenings 



Telephone WALtham 3121 


Albany $10.00 

Attleborof 8.00 

Auburn 8.00 

Boston 25.00 

Boston Blue 5.00 

Cranston* 8.00 

Danielson* 5.00 

East Providencef 8.00 

Fall River 8.00 

Gloucester! 6.00 

Hopkinton* 5.00 

Jamestown and New Shorehamf . 4.00 

Lakevillef 4.00 

Lawrence 8.00 

Lowell 8.00 

Lynn 8.00 

Maiden* 8.00 

Manchester 8.00 

Mass. Mfrs* 15.00 

Mystic, Stonington and Noankf . . 5.00 

Newburyportf 6.00 

Newport 8.00 

Newton 8.00 

Oswegof 8.00 

. Pawtucket 9.00 

Providence 10.00 

Providence House* 8.00 

Rochester 12.00 

Rochester Suburban 10.00 

Syracuse 10.00 

Taunton 8.00 

Troy 10.00 

Walthamf 8.00 

Westerly* 7.00 

Woonsocket 8.00 

Worcester 10.00 

Worcester Housef 10.00 

•Denotes books issued in odd years 

tDenotes books issued in even years 

Prices subject to change without notice 


Main Office, 179 LINCOLN STREET - 


Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

Real Estate and Insurance 113 

Notary Public Established 26 Years 



Property Cared For 
Insurance of Every Description 


Telephone WALtham 0386 

Residence Telephone WESt Newton 0873 


Insurance and Real Estate 

Reliable Companies Dependable Agents 

Notary Public 


Telephone WALtham 3133 Residence Tel. WALtham 1575-R 

Office Phone WALtham 4480 Res. Phone WALtham 2442-J 




8-11 Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

114 Real Estate and Insurance , 


Real Estate and Insurance 

Agent for 




412 MOODY STREET, Waltham Theatre Building 

Office Phone WALtham 1312 Residence Phone WALtham 1808 

Waltham Real Estate Exchange 


We Buy, Sell and Exchange Real Estate 
J. M. CATALDO, Inc. 


Telephone WALtham 1774 

COLEMAN "At The Bridge" 

Real Estate and Insurance 


Homes For Sale 
Homes For Rent 
Apartments For Rent 
Property Management 

200 MOODY ST. "At The Bridge" WALtham 0036 

My Time Is Your Time 

Representing: — Aetna Life Insurance Co. 
The Home Insurance Co. of New York 
London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co. 

of Liverpool, Eng. 
Baltimore & American Insurance Co. 


HE Knowledge of " where 
to buy" is as important as 
where to sell goods. 

Consult the City Directory 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

Restaurants Rivets 115 


"An Ideal Place for those who favor HOME COOKED FOOD with a real Home Flavor" 


A. J. BRUNELL. Proprietor 

Sunday Special Chicken and Steak Dinners 

CATERERS for Banquets, Weddings and Parties 

Phone WALtham 1058 




American' Chinese Restaurant 

Where Good, Consistent Service is Given 


(One Flight Up) 



Bifurcated and Tubular Rivets 
Metal Specialties and 
Rivet Setting Machines 

Also Lacing Hooks for Men's Shoes and Machines for Setting 
WALTHAM, MASS. Telephone WALtham 0857 

Give your business a chance. Display it 
in your city directory under headings 
describing your different lines. They will 
bring you increased sales at less expense 
than any other salesman in your employ. 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

116 Roofers 

Telephone WALtham 0012 


Slate Specialist 


Always Reliable 
Gravel Roofing During Cold Weather Only 
Residence Yards 



Too Late for This Issue? 

Then arrange NOW to have your name properly listed and your business classi- 
fied and cross indexed in the next edition of the Waltham Directory. 

The City Directory has become a universal necessity in looking up new pros- 
pects, in purchasing supplies, and in marketing products. Don't forget that 
directory advertising supplements and rounds out all your other advertising by 
giving the most explicit directions how to find you. 

Put "We are listed in the Directory" in all your advertising copy. Addresses 
are often forgotten or mislaid, though the name is remembered. The firm that 
is properly listed under all headings in the directory that describe it's product 
is wise. 

Investigate the City Directory, the book of many uses 

Sampson & Murdock Co 

Directory Publishers Since 1846 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

Sales Books 









Office and Factory— 515-539 South St., Waltham, Mass. 
Telephone WALtham 2900 








Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

118 Schools 


Established 1860. A Boarding and 
Country Day School for Girls 5 to 
19 years of age. Boys admitted to 
Kindergarten and first three grades. 
Thorough preparation for all col- 
leges. Post-Graduate Course. Gen- 
eral and Special Courses. Arts. 
Music. Home Making. Afternoon 
handicraft and supervised play for 
younger pupils. Gymnasium and 
Outdoor sports. 


For catalog and information apply to the Principal, 


Telephone WALtham 2644 

Telephone WALtham 2203-M Minstrel and Musical Shows Coached 

Walter and Edith Collagan 
School of Dancing 





Kresge Building, Room 205 


Are You 

If you are in business it is to your advan- 
tage to be properly and completely listed in 
the classified business section under every 
heading where a buyer might look for you. 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 



Surveyors 119 













Electric Reflectors 
(Jl FORD AVENUE, Off 23 Crescent St. WALTHAM 

Telephone WALthanx 1193 

Residence WALthanx 0542 -M 

A. T. BALL, Inc. 

Toys - Books - Stationery 
Sporting Goods - Party Goods 




Be Wisely 

Arrange for complete reg- 
istration in the next 


under every classification 
to which a buyer might 
turn in looking for your 
product or service. To be 
properly listed is good 
Business Insurance. 

The cost is nominal. Let 
us explain in detail this 
important feature of Di- 
rectory Service. 

Sampson & Murdock Co. 



Civil Engineers 


Telephone WALtham 0584 

815 Washington St., Newtonville 

Telephone NEWton North 4755 

Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 

1 20—1 64 Typewriters Wall Paper Welding 

Typewriter Service Shop 

Repairing — Renting 

New and Used Machines For Sale 

Phone WALtham 3133 



Wall Paper, Paints and Varnish 


Estimates Cheerfully Given 


Telephone WALtham 4096 

Waltham Electric Welding 
& Iron Works 

VICTOR P. RATZBURG, Treasurer and General Manager 

Division NU-WAY WELDERS, Inc. 

Auto Welding, Brazing, Cutting and 
General Machinery Repairs 

Forge and Iron Workers Portable Electric Welding 

Boiler Repairs 


Telephone WALtham 3757 

Telephone LONgwood 4604 
Please mention this Directory when dealing with Advertisers 



Copyright, 1934, Sampson & Murdock Co., Boston, Mass. 

Wife's Name — Appears in parentheses following husband's name when obtainable. 

Removals — Against names showing removals from the city, the post office is given; 
if into another state, both the post office and state are given. 

Deaths — The date of death of citizens whose names appeared in the Directory, dying 
since the last issue, is recorded against the name in the present book. 

12 (165) 


acct accountant 

adjt adjutant 

adv advertising 

agcy agency 

agt agent 

al alley 

Am American 

appr apprentice 

apts apartments 

archt architects 

assn association 

asst assistant 

atndt attendant 

aud auditor 

auto automobile 

av avenue 

Bapt Baptist 

bdg boarding 

bet between 

bkbndr bookbinder 

bkpr bookkeeper 

bldg building 

bldr builder 

blk block 

blksmth blacksmith 

blvd boulevard 

br branch 

brklyr bricklayer 

Bros Brothers 

Bway Broadway 

CS pract Christian 

Science practitioner 
cabtmkr .... cabinet maker 

capt captain 

carp carpenter 

cashr cashier 

Cen Centre 

ch church 

chauf chauffeur 

civ civil 

elk clerk 

clnr cleaner 

collr collector 

comdr commander 

coml commercial 

Comlth . . . Commonwealth 

comn commission 

comp compositor 

compt opr ... comptometer 

comr commissioner 

cond conductor 

confr confectioner 

Cong Congregational 

cons consulting 

contr contractor 

cor corner 

corp corporation 

ct court 

ctr cutter 

dec decorator 

dept department 

depy deputy 

dir director 

dist district 

div division 

dlr dealer 

do ditto 

dr drive 

drftsmn draftsman 

drsmkr dressmaker 

E East 

elec . . electric or electrical 

electn electrician 

elev elevator 

emp employee 

eng engineer 

engvr engraver 

Epis Episcopal 

est estate 

Ex Express 

exch exchange 

extn extension 

FE Fire Engine 

film opr . . motion picture 

flagmn flagman 

fnshr finisher 

formn foreman 

forwmn forewoman 

frt freight 

ft foot 

ftr fitter 

furn furniture 

furng furnishing 

gardnr gardner 

gas sta .... filling station 

gasftr gasfitter 

gds goods 

gen general 

gro grocer 

h house 

hairdrsr hairdresser 

hdqtrs headquarters 

hdw hardware 

Hlds Highlands 

hlpr helper 

hosp hospital 

Hts Heights 

imptr importer 

inc incorporated 

ins insurance 

insp inspector 

instr instructor 

int rev ... internal revenue 

jan janitor 

jr junior 

junct junction 

jwlr jeweler 

kpr keeper 

lab laborer 

lieut lieutenant 

lino linotype 

litho lithographer 

lndrs laundress 

lndry laundry 

Luth Lutheran 

ME . . Methodist Episcopal 

mach machinist 

Mass Massachusetts 

mdse merchandise 

mech mechanic or 


mer merchant 

Met Metropolitan 

mfg manufacturing 

mfr manufacturer 

mgr manager 

mkr maker 

mkt market 

mldr molder 

mlnr milliner 

mn man 

mono monotype 

msngr messenger 

mtrmn motorman 

mus music 

musn musician 

Mut Mutual 

N North 

NE New England 

Natl National 

nr near 

opp opposite 

opr operator 

optom optometrist 

osteo osteopath 

PO Post Office 

paperhngr .... paperhanger 

pat patent 

pdlr pedler 

pharm pharmacist 

Phila Philadelphia 

photog .... photographer 

phys physician 

pk park 

pkwy parkway 

pi place 

plmbr plumber 

plshr polisher 

plstr plasterer 

pntr painter 

pres president 

Presb Presbyterian 

prin principal 

prof professor 

prop proprietor 

prsfdr pressfeeder 

prsmn pressman 

ptrnmkr .... patternmakei 

pub publishing 

purch purchasing 

r resides 

RC Roman Catholic 

RD Rural Delivery 

RR Railroad 

rd road 

real est real estate 

rem removed 

rep representative 

restr restaurant 

Rev Reverend 

rm room 

rpr repair or repairer 

Ry Railway 

Ry Ex . . Railway Express 
Agency Inc 

Ry MS Railway Mail 


S South 

sch school 

sec secretary 

sergt sergeant 

shtmtlwkr sheet metal 


sis sales 

soc society 

solctr solicitor 

spcl special 

sq square 

sta station 

sten stenographer 

stmftr steamfitter 

struct structural 

studt student 

supt superintendent 

supvr supervisor 

surg surgeon 

tchr teacher 

tel telephone 

teleg telegraph 

ter terrace 

timekpr timekeeper 

tmstr teamster 

tndr tender 

trav . . traveler or traveling 

treas treasurer 

US United States 

USA U S Army 

USMC..U S Marine Corps 

USN U S Navy 

undtkr undertaker 

Unit Unitarian 

Univ University or 


uphol upholsterer 

vet veterinary 

v-pres vice president 

vulc vulcanizer 

W West 

Wash Washington 

watchmn watchman 

whf wharf 

whol wholesale 

wid widow 

wkr worker 

wks works 

wmn woman 

YMCA Young Men's 

Christian Association 
YWCA . . . Young Women's 

Christian Association 


Abr Abraham 

Alex Alexander 

Alf Alfred 

Aug August 

Benj Benjamin 

Chas Charles 

Danl Daniel 

Edwd Edward 

Eliz Elizabeth 

Eug Eugene 

Fredk Frederick 

Geo George 

Jas James 

Jos Joseph 

Margt Margaret 

Michl Michael 

Patk Patrick 

Richd Richard 

Robt Robert 

Saml Samuel 

Sol Solomon 

Theo Theodore 

Thos Thomas 

Wm William 


Am American 

(B) Boston 

BCG Co Boston Consolidated Gas Co 

B Mfg Co Boston Manufacturing Co 

B&\ Boston & Albany Railroad 

B&M Boston & Maine Railroad 

EE1 Co Edison Electric Illuminating Co 

EHW Co E Howard Watch Co 

M&B St Ry Middlesex & Boston Street Railway 

RMS Railway Mail Service 

SO Co Standard Oil Co 

WB&P Co Waltham Bag & Paper Co 

WB&DW Waltham Bleachery & Dye Works 

WM Works Waltham Machine Works 

WW Co Waltham Watch Co 

Wash Washington 



Alphabetical Section 

A U W Building 282 Moody 

A O U W Hall 282 Moody 

Abbenzeller Susan E, WW Co r 94 Adams 

Abbot Frank P jan 1 Spruce r do 

Abbott Alden Q osteopath 427 Main r do 

—Arthur C (Viola M) jan 680 Main h 40 

— Earl C (Mabel G) radio rpr 172 Adams h 

—Grace V Mrs, WW Co r 142 Dale 
— Lucy H wid Geo osteopath 427 Main h 

—Mabel D, WW Co r 156 Brown 
— Rita S osteopath r 427 Main 
Abell Byron R (Mildred M) formn h 46 High 
Abelle Camillo (Celestina) lab h 81 Oak 
Aberle Ruth M, WW Co r 179 South 
Abrahams Alex (Emma) mgr 200 High h 

262 Brown 
— Emma (Geraldine's Food Shop) 200 High 

h 262 Brown 
Abrahamson Aug (Selma) jan 702 Main h 

1130 do 
— David S (Virginia M) slsmn h 96 Galen 
—Geo S (Mildred S) (George O Carter & Co) 

342 Moody h 21 Warren av 
— Howard, Mass Dept of Agriculture (B) r 101 

Prospect Hill rd 
— Howard J (Laura M) fruit broker h 13 

Nathan rd 
— Oscar (Minnie) watchmkr h 101 Prospect 

Hill rd 
— Robt studt r 101 Prospect Hill rd 
— Sander (Anna) h 15 Vernon 
Abramo Jos (Teresa) cabtmkr h 39 Coolidge 


Abruzzese Jack (Mary) lab h 32 Soring 

Abruzzi Andrew ^ msngr r 54 Bacon 

—Clara M, WW Co r 54 Bacon 

— Dominick (Catherine) lab h 54 Bacon 

Ackerley David S (Phoebe J) h Marivista av 

— Edwd L hlpr r Marivista av 

Ackerly Alonzo C driver EEI Co Cooper st h 

432 Sea Quincy 
Ackerson Arthur O, WW Co r at Weston 
—Victor C, WW Co r at Weston 
Acorn Chas R (Frances G) hlpr h 11 Chest- 
nut pk 
— Forest S (Edna C) auto mech h Winter 

nr Wyman 
— Paul sub RFD carrier PO r Winter cor 

— Russell (Frances) slsmn r Lakeview av bey 

Lake rd 
Adam Albert C (Sadie M) barber h 105 

Hardy's Pond rd 
Adamovich Theresa (Mrs Peter) died Sept 

23 1932 
Adamowicz Peter paper mkr h 110£ Prospect 

Adams Albert barber 163 Lake r do 
—Alice elk 316 Moody r 33 Brown 
— Anna physio therapist 15 Chamberlain ter 

r do 
— Arthur H (Abbie L) laddermn Ladder No 1 

h 33 Brown 
— Arthur L farm hand 775 Trapelo rd r do 
—Arthur M (Margt E) died March 16 1932 
— Chester (Hariett) r 30 Orange 
— Edwd J pressmn 18 Pine r 30 Orange 
— Edwin F (Rebecca M) forester h Carleton 

—Ella C r 166 Chestnut 
—Ethel E, WW Co r 27 Highland 
— Geo mgr grocery dept 891 Main r 306 Tal- 
bot av Dor 

—Geo H (Julia F) chief US Bureau of 

Chemistry (B) h 1 Chester Brook rd 
— Helen atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r do 
— Helen B tchr (Watertown) r 34 Fuller 
—Helen L r 27 Highland 
— Jas J (Mary J) lab h 39 Marivista av 
— Jessie F companion r 605 Lexington 
— John L (Helen V) musn h 101 Overland rd 
—John S (Florence E) teller 702 Main h 350 

—John W mach WW Co r 52 Murray Hill 
rd Ros 

— Jos (Margt C) h 173 Adams 
— Jos (Alice A) h 30 Orange 
— Lewis P (Mary G) carp h 27 Highland 
— Luella F wid Ernest T h 34 Fuller 
— Margt E wid Arthur M r 414 Crescent 
— Mary H wid Ptolemy P h 414 Crescent 
—Paul (Eliz) baker 100 Felton h 191£ New- 
— Roxalona A, WW Co r 55 Howard 
— Ruth tchr Nahum Hardy sch r 16 Irving 

— Waitie E wid Geo K died Feb 17 1933 
— Wm J (Margt) laddermn Ladder 1 h 8 

Adano Anthony (Josephine) lab h 101 Felton 
Adcock Chas J (Anna L) WW Co h 19 Rob- 

Adelman Pearl bkpr r 105 Columbus av 
Adess Jacob (Ida) formn 515 South h 20 

Kimball rd W'town 
Adler Harold J (M Rebecca) civ eng r 180 

—Ralph W (Ethel S) elk 809 Main r 180 

— Richd J r 180 Lowell 
— Wm (Bertha) mach h 180 Lowell 
Adshade Ernest B rem to Quincy 
—Ira E, WW Co r 37 Harvard 
— John (Catherine) rubber wkr h College 

Farm rd 




— John W (Lydia A) auto rpr h 74 Dorches- 
— Nora E married Geo Barthlemess rem to 

man agent 200 Moody telephone Waltham 

0036— See page 114 
Affleck Ethel A bkpr (B) r 249 Lowell 
— G Ernest (Bessie C) ins 249 Lowell r do 
— Geo D h 23 Fuller 
Agam Mustafa G (Dorothy) refrigerator eng 

h 24 Willard 
Agopian John H (Sarah) (Paul Bros) 563 

Moody r 147 Brown 
Aharonian Sarkis (Esther) restr 35 Moody h 

7 Porter 
Ahearn Emma G hairdrsr 34 Winthrop r do 
— Helen B rem to Havre Boucher NS 
— Henry J elk r 66 Cedar 
— John M (Ann) slsmn h 48 Warren 
— Lydia Mrs elk 378 Moody r at W Newton 
— M Bertha, WW Co h 34 Winthrop 
— Mary B wid Jas P rem to Havre Boucher 

— Rita F, WW Co r 34 Winthrop 
— Thos J (Catherine E) auto mech h 66 Cedar 
— Wm J cost man 66 Woerd av h at Dorches- 
Ahern Danl J r 14 Townsend 
— John F (Marie O) carrier PO 738 Main h 14 

Ahlman Alice M wid John M EHW Co h 461 

— Arthur L (Gertrude E) steam shovel opr r 

83 Hammond 
— Hulda S wid John T died May 31 1931 
— John J mgr 55 Prospect r 461 Main 
— Richd W (Irene J) WW Co h 263 Charles 
—Ruth M sten (B) r 461 Main 
— Walter J r 461 Main 
Ahlstrand Karl W (Josephine M) (The Screw 

Machine Products Co) 57A Harvard h 5 

Aiken Aubrey rose grower 411 Waverley Oaks 

rd r 203 Riverview av 
— Gerald L elk 342 Moody r 203 Riverview av 
—Roy C, WW Co r 203 Riverview av 
— Wm H (Catherine C) elk h 48 Auburn 
Ainslee Eliz B r 14 Riverview av 
Aitken Ada slswmn r 10 Lyman ter 
Akeroyd Mary E wid Geo r 30 High 
Alackna Alex baker r 22 Lyman 
Alaimo Marie wid Carmelo r 21 Clinton 
— Nicola (Carmella) barber h 21 Clinton 
—Philip r 21 Clinton 
Alarie Jos J (Grace H) carp and bldr 18 Mun- 

roe av h do 
Albanese Girolamo (Rose) lndry wkr h 106A 

— Michele (Madalena) weaver h 33 Winthrop 
Albanisi Jessie wid Jos r 49 Columbus av 
Albemarle Farm Milk Co (Estate of R J 

McAdoo) 1285 Trapelo rd 
Alberico Albert (Josephine) lab h 1 Day 
Albert Jane wid John r 1339 Main 
—Mildred C Mrs r 623 South 
ALBERTI JOHN (Anna) (Alberti's Filling 

Station) and insurance 255 Newton r 261 

do — See page 70 
— Rose wid Salvatore h 261 Newton 
Alberti's Filling Station (John Alberti) 255 

Albrecht John F (Esther L) atndt nurse 505 

Trapelo rd r do 
Albro Harold L wool r 11 Banks 
— Wm E (Fannie B) WW Co h 11 Banks 

HOUSE (Alexander J Brunell) 481- 

485 Moody — See page 115 

Alcock Jessie B elk Waltham Natl Bank 318 

Moody r 54 Chester Brook rd 
— Thos R slsmn (B) r 54 Chester Brook rd 
—Thos V (Lucy M) civ eng (B) h 54 Chester 

Brook rd 
Alcorn Arnold S studt r 91 Parmenter rd 
— Ethel E Mrs elk 285 Moody r 91 Parmenter 

— John S (Lizzie J) pres Alcorn Machine Co 

Inc 6 Water h 93 Parmenter rd 

ALCORN MACHINE CO Inc 6 Water inc '22 

John S Alcorn pres William S Alcorn 

treas machinists — See page 100 
— Wm S (Ethel) treas Alcorn Machine Co Inc 

6 Water h 91 Parmenter rd 
Alden Alice S atndt Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
Aldred Fredk W r 61 Cushing 
—Percy F (Mary L) bank vault insp h 4 

— Wm F h 61 Cushing 
Aldrich Carroll L, WW Co h 156 Robbins 
Alekna Aleck baker 100 Felton r 22 Lyman 
Alessandro Basil r 63 Pine 
— Josephine wid Jos h 63 Pine 
Alexander Alf L (Frances M) watchmkr h 256 

— Freda Mrs nurse h 33 Adams 
—Harry C elk 350 Moody r 38 Bennett 
— John (Freda) plmbr h 33 Adams 
— Mary supvr Walter E Fernald State sch r 

— Robt D r 36 Bennett 
Alfino Felix (Mary) weaver h 197 School 
Alfred Bros Inc tobacco and newsdlrs 274 

Algee Eliz supvr Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 

Algeri Agostino (Concettina) rem to NY city 

— Anthony carp r 30 Charles 

— Concinetta r 174 Bright 

— Felice thread wkr r 174 Bright 

— Graziano (Emilia) stmftr h 38 Calvary 

— Mary wid Jas h 174 Bright 

— Rocco r 174 Bright 

— Salvatore (Domenica) lab h 199 Felton 

— Salvatore jr chauf r 199 Felton 

— Vincenzo (Concettina) lab h 89 Charles 

Alice Beauty Salon (Alice B Cain) hairdrsrs 

115 Ash r do 
Aliseo Santo lab h 87 Charles 
Alkon Bros Co Inc 397 Moody inc Mass '33 

Jack H Alkon pres-treas Benj Hersh sec 

Leo J Alkon asst treas dress mfrs 
— Jack H pres-treas Alkon Bros Co Inc 397 

Moody h 51 Passadena rd Roxbury 
— Leo J asst treas Waltham Mfg Co Inc 397 

Moody h 786 Blue Hill av Dor 
Allaire Geo P (Belzemere M) carp h 269 

— Philip cook r 269 River 
Allan Catherine died Dec 30 1930 
— Jas tailor h 348 Crescent 
— Jeremiah (Sarah A) died Feb 18 1932 
— Wm (Jane C) tailor h 15 Myrtle 
Allard Dental Laboratory (L H Allard) 371 

Moody rm 108 
— Jos W (Helen) slsmn h 52 Hiawatha av 
— Leopold H (Allard Dental Laboratory) 371 

Moody rm 108 r 371 Bway Somv 
— Rose wid Emil h 13£ Taylor 
Allebaugh Olive F bacteriologist 775 Trapelo 

rd r 175 Kent Bline 
Allen Alf J (Martha A) h 123 Pond 
— Alice R r 48 Vernon 
— Blanche M tchr Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
— Chas F (Lucy E) pres Waltham Savings 

Bank 702 Main h 73 Ellison pk 




— Doris r 7 Falmouth rd 

—Edith J r 123 Pond 

— Elsie Mrs housekpr h 99 Willow 

— Fannie F wid Sabin E h 27 Barnes 

— Frank r 21 Beal rd 

— Geo B (Eliz R) slsmn (B) h 111 Riverview 

— Geo E (Anna M) atndt h 22 Derby 
— Geo F (Brentwood Bowling Alleys) 846A 

Main r at Wayland 
—Geo H elk r 287 School 
—Harold E (Marie J) WW Co h 107 Villa 
—Henry (Pleasant Drug Co) 132 High r 123 

— Herbert B (Mary C M) cashr Ry Ex 11 Car- 
ter h 287 School 
— Irene F atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
— Jas J (Nora C) jan Saml D Warren sch h 

48 Vernon 
— John J r 48 Vernon 
— John L pntr h Arcadia av bey Royal 
—Jos W (Annie L) WW Co r 16 Common 
—Josephine T Mrs, WW Co r 29 Fuller 
— Katherine A, WW Co r 48 Vernon 
— Katherine T, WW Co r 28 Prospect 
— Knitwear Store (Chas J Slatrow) bathing 

suits 343 Moody 
—Marion J, WW Co r 22 Derby 
— Mary R soap wrapper 100 Beaver r 48 

— Minnie L wid Almon r 11 Brook av 
— Miriam C tchr Senior High sch r 42 Cres- 
— Natalie elk h 34 Crescent 
— Oliver (Violet) drftsmn h 39 Bruce rd 
— Orlo W (Hattie) rem to Manchester NH 
—Paul R (Margt M) (Waltham Dental Lab- 
oratory) 333 Moody rm 210 h Miriam st 
— Priscilla 66 Woerd av r 47 Ash 
— Richd F elk 873 Main r 48 Vernon 
— S Barbara tchr Jonathan Bright sch r 15 

ALLEN THOMAS Iff R (Emma W) druggist 

463 Main h 74 Villa— See page 83 
— Wentworth B (Anna B) gro 348 Newton h 

135 Myrtle 
— Wentworth H (Myrtle E) mgr 348 Newton 

h 137 Myrtle 
— Wm K (Rosalyn C) garagemn h 27 Ash 
Allese Angelo (Antonetta) pdlr h 11£ Liver- 
pool lane 
Allia Antonio h 184 Felton 
— Carmelo (Vincenza) contr 192 Felton h do 
— Jos r 192 Felton 
— Mary r 192 Felton 
— Salvatore r 192 Felton 
— Vincenzo r 192 Felton 
Allie Fred E (Catherine E) chauf h 12 Tol- 

— Jas weaver h 179 Prospect Hill rd 
Allison Anna Mrs maid 327 Lexington r do 
—Chas V (Lily) chauf h 206 Brown 
—Roy H (Grace M) WW Co h 214 Adams 
Allsop Walter A r 145 Ash 
—Walter W (Ruth) waiter h 145 Ash 
Allspach Christine wid Geo F r 122 Lowell 
Almand Jos (Ella) r 860 Main 
Almeda Chas (Eliz H) plmbr r 81 Ash 
Almeder Fredk J (Florence C) chauf h 64 

Almond John J (Leah C) carp h 116 Overland 

Alterisio John (Catherine C) lab h 8 Day 
Alvarez Jos M (Signe E) mach 48 Woerd av 

h 16 do 
Alyce Food Shoppe The (Roderick McKenzie) 
bakers 853 Main 

Amazeen Frank P (Charlotte L) slsmn r 285 

Amberson Victoria L atndt nurse 505 Trapelo 

rd r do 
Ameria Esther E elk 412 Moody r 7 Dexter 

American Legion The — 

Legion Hall 73 Weston 

Waltham Post 156 Herbert S Rand adjt 
129 Florence rd meets 1st and 3d Wed 
at 73 Weston 

Auxiliary Waltham Unit 156 Mrs Anna 
Devlin sec 62 Guinan meets 1st and 3d 
Wed at 73 Weston 
— Order Sons of StGeorge Victoria Lodge 53 

Wm H Morris sec 20 Winthrop meets 

2d and 4th Tues at 103 Moody 
— Red Cross Waltham Chapter 598 Main rm 

12 Mrs Olive P Warren sec 30 Pros- 
—Standard Watch Co 256 Charles 
Ames Annie S, CS pract 30 Dexter h do 

AMES B C CO Ames off Lexington near B&M 
RR inc '22 Warren Ames pres Ira R Ames 
v-pres-treas Henry G Haynes sec manu- 
facturers dial gauges, bench lathes, drill- 
ing, milling, tapping and filing machines 
and triplex combination machines 

—Chas H died May 30 1932 

—Clifton, WW Co r 30 Dexter 

— Ira J (Annie S) formn B C Ames Co Ames 
off Lexington h 30 Dexter 

— Ira R (Mildred C) v-pres-treas B C Ames 
Co Ames off Lexington h 133 Forest av 
W Newt 

— Mary E wid Chas H r 47 Florence rd 

— Roland C (Florence O) lumber (Waverly) 
h 118 Chaffee av 

— Seth r 30 Dexter 

— Warren (Marion H) pres B C Ames Co 
Ames off Lexington h 53 Sheffield rd 

Amorelli Calogero (Mary) concrete wkr h 432 

Amrock John H (Mary A) h 12 Stearns 

Ancient Free & Accepted Masons, see Masonic 

— Order of Hibernians — 

Div 19, Patk E Spaulding rec sec 80 Rus- 
sell meets 2d and last Wed at 710 Main 
Ladies' Auxiliary 29, Blanche Nolan sec 
39 Bolton meets 1st and 3d Mon 

— Order of United Workmen of Mass Wal- 
tham Lodge 26, Walter B Jackson rec 
1083 Main meets 2d and 4th Thurs at 31 
Woerd av 

Anderson A Oscar (Emmy M) auto pntr h 195 

— Abbie A h 16 Prospect 
— Adolph H (Elin) mach h 54 Turner 
—Albert E elk 515 South r 10 Orange 
— Alex R mach r 900 Lexington 
—Alice J Mrs, WW Co r 47 Winthrop 
— Alice M Mrs h 174 Brown 
— Amelia V r 900 Lexington 
— Anders A (Agda E) mach h 27 Crafts 
— Annie L r 174 Adams 
— Anton (Louise) bucklemkr h 49 Derby 
— Anton tinsmith r 21 Fuller 
— Arnold W (Lucy D) slsmn h 40 Clements 

— Arvid r 96 Hammond 
— Astrid A (The Vanity Shoppe) 681 Main 

rm 17 r 65 Highland 
—Aug H (Myrtle A) atndt 955 Main r 138 

— Axel h 900 Lexington 
— Axel D (Charlotte B) lab h 24 Cross 
— Bessie elk 897 Main r 25 Adams 




—Carl r 26 Heard 

— Carl E (Maria) mach h 30 Turner 

— Carl T formn h 65 Highland 

— Carl W carrier PO 738 Main r 900 Lexing- 

— Clara C wid Andrew P r 225 Trapelo rd 

— Claus P (Esther S) auto rpr 1017 Main h 
389 Newton 

— Dagny J married Helmer Anderson rem to 

—David (Olivia C) WW Co h 36 Summit 

— Deana G wid Carl O r 138 Felton 

— E Walter auto rpr r 38 Beal rd 

—Edith A sten (B) r 38 Beal rd 

— Ellen A musn r 36 Riverview av 

—Ellen E Mrs, WW Co h 54 Cherry 

—Ellen K wid Chas H h 124 Russell 

—Ellen L, WW Co r 54 Cherry 

— Elmer F r 54 Cherry 

—Elmer V (lone) floormn 305 Moody h 131 

Wash Brighton 
— Elna O sten r 36 Summit 
— Elve O sten (W Newt) r 38 Beal rd 
— Emil (Catherine) gardnr h 10 Orange 
— Eric A (Adelia A) dairymn h 44£ Pros- 
— Eric H (Mary J) mach h 59 High 
—Esther elk (B) r 26 Heard 
— Ethel asst supt nurses Waltham Hosp r 

—Etta W r 124 Russell 

— Everett C (Alice J) mach r 47 Winthrop 
— Florence M wid John h 101 Amherst av 
—Florist (Thos F O'Brien) 294 Moody 
—Fred B (Marie K) garage (W Newt) h 38 

Beal rd 
— Fredk F (Augusta) mach h 36 Riverview 


— Geo E rem to Cambridge 

—Geo G (Jennie K) stmftr 588 Main h 18 

Bryant rd 
— Gladys bkpr (Winchester) r 10 Orange 
— Gustaf L h 26 Heard 
— Gustav mach 48 Woerd av h 134 Parmenter 

rd W Newt 
—Helen M, WW Co r 54 Cherry 
—Henry F, WW Co r 138 Felton 
—Hilda M, WW Co r 174 Brown 
— Homer G (Ruby) h 25 Barbara rd 
— J Walter (Eliz M) watchmkr (Needham) 

h 35 Berkshire rd 
— Jas G (Mabel M) jan 764 Main h 23 Fiske 
— Jennie K Mrs sec 588 Main h 18 Bryant 

— John pntr 775 Trapelo rd r do 
— John A (Anna A) milk rear 1271 Main h 


— John A tchr North Junior High sch r 129 

— John H (Eliz A) carp h 14 Hamblin rd 

— Kenneth E acct r 23 Fiske 

— Klas E (Louise M) pntr h 253 Charles 

— Laura C wid Harry L h 90 Fiske 

— Lily M r 195 Sycamore 

— Maurice chauf h 195 Lyman 

— Michl, WW Co r 322 Crescent 

— Neal O pntr h 138 Felton 

— Olga bkpr 844 Main r 36 Summit 

— Otis P (Bessie M) slsmn r 25 Adams 

— Philip rem to Biddeford Me 

— Roland studt r 26 Heard 

—Roy O r 27 Crafts 

—Thos, WW Co r 237 Robbins 

— Thorsten T (Eveline G) mach h 47 Win- 

— Thyra D r 65 Highland 

— Toimi W, WW Co r 32 Cherry 


— Walter A E (Jeannette I) lawyer 740 Main 

rm 112 h 95 Waltham W Newt 
— Wesley K, WW Co r 145 Crescent 
— Wm F (Sarah P) florist h 43 Walnut 
Andrew Francis L sis mgr 66 Woerd av r 80 

Andrews Alice M mach opr r 296 College 

Farm rd 
— Beatrice bkpr 132 Prospect r 13 Lyman ter 
—Beatrice G, WW Co r 40 Alden 
— Bros (Leonard E and Stanley E Andrews) 

florists 182 Dale 
— Carrol B (Helen M) rem to Lexington 
— Chas M (Bertha L) supvr attendance public 

schs 55 School h Wyman nr Lincoln 
— Danl W (Jennie G) slsmn h 40 Alder 
—Flora G wid Chauncey W h 169 Dale 
— Frank H (Helen K) caretkr 265 Beaver r 

54 Wadsworth av 
— Geo E (Winifred A) ins agt h 8 Clements 

— H Eliz wid Thos h 182 Dale 
—Helen K, WW Co r 54 Wadsworth av 
— Howard C slsmn r 169 Dale 
— John porter 775 Trapelo rd r do 
— Leonard E (Mildred F) (Andrews Bros) 182 

Dale r do 
— Margt L tchr (Winchester) r 169 Dale 
— Mary J wid John E h 45 High 
—Peter (Mary A) stmftr h 296 College Farm 

—Ralph W elk 311 Moody r 40 Alder 
— Saml (Edna) elk 525 Moody h 13 Lyman 


— Stanley E (Andrews Bros) 182 Dale r do 
— Theo R (Wheeler Square Market) 525 

Moody r 13 Lyman ter 
Androvsky Chas K mach 37 River h at Water- 
Angell Eliz J wid Andrew J r 7 Banks 
Angelo Anthony J h 16 Winthrop 
— Geo P (Alice) servicemn h 337 Newton 
Angus Robt M (Nettie I) lab h 20 Riverview 

Anker Olga r 42 Sterling rd 

— Tekla J Mrs, WW Co h 42 Sterling rd 

Ann Beauty Shop (Emmett MacDonald) 226 

Anne Oivind A (Elsie A) watch rpr h 45 

Annette's Beauty Parlor (John F O'Halloran) 
beauty parlor 406 Moody 

Annetti Sabatino (Maria) lab h 132 Calvary 

Annis Albert B (Lydia M) WW Co h 71 Par- 
menter rd 

— Beatrice sten purchasing agt's office City 
Hall r 71 Parmenter rd 

— Jennie nurse r 71 Parmenter rd 

— Mildred L Mrs h 115 Lexington 

—Sadie A Mrs r 138 Felton 

Annunziata Chas r 35 Newburgh 

— Frances r 35 Newburgh 

— Luigi (Angelina) gro 33 Newburgh h 35 

Ansara Abr (Selma) h 236 Calvary 

— Lena stitcher r 236 Calvary 

Antaya Lena Mrs r 33 Robbins 

— Merle sten 515 South r 33 Robbins 

— Zoeleta M Mrs, WW Co r 33 Robbins 

Anthoine Edith W K Mrs sec (B) r 977 

— Wm J (Edith W K) slsmn h 977 Main 

Anthony Alvin K (Ethel W) carp h 106 River- 
view av 

— Geo H industrial therapist 505 Trapelo rd 
r do 

— Jacob (Victoria) loomfixer h 397 River 

—Stanley C r 378 River 




—Stanley J (Frances) WW Co h 378 River 
Antico Antonio (Mary) truckmn 85 Summit h 

Apolon John R, WW Co r 58 Gardner 
Appleton Ross F (Mabel) driver 402 Lexing- 
ton h 1165 Main 
Aquilia Dominica, WW Co r 73 Harvard 
— Giuseppe (Antonina) farmer h 9 Felton 
— Jas (Angelina M) barber 197 Newton h 291 

—Jos J (Carmela S) plstr r 105 Central 
— Mary wid Nino r 73 Harvard 
— Vincenzo (Domenica) bundler WB&P Co h 

73 Harvard 
Arbour Thos J (Sylvia F) slsmn (B) h 118 

— Thos J Mrs beauty shop 118 Hammond r 

Archambault Jennie G wid Jos h 164 Myrtle 

Archdeacon Constance M sten Bettinger 
Enamel Corp r 898 Moody 

— Stephen r 898 Moody 

— Wm studt r 898 Moody 

— Wm A (Mary V) brklyr h 898 Moody 

Archer Geo F (Isabella H) h 16 Cushing 

Archibald Alice C wid Geo rem to Spring- 

—Bertha O, WW Co r 39 Oakley Dor 

— Clarence A (M Alice) tinsmith h 163 Grove 

— Clarence A jr studt r 163 Grove 

— Edith M tchr South Junior High sch r 73 

— Henry B (Margt I) lather h 82 Robbins 

— Louis A hlpr r 163 Grove 

Arena John (Jennie) lab h 17 Noonan 

Argo John J bell hop r 27 Ash 

Argonti Nicholas (Lucy) mason h 108 Central 

—Rose J r 108 Central 

Armitage Irene V, WW Co r 791 Moody 

Armour Alex atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r 

Armstrong Alice H tchr (Wellesley) h 52 

— Christopher J (Frances T) elk h 14 Cushing 
— Clara B nurse r 295 Crescent 
— Fredk L, WW Co r 240 Crescent 
— Geo r 212 Brown 
— Geo W gen mgr Pond opp Exchange h 54 

Day Auburndale 
— Grace M Mrs elk r 76 Alder 
—Harriet M died Feb 28 1933 
— Jas r 57 Willow 

—Jas E (Edna B) WW Co h 37 Nathan rd 
—Jas F (Matilda) pntr h 140 Plympton 
— John chef r 53 Ash 
—Mabel elk 223 Moody r 76 Alder 
—Ruth M, WW Co r 140 Plympton 
—Sarah P wid Eslie died Mar 7 1932 
Army & Navy Store (Saml Schwartz) army 

and navy gds 405 Moody 
Arno Jos rose grower 411 Waverley Oaks rd 

r Lorraine Belmont 
Arnold Alice E, WW Co r 65 Myrtle 
—Catherine R, WW Co r 13 Maple ter 
— Chas R (Josephine) h 88 Hardy's Pond rd 
— Chas W (Stella R) portable buildings 287 

Newton r 45 Lowell 
— Constance tchr (Austin Texas) r 88 Hardy's 

Pond rd 
— Danl (Esther) h 16 Lexington 
— Earl J (Pansy C) sec Chamber of Commerce 

657 Main rm 3 h 10 Howard 
— Eliz wid Richd h 65 Myrtle 
— Emma S Mrs sec Waverley Lumber Co 

Thayer rd 
— Ethel A sten r 75 Mokema av 
—Faith studt r 10 Howard 
—Geo J, WW Co r 65 Myrtle 


— H B & Co (Herbert B Arnold, Everett H 
Warner) boats and canoes rear 299 Cres- 

— Henry T (Beatrice A) presser h 66 Orange 

—Herbert B (Ida A) (H B Arnold & Co) rear 
299 Crescent h 14 Orange 

— Horace D (Ida P) phys (B) h 55 Weston 

— John V (Carrie C) bookbinder h 94 Tay- 

— Marsha r 94 Adams 

— Neal H (Helena L) WW Co h 75 Mokema 

— Raymond (Theresa) atndt h 13 Cedar 

— Walter A elk r 75 Mokema av 

— Wm H (Mildred) meats 470 Main h at 

— Wm Jerome studt r 10 Howard 
Arrigo Anthony r 40 Wilbur 
— Nicholas (Josephine) farmer h MtWalley 

— Placido (Mary) farmer h 344 Warren 
Arsenault Agnes M, WW Co r 8 Stearns 
— Alex (Jessie M) lather h 78 Central 
— Edgar J (Lena M) pntr h 88 Charles 
— Edwd J firemn B&M h 35 Seminole av 
— Fred S (Bella M) auto mech h 162 Newton 
— Jos (Mary) gardnr h 89 Central 
— Jos ice r 156 Adams 
— Jos M (Hannah L) lather h 71 Charles 
—Jos P (Matilda) cook h 488C Main 
— Jude pntr r 114 Bright 
— Margt r 81 Bacon 
— Patk P (Marie) rem to NY city 
— Peter J (E Emily) lndry wkr h 85 Pond 
— Philip (Katherine) lab h 157 School 
— Tilman (Florence) pntr h 114 Bright 
—Walter J (Mary F) pntr h 76 Dix 
— Wm (Harriet) pntr h 4 Liberty 
Arseneault Eugenie 66 Woerd av r 135 Ash 
— John A (Matilda) carp h 25 Lowell 
— Wilfred W (Marie) auto mech h 84 ^ Myrtle 
Arsneault Alicide r 70 Robbins 
— Anthony lab r 70 Robbins 
— Camille r 70 Robbins 
— Emile lab r 70 Robbins 
— Jos L chauf r 135 Ash 
— Leah r 70 Robbins 
— Stephen V (Eliza) carp h 70 Robbins 
Arthur Beatrice M wid Wellington r 110 

Artisans Canadien Francais, Succursale 145 

Denis Gaudet sec 21 Middle meets 1st 

and 3d Mon at 45 Central 
Asbury Temple 686 Main 
Asdurian Paul (Mary) tailor 685 Moody r at 


Aseltine Lee H (Grace D) (Elite Sign Co) 37 

Gorham h do 
— Mildred I domestic r 37 Gorham 
Ashland Walter F atndt Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
Ashley Harry W (Grace F) driver Chemical 

No 1, 21 Lexington h 15 Cutting lane 
— Herbert D (Helen R) chauf r 89 Vernon 
— Nellie S wid Henry L h 89 Vernon 
Ashness Herbert P (Anna L) slsmn h 42 

Ashton Alice E wid Alf E r 794 Main 
Ashworth John C collr (B) r 16 Linden ter 
— John F (Hattie L) spcl police (B) h 41 

Wash av 
— Robt S (Annie H) h 16 Linden ter 
Asnicar Sylvo spinner r 562 Main 
Aston Margt J wid Geo R died May 16 1932 
Astorian Peter (Alice) barber 427A Moody h 

at W'town 
Atamian Arsen mgr 797 Main r 234 Boylston 





— Hagop salesman 797 Main r 234 Boylston 

— Harry ins agt 680 Main rm 26 r 353 Cres- 

— Melcon (Mary) fruit 797 Main h 234 Boyls- 
ton W'town 

Atkins Geo E (Mabel B) photo fnshr 53 Moody 
h 69 Irving 

— Jas slsmn r 94 Adams 

— Robt E studt r 69 Irving 

Atkinson Chas G (Hattie S) carp h 17 Everett 

— Hattie Mrs jewelmkr 1 Spruce r 17 Ever- 

—Sarah E wid Wm H died Jan 24 1931 

Attanasio Jos (Katrina) barber h 18 Ben- 

Attardo Louis (Angelina) lab h 35 Gordon 
— Salvatore (Josephine) lab h 34 Cedar 
Atwood Barbara r 91 Church 
— Chas L (Margt E) mgr h 277 Florence rd 
— D Genevieve Mrs, WW Co h 117 South 
— Florence M elk 685 Main r 4 Common 
— Florentena wid Herman F h 4 Common 
— Frances librarian r 91 Church 
— Josephine F r 4 Common 
— Wm F (Helen J) r 91 Church 
Aucoin Alma M spotter 552 South r 17 Rip- 
— Amedee (Mary) spotter 552 South h 17 

—Chas E (Diana) h 36 Harvard 
— Chas J (Delina) carp h 120 Pine 
— Corinne M waitress r 23£ Common 
— Delphin (Eliz) carp h 42 Newton 
— Denis, WW Co 

—Eliz (Mrs Peter) died Nov 7 1933 
— Eustade (Mary A) hlpr B&M h 7 Exchange 

— Florence maid r 378 Bacon 
— Hector restr wkr r 47 Hall 
— Helen L waitress h 23£ Common 
— Henry r 21 Brown's av 
— Itha E housekpr 1 Russell 
— J Maurice hlpr r 25 Lowell 
— Jeannette L studt r 25 Lowell 
— John E (Louise S) carp h 25 Lowell 
— Jos (Sophie) lather h 12 Fountain 
— Jos restr wkr r 116 Charles 
—Jos G (Mary G) h 73 Harvard 
—Levi J (Sophie) hlpr h 118 Charles 
— Levie lather r 184 River 
— Lillian M radio wkr r 36 Harvard 
— Lucy 66 Woerd av r 16 Emery 
— M Eveline bkpr 419 Moody r 23£ Common 
—Matilda, WW Co r 66 Taylor 
— Mose J (Annie) died Sept 22 1931 
— Patk (Helen) lather h 373 River 
— Patk J (Mary T) pntr h 9 Cross 
—Peter h 86 Lowell 
— Philip stone crusher opr r 47 Hall 
— Rita housekpr r 17 Ripley 
—Simon (Mary) carp h 66 Bennett 
— Simon (Christine) carp h 11 Cross 
— Simon (May) rubber wkr h 45 Charles 
— Sophia D wid Denis r 11 Cross 
— Thos N lather r 17 Summer av 
— Thos V (Regina M) mach WM Works h 
23£ Common 

— Timmy G (Lucy E) electn h 45 Charles 
— Waldo N (Henrietta A) pntr h 11 Spring 
—Wilfred M r 17 Ripley 
— Wm (Annie) lab h 47 Hall 
— Wm lather r 12 Fountain 
— Wm D (Lucy C) chauf h 234 River 
— Wm L (Josephine) WW Co h 13 Benefit 
Auger Geo W jr (Catherine) vulcanizer h 37 

Auld J Ernest (Annie) grinder h 5 Jackson 

— Stirges J (Abbie I) chauf h 15 Centre 
Aune Ole O died Mar 26 1931 
Aurore Club Chas J Cavallaro pres 705 Moody 
Austin Geo E, WW Co 
Averell Annie L bkpr 720 Main h 4 Walnut 
— Hortense E, WW Co r 4 Walnut 
Avery Nellie M r 24 Greenwood lane 
Axtman Louis E (Jennie L) whol produce 15 

Lafayette h do 
Ayer Adele L h 397 Crescent 
— Frank C (Mildred A) carp h 25 Sunset rd 
—Juliet M wid Chas H died Oct 27 1931 
— Walter K gardnr r 397 Crescent 
Ayles Jas elk 350 Moody h 74 Cedarwood av 
Aylsworth Clive D r 89 Willow 
— Clive L (Rose D) slsmn h 89 Willow 
Aylward Jos L (Teresa J) USA h 12 Faneuil 

— Theresa S wid Thos D h 4 Cross 
Ayres Edith B wid Alf h 14 Prentice 
— Norman T musn r 14 Prentice 
Ayvazian John M (Bayzar) tailor 761 Moody 

and (Waltham Cleansing & Dyeing Co) 

do h 33 Milo W Newt 

Babb Pauline M tchr North Junior High sch r 

at Newton 
Babcock Gertrude M, WW Co r 17 Elm ■ 
— Mary F Mrs asst buyer (B) h 17 Elm 
Babineau Albert r 39 Myrtle 
—Alice M, WW Co r 59 Chestnut 
—Delia M sten 680 Main rm 17 h 59 Chest- 
— Inez S Mrs drsmkr 215 Adams r do 
— Jos H (Inez S) pntr h 215 Adams 
—Lizzie A, WW Co r 21 Adams 
— Margt P Mrs bkpr 15 Grant h 30 Cherry 

W Newt 
—Mary R (Mrs Jos T) died Oct 25 1930 
—Matilda M, WW Co r 59 Chestnut 
Babstone Helen R died Aug 29 1932 
Baccialona Giuseppe lab r 131 Charles 
Bachman Emil F (Louise S) WW Co h 131 

— Frances H r 131 Villa 

— Rudolph rem to Fitchburg 

— Werner E rem to Fitchburg 

Back Lucia F studt r 516 Waverley Oaks 

— Marion L Mrs r 516 Waverley Oaks rd 

Backman Alf G mach r 28 Wash av 

— Alice V nurse public schs 55 School r 55 

— Anna E nurse r 55 Grant 

— Arvid C (Lillian A) chauf Ladder Co No 2 
h 41 Farnsworth 

— Axel G (A Augusta) mach h 55 Grant 

—Chas E died Feb 7 1931 

—Grace I elk 515 South h 160 Weston 

— Harold S auto mech r 55 Grant 

—Helen J, WW Co r 55 Grant 

— Henry W (Grace I) acting lieut and chauf 
Eng 2 h 160 Weston 

— Hildur V r 55 Grant 

— Madolyn V, WW Co r 41 Farnsworth 

— Oscar F pntr r 63 Orange 

—Robt pdlr r 115 Myrtle 

Bacon Clarence E (Eliz S) slsmn h 1078 

— Clarence L h 206 Bacon 

— Frances G wid Francis W h 4 Munster 

—Harry W (Emily V) h 812 Main 

— Helen tchr Nahum Hardy sch r at Wake- 

— Herschel A (Marie V) WW Co h 474 Lex- 




—Howard E, WW Co h at Sudbury 

— Linnie E, WW Co 

— Margt S wid Jos F died Jan 27 1933 

— Sybil F tchr Thos R Plympton sen r 4 

IVIunster ter 
— Walter E (Alfreda M) auto mech h 118 

Hardy's Pond rd 
Badger Geo F (Katherine A) h 35 Howard 
— Jos M (Nellie R) eng pumping sta No 1 h 

off 216 South 

Baer Gustaf (Clara M) mach h 220 Brown 
Bagdasarian Michl M (Lucy) h 160 College 

Farm rd 
Bagge Einar, WW Co h at Chicago 111 
Baggs Bridget wid Wm r 166 Chestnut 
Bagley Anna M tchr North Junior High sch 

h 77 Columbus av 
— Orin (Bessie E) jan Henry Whittemore sch 

h 353 Crescent 
Bagnall Earl ins agt 267 Moody h 85 Highland 

av W'town 

Bahros Nicholas (Stella) spinner h 36 Spring 

Bailey Almina r 24 Bradford 

—Anne E, WW Co r 196 Ash 

— Arthur H pntr h 249 Bacon 

— Beatrice M tchr Thos Hill sch r 249 Bacon 

— Bessie B tchr (Arlington) r 249 Bacon 

— Earl M (Clara A) auto supplies h 179 

—Esmond S (Hariett C) chauf h 248i Rob- 
— Etta M bkpr 157 High r 179 Brown 
— Francis L (Grace F) lab 100 Seyon av h 

16 Faneuil rd 
—Garnet D (Edna M) WW Co h 152 Ash 
— Geo H (Blanche F) slsmn h 98 Thornton 

— Isabelle tel solctr 552 South r at Norwood 
— John E (Eliz C) slsmn h 29 Berkshire rd 
— Martin (Lever Bros) r 179 Brown 
— Melina R shoe wkr h 119 Crescent 
— Royal M r 179 Brown 
—Stanley M (Isabel Y) h 154 Ash 
— Warren W transitmn City Hall r 20 Floyd 
— see Bayley 

Baillie Alex R asst night mgr r 35 Gardner 
— Hugh C atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 
r do 

Bain Lillian E Mrs, WW Co r 72 Hall 

— Mary wid Wm H died Feb 6 1933 

Baine Barbara M elk 907 Main r 24 Elson 

— Kate W Mrs r 24 Elson rd 

— Pauline F studt r 24 Elson rd 

— Philip W mgr r 24 Elson rd 

— Wilmot W (Millicent M) (Carter Baine 
Co) druggist 907 Main h 24 Elson rd 

Baird Chas E (Adaline F) slsmn h 395 Lex- 

— Earle F (Mabel A) mgr (W'town) h 1 
Cowasset lane 

—Floyd F, WW Co r 17 Derby 

—Francis W (Emily C) chauf h 141 Grove 

Baker A Earle (Lauretta B) mach h 37 Hill- 
crest rd 

—Alton E (Jennie F) mach h 1440 Trapelo rd 

— Arnold chauf r 51 Brown 

—Arthur C (Louise F) printer h 56 Hardy's 
Pond rd 

—Chas C (Alice G) h 25 Myrtle 

— Earle C rem to NY city 

— Edwd A Rev died Dec 25 1932 

— Edwd C (Nellie E) chief eng WW Co h 
382 Crescent 

—Elmer C (Mahala D) h 40 Porter rd 

— Elnathan (Mae L) h 12 Fiske av 

— Erla Z r 40 Porter rd 


— Fredk H (Edith V) auto mech h 360 Waver- 

ley Oaks rd 
— Geo E watchmn h 51 Brown 
— Geo W (Grace E) caretkr h 783 Moody 
— Grenville C shoe wkr r 40 Porter rd 
— H T h 108 Warren 
— Hazel I wid Joshua h Hillcrest rd 
— Ida M r 459 Lexington 
—Joshua (Hazel I) died Apr 16 1933 
— Louis mgr r 71 Francis 
—Mary A (Mrs Jos M) died Jan 18 1933 
— Norman C (Josephine F) asst dir Mass Gen 

Hosp (B) h 56 Trapelo rd 
— Ralph W rem to Belmont 
—Ruby M, WW Co r 24 High 
—Sara D wid Wm B h 802 Main 
— Truman L shoe ctr r 40 Porter rd 
— Wm A (Mae) slsmn h 11 Orange 
— Wm P (Jennie) cond M&B St Ry h 29 

Bakun Helen E, WW Co r 265 Charles 
Balben Harold W (Annie L) carp h 31 Mc- 

Balcom Benha A, WW Co h Crescent pk 
— Ernest W (Bertha) acting capt Eng No 2 

h 117 Riverview av 
— Jos E (Rose E) cabtmkr h 14 Green 
— Lucy L sten r 14 Green 
Baldaro Fred (Beatrice B) buckle wkr h 56 

—Gertrude A elk 665 Main r 706 do 
— Jane A Mrs charwmn City Hall h 706 

— Wm H (Freida E) rubber wkr r 706 Main 
Baldwin Nellie wid Chas F died Feb 14 1932 
—Walter J (Hazel D) elk h 54 Upton rd 
— Walter L (Leila A) chauf h 25 Ash 
Balkan Studio (Hatchik A Papazian) art gds 

449 Moody 

BALL A T Inc 609 Main Alfred T Ball pres- 
treas Irene B Ball v-pres stationery, toys, 
books and sporting goods — See page 119 

— Alf T (Irene B) pres-treas A T Ball Inc 
609 Main r 53 High 

— Aurora L proofreader r 133 Brown 

—Chas H (Lillian G) WW Co r 92 Maple 

— Frank pres r 140 Lowell 

—Geo M (Edith I) elk B&M h 133 Brown 

— Irene B Mrs v-pres A T Ball Inc 609 Main h 
53 High 

— Lillian G beauty shop 744 Main r 92 Maple 

— Patk atndt 809 Main h Maple cor Moody 

— Pomona S studt r 133 Brown 

— Wm C (Nellie G) r 40 Prospect-st av 

Ballantine Rose G wid Wm slswmn r 42 
Riverview av 

Ballantyne Marion E wid Harris R r 31 Pros- 
pect-st av 

Ballard Annie wid Henry P janitress r 104 

—Chas A (Alberta P) WW Co h 3 Cornwallis 

—Geo F h 159 Plympton 

—Sadie L elk 720 Main h 104 Central 

Ballo Calogera wid Salvatore h 24 Muldoon's 

Ballou Leo B (Margt C) farmer h Woburn 

Baltulis Frank R (Anna) baker h 205 Chest- 

Baltzer Edwd W, WW Co r 12 Summer 

Balzer Werner H, WW Co r 22 Noble W 

Bamford Mary E wid John S died May 14 

Bamforth Alice C elk 515 South r 5 Summit 

—Fred J (Edith L) rprmn h 17 Alder 

— Geo A hlpr r 5 Summit 




—Geo W (Mary A) WW Co h 5 Summit 

— Irving J mach opr (Keene NH) r 5 Summit 

— Katherine (Mrs Washington I) died June 

10 1931 
— Madeline M r 5 Summit 
— Philip F (Charlotte M) route formn 1295 

Main h 24 Green 
Bamish Alvin M (Viola F) WW Co r 109 

Bancroft Albert F (Ruth M) sec-treas Ban- 
croft-Walker Co 150 Moody r at W New- 
— Margt T wid Chas died Feb 22 1932 

Walker Co 150 Moody Edwin P Walker 

pres Albert F Bancroft sec-treas shoe 
Bangs Chas L (Anna R) died Apr 24 1933 
— Emma A wid Stansfield h 194 Brown 
—Fred E (Lottie J) WW Co h 23 Underwood 

— Vincent r 194 Brown 
Banis Chas (Stefania) h 139 Brown 
— Mary V tchr Henry Whittemore sch r 139 

—Stanley P, USA r 139 Brown 
Banks Bessie G tchr Henry Whittemore sch 

r 179 Ash 
— Elbourn N (Mamie) plmbr 48 Arlington rd 

h do 
— Harriet G, WW Co r at Newton 
— Jas H (Cora C) pntr h 5 Wellington av 
— Square Filling Station (Ferson Oil Co) 955 

Bannacos Demitros (Stavroula) spinner h 122 

Bannan Edwd A (Mary R) pres Buttrick 
Lumber Corp 45 Felton r 5 Fern 

— Rose M h 32 Dartmouth 

— Thos died July 22 1933 

— Thos F (Lena H) (Harvey, Bannan & Ban- 
nan) lawyer 680 Main rm 1 h 343 Cres- 

— Wm J (Alice G) (Harvey, Bannan & Ban- 
nan) lawyer 680 Main rm 1 h 30 Lyman 

Bannigan Martin rem to Whitmouth 

Bannister Marion E tchr Henry Whittemore 
sch r 112 Austin Newtonville 

Bannon Bridget M wid Bartholomew r 25 
Faneuil rd 

— Edwd J (Katherine) linemn EEI Co Cooper 
st h 478 Albemarle rd W Newton 

— Geo F (Winifred) porter 775 Trapelo rd r 

—Mary r 130 Ash 

— Thos J (Mary J) mill hand h 10 Maple 

— Winifred Mrs lndrs 775 Trapelo rd r do 

Banton Burton (Catherine) hlpr h 3 Pearl 

Barbara Laundry Stores Inc 584 Moody Roy 
L Downing pres Alex Skakle sec Francis 
H Ricker jr treas 

Barbarick Grover C (Jane V) h Arcadia av 
bey Royal 

Barber Burton A (Louise E) barber 100 
Maple h 107 Cushing 

—Frank N (Jessie M) bkpr h 1133 Main 

— H Beatrice bkpr (Medford) r 1133 Main 

— Harold J (Annie M) mach 49 River r 33 

— Mitchell (Catherine A) instr h 15 Welling- 

Barbour Ida J wid Jas S r 65 Russell 

— Robt B mgr Edgewater Mfg Co Inc 46 
Central r at Newt Centre 

Barclay Angus Alex asst mgr 713 Main r 55 
Century, W Medford 

— John R jr (Gertrude) auto mech h Lake- 
view av bey Lake rd 

— Warren K (Ruth H) auto pntr h 70 Guinan 

Barden Jas H (Edna E) carp h 57 Walnut 

— Raymond E hlpr r 57 Walnut 

Bardsley Harold R (Emily M) hosemn Chem 
No 1, 21 Lexington h 461 Lincoln 

— Leonard E elk r 461 Lincoln 

Bari Cataldo pntr r 300 River 

— Fluvio J pntr r 300 River 

— Jos F pntr r 300 River 

— Jos G (Rosalie) pntr 300 River h do 

Barker Chas D (Ida M) chair caner 160 Low- 
ell h do 

— Chas R (Marjorie D) hlpr h 7 Winthrop 

—David A S, WW Co h 24 Chestnut 

—Florence M Mrs elk 285 Moody h 1083 

— Geo J (Nellie F) lumber h 50 Weston 


Bernard F McDonald pres Alfred N Sey- 
mour treas lumber, wall board, shingles 
and kiln dried flooring — See page 98 

—Irene F died Oct 21 1933 

— Kenneth W tchr South Junior High sch r 
52 Cherry 

— Orrin F, WW Co h at W Newton 
— Richd F (Mary) h 25 Seminole av 
—Sarah A (Mrs David A S) died Jan 1933 
— Walter W (Solveig) rem to Belmont 
Barkin Eva wid Solomon r 69 Ellison pk 
Barlow Amos P (Alice M) h 13 Derby 
— Ernest L (Mary V) mach 48 Woerd av h 
5 Highland 

—Geo L (Gladys T) h 106 Overland rd 

— Herbert (Lucy) greenhouse man h 19 Elson 

— Herbert H (Lena B) hosemn Hose 4 h 3 

Elm av 

—Jas (Ellen I) h 162 Felton 
— Loring A watchmkr 256 Charles r 12 Bed- 
—Mabel J h 12 Bedford 
— Rose A maid 775 Trapelo rd r do 
— Walter (Rose A) storekpr 775 Trapelo rd 
r do 

Barnard Emma E wid Pierce J h 56 Francis 

— Frank (Winifred) slsmn r 25 Adams 

— Lillian E r 55 Myrtle 

— Maurice A, WW Co r 56 Francis 

—May H, WW Co r 168 Russell 

— Susie A Mrs h 55 Myrtle 

— Winnifred D, WW Co r 55 Myrtle 

— see Bernard 

Barnes Blanche H wid Frank L died Feb 27 

— Burt A (Herminie) auto mech 271 Waver- 

ley Oaks rd h 1 Church 
— Eliz C wid Jos I died Mar 24 1931 
— Eug L (Ella M) WW Co h 391 Crescent 
— H Putnam (Mildred E) sign pntr h 70 Villa 
—Harry S elk (B) r 17 Brookfield rd 
—Harry T (Hellen M) elk (52 Temple pi B) 

h 17 Brookfield rd 
— Helen G wid Hiram P r 21 Church 
—John C chauf M&B St Ry r 910 Main 
— Mabelle G Mrs, WW Co r 910 Main 
— Margt studt r 11 Banks 
— Marion T r 17 Brookfield rd 
—Martha McC (The Town Clock Shop) an- 
tiques 23 Church r do 

—Mary E tchr (E) r 18 Hammer 

— Ole E (Grace M) confr h 160 Brown 

—Robt R h 21 Church 

— Rowland H (Annie C) (Barnes & Beal) 

637 Main rm 10 h at Newt Hlds 
— Vina M wid Geo H r 9 Shirley rd 
—Walter C h 23 Church 
— Walter C cabtmkr 23 Church r do 
— Winthrop J rem to Watertown 



BARNES & BEAL (Rowland H Barnes, Henry 
F Beal) civil engineers 637 Main and 
815 Washington Newtonville — See page 

Barnicle Alice M dietitian r 26 Caughey 
— Edwd J rem to Somerville 
—Frank A (Vena R) slsmn h 24 Leonard 
— Gertrude A nurse r 26 Caughey 
— Jas F (Annie J) slsmn (B) h 17 Leonard 
—Jos H (Blanche E) chauf h 36i Caughey 
—Lester J sten (B) r 17 Leonard 
— Louise E sten (B) r 17 Leonard 
— Margt J nurse r 17 Leonard 
— Michl J (Annie T) slsmn 140 Lexington h 

26 Caughey 
— P Willard sten (B) r 17 Leonard 
— Robt A servicemn 949 Main r 17 Leonard 
Baron Albert J died Dec 27 1930 
Barr Agnes E stitcher r 55 Taylor 
—Ernest E (Margt A) (Barry Printing Co) 

Music Hall av h 30 Summit 
— Ernestine M bkpr (NC) r 30 Summit 
— Henry Sylvester wool wkr (B) r 14 Fuller 
—Jos H, WW Co h at W Newton 
Barrett Catherine E tchr r 30 Leonard 
— Chas H opr M&B St Ry h 249 School 
—Edith F L Mrs, WW Co h 157 Crescent 
—Ella M wid Geo W died April 6 1933 
—Ernest G (Edith F L) WW Co h 26 Dex- 
— Esther L tchr r 30 Leonard 
— Fannie E Mrs housekpr 46 Chestnut 
— Florence M tchr r 507 Main 
—Francis died July 18 1933 
— Fredk A (Bridget M) lab h 188 Willow 
— Jas J (Ida M) pntr 30 Leonard h do 
—Jas W (Nellie F) mech hlpr 582 Main h 507 

—John J (Ellen) h 227 Grove 

— John J stmftr h 151 Newton 

— John J (11 Hagar) rem to Boston 

— Katherine E stitcher r 11 Hagar 

— Leslie A mgr r 26 Dexter 

— Margt A opr r 227 Grove 

— Mary A r 151 Newton 

— Mary A nurse r 11 Hagar 

— Sarah wid Michl h 11 Hagar 

— Wilbur hlpr r 132 Adams 

— Wm J chauf r 227 Grove 

— Wm P (Susan A) chauf h 173 River 

Barrey Mary E wid Eiphram r 182 Robbins 

Barrile Antonio shoe rpr r 4 Parker's lane 

— Jas (Maria) h 4 Parker's lane 

— Philip chauf r 4 Parker's lane 

— Salvatore (Roberta M) fruit h 241 Newton 

Barrington Lester R treas New England Auto 

Renting Inc 24 Common h Treble Cove rd 

N Billerica 
Barron Esther V married Jas Dunleavy rem 

to W Newton 
— Geo J appr r 11 Music Hall av 
—Mary Mrs r 250 South 
—Mary H died Apr 25 1933 
— Saml G (Ada) beef dresser h 11 Music Hall 

Barrow Barbara r 27 Ellison pk 
— Fred G formn 390 Main h Gore st 
—Geo W (Cleo C) (Elm Spring Farm Co) 

milk 390 Main h 27 Ellison pk 
— Jeannette r 27 Ellison pk 
Barrows Elpha L Mrs gro 78 Adams h 181 

—Fred G elk r 11 Sharon 
—Fred G (Mary A) died Nov 21 1932 
— Fredk (Marjorie) slsmn h 77 Gore 
— Gordon studt r 77 Gore 
—Lester M (Elpha L) WW Co h 181 Robbins 
—Mabel E wid Fred M h 376 Newton 
—Mary A wid Fred G h 11 Sharon 


— Thos D (Margt A) slsmn h 23 Porter rd 
—Walter G (Helen T) cost elk 500 South r 

16 Palmer 
Barry Edwd J (Delia T) h 93* Francis 
— Francis J (Marion K) formn (Newton) h 

44 Bruce rd 
—Jas W lab r 180 River 
— John D (Catherine A) h 25 Fern 
—John P (Marie E) died Oct 22 1930 
— Marie E wid John P h 51 Morton 
—Mary A died July 4 1931 


Frank Tipping) book and job printers 

Music Hall av — See page 111 
— Wm P (Alice R) rem to Wollaston 
—Winifred M, WW Co r at W Newton 

seg Berry 

Barstow Annie C wid Geo bkpr 6 Cushing r 

25 Tomlin 
Bartel Helen H tchr (B) r 61 Columbus av 
— Paul W (Bessie C) asst mgr J L Thomson 

Mfg Co h 33 Palmer 
— Wm E cost dept 500 South r 61 Columbus 

— Wm P sec-treas Judson L Thomson Mfg Co 

off South nr Roberts sta h 61 Columbus 

Bartholomew Michl (Clotilda) barber h 262 


Bartleman John auto mech 838 Moody r 111 

Ward av 
— Richd M (Supreme Radio Laboratory) 716 

Moody r 109 Woerd av 
Bartlett Alf M farm hand 775 Trapelo rd h 

at S Lincoln 
— Angie h 3 Riverview av 
— Anne E nurse r 119 Dale 
— Anne G bkpr 580 Main r 56 Harris 
— Ball (Maude L) batteries h 91 Woerd av 
— Edwd E (Minnie E) caretkr r 311 Beaver 
—Eliza G J r 31 Maple 
—Fletcher M, WW Co r 27* Arch 
—Geo W (Hattie C) died Oct 26 1933 
— Hattie C wid Geo W h 539 South 
— Lynn waitress r 802 Main 
— Victoria A artist 31 Maple r do 
—Walter C h 56 Harris 
—Walter W, WW Co h 31 Maple 
— Wm eng r 112 Vernon 
Bartley Harriet C r 148 Ash 
Bartoli Concettina elk 552 South h at Woburn 
— Elvira mgr 552 South r at Woburn 
Barton Annie mica wkr 66 Woerd av r at 

Newton Lower Falls 
— Doris therapist Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
— Jas watchmkr r 119 Plympton 
Basle Edna F Mrs bkpr h 26 Rich 
— Marie L sec r 26 Rich 
Basley Anna M wid Fred R h 17 Pleasant 
—Fredk R (Anna M) died Jan 29 1931 
— Margt A r 17 Pleasant 
Basque Blanche O stitcher r 135 Bright 
— Eliz U tube wkr r 135 Bright 
— Frank R (Margt) (Ideal Laundry) 22 Bed- 
ford h 135 Bright 
— Margt (Ideal Laundry) 22 Bedford r 135 


Bass Barbara W, WW Co r 57 Adams 

—Phyllis S, WW Co r 57 Adams 

Bassett Annie M r 404 Main 

— Beth wid Edwd r 117 Chestnut 

—Charlotte P tchr (W'town) r 404 Main 

— Emily M tchr North Junior High sch r 404 

— Furniture Co (Julia B Higgins) 368 Moody 
— Jennie M tchr (W'town) r 404 Main 




— Richd T slsmn 45 Felton h Conant rd Wes- 

—Sarah H sten (B) r 404 Main 

— Thos H (Eunice) treas Buttrick Lumber 
Corp 45 Felton h 12 Gowell lane Weston 

— Wm S sec Buttrick Lumber Corp 45 Fel- 
ton h 404 Main 

Bassing Henry E (Margt F) meat ctr h 595 

— Henry E jr slsmn 223 Moody r 595 Main 
Bastille Jos H hlpr r 74 Bacon 
Batchelder Adolph S h 19 Maple 
Batcheller Hugh W (Christine J) mech eng 

(Dor) h 70 Chaffee av 
Bates Anne S r 44 Curve 
— Ernest R mgr r 10 Derby 
—Geo M died Mar 14 1932 
— Jas H (Nellie L) insp (7 Water B) h 98 

— Thos O elk r 98 Bacon 
— Wm r 30 Dexter 

Batey Thos E (Beatrice H) rem to Weston 
Batstone Chas E mgr r 315 Newton 
Battaglini John (Julia) gro 120 Felton h 24 


Battalgio Jos M investigator 353 Moody rm 

102 r at Cambridge 
Battye Anna H Mrs, WW Co h 885 Main 
— Benj S (Charlotte P) watchmkr (B) h 88 


— Wm W (Helen A) watch and clock rpr 
914A Main h do 

Baumann Wm I (Lois) WW Co h 20 Wads- 
worth av 

Baxter Edwd r 42 Park 

— Franklin C (Catherine) meat ctr 894 Main 

h at Belmont 
—Geo A (Pearl E) died Feb 21 1931 
— Geo W (Annie E) shoes 389 Moody h 42 

— Gwendolyn A nurse r 55 Chester av 
— Jas J pastor StMary's RC ch h 133 School 
— Leslie Eliz elk r 42 Park 
— Pearl E wid Geo A h 55 Chester av 
— Rachel teller 702 Main r at Weston 
—Ruth elk 223 Moody r 110 Warren Brighton 
Bayley see Bailey 

Bazillion Jas N, WW Co h 10 Orange 
Bazley Beatrice A wid Leroy E h 11 Fuller 
— Leroy E (Beatrice A) died Jan 14 1932 
Beach Sherman S (Helen A) mech engineer 

(Lynn) h 20 Bradford 
— T Arnold (Irene M) shipper h Milner st 
Beadle John J (Grace G) furn moving 67 Hall 

h do 
— John M (Martha M) h rear 46 Vernon 
— Jos L (Bridget F) slsmn h 268 Newton 
— Laura F r 268 Newton 
— Mary A mus tchr 268 Newton r do 
Beagan Jos F (Helen L) plmbr h 97 Cushing 
Beairsto Eliz B wid Jas nurse r 60 Fiske 


— Jas A (Charlotte B) contr and bldr 408 

Crescent h do 
— Jas V carp r 408 Crescent 
Beaky Sarah maid r 185 Lyman 
Beal David (Gladys) chauf h 17 Cushing 
— Foster C studt r 110 Ellison pk 
— Henry F (Marion A) city eng and dir of 

public works City Hall and (Barnes & 

Beal) civ eng 637 Main rm 10 h 110 

Ellison pk 
— Lawrence W studt r 110 Ellison pk 
— Susan W asst treas Waltham Hosp h 19 

Beals Jessie tchr Waltham School for Girls 

327 Lexington r do 


— Olive atndt Walter E Fernald State sch r 

—Ruth r 223 Ash 

Beaman Alice W nurse r 18 Clark lane 
— Geo B (Mary B) tchr Waltham School for 

Girls 327 Lexington h 18 Clark lane 
—Richd B studt r 18 Clark lane 
Beamish Alvin W, WW Co r 26 Underwood 

—Arthur R (Beatrice A) WW Co h 18 Park 
— Caroline Mrs r 104 Crescent 
— Florence r 29 Crescent 
—Viola F, WW Co r 109 Myrtle 
—Walter J, WW Co r at Weston 
Bean Ida M wid Frank r 55 Thornton rd 
— Irene E married Chas J King 
Beane Emma I Mrs, WW Co r 3 Dexter av 
— Fredk L (Anna H) WW Co h 4 Adams 
— Horace E (Sarah E) meats (B) h 65 Beaver 
— Ruth phone opr r 3 Dexter av 
—Walter H (Emma J) WW Co h 3 Dexter av 
— Walter L rem to Everett 
— Willis (Doris) meats h 16 Lawndale av 

Bearce F Raymond piano tuner 420 Moody r 
25 Lyman 

— Fred T (Florence) musical instruments 420 
Moody h 25 Lyman 

Bearisto Bessie A bkpr r 88 Lafayette 

Bearse Allen H jr sis eng 633 Main r at 

— Herbert F (Hazel P) slsmn h 114 River- 
view av 

Beattie J H & Co (John H Beattie, Robt A 

Casey) fruit and provisions 894 Main and 

717 Moody 
—John H (Mary L) (J H Beattie & Co) 894 

Main and 717 Moody h 115 Weston 
— John W studt r 115 Weston 
—Mildred bkpr 688A Main r 4 Walnut 
— Theresa wid Frank h 16 Charles-st av 
Beatton Gerald (Elmira) chef 641 Main r 256 


Beatty Drug Co (P J Beatty) 230 Moody 
— Geo F (Anne L) slsmn h 11 Eddy 
— Grace Doris elk 643 Main r 64 Prospect 
— John F pharm 230 Moody r 67 Crescent 
— Lynda F wid Geo h 64 Prospect 
— Mary Louise married Edwd Wilcox Hatha- 
way rem to Wollaston 
— P J ( Jeanette) (Beatty Drug Co) 230 Moody 
h 2 Robeson Jamaica Plain 

Beaucage Albert A (Mary A) rubber wkr h 

122 Willow 
— Gertrude M radio wkr r 122 Willow 
Beauchamp Althea waitress r 178 Chestnut 
— Catherine Mrs elk 285 Moody r 7 Walnut 
— Doris S tel opr r 7 Walnut 
Beaudet Germain (Florianne) floormn (B) r 

93 Central 
Beaudoin Henry (Victorine) slsmn h 33 John 
— Louis A (Victoria H) slsmn (B) h 40 Bar- 
bara rd 
Beaulieu May E waitress r 590 Main 
Beauregard Louis E (Alice E) machinist 48 

Woerd av r 37 Wash av 
— Pauline elk 844 Main r 10 Wash pk Newt 
— Veronica M supt nurses 775 Trapelo rd r do 
Beauvais Francis X (Laura M) carp h 10 

Prospect-st av 
Beaver Aubrey F (Florence B) h 25 Brown 

at Beaver Brook Station Joseph P McDer- 
mott pres Joseph P Morrissey treas lum- 
ber, shingles, mouldings, &c — See page 
— Brook R R Station Main cor Massasoit 
— Jos E (Frances Y) studt r 205 Adams 



Beck E Shirley r 56 Robbins 

— Edwin (Dorothy M) photo fnshr 53 Moody 

h 5 Winthrop 
— Geo H (Emma) ins agt h 42£ Myrtle 
—Geo W atndt 69 River r 42£ Myrtle 
Becker Florence cook Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
— Fredk C (Evelyn M) slsmn h 17 Virginia 

— Louis elk 917 Main r at Chelsea 
Beckerman Louis (Ida) (Feldman, Becker- 
man & Co) dry gds 378 Moody h 668 
Chestnut Hill av Bline 
Beckman Martin P (Emma) elk 278 Moody 

r 23 Pine 
Beckwith Ada M wid Chas W h 4 Russell 
— Chas A r 4 Russell 
— Esther, WW Co r at Wellesley 
— Esther L tchr (Maiden) r 349 Newton 
—Geo F (Helen C) h 349 Newton 
—Helen A elk 220 Moody r 4 Russell 
—Helen C Mrs 66 Woerd av r 349 Newton 
—Henry W died July 24 1933 
—Lillian M sten (B) r 349 Newton 
Bedell Hazel Mrs mgr 725 Moody r 66 Myrtle 

Bedford Arthur (Irma G) chauf 7 Carter h 93 

— Hattie F wid Harry necktie mkr (B) h 23 

— Thos jr (Mary E) lather h 147 Chestnut 
Bedrosian John (Victoria) shoe rpr 297 New- 
ton h 133 Dexter av W'town 
Bee's Bootery (Sam Goldberg) 292 Moody 
Beebe Harry F (Carrie B) auto mech h 318 

Beech see Beach 
Beecher David H (Fanny) (Beecher Electric 

Co) 402 Moody h 235 Robbins 
— Electric Co (David H Beecher) electric 

contr 402 Moody 
Beecy Leo F (Mary E) chauf h 95 Lake 
Beghan Elmer r 26 Brigham rd 
— Evelyn nurse r 26 Brigham rd 
Begin Alf (Laura) porter h 251 Charles 
Behnke Otto pntr r 159 Chestnut 
Beirne Honora C tchr lip reading Henry 

Whittemore sch r 418 Main 
— Wm (Eliz) h 418 Main 
Bejune Harvey G elk r 24 Willard 
Belakonis John atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r 

Belastock Jack (Sara) (Quality Wall Paper 

& Paint Co) 585 Main h do 
Belcher Bridget Mrs h 47 Ash 
— Christina M wid Chas r 4 Jackson pi 
— LeRoy G atndt Walter Fernald State sch 

r do 
— Suzanne r 43 Derby 
Beless Mary L wid John A r 90 Wash av 
Beley Edgar florist 105 Trapelo rd r 10 Maple 
— Esther A wid Henry h 10 Maple 
— Florence Mrs elk 223 Moody r Crescent 

—Geo H (Florence O) WW Co h 119 Cres- 
Belgian Spinning Co 169 Elm inc '22 Dieu- 
donne A Servais pres Eugenia M Servais 
sec Ivan D Servais treas yarns 
Belisle Marie A nurse r 56 Waverley Oaks 

Beliveau Patk (Alice) rivet wkr h 310 River 
Belkin Louis (Miriam) tailor r 82 Prospect 
Bell Barbara r 808 Main 
— Bros Inc 182 Lexington Jas G Bell pres 
Edna Bell sec Celia D Bell treas excavat- 
ing contrs 
— Celia D Mrs treas Bell Bros Inc 182 Lexing- 
ton h do 
— Chas R (Blanche) phys 808 Main h do 


— Charlotte E studt r 47 Greenwood lane 

— Conrad (Florence R) phys 820 Main h 47 

Greenwood lane 
— Conrad Mrs v-pres Waltham Baby Hosp 

759 Main r 47 Greenwood lane 
— Edna sec Bell Bros Inc 182 Lexington r 110 

— Geo F (Nellie O) slsmn h 44 Wash av 
— Geo J (Jennie E) formn 71 Felton h 287 


—Geo T (Alma T) contr h 184 Lexington 

— Hosiery Shop 313 Moody 

— Jas G (Eliz) pres Bell Bros Inc 182 Lexing- 
ton h 110 High 

— Jas L (Celia V) formn 182 Lexington h 

— Maria S wid Frank r 154 Ash 

— Mary E supvr 775 Trapelo rd r do 

— Olivene F r 44 Wash av 

— Robt studt r 47 Greenwood lane 

— Thos J (Mary M) pntr 10 Maple h do 

— Wm (Martha A) died June 16 1931 

Bellan Dominick (Ethel M) mldr h Milner 

cor Pine Hill circle 
Belleveau Leo r 68 Cherry 
Bellis Albert died Feb 13 1933 
—Caroline F h 211 South 
— Edwd (Maud M) h 11 Tolman 
— Thelma wid Clifford r 315 Bacon 
—Thos S (Alice) WW Co h 21 Green 
— Wm (Edna E) chauf h 7 Flood 
Belliveau Abel M (Beatrice A) carp h 38 

— Adeline Mrs, WW Co r 54 Alder 
— Adolph J (Susie B) mldr h 21 Gardner 
— Aline studt r 81 Bennett 
— Alyre mach r 21 Whitney av 
— Anna sten (B) r 83 Maple 
— Annette J bkpr 355 Moody r 147 Weston 
—Arthur A, WW Co r 43 Central 
— Aurila, WW Co r 83 Maple 
— Dominique M (Angeline) mach h 147 Wes- 
— Doris tube tester (Newt) r 43 Central 
— Edgar H (Eliz M) barber h 53 Pine 
— Edmond F, WW Co h 143 Charles 
— Eug (Alida) WW Co h 83 Maple 
—Eugenie, WW Co r 143 Charles 
— Eva C sten r 81 Bennett 
— Evangeline P sec r 147 Weston 
— Everett studt r 81 Bennett 
— Geneva J sis dept r 147 Weston 
— Geo A (Julia M) formn r 852 Main 
— Gerard J tchr r 147 Weston 
— Helen spring mkr r 43 Central 
— Henry (Lucy) carp h 14 Hammer 
— Henry J (Roseanna) barber 287 Newton h 

41 Lowell 
— Herman J elk 140 Charles r 147 Weston 
—Hope M, WW Co r 38 Spruce 
—Howard F (Helen) h 89 Mayall rd 
— Irene M waitress r 81 Bennett 
—J Leo, WW Co r 26 Middle 
— Jeanne, WW Co r 21 Whitney av 
—Jeffrey S (M Laura) WW Co h 14 Gard- 
— John R sign pntr r 41 Lowell 
— Jos A (Alice U) mgr h 61 Highland 
—Julia Mrs, WW Co h 17 Pleasant 
—Laura, WW Co r 43 Central 
— Louis (Alice) carp h 21 Whitney av 
— Margt spring mkr r 43 Central 
— Margt M asst treas 256 Charles r 147 Wes- 
—Mary, WW Co r 83 Maple 
— Oliver M (Emma M) carp h 81 Bennett 
— Orida sten r 81 Bennett 
— Ovile, WW Co r 83 Maple 




— Peter J (Aline) carp h 43 Central 

— Philias M (Dalphine) gro 140 Charles h 

140 Weston 
— Philip pattern wkr r 21 Whitney av 
— Sifroi J (Laura M) WW Co h 47 Chest- 
— Vizina, WW Co r 83 Maple 
Bellofatto Peter r 29 Exchange 
— Philip (Beatrice) h 29 Exchange 
Bellonzi Lena V nurse r 22 Russell 
Belodeau Francis P (Irene B) slsmn r 84 

— Lawrence chauf r 7 Sharon 
— T Leo lab r 7 Sharon 
— Thos (Mary E) h 7 Sharon 
Belton Stephen A (Mary J) electn h 54 Char- 
lotte rd 

Beltzer Fredk B r 69 Riverview av 

— Nettie h 69 Riverview av 

Bemis Albert Farwell pres Housing Co end 

of Hollace h 40 Old Orchard rd Chestnut 

— Blanche F Mrs tchr (Newton) r 28 Tomlin 
— Geo E (Blanche F) mason h 28 Tomlin 
— Lucius T (Emma C) police 25 Lexington 

h 140 Weston 
— Roger H lab 100 Seyon av r Grove st W 

— Sarah E h 6 Russell 
Benedetto Angelina, WW Co r 50 Oak 
Benedict Nathan (Edna) rem to Belmont 
Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Wal- 

tham Lodge 953, Matthew G Linthwaite 

sec 152 Myrtle meets 1st and 3d Thurs 

at 101 School 

Bengtson Carl E (Dorothy V) asst drftsmn 

WM Works r 24 Grant pi 
— Clias E mach r 20 Calvary 
—Edith E died Nov 28 1931 
— Eric mach r 20 Calvary 
—Hilda E bkpr 621 Moody r 20 Calvary 
—J Albert (Grace E) mgr 687 Moody h 218 

— John A (Louise) mach h 40 Alder 
—John E (Ellen A) h 20 Calvary 
—Lena E, WW Co r 20 Calvary 
— Marie J married Wendell Goodale 
Benham Dorothy (Mrs Dorothy Wells) milli- 
nery 433 Moody 
Beninati Angelo (Jennie T) mach h 44 Cal- 
— Bartlo lab r 42 Calvary 
— Catherine I married Felix Palino 
— Concettina Mrs h 102 Taylor 
— Domenico B weaver r 28 Calvary 
— Frank (Lucy V) batterymn h 84 Francis 
— Frank (Santa) lab h 42 Calvary 
— John (Anna) mach h 24 Calvary 
— Josephine E r 42 Calvary 
Bennati Onofrio lab h 103 Harvard 
Bennett Albert E (Hazel) carp h 11 A Gard- 
—Alice A elk 685 Moody h 151 South 
— Annie E (Mrs Augustus) died May 1 1931 
—Arthur B (Madeline G) elk The Waltham 

Natl Bank of Waltham h 48 Cherry 
—Arthur F (Mae) chauf 216 Newton h 22 

— Augustus meat ctr h 601 Main 
— Chas P chauf 115 Bright 
— Chas W (Hattie) WW Co 
—Chas W (Eliz C) mach h 120 Myrtle 
— Edith E r 31 Wellington 
—Edith E r 459 Weston 
—Eliz L, WW Co r at W Newton 
— Ellen E tchr Nathaniel P Banks sch r 40 

— Elma, WW Co r 64 Cherry 


—Francis A (Elma M) WW Co h 64£ Cherry 
— G Roy (Vivian) tchr manuel training North 

Junior High sch h 146 Russell 
— Gordon C pres Hoben Mfg Co 157 High 
— Jas (Jean) pnter h 28 Cherry 
— Jas H sec r 601 Main 
— Jas J (Rose M) mach 48 Woerd av h 7 Pratt 

—Jos B (Catherine E) died May 10 1931 
— Leston W (Doris L) rem to Newton 
— Mary C r 7 Pratt av 
— Robt E (Herminie E) chauf h 151 South 
— Van I (Carrie) h 34 Edwin rd 
— W Elmer (Emma W) aud h 46 Grant 
— Walter chauf 216 Newton r at Hudson 
—Walter A (Laura H) chauf 216 Newton h 

4 Gibbs ct 
—Walter E (Emily B) WW Co h 31 Welling- 

— Wm A (Ellen C) chauf h 31 Pine 

— Wm J chauf r 151 South 

— Wm J slsmn 100 Felton r 151 South 

— Wm J (31 Wellington) died Sept 16 1931 

Bennison Albert E (Eva W) WW Co h 138 

— Harry C (Theresa M) chauf 247 Bacon h 

27 Caughey 
—Walter C (Sarah J) mach WM Works h 

112 Myrtle 
Benoit Alf J mach r 61 Dale 
— Jas (Eliz) carp h 61 Dale 
— Jas (Rosanna) carp h 17 Plympton 
Benotti Eliz bindery hand 515 South r Conant 

rd Weston 
— Lena bindery hand 515 South r Conant rd 


Benson Albert T, WW Co r 69 Rich 

— Bernice B r 16 Whitney av 

— C Henry (Vera A) (Brown & Benson) real 

est 420 Moody r 267 Robbins 
—Carl E (Anna M) h 235 Brown 
— Catherine Mrs, WW Co r 47 Ash 
—Chas B (Hilda F) supt (Rox) h 44 Albe- 
marle av 
— Gustave (Helen V) (Waltham Sheet Metal 

Works) 11 Francis h 69 Rich 
— Gustave A (Valborg) mach 48 Woerd av h 

16 Whitney av 
— Henry (Vera A) real est h 267 Robbins 
— Leander driver 69 River r at W Newton 
— Vera A Mrs notary public 420 Moody h 267 

Bent Alf F slsmn r 6 Curtis 

—Beatrice, WW Co r 81 Cushing 

—Calvin M died Aug 6 1932 

— Clarence A (Myrtle O) auto rpr h 70 Lowell 

— Doris M r 14 Howard 

— Edson O (Myrtle) gas sta h 14 Howard 

— Fredk H (Florence B) h 6 Curtis 

— Letitia wid John O h 43 Bedford 

—Mary B (Mrs Calvin M) died Apr 16 1932 

— Percival E (Florence E) lndrymn r 43 Bed- 

Bentley Geo r 77 Massasoit 

Benton Frances Shoppe The (Mrs Clara Sher- 
man) dresses 742 Moody 

Benyon Horace F slsmn 390 Moody r Hollis 
st Newt 

Berard Chas r 30 Hall 

— Henry W (Mary E) buckle wkr h 30 Hall 

— Jos R (Margt L) chauf h 58 Russell 

— Silima r 250 South 

Bere Geo B (Therese L) slsmn h 27 Clements 

— Howard K (Bernice) rem to Boston 

— John E slsmn r 27 Clements rd 

Berg Bertha C r 936 Main 

— Chas K (Anna M) h 936 Main 




— Fred N (Margt H) auto mech h 349 Waver- 

ley Oaks rd 
— Harry J (Lillian M) lab 186 Riverview av 

h American Legion Home 
— Karl mach 48 Woerd av r 46 Myrtle 
Bergantino Anthony (Laura B) lab h 144 

— Jackamo lab r 18 Sun 
— Jos J (Catherine M) ring twister h 18 Sun 
Berger John (Loretta) h 25 Highland 
Bergeren Eric, WW Co r 16 Curtis 
Bergeron Albina r 120 Bright 
— Arthur (Mary) shtmtlwkr h Pine Hill circle 
— Clifford C (Anna) textile wkr h 38 Cross 
— Isabelle C r 38 Cross 
— Margt wid Arthur h 5 River av 
— Mildred M radio tube wkr r 5 River av 
—Valerie wid Chas r 56§ Hall 
Bergerson Roy elk EEI Co Cooper st r 25 

Whitlowe rd W Newt 
Berggren Carl H (Jennie M) gardnr h 39 

— Eric W mach r 16 Curtis 
—Oscar W (Hilda K) mach h 16 Curtis 
Bergin Anna L wid Thos F ins 279 Dale h 

— Cecilia A tchr (B) r 23 Common 
— Jos M h 23 Common 
— Louise M bkpr 657 Main rm 5 r 279 Dale 
— Mary M r 23 Common 
— Thos F truckmn 279 Dale r do 
Bergquist Wm A M, WW Co h at Roslindale 
Bergstrom Alex chauf h 259 Charles 
— Peter M (Eliz V) caretkr 225 Worcester 

lane r do 

Berman Abr eggs r 107 South 

— Bertha sten 285 Moody r 107 South 

—Eva R elk J L Thomson Mfg Co r 802 Main 

—Gertrude B elk r 802 Main 

— Jacob (Janette) (Moody Stationery Co) 212 

Moody h 52 Jones rd Beachmont 
— Jos (Lizzie) h 802 Main 
— Louis (Eliz) eggs h 107 South 
— Louis (Lillian S) real est h 49 Caughey 
Bernard Camille chauf Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
— Cornelius lab r 77 Willow 
— Eloise M, WW Co r 53 Taft av, W Newton 
— see Barnard 
Bernbaum Sollie (Louise) meats 870 Main h 

59 Bedford 
Berndtson Hugo W (Ethel R) mach h 16 


Bernier Gedeon (Merilda) carp h 149 Willow 

— J Edgar carp r 149 Willow 

— Jean D'Arc r 149 Willow 

Berrigan Byron herdsmn Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
Berrio Chas J elk r 56 Central 
— Ernest C (Mary E) paperhanger 56 Central 

h do 
—Florence G,WW Co r 56 Hall 
—John (Mary E) h 56 Hall 
Berry Albert R (M Beatrice) civ eng h 1 

Virginia rd 
— Carleton W furn mover 153 Brown r do 
— Colby O (Irene I) signal maintainer B&M 

h 27 Sterling rd 
— Donald A (Fay L) mach h 192i Adams 
— Dwight W (Olive L) slsmn h 58 Prospect 
—Edith F tchr Thos R Plympton sch h 36 

Fairmont av 
—Everett J, WW Co r 6 Porter pk 
—Frank B (Eliz W) r 33 Howard 
—Fred S (Emeline F) chauf 68 Grant h 39 

Prospect-st av 
— Fred S (Ethel M) longshoremn h 54 Myrtle 
— Gordon (Rosezella V) chauf h 54 Myrtle 


—Harding D r 250 South 

— Helen A H pres r Lunda st 

— Isaiah S (Susan) carp h 133 Hardy's Pond 

— L Otis slsmn r 520 Main 

— Lawrence N watch rpr r 258 Brown 

— Louis H (Albertine) lab h 147B Crescent 

— Mabel A Mrs treas Robert B Johnson Co 
Inc 653 Main r 362 Lexington 

— Mary H wid A Hun h Lunda st 

— Rose B Mrs r 36 Fairmont av 

— Rufus S (Mary E) h 258 Brown 

—Walter C (Mabel F) chauf h 37 Prospect- 
st av 

— see Barry 

Berthelsen Albert E pressmn 515 South r at 

Bertolami Michl (Rosaria) barber 8 Francis r 
17 Wellington 

— Salvatore r 17 Wellington 

Besso Herbert F (Mary M) porter 515 South 
h 18 Emery 

— Michl J (Katherine) formn h 20 Under- 
wood pk 

— Patk J (Eliz M) chauf h 14 Emery 

Beth Eden Baptist Church Maple nr Moody 
Clarence G Strippey pastor 

Better Food Shop (Mrs Alma L Thompson) 
11 Alder 

Bettinger Enamel Corporation 60 Seyon av 
off Grove H B Bettinger pres-sec Richd 
W Freeman treas vitreous enameling 

— H B (Agnes H) pres-sec Bettinger Enamel 
Corp 60 Seyon av h 724 Lexington 

Bettinson Everett H (Margt B) formn h 49 
Marlborough rd 

Betts Ada K phone opr 16 Spring r 57 Burn- 
ham Belmont 

— Emma C chiropodist 72 Adams r do 

— Emma E bkpr r 76 Fiske av 

— Emsley A (Muriel) chauf h 163 Brown 

— Harvey L (Marion A) carp h 34 Fairmont 

— Ira A (M Henrietta) carp h 94 Howard 

— Ira A jr r 94 Howard 

— Jas O (Christena A) carp h 163 Brown 

— Muriel Mrs nurse r 163 Brown 

Beverly Paul C (Mary P) tallymn h 70 Mo- 

kema av 
Bevins Fred M (Eliz F) police 25 Lexington 

h 30 Dartmouth 
Bezanson Dorothy J r 6 Prospect-st av 
— Edwd J (Sadie) carp h 53 Alder 
— Jos elk (B) r 69 Riverview 
— Parker M carp h 6 Prospect-st av 
Bianconi Albert J (Julia V^ marble setter h 

616 Trapelo rd 
Bibbey Wallace A (Helen M) USN r 81 Tay- 
Bicchieri Anna r Harrington rd 
— Antonio r Harrington rd 
— Nunzio (Antonetta) farmer h Harrington 

Bickford Edwd M carrier PO 738 Main h 69 

Webster pk W Newton 
—Edwin D (Sophronia L) WW Co h 102 

— Fred A studt r 242 Lowell 
—Mabel E Mrs h 29 Walnut 
— Martha F wid Arthur E h 101 Seminole 

— Ruth I domestic r 101 Seminole av 
— Wallace R (Grace E) slsmn h 242 Lowell 
Bickley Chas (Ella J) jwlr h 107 Riverview 

—Ethel B, WW Co r 90 Cherry 
— Jane Mrs r 94 Adams 
—Jos jr (Ethel) WW Co r 90 Cherry 



Bicknell Eliz A psychometrist Walter E Fern- 
aid State sen r do 
— Harry V adv mgr (B) h 43 Derby 
— Norman V ins agt 740 Main rm 105 r 395 

—Raymond S (Mabel F) formn WW Co h 395 

Biddle Robt N (Jennie) installer NET&T Co 

h 15 Buxton lane 
Biedman Edwd H (Lena C) shoe ctr r 11 

Bigelow Edwd A pres The E Howard Clock 

Co 256 Charles h 8 Francis circuit Win- 
—John h 539 South 

Biggins Agnes T slswmn 9 Moody r 101 Ir- 
— Francis r 41 Hammond 
— Imelda D studt (B) r 297 School 
— Jas F (Loretta A) chauf Chem No 1, 21 

Lexington h 31 Warren av 
— Jas J r 101 Irving 
—Jos F lab r 297 School 
— Katherine J maid 775 Trapelo rd r do 
— Margt M sten r 297 School 
— Patk (Margt) lab h 297 School 
— Raymond r 41 Hammond 
— Raymond L (Cecelia E) slsmn h 53 Rich 
— Thos jr r 41 Hammond 
— Thos A (Eliz A) blacksmith's hlpr h 41 

Bigham Catherine L tchr r 259 South 
—Edwd (Anna K) (Bigham & Sons) 259 

South h do 
—Edwd T (Hazel C) (Bigham & Sons) 259 

South h 106 Bedford 
— Theo F (Gladys W) (Bigham & Sons) 259 

South h 15 Lord 
BIGHAM & SONS (Edward, Edward T and 

Theodore F) awnings, tents, canvas 

covers and canopies 259 South — See page 

Bignis Andrew A r 59 W T alnut 
— Angelo (Esther) (Waltham Shoe Repairing 

Co) 395 Moody h 59 Walnut 
Bilideau Philias carp r 566 Main 
Bill's Fish Market (Wm Slater) fish and 

lunch 793 Main 
Biller Albert instr Univ of Mass h 184 Or- 
chard W'town 
Billodeau Gilberte elk 285 Moody h 1089 

Bills Arthur D (Carrie N) WW Co h 66 Ash 
—Dorothy J elk (B) r 66 Ash 
— Edwd C slsmn r 18 Howard 
— Edwin L (Lottie L) mach h 61 Myrtle 
— Ernest L (Lillian) slsmn h 18 Howard 
— M Irene tchr r 94 High 
— Willis A (Mary A) tool and stock kpr, WM 

Works h 94 High 
Bilodeau Ernest carp r 114 Central 
—Henrietta, WW Co r 89 Brown 
Binda Valentino (Filomena) chauffeur h 35 

Bingay Henry U (Margt M) WW Co h 924 

Bingham C Rankin eng h 19 Stanley rd 
—Herbert B (Susan E) W WCo h 43 Villa 
—Nellie M wid Wm H died Apr 4 1931 
Biondo Carmela r 82 Exchange 
— Graziano (Carmela) lab h 82 Exchange 
— Jas r 82 Exchange 
— Sebastian r 82 Exchange 
Birch Stanley (Genevieve) mach h 58 Turner 
Bird Helen V elk (B) r 52 School av 
— Mark J (Margt A) watchmn h 52 School 

—Mary M, WW Co r 52 School av 
— Patk J (Josephine F) hlpr Waltham Coal 

Co h 213 River 


— Richd H (Mary J) jewel bearings 282 
Moody rm 9 h 11 Crafts 

Birdsall Carrie S elk 256 Charles r 87 River 

Birkenshaw Ida M wid Edwin, WW Co r 1 

Birkmaier Sarah J wid Chas E h 462 Main 

Birmingham Catherine E wid Richd h 16 

— Eliz Mrs nurse 250 South r do 

— John P elk r 16 Exchange 

— Philip F driver r 16 Exchange 

—Thos E (McNally & Birmingham) meats 
181 School r 16 Exchange 

— Wm F (Marion E) embalmer h 77 Thorn- 
ton rd 

Biron Dora M wid Louis r 147 Trapelo rd 

— Jeannine r 93 Central 

— Lomer pntr h 93 Central 

Bisbois Wm r 19 Adams 

Bishop Adelbert F elk 316 Moody r 1080 

— Alf (Christine) mica wkr h 28 Robbins 
—Arthur B (Lena) WW Co h 38 Wadsworth 

— Donald M rem to NY city 
— E Fay (Edith T) pres-treas Main Plumbing 

& Heating Supply Co 697 Main h 21 

—Eliz A Mrs, WW Co h 1080 Main 
— Harold 66 Woerd av r 28 Robbins 
—Harold G (Lillian E E) meat ctr r 1080 

— Kathryn M rubber wkr (W'town) r 21 Low- 
— Maurice L (Olive G) slsmn 697 Main h 38 

Bouker rd Bline 
Bissett Frank eng 209 Moody r 14 Birch 


Bisson Edwd (Catherine L) carp r 61 Pros- 
— Edwd J clothes clnr r 61 Prospect 
— Wilbur watchmkr 256 Charles h 16 Bacon 
Bistow Emil M (Mary E) mgr 213 Moody h 

104 Exchange Rockland 
Bistrup Edna B Mrs tchr Nathaniel P Banks 

sch r 18 Caldwell rd 
—Frank V (Edna B) investigator (B) h 18 

Caldwell rd 
Biundo Carmelo (Josephine) baker 67 Charles 

and gro 73 do h 69 do 
Biviano Angelo r 39 Cross 
— Couno h 39 Cross 
Bixby Jos C (Blanche M) sec (Waverley) h 

158 Trapelo rd 
Bjorkman Alice G sec r 38 Virginia rd 
— Knute A (Hulda) mach 48 Woerd av r 38 

Virginia rd 
Bjornson Carl A (Agnes W) piano wkr (B) h 

81 Fiske 
Black Frances A nurse r 136 Summer 
—Henry L (Mary M) rem to NY city 
— Jos (Rose) pres Waltham Supply Co Inc 

707 Main h at Maiden 
— Manuel (Gertrude) treas Waltham Supply 

Co Inc 707 Main h at Maiden 
— Morris (Florence) slsmn 707 Main h 49 

— Wm C (Florence D) WW Co h 14 Willard 
Blackford Edith M Mrs cook h 16 Derby 
Blacklock Alan L (E Lee) pastor Presby- 
terian ch h 82 Florence rd 
Blackstone Benj elk 903A Main r 914A do 
— Harry studt r 914A Main 
— Saml D (Annie) tailor 912 Main h 914A 

Blackwood Clifton (Lila) box maker r 128 




Blair Emma E wid Thos florist 47 Worcester 
lane h at Lexington 

— Richd H rem to Lexington 

Blaisdell Addie wid Frank H r rear 75 Lin- 

— Emma A r 43 High 

— Geo E (May B) wool (B) h 77 Plympton 

—Harry (Violet) WW Co h 71 Brown 

— Roy elk r 71 Brown 

—Sadie J h 43 High 

—Violet C, WW Co r 71 Brown 

Blake Chas H shtmtlwkr rear 36 Spruce h 
202 Central Auburndale 

—Ella F Mrs, WW Co h 57 Chestnut 

— Ella G Mrs coffee shop 34 Spruce h 4 

— Geo G (Jennie H) acct h 85 Vernon 

— Harry A (Jennie M) lab h 83 Alder 

—Helen r 39 Park 

— Isabelle (Mrs Chas H) died Dec 3 1933 

— Jas E (Ella G) mgr h 4 Adams 

—Jennie M, WW Co r 83 Alder 

Blanchard Aime F (Lillian E) elk h 27 Cross 

— Alex S carp r 113 Central 

— Alf elk 100 Felton r 29 Cross 

— Carl L (Marjorie E) slsmn h 583 Lexington 

—John E (Helen G) pntr h 309 Lake 

— M Julia wid Jerome h 113 Central 

—Ralph S (Helen E) treas (Camb) h 19 

Blandin Adeline A wid Arthur A h 18£ Com- 

Blaney Ella F died May 21 1932 

Blarney Stone Cafe The (John Finn) 841 

Blatchford Clara A wid Archie G r 353 Cres- 

Blay Jos H (Irene) warehousemn 22 Felton 
r 22 Lyman ter 

—Lucia P (Mrs Philip F) died Aug 25 1933 

— Philip F provisions (Waverley) h 22 Ly- 
man ter 

BLEAGHERY FUEL CO office and yard 105 
River uptown office 200 Moody William 
T McCarthy pres-treas coal, wood, char- 
coal and coke — See page 80 

Blekaitis John (Mary) WB&DW h 17 Mc- 

Bligh Elsie K sten r 120 Brown 

Bliss Benj N (Lillian D) formn WW Co h 
42 Banks 

— Dorine married Raymond Lawrence rem to 

— Evelyn tchr South Junior High sch r 42 

— Franklin H (Clara) optician 53 Moody r 
28 Chester rd Belmont 

— Gertrude D dietitian r 42 Banks 

— Myra A wid Chas F h 53 High 

Blodgett Adelbert M (Edna H) acct (B) h 
11 Gore 

— Jos S, WW Co r at Auburndale 

Blomberg Arthur T (Edna L) rem to Newton 

—Clifford W linemn EEI Co Cooper st r 234 

—Elliott C mach 48 Woerd av r 234 Ash 

— Matilda C wid Gustave B h 234 Ash 

Blomberge Matilda wid Carl D h 10 Town- 

Blomendale Fred E, WW Co h 16 Parmenter 

Blondette Sara atndt Walter E Fernald State 
sch r do 

Blongestine Agostino (Vincenza) lab h 57 

Blood Kenneth E (Orabelle) mgr 329 Moody 
h 97 Lafayette 

— Wm P (Mabel T) WW Co h 25 Fuller 

* Bloom David (Katie) (Green River Malt Co) 
288 Moody h 199 Winthrop rd Bline 


Cutler and Philip Caplan) 765-767 Main 

See page 76 
Blumann Alf died Oct 13 1932 
Boardman Eliz C, WW Co r 241 School 
— Emma S wid Fredk F r 7 Randall 
—Fred B (Cora F) elk RyMS h 192 Warren 
Boates Tilbury T (Mildred P) WW Co h 216 

Boccabello Antonio J r 16 Water 
— Lorenzo (Pasqualina) lab h 16 Water 
Bock Walter B (Gladys E) chauf 22 Felton 

h 18 Plympton 
Bodenschatz Josephine C wid Geo H baker 13 

Elm h do 
Bodge Abbie F wid Chas M died Jan 23 1932 
— Frank J carp h 26 Marivista av 
— Lillian M r 26 Marivista ay 
Boehm Fredk W, Arsenal (W'town) r 47 

Edwin rd 
Bogan Hazel J Mrs r Marivista av bey Rose- 

mont av 
Bogart J Lyman (Katherine P) adv (B) h 

98 Lyman 

Bogosian Arda (Josephine) designer h 93 

Bogren Neal E (Lillian F) mgr 215 Lexing- 
ton h 115 Main 
Bohannon Alf J (Catherine M) housemn h 21 

— Elsie M wid Geo C h 717 Beaver 
—Geo C (Elsie M) died Nov 12 1933 
Bohlin Emil (Edla J) cabtmkr (B) h 41 

Shirley rd 
— Esther B sten (B) r 41 Shirley rd 
— Herbert slsmn r 41 Shirley rd 
—Ruth E elk (B) r 41 Shirley rd 
Boisseau Fredk X (Florence M) watchmn h 
43 Rich 

Boisvert Irene E, WW Co r 57 Walnut 

Boland Bridget C wid Michl died Oct 11 1931 

— John F elk r 14 Wellington av 

— John H (Bridget E) h 90 Alder 

Bolby Earl I (Eliz M) WW Co r 39 Floyd 

Bolduc Jennie, WW Co r at W'town 

Bolio Ernest H (Lillian A) trainmn B&M h 

169 Chestnut 
—Henry E r 169 Chestnut 
— Marjorie M bkpr r 169 Chestnut 
Bolles Alex jr driver SO Co h 41 Oakland 

Wellesley Hills 
— Harold slsmn SO Co h 33 Thomas rd Wel- 
Bollivar Arthur L (Bertha L) typewriter rpr 

r 73 Chestnut 
Bolter Irene H elk 468A Main r 233 Waltham 

W Newt 
Bolton Clara A r 112 Vernon 
— Ellen married Sidney C Parker 
— Geo slsmn r 104 Crescent 
—Geo H (Eliza) elk 101 South h 84 Win- 
— Lily married Geo Thornberg rem to W 

— Mary wid Henry W r 112 Vernon 
Bomba Michl (Mary) billiards h 22£ Foun- 
Bombard Berta C phone opr 16 Spring r 590 

—Mildred, WW Co r at W Newton 
— Nellie M wid Jas H lndrs r 53 Robbins 
Bomengen Allen (Luella J) mach 48 Woerd 

av h 35 Chester av 
— Ralph mach 48 Woerd av r 144 Robbins 
— Ryder mach 48 Woerd av r 144 Robbins 
— Thorleif (Borghild) watchmkr h 144 Rob- 
— Warren A elk 701 Moody r 144 Robbins 
— Wm mach 48 Woerd av r 144 Robbins 



Bonanno Anne, WW Co r at W'town 
Bond Chas (Sophie) chauf h 21 Auburn 
— Harold E (Minnie E) jan h 154 Adams 
—Henry H (June B) lawyer (10 PO sq B) 

h 267 Linden 
—Nancy S died Nov 26 1932 
— Wilfred carp r 19 Stow 
Bongiorno Felice (Rosanna G) phys h 51 

Florence rd 
Bonica Anthony (Mary G) h 92 Central 
— Anthony (Mary) gardnr r 10 Faneuil rd 
— Antonio (Angelina) lab h 186 Charles 
— John r 92 Central 
— Jos (Josephine) lab h 23 Noonan 
— Jos (Maria) thread wkr h 66 Central 
— Jos (Maria) weaver h 289 River 
— Jos A r 92 Central 
— Stephen (Carmela) h 91 Charles 
— Stephen (Mary) green kpr h 684 Moody 
— Thos J lab r 92 Central 
Bonico Stephen (Mary) h 25 Calvary 
Bonner Jos F elk 133 Moody r 22 Wallington 

rd Boston 
— Walter C (Josephine E) cost acct h 13 

Berkshire rd 

Bonnevie Gilbert J (Rose M) auto mech 817 

Moody h 30 Taylor 
Bonney Leon C studt r 844 Main 
—Norman W atndt 823 Moody r 844 Main 
—Philip T (Martha C) WW Co h 844 Main 
— Thelma sten 844 Main r do 
Bonomo Placido (Carmela) farmer h 203 

— Vincenzo r 203 River 
Bonstein Mary B Mrs r 21 Newton 
Bonvallat Geo E (Mary H) WW Co h 3 Dex- 
ter av 
Books Jos I (Modern Hairdressers) 208 Moody 

h 34 Erie Dor 
Booth Edwin (Violet) h 81 Overland rd 
— Leo furn fnshr 621 Moody h 15 Cambria 

Boothby Doris T tchr r 11 Randall 
— Percival D (Gertrude) h 11 Randall 
Borden Barbara S Mrs, WW Co 
— Benj H, WW Co r 31 Cherry 
—Chas F (Mary F) porter 515 South h 416 

—Mildred, WW Co r 89 Brown 
Bordenca Frank appr 20 Lexington r do 
— Raymond (Louise) barber 20 Lexington h 

Borey Geo (Flora M) h 3 Calvary 
Borg Karl A (Betsy E) bucklemkr h 46 Myrtle 
— Karl A jr mach r 46 Myrtle 
Borgatti Angelo (Albina) rem to Billerica 
Borger Edwin C (Mary R) watch mkr 256 

Charles h 46 Vernon 

Borgeson Hilma A wid John r 84 Cushing 
— Victor F comp 515 South r at Medford 
Borgman Fritz E tchr Henry Whittemore sch 

h 52 Cherry 
Borie Laurence (Evelyn) plshr 77 Rumford 

av r 156 Adams 
Bornback Anna wid Nicholas h 34 Cushing 
— Neil M hod carrier r 34 Cushing 
Bortignon Joachim Rev prefect of studies 

Stigmatine Fathers 554 Lexington h do 
Boss A Vincent hlpr r 79 Fairmont av 
— Arthur J (Gertrude M) lab r 116 Prospect 
— Eug D pntr r 79 Fairmont av 
— Gladys M elk r 79 Fairmont av 
— Mary C mach opr r 79 Fairmont av 
— Walter F (Julia I) pntr h 79 Fairmont 

Boston Brass Co 137 Bacon Jos A Maynard 

pres-treas mfrs plumbing supplies 

Moody works 101 Seyon av — See page 88 


— Geo (Ida M) carp h 276 College Farm rd 
— Herald-Traveler newspapers 6 Lexington 
—Mutual Life Ins Co 680 Main rm 26 
—Post Office station 198, 230 Moody 
— & Maine R R Station 9 Carter st frt office 

62 Elm 
Boswell Leon auto mech 809 Main r 9 Over- 
look ter E Natick 
Bosworth John W spcl officer 234 Moody r 

154 Bright 
Bothfeld Henry S v-pres Lockwood Brack- 
ett Co 100 Beaver h at Wellesley Hills 
Bottomley Eva, WW Co r 49 Derby 
Boucher Alvina, WW Co r 105 Chestnut 
—Anita, WW Co r 17 Taylor 
— Annette rem to Gardiner 
— Anthony J barber 448 Moody r 91 Chest- 
—Chas L (Mary E) baker 100 Felton h 89 

— Corinne r 35 Ellison pk 

—Geo P (Edna M) pntr h 39 Charles 

—Israel E (Gertrude D) mgr WW Co h 35 
Ellison pk 

— Jas J (Pearl E M) WW Co h 192 Adams 

— Pamelia binder 515 South r 124 Adams 

— Viola r 124 Adams 

— Virginia r 35 Ellison pk 

Bouchet Wm (Fannie) chauf h Circle dr 

Bouchie Harry (Arthemise) clothes clnr h 
1114 Main 

— M Helen r 1114 Main 

Bouck Nellie B wid Chester L r 15 Crafts 

Boudreau Alf opr r 44 Cedar 

— Allan J (Albertina A) carp h 44 Cedar 

— Amedee P (Corinne M) lather h 669 Moody 

— Anne M r 45 Rich 

— Arthur waiter 775 Trapelo rd r do 

— Catherine Mrs h 45 Rich 

—Chas Mrs h 669 Moody 

— Eliz wid Lester h 56 Walnut 

— Ella rem to Boston 

— Elmira M forwmn r 44 Cedar 

— Elzear (Eloise) watchmkr h 23 Charles 

— Eug r 44 Cedar 

— Francis S (Mary I) chauf h 198 High 

—Francis T studt r 198 High 

— Geo L slsmn 20 Felton r 45 Rich 

— Hector J elk r 23 Charles 

— J W Sutton pntr r 45 Rich 

— Jos (Margt) lather h 12 Fountain 

— Jos A (Anna M) slsmn h 56 Winthrop 

—Jos A studt r 198 High 

— Nellie opr r 56 Walnut 

— Placide lab r 42 Spring 

— Velma P elk 223 Moody r 23 Charles 

— Vernon R automobile rpr rear 58 Ham- 
mond r 45 Rich 

— Victoria Mrs cook 250 South r do 

— W Jas pressmn r 45 Rich 

Boulet Marguerite lndrs 775 Trapelo rd r do 

— Merilda lndrs 775 Trapelo rd r do 

Boulton Chas W (Mary J) watch rpr h 54 

— Edwd A (Mary J) WW Co h 31 Spruce 

— Florence H Mrs, WW Co r 221 Lowell 

— Florence M, WW Co r 72A Wash av 

— Frank A (Catherine L) watchmkr h 11 

— Frank X auto mech r 11 Pond 

— Geo W (Catherine U) tool mkr 158 Lexing- 
ton h 29 Cabot 

—John H (Florence M) WW Co h 42 Wash 

— Paul L r 54 Cabot 

— Wm B elk r 11 Pond 

Bouras Matthew (Mary) (The Candyland 
Shop) 475 Moody h 80 Myrtle 



Bourcier Victor gas sta atndt r 31 Welling- 
Bouret Adele M, WW Co r 13 Avon 
Bourgeois A J Arthur buckle wkr r 11 Tay- 
— Albert meat ctr r 70 Chestnut 
— Chas (Lucy) steam shovel opr h 9 Dud- 
ley av 
—Edna Mrs, WW Co r 8 Maple ter 
— Eliz wid Paul died Nov 25 1933 
— Emil (Edna) shtmtlwkr r 8 Maple ter 
— Evelyn M sten h 5 Wellington 
— Ferdinand (Flora) core mkr r 8 Maple ter 
— Irene domestic r 8 Maple ter 
— Jos C (Mary J) mach h 5 Duddy av 
— Katherine waitress r 5 Wellington 
— Margt elk r 5 Wellington 
— Zeno (Edna I) chauf h 1 Noonan 
— see Burgess 

Bourget Wm A (Eleanor L) supt h 30 Ever- 
Bourn Raymond W (Zophia M) slsmn h 5 

Bourne Chas I watch mkr r 308 Crescent 

Bourque Alf (Blanche A) rem to W'town 

— Alf J countermn r 112 Central 

— Arthemise domestic h Braemore rd 

— Aurel A (Amanda) formn h 44 Dix 

— Camille J (Cora) pntr h 13 Music Hall av 

— Edwd T elk r 98 Stow 

— Eliz M bkpr r 377 Main 

— Eliz M studt r 50 Princeton av 

— Emma M married Salvatore DeVito rem to 

NY city 
— Fred A (Regina) pntr h 112 Central 
— Fred R elk 15 Lexington r 112 Central 
— Jos A waiter 775 Trapelo rd r do 
— Margt M phone opr 16 Spring r 98 Stow 
— Margt M wid Dorisity M h 377 Main 
— Napoleon J (Mary) WW Co h 50 Prince- 
ton av 
— Narcisse D (Josephine M) carp h 86 Maple 
— Sabina wid Abel h 98 Stow 
— Victoria E buckle wkr r 112 Central 
— see Burke 

Boutelle Mary E sec r 3 Norumbega ter 
Boutellier Frances elk 315 Moody r 120 Cres- 
Boutilier Lee M atndt Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
Bowden Thos C (Catherine G) fruit 16 Brown 
h do 

Bowditch Eliz A wid Wm G r 393 Newton 

Bowen Agnes M stitcher r 15 Farwell 

— Ambrose (Mary) h 15 Farwell 

— Ambrose F (Mary E) mldr h 62 Lowell 

— Catherine r 9 Lowell 

— Dorothy domestic r 62 Lowell 

— Hannah wid Wm r 81B Alder 

—Helen L, WW Co r 62 Lowell 

— Margt slswmn r 62 Lowell 

— Margt wid Thos h 9 Lowell 

— Mary J stitcher r 15 Farwell 

— Michl F formn r 15 Farwell 

—Ralph J (Lela L) died Feb 13 1933 

— Thos J bleacher r 9 Lowell 

— Wm F mach r 81B Alder 

— Wm S supt J L Thomson Mfg Co h 35 
Warwick rd, W Newton 

Bowers Arthur W r 73 Cherry 

—Chas F (Mary A) treas-sec Daniel F Viles 
& Co Inc 637 Main rm 1 h at Concord 

— Henry appr r 107 Adams 

—Mary L, WW Co r 32 Floyd 

Bowie Celia E tchr Henry Whittemore sch r 
95 Crescent 

— Edith Chapin Mrs reporter Waltham News- 
Tribune 18 Pine h 81 South 

— Erol W (Edith C) cabtmkr h 81 South 

Bowker Alice M wid Lyman A h 175 Main 

— Charlotte sec (B) r 177 Main 

— Edith r 175 Main 

— Eleanor Wade r 175 Main 

— Florence L wid Geo H h 177 Main 

— Lucy M wid Fred W r 40 High 

— Lyman A r 175 Main 

Bowler Clement F r 117 Crescent 

— Edwd V (Loretta M) dentist 680 Main rm 

50 h 41 Ellison pk 
— Eliz h 117 Crescent 
— Eliz T rem to Medford 

— Ruth L hairdrsr 4 Hammond r 5 Sharon 
— Wm F (Eliz A) gro 115* High h 115 do 
— Wm P (Alice L) WW Co h 5 Sharon 
Bowles Isabella M Mrs gro 6 Plant rd h do 
Bowley Bernice A tube tester r 132 Adams 
— Jas W (Margt A) WW Co h 132 Adams 
Bowman Chas E died Apr 22 1932 
— Edwd C lab r 15 Prospect Hill av 
—Frank A (Agnes B) chauf 809 Main h 117 

— Harold R (Amy L) farmer Waltham City 

Home 250 South h 93 do 
—Harry E (Mabel J) WW Co h 301 Cres- 

— Henry (Lillian) auto mech r 104 Summer 

— John mach opr r 88 Guinan 

— Jos F elk r 15 Prospect Hill av 

— Louise J tel opr r 15 Prospect Hill av 

— Margt M cashr 894 Main r 15 Prospect Hill 

—Mary F (Mrs Chas E) died Aug 9 1931 
—Mary J (Mrs Wm O) died Aug 24 1932 
— Patrice E mach opr r 265 Charles 
— Wm O h 15 Prospect Hill av 
Bowser Edwd T (Agnes E) NET&T Co (B) h 

66 May all rd 
Boyajian Albis elk 552 South r at W'town 
Boyce John (Shiela) h 145 Bacon 
— John F grinding wheel wkr 115 Bacon r 

120 do 
— Russell (Martha) photog h 60 Bedford 
— Seth A (Minnie G) lab h 120 Brown 
Boyd Chas E jr (Frances H) elk h 11 Cutting 

—Chas F (Mary E) h 18 Maple 
— F Chester (Florence A) chauf h 150 Alder 
— John r 50 Sterling rd 
— Leonard E (Winona E) lino opr 515 South 

h 66 Hall 
Boylan Winifred atndt Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
Boyle Bros clothing. 357 Moody 
— Mary E elk 720 Main r 8 Common 
Boynton Anna P wid Fred B h 27 Spruce 
—Clarke W (Delia A) chauf 673 Main h 12 

Pratt av 
—Delia A Mrs elk 699 Main r 12 Pratt av 
— Geo Emery (Emma F) dentist 371 Moody 

rm 109 h 189 Ash 
— Harriet M tchr Henry Whittemore sch r at 

— Jos post cards (B) r 27 Spruce 
Brackett Chas S slsmn 424 Moody h at Natick 
— Herbert D dir Lockwood Brackett Co 100 

Beaver h at Brighton 
— Jennette D tchr Phineas Lawrence sch r 

137 Villa 
— N P Mrs sec Waltham Baby Hosp 759 Main 

r 189 Villa 
—Nathaniel P (Sarah B) phys 826 Main h 189 

Bradbury Addie R wid Jefferson h 17 Har- 
— Melvin R phys r 17 Harvard 
Bradd Chas F r 146 Robbins 
Bradford Grace D wid Fredk H h 31 Floyd 
— Wm h Hillcrest rd 




— Wm S (Anne R) rubber wkr h 103 Irving 
Bradley Catherine A died Apr 11 1933 
—Harry E (Margt J) WW Co h Pine Hill 

—Mary E r 880 £ Main 
—Oscar D, WW Co r Pine Hill circle 
— Raymond J chauf r Pine Hill circle 
— Robt I pres-treas L H D Spring Co 131 

Lexington h 39 Wynn Belmont 
Bradshaw Ethel M sten h 69 Gore 
— Hattie wid Chas died Feb 27 1931 
—John F (Nellie E) chauf h 32 Waverley 

Oaks rd 
Bradstreet Annie E (Wistaria) lodginghouse 

23 Pine h do 
— Mary M r 23 Pine 

Brady Catherine C housekpr 133 School r do 
— Clarence F (Alice M) mldr h 39 Myrtle 
— Helen M r 177 River 
—Jos J died Nov 29 1932 
—Marion, WW Co r 50 Highland 
— Mary G slswmn h 25 Elson rd 
— Mary M h 22 Dartmouth 
— Nora E domestic 133 School r do 
— Peter r 156 Adams 
—Susan L, WW Co r 22 Dartmouth 
— Wm lab r 69 Charles 

— Wm H slsmgr 515 South h 700 Lexington 
— Wm H jr slsmn r 700 Lexington 
— Wm J mgr 235 Newton r 35 High 
Bragdon Edwd K (Zillah M) mgr 600 Moody 

h 87 Tolman W Newt 
Bragg Carl H metal wkr r 210 River 
Bramblett Paul (Lucy) battery wkr r 31 May- 
all rd 

Brand David H (Sarah) (Waltham Theatre) 

410 Moody h 38 Lawton Bline 
Brandt Nellie B wid Wm J h 730 Moody 
Brannelly Catherine T r 79 Francis 
— Martin F (Mary F) auto pntr (Somv) h 79 

— Mary F r 79 Francis 
Brannon Delma M Mrs acct 582 Main r 14 

Falmouth rd, W Newt 
— see Brennan 

Branth John C (Robina M) died June 5 1932 
— Robena M wid John C h 19 Tavern rd 
Brasco Albert r 83 Hammond 
—Leo (Marguerite) florist 229 High h 78 

Cherry, W Newton 
—Leo jr florist 229 High r 78 Cherry, W New- 
Brassil Theresa N prin Jonathan Bright sch 

r 50 Pleasant 
Brault Philip N, WW Co 
Braverman Morris M asst phys 775 Trapelo 

rd r do 
Bray John F (Teresa M) h 31 Cross 
Brayne Thos E (Margt E) carrier PO 738 

Main h 13 Joy 
Brazier Mildred F tchr Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
Breau Milienne wid Theophile r 126 School 
Breault Alf E (Nellie F) formn 25 Summer 

av h 18 Bolton 
— Aurele (Malvina) stone driller h rear 671 

— Frances C mach opr r 24 Francis 
— Fredk W r 24 Francis 
— Jas (Mary) formn h 24 Francis 
Breed Arthur C, WW Co r 209 Poplar Ros 
Breen Mary A wid Wm h 16 Mechanic 
— Michl J r 18 Dwight 

— Richd J (Sarah E) meat ctr h 18 Dwight 
Brehm Geo C (Helen E) civ eng h 304 Bacon 
Bremer Harry r 794 Main 
Bremner Philip G (Mabel A) mach h 375 


Brennan Bernard L (Evelyn M) gas sta atndt 

h 15 Winthrop 
— Catherine W radio tube wkr r 18 Navien's 

— Eliz A r 18 Navien's lane 
—Henry C (Mary M) elk h 42 Bolton 
— Herbert brklyr r 111 Chestnut 
— Herman T mason r 33 Clinton 
— Jas F (Mary E) furnace installer h Rose- 

mont av cor Marivista av 
— John (Eleanor) h 271 School 
—John R r 271 School 
— Jos C (Mary L) shipper 115 Bacon h 539 


— Jos J chauf r 18 Naviens lane 
— Luke (Nana) gardnr h 18 Prospect-st av 
— Margt M button mkr r 271 School 
— Mary E married Clarence Cormier 
— Patk (Bridget A) tmstr h 18 Naviens lane 
—Peter F (Ethel F) chauf h 80 Oak 
Brent Margaret Civic Guild, Marguerite M 
Loughrey cor sec 84 Church meets second 
Wed in lecture hall of Public Library 

Brentwood Bowling Alleys (Geo F Allen) 

bowling alley 846A Main 
—Shoe Store (Paul R Merrill) 846 Main 
Bresette Priscilla M stitcher r 57 Myrtle 
Bresnahan Luke J (Margt A) rubber wkr h 17 

Charlotte rd 
— Marie C studt r 17 Charlotte rd 
Breton Albert J (Marie L) mach 48 Woerd 

av h 22 Francis 
— Alex (Emma) barber 515 Moody r 18 Fal- 
mouth rd, W Newton 
—Alf h 108 Chestnut 
— Edmund (Mary L) WW Co r 69 Riverview 

—Eva Mrs, WW Co r 25 Adams 
Brett Wm mgr meat dept 891 Main r at Wa- 

Brewer Lawrence A (Elza C) elk J L Thom- 
son Mfg Co h 677 South 
— Mildred Mrs r 94 Adams 
— see Brower 

Brewster Ernest F elk r 34 Chester av 
— Irving W (Greta L) chauf h 68 Riverview 

—Malcolm L r 186 School 
Brianes Cecelia buyer 285 Moody r at Allston 
Bricklayers & Plasterers Union 621 Main 
Brickley Delia J wid Chas h 8 Gibbs ct 
Bridges Basil A ice r 207 High 
Briere Jeannette A shoe wkr r 121 High 
— Omar rem to Rochester N Y 
—Philip A (Melina A) chauf h 121 High 
Brigden Charlotte F stitcher r 67 Chestnut 
— Clara wid Geo r 67 Chestnut 
— Earl W auto mech r 11 Underwood pk 
— Eliz J wid Warren A h 11 Underwood pk 
— Lillian G bkpr r 11 Underwood pk 
Briggs Edwd S (Eva B) jan h 8 Robbins pi 
— Goldie I, WW Co r at W Newton 
— Jos (Doris) lab h Montclair av 
— Mary A wid Lester F r 408 Lincoln 
—Oscar C (Ethel F) hlpr h 472 Lincoln 
— Sarah P h 180 Princeton av 
— Stuart H chauf r 8 Robbins pi 
Brigham Ella M r 235 Main 
—Frank W h 235 Main 
— Henry R treas Housing Co end of Hollace 

h 54 Brewster Cambridge 
Bright Bernard J r 79 Russell 
—Bertha T h 332 Main 
—Chas H died Dec 18 1931 
— Chas H jr (Marguerite L) opr EEI Co (B) 

h 68 Barbara rd 
—Edna M, WW Co r 79 Russell 
—Eliz G wid Wm E died July 2 1931 
—Eliz M wid Jos T h 79 Russell 




— Jackson V R broker r rear 332 Main 
—Josephine B (Mrs Wm E) died Jan 18 1933 
— Wm D (Florence T) sign hanger h 36 Crush- 
— Wm E broker h rear 332 Main 
Brink Virgil C v-pres-treas Clematis Brook 
Sand & Gravel Co 42 Beal rd h at Water- 
Brinn Madeleine F mlnr r 96 Ash 
— Pauline E dietitian r 96 Ash 
—Walter E (Anna P) slsmn h 96 Ash 
— Walter E jr (M Bernadette) tchr Senior 

High sch h 47 Lyman 
Brisbois Danl C (Dora G) troublemn EEI Co 
Cooper st h 145 Robbins 

Britt Jas r 250 South 

— Michl J (Sarah) auto mech h 128 Bacon 

Britton A Gertrude beauty shop 4 Hammond 
r 33 Columbus av 

— Edwd F (Florence) (James A Britton & 
Son) 33 Columbus av h 31 do 

— Jas A (Jas A Britton & Son) 33 Columbus 
av h do 

— James A & Son (Jas A and Edwd F Brit- 
ton) bldg contrs 33 Columbus av 

—Jas E (Margt C) tel wkr h 78 Elson rd 

—John J (Alice G) supt 100 Beaver h 29 
Columbus av 

Broadbent Emilie E Mrs photo fnshr 53 

Moody r Hilcrest st 
— Geo A (Emilie E) slsmn h Hillcrest st 
Broadey Lizzie, WW Co r 24 High 
Broadway Fruit Market Inc 367 Moody inc 

Mass '33 Saml Lookner pres-treas Abr 

Lookner v-pres fruit dealers 
— Hat Shop (Harry Fein) mlnrs 275 Moody 
Brock Chas F (Minnie R) phys 357 Crescent 
—Everett W (Jean E) mgr 899 Main h 111 

— Wm H (Maude D) died Mar 10 1931 
Brocklesby Wm H (Mary A) caretaker h 8 

Brockway Geo W (M Louise) watchmkr h 15 

Broder Vera elk 223 Moody r 58 Auburn Au- 

Broderick Anna R phone opr 16 Spring r 5 

Chetwynd rd Cambridge 
— Dominick r 556 Waverley Oaks rd 
— John A (Frances) elk 463 Main r 94 Adams 
— John W (Alice J) bus opr h 9 Music Hall 

— Jos E driver r 14 Newton 
— Mary E r 556 Waverley Oaks rd 

BRODERICK PATRICK S lawyer 364 Moody 
h 556 Waverley Oaks rd — See page 96 

— Wm F (Margt E) elk h 14 Newton 
» Brodrick Annie G wid Chas N h 150 Weston 

—Arthur C (Eva S) elk RyMS h 119 Dale 

— Chas H (Elsie L) civ eng h 172 Weston 

— Eloise M sec (B) r 119 Dale 

— Elsie M office assistant supt of schools 55 
School r 251 Bacon 

— Fannie T pianist r 150 Weston 

— John S atndt Walter E Fernald State sch r 

— Louisa E wid Ansel h 251 Bacon 
— Newton T (Muriel C) claim agt h 83 Colum- 
bus av 
— Phyllis H physiotherapist r 119 Dale 
Broe A Edmund aud h 28 Walnut 
—Catherine M wid Wm A died Aug 30 1933 
Bronkhorst Ruth Mrs r 16 Maple 
— Thos L (Beatrice A) h 26 Waverley Oaks rd 
Bronson Burr B (Dorothy M) h 15 Brookline 
Bronwicki Applit (Annie) gro 220 River h 
216 do 

Brooker Florence E Mrs, WW Co r 78 West- 
land av Boston 
Brooks Alice M Mrs r 212 Adams 
— Arthur J (Mary A) auto mech h 280 College 

Farm rd 
— Chas A (Brooks & Whitcomb) rear 24 Lex- 
ington r 39 Appleton 
— Clara E B wid John F housekpr r 141 Wes- 
— Emma F wid Geo F r 8 Russell 
—Evelyn opr WB&P Co r 31 Crescent 
—Fannie J (Mrs Thos) died May 11 1931 
— Florence lndrs 775 Trapelo rd r do 
— Harold D musn h 212 Adams 
— Helen L domestic r 39 Prospect-st av 
— Madeleine D musn h 55 Harland rd 
—Thos W barber h 7 Plant rd 
— & Whitcomb (Chas A Brooks, Lewis J Whit- 
comb) carps and bldrs rear 24 Lexington 

Brophy Albert (Helen) slsmn h 26 Eddy 

— Andrew lab h 12 Lowell pi 

— Catherine (Mrs Andrew) died Nov 12 1930 

— Chas A rem to Natick 

— E Bernadine studt r 16 Banks 

— Evelyn F tchr Henry Whittemore sch r 16 

— John J mach opr r 22 Yetten ter 

—Michl (Delia) lab h 22 Yetten ter 

—Thos A (Eliz A) WW Co h 16 Banks 

—Thos M chauf M&B St Ry r 22 Yetten ter 

Brosnahan Florance elk 350 Moody r at Cam- 

— Rhoda Mrs, WW Co r at Waverley 

Brother Andrew r 20 Pond 

— Anselm rem to N Y city 

— Benignus dir h 20 Pond 

— Francis r 20 Pond 

— John r 20 Pond 

—Jos r 20 Pond 

—Peter r 20 Pond 

— Wm r 20 Pond 

Brough Lillian atndt Walter E Fernald State 
sch r do 

— Marion Mrs, WW Co r 31 Morton Water- 

Brouillard Celia M, WW Co r 37 Francis 
Brouillette Hermengilde (Nelida R) claim 

insp B&M r 9 Barton 
Broullette Evelina r 12 Stearns 
Brousseau Alf F r 43A Calvary 
— Leo J (Alice M) pntr h 4 Francis 
— Lester W h 43A Calvary 
Brower see Brewer 
Brown A Dorothy r 19 Pearl 
— Alden r 250 South 
— Alf R (Irene) pntr r 9 Ridgewood ter 
— Andrew A (Mabel T) formn h Winter bey 


—Anna M died Jan 31 1932 
—Archibald F (Nellie M) plstr h 49 Dexter 
— Arthur B (Mabel E) coml trav h 43 Shirley 

—Audrey W, WW Co r 76 Winthrop 
— Beatrice Mrs house wkr h 115 Calvary 
— Catherine F stitcher h 17 Elm 
— Chas A (Millicent F) comp 515 South h 

47 Vernon 
— Chas C civ eng r 142 Ash 
— Chas E (Laura M) linotyper 18 Pine h 65 

— Chas W elk r 47 Vernon 
—Danl elk 223 Moody r 101 Alder 
— David J (Mary E) (Joyce & Brown) 59 

Caughey and carp 30 Central h do 
— Doris H asst social wkr Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
—Edwd H slsmn 899 Main r 31 Lawrence 
— Eleanor F studt r 153 Chestnut 




— Eliza atndt Walter E Fernald State sch r 

— Emma F Mrs r 562 Main 

— Flora A Mrs r 367 Crescent 

—Frances M died Aug 29 1932 

—Fred E (Bernice H) WW Co h 153 Chest- 

— Fredk W (Eleanor L) h 26 Leonard 

— Geo H (Adelaide A) driver h 12 Bryant rd 

— Gertrude H beauty parlor 371 Moody rm 
110 r 101 Alder 

— Grace C Mrs gen sec Waltham Social Ser- 
vice League 680 Main rm 31 h 3 Dexter 

— Grace E lino opr r 5 Banks 

— Grace F buckle wkr r 129 Hammond 

— H J ins agt 740 Main rm 105 r 288 Sumner 

av Allston 
— Harold Scott (Cecil) slsmn 400 Main h Beal 

—Harry H (Isabelle L) elk (B&M, B) h 107 

— Henry head lndrymn 775 Trapelo rd h 63 

Vale Rox 

—Henry A, WW Co h at W Newton 

—Hiram r 250 South 

— Jas D mach r 101 Alder 

— Jas M (Alice I) carrier PO 738 Main h 19 

—Jas P r 19 Pearl 
— Jennie S wid Wm H h 31 Lawrence 
— Jos F (Mary C) laddermn Ladder No 1 h 59 

— Jos H (Molly) meter installer EEI Co, Coop- 
er st h 69 Auburndale av Newton 
— L D (Shirley) WW Co r 217 Robbins 
— L Maud Mrs, WW Co r 33 Orange 
— Lawrence hlpr r Montclair av 
— Lewis D (Gertrude R) carrier PO 738 Main 

h 5 Banks 
— Llewellyn H (Minnie M) master mariner h 

544 Waverley Oaks rd 
— Lucille Mrs r 145 Brown 
— Lusk D, WW Co r at Somerville 
— M Eliz wid Alphonso r 50 Chester av 
— Margt M buckle wkr r 129 Hammond 
— Margt M, WW Co r 2 Dobbins 
— Marie F wid Edwd h 129 Hammond 
— Marjorie studt r 31 Lawrence 
— Marjorie H elk 415 Moody r 87 Plympton 
—Mary A (Mrs Thos B) died Jan 13 1931 
— Mary E wid Laroy h 142 Ash 
— Mary L tchr r 460 Lexington 
— Mildred religious wkr r 104 Summer 
— Morton L auto mech r 153 Chestnut 
— Muriel B sten 515 South r 153 Chestnut 
— Nancy E Mrs matron 21 Newton h do 
— Nellie Mrs maid 327 Lexington r do 
— Olin R (Evelyn F) auto mech h 25 Hiawa- 
tha av 
—Philip A (Florence F) WW Co r 107 Pond 
— Robt (Lillian) jan h 77 Brown 
— Robt H (Ethel J) wood wkr (B) h Mont- 
clair av 
— Roger S r 101 School 
—Shirley J Mrs, WW Co r 217 Robbins 
— Sidney A (Gertrude K) molder h 4 Elm av 
— Susan Mrs h 8 Cornwallis pi 
— Thos B ti 122 Bacon 
—Vera A (Brown & Benson) 420 Moody r 267 

— Willard D r Montclair av 
— Wm (Sarah J) mach h 12 Wash av 
— Wm slsmn h 101 Alder 
— Wm B (Susie L) shoe wkr h 155 Adams 
— Wm C elk 807 Moody r 12 Wash 
— Wm W (L Maud) mgr h 33 Orange 
—Willis J died Mar 30 1931 

BROWN & BENSON (Vera A Brown, C Henry 
Benson) insurance and real estate 420 
Moody — See page 113 
Browne A Page sis mgr WW Co r at Concord 
— Mary E wid Cornelius r 36 Eddy 
Brownell Annie C wid Harvey died June 29 

—Dora A, WW Co r 669 Moody 
— Floyd C green kpr r 669 Moody 
— Jeremiah (Annie) blksmth h 70 Central 
— Lome W mach r 669 Moody 
— Stuart H mach hlpr h 669 Moody 
Browning Gertrude r 250 South 
— Harry A (Flora P) meter insp Waltham 
Water Works 92 Felton and mgr Wal- 
tham Watch Co Band Inc 103 Moody rm 
8 h 200 Robbins 
—Helen r 200 Robbins 
— Leslie C copy-writer r 200 Robbins 
Bruce Chas H (Harriet B) h 2 Cutler ct 
—Donald W (Hazel F) elk h 33 Floyd 
— Frank (Minnie) h 27 Plant rd 
— Helena sec 265 Beaver r 16 Whitcomb Bel- 

Bruen John slsmn 899 Main r 77 Fair Oaks av 
W Newton 

Brugion Frank chef r 403 River 

Brumhuber Otto, WW Co r 45 Everett 

Brummon Bertha r 26 Boynton 

Brundrit Ayrthon (Irene M) oil burner ser- 
vice mn h 16 Winthrop 

Bruneau Zachee A (Margt A) carp h 87 

Brunell Alex J (May A) (Alcazar Restaurant 
& Coffee House) 481 Moody h 89 Maple 

Brunnhuber Otto (Frida) die designer h 12 
Chester av 

Bruya Howard A (Louise F) film opr (New- 
ton) h 22 Beal rd 

Bry Chas G (Felicia M) carp h 6 Amherst 

Bryan Genevieve M bkpr (B) r 37 Shirley rd 

— Rena G Mrs, WW Co r 217 Felton 

Bryant Alonzo J died April 17 1933 

—Emma R died May 17 1931 

— Frank L (Bessie E) gro 88 Woerd av h do 

— Frank W dairymn r 134 Russell 

— Lillian r 41 Chester av 

—Nina, WW Co h 186 School 

— Sherwood F (Maude E) mgr 299 Moody h 

9 Clements rd 
— Wm W (Eva A) h 134 Russell 
Bry'den Clarence G (Pauline M) pdlr h 144 

—Eliz r 96 Church 
— Jas L (Louisa S) eng h 459 Weston 
— Jeanette D studt r 96 Church 
— Joanna F sec (Watertown) r 96 Church 
— Saml D (Ellen S) civ eng (B) h 96 Church 
— Saml D jr studt r 96 Church 
Bryson Agnes E rem to Long Island N Y 
—Dorothy V sten 515 South r 98 Alder 
— Emmett J atndt 805 Main r 98 Alder 
— Francis rem to Brighton 
—Fredk A (Mabel J) brklyr h 98 Alder 
— Fredk A jr mgr 55 Main r 98 Alder 
— John opr 480 South r 11 Hadley ct Everett 
— John (Frances) rem to Brighton 
— Mary A domestic r 165 Chestnut 
— Mary B sten r 98 Alder 
— Spencer Inc 150 Moody, Arthur Sauliner 

mgr handkerchief mfrs 
— Teresa M, WW Co r 139 Adams 
— Thos E (Theresa) (Thos E Bryson Real 

Estate Co) 397 Moody rm 2 h 139 Adams 
— Thomas E Real Estate Co (Thos E Bryson) 

397 Moody rm 2 
—Thos F (Mabel) elk 101 Seyon av h 150 

Tremont Newton 



Bubar Merlie elk h 121 Crescent 

— Merlie Mrs mgr 459 Moody r 121 Crescent 

Buchanan Mary K phone opr 16 Spring r 
Station rd Lincoln 

—Phyllis tel solctr 552 South r at Dedham 

Bucher Alton P (Clara) mgr h 18 Chester av 

— Athenacias, WW Co h 61 Fiske av 

— Eleanor r 107 Lake 

— Genevieve E sten r 61 Fiske av 

— Leonard A (Laura) firemn h 107 Lake 

Buckland Helen atndt Walter E Fernald State 
sch r do 

Buckler Ignatius J opr r 176 Newton 

— Louis (Malvina) h 176 Newton 

Buckley Arthur W (Catherine B) rem to Lit- 
tle Crompton 

— Eliz A wid Bartholomew A h 135 Adams 

— Eva M Mrs h 10 Gordon 

—Hugh G chauf r 102 Orange 

—John J (Catherine E) elk PO 738 Main h 
133 Adams 

— Jos (Marion) lab h 17 Yetten ter 

— Julia A h 105 Cushing 

—Lee L (Rae P) photog 97 Alder h do 

— Marion F atndt nurse r 49 Harvard 

— Mary A Mrs h 102 Orange 

— Timothy F (Eliz A) hostler h 49 Harvard 

— Wm barber 226 Moody r 570 Columbus av 

— Wm B (Marion) mfrs agt r 135 Adams 

— Wm J rem to Little Crompton 

Buckman Davis H (Gertrude C) chauf r 289 

— Fred (Middlesex Supply Co) plumbers' sup- 
plies 901A Main r 152 Prospect 

Bucknam Chester A (Nejda M) lab h 130 Pros- 

— Hattie E r 19 Piedmont av 

— Herbert A chauf r 19 Piedmont av 

— Herbert C (Hattie E) eng h 19 Piedmont av 

— Warren S lab r 19 Piedmont av 

Bud's Apparel (Melvin Davidson) women's 
clothing 269 Moody 

Budreau Bertha L slswmn r 139 South 

— Emily E insp r 8 Lawton pi 

—Fred A (Lillian G) elk 893 Main h 139 

— Leo L (Irene C) mach h 8 Lawton pi 

— Marion E sten Pond opp Exchange r 139 

— see Boudreau 

Buell Fred A (Ellen J) h 202 Ash 

— Mabel I asst librarian Public Library 735 
Main r 202 Ash 

Buerker Wm gardnr h "Angleside" off South 
nr pumping sta No 2 

Buffington Ralph M (Olive E) auto body wkr 
(Cambridge) h 72 Bruce rd 

Bulger Inez M atndt Walter E Fernald State 
sch r do 

Bull Edwd H (Ida D) bldr 470 Lexington h 

— Emily E bkpr 424 Moody r 22 High 

Bullard Arthur C (Annie F) stamp dlr 12 
Leonard h do 

Bullens Geo E (Marie G) buffer h 58 Robbins 

Bullock Albert W (Everetta F) rep h 146 

— Edith A Mrs elk 45 Moody r 126 Brown 
Buncher Elinor librarian (N Y city) r 14 

Greenwood lane 
—Henry P (Sara E) died Nov 7 1933 
— Miriam medical social service wkr (New 

Haven Conn) r 14 Greenwood lane 
— Sara E wid Henry P h 14 Greenwood lane 
Bunker Wm Roger died June 11 1932 
Corney & Bunten Co) 373 Moody inc Mass 
'33 Maurice Clough pres Oliver J Bunten 
treas hardware dealers — See page 89 


— Oliver J treas Bunten Hardware Co Inc 373 

Moody h at Cochituate 
Buono Michele (Mary) h 23 Middle 
Burbank John C, WW Co r at Somerville 
Burbeck Jas A elk 740 Moody r 9 Fuller 
—Mildred M, WW Co r 9 Fuller 
Burchell Barbara atndt Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 

Burckes Eliz studt r 31 Clark lane 

— Ernest W (Susan H) carp h 31 Clark lane 

—John W (Lizzie D) h 30 Curve 

— Ronald S elk r 31 Clark lane 

Burdett Eleanor H bkpr r 2 Woodlawn av 

— Ethel M wid Geo H r 2 Woodlawn av 

—Geo H (Ethel M) died Feb 1 1933 

—Ida C Mrs, WW Co r 23 Ash 

—Ida M wid Chas, WW Co r 177 Robbins 

—John T (Grace H) WW Co h 227 South 

—Sarah J, WW Co h 22 Sharon 

Burgess Adelaide Mrs r 11 Taylor 

— Allison M hlpr r 35 Cherry 

— Amy J tchr Senior High sch r 79 Worcester 

— Anna M dietitian Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 

— Anthony A (Gladys) plstr h 20 Warren av 
— Benj cook r 126 Chestnut 
—Chas A (Nettie M) slsmn h 29 School 
—Chas P elk r 29 School 
—Clara A, WW Co r 79 Brown 
— Denis meat packer r 35 Newton 
— E Alma, WW Co r 11 Taylor 
— Edgar knitter r 155 Bright 
— Eliz wid John h 155 Bright 
— Evelyn M bkpr 100 Felton r 5 Wellington 
— Garfield R (Bessie M) carp h 82 Hardy's 
Pond rd 

—Geo S elk r 29 School 
— Irene radio tube wkr r 34 Crescent 
— J Leo r 155 Bright 
— Jenhie Mrs h 34 Crescent 
— Jennie wid Jos h 79 Worcester lane 
— John plmbr r 876| Main 
— John A r 46 Chestnut 
— Jos J mover r 34 Crescent 
— Louis carp r 35 Newton 
— Louis jr meat packer r 35 Newton 
— Margt A sweater wkr r 155 Bright 
— Margt G tchr Henry Whittemore sch r 23 
Eden av, W Newton 

— Mary, WW Co r 74 Barbara rd 

— Narkey meat packer r 35 Newton 

— Nettie M Mrs asst librarian C S reading 

room 686 Main h 29 School 
— Patk C (Margt M) carp h 74 Barbara rd 
— Vincent (Harriett) carp h 38 Spring 
— Wm B (Bessie M) pntr h 14 Friend 
— Zoel A (Aurelia A) gardnr h 35 Newton 
— see Bourgeois 

Burgin Jas G (Clara A) (Waltham Boat & 

Canoe Co) rear 279 Crescent h 279 do 
—Royal W, WW Co h 279 Crescent 
Burgouis Yvonne waitress r 104 Adams 
Burgoyne Jos L (Jane E) (Ideal Concrete 

Block Co) 232 Lexington h 93 Beal rd 
Burk Aura atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
—Walter S (Betty) rem to N Y city 
Burke Agnes I Mrs h 6 Mayall rd 
— Agnes J vocal tchr 222 Ash r do 
— Alice r 4A Curtis 
— Alice E atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
— Alice M bkpr (B) r 9 Lyman ter 
— Ann watch mkr 256 Charles r at Boston 
— Anna L r 117 High 
— Annie wid Danl F elk h 117 High 




— Arthur G (Dorothy P) mgr 186 Lexington h 

66 Bedford 
— Arthur N (Gertrude M) prin Senior High 

sch h 34 Appleton 
— Augusta A bkpr (Boston) r 222 Ash 
— Catherine wid Michl A h 150 Myrtle 
— Catherine A h 111 River 
— Catherine C bkpr (B) r 9 Lyman ter 
— Chas r 145 Crescent 
— Danl F (Annie) died Nov 18 1930 
— Delia r 26 Warren av 
— Delia M wid Stephen h 388 River 
— Edwd F (Mabel L) WW Co h 94 Russell 
— Edwd J bkpr r 55 Vernon 
— Eliz H sten (B) r 150 Myrtle 
— Eliz M r 111 River 
—Elmer J (Rose D) WW Co 
— Firman H (Edna R) carp h 81 Gardner 
— Frances M r 117 High 
— Francis J milk mn r 32 School av 
—Frank C lather r 388 River 
—Fred E (Isabel G) h 16 Russell 
— Geo ins agt r 82 Chestnut 
— Gertrude V sten 775 Trapelo rd r 16 Russell 
— Harold J slsmn h 9 Lyman ter 
— Henry L r 180 River 
—Irene I elk 740 Main rm 105 r 296 South 
— Isabel M state visitor r 16 Russell 
— J Arthur (Louise) investigator City Hall 

rm 8 h 296 South 
— Jas Edwd linemn EEI Co, Cooper st r 40 

Elliot Watertown 
— Jas F bleachery wkr r 180 River 
—Jas F lab r 115 Pond 
— Jane M h 1 John 

— Johannah wid Patk died Nov 11 1932 
— John crossing tndr Roberts sta h Orchard 

— John F slsmn r 9 Lyman ter 
— John J (Margt F) h 11 Parmenter rd 
—John J died Aug 14 1932 
— John T crossing tndr Robert's sta r 26 War- 
ren av 
— Jos A elk 71 Felton r 32 School av 
— Jos J (Leonora) auto body wkr 11 Myrtle 

r 758 Tremont Boston 
— Katherine F (Mrs Wm F) died June 4 1932 
— Louise Mrs h 16 Gorman's ct 
—Louise F r 296 South 
— M Loretta, WW Co r 222 Ash 
—Mabel L Mrs, WW Co r 150 Myrtle 
— Madeline M elk public works dept City Hall 

r 16 Russell 
— Margt M r 3 Harding av 
—Margt T r 32 School av 
— Margret L died Nov 10 1931 
—Maria, WW Co h 22 Gorham 
— Mary Mrs r 79£ Charles 
— Mary wid Jos P r 112 £ Prospect 
— Mary A sten (B) r 150 Myrtle 
— Mary C wid John F r 9 Lyman ter 
— Mary E r 32 School av 
— Mary E wid John E r 7 Duddy av 
— Mary E wid Martin h 180 River 
—Mary F wid Peter T h 99 Pine 
— Mary M elk r 108^ Prospect 
— Mary P studt r 20 Gorham 
—Mary T h 222 Ash 
— Mary T wid Jas E h 3 Harding av 
—Michl F ctr r 150 Myrtle 
—Michl J (Winifred V) toolmkr h 20 Gorham 
—Mildred E Mrs r 156 Dale 
—Mildred F, WW Co r 117 South 
— Myra Mrs, WW Co h 26 Castle 
— Myra A, WW Co r 26 Castle 
— Nellie wid Arthur h 117 South 
— Patk F (Catherine) grinding wheel wkr 115 

Bacon h 115 Pond 
—Peter J (Mary) died Aug 3 1931 


— Philip rem to Quincy 

—Philip E (Grace E) furn storage 157 and 163 

Prospect and 120 Crescent h do 
— Philip E jr truckmn r 120 Crescent 
—Raymond E lab r 388 River 
—Simon A (Lillian E) lab h 13 Chestnut pk 
— Thaddeus (Mary) barber h 6 Chestnut pk 
— Thos r 55 Vernon 
— Thos F bkpr r 55 Vernon 
—Thos J (Margt T) h 26 Lexington 
— Wallace (Lillian C) uphol h 96 Marlbor- 
ough rd 
—Wallace H (Helen R) uphol r 96 Marlbor- 
ough rd 
— Walter M r 6 Mayall rd 
— Wm E (Alice M) eng h 24 Tolman 
— Wm F meat ctr h 64 Guinan 
— Wm F (Marion B) truckmn 84 Lowell r do 
— Wm J eng Waltham Country Club Inc h 

32 School av 
— Wm J (Katherine O) produce 79 Pond h do 
— Wm J (Madeline M) tailor (Newton) r 150 

— Wm R studt r 32 School av 
— see Bourque 

Burlington Helen M, WW Co r 118 Brown 
Burnell Eleanor rubber wkr r 35 High 
Burnett Anna matron Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
— Earle atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
—Edith J atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 
—Geo meat ctr Walter E Fernald State sch r 

— Grace J Mrs h 34 Yetten ter 
— Marion G 66 Woerd av r 34 Yetten ter 
Burnham Alice E h 15 Sanders lane 
—Chas M died July 5 1932 
— Clara W r 15 Sanders lane 
— Edwd C (Theresa A) slsmn h 66 South 
— Sarah E Mrs r 19 Tavern rd 4 
Burns Austin M (Margt A) chef h 107 Adams 
—Christopher A (Esther T) chauf h 254 River 
— Dennis (Nellie) lather h 96A Charles 
— Dorothy R nurse r 189 Brown 
—Edwd A (Eliz K) tchr h 62 Boynton 
— Edwd P mach rear 248 Ash r 187 Brown 
— Eliz E designer r 136 Willow 
— Eliz M domestic r 78 Central 
— Erroll W (Marion G) WW Co r 418 Moody 
— Fannie wid Denis r 47 Hall 
— Florence T domestic r 23 Cushing 
—Frank H acct r 136 Willow 
—Greta A, WW Co r 189 Brown 
— Helen E r 189 Brown 
— Helen G elk r 29 Guinan 
— Jas E (Marion E) pntr r 21 Stow 
—Jean S, WW Co r 189 Brown 
— John E (Lillian F) reserve police 25 Lex- 
ington h do 
— John J lawyer 136 Willow r do 
—John M (Margt J) rem to W Englewood N J 
— Jos pntr r 564 Main 

— Leroy P (Rosa B) WW Co h 418 Moody 
— Lola elk (B) r 25 Adams 
— Lyle E (Cynthia M) driver 187 Adams r 

189 Brown 
— Margt wid Patk died Aug 30 1931 
—Margt E wid Arthur J, WW Co h 189 

— Mary E wid Frank h 29 Guinan 
— Melvina wid Wm A h 67 Ash 
— Paul restr wkr r 47 Hall 
— Ralph M (Ruth E) auto mech h 95 Bowdoin 

— Raymond J (M Grace) slsmn h 169 Grove 
—Sara J, WW Co r 189 Brown 
— Wm (Melvina) died May 10 1933 
— see Byrns 



Burofsky Anna I (Mrs Ephraim) died April 
23 1931 

— Ephraim (Twentieth Century Shoe Store) 
349 Moody h 248 Lowell 

—Lincoln (Ethel) mgr 349 Moody h 14 Cam- 
bria rd 

— Root B (Bessie) (Crown Cleaning & Dye- 
ing) 685 Moody h 729 do 

— Saml auto rpr r 248 Lowell 

Burr Dora M tchr Nathaniel P Banks sen 
r 15 Alder 

— I Joan nurse r 127 Crescent 

—Sidney A (Lillian) slsmn (Everett) h 33 

Burrill Frank H (Helen M) h 118 Virginia 

—Helen M tchr Samuel D Warren sch h 118 
Virginia rd 

Burroughs Marion E tchr Henry Whittemore 
sch r at W Acton 

Bursell Gunnar radio opr r 820 Main 

Burt Frank S prntr r 34 Hamblin rd 

—John L died Aug 27 1932 

— Myra T Mrs elk 223 Moody r 31 Howard 

— Orrin D (Georgianna S) plmbr h 34 Ham- 
blin rd 

Burton Chas E (Asenath R) jwlr h 23 Ham- 

— Edwd W (Mabel D) linemn 14 Church h 62 

— Frances E watchmkr r 175 Brown 

— Harry L (Bertha) mach 414 Moody h rear 
75 Lincoln 

— Wm H (Hazel C) transitmn public works 
dept City Hall h 10 Rumford av 

Burwell Ethel maid 265 Beaver r do 

— Jesse H (Philomenia A) firemn h 72 Rob- 

Busato Oreste mach tndr r 8 MtPleasant 
Busby Norman E (Winona S) slsmn 173 

High h 110 Hardy's Pond rd 
Busceni Salvatore (Antonina) lab h 213 New- 
Bush Saml (Florence) died Dec 1931 
Bushey Chas E studt r 12 Charles-st av 
— Edwd J (Mary J) mach h 12 Charles-st av 
— Esmonde J studt r 12 Charles-st av 

BUSINESS LETTER SHOP addressing and 
mailing, multigraphing and typewriting 
420 Moody — See page 102 
Bussell Leon, WW Co r Old Town Me 
—Nellie E wid Wm r 3 Central 
Buswell Clara L tchr Waltham School for 

Girls 327 Lexington r do 
—Edwd W r 314 Warren 
—John S (Theresa) formn 100 Beaver h 314 

—Tracy C (Helen C) elk (B&M, B) h 57 Mor- 
Butcher Flora A wid Milton r 41 Cherry 
— Myrtle E Mrs r 2 Stratton ter 
— Ronald S (Jean B) slsmn h 29 Orange 
Butler Abbie M wid Saml A died Nov 24 

—Annie L Mrs, WW Co 
— Benj F (Lillian B) supt h 12 Brigham rd 
— Danl F (Ella M) eng h 27 MtPleasant 
— Edwin slsmn r 13 Walnut 
— Edwin E uphol r 26 High 
—Elmer (Mildred) chauf h 1085 Main 
— Florence L married Albert A Jordan 
— Fredk W died Dec 26 1931 
—Fredk W jr lab h 216 Dale 
— Hattie A wid Saml L h 162 Ash 
— Heber F uphol 856 Main r do 
— Heber H (Mary L) uphol 856 Main h do 
— Irene wid Sylvester h 333 Grove 
— Ivy E married Fredk J Donahue 
— Janet wid Harry T A r 19 Milton 


—Jos r 333 Grove 

— Jos R (Catherine A) driver 1295 Main h 

162 Russell 
— Josephine V housekpr r 69 Dix 
—Mary E, WW Co r at W Acton 
— Myrtle C mgr (B) r 12 Brigham rd 
— Paul E (Catherine) carp r 61 Cushing 
— Ralph E (Margt) formn 19 Felton h 92 

—Ralph H (Rachel P) watch rpr (B) h 164 

— Robt A mach 48 Woerd av h 26 Myrtle 
— Saml (Clara L) watchmn h 297 Crescent 
—Teresa G h 69 Dix 
— Thelma B r 216 Dale 
Butman E E Co 437 Moody inc .'21 Dana B 

Whipple pres Elmer E Butman treas 

— Elmer E (Harriet I) treas E E Butman Co 

437 Moody h 118 Ash 
—Fred L (Hattie B) real est 50 Tomlin h do 
Butterfield Gertrude C elk B&M r 146 Myrtle 
—Helen G r 146 Myrtle 

— Herbert F (Albina S) mach h 564 Lexing- 
— Jas M (Ruth E) clock mkr h 146 Myrtle 
Butters S Ida h 409 Crescent 
Butterworth Frank jr slsmn 213 Moody r 495 

Belmont Belmont 
Button Bertrand W (Marguerite) elk h 51 


Buttrick Alden H (Eva D) mach h 44 Gor- 
—Building 588-600 Main 
— H Olive tchr Nathaniel P Banks sch r 44 

— Lumber Corp 45 Felton inc '17 Edwd A 

Bannan pres Wm S Bassett sec Thos H 

Bassett treas 
Butts Chas A (Emma M) chauf r 70 Central 
Buzelle Dorothy B waitress (Cambridge) r 20 

Lexington ter 
— Emily L Mrs elk 609 Main r 20 Lexington 

— Robt G elk r 20 Lexington ter 
— Wm B (Emily L) mach h 20 Lexington 

Byam Chas W elk 45 Moody r 337 Crescent 
— Frank A (Nellie T) slsmn h 337 Crescent 
— Helen L married Dana Parks 
Byrne Francis J r 54 Elm 
—Margt 66 Woerd av r 22 High 
— Margt L domestic r 54 Elm 
— Matthew J (Margt) interior dec r 22 High 
— Theresa M Mrs charwmn h 54 Elm 
— Townsend (Helen) asst mgr 315 Moody h 

7 Dennison 

Byrns see Burns 

Byron Greta M, WW Co r 18 Chester av 

— Jos P (Greta) stock ctr h 18 Chester av 

— Michl J rem to Boston 

—Walter elk r 139 Church 

Cabot Richd C (Ella L) phys summer res 
725 Lexington 

Cabozzi Alex S comp 515 South r at Rox- 

Cacace Anthony (Mary L) variety 45 Lexing- 
ton h 238 River 

Cacchiotti Carmine (Jennie) lab h 17 Gor- 
man's ct 

Cacciatore Antonina wid Stephen h 247 River 

— Carmelo (Josephine) weaver h 11 MtPleas- 

— Filomena wid Francisco died Nov 22 1931 

— Frank barber r 247 River 

— Jos (Carmela) barber 100 Maple h 96 Tay- 




— Jos J (Mary I) slsmn h 240 Newton 

— Josephine Mrs variety 227 Newton h 229A 

—Mary, WW Co r 100 Taylor 
— Minnie married Salvatore Canistaro 
— Philip (Providencia G) gro 203 Newton h 

134 Taylor 
— Raymond (Madeline) r 100 Taylor 
—Rose M elk 203 Newton h 136 Taylor 
— Settimo (Josephine) mgr 227 Newton h 

229A do 
— Stephen (Rose) lndry wkr h 100 Taylor 
Cadman Bliss G (Lillian T) died Dec 23 1931 
— Fredk M formn (B) r 66 Orange 
— Kennith W caddy r 66 Orange 
— Larry (Bertha) meat ctr r 117 Robbins 
—Lillian T wid Bliss G h 66 Orange 
Cadwell Louise M died Nov 9 1932 
Cady Patk J died May 18 1933 
—Roy N, WW Co r 123 Russell 
—Wesley J died Feb 8 1932 
Cafarella Annie r 44 High 
— Jos (Anna) fruit h 44 High 
— Laurence r 44 High 
—Mary R r 202 School 
— Thos (Catherine) lab h 202 School 
Cafarelle L P pres White Star Pharmacy Inc 

235 Newton h Longfellow rd Melrose 
Cagney Margt domestic r 22 High 
Cahill Anna h 17 Craven circle 
—Anthony M, WW Co r 121 Adams 
— Catherine M sten (B) r 159 Summer 
— Chas D (Ruth M) dairy (Weston) h 45 

— Chas J R (Lois A) (Pleasantdale Farm) 

1241 Main and treas and mgr Cedar Hill 

Farm Inc, Kendal Green, Weston h do 
— J Leslie (Rita F) organist h 144 Ellison 

— John J (Dulcie J) acct (B) h 375 Crescent 
— Marguerite J sten (B) r 159 Summer 
— Mary A elk r 96 Lexington 
—Mary A (Mrs Michl J) died Aug 23 1933 
— Michl J lab h 96 Lexington 
— Patk Gerard lawyer 657 Main rms 12-14 r 

159 Summer 
— Reginald LaM (Elin) Cedar Hill Farm, 

Weston h 1241 Main 
— Rita L sten r 159 Summer 
— Thos J (Catherine A) h 159 Summer 
Cahoon Albert J (Phyllis A) prntr h 9 Ridge- 
wood ter 
—Avon M, WW Co h 32 Brown 
— Kenneth M (Bertha M) h 34 Adams 
— Leigh H (Beryl E) carp h 104 Riverview 

— Mary Mrs, WW Co r at Cambridge 
Caia- Conrad (Lucy) shoe rpr 834 Main h 3 

Mayall rd 
— Dina E bkpr r 22 Bennett 
— Lucy wid Mario h 22 Bennett 
— Pasquale (Oradina) h 16 McKenn 
— Pasquale barber r 16 McKenn 
— Rosario (Angelina) shoe rpr 903 Main h 

148 High 
— Vincenzo shoe rpr 372 Moody r 16 McKenn 
Caie T Arthur (Ruth M) sis eng (B) h 103 

Cail Lloyd studt r 79 Bright 
— Wm T (Catherine) farmhand 265 Beaver 

h 79 Bright 
Cain Alice B (Alice Beauty Salon) 115 Ash 

r do 
—Ambrose J (Eliz T) h 1 Elm av 
— Andrew P (Mary J) mach h 12 Wellington 

— Dorothy I elk 267 Moody r 12 Wellington 

— Eliz A wid Edwd J h 3 Bemis av 


—Fred A atndt 600 Moody r 115 Ash 

— Harry J (Florence) mgr h 107 Bacon 

— Helen wid Cornelius r 107 Adams 

— John L mach h 7 Kingsley's ct 

— John R mach r 12 Wellington av 

—Mary J died June 6 1932 

— Mary L, WW Co r 8 Common 

— Olive M mach opr r 12 Wellington av 

— Viola H r 12 Wellington av 

— Walter E r 3 Bemis av 

— Wm M (Grace P) slsmn h 163 Trapelo rd 

— see Kane and Keane 

Cairns Saml J, WW Co r at Auburndale 

Caisey Beatrice M nurse r 75 Russell 

— Ephraim J (Frances M) WW Co r 75 

—Nellie M, WW Co r 75 Russell 
Caissie Alex (Caroline) r 28 Hall 
— Chas restr wkr (Newton) r 28 Hall 
— J David (B Anna) restr wkr h Trimount 


— M Delia Mrs r Trimount av 

— Margt domestic r 28 Hall 

Calabrese John (Idell M) lndry wkr h 162 

—Matilda M Mrs, WW Co r 84 Lunda 

Calabuflo Jos (Mary R) lab h 10 Williams 

— Theresa G buckle wkr r 10 Williams 

Calandrello Carmela r 104 Harvard 

— John lab r 104 Harvard 

—Jos 66 Woerd av h 147 Felton 

— Louis r 104 Harvard 

— Nicola (Louise) lab h 104 Harvard 

— Pasquale slsmn r 104 Harvard 

Calantuono Stanley (Annie) driver h 61 Ex- 

Caldwell John F jr chauf r 17 Willow 

— Louise I Mrs r 77 Boynton 

— Mary wid John F h 17 Willow 

—Mary A Mrs, WW Co r 68 Adams 

— Nina G tchr Phineas Lawrence and Nahum 

Hardy schs r 143 Crescent 
—Raymond A (Mae) WW Co h 25 Colburn 
— Win H (Sadie) rose grower 411 Waverley 

Oaks rd 

gpp Colwell 

Calef Edna G tchr Waltham School for Girls 

327 Lexington r 15 Floyd 
— Emma F wid Wallace A h 15 Floyd 
Calhoun Horace H (Marion I) mach h 5A 

Rumford av 
— Mildred nurse r 88 Russell 
Caliri Peter J (Ethel E) slsmn h 56 South 
Call Annie P prin The Mount Prospect sen 

90 Worcester lane h 225 do 
— Wm W (Marion S) chauf r 96 Robbins 
Callahan Annie r 176 Chestnut 
— Chas E plmbr Walter E Fernald State sen 

r do 

Danl r 31 Central 

— Danl F (Helena M) supt 200 Willow h 25 

—Dorothy A Mrs sten 680 Main rm 12 r 100 

Elson rd 
— Esther L hairdrsr 471 Main r 31 Central 
— Francis W studt r 84 Myrtle 
— Gertrude Mrs r 16 High 
—Jeremiah J (Mary E) chauf h 290 Lake 
—John E chauf 880 Main h 16 Williams 

West Newton 
—John J (Anna T) blksmth h 50 Walnut 
— John J underwriter (B) r 25 Townsend 
— Katherine wid Frank J h 31 Central 
— Margt M slswmn (Boston) r 31 Central 
—Mary (Mrs Geo) died Jan 17 1931 
— Mary A wid Thos J h 17 Charles-st av 
— Mary E tchr Chauncey Newhall sch h 176 





— Richd F rem to Walpole 

—Thos J (Mary A) died Oct 22 1932 

— Wm F (Catherine V) lab h 84 Myrtle 

— Wm J studt r 25 Townsend 

— Wm J (Dorothy A) treas Watch City Co- 
operative Bank 7 Moody h 100 Elson rd 

Callan John F r 12 Newton 

— Josephine B r 12 Newton 

— Katherine (Mrs Michl) died Aug 16 1931 

— Michl died Aug 14 1933 

— Stephen C auto mech r 12 Newton 

— Wm J sten (B) r 12 Newton 

Callanan Grace H tchr Senior High sch r 29 

— Wm J electn Walter E Fernald State sch 
r do 

Calnan Thos (Florence) contr h 59 Bruce rd 
— Wm V (Catherine B) h 90 Harland rd 
Calontropo Philip lab h 157 School 
Calore Peter lab 775 Trapelo rd h 28 Frances 

Calusi Mary Mrs h 4 Mack's ct 
Calvary Cemetery, High and Calvary sts office 

39 John, Wm J Mulvihill supt 
Cambridge Water Works, Winter bey West 
Camenite Frank lab r 162 Charles 
Cameron Albert R (Thelma D) v-pres Clif- 
ford S Cobb Co 720 Main r at Lexington 
— Alf J (Emily E) plmbr h 58 Dix 
— Allan D gardnr h 37 Warren av 
— Annie M domestic r 128 Adams 
— Catherine r 37 Warren av 
— Catherine E atndt Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
— Ella C therapist Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
— J Stuart (Jane E) probation officer Second 
District Court of Eastern Middlesex 25 
Lexington h 7 Flint rd Watertown 
— Jessie nurse r 30 Appleton 
— Louise L Mrs librarian r 19 Whitford ter 
— Margt rem to Worcester 
— Margt A nurse r 37 Warren av 
Camille Bernard chauf Walter E Fernald 
State sch r do 

Caminetti Rosario (Giuseppina) lab h 8 Fern 
Caminiti Anthony pool room 11 Felton r 11^ 

— Chas r Hi Felton 
— Vincenzo (Josephine) gro 7 Felton h 11J 

Cammann Mfg Co (Oswold Cammann) domes- 
tic appliances 24 Bedford 
— Oswold (Mariel T) (Cammann Mfg Co) 

24 Bedford h 235 Conant Weston 
Campana Delmo (Antonina) farmhand h 138 

' Calvary 
— Merigo (Mary E) mach h 13 Hartwell 
— Ricardo (Clara) gardnr r 20 Turner 
Campbell Arthur J lab B&M r 7 Kingsley's 

— Cameron ins agt 680 Main rm 26 r 126 

Nichols av Watertown 
—Clyde E, WW Co r 52 Taylor 
— Earle F dentist 371 Moody rm 103 r 22 

—Edith H bkpr r 1127 Main 
— Edmund H (Evelyn M) carp h 89 Adams 
— Edwd F (Eliz) mach h 52 Taylor 
— Eleanor elk 223 Moody r 71 Russell 
— Francis J (Agnes E) lab r 107 Orange 
— Frank J (Annie J) collr r 206 Bacon 
— Frank V r 64 Charles 
—Geo (Eliz) pntr h 12 Fiske 
— Geo F (Harriet R) supt (Cambridge) h 25 

Manning rd 
— Geraldine M r 12 Fiske 
— Harry F (Lillian M) electn h 52 Bruce rd 


— Helen J studt r 12 Fiske 

— J Leslie (Margt V) electn h 29 Washington 

— Jos L plmbr's hlpr 165 Prospect r 12 Fiske 
—Julia F (Patk) died Sept 10 1931 
— Leroy W (Sarah M) auto mech h rear 174 


— Lorna M coml artist r 188 Chestnut 
—Louise elk 315 Moody r 1127 Main 
— Marie C sten r 22 Myrtle 
— Mary wid Chas L h 1127 Main 
— Mary L slswmn r 1127 Main 
— Olive radio wkr (Newton) r 41 Chestnut 
— Oscar F (Esther A) prsmn 515 South h 43 

— Patk gardnr r 75 Lexington 
— Phyliss tel solctr 552 South r at Dedham 
— Raymond L elk r 1127 Main 
— S Theo laboratory wkr r 188 Chestnut 
— Saml T (Bernice I) elk h 188 Chestnut 
— Thos atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 
r do 

— Thos P (Catherine A) asst supvr (Waver- 

ley) h 22 Myrtle 
— Wm (Anna G) mgr 47 Lexington h 1121 

— Wm C (Grace B) carp h 88 Ash 
— Wm W (Mary A) WW Co h 4 Rich 
Campisi Carmela wid Vincenzo h 20 High 
—Jos A elk 517 Moody r 20 High 
—Orlando R r 20 High 
— Rosario A (Mary) slsmn h 32 Rich 
— Salvatore (Josephine) shoe rpr (W New- 
ton) h 142 Calvary 
Campobasso Michl (Stella) chauf h 122 

Camuti Antonio lab r 15 Bedford 
—Antonio (Rose) pdlr h 124 Prospect 
— Carmelo (Sarah) lab h 20 Brown's av 
— Carmelo jr lab r 20 Brown's av 
—Peter r 124 Felton 
— Rose opr r 20 Brown's av 
—Salvatore (Concetta) lab h 15 Bedford 
Canady Oscar M (Lois J) pres-treas Waltham 
Times Inc 19 Felton h 18 Channing rd 

Canastrata Carmelo (Assunta) uphol h 131 

Canavan Ernest L (Rose E) chauf WB&P Co 

h 58 Prospect 
Candle Light Tea Room (Melvin L Downing) 

712 Main 
Candy Mart The Inc 363 Moody, Morris Fein- 
berg pres Wm Hanzel v-pres Saul E R 
Feinberg sec Sidney Hanzel treas con- 
Candyland Shop The (Matthew Bouras, Thos 

G Salamanis) 475 Moody 
Canerney Martin restr r 562 Main 
Cannavino Francesco (Frances) lab h 32 

— Rocco lab r 32 Spring 
Cannella Salvatore (Josephine) lab h 111 

Canning Fay L, WW Co r at Waverley 
— Horace (Beatrice) plstr r 89 Brown 
— Lester B (Grace E) plstr 184 Brown h do 
—Madge Z, WW Co r 403 Crescent 
— Myrtle A hosp matron Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
Cannistraro Carmelo (Josephine) h 369 River 
— Dominic (Marie) gro 737 Moody h 26 Wads- 
worth av 
— Giuseppina wid Salvatore died Jan 11 1933 
— Ignatius elk 737 Moody r 26 Wadsworth 
— Jos (Caroline) h 40 Calvary 
— Michl box mkr r 369 River 




— Michl A barber 286A Moody r 26 Wads- 
worth av 

— Nicholas barber 709 Moody r 26 Wadsworth 

— Peter (Francesca) lab h 12 Day 

— Philomena Mrs (Minnie's Beauty Shop) 
397 Moody rm 1 r 43 Rich ' . 

— Salvatore (Vincenza) silk wkr h 104 Tay- 

— Salvatore uphol r 18 Oak 

— Salvatore L (Minnie) barber 286A Moody 
h 43B Rich 

— Vincenzo (Angeline) uphol h 18 Oak 

Cannizzo Ida r Circle dr 

— Ida maid 775 Trapelo rd r do 

— Vito (Saveria) nickel plater h Circle dr 

Cannon Jas J (Gladys C) coal 38 Fiske h do 

— Mae 66 Woerd av r 32 Woodbine ter Au- 

Canter Harry (Edith) h 90 Irving 

— Jos (Lena) box mfr (Everett) h 51 Felton 

— Lillian bkpr 256 Charles r 90 Irving 

— Max lawyer r 162 Felton 

— Mildred r 90 Irving 

— Morris (Ida) junk 162 Felton h do 

— Morris S (Sadie) h 43 Everett 

— Nathan D r 90 Irving 

— Sylvia r 90 Irving 

— Zelda r 162 Felton 


American-Chinese restaurant 309 Moody 
See page 115 
Capadona Geo A (Lucy) (Central Motor 

Trucking) 85 Central h do 
— Giuseppe (Maria) lab h 16 Liberty 
— Giuseppina r 16 Liberty 
Capizzi Natale lab r 89 Charles 
Caplan Abr (Lottie) pres Waltham Wooden- 
ware & Paper Co Inc 10 Felton h 11 
Faneuil rd 
— Philip (Bessie) (Blue Jay Cleansers & Dy- 
ers) 765 Main h 27 Plympton 
— Saml D studt r 11 Faneuil rd 
Capoccia Victor (Mary) lab h 79 Oak 
Caponi Ernest mach r 130 Felton 
— Nicolina Mrs h 130 Felton 
Capps Wm R (Helen C) checker 100 Seyon 

av h 78 Mayall rd 
Caramanica Mary r 5 Central av 
— Michl (Patricia) lab h 5 Central av 
— Michl jr prntr rear 33 Spruce* r 5 Central 

— Nicholas r 5 Central av 
— Viola M married Michl Carme rem to 

Caravaglio Angelo elk r 135 Alder 
— Frank auto tires 98 Maple r 135 Alder 
— Gaetano (Angelena) fruit 491 Moody h 135 

—Jos J phys 353 Moody rm 108 r 135 Alder 
Carbee C Frank (Christine F) mgr Swift ,& 

Co 20 Felton h 114 Riverview av 
Card Ethel F Mrs, WW Co r 946 Moody 
—Herbert G (Ethel F) WW Co r 122 Lowell 
— Horatio S pres Middlesex College of Medi- 
cine & Surgery 423 South h 411 Mass av 

Cardillo Antonetta rem to Brooklyn N Y 

— Antonio r 29 Charles 

— Erasmo (Teresa) hlpr h 64 Francis 

— Francesco ( Alessandra) lab h 14 Charles 

— Lena elk r 2 Day 

— Martin (Christine) lab h 204 Lake 

— Mary wid Frank r 29 Charles 

— Mary C opr r 14 Charles 

— Nicholas J r 14 Charles 

— Pasquale restr wkr r 64 Francis 

— Raffaele (Anna) card grinder h 2 Day 

Cardone Carindo (Galina) hlpr h 124 Charles 
— Jos (Mary) gro 7 Moore h 103 Calvary 
Carey Frances S r 45 Banks 
—Jos H (Ellen L) jan City Hall h 11 Har- 
— Jos P studt r 11 Harvard 
— Lida J wid John H h 98 Weston 
— M Louise studt r 98 Weston 
—Mary H A, WW Co r 189 River 
— Paul E chauf r 11 Harvard 
— Robt M (Mary K) slsmn h 30 Harland rd 
Carissimi Alex S (Rosina B) tailor h 4 Law- 

Carley Catherine wid John F h 73 Exchange 

— Francis r 73 Exchange 

— Howard R (Adah Ll steward 505 Trapelo 
rd r do 

—Louis R (Catherine A) chauf h 184B Wil- 

Carlisi Gerlando (Rosalie) silk dresser h 81C 

Carll Lillian Mrs elk 223 Moody r 54 Fuller 

Carlman Frank H (Mary A) mach h 55 Mor- 

— Paul binder 515 South r at Lexington 

Carlon Anna C r 135 Charles 

— Eug A lab h 135 Charles 

Carlow Annie M Mrs matron Walter E Fern- 
aid State sch r do 

— Cyril A S baker Walter E Fernald State sch 
r do 

Carlowski Martin gro 145 Bacon r 138 Tem- 

pleton Dor 
Carlson Alf A elk r 47 Fiske av 
— Anton (Hilda) shtmtlwkr h 155 Seminole 

— Arthur J acct r 47 Fiske av 
— Axel (Ida C) organ bldr h 47 Fiske av 
— Carl G (Erika M) h 109 Lake av 
— Claus H (Marie L) eng h 29 Highland 
— Gustaf B (Jessie M) WW Co h 253 Rob- 
— Hjalmar C (Elsie C) mgr h 202 Dale 
— Jos G (Jennie A) auto mech h 25 Beal rd 
— Knut A (Mathilda) bootmkr (W'town) h 

199 Sycamore 
— Mary A wid Carl h 159 Brown 
—Myrtle A r 202 Dale 
— Paul H gas sta atndt r 202 Dale 
Carman Sarah E wid Chas died March 9 

Carme Fred J (Rose C) battery mkr h 30 

Carmichael Alberta nurse r 94 Adams 

— Bernaby F (Katherine E) auto rpr h 1180 

Trapelo rd 
— Edwd C slsmn r 1180 Trapelo rd 
— Roswell B gas sta atndt r 1180 Trapelo 

Carmody Anna L, WW Co r 8 Auburn ter 
— Cornelius J (Winifred) h 8 Auburn ter 
— John J acct (B) r 8 Auburn ter 
— Margt C elk Hood Rubber Co (W'town) r 

8 Auburn ter 
— Wm F (Rose M) brewery wkr h 92 Bacon 
Carnes Fredk J chauf r 12 Wash av 
— Louise B Mrs, WW Co r 12 Wash av 
Carnevale Anthony shoe rpr 454 Moody r 86 

Border, W Newt 
Carney Bernard A r 9 Pond 
— Chas K rem to Lincoln 
—Clair M, WW Co r 66 Calvary 
— Ellen A wid Wm L h 66 Calvary 
— Emma G Mrs h 87£ Harvard 
— Frank A (Margt V) mach h 107 Cushing 
— Geo lab r 20 Common 
—Helen M, WW Co r 66 Calvary 
— Irene sten (W'town) r 66 Calvary 



Carney , ^ nn 

—Jas E (Sophia J) signalmn B&M h 139 

Seminole av 
—Jas O (Catherine) lab h 40 Pond 
— John h 68 Calvary 
— John auto mech r 881 Trapelo rd 
—John lab h 224 River 
—John J (Catherine L) barber 649 Main h 

9 Pond 
— John J jr artist r 9 Pond 
—Laura A died July 13 1932 
—Louis W (Mary E) asst opr 96 Pine h 159 

— Louise E rem to Lincoln 
— Margt M Mrs r 20 Cedar 
— Martin F (Dora) lithographer h 14 Craven 

— Mary wid Patk J r 53 Bedford 
—Mary A elk 665 Main r 59 Russell 
—Mary E, WW Co r 11 Pond 
— Michl J stage hand r 2 Massasoit ct 
—Peter R (Ella) h 62 Nathan rd 
— Robt J r 87i Harvard 
— Thos H (Carney & Kite) 184£ Lexington r 

11 Pond 
— & Kite (Thos H Carney, Wilson J Kite) 

filling sta 184£ Lexington 
— see Kearney 

Caroll Hattie E Mrs, WW Co r 119 Robbins 
Carolyn's Cafe (Elbert C Hall) 370 Moody 
Caron Alex jan 100 Felton h 48 Lyman 
— Alice J tchr Henry Whittemore sch r 10 

Nonantum Newton 
— G Norman, WW Co r 174 Adams 
— Geo W loomfixer h 18 Pierce 
—Lillian, WW Co r 152 School 
— Victoria (Mrs Alexander) died June 28 1933 
Carpenter Eliz sten r 39 Greenwood lane 
— Frank V (Barbara D) real est 123 Moody r 

39 Greenwood lane 
— Geo H (Mary G) tree surgeon h 28 Dix 
—Wilfred J (Minnie G) candy mkr h 18 Ful- 

Carpentino Carmelo (Christiana) laborer h 3 

Mack's ct 
— Chas (Flora) lndrymn h 92 Bright 
— Loretta A rubberwkr r 3 Mack's ct 
— Marie A r 3 Mack's ct 
— Pasquale cook r 3 Mack's ct 
Carper Harold store mgr 285 Moody h Powder 

House blvd Somerville 
Carr Alice M Mrs, WW Co h 183 Weston 
— Anna J sten 77 Rumford av r 3 Emery 
— Catherine R sten r 131 Grove 
— Chas W r 47 Derby 
— Chester T (Mabel iC) paperhanger h 80 

— Edwd D (Ethel M) slsmn h 598 Main 
— Edwd J (Mary J) h 44 Turner 
— Edythe A married Albert A Anderson rem 

to Belmont 
—Eliz J Mrs, WW Co r 94 Adams 
— Eliz M married Herbert Pratt Bates rem to 

— Emma H h 47 Derby 
— Frank L (Dorothy S) ice cream mkr 416 

Moody h 20 Foundry av 
— Gertrude A studt r 131 Grove 
— Grace F r 131 Grove 
—Herbert A, WW Co r 46 Chester av 
— Howell C slsmn r 158 Chestnut 
— Isabelle W Mrs elk 315 Moody h Boston 

Post rd Wayland 
— Jas L agt Ry Ex r 131 Grove 
— Jas R (Eliz A) slsmn h 158 Chestnut 
— Jas R jr treas Shubert Theatre (B) r 158 

—Jennie E, WW Co r 90 Cedar 
— John T waiter r 131 Grove 


—John W (Minnie J) contr 1839 Trapelo rd 

h do 
— Jos F coml trav r 131 Grove 
— Mary L nurse 680 Main rm 20 r 131 Grove 
— Norman T (Irene G) paper ctr 515 South h 

253 Bacon 
— Patk (Bridget A) caretkr h 131 Grove 
— Paul G packer (B) r 90 Cedar 
— Peter E (Jane E) mgr h 90 Cedar 
— Thos (Anna M) mason h 3 Emery 
— Wm A (J Thelma) dairymn (Charles River) 

h 70£ Robbins 
— Wm H (Caroline T) coml trav h 659 Moody 
— Wm J (Margt F) lab h 44 Vernon 
— Wm L mason r 3 Emery 
Carramanica Jos (The Lee Book Shoppe) 718 

Moody r at NY city 
Carrigan Philip A (Mary E) chauf h 74 

— Winifred M bkpr 11 Beaver cor Warren r 

108 Columbus av 
Carroll Alice E opr r 9 Wall 
— Catherine, WW Co r 71 Bacon 
—Chas H, WW Co r at W'town 
—Edwd F elk (B) r 60 Hall 
—Edwd V (Mary J) hostler B&M h 60 Hall 
— Eliz A tchr (Cambridge) r 61 Lyman 
—Ellen T (Mrs Warren F) died Oct 4 1933 
— Evelyn E studt r 50 Chester av 
— Geo W (Loretta M) checker h 53 Riverview 

—Henry P (Mary E) died Sept 19 1930 
— Hugh A (Julia E) pntr (Cambridge) h 9 


— Irene M elk 223 Moody r 601 Wash Newton 
—Jas V (Naomi V) mgr 315 Moody h 60 

Virginia rd 
— John A (Mary E) lieut state police h 31 

Hamblin rd 
— John F (Lillian A) investigator B&M h 71 

—John F roofer r 9 Wall 
— John F jr elk r 71 Rich 
— Jos (Florence) chauf h 55 Mayall rd 
— Josephine phone opr 16 Spring r 231 Beech 

— Katherine, WW Co r 71 Beacon 
— Katherine C bkpr 350 Moody h 61 Lyman 

— Martha J r 61 Lyman 
— Mary wid Robt H h 71 Bacon 
— Mary A wid Hugh L housekpr r 95 Sum- 
— Mary E married Jas F Devaney rem to 

— Mary E wid Henry P r 122 School 
—Mary E wid Patk h 36 Massasoit 
— May A teleg opr r 36 Massasoit 
— Patk (Mary E) r 4 Arlington rd 
—Patk T baker 775 Trapelo rd r do 
— Paul A (Dorothy R) sis eng r 74 Cedar- 
wood av 
— Robt baker 100 Felton r 71 Bacon 
—Rose A h 9 Wall 

— Warren F automobiles (Bline) h 117 Sum- 
— Wm A auto mech r 36 Massasoit 
Carroll's Cut Rate Perfume Shop (Betty 

Winokur) 377A Moody 
Carron John H, WW Co r at W Newton 
Carruthers Albert (Mary J) formn EEI Co, 

Cooper st h 27 Chester av 
—Albert J elk (B) r 27 Chester av 
— Edwd linemn r 27 Chester av 
— Mary E opr r 27 Chester av 
Carson Florence Mrs married Edwin Neis 
— Forest A (Eleanor M) slsmn h 85 River- 
view av 




— Harry (Margt) carp h 154 Brown 

— Isabelle rem to Roxbury 

—John (Caroline) WW Co r 154 Brown 

—John H, WW Co r at N Sudbury 

— Louise cook 265 Beaver r do 

— Robt H (Margt R) elk h 287 Florence rd 

Carter Alf (Edna) slsmn (Lexington) h 30 

— Anna sten Walter E Fernald State sen r 

— Anna Mrs (The Cartier Beauty Shop) 84 

Trapelo rd r 200 do 
— Anna H therapist Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
— Annabel married Leewood H Jones 
Baine Co (Geo O Carter, Wilmot W Baine) 

druggists 907 Main ' 
— Carl B (M Eliz) slsmn h 43 Farnsworth 
— Chester H (Nettie I) eng h 12 Manning rd 
— Clarence H (Marion) h 24 Bradford 
— Edna Mrs elk 433 Moody r at Bradford 
— Edna G r 12 Manning rd 
— Eug J (Carrie U) elk h 4 Walnut 
—Frank L (Amanda F) WW Co h 9 Chest- 
— Franklin r 53 Myrtle 
—Franklin (Minnie M) died Oct 26 1932 
— Geo chemist r 4 Walnut 
— Geo O (Annie N) (Carter-Baine Co) 907 

Main h 3 Rumford av 
— Geo O & Co (Geo S Abrahamson) druggists 

342 Moody 
—Geo T (Eliz M) mach h 33 Worcester lane 
— J Lester (Amanda M) h 33A Everett 
— Mabel P atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 

— Margt S wid Geo H h 14 Lexington ter 
— Maxwell B (Dorothy C) rem to Newton 
— May E wid Robt janitress Senior High sch 

r 65 Worcester lane 
— Minnie F wid Franklin h 53 Myrtle 
— Nano atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r do 
— Norman E studt r 9 Chestnut 
—Norman T (Stella) opr h 37 Wash av 
— Ralph L studt r 9 Chestnut 
— Raymond H (Vera M) died Dec 28 1932 
— Robt A (Alice K) tire servicemn h 93 Ham- 
— Sarah F wid Warren died Jan 20 1933 
— Wilbur E real est 681 Main r do rm 22 
—Wilfred E Mrs r 558 Main 
— Wm T meat ctr 350 Moody h 14 Russell 
—Winifred, WW Co r 22 Gorham 
Cartier Alf atndt 775 Trapelo rd r do 
— Beauty Shop The (Mrs Anna Carter) 84 

Trapelo rd 
— Merton G (Margt E) bus opr M&B St Ry 

h 10 Prospect Hill rd 
Carton Henry L (Carrie L) elk h 42 Cres- 
— Thos J (Rosanna J) blksmith h Hillcrest 

Carty Gertrude A Mrs r 16 Bruce rd 
— Helen J r 16 Bruce rd 
Caruba Giuseppe lab h rear 240 Oak 
Caruso Antonio (Lucy) chauf h 59 Rich 
— Carmelo (Jennie) weaver B Mfg Co h 197 

— Chas (Anna) elk 195 School r 197 do 
— Geo hlpr r 80 Exchange 
— John J (Victoria B) lab h 75 Harvard 
— Jos (Eliz) truckmn 80 Exchange h do 
— Lucy presser 552 South r 59 Rich 
— Mary Mrs h 2 Mack's ct 
— Rose studt r 59 Rich 

Carvelli Jos A (Rose E) elk h 376 Crescent 
Carver Cyrus C (Helena B) lndrywkr h 120 


— Raymond J (Alice A) auto mech h 81 Pros- 

Carville Saml J (Dorothy M) mach h 17 

Cary see Carey 

Casale Antonio (Elsie) lab h 17 Brown's av 

Casali Giovanni (Theresa) lab h Lakeview av 
nr Lincoln 

Casavant Fredk C (Margt G) shtmtlwkr h 14 
Elm av 

—Margt G, WW Co r 14 Elm av 

Casella Antonio (Rose) mason h 13 Pond-st 

— Carmela R baker r 13 Wall 

— Carmello (Sarah) farmer h Winter beyond 
water works 

— Chas T box mkr r 13 Pond-st ct 

— Frank r 33 Guinan 

— Jas r 33 Guinan 

— Louis (Carmella) lab h 19 Castle 

— Rosario (Carmella) lab h 13 Wall 

— Salvatore (Concetta) lab 265 Beaver h Win- 
ter bey Smart 

— Vincent barber r 13 Wall 

Casey Catherine r 16 Stearns 

— Delia r 16 Stevens 

— Delia M wid Wm M h 13 Mayall rd 

— Edwd T printer 18 Pine r 190 Adams 

— Fredk mach r 4 Liberty 

— John F (Theresa C) lab h 30 Walnut 

— Julia A Mrs r 168 Lexington 

—Laura T Mrs, WW Co r 12 Lexington, W 

—Leo F (Margt M) WW Co h 17 Alder 

— Margt M wid Timothy W h 71 Fiske 

—Marie L, WW Co r 190 Adams 

— Marie M elk (B) r 71 Fiske 

— Mary wid Frank T h 122 Willow 

— Mary P tchr Henry Whittemore sch r at 

— Michl J (Delia C) lab h 26 Castle 

— Patk J (Mary L) elk 894 Main h at W'town 

—Robt A (Mary E) (J H Beattie & Co) 
provisions 715 Moody and 894 Main h 
74 Virginia rd 

— Stephen R h 560 Lincoln 

— Timothy (Mary B) printer h 190 Adams 

—Timothy W (Margt M) died Jan 5 1933 

— Wm B (Margt L) formn h 143 Willow 

Cash Anna E sec r 276 River 

— Colon r 139 Robbins 

— Edythe L, WW Co r 407 Moody 

— Johanna T wid John h 276 River 

— Teresa J piano tchr 276 River r do 

— Thos mach h 139 Robbins 

Cashman Chas F (Mildred) bicycles 462 
Moody h 6 Lexington, W Newton 

— Delia slswmn r 137 Crescent 

— Ellen N wid Wm r 8 Gibbs ct 

Casinelli Dominick (Rose) buckle mkr h 157 

— Rose 66 Woerd av r 157 Myrtle 

Cass Chas O (Inez A) shoe rpr h 96 Lafay- 

— Howard C (Bertha I) auto mech r 96 Lafay- 

Cassai Jos auto mech 173 High 

Cassell Paul J (Beatrice S) slsmn h 82 Bar- 
bara rd 

Cassella Jas (Maria) opr h 103 Felton 

— Jos (Mary) lab h 15 Pond-st ct 

Cassidy Andrew G (Annie M) drftsmn h 27 

— Francis H asst mgr 371 Moody rm 104 r 42 
Water Winchester 

— Herbert A firemn Walter E Fernald State 
sch r do 

— Mary J wid John J h 730 Moody 




— Patk F lab r 66 Exchange 

Cassie Jos E lab r 11 Chestnut pk 

Castalano Angelo (Julia) mach opr h 172 

Castaldo Luigi plstr r 11 Rich 
Castellana Alfonso M barber 874 Main r 79 

— Angelo (Rose) h 79 Cushing 
— Angelo (Josephine) barber 557 Main h 31 


— Carmelo rem to Aragona Sicily 

— Michl (Nellie) h 77 Cushing 

— Rose opr r 79 Cushing 

— Rose opr r 79 Cushing 

— Salvatore (Agnes) shoe rpr 589A Main h 

77 Cushing 
— Vincent J barber 874 Main r 79 Cushing 
Castellano Peter (Marianna) lab h 58 Oak 
Castner Addie M (Mrs Sanford B) died July 

31 1931 
— Ervin S (Ethel J) lab 775 Trapelo rd r 676 

—Sanford B h 676 Trapelo rd 
Castold Mary G, WW Co r at Auburndale 
Castrogiovanni Giuseppe (Frances) weaver h 

244 River 

Caswell Albert E (Florence B) WW Co h 16 

— Chester L (Catherine A) treas Waverley 

Lumber Co Thayer rd h 139 Bartlett av 

— Dorrisica B tchr Senior High sch r 74 

— Earl F (Jessie M) mgr h 61 High 
— Fred L (Minnie E) plmbr 87 Wash av h 

—Henry (Ella M) WW Co h 99 Albemarle 

—John C, WW Co r 35 Cambria rd 
— Jos C atndt Walter E Fernald State sch r 

—Leslie B studt r 61 High 
— Mary E wid Wm J h 15 Palmer 
— Susan wid Henry Sr r 99 Albemarle av 
— Wm (Eva M) WW Co h 21 Cambria rd 
Cataldo Block 353 Moody 
— Helen R studt r 336 Lexington 

CATALDO J M Inc 353 Moody rm 104 inc 
Mass '33 J M Cataldo pres-treas Lillian 
Cataldo sec real estate and insurance 
See page 114 

— Jos M (Amelia C) pres-treas J M Cataldo 
Inc and (Waltham Real Estate Ex- 
change) 353 Moody rm 104 h 336 Lex- 

— Lillian E studt r 336 Lexington 

— Margt L sec 637 Main rm 1 r 336 Lex- 

— Rose J tchr Thos Hill sch r 336 Lexington 

Catavolo Anthony (Ernestine) bricklayer h 5 

Cate Celia S died Dec 5 1932 

— Chas M (Isabella M) rem to Providence RI 

—Emily M r 203 Lowell 

—Evelyn A, WW Co r 278 Crescent 

—Silas H h 203 Lowell 

Caughey Edith Chapin married Erol W Bowie 

—John W (Ethel M) gen contr 58 Lake h do 

— John W jr r 58 Lake 

—Jos H bkpr (84 State B) h 435 Lexing- 

— Philip M tchr r 435 Lexington 

— Reuben H (Margt E) farmer h Winter nr 

— Wm A (Mary F) h 90 Grant 

Caul Gordon F elk 336 Moody r 23 Forest 

Cavallaro Chas J (Vincinta) shoe rpr 705 

Moody h 703 do 
— Vincenia 66 Woerd av r 703 Moody 
Cavanagh John F r 269 Brown 
— Jos A (Louise C) sec Grover Cronin Inc 

223 Moody r 39 Leonard 
— Margt M wid Thos F h 5 Barton 
— Mary E pay mistress (B) r 5 Barton 
— Vincent J (Charlotte M) supervisor h 1097 


— Wm T (Irene R) mgr h 14 Virginia rd 

Cavanaugh Albert lab r 38 Common 

— Bernard S (Margt J) h 240 Crescent 

— Edna atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r do 

— Edwd F r 144 Hammond 

— John lab r 16 Park pi 

—John M (Edith E) h 130 Prospect 

— Martin hod carrier r 46 Harvard 

— Michl (Catherine J) lab h 38 Common 

— Thos rem to W'town 

— Wm J (Marie M) milkmn h 144 Hammond 

— see Cavanagh and Kavanagh 

Cavaney Mary E folder h 92 Cushing 

Cavaretta Jos T r 342 Warren 

— Theresa Mrs h 342 Warren 

Cavelier Ange M (Philomena) h 10 Charles 

— Peter M appr r 10 Charles 

Casiera Cosimo (Nancy) shoe rpr 194 Willow 
h 158 do 

Cavooto Enrico (Maria) farmer h Wyman nr 

Cay Wm M (Marion R) golf professional 
Waltham Country Club Inc h 5 Lawn- 
dale av 

CEDAR HILL FARM Inc special grade family 
milk and cream and ice cream manufac- 
turers North av Kendal Green Weston 
P O Box 115, Waltham— See page 103 

— Motor Service (Edwd Hines) 70 Cedar 

Central Block 621 Main 

— Gardening Co (Gaetano and Jos C Paino) 
85 Central 

— Motor Service (Raymond Marcoux) auto 
rprs 81 Central 

— Motor Trucking Co (Geo A Capadona) 85 

— Square Barber Shop (Harry E Shubley and 
Jos A Shomphe) 680 Main 

— Square Garage (Jas J and Patk R F Lea- 
nan) 24 Common 

— Square Sea Grill (Michl Zografos) 11 

— Square Shoe Repairing (Geo J Katasogia- 
nis) 695 Main 

— Square Taxi (Jas J Hardiman) 1 Moody 

— Square Theatre 33 Moody 

— Square Theatre Building 29 Moody 

Chadbourne Ella M wid Francis W r 9 Sum- 

—Milton W (Eliz A) pntr h 15 Mayall rd 

—Warren B (Ethel M) frt traffic rep h 42 

Chadwick Agnes Mrs h 117 Crescent 

—Agnes M, WW Co r 236 Dale 

— Carolyn H tchr Royal E Robbins sch r at 

— Jas translater h 119 Plympton 
— Marjorie S Mrs hosp usher Walter E Fern- 
ald State sch r do 
— Wm H (Agnes) insp r 236 Dale 
Chagnon Arthur H elk r 49 Moore 
— Arthur J (Margt M) atndt h 49 Moore 
—Jos A (Alice M) h 35 Central 
Chaisson Felix E (Mary H) carp h 22 Water 
— Jas D restr wkr r 70 Hall 
— Jos mica wkr r 139 Robbins 
— Miles box mkr r 12 Foundry av 
— Peter box mkr r 7 Parker's lane 




— Placid J (Mary C) box mkr h 12 Foundry 

— Placide D (Sophie A) died May 15 1933 
— Saml auto mech r 20 Crescent 
— Sophie A wid Placide D r 12 Fountain 
— Thos (Mary) carp h 9 Dix 
— see Chiasson 


back colored page X 
Chamberlain Clarence (Mary) rem to Troy 


—Geo r 180 Brown 

— Helen W Mrs librarian CS reading room 
686 Main r 92 Russell 

—Herbert W (Helen N) WW Co h 92 Rus- 

— Jos D carp h 144 Clark 

— Mary P wid Peter r 144 Clark 

— Oscar F tailor (Allston) h 12 Summer 

—Rachel M (Mrs Willard C) died Apr 20 

— Waldo formn WB&P Co r at S Sudbury 
— Willard C (Jessie B) slsmn h 22 Irving 
— Wm D (Florence E) jan h 63 Seminole 

— Wm H punch press opr r 63 Seminole av 
Chamberlin Ernest (Annie B) rubber ctr h 

408 Lincoln 

Chambers Eliza (Mrs John W) died Aug 25 

— Frank W mason r 54 Sun 
—Geo W lab r 54 Sun 
— Jas E hlpr r 54 Sun 
—John W lab h 54 Sun 
Chamdonait Geo A (Alice M) lather h 24 

Champagne Arthur (Rose M) carp h 41 Pine 
— Bertha knitter r 41 Pine 
— Chas E (Edith A) chauf h 36 Bennett 
—Geo L, WW Co r at Newton 
— Norbert r 41 Pine 
— Paul jr (Margt F) supvr h 56 Waverley 

Oaks rd 
— Philip countermn r 41 Pine 
— Telesphore (Exilda) carp h 130 Princeton 


Champion Art School (Chauncey J Champion) 

47 Moody 
— Chauncey J (Champion Art School 47 

Moody r 19 Maple 
— Leland musn r 35B Maple 
— Lenoir G (Gladys T) ins adjuster h 21 


— Nettie M Mrs r 19 Maple 

—Pauline M, WW Co r 730 Moody 

— Robt C r 19 Brown 

— Verni M Mrs, WWCo h 19 Brown 

Chancey Fredk F (Emma M) h 116 Warren 

Chandler Clarence E (Florence S) WW Co h 

44 Fuller 
— Doris Mrs slswmn r 30 Appleton 
— Edith F Mrs bkpr WM Works r 170 Par- 

menter rd, W Newton 
—Emma L wid Wm C h 137 Alder 
— Evelyn M married Conrad Isaacson 
— Florence L studt r 44 Fuller 
— Harriet wid Earl H h 147 Trapelo rd 
— Harriett atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
—Helen V elk The Waltham Natl Bank r 

137 Alder 
Chandnoit Frank J (Emma C) pntr h 110 

— Jos jr (F Gertrude) mason h 417 River 
Chandonait Arthur E (Anna E) mgr 121 Ham- 
mond h 47 Guinan 
Chandonant Alfonse, WW Co r at Westford 

Chandonoit Jos (Mary) lab h 75 Bright 
— Wm T printer 18 Pine r 75 Bright 
Chane Chas L (Rose M) auto rpr h 848 

Chapin Dorothy M Mrs, WW Co r 80 Myrtle 
—Ella H, WW Co r 222 Brown 
— Evelyn Mrs opr WB&P Co h 11 Gardner 
—Frank W h 257 School 
CHAPIN GEORGE L pure milk and cream 

247 Bacon h do — See page 103 
— Howard (Evelyn) roofer r 11 Gardner 
— Isabella A nurse r 8 Prospect 
— Leslie M (Sadie D) milkmn h 247 Bacon 
—Mary H wid Geo H died Dec 19 1931 
—Mary L Mrs h 68 Hall 
—Rita M insp r 68 Hall 
Chapman Edgar W (Myra E) plstr r 189 

— Elwin A (Emily F) supt (W'town) h 37 

Marianne rd 
—Myra E Mrs, WW Co r 189 Brown 
—Otto (Gertrude) caretkr h 28 Hardy's Pond 

Charbonneau Arthur r 17 Russell 
— Louis (Louise W) (West End Pharmacy) 

882 Main h 75 Irving 
—Mary Mrs, WW Co r 128 Felton 
— Raymond (Mary) h 17 Russell 
Charest Bertha r 195£ Newton 
— Emil (Georgianna) carp h 195£ Newton 
Charles Harry E (Edith) plmbr h 212 Bacon 
— Street Garage (Roy L Downing) 40 Charles 
Charlton Gerald (Pearl) slsmn h 104 Bright 
Charnley Doris elk 45 Moody r 95 Myrtle 
— Emma E Mrs elk 11 Beaver cor Warren r 

21 Dexter 
—Thos (Emma S) (Watch City Window 

Cleaning Co) 95 Myrtle h do 
— Thos jr (Emma E) atndt h 21 Dexter 
Charpentier Marietta L atndt 775 Trapelo 

rd r do 

Charron Peter (Evelyn) auto mech h 9 Chest- 
nut pk 
Chartier Leon B (Marion F) formn (W'town) 

h 7 Mayall rd 
—Mae, WW Co r 22 Auburn 
Chase Alex F (Isabella D) mach WM Works 

h 75 High 
—Anna Mrs, WW Co r 187 River 
— Cedric G (Gertrude S) developing, print- 
ing and enlarging 53 Moody h 15 Cham- 
berlain ter 
— Cedric G jr studt r 15 Chamberlain ter 
— Chas E instrument mkr r 75 High 
— Chas F h 57 Prospect 
—Clarence W (Isabelle L) WW Co h 64 

— Edgar H (Alice A) toolmkr h 34 Chester 

—Emma I (Mrs Jos W) died Dec 31 1930 
— H Gibson slsmn 697 Main r 15 Chamber- 
lain ter 
— Herbert slsmn r 15 Chamberlain ter 
—Howard R (Eliz C) mach h 62 Maple 
— John (Anna C) restr wkr (B) h 187 River 
— Jos W (Annie D) jan h 70£ Rich 
— Louise M wid Wm H r 19 Whitford ter 
— Mary J M wid Aaron died Dec 1 1933 
— Olive cook Walter E Fernald State sch r 

— Rozilla S studt r 15 Chamberlain ter 
— Vera A married Edwd L Groves 
— Wm A (Anna M) mach 48 Woerd av h 8 

Wamsutta av 
Chasson Mary A waitress 564 Moody r 240 

Chateau Lunch (Walter C Hansen) 195 

Chauncey Newhall School 220 Charles 



Cheney Elsie elk 433 Moody r 3 Winthrop 

— H Howard (Annie) musn h 698 Lincoln 

—Henry M (Mary I) died July 4 1931 

— Margt drsmkr r 79 Cherry 

— Mary I wid Henry M h 3 Winthrop 

— Robt B (Anne M) instr (MIT, Cambridge) 

h 185 Trapelo rd 
Cheney's Block 6-10 Church 
Cheskis Jos I dean University of Mass 423 

South h 5 Ruthven Rox 
— Theresa R r 91 Crescent 
Chesley Jas L (Henrietta A) photog h 15 

Chiabrandy Robt rem to Winthrop 
Chiafaro Theresa, WW Co r 70 Frances 
Chiarelli Michl chauf r 122 Charles 
—Stella M Mrs h 2 Mack's ct 
Chiasson Adelard (Mary E) h 66 Dix 
—Alex J (Eliz C) WW Co r 48 Lyman 
— Alphonse A r 66 Dix 
— Arsene lab r 47 Hall 
— Arsene G lab r 47 Hall 
— Arthur G r 39 Common 
— Chas D (Isabelle F) lndrymn h 20£ Middle 
— Emilien H hlpr r 47 Hall 
— Gilbert J (Eveline M) mach h 39 Common 
— Harry T gas tank wkr r 66 Dix 
— Henry (Mary E) mach h 87 Fiske 
— Jerome (Julia) car rnr B&M h 21 Lyman 


— John lab r 8 Liverpool lane 

— John J uphol r 240 Newton 

— Jos 66 Woerd av r 39 Robbins 

— Jos (Mary) carp 121 Clark h do 

— Jos (Louise) lab h 64A Charles 

— Julia lndrywkr r 4 Liberty 

— Leo J paint wkr r 66 Dix 

— Louis A (Lucy) millwright h 22 Hamblin 

— Matilda Mrs h 240 Newton 
— Medie r 27 Felton 
— Moise M (Angeline) WW Co h 21 Brown's 


— Patk V (Mary) carp r 112 Bright 

— Paul (Mary) bleachery wkr h 27 Felton 

— Simon M mill hand r 240 Newton 

— Thos F (Atie) hlpr 48 Woerd av h 85 

— Thos J (Cecelia) carp h 112 Bright 
— Timothy L hlpr r 21 Brown's av 
— Wm (Minnie) hlpr 48 Woerd av h 34 

— Wm J caddy r 22 Hamblin rd 
— see Chaisson 

Chicco Antonio (Mary) lab h 23 Williams 
— Carmelo r 47 Williams 
— Frank lab r 23 Williams 
— John (Angelina) h 55 Williams 
— Mary r 23 Williams 
— Michl r 23 Williams 
— Wm J (Eliz A) lab h 25 Williams 
Childo Howard D, WW Co r 75 Gardner 
Childs A Garland jr slsmn r 520 Lexington 
— Alice P h 528 Lexington 
—Arthur G (Isabella W) milk (Somv) h 520 

— Eleanor L tchr Senior High sch 55 School 

r 449 Lexington 
— Eleanor W tchr physical education Henry 

Whittemore sch r 520 Lexington 
— Elliot F transitmn Public works dept City 

Hall r 520 Lexington 
— Frank E (Susan C) bus opr h 605 Lexing- 
—Harris L (A Blanche) cond B&M h 449 

— Howard D (Alice M) mach h 350 Newton 
— Marion R elk r 536 Lexington 
— Marjorie W librarian (B)r 520 Lexington 


— Melvin F (Ida B) died Oct 18 1931 

— Thos L r 605 Lexington 

— Wm B (Alice R) milk (Somv) h 536 Lex- 

Chillemi Salvatore (Carmella) barber 8 Fran- 
cis h 17 Wellington 

Chilton Grover C (Lucia D) glazier h 16 
Hibiscus av 

Chiofaro Saml r 70 Francis 

Chipman Catherine E psychologist Walter E 
Fernald State sch r do 

Chisholm Agnes M elk 315 Moody r 78 Tay- 

— Angus M truckmn r 20 Fiske 

— Catherine slswmn r 20 Fiske 

— Helen M atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 
r do 

— Howard L (Bertha) mgr Elm Spring Farm 

Co 390 Main r at Somerville 
— Jeannette C lawyer 20 Fiske r do 
— Jessie nurse rear 85 Exchange 
— John A linemn EEI Co Cooper st r Bemis 

st Weston 
— John A (Agnes M) stmftr h 121 Chestnut 
— John J truckmn r 20 Fiske 
— John T (Anna M) millwright h 20 Fiske 
— Richd troublemn EEI Co Cooper st r Bemis 

— Saml J (Alice M) shipper h 32 Cushing 
—Wilfred P elk 94 Adams r 78 Taylor 
— Wm (Mary) lab h 78 Taylor 
— Wm C (Alice M) chauf h 79 Guinan 
Chittick A Medley (Gertrude M) rubber wkr 

h 15 Dennison 
Chosid Anna wid Gidal r 916A Main 
Christ Episcopal Church 750 Main Geo O Ek- 

wall pastor 

Christensen Ellen M r 69 Hollace 

— John r 69 Hollace 

— Niels C (Anna C) mach h 69 Hollace 

— Oda M (Mrs Albert) died Mar 11 1931 

— Ove eng r 69 Hollace 

Christenson Carl O (Ruth E) florist (B) h 

160 Riverview 
Christian Brothers, Brother Benignus dir 20 

— Science Reading Room 686 Main 
Christiansen Arthur M (Loretta R) auto 

mech r 14 Auburn 
Christianson Anna wid Christian opr 157 

High r 68 Hall 
Christie Chas (Ruth) gas sta h 44 River- 
— Jennie M wid Edwd F h Lakeview av cor 

Overlook rd 
— Sadie I atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
Christmas Wm H (Amanda N) civ eng h 1 

Cutler ct 
Christobel Vivian rem to Boston 
Christy H Elmer lab 100 Seyon av h 36 Glen 

Church of Our Lady (RC) 855 Trapelo rd 

Rev Alf J MacDonald pastor 
— of Our Savior (Univ) Main st Edgar R 

Walker pastor 
— of the Ascension (Episcopal) Moody cor 

High Hugh Wallace Smith rector (Newt) 
— of the Nazarene 33 Myrtle Nathan H Wash- 
burn pastor 
— Street Cemetery 65 Church 
Churchill Chas E cashr r 137 Crescent 
— Laura A wid John r 132 Russell 
— Mary A wid Thos A h 21 Fuller 
—Robt L (Charlotte) mgr 300 Moody r 21 

Chute Jas E (Bessie H) auto mech h 201 





— Leonard E (Margt E) auto mech h 13 Rob- 

— Wm E (Nellie B) tower man B&M 61 Elm 
h 136 Alder 

Ciano Antonio upholsterer's hlpr 876 Main r 
Middle-st pi 

— Frances wid Jas h 10 Middle-st pi 

— Jos lab r 10 Middle-st pi 

Ciarletta Delfina H asst bkpr 621 Moody r 14 

— Helen asst bkpr r 14 Curtis 

— Ilario (Casiodia) lab h 14 Curtis 

— P Louise sten 41 Lexington r 14 Curtis 

Cievardoni Albert r 103 Taylor 

— Anna rubber wkr (W'town) r 103 Tay- 

— Louis (Concilia) baker h 103 Taylor 

Ciccolo Jennie r 18 Humboldt 

— John H tailor r 18 Humboldt 

— Philip (Antoinette) auto mech h 18 Hum- 

Ciensi Francesca wid Rosario h 198 Chest- 
Ciminata Carmelo (Concetta^ lab h 54 Charles 
— Sebastian (Sarah) h 170 Felton 
Cimino Antonio (Mary) variety store 39 Oak 

r 196 River 
— Christopher A (Esther T) chauf h 254 River 
— Dennis (Nellie) lather h 96A Charles 
— Dorothy R nurse r 189 Brown 
— Edwd A (Eliz K) tchr h 62 Boynton 
Cincotta Angelina wid Giuseppe r 172 Felton 
— Angelo (Catherine) farmer h 4 Auburn ter 
— Angie F knitter r 7 Dexter 
— Anthony (Gertrude M) truckmn 367 River 

h do 
— Antonio (Mary) produce h 215 School 
— Frank h 87 Felton 
— Gaetano (Maria) baker h 938 Main 
— Jennie M mica wkr 66 Woerd av r 87 Fel- 

— Jos (Blanche) truckmn 402 River h do 

— Lawrence lab r 4 Auburn ter 

—Mary V, WW Co h 7 Dexter 

— Stephen (Josephine C) atndt 69 River h 

rear 79 do 
— Thos (Mary) baker 938 Main h do 
Cincotti Botolmeo (Marie) lab h 5 Gorham 
Cipriano Lawrence barber r 61 Dix 
— Mary L r 61 Dix 
— Pasquale (Mary) mason h 61 Dix 
Citrano Tito (Julia) rem to Boston 
City Hall 614 Main 
—Hall Grill (Paul F O'Donnell) restr 613 

— of Waltham see Waltham City of 
Civacco Concetta Mrs h 47 Calvary 
Civetta Marie, WW Co r 22 High 
Civette Antonio (Carmela) team formn EEI 

Co Cooper st h 47 Ashmont Newton 
— Pasquale (Anna Maria) lineman EEI Co 

Cooper st h 44 West Newton 
Claffey Catharine E, WW Co r 49 Robbins 
— Ellen A wid Patk h 49 Robbins 
— Helen A tube mkr r 49 Robbins 
— John (Louise) milkmn h 71 Beal rd 
— John J lndrywkr r 49 Robbins 
Claflin Jos V (Mary M) pntr h 265 Robbins 
Clair Arch E (Mildred J) mgr h 89 Adams 
—John C (Clara F) ins (B) h 20 Linden 
Clancy Forrest W (Lee T) service mgr 400 

Main h 95 Beal rd 
—John J (Eliz M) (School Street Market) 

100 School h 2 MtPleasant 
— Nellie Mrs rem to Lexington 
— see Glancy 

Clapp Beatrice h 34 Linden 
— Fredk R (Amy F) carp 202 Robbins h do 


— Kenneth L stockmn 305 Moody r 202 Rob- 

— Lyndon (Edith B) civ eng h 253 Brown 

— Olive T wid Chas tchr Senior High sch r 
430 Centre Newt 

— Raymond L (Jean) mgr 131 Lexington h 
162 Dale 

— Sara h wid Monroe r 154 Ash 

— Winthrop L (Irene F) slsmn (B) h 4 Ches- 
ter av 

Clare Maurice F (Cora M) slsmn h 37 Gor- 

— Maurice P r 37 Gordon 

— Peter r 72 Charles 

— Robt W (Eva M) silversmith h Pine Hill 

Clark Alden (Louisa H) farmer h 399 Lexing- 

— Anna L Mrs mus tchr 248 Brown r do 

— Annie B, WW Co r 94£ Francis 

—Bertha L h 39 Vernon 

—Bertha V sten (B) r 31 Crafts 

— Bros Coal Co Howard L Welt mgr 567 

— Champ L r 770 Lexington 

—Chas H (Hyacinth M) chauf h 3 Plympton 

— Chas J h 94^ Francis 

—Chas M (Ella M) slsmn (B) h 236 Dale 

— Chas P (Winifred V) auto rpr h 770 Lexing- 

— Chester H (Mildred F) hardware 679 Main 

h 428 Lexington 
— Chester H studt r 428 Lexington 
—Dolly C, WW Co r 22A Wash av 
— Doris H elk 223 Moody r 83 Columbus av 
— Dow A (Antoinette L) slsmn h 21 Murray 
— Edmund J chauf r 58 Massasoit 
— Edna wid Chas h 58 Cherry 
— Eliz C atndt Walter E Fernald State sch r 

—Ellen h 179 School 
— Ellery D studt r 61 Lawrence 
— Eug (Evelyn) WW Co r 130 Brown 
—Evelyn R Mrs, WW Co r 130 Brown 
— Frank D r 21 Murray 
— G Aldersey (Adele P) landscape archt 61 

Lawrence h do 
— Geo A (Anna L) mus tchr 248 Brown r 

CLARK GEORGE A (Elizabeth D) funeral 
director 29 Spruce h 22 do — See page 87 
— Geo F (Alice M) mach h 231 Dale 
— Geo W (Eliz D) cook h 17 Lakeview ter 
— Georgiana died Feb 7 1931 , 
— Henry W (Helen M) civ eng h 29 Haw- 
thorne rd 
—Herbert A (Adeline) (Webster Studio) 211 

Moody rm 7 h 315 Crafts Newtonville 
—Herbert F, WW Co r 34 Crafts 
— Homer P elk r 110 Chestnut 
— Howard C driver 402 Lexington r do 
— Howard J mgr 995 Main r at Maynard 
— Howard P r 35 Fiske 
— Irene G slswmn r 35 Fiske 
— J Harold (Dorothy) patent attorney (B) 

h 21 Brookfield rd 
— John W (Linnie M) gas ftr h 35 Fiske 
— Jos T (Mary J) elk h 56 Massasoit 
— Julius D (Julia H) car rpr B&M h 58 

— Leon E (Ida E) mgr 371 Moody rm 104 h 

92 Riverview av 
— Leonard (Harriett) WW Co r 145 Brown 
— Levi (Mary J) milk 402 Lexington h do 
— Lilly B Mrs r 410 Lexington 
— Lois R studt r 231 Dale 
— Louise K wid Leslie, WW Co r 33 Rob- 




— Margt A atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
— Marion I Mrs h 7 Kingsley's ct 
— Muriel bkpr r 83 Dale 
— Nellie M rem to Portland Me 
— Nelson W (Lillian M) carp h 83 Dale 
— Philip H studt r 61 Lawrence 
— Raymond F (Mabelle B) slsmn h 233 Low- 
— Richd C (Catherine J) toolmkr h 31 Brown 
— Richd P civ eng r 61 Lawrence 
—Roy H (Belle M) bkpr h 193 Brown 
— Saml E city msngr City Hall h 333 Cres- 
—Susan H wid Henry M died Nov 8 1932 
—Waldo H r 193 Brown 
— Walter kitchenmn 775 Trapelo rd r do 
— Walter J (Lillian M) chauf h 5 Alder ter 
— Wm J (Jennie V) stmftr (B) h Braemore 

— Wm J (Ella M) died Feb 18 1931 
— Wm V (H Adele) cond B&M h 110 Chest- 

Clarke Adelman E (Nellie E) slsmn h 46 

—Albert T (Mary C) toolmkr h 66 Brown 
— Annie r 94 Adams 

— Bertrand M (Hope M) slsmn h 326 Bacon 
— E Eldredge acct (B) r 46 Wellington 
— Edwd gardnr Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
— Elfleda M wid Fred C r 326 Bacon 
— Gilbert (Marjorie) elk h 99 Overland rd 
— John F mach r 175 Charles 
— Jos r 88 Marlborough rd 
— Jos r 32 Yetten ter 
— Margt r 32 Yetten ter 
— Mary E wid Thos A h 175 Charles 
—Mary R, WW Co r 175 Charles 
— Maude silk winder r 88 Marlborough rd 
— Peter J (Margt L) mgr h 48 Highland 
— Walter J carrier PO 738 Main r 175 Charles 
—Walter J, WW Co r 175 Charles 
— Wm h 32 Yetten ter 
— Wm B (Violet) slsmn h 11 Underwood pk 
Clarkson Chas E comp r 21 Gorham 
— Chas F mach h 21 Gorham 
— Chester E (Clarkson Furniture Co) 600 

Main r 598 do 
— Edith A buckle wkr r 21 Gorham 
— Francis H mach r 21 Gorham 
— Fredk W (Helen B) laddermn Ladder No 1 

h 73 Fiske 
— Furniture Co (Chester E Clarkson) 600 


— Lavinia wid John H h 598 Main 

—Mary Jane (Mrs Chas F) died Nov 9 1930 

— Wilfred mach r 21 Gorham 

Clary Ethel M Mrs married Romeo Saverse 

rem to Boston 
Clasby Alice G nurse r 130 Adams 
— Chas M (Mary A) stockkpr h 97 Brown 
—Chester F (Stella M) acct h 128 Adams 
— Danl J electn 130 Adams r do 
— Doris E sten r 130 Adams 
—Edna V r 130 Adams 
— Frank J (Alice F) asst jan Senior High 

sch h 130 Adams 
—Geo W (Lillie M) h 15 Charles-st av 
— Hugh J (Katherine T) mach (Medford) h 

23 Linden 
—Hugh T undertaker 216 School h do 
— Jas F (Mary E) WW Co h 17 Bellevue 
— Jas J (Esther F) shtmtlwkr 218 School h 

—John A atndt h 216 School 
— Jos J chauf r 216 School 
— Mary J nurse r 15 Charles-st av 


—Mildred H sten 500 South r 130 Adams 
— Paul A countermn r 216 School 
—Phyllis M, WW Co r 130 Adams 
— Wm F (Inez M) elk Ry Ex 11 Carter h 

103 Pine 
Clatur C Dudley (Doris) asst supt 100 Seyon 

av h 115 Greenwood Melrose 
Clavin Ann E elk 271 Moody r 25 Cushing 
— C Henry (Emma) pntr 25 Cushing h do 
Clay Zenas h Shore rd 
Claypole Arthur H (Ethel G) elk PO 738 

Main h 227 Robbins 
— Phyllis M married Russell Cook 
Clayton Edwin (Mattie P) treas Clayton Mfg 

Co 157 High h 31 Rockridge rd 
— Erna L dietitian r 31 Rockridge rd 
— Julia, WW Co r at Newton 
—Mfg Co 157 High inc '17 Mattie P Clayton 

pres Willard H Frye sec-asst treas Edwin 

Clayton treas knit underwear 
Cleary Chas P (Mary K) elk r 34 John 
— Danl J (May A) mill hand h 2 River av 
— Donald (Loretta) mach r 5 Hope av 
— Maynard G, USN r 71 Pine 
— Paul J (Alice R) paper mkr h 60 Alder 
— Ruth sten r 17 Craven circle 
— Thos F (Mary A) h 34 John 
— Wm K (Marie I) mach WB&P Co h 71 


Cleaves Earle M studt r 49 Wash av 

— Edgar P (Ella M) carp 49 Wash av h do 

— Marjorie tchr r 49 Wash av 

— Wynne P carp r 49 Wash av 

Clematis Brook RR Station 109 Beaver nr 

Waverley Oaks rd 
— Brook Sand & Gravel Co 42 Beal rd sand pit 

Beaver st at Clematis Brook sta Chas H 

Hodge pres John S Lovell sec Virgil C 

Brink v-pres-treas 
Clemence John R (Viola B) carp h 21 Stow 
Clemens Frank R r 26 High 
Clement Lilla E tchr Senior High sch r 31 

— Velma tchr r 254 Lowell 
— Wm D (Clara H) jewelers' lathe mfr 129 

Bacon h 254 Lowell 

Clementi Paul (Jennie) lab h 20 Fountain 

Clemons Byron C butcher r 1826 Trapelo rd 

Clere Earl P (Edith) r 764 Lexington 

— Eliz H Mrs h 764 Lexington 

Clifford Florence, WW Co r 275 Crescent 

—Helen R r 1 Gibbs ct 

— Jeremiah J (Margt M) shoe wkr h 8 Under- 
wood pk 

— Joanna wid John W h 53 Francis 

— John E yard brakemn B&M 62 Elm h 1 
Gibbs ct 

—Jos L (Sylvia) office mgr 1295 Main h 1316 

— S Francis slsmn r 1 Gibbs ct 

— Warren L (Lucy) shipper (B) h rear 254 

— Wm A, WW Co r 65 Ash 

Clifton Edith L married Robt True rem to 

— Leonard P (Mary) real est h 623 South 

Climo Ruth tel solctr 552 South r at Wake- 

Cline David (Nettie U) pres-treas Cline Uphol- 
stery Co 150 Moody r 12 Franklin Bel- 

— Herman (Florence) v-pres Cline Uphol- 
stery Co 150 Moody r at Brookline 

— Upholstery Co 150 Moody David Cline pres- 
treas Herman Cline v-pres upholstery 

Clinton Kathryn E, WW Co r 225 Adams 

Clishee Dorothy P, WW Co r at Maiden 



Cloherty Anna 66 Woerd av r 33 Eddy 

—John E (Catherine E) lab h 33 Eddy 

— John E jr rem to Acton 

— Margt E married Arthur Morrissey 

—Mary C, WW Co r 33 Eddy 

— P Jos r 33 Eddy 

Cloonan Edwd A (Mary M) capt police 25 

Lexington h 230 School 
— Francis B (Eliz) slsmn (B) h 144 Ellison 

Cloonen Catherine F nurse r 461 Main 
— Louise C h 461 Main 
—Mary A elk (B) r 461 Main 
Cloran Eliz J, WW Co r 70 Maple 
— Frances A buckle wkr r 70 Maple 
— Nora H wid Patk r 70 Maple 
Clorin Catharine Mrs, WW Co r 93 Cherry 
— Edwd J (Catherine) waterproofer h 193 


Clouette Edmond died Apr 12 1931 

— Marie wid Edmund h 43 Floyd 

Clough Albion F r 50 Weston 

—Ella J (Mrs A Frank) died June 14 1932 

— Maurice pres Bunten Hardware Co Inc 373 

— Milford C (Ida J) h 10 Laurel av 
— Milford J (Lillian A) hoseman Engine Co 

1 h 374 Newton 
— Ruby M elk r 10 Laurel av 
Cloutier Meddie G (Mary J) r 138 Vernon 
Cloyes May L wid Frank, WW Co r 94 Adams 
Cluff Geo M (Flora K) elk PO (B) h 15 Fair- 
mont av 

Coady Anna J, WW Co h at W Newton 
Coakley Dudley P (Margt V) poultrymn h 369 

— Florence M r 79 Central 
— Helen A timekpr r 13 Wellington 
—Helen E elk 267 Moody r 369 Main 
— Jerome M (Alice I) presser 552 South h 

982 Main 
— John W (Eliza J) slsmn h 79 Central 
—Margt E wid Danl F h 13 Wellington 
—Margt M elk 138 River r 369 Main 
— Robt J clothes clnr r 13 Wellington 
Cobb Clifford S (Helen M) pres Clifford S 
Cobb Company 720 Main h 5 Elba Bline 
— Clifford S Company 720 Main inc '06 Clif- 
ford S Cobb pres Albert R Cameron v- 
pres Frances D Maguire elk Earl V Ga- 
vaza treas department store 
— Dorothy R studt r 29 Harris 
— Earland S (Jane) rem to Cambridge 
— Ernest J musn r 29 Harris 
— Ethel R slswmn (B) r 29 Harris 
—Geo T (Rosa G) elk 348 Newton h 29 

—Geo T jr (Edna C) elk (B) h 9 Lowell 
—John E (Mae F) 720 Main h 460 Lexing- 
— Marion B slswmn (B) r 29 Harris 
Cobbs Margt E sten r 89 Brown 
Coburn Chas E (Mabel J> carrier PO 738 

Main h 82 Prentice 
— Donald A (Blanche C) firemn h 59 Grove 
— Eva M hairdrsr 177 Robbins r do 
—Gertrude I, WW Co r 177 Robbins 
— Rosetta E wid Lorenzo h 177 Robbins 
— see Colburn 

Cobuzzi Angelo lab r 82 Bacon 
— Constanzo (Pauline) foreman B&M h 82 

Cocchiara Egidio box mkr r 13 Muldoon's ct 
— Eug box mkr r 121 Pine 
—Fred mill hand h 121 Pine 
— Mario tailor r 121 Pine 
Cocco Dominick (Eliz) farmer h 95 Central 
— Dominick jr lab r 95 Central 
— Gilda R r 95 Central 

Cocivera Sebastiano (Anna) shoe rpr 4 Pros- 
pect r 63 Pine 
Cocker Bertha maid 505 Trapelo rd r do 
Cody Arthur J (Beatrice D) (Used Car Ser- 
vice) 400 Main r at Brighton 
— Elsie S wid Thos F r Prospect Hill rd 
— Harry E (Loretta C) slsmn 215 Lexington 

h 109 Overland rd 
— Hugh florist 105 Trapelo rd r at Waver- 

— John opr r 22 Cutter 

— Julia waitress rear 332 Main r do 

— Kathleen mach opr r Prospect Hill rd 

— Michl (Delia) lab h 22 Cutter 

— Michl F r 22 Cutter 

—Patk J r 22 Cutter 

—Thos J r 22 Cutter 

— Walter rem to W'town 

Codyer Alma M wid Thos F died May 14 

—Edwd R (Eliz M) died Jan 1 1933 
— Henry B (Catherine R) mgr 839A Main r 

216 Ash 

—John J (Evelyn M) tinsmith 723 Main h 2 
Lexington, W Newton 

—Margt M bkpr 723 Main r 89 Alder 

—Mary F r 89 Alder 

— Mary J r 89 Alder 

— Mary M assessor City Hall h 216 Ash 

— Peter M (Jennie A) (Codyer & Cavanagh) 
723 Main h 89 Alder 

—Thos F (Ellen E) chief opr 96 Pine h 100 

—Walter H tinsmith r 216 Ash 

— & Cavanagh (Peter M Codyer) kitchen furn- 
ishings 723 Main 

Coen Annie L h 126 Pine 

—Bernard A (Rose M) died Aug 8 1932 

— Evelyn G paper wkr r 74 Taylor 

— Frank P (Eliz N) variety 8 Elm r 9 do 

— John A chauf 216 Newton r 34 Yetten ter 

—John J (Theresa) lab h 74 Taylor 

—John J (Bertha E) WW Co h 22 Emery 

—Mary A elk 8 Elm h 9 do 

— Mary E r 74 Taylor 

— Rose M wid Bernard A h 796 Beaver 

— Wm C lab r 74 Taylor 

— see Cohen Cowen and Coyne 

Coffey Fredk E mgr 701 Moody r 730 do 

—Susan E elk 16 Spring h 590 Main 

Coffin Asenath M wid Willard r 15 Irving 

—Ella L wid Edgar H r 30 Ash 

—Lloyd H (Mildred A) hlpr r 66 Central 

— Marion I wid Arthur r 28 Gilbert 

—Willard E (Marion B) mach WM Works h 

25 Hawthorne rd 
Coghlan Helen T r 8£ Sun 
— Henry J (Catherine M) signalmn B&M h 

982 Main 
— John F rem to W Concord 
—Leo E lab r 8i Sun 
—Michl lab r 8i Sun 
— Wm (Ellen C) mason h 8£ Sun 
— see Coughlan 
Cohen Bessie (Mrs Louis) died March 17 

— Henry B (Emeline) mgr 378 Moody h 12 

Berkshire rd 

—Louis died Feb 21 1933 

— Mary A wid Meyer r 639 Trapelo rd 

— Max (Personal Automobile Service) 11 

Francis r 31 Grant pi 
— Rose Mrs (Dorothy Melba Shop) dresses 

489 Moody r 94 Corey Brookline 
— see Cowen Coyne and Coen 
Cohn Jacob (Sarah) junk h 31 Grant pi 
— Max garage r 418 Main 
—Rose elk 305 Moody r 31 Grant pi 




— Saml Arthur phys 15 Church r 31 Grant 

Cohoon Fred L r 87 Ash 
Coker Jesse Rev (Emma M) h 1 Barnes 
— Josiah florist r 1 Barnes 
Colantropo Josephine slswmn r 153 Calvary 
COLANTROPO S (Sebastiano Colantropo) 

mason contractors and builders 153 Cal- 
vary — See page 81 
— Sebastiano (Seraphinie) (S Colantropo) 

153 Calvary h do 
Colarullo Geo C elk 735 Moody r 38 Robbins 
Colarusso Albert P ins agt 267 Moody r 254 

Webster Cambridge 
Colbert John A (Laura) mgr 688A Main and 

224 Newton h 14 Appleton ter W'town 
Colbin Norman (Mildred M) gas sta h 13 

Wash av 
Colburn Agnes S wid John C lodginghouse 

18-20 Crescent h do 
— Eliz M wid Wm G h 14 Colburn 
—Geo H (L Edith) printer h 210 Brown 
— Gertrude M r 210 Brown 
— Jeannette sten (B) r 251$ Charles 
— Olive wid Geo h 251$ Charles 
— see Coburn 
Colby Calla M Mrs (The Waltham Wet 

Wash) 33 Rumford av r 54 Riverview 

—Clifford R (Calla M) lndry h 54 Riverview 


Colcord John E (Hazel C) rubber wkr h 30 
Amherst av 

Coldwell Brenton S (Mary) mach r 127 Cres- 

— Fred H barnmn r 27 Everett 

Cole Arthur J dye wkr r 205 River 

— Arthur L (Emmie L) h 17 Gore 

— Chas r 94 Adams 

— Constance hairdrsr r 94 Adams 

—Florence H Mrs, WW Co h 18 Chester 

— Harold W (Marion O) slsmn h 16 Chestnut 

—John E (Florence H) WW Co r 18 Chester 

— Margt L, WW Co r 18 Chester av 

— Marion B Mrs, WW Co r at Auburndale 

— Neal W (Susie A) lab h 29 Heard 

— Victoria M winder r 205 River 

— see Kohl 

Colebert John A (Laura) mgr 224 Newton 
h 14 Appleton ter W'town 

Colella Lorenzo r 32 Fountain 

— Nicola (Rose M) watchmn 234 Moody h 32 

—Rose M Mrs, WW Co r 32 Fountain 

Coleman Anna F Mrs mach opr r 55 Lyman 

Coleman) real estate and insurance 200 
Moody — See page 114 

— Carl (Catherine E) rubber worker r 230 

—Ellen M Mrs, WW Co r 32 Sterling rd 

— Geo A slsmn 200 Moody r 15 Bacon 

—Geo W, WW Co r at W'town 

— Greta C sec Riverside Paint & Varnish Co 
87 Rumford av r at Cambridge 

—Hazel, WW Co r 18 Dix 

—Henry (Ellen) elk h 32 Sterling rd 

— J Edwd rem to Waverley 

—John J (Mary A) slsmn 10 Felton h 25 Ba- 

— John J jr r 25 Bacon 

—Margt M Mrs, WW Co r 50 Fiske 

— Marion E Mrs elk 875 Main r at Brighton 

—Martin J (Eliz F) (Coleman "At the 
Bridge") 200 Moody h 15 Bacon 

— Mary E sten r 25 Bacon 


— Patk H (Margt A) slsmn h 85 Howard 

— Robt L studt r 15 Bacon 

— Walter F (Catherine C) shipper 140 Lex- 
ington h 107 Pond 

Colican Anne J nurse r 510 Main 

Collagan Edith (Walter and Edith Collagan 
School of Dancing) 333 Moody h 26 

Ida B r 94 Adams 

—Walter (Edith) (Walter and Edith Colla- 
gan School of Dancing) 333 Moody h 26 

OF DANCING (Walter and Edith Colla- 
gan) 333 Moody— See page 118 

Collett Edith A Mrs, WW Co r 9 Sharon 

— Geo mach opr r 9 Sharon 

— Richd J (Edith A) mach 414 Moody h 9 

— Wm M (Eva E) baker h 27 Gorham 

Collette Albert J lab r 1801 Trapelo rd 

—Arthur J, WW Co r 1801 Trapelo rd 

— Thos farmer h 1801 Trapelo rd 

Colletto Chas (Margt) fruit 436 Moody h 436 

— Sully (Mary) fruit 625 Main h 15 Lyman 

Collier Nelson B r 60 Massasoit 

— Norman F (Lucy E) carp h 60 Massasoit 

— Roland E elk r 60 Massasoit 

Colligan Chas E studt r 21 Leonard 

—John L (Catherine A) h 208 River 

— Lilly P wid Chas E elk public works dept 
City Hall r 21 Leonard 

Collins Agnes B r 10 Crafts 

— Alice L asst buyer h 10 Crafts 

— Annetta r 80 Church 

— Catherine B wid John J h 79 Gardner 

— Catherine M bkpr r 16 Central 

— Celia R waitress r 79 Gardner 

—Chas E r 37 Central 

—Chas E chauf SO Co h 26 Elliott W'town 

—Chas P, WW Co r 35 Moore 

— Danl A, WW Co r at Arlington 

— Danl B (Margt A) mach h 98 Myrtle 

— Development Co 333 Moody rm 208 Roy V 
Collins pres I Vernon Weisbrod treas 
electric devices 

—Earl B (Bertha) slsmn 209 Moody h 166 
Highland av Somerville 

—Edwd J (Esther) shipper 169 Elm h at W 

— Edwd J timekpr public works dept City 

Hall r 2 Appleton 
— Edwd W elk r 16 Vernon 
— Eliz sec (Camb) r 378 Bacon 
—Ellen M r 375 Main 
— Frank (Margt) lab r 74 Adams 
— Frank J prntr Music Hall av r 590 Main 
— Frank J studt r 16 Vernon 
—Gerald r 56 Willow 
—Gertrude C Mrs h 56 Willow 
— Grace A nurse r 16 Vernon 
— Harry (Mary A) chauf r 84 South 
— Herbert F (Eleanor) insp 101 Seyon av h 

49 Hersom W'town 
— Jas H (Mary J) real est 9 Lexington r 2 

— Jas H jr slsmn r 2 Appleton 
— Jas J (Mary E) h 86 Oak 
—John A (Margt F) died Sept 12 1933 
— John C lawyer 681 Main rm 7 r 16 Vernon 
—John J (Ada H) elk 720 Main h 18 Eddy 
— John J (Alice F) cloth fnshr h 16 Central 
— John J opr rem to Winthrop 
— Jos M (Helen M) carrier PO 738 Main h 60 

— Josephine maid 579 Beaver 




— Lauretta atndt Walter E Fernald State sen 

r do 
— M Gertrude atndt Walter E Fernald State 

sen r do 
— Margt M r 80 Church 
— Marguerite D elk r 10 Crafts 
— Mary A r 16 Central 
—Mary A elk 467 Main h 80 Church 
— Mary A wid Thos S h 16 Vernon 
—Mary B sten (B&M, B) r 16 Vernon 
— Mary E insp r 39 Winthrop 
— Michl P real est 9 Lexington h 2 Appleton 

—Mildred A sten 285 Moody r 98 Myrtle 

— Paige rem to Medford Hillside 

— Patk P (Delia) buckle mkr h 35 Moore 

— Percy L r 56 Willow 

— Philip J lab r 79 Gardner 

— Philip J (Ruth J) mach r 24 Foundry av 

—Philip R, WW Co r 9 Middle 

— Ralph R shipper r 375 Main 

— Raymond E gardnr r 80 Church 

— Richd (Edna M) phys 826 Main h 378 Bacon 

— Richd jr 826 Main r 378 Bacon 

— Rose G stitcher r 80 Church 

— Roy V pres Collins Development Co 333 

Moody rm 208 h at Newtonville 
— Rufus W (age 101) r 375 Main 
—Ruth M elk 223 Moody r 9 Middle 
—Thos S (Mary A) died Dec 16 1932 
—Thos S jr (Helen M) mgr 893 Main h 16 

Oak Hill rd 
—Walter E r 56 Willow 
— Ward R (Marion J) carp h 375 Main 
Collomb Victor L (Irma M) mach h Montclair 


Colloton Wm J slsmn r 20 Townsend 
Collura Alphonse studt r 7 Mechanic 
— Biagio r 7 Mechanic 

— Chas (Lucy) box mkr (Medford) r 25 Clin- 
— Grace M insp r 11 Charles 
— Jas (Antonina) lab h 11 Charles 
— John (Annie) opr h 25 Clinton 
— Mary packer r 11 Charles 
— Philip (Sarah) battery mkr h 16 Sun 
— Rocco (Rose) rem to Quincy 
— Rosalia wid Giuseppe h 7 Mechanic 
— Salvatore (Anna M) r 1 Mechanic 

Colman Wm N mach 48 Woerd av h 194 

Parmenter rd, W Newton 
Colon Moses (Mary W) boat bldr h 10 Martyn 
— Xavier F died July 19 1931 
Colonial Filling Station 844 Moody 
— Rug Co (Chas E Harrington, John Merrin) 

18 Bedford 
Colson Axel P (Emily) h 81 Taylor 
— Grace A r 81 Taylor 
—Ruth A r 81 Taylor 
Colter Edith M knitter r 81 Ash 
Columbo Jos (Lucy) lab h 6 Calvary 
Columbus Pharmacy (Silvio T Moscatelli) 

207 Newton 
Colvin Angus A, WW Co r 33 Walnut 
— Arthur J bkpr r 31 Walnut 
— Elsie B wid Angus M h 31 Walnut 
— Norman (Mildred M) mgr 823 Moody h 11 

Wash av 

Colwell Amy K nurse h 9 Craven circle 

—Mary A (Mrs Chas H) died Oct 13 1932 

— see Caldwell 

Combs Irene, WW Co r 153 Ash 

Comeau Amedee J (Laudia M) lndrywkr h 21 

— Denis J (Augusta M) carp h 40 Orange 
— Elodie F Mrs bkpr 809 Main r 32A Eddy 
— Helen M Mrs packer h 250 Main 
— Jos (Angele) r 47 Guinan 


— Philip J (Celina M) carp h 15 Waverley 
— Philip L (Gertrude V) carp h 24 Derby 
— Resther N (Rose) carp h 17 Ripley 
— Robt W (Mary E) mach h 92 Robbins 
Comey Chas H (A Mae) slsmn h Montclair 

Comley Mary R tchr fine art public schools 

55 School r 462 Main 
Comman Jas E (Marguerite) (Comman & 

Reblin Co) 42 Felton r at Lexington 

COMMAN & REBLIN CO (James E Comman, 
Gordon S Reblin) doors, windows, 
frames, glass and garage doors 42 Felton 
See page 75 

Commons Edwd P chauf 216 Newton h 264 

—Walter H Rev (Bertha S) h 28 Wellington 

Como Helen L Mrs r 11 Cushing 

—Jas T, WW Co r 37 Pine 

— John W (Grace A) lunchroom 35-37 Pine h 
37 do 

Compton Frances C tchr South Junior High 
sch r 25 Adams 

— Josephine Mrs r 25 Adams 

Comstock Ethel L r 30 Fairmont av 

— Julia M elk r 30 Fairmont av 

— Wm B treas Waltham Savings Bank 702 
Main h 30 Fairmont av 

Comtor Company The rear 87 Rumford av 
Robt G Morse pres-treas tool mkrs 

Conant Sarah E wid Luman E h 118 Weston 

Concannon Bertha E sec r 99 Lexington 

— Delia h 12 Hammer 

— Delia maid 775 Trapelo rd r do 

— E Blenid elk City Auditor's office City Hall 
h 99 Lexington 

—Edwd P (Grace C) WW Co h 75 Grant 

—Ernest R r 85 High 

—John died Nov 28 1931 

— Leontina M r 99 Lexington 

— Loretta M h 99 Lexington 

— Marion H sten r 85 High 

—Mary A died July 6 1931 

—Patk H (Margt A) h 85 High 

— Thos F carp r 85 High 

— Thos F (Anna E) laddermn Ladder No 1 h 
31 Brigham rd 

Condlin Sarah F Mrs, WW Co r 41 William 

Condon Edwd F shoe wkr r 40 Walnut 

—Edwd J (Anna) atndt 179 High h 40 Wal- 

—John J (Nellie M) h 165 Chestnut 

—Walter J r 40 Walnut 

Cone Alice S r 11 Chamberlain ter 

— Sarah A nurse r 829 Lexington 

Coneeny John F (Delia E) plstr h 101 Bow- 
doin av 

Confer Dorothy R Mrs sec (Boston Law 
School) r 32 Fiske 

Confrey Paul J (Alice G) bkpr (B) r 38 

Congdon Benj O, WW Co r 41 Chester av 

Congregational Church 730 Main 

Conley Alice wid Danl P r 1097 Main 

— Caroline M bkpr r 40 Amherst av 

— Jennie M wid Michl h 40 Amherst av 

— Ronald (Rose) pntr r 566 Main 

Conlon Mary elk 223 Moody r at N Cambridge 

— Wm J (Alice B) cabtmkr h 99 Cushing 

Connair John J (Margt C) linemn EEI Co 
Cooper st h Station rd Lincoln 

Connarney Frances M bkpr r 216 Felton 

— Mary wid Martin h 216 Felton 

Connaughton Catherine M wid Richd died 
Dec 12 1932 

— Jas R r 12 Exchange 

— John J asst jan Public Library h 12 Ex- 




— Margt A bkpr 637 Main rm 1 r 12 Exchange 

— Patk elk r 228 School 

Conneare Mary L wid Patk h 48 Spring 

— Michl died Dec 14 1932 

—Patk (Mary L) died Oct 28 1932 

Connearney Alice E radio tube wkr r 14 Rip- 

— Annie lndrs 775 Trapelo rd r do 

— Benj E sten r 259 Calvary 

—Delia A J h 259 Calvary 

—Ellen A r 87 Rich 

— Jas B (Annie C) produce h 14 Ripley 

—John J (Anna P) mach 48 Woerd av h 38 

— Margt M stitcher r 259 Calvary 

—Margt T h 87 Rich 

— Martin S crossing tndr Hammond-st cross- 
ing r 87 Rich 

— Mary C married Placide Chaisson 

—Michl H died May 4 1931 

—Patk J (Mary J) lab h 30 Yetten ter 

— Rose Mrs domestic h 36 Curtis 

— see Connerney 

Conneely Frances B tchr Walter E Fernald 
State sch r do 

Connell Eliz r 104 Adams 

— Gladys V atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 
r do 

— Sabina A wid John E housekpr r 83 Lexing- 

— see McConnell and O'Connell 

Connelly Agnes L, WW Co r 14 Benefit 

— Albert r 7 Gorham 

— Alice E sten r 114 Alder 

— Annie A wid Jas J h 114 Brown 

— Arthur J elk r 12 Highland 

—Bridget M (Mrs Stephen T) died June 12 

— Catherine M tchr mus 94 Adams r do 

— Clarence C lab r 11 Castle 

— Dennis (Delia) lab h 7 Gorham 

— Edwd A (Mary A) WW Co h 116 Prospect 

— Edwd J (Lillian F) mach h 5 Central 

—Edwd P studt r 163i Chestnut 

— Frank D (Florence E) knitter 157 High h 
201 Robbins 

— Ida Mrs waitress r 96 Newton 

— John chauf r 17 Central 

— John (Isabelle) gardnr h 32 Massasoit 

— John hlpr r 7 Gorham 

— John F mgr 28 Crescent r 12 Highland 

— John J carp r 21 Summer av 

— John J (Mary V) meter reader Waltham 
Water Works 92 Felton r 163£ Chest- 

— John J jr r 163^ Chestnut 

—John P lab h 14 Benefit 

— Jos hlpr r 7 Gorham 

— Jos E r 116 Prospect 

— Jos J electn r 114 Brown 

— Leo A forester r 24 High 

—Lillian A, WW Co 

—Margt R studt r 163i Chestnut 

—Martin J (Margt E) lab h 12 Highland 

—Martin J jr (Mary) driver 1295 Main h 1199 

—Martin T (Esther M) supt PO 738 Main 
r 114 Church 

—Mary h 35 Beech 

—Mary opr WB&P Co r 7 Gorham 

—Michl r 250 South 

—Michl J h 539 South 

—Michl J (Bridget F) gatemn 120 Lyman h 
11 Castle 

— Patk driver 224 Newton h 114 Alder 

— Paul A sis mgr 200 Moody h 94 Adams 

— Raymond D (Dorothy M) h 814 Main 

—Stephen C (Lillian G) lab h 161 South 


— Stephen T police 25 Lexington h 21 Sum- 
mer av 

— Thos E r 14 Benefit 

— Thos H, WW Co r 12 Highland 

— Wm A (Emma M) auto mech 14 Pine r 24 

— Wm E hlpr r 163^ Chestnut 

— Wm J hosp wkr r 7 Gorham 

Connelly's Block 243-251 Moody 

— see Connolly 

Conner Ella F wid Chas L h 31 Robbins 

— Mae F r 110 Overland rd 

—Margt A (Mrs Roy G) died Sept 17 1933 

— May F r 27 Everett 

—Percy H (May E) gauge mkr h 27 Ever- 

— Roy G (Margt A) sec and adv mgr Waltham 
Publishing Co 18 Pine h 480 Lexington 

— see Connor and O'Connor 

Connerney Catherine L sten (B) h 74 Francis 

— Florence M sten (B) r 81 Dale 

—John F (Margt J) lab h 76 Francis 

—John W r 81 Dale 

— Louise J sten (B) r 81 Dale 

— Martin J (Franklin Lunch) 561 Main r 562 

— Mary A nurse r 81 Dale 

— Mary E drsmkr r 74 Francis 

— Michl cook 15 Lexington r 426 River 

—Michl died July 25 1932 

— Patk M (Ann M) slsmn h 16 Fiske 

—Thos J (Bridget M) tmstr h 81 Dale 

see Connearney 

Connery Rose, WW Co r 703 Moody 
Conniff Jas H (Gertrude K) dial mkr h 20 

Connolly Alice M Mrs, WW Co r 94 Bright 
— Anna I nurse r 8 Common 
—Anne M elk 285 Moody h 53 Chestnut 
—Chas E (Lovice P) mldr h 35B Maple 
— Coleman S (Mary D) meat ctr h 206 Charles 
—Delia A died Apr 14 1932 
— Esther J bkpr 285 Moody r 18 Brown 
— Frances X r 922 Main 

jag J r 24 High 

— Jas J (Annie M) bleacher h 270 School 

— John F chef r 85 Crescent 

— John F (Eliz) lab h 11 Charles-st av 

— John J chauf 115 Bright r Central st 

— Lawrence lab r 8 Yetten ter 

—Lillian A, WW Co r 15 Lowell 

— Loretta M r 15 Lowell 

— Margt M janitress r 46 Hall 

—Martin J (Mary J) chauf h 1199 Main 

— Martin J (Mary B) mgr 611 Main h 43 

— Mary A h 4 Brown's av 
— Mary A janitress 18 Pine h 46 Hall 
—Mary H wid Jos, WW Co h 18 Brown 
—Michl lab r 237 River 
— Michl J (Mary R) standing justice Second 

District Court of Eastern Middlesex and 

lawyer (52 Ames bldg B) h 922 Main 
—Michl J jr studt r 922 Main 
— Paul K lawyer r 922 Main 
—Peter (M Alice) r 94 Bright 
— Philip r 8 Yetten ter 
— Raymond B (Rebecca H) chauf h 36 Cush- 

— Stephen (Margt) h 8 Yetten ter 
— Theresa T insp r 15 Lowell 
— Veronica M married Wilton Baugh rem to 

— Wm J, WW Co r at Auburndale 
— see Connelly 
Connor John T Co see First National Stores 

— Marcus M r 71 Grant 




— Robt R (Bernadette) coremkr h 16 Com- 

— see Conner and O'Connor 

Connors Agnes typist (B) r 50 Parmenter rd 

— Annie F bkpr r 35 Willow 

— Austin M buckle. wkr r 24 Hall 

— Dennis r 590 Main 

— Dominic E (Katherine A) insp h 50 Par- 
menter rd 

— Edwd J (Mildred J) carp h 55 Prospect 
Hill rd 

— Edwd J (Marjorie E) mach 48 Woerd av 
h 100 Stow 

—Ellen A died July 18 1932 

— Ellen M seamstress h 8 Centre 

—Ellen R, WW Co r 87 Howard 

— Esther M nurse r 50 Parmenter rd 

— Frank studt r 113 Myrtle 

— Fred A lab r 113 Myrtle 

—Fred F (Alice) WW Co r 124 Adams 

— Geo M (Helen R) police 25 Lexington h 92 


— Helen G sten (B) r 50 Parmenter rd 

—Henry J (Mary) mgr 562 Moody h 36 Fal- 
mouth rd Newton 

— Hiram L (Anita J) mach r 209 Grove 

— Jas J died Nov 4 1933 

— Jas P (Ruth G) tchr Old High sch h 226 

— Jennie M, WW Co r 8 Centre 
— John F cook r 113 Myrtle 
—John F, WW Co r 124 Adams 
—John H (Lucy M) lab h 477 Main 
—John J (Mary) died March 16 1933 
— John L carp r 5 Elson rd 

— Jos A bkpr r 113 Myrtle 

— Jos M carp r 5 Elson rd 

—Julia A Mrs h 113 Myrtle 

— Julia B nurse r 5 Elson rd 

— L A Inc 32 Spruce Lawrence A Connors 

pres-treas electric contrs 
— Lawrence A (Mary) pres-treas L A Connors 

Inc 32 Spruce h 50 Elliot W'town 
— Leonard salesman 705 Main r 546 Pearl 

— Lillian M r 124 Adams 
—Louis B elk r 37 Taylor 
— M & Sons (Michl J Connors) bldg contrs 

834 Main rm 3 
— Margt A bkpr 115 Bright r 35 Willow 
— Margt B elk 720 Main r 590 do 
—Martin J died Apr 19 1931 
— Mary A wid John J h 25 Charles 
— Mary B r 5 Elson rd 
— Mary E h 43 Vernon 
— Mary E nurse h 590 Main 
— Mary E wid Lawrence P h 37 Taylor 
—Mary J, WW Co r 8 Centre 
— Matthew J (Angie) gas wkr h 3 Stratton 

— Michl F (Catherine W) mach fnshr h 24 

— Michl J (Catherine) (M Connors & Sons) 

834 Main rm 3 h 5 Elson rd 
— Patk lab r 564 Main 
— Patk J cloth bleacher r 22 Lyman 
— Patk J (Annie M) lab h 24 Cherry 
— Robt E r 5 Elson rd 
— Stephen J (Delia A) lab h 124 Adams 
— Thos J bleachery wkr r 24 Hall 
— Thos P (Eliz J) elk 1000 Main h 148 

— Wm A police 25 Lexington r 35 Willow 
— Wm F (Helen B) elk h 61 Irving 
— Wm J chauf r 37 Taylor 
Conole Jersey r 20 Crescent 

Conrad Catherine E wid Harry r 107 Alder 

—Edna M r 107 Alder 

— StClare A (Kathleen T) carp h 273 School 

Conroy John (May) slsmn h 37 Edwin rd 

— John J r 10 Exchange ct 

—John J (Catherine A) elk h 142 Bright 

— John L (Grace S) eng h Sibley rd off Wes- 

— Maurice H (Katherine F) mach opr h 151 

— Patk J mach r 142 Bright 

Considine Harold J (Gladys M) supt 100 
Seyon av h 26 Hamblin rd 

— Jas D lndrymn r 46 Fuller 

— John J r 48 Vernon 

— Thos F (Agnes E) printer 18 Pine h 41 

Constable Jas (Agnes S) gardnr h 21 Cross 
Constaindint Nicholas (Waltham Battery 

Station) 584 Maiii r at Lincoln 
Contant Albert H (Catherine) rem to Redon- 

do Beach Calif 
— Chas F elk 469 Main r 28 Orchard av 
— Chas F millwright h 28 Orchard av 
— Geo E millwright r 28 Orchard av 
—Mary J (Mrs Chas F) died Sept 29 1933 
— Rita A r 28 Orchard av 
Conte Domenic (Lucy) (Conte's Travel & 

Foreign Exchange Bureau) 211 Moody h 

100 Parmenter rd 
— Felix (Susan) elk r 100 Parmenter rd 
Conte's Travel & Foreign Exchange Bureau 

(Domenic Conte) 211 Moody 
Conti Alf A r 153 Alder 
— Anthony elk r 57 Chester av 
— Anthony J gardnr r 153 Alder 
—Arthur (May) WW Co r 240 Crescent 
— Felix barber r 162 Brown 
—Felix (Theresa) fruit 811 Moody h 57 Ches- 
ter av 
—Frank (Mary G) lab h 85 Maple 
— Jos F (Nora E) pdlr h 153 Alder 
—Mary T, WW Co r at Newton 
— Sylvia J hairdrsr 511 Moody and 162 Brown 

h do 

— Theresa elk r 57 Chester av 
—Thos (Anita) chauf h 162 Brown 
— Victor (Mary) rem to Newton 
Continental of Waltham (Wiegard I Sabsay) 

clothing 866 Main 
Conty Louis A (Helen M) wool wkr h 33 

Convalescent Home (Mrs Laura G Sleeper) 

135 Main 
Convent of the Sisters of Christian Education 

20 School 
Conway Alice J, WW Co r at Newton 
— Austin F (Sarah H) carrier PO (Back Bay 

B) h 341 Warren 
— Bernard instr Walter E Fernald State sch 

r at Somerville 
— Catherine J r 145 Alder 
— Chas J (Helen E) claim investigator B&M 

h 8 Falmouth rd 
—Ellen H wid Thos died Nov 15 1930 
— Eva A r 145 Alder 
— Helen A maid r 145 Alder 
— Ida Mrs r 96 Newton 
—John (Bridget) h 145 Alder 
— John R (Brenda B) photog h 101 Overland 

— Leo (Rose) mach h 18 Plympton 
— Leon (Ruth) slsmn 899 Main r 199 Rob- 
—Mary T, WW Co r 145 Alder 
—Thos A acct (B) r 145 Alder 
Cook Allan R (Mary L) meats 575 Main h 

92 Barbara rd 
—Cecil J died Feb 16 1932 




—Chas W (Dorothy M) elk h 145 Willow 
—Edith Mrs elk 720 Main r 259 Lowell 
— Frances studt r 259 Lowell 
—Francis G (Edith L) elk h 259 Lowell 
—Fred H (Nettie A) uphol r 67 Maple 
— Georgianna wid Chas h 26 Fern 
—John H chauf r 26 Fern 
— Lawrence J auto mech 400 Main r at Water- 
— Leo R (Bessie L) chauf h 86 Harvard 
—Mabel B tchr Nathaniel P Banks sch h 176 

—Margt C, WW Co r 11 Walnut 
—Mildred A atndt Walter E Fernald State 
sch r do 

—Mildred E, WW Co r 259 Lowell 
— Mildred L bkpr r 22 Colburn 
— Nettie Mrs, WW Co r 6 Norumbega ter 
— Roger A printer r 259 Lowell 
— Sarah A wid Francis G died Mar 8 1931 
—Silas (Annie E) gatetndr B&M h 11 Wal- 

Cooke Thelma M wid Fredk h 58i Orange 
— Warren S studt r 58^ Orange 
— Wm E (Lettie B) died June 3 1931 
Coolbrith Grace Monohon Mrs (Grace Mono- 

hon School of Dancing) 657 Main h 10 

Lawndale av 
— Norman F (Grace M) credit man h 10 

Lawndale av 

Cooley Bridget r 202 River 

— Delia A wid Michl h 202 River 

— Ellen wid John J r 74 Main 

—Esther F bkpr r 202 River 

—Geo E elk 720 Main h 85 Crescent 

—Geo F r 213 River 

— Geo F real est r 202 River 

— John (Delia) lab h 213 River 

— John A formn r 85 Crescent 

— Ruth B bkpr r 213 River 

— Sarah J married Frank Dolliff 

— Thos L shade mkr r 213 River 

Coolidge Annie r 7 Alder 

— Clinton A (Agnes L) banker h 47 Florence 

— Dye House Inc 434 Moody 
— John E (Lucinda E) president Coolidge & 

Strauch Inc 6 Cushing h 58 Tolman 
—Pearl C atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 

— & Strauch Inc 6 Cushing John E Coolidge 

pres Geo H Strauch treas undertakers 
Coombes Horace E (Eliz E) florist 105 Trap- 

elo rd h 21 Marlborough rd 
Coombs Albridge D (Alice S) driver h 64 

— Alf E (Grace M) auto mech h 35C Maple 
— Ansel B appr r 64 Bacon 
— Arthur L driver r 64 Bacon 
— Avril G r 64 Bacon 
— Florence r 250 South 

—Herbert F (Delia F) chauf h 55 Welling- 
—Irene L, WW Co r 164 Adams 
—Ralph R (Edith B) rem to Portland Me 
Cooney Alma J, WW Co r 104 Adams 
—Anna T studt nurse r 37 School 
— Edwd C, WW Co r 98 Weston 
—Mary A r 390 River 
—Ruby S, WW Co r 104 Adams 
Cooper Almena F wid Silas h 53 Dexter 
—Arthur F elk 561 Moody r 804 do 
—Blanche A, WW Co r 53 Dexter 
— Edwd v-pres New England Mica Co Inc 66 

Woerd av h at Newton Lower Falls 
— Esther V married Louis P Landry 
—Florence M, WW Co r 53 Dexter 


— Helen 66 Woerd av r 665 Grove Newton 

Upper Falls 
— Henry mach 66 Woerd av h 73 Adams av, 

W Newton 
— John mica wkr 66 Woerd av r 73 Adams av, 

W Newton 
— Jos G organ bldr h 804 Moody 
— Louise B tchr Waltham School for Girls 

327 Lexington r do 
— Thos auto mech r 26 Hall 
— Winnifred E (Mrs Jos G) died Sept 7 1932 
Cootware Israel J (Oria M) mgr Waltham 

Dairy Co 187 Adams h do 
Copeland Paul L (Gertrude P) instr MIT h 15 

Lexington ter 

Copithorne Wm L rem to Somerville 
Copoccia Antonio (Fanny) lab h 126 Willow 
— Mary L radio wkr r 126 Willow 
Copson Jas J (Mary A) bricklayer h 6 Park 

—Jas W r 16 Park pi 
— Wm A (Agnes) mach h 16 Park pi 
Coraccio Salvatore (Antonia) lab h 18 Charles 
Corazzini Antonio market gardnr 5 Main h 

2 Channing rd W'town 
Corbett Delia T r 116 School 
— Edwd A funeral dir 35 Lexington r 116 

— Florence G, WW Co r 20 Crescent 
— Isabella M wid Patk r 76 Guinan 
—Jas J (Lillian T) WW Co h 88 Warren 
— John J h 101 Bacon 
—Jos P C chauf 673 Main r 101 Bacon 
— Margt L nurse r 116 School 
—Mary A died June 24 1933 
— Mary J r 101 Bacon 
—Nora J r 116 School 
— Peter J mach h 116 School 
—Thos F (Annie E) WW Co h 29 Ash 
—Thos J (Margt J) car rpr M&B St Ry h 31 


Corbishley Bartholomew P elk (B&M.B) r 

199 River 
— Jas J lawyer 199 River h do 
Corcoran Alice S, WW Co r 14 Auburn 
— Anna E elk r 90 Francis 
— Annie wid Michl r 21 Cabot 
— Catherine r 90 Francis 
— Catherine M wid Bernard J h 14 Auburn 
— Chas (Anna) chauf h 14 Fiske av 
— Clara M binder r 90 Francis 
—Edwd F atndt (Newt) r 49 Cedar 

CORCORAN EDWARD J (Helen J) funeral 

director and embalmer 49 Cedar h do 

See page 86 
— Eliz C elk (B) r 90 Francis 
—Eliz G, WW Co r 14 Auburn 
— Francis B (Nora E) sign pntr 39 Rich h do 
— Fredk L (Rose I) asst treas h 53 Howard 
— Helen sten r 142 Bright 
— Henry F (Mary J) lab 100 Seyon av h 157 

— Jas J (Nora E) crossing tndr h 90 Francis 
— John B (Gladys S) slsmn h 43 Edwin rd 
—John B died Dec 23 1932 
— Louis F (Anna) (Mitchell & Corcoran) 

plmbr 15 Whitney av h 44 Hall 
— Margt wid John h 52 Dix 
— Mary Mrs r 50 Prospect 
—Mary B sten 500 South r 142 Bright 
— Rose A wid Peter J r 43 Edwin rd 
— Thos J (Mary) enamel wkr h 223 Grove 
— Wm E driver r 90 Francis 
— Wm E (Eliz I) statistician B&M h 1086 

Corey Alta M atndt Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 




— Chas H (Caroline) v-pres Waltham Chemi- 
cal Co 118 Calvary h 5 Govenor Win- 

Corinthian Halls 3 Gordon and 314 Moody 

Corkum Gertrude F sec 1 Spruce r 97 Ash 

—Gordon W (Marion E) WW Co h 18 Derby 

—Harvard M (Lila M) mgr 442 Moody h 339 

— Irene C Mrs drsmkr 17 Sun h do 

—Marion P died July 27 1931 

— Murray J (Florence M) WW Co h 97 Ash 

Cormay Thos S (Elna M) h 62 Dorchester 

— Wm F (Olive M) electn h 100 Overland 

— see Cormier 

Cormey Mary E Mrs h 85 Taylor 

Cormier Adolph F (Bessie M) call riremn Lad- 
der No 1 h 27 Vernon 

— Alf lab h 44 Harvard 

— Alice M r 159 Lake 

— Almira M elk 305 Moody r 82 Grant 

—Anna (Mrs Alf) died Sept 1 1933 

— Anna C r 82 Grant 

— Arthur (Zella) barber h 47 Guinan 

— Arthur J shoe wkr r 1 Gorham 

— Celina buyer 285 Moody r Walnut pk, W 

— Clarence hlpr 100 Seyon av r 381 River 

—Clarence F (Rose M) purch agt 1000 Main 
h 93 Vernon 

— Clarence F jr sten (B) r 93 Vernon 

— Clarence J (Lena M) baker r 1 Gorham 

— Clarinda M bag mkr r 44 Harvard 

— Demeo r 77 Brown 

— Donat S (Olivina M) meats 499 Main h 
501 do 

— Dora M elk r 1 Gorham 

— Edgar J mach r 27 Vernon 

—Edmund F (Alice M) WW Co h 104 Cush- 

— Edna C nurse r 12 Gardner 

— Edwd V lab r Bear Hill rd 

— Eli (Josephine) lab B&M h 8 Liverpool 

— Elise married Chas Leger 

— Estelle A, WW Co r 27 Vernon 

— Fabien tmstr h 214 Newton 

— Fidele (Marion) chauf h 203 Felton 

— Francis (Evangeline M) WW Co h 1 Gor- 

— Frank J (Mary C) boiler mkr h 12 Gardner 

— Geo (Silvia) lab h 3 Gorham 

— Georgina, WW Co r 29 Orange 

— Gregoire J (Jeanne) furn mover 483 Main 
h do 

— Harvey, WW Co r 27 Cross 

— Henry J (Phyllis B) auto mech h 145 Ba- 

— Henry O (Mary G) lather h 36 Spruce 

—Irene, WW Co r 69 Bennett 

— J Lionel r 93 Vernon 

— Jas O (Minnie L) formri 500 South h 23A 

— Jas T studt r 12 Gardner 

— John (Minnie) died June 10 1931 

— John E r 61 Alder 

— John E (Eliz M) carp h 61 Alder 

— John J (Margt L) atndt nurse 505 Trapelo 
rd r do 

— Jos (Eliz M) buckle mkr r 195 Riverview 

— Jos pntr r 20 Crescent 

— Leo J (Rose) carp h 84 Grant 

—Leonard L, WW Co r 47 Ash 

— Leslie J lab r 44 Harvard 

— Louise opr WB&P Co r 16 Lexington 

— Lucy opr r 10 Whitney ct 

—Margt (Mrs Fabian) died Dec 16 1932 


— Margt M slswmn r 104 Cushing 

—Marie E, WW Co r 104 Cushing 

— Marie G, WW Co r 6 Prospect 

— Mary domestic 787 Main 

— Mary Mrs h 381 River 

— Mary C radio wkr (Newt) r 3 Gorham 

— Mary L elk Assessor's office City Hall r 61 

— Mathilda maid r 35 Ellison pk 

— Minnie wid John h 98 Seminole av 

— Napoleon J (Margt L) slsmn (B) h 72 

— Placide (Florence) carp h 110 Taylor 

— Raymond hlpr r 483 Main 

— Raymond lab r 3 Gorham 

— Rene chauf 17 Gifford av r do 

— Rita waitress r 16 High 

— Rose hairdrsr r 180 Brown 

— Rose maid r 30 Curve 

—Rose, WW Co r 59 Walnut 

— Simon A carp r 78 Central 

— Simon T (Emily) bus rpr h 159 Lake 

— Theo J, WW Co r 104 Cushing 

— Thos A (Caroline C) lab h 16 Lexington 

— Thos S (Mary A) carp h Bear Hill rd 

— Timothy D (Dauphine) carp h 82 Grant 

—Timothy G studt r 82 Grant 

—Zella, WW Co r 8 Curtis 

— see Cormay 

Cornell John shoe rpr r 33 Alder 

Correa John F sec Middlesex College of Medi- 
cine & Surgery 423 South h 475 Common- 
wealth av Boston 

Corrigan Francis J (Doris F) troublemn EEI 
Co, Cooper st h 99 Bedford 

— John B (Delia A) pntr h 48 Sterling rd 

— Leo (Agnes) summer res 35 Plant rd 

— Lucy A sten r 48 Sterling rd 

—Mary T sten (B) r 48 Sterling rd 

— Michl J (Anne L) real est and barber 6 
Crescent h 25 Faneuil rd 

Cosgrove Catherine J maid 775 Trapelo rd r 

— John r 5 River av 

— Lillian A wid Wm B mgr Mrs Florence M 
McGennis 878 Main r at Cochituate 

— Warren lab r 10 Francis 

— Wm insp M&B St Ry 1000 Main r at W 

— Wm B (Lillian A) died Dec 6 1931 

Cosman Eva Mrs h 135 Brown 

Cossaboom Chas O (Margt) asst mgr Wal- 
tham Dairy Co 187 Adams h 7 Cambria 

Costa Anna J r 83 Calvary 

— Jos (Josephine) shoe rpr 72 Oak h 83 Cal- 

— Jos rem to Milford 

— Vito (Mary) barber h 140 Robbins 

Costello Arthur A, WW Co r 329 Warren 

— Chas r 28 Exchange 

— Edwd baker r 28 Exchange 

— Eleanor J r 329 Warren 

— Helena M elk (B) r 47 Massasoit 

— Jas J r 49 Francis 

—Jos M elk r 329 Warren 

— Mary E wid Jos P h 329 Warren 

— Robt L (Catherine) pntr h 28 Moore 

— Thos r 25 Cushing 

— Thos H (Agnes) h 47 Massasoit 

— Thos W adv h 28 Exchange 

Costigan John, WW Co r at Newton 

Coston Eliz wid Fredk r 258 Lowell 

Cota Danl E (Helen M) gas sta 46 Crescent 
h 44 do 

— Muriel studt r 42 Crescent 

Cote Clarence elk 285 Moody r 41 Vernon 

— Corinne P r 116 Bright 




— Elie (Clara) buckle mkr h 57 Felton 

— Florence r 41 Vernon 

—Louis G (Grace M) buyer 285 Moody h 41 

— Patience wid Armidas J hlpr 468 Mam r 

377 River 
Cottage Crest Tea Room (John DeVincent) 

610 Trapelo rd 
Cottam Martha M died Jan 17 1933 
Cotter Doris W, WW Co r 49 Brown 
—Harvey L (Doris M) slsmn h 52 Taylor 
—Johanna wid Henry h 39 Newton 
—Marie solctr 725 Moody r 418 Main 
— Mary A, WW Co r 39 Newton 
— Richd J (Lilla B) watchmn h 416 River 
Cotting Paul M (Mildred) mdse rep EEI Co 

209 Moody h 12 Linden ter 
Cotton Ada Mrs cook h 4 Adams 
— Francis L elk r 11| Massasoit ct 
— Frank lab r 69 Charles 
—Frank L (Julia G) chauf h 11^ Massasoit 

— Fred r 111 Massasoit ct 
—Geo A (Alberta) asst mgr 131 Lexington h 

Summer av Reading 
—Geo E (Ellen E) barnmn M&B St Ry h 29 

— Harold coml trav r 4 Adams 
—Henry L (Frances S) slsmn h 1117 Main 
— John r 12 Maple ter 
—John M (Ellen) formn WW Co h 691 

—Kenneth W, WW Co r 691 Moody 
— Marguerite M, WW Co r 12 Maple ter 
— Mary J wid John h 12 Maple ter 
— Thos P r Hi Massasoit ct 
Cottuli Anna Mrs r 47 Morton 
— Wm H (Dina) baker Benefit cor Elm h 47 


Coughlan Catherine E, WW Co r 249 Robbins 
— Catherine E opr 226 Moody r 231 School 
— Helen Mrs 66 Woerd av r 144 Nonantum 

— Jas M farmer r 231 School 
— Marguerite P slswmn r 231 School 
— Mary M nurse r 231 School 
— Patk F (Margt M) mason h 231 School 
Coughlin Harold W elk r 62 Albemarle av 
— Irene M waitress r 70 Lakeview av 
— John signal maintainer r 26 Fern 
— John J asst mgr 267 Moody h 17 Edgehill 

rd Winthrop 
— John M (Esther F) mason h 127 Pond 
— Jos P (Ethel L) mason h 26 Nathan rd 
— Jos P (Bertha I) slsmn h 70 Lakeview av 
—Lilla M r 35 Taylor 
—Mary E bkpr 18 Pine h 35 Taylor 
— Mary M nurse public welfare City Hall r 

231 School 
Couillard Aurore domestic r rear 93 Central 
— Ernestine dining room atndt r 505 Trapelo 

— Eug C (Eva F) ice cream mkr 220 Moody r 

860 Main 
—Eva F Mrs (Eva's Beauty Shoppe) 860 

Main r do 
— Georgette wid Jos h rear 93 Central 
— Germaine domestic r rear 93 Central 
— Louis r rear 93 Central 
— Lydia domestic r rear 93 Central 
Coult Clifton E (Marie D) steward r 59 South 
Coulter Alvin H (Edith) chauf SO Co h 73 

—Hanson M (Laura M) WW Co h 92 Rob- 
—Walker E, WW Co r 11 Orange 
Courtney Blanche C Mrs (Miltonia Beauty 

Shop) 479 Moody rm 13 r 34 Lawrence 


— Chas V elk 837A Main r 34 Lawrence 

—Patk died Apr 19 1932 

Cousens Frank H asst opr 96 Pine r at W 

— G Chauncey studt r 20 Adams 

— Hattie H r 1365 Main 

— Helen L Mrs mus tchr 253 Ash r do 

— Hospital 22 Adams 

—John Otis (Helen Leah) opr 96 Pine r 253 

—Nicholas W (Emma A) phys (220 Marl- 
borough B) and 22 Adams h 20 do 

— Olive I studt r 20 Adams 

— Ruth tchr Nathaniel P Banks sen r 82 

— Wm N studt r 20 Adams 

Cousins Annie M Mrs, WW Co r 184 Willow 

— Blanche (The Powder Puff) beauty shop 
681 Main rm 13 r 13 Craven circle 

— Eva maid r 47 Greenwood lane 

—Geo M (Ruth) eng h 82 Howard 

— Lillian L wid Geo L h 56 Irving 

— Lyman S driver 390 Main r 56 Irving 

Coussins Emerson C (Mazie) pntr h 121 Ash 

Coutros Jas (Annie) lab h rear 197 Newton 

Coutu Roland A (Delima) button mkr h 295 
Cottage Farm rd 

Coville John W (Marion W) slsmn r 91 Elli- 
son pk 

— Laura S wid John A r 91 Ellison pk 

Cowdrey Leon A (Mary F) elk (B) h 56 Ed- 
win rd 

Cowell Thos driver 1295 Main r 56 Vernon 

Cowen see Cohen Coyne and Coen 

Cowie John W r 706 Main 

— Rose E Mrs h 706 Main 

—Stella A r 706 Main 

Cox Amanda M wid Henry H h 89 Brown 

— Angie B wid Wm H housekpr r 605 Lexing- 

— Benj F carp r 418 Moody 

— E Howard (Lillian M) carp h 40 Dexter 

— Edwd J lab r 165 Newton 

— Ethelyn, WW Co r 40 Dexter 

—Harold r 112 Central 

—Ida A cashr 300 Moody r 130 Ash 

— J Warren (Anna B) treas Fisher's Ginger 
Ale Co Inc 60 Woerd av h 111 do 

— Johanna wid Bernard died Aug 26 1931 

—John F, WW Co 

— John F steward 101 School r do 

—John J (Edith H) truckmn 1129 Main h 

— Margt A Mrs h 168 Prospect 

— Pearl 66 Woerd av r 57 Pine 

—Peter J died Nov 19 1930 

—Philip F (Pearl A) chauf h 57 Pine 

— Raymond kitchenmn 775 Trapelo rd r do 

— Raymond J driver 60 Woerd av r 13 Derby 

— Thos beverages r 15 Cushing 

—Thos F (Susan G) WW Co h 31 Dart- 

—Thos P (Eliz M) elk h 69 Mayall rd 

—Thos W bottler 60 Woerd av r 13 Derby 

Coxall Donald elk r 80 Robbins 

— Donald G (Josephine) chauf h 80 Robbins 

— Harold G chauf h 80 Robbins 

Coy Anna wid John r 55 Ellison pk 

— John T (Mary C) h 55 Ellison pk 

Coye Arthur W bkpr r 32 Prospect-st av 

— Catherine E r 41 Harvard 

— David F mus tchr 39 Mayall rd r do 

—Delia M, WW Co r 37 Howard 

— Edwd J (Amanda) slsmn h 137 Clark 

— Jas A r 41 Harvard 

— John J (Eliz E) bleachery wkr h 52 Myrtle 

— Louise F phone opr 16 Spring r 39 Mayall 




— Margt A, WW Co r 41 Harvard 

— Mary A wid Thos h 41 Harvard 

— Mary T bkpr (Camb) r 39 Mayall rd 

— Nellie J cook r 41 Harvard 

— Sarah A bkpr 115 Bacon r 37 Howard 

— Theresa E nurse r 41 Harvard 

—Thos (Mary) died Dec 4 1930 

—Thos J (Margt E) silk insp h 39 Mayall 

— Wm F (Florence M) supt h 32 Prospect-st 

— Wm F jr mgr r 32 Prospect-st av 
Coyle Elias B (Catherine G) chauf h 8 Win- 

— Leonard F (Blanche L) chauf h 46 Alder 
— Thos J r 46 Alder 
Coyne Chas E pres Sterling Fibre Co 37 River 

h 48 Commonwealth rd W'town 
— Chas F (Agnes) job pressmn 515 South h at 

— Francis J v-pres-treas Sterling Fibre Co 37 

River h 624 Dedham Newton Cen 
— Harry J 37 River h Love lane Weston 
— John A (Irene A) chauf h 149 Seminole 

— Mary wid Coleman h 8 Viles ct 
— Sabina M, WW Co r 239 Main 
— see Cohen and Coen 
Crabtree Coleman A died May 7 1932 
— E Paul (Alta B) WW Co h 51 Wadsworth 


Crafts Frederic A special justice Second Dist 
Court of Eastern Middlesex 25 Lexington 
h at Weston 

— Thos mach r 24 Chestnut 

Craig Bessie S Mrs r 373A Crescent 

— Frank P (Eliz D) purch agt Pond opp Ex- 
change h 8 Craven circle 

— Jas H (Etta L) died March 3 1932 

—Waldo B (Nellie M) driver 187 Adams h 30 
Chester av 

Cram Emma C china firer h 863 Moody 

— Mary M r 863 Moody 

Crane Jos B chauf 705 Main r 36 Glen rd 

— Lawrence A (Eliz B) receiving teller The 
Waltham Natl Bank of Waltham h 14 

—Thos (Edith F) brklyr h 27 Benefit 

Cranney Adelbert G (Naomi B) mgr h 93 
Riverview av 

Crapeau Albert A elk 809 Main h 10 Elson 

Craven Cassie wid Jas E h 17 School 

■ — Dennis treas Garden City Sand & Gravel Co 
Inc 115 Bright h 461 Main 

—Ellen T r 461 Main 

— J Herbert chauf r 17 School 

— Jas E chauf r 17 School 

— Richd H r 17 School 

— Sherman W (Vera) rem to Pawtucket RI 

Crawford Annie r 72 Hall 

— David J jr (Madeleine B) lieut USA h 29 
Beal rd 

—Dorothy J, WW Co r 15 Chester av 

— Edwd H r 133 Brown 

— Lauris, WW Co r 82 Chestnut 

— Mary A r 133 Brown 

— Matthew (Agnes C) buckle mkr h 26 Turn- 

— Raymond A supvr of music public schools 
55 School h 276 Park, W Roxbury 

— Thos M (Irene H) mach h 133 Brown 

—Wallace E, WW Co r 15 Chester av 

— Wm J (Gertrude) opr 77 Rumford av h 15 
Chester av 

Creagh Jas C (Margeurite M) bkpr 223 Moody 
h 10 Auburn 

Creamer Edwd (Anna) carp h 82 Taylor 
— Mae M radio wkr (Newt) r 82 Taylor 
Crease J W Geo studt r 167 South 
—John W (Ivy) eng h 167 South 
Creelman John M (Mildred) h 7 Cornwallis 

—Mildred, WW Co r 7 Cornwallis pi 
Crees Harold h 18 Maple 
Creese John W eng 480 South h 165 do 
Crehan Jas h 29 Weston 
—John W (Celia A) lab h 86 Exchange 
Creighton C Vincent, WW Co r 398 River 
—Chas P (Delia) WB&DW h 398 River 
—Delia Mrs elk 894 Main r 398 River 
Crellen Enid V r 64 Bright 
Creonte Angelina 66 Woerd av r 53 Williams 
— Antonio farm hand h 185 Charles 
— Augustine A r 162 School 
— Carmine (Christina) lab h 162 School 
— John r 53 Williams 
—Jos M (Rose) h 187 Charles 
— Lucy I r 185 Charles 
— Michl D hlpr r 162 School 
— Pellegrino wid Pellegrino h 53 Williams 
— Vincenza (Mrs Antonio) died Sept 12 1932 
—Viola 66 Woerd av r 53 Williams 
Crepeau Albert A gas sta atndt r 70 Elson 


Crescent Canoe Club Lawrence Brophy sec- 
treas rear 299 Crescent and 29 Woerd 

— Grill (Michl Mulhall, Hubert Denesha) 
restr 17 Crescent 

— Park Brass Foundry (Geo W Thornburg) 
186 Riverview av 

— Sign Co (Geo W Thornburg) sign mkrs 
186 Riverview av 

Crescenza Chas shoe rpr r 42 Oak 

— Maria wid Biagio r 42 Oak 

Crescenzo Salvatore (Theresa) barber 208 
Moody h 31 Bolton 

Cressey Edwd W (Ethel) iceman h 101 Chest- 

—Mary A Mrs h 33 Alder 

Crevoshay Abr (Bertha) treas Waltham 
Woodenware & Paper Co Inc 10 Felton h 
121 Summer 

— Morris r 121 Summer 

Crickard Walter N (Mary M) shoe wkr h 233 

Crimi Percy W (Clara L) slsmn h 26 Man- 
ning rd 

Crimmin Grace A, WW Co r 97 Crescent 

Crimmins Bridget wid Danl r 5 Cornwallis 

— Fredk B (Mary C) slsmn 600 Main h 5 
Cornwallis pi 

—Mary A Mrs, WW Co r 57 Stuart 

— Mary C Mrs ck 665 Main h 5 Cornwallis 

—Walter F, WW Co h 57 Stuart 

Crisa Rosario (Jennie) lab h 9 Middle-st pi 

— Vincent (Mary) h 13 Mechanic 

Criso Jennie S gro 123 Felton h do 

Crocker Albert H carp r 148 Ash 

— Chas A J (Hermantine M) h 90 Massasoit 

— Gilford (Alice M) blksmth 114 Lexington 
h 24 Lexington ter 

—Gladys M, WW Co r 96 Pearl 

—Henry J, WW Co r 92 Cherry 

— Leola F (Mrs Albert H) died June 6 1933 

— Mina J wid Wm r 32 Lawrence 

— Winthrop N (Florence E) prin South Jun- 
ior High sch h 131 High 

Crocket Albert (Charlotte) mach h 88 Bar- 
bara rd 

Crockett May G maid r 99 Claremont 

Cron Fannie wid Saml h 51 Felton 

— Frances wid Saml shoe wkr h 15 Benefit 




—Jacob (Anna R) pres Waltham Paper Stock 

Co 21 Water h 101 Lexington, W Newton 

—Louis A (Rose) treas Waltham Paper Stock 

Co 21 Water h at Roxbury 
— Saml (Fannie) died Jan 3 1932 
Cronan Edwd T (Jean) atndt 955 Main h at 

Cronin Dennis J (Mary A) h 120 Russell 
— Dennis J jr plmbr r 120 Russell 
—Frank P stmftr (B) r 16 Hammond 
— Grover Inc 223 Moody inc '25 Urno V Lar- 
son pres Jos A Cavanagh sec Grover J 
Cronin treas department store 
—Grover J (Helen F) treas Grover Cronin 
Inc 223 Moody h 460 Crafts, W Newton 
—Hannah elk 223 Moody r 460 Crafts, W 

— Harold V investment broker h 210 Main 
—Jeremiah J (Frances A) milk 18 Newton r 

— Lavina H wid Michl h 18 Newton 
— Margt F atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r do 
— Margt M bkpr (B) r 120 Russell 
— Mary E nurse r 120 Russell 
—Michl (Mary) h 16 Hammond 
—Michl L (Katherine) h 83 Wash av 
— Nora A mach opr r 120 Russell 
— Wm pntr r 18 Newton 
— Wm M formn r 16 Hammond 
Crook Edwd R (Ruth A) slsmn h 15 Derby 
—Helen E, WW Co 

Crooks Myrtle wid Eben B h 7 Joyce rd 
Crosby Albert N (Edith M) pntr h Winter nr 

—Alice G h 70 Cherry 

—Burton J (Ella B) WW Co h 17 Nathan rd 
— Elinor T phone opr 16 Spring r 590 Main 
—Florence Mrs, WW Co r 691 Moody 
— Geo F M (Helen M) service mgr 582 Main 

h 38 Ross Medford 
— Helen E r 70 Cherry 
— Helen R sten r 17 Nathan rd 
— Jacob H carp 63 Cherry r do 
—Jennie V wid John O h 168 Russell 
—John O (Jennie V) died Nov 3 1932 
—Laura A (Mrs Jacob H) died July 14 1933 
—Laura E wid Geo h 97 Myrtle 
— Laura M studt r 65 Cherry 
— Leroy H (Florence E) chauf h 691 Moody 
—Margt F tchr (W Newton) r 11 Craven 

—Mary R nurse (Concord N H) r 32 South 
—Norman R (Bertha L) WW Co h 65 Cherry 
— S Carlisle (Ethel C) mgr Benefit cor Elm h 

40 Charlotte rd 
Croshere Geo A (Mary H) mach h 95 Rob- 
Crosier Wm W (Edith M) auto mech h 225 

Cross Ellen wid Jas E h 151D Crescent 
—Ethel A, WW Co r 151D Crescent 
—Florence C, WW Co r 151D Crescent 
—Frank C, WW Co h at Medford 
— Fredk J (Florence E) h 63 Prospect 
— Geo (Paradise Restaurant) 865 Main h at 

W Newton 
— Lawrence C studt r 151D Crescent 
— Lewis M (Emily) mach r 151D Crescent 
—Mildred L, WW Co r at Medford 
—Minna R, WW Co r 151D Crescent 
Crossett Emma G Mrs (Dixie Manor) 1466 

Main h do 
Crossland Edmund (Thyra) opr r 6 Clinton 
— Ellis (Anna I) mach h 42 Turner 
— Emma wid Edwin r 42 Turner 
—Emma wid John E h 172 Chestnut 
—Ernest S r 172 Chestnut 
—Thyra, WW Co r 4 Turner 


— Valetta E Mrs, WW Co r 41 Falmouth 
— Vera M domestic r 172 Chestnut 
— Wm (Valetta) mach h 27 Underwood pk 
Crossley Chas (Cordelia K) barber 404 Moody 

r 407 do 
— Geo (Marie A) window clnr h 175 Lake 
Croston Frank W (Ida M) investigator B&M 

r 2 Waverley 
Croswell Willis F (Thelma M) slsmn h 16 

Harding av 
Croteau Frank A (Emma) WW Co h 25 Com- 
— Frank A jr, WW Co r 25 Common 
Crough Chas W h 30 Plympton 
— Chas W jr (Anna) mach opr r 30 Plympton 
— Nathaniel N, WW Co r at Newton 
Crouse Arthur H (Alice M) WW Co h 95 

Crowe Alice L, WW Co r 156 Brown 

— Anna E wid Simon h 6 Hammer 

— Creighton H (Corinne E) plstr h 242 Dale 

— David T crossing tndr Beaver Brook sta 

r 6 Hammer 
— Eliz elk 299 Moody r 269 School 
— Ellen A Mrs r 47 Stearns 
— Eug F (Rose M) chauf h 5 Highland 
— Frank G (Gertrude) h 49 Stearns 
— Fredk W (Margt R) vulcanizer 7 Elm h 

5A Fuller 
—Geo A (Harriet M) WW Co r 117 Plymp- 

— Jas J lab r 156 Brown 

— Jas W asst mgr r 49 Stearns 

— John E icemn r 242 Dale 

— John F r 156 Brown 

— John J (Sarah J) caretaker h 269 School 

— Lawrence (Mary) lab h 156 Brown 

— Lester J (Eva M) lab h 8 Hammer 

—Lillian A, WW Co r 156 Brown 

—Nettie A elk (B) r 49 Stearns 

— Patk J elk r 269 School 

— Simon R atndt r 49 Stearns 

— Walter E (Agnes G) supvr 505 Trapelo rd 

r do 
— Walter F baker r 49 Stearns 
Crowell Clifford (Eva) cook 300 Moody 
— Eliz F wid Isaiah h 83 Charles 
— Ethel atndt Walter E Fernald State sch r 

— Mae atndt Walter E Fernald State sch r do 
— Stanley P (Agnes J) wood wkr r 70 Central 
Crowley Albert F (Mona E) elk h 374 Cres- 
— Danl J (Catherine A) dentist h 41 Lyman 
— Francis G (Eliz) slsmn h 15 Arlington rd 
— Nora F sten Walter E Fernald State sch r 

— Theresa A bkpr 256 Charles r 106 Boston av 

Crown Cleaning & Dyeing (Robt B Burofsky) 

685 Moody 
Cruikshank Irvin StC studt r 177 South 
—John A (Araminta E) chauf M&B St Ry 

h 177 South 
Crutchley Harry T (Tacy A) buyer (B) h 20 

Richgrain av 
Crystal Ann Shop (Harry Fein) millinery 459 

— Mary E wid Wm r 32 Brigham rd 
Cucinotta Annunzia wid Santo h 36 River 
— Nancy M r 36 River 

Culkeen Catherine G domestic r 43 Exchange 
— Mary C wid Michl h 43 Exchange 
Cullen Anna T, WW Co r 84 Harvard 
—Esther J elk 138 River r 235 do 
— Francis A storekpr r 51 Mayall rd 
—Francis J, WW Co r 267 Crescent 
— Frank J (Alisca R) gardnr r 267 Crescent 




— Frank M (Margt M) second hand h 235 

— Jas A r 84 Harvard 
— John A r 84 Harvard 
— John J (Margt) jwlr h 12 Grant pi 
— John J (Annie M) real est h 51 Mayall rd 
— John T hlpr r 5 Gibbs ct 
— Mary, WW Co r 84 Harvard 
— Mary M wid John lndry wkr h 5 Gibbs ct 
— Mary M wid Thos h 84 Harvard 
—Stanley H (Edith A) WW Co h 33 Cherry 
Culter E B wid Frank r 94 Adams 
Culver Roy C (Marion K) lab h 2 Castle 
Cummings Amelia wid Frank r 37 Lyman 
— Annie r 37 Lyman 
— Danl P (Anna C) blksmth r 5 John 
—Ernest G (Edith M) gas sta atndt h 33 Ster- 
ling rd 

— Gordon C, WW Co r at Arlington 

— John J (Nora A) grinding wheel wkr 115 

Bacon h 25 Prospect-st av 
— Jos H (Claire R) refrigeration eng h 12 

Edwin rd 
— Margt P sec r 5 Chester av 
—Martin J (Delia B) lab h 86 Bacon 
— Mary E sec r 5 Chester av 
— Nora J wid Patk J h 5 Chester av 
— Robt E gardnr r 5 Chester av 
— Rose C bkpr 173 High r at Newtonville 
— W Irvine civ eng h 37 Lyman 
Cummins Mary wid Jas died Feb 4 1933 
Cummiskey Eloise Mrs slswmn 357 Moody 

r 202 High 
—Raymond (Eloise) h 202 High 
Cunnare Frank H (Agnes G) trav frt agt 

B&M h 16 Centre 

Cunneen Ellen Mrs r 113 Hammond 
Cunniff P Sarsfield spcl justice Second Dist 

Court of Eastern Middlesex 25 Lexington 

h at Watertown 
— Wm B carrier PO 738 Main r 51 Main Wa- 
Cunniffe Aureta H studt r 115 Summit 
— Edmund J hlpr r 14 Carleton rd 
— Edwd A (Harriet M) carp h 115 Summit 
— John L (Mary) contr and bldr 14 Carleton 

rd h do 
— Thos J (L Evelyn) slsmn h 15 Cross 
— W Marie, WW Co r 115 Summit 
Cunningham Annie C domestic r 59 High 
— Annie G mlnr h 25 Elson rd 
—Arthur L r 21 Rich 
— Beatrice elk 45 Moody r 418 Main 
— Catherine C Mrs forelady 584 Moody r 16 

— Catherine L Mrs h 60 Bowdoin av 
— Chas lab r 20 Crescent 
— Eliz A asst Public Library 735 Main r 446 

— Francis J driver 1295 Main r 21 Rich 
— Frank J mach rem to Texas 
— Frank L floor mgr 223 Moody r 79 W Pine 

— Harold J (Phyllis M) treas Industrial 

Jewel Co Inc 26 Bedford h 24 Howard 
—Hazel M Mrs bkpr 87 Rumford av r 126 

Charles Auburndale 
— John J (Sarah) police 25 Lexington h 60 

— Jos W (Hazel O) police 25 Lexington h 16 

Wash av 
— Katherine A wid Frank P h 21 Rich 
—Margt J r 59 High 
— Matthias F (Eliz E) treas and gen mgr 

Waltham Grinding Wheel Co 115 Bacon 

h 446 Main 
— Miriam F studt r 446 Main 
—Olive J elk r 16 Wash av 


— Patk prsfdr r 146 Bacon 
— Virginia M studt r 446 Main 
— Wm J watch mkr r 21 Rich 
Cupo Jos (Victoria) buckle mkr h 56 Charles 
Curley Edwd H, WW Co r 204 River 
— Emma L wid Thos r 98 Lyman 
— Eug F (Marion) baker h 53 Exchange 
— Eug T r 53 Exchange 

— Wm F elk PO sta 230 Moody r at Wayland 
— Wm F electn r 42 Beal rd 
— Wm F jr elk PO 738 Main r Concord rd 
S Lincoln 

Curll Beatrice L housekpr 33 Prospect 
Curran Bernard F slsmn 213 Moody r 221 

— Cecilia Mrs, WW Co r 64 Orange 
—Dorothy M, WW Co r 93 Alder 
—Edwd J, WW Co r at Newton 
— Francis M elk 617 Main r 42 Elson rd 
—Frank A (Jennie A) WW Co h 221 Charles 
—Jas W (Clementina F) WW Co h 120 Low- 
—John O (Dorothy M) chauf h 93 Alder 
— Jos T proof reader 515 South r 149 High 
—Leo B (Vera) pntr r 120 Myrtle 
— Margt A wid Jas W died Oct 24 1932 
— Mary A (Mrs Nicholas J) died May 30 1931 
— Richd M formn 77 Rumford av h 42 Auburn- 
dale av, W Newton 

—Ruth M, WW Co r 221 Charles 

— Wm F (Alice G) carp h 42 Elson rd 

Currie Grace L Mrs r 510 Trapelo rd 

Currier Charlotte wid Oswald P h 17 Weston 

—Edwd J, WW Co r 47 Ash 

—Oswald P (Charlotte W) died July 3 1932 

Currin Althea M school librarian (Cleveland 

Ohio) r 9 Murray 
—Ethel M wid Jas H r 23 Dartmouth 
—Geo H (Cecilia M) elk 348 Newton h 118 

— Richd (Minnie E) chief of police 25 Lex- 
ington h 9 Murray 
Curry Delia J 66 Woerd av r 129 Myrtle 
—John E (Mary A) WW Co h 80 Wash av 
—Leslie F (Mary J) h 116 Myrtle 
— Margt M tchr Chauncey Newhall sch r 80 
Wash av 

—Paul F studt r 80 Wash av 

— Thos H (Josephine) mason h 129 Myrtle 

Curtin Chas A slsmn 844 Main r 190 Trapelo 

rd Belmont 
—Edwd F r 88 Gardner 
—Francis P (Margt F) WW Co h 8 Lyman 


— John A studt r 90 Lyman 

— John J (C Gertrude) phys 478 Main h do 

—Jos F (Mary F) chauf h 54 Alder 

—Jos W (Sue M) book fnshr h 78 Morton 

— Mary A wid Michl F h 88 Gardner 

— Michl J (Helena G) chauf 217 Lexington 

h 34 Heard 
— Nora M r 478 Main 
— Stephen H (Gladys) plmbr h 24 Morton 
—Thos A (Dorothy M) formn 515 South h 22 


— Thos I (Theresa E) pres-treas Waltham 

Foundry Co 71 Felton h 90 Lyman 
— Thos I studt r 90 Lyman 
Curtis Albert G, WW Co r at Newton Upper 

— Alvin A (Florence V) formn WB&P Co h 

24 Grant pi 
— C Ernest (Ina) bkpr 173 High r 187 Brown 
— Dorothy V married Carl E Bengtson 
— Geo H real est 20 Charlotte rd r do 
Cusano Angelo h 47 Williams 
— Dominick D studt r 59 Charles 




— Frank A (Antoinette) barber 56 Elm r 47 

— Jas r 47 Williams 
— Jos (Carmela) h 42 Williams 
— Louis (Mary F) chauf h 59 Charles 
— Michl r 47 Williams 
— Wm r 47 Williams 
Cuseck Francis G mach 48 Woerd av r 29 

Waverly Brighton 
Cushing Chas W (Celia P) h 26 Faneuil rd 
— Danl F (Ruth M) rubber ctr h 23 Vernon 
—John A (M Frances) died July 30 1931 
— M Frances wid John A h 17 Harvard pi 
Cushman Inez M Mrs elk 315 Moody h 33 

— Norman W slsmn r 33 Linden 
Cusick Alice T wid Jas h 56 Alder 
— Thos J pntr r 56 Alder 
— Timothy blksmth r 852 Main 
— Wm toolmkr 48 Woerd av h 42 Waverley 

Cusolito Bartholomew G r 7 Chestnut 
— Catherine rem to Watertown 
— Giuseppe (Rose) elk h 7 Chestnut 
— Josephine married John Teed 
— Lena stitcher r 7 Chestnut 
Custeau Jas A rem to Hot Springs Ark 
Cutler Benj (Blue Jay Cleansers & Dyers) 

765 Main r 134 Charles 
— Edwd I (Lila E) elk r 172 Chestnut 
— Jas M (Isabella M) mach opr h 224 Lowell 
— Margt R bkpr (B) r 224 Lowell 
—Paul C (Margt E) truckmn 72 Guinan h 


— Percy slsmn r 120 Crescent 

— Saml (Dinzie) junk 134 Charles h do 

Cutter Harlan W (J Eleanor) city treas City 

Hall 1st fl h 14 Banks 
— Helen A tchr r 14 Banks 
Cutting Alice A tchr Senior High sch r 19 

— Clara B Mrs forewmn 66 Woerd av r 375 

—Harry B (Marie A) mgr 713 Main h 76 

—Marshall J (Clara B) WW Co h 375 Cres- 
— Mary E dietitian (Wellesley) r 19 Towns- 
— Miriam S studt r 76 Boynton 
Cuttone Antonio cook r 87 Exchange 
— Philip (Carmela) concrete blocks 87 Ex- 
change h do 
— Saml (Jennie) chauf r 87 Exchange 
Cyr Albert J (Annie S) grinder rear 158 

Lexington h 116 Alder 
—Marshall, WW Co r 116 Alder 

D & D SALES CO Inc 692 Main phone Wal- 
tham 4673 inc Mass '33 Richard H Davis- 
son pres Samuel S Delano v-pres auto- 
mobile dealers — See page 68 

D & G Dial & Enameling Co (Ralph A Doe) 
17 Whitney av 

Dacey Agnes L mach opr r 44 Eddy 

— Eug M r 44 Eddy 

— Francis A reserve police 25 Lexington r 44 

—Helen E elk 399 Moody r 44 Eddy 

— John B (Marie J) sub master (B) h 35 
Upton rd 

— John F trucker Waltham R R sta h 44 

— Mary C phone opr 16 Spring r 44 Eddy 

—Michl M, WW Co r 43 Warwick rd, W 

— Wm E (Agnes A) lab h 78 Exchange 

Daddona Michl (Nellie) chauf h 119 Charles 

Dadmun Hervey E (Madeline) h 73 High- 
Dagata Chas (Rose) gro h 23 Middle 
Daggett Harry F slsmn r 156 Adams 
Daggle Bridget T Mrs r 57 Walnut 
—Jos N r 211B Brown 
— Jos N jr (Anna T) buckle wkr h 211B 

—Louise M, WW Co r 57 Walnut 
D'Agostino Vincento (Francesca) mach opr 

h 68 Woodland rd 
Dahl Alma wid Carl r 143 Crescent 
—Axel W (Helen D) WW Co h 10 High- 
Dahlgren Emma maid r 44 Pleasant 
Dahlin John A (Ruth G) carrier PO 738 Main 

h 89 Bedford 
Daigle Anna A, WW Co r 52 Cushing 
—Danl B pntr r 171 South 
— Hubert B (Hermelene) pntr h 171 South 
— Leonie, WW Co r 85 Felton 
—Louise M, WW Co r 57 Walnut 
— Maxime D (Yvonne E) formn h 52 Cush- 

Dailey Martha E, WW Co r 20 Chestnut 

— Merle F (Muriel G) slsmn r 180 Hammond 

— see Daley, Daly and Deeley 

Dakin Ernest G (Lillian E) milkmn h 168 

—Leon F (Ethel M) chauf h 32 Maple 
— Mary D housekpr Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
—Sadie V Mrs bkpr 390 Main h 418 do 
— Thorne H (Louise L) WW Co h 41 Ham- 

Dalaney Hector P (Lydia) chauf WB&DW 
h 240 River 

Dale Block 305-309 Moody 

— Colin r 17 Dennison 

—Delia Mrs r 250 South 

— Fredk J (Margt) slsmn h 17 Dennison 

—Margt, WW Co r 56 Russell 

Daley Alice H bkpr r 5 Fern 

—Anna T, WW Co r 99 Ash 

— Chas H (Bridget) plmbr 1 Castle h do 

—Edwd C, WW Co r 203 Chestnut 

—Edwd E (Bessie) buckle mkr h 203 Chest- 

— Eug J (Gertrude A) slsmn h 33 Spruce 

—Frances M, WW Co r 99 Ash 

— Frank R L (Grace) rem to Holyoke 

—Geo F h 29 Felton 

— John L slsmn r 99 Ash 

— Margt M r 33 Spruce 

—Myrtle elk 223 Moody r 149 Myrtle 

—Paul H, WW Co r 99 Ash 

— Richd F (Marguerite M) WW Co h 99 

—Sophia r 29 Felton 

—Thos F (Mary L) lab (Cambridge) h 138 

— Wm J (Mary) h 5 Fern 
— see Dailey Daly and Deeley 
Dalflno Carmelo (Nellie P) barber 832 Main 

h 22 Middle 
— Diego (Stefania) hlpr r 16 McBride's ct 
— Giuseppa wid Giuseppe h 16 McBride's ct 
— Jos hlpr r 18 McBride's ct 
— Lorenzo (Grazia) mill opr h 18 McBride's 


DallaCosta Everett E textile wkr r 16 Pierce 
— Louis (Mary) boss spinner 169 Elm h 16 

— Mildred J studt r 16 Pierce 
DallaPorta Rev Anthony died Mar 22 1932 
DallaVia Stephen asst pastor Sacred Heart 

Church r 311 River 
Dalrymple Frances W tchr h 69 Bruce rd 



Dalton Jas P (Maude J) lab h 10 Pond-st ct 

■ — Merle Mrs h 6 Fountain 

Daly Annie C died May 17 1931 

—Esther F r 137 Grove 

— Jas (Kathleen) h 30 Bruce rd 

— Jos R (Loretta A) sis mgr h 95 Villa 

— Margt wid Jos J h 80 Myrtle 

— Margt T 66 Woerd av r 132 Adams 

— Mary M sten r 80 Myrtle 

— Nora C r 137 Grove 

— Patk J died Sept 30 1933 

— Raymond G (Evelyn A) chauf h 149 Myrtle 

— see Dailey, Daley and Deeley 

Dalzell Dorothy tchr (B) r 486 Main 

—Helen L wid John W died May 3 1933 

Dambosky Frank lab r 17 Lowell 

Dames Louise, WW Co r at W Newton 

Damon Ella M died Dec 4 1932 

Damorte Angelo (Julia) lab h 115 Harvard 

Dana Robt J (Catherine F) adv mn 53 Moody 

r 696 Lexington 
— Saml J (Bessie J) eng h 59i Chestnut 
— Sarah E wid Wm H r 696 Lexington 
—Wayne E (Susie) driver 1295 Main h 22 


Dancause Leatus J (Bernedette M) pntr h 153 

Dandino Chas (Mary) lab h 88 Hammond 
Dandy Dutch Candies (Homer R Hepler) con- 
fectionery 849 Main 
Danforth Elwood N (Charlotte S) chauf h 25 

— Eva M wid Ernest N r 25 Orange 
— Marshall S (Margt) buyer 285 Moody h 

Lincoln rd Sudbury 
Dangelmayer Theo jr (G Viola) (Red Cross 

Pharmacy) 735 Moody h 28 Ellison pk 
— Winton R slsmn r 28 Ellison pk 
D'Angelo Louis (Julia) lab h 185 School 
— Mary, WW Co r at N Lexington 
D'Angio Alf V (Palmer) (Waltham Knitting 

Mill) 20 Bedford h 19 Spring 
Daniel's (Daniel Saltzman) women's wear 

361 Moody 
Daniell Chester M (Effie L) elev mn (B) h 30 

Elson rd 

Daniels Alice J bkpr 66 Woerd av r 830 

— Alice L wid Lawrence L h 830 Moody 
— Chas M (Anna H) carp h 1192 Trapelo rd 
— Edith B rubber wkr r 1192 Trapelo rd 
— Estella A r 1192 Trapelo rd 
—Ethel M sten (B) r 830 Moody 
—Forrest A (Margt P) sis mgr (B) h 107 

— Frank atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
—Fred E jr (Vera I) elk (B) h 30 Berkshire 

— Fredk L (Alice G) watch mkr r 78 Cherry 
— Georgia O rem to Philadelphia Pa 
— Lawrence L r 830 Moody 
—Lillian R r 830 Moody 
— Louis (Josephine) r 12 Willow 
— Richd W (Gertrude J) elk 437 Moody h 

83 Riverview av 
— Warren L (Thelma P) ins adjuster (B) h 

46 Mayall rd 
Danielson Adolph S (Addie E) grinding and 

sharpening 38 Hammond r do 
— Amandus (Ruth) carp h 100 Irving 
—John G (Lillian F) pntr h 106 Irving 
— see Donaldson 
Daniot Anna, WW Co 
Danizia Mary tel solctr 552 South r at Wo- 

Dansereau Nellie E Mrs bkpr died April 1932 
Daraff Estelle F elk Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 

Darby Albert elk r 88 Myrtle 

— Bernard atndt r 88 Myrtle 

—Chas H (Charlotte) baker h 88 Myrtle 

— Harry jr (Pauline A) photog h 13 Bedford 

—Walter (Ruth E) WW Co h 55 Caughey 

Darcy Gilman (Mary E) shoe treer h 59 

D'Arcy Danl (Eliz L) r 68 Dale 
D'Argento Raymond (Victoria) shoe rpr h 

15 Highland 
Darling Edwd J slsmn r 89 Riverview av 
—Eliz E wid Henry B h 33 Beech 
— Louise married Richd G Sampson rem to 

— Marion A wid Herbert A r 80 Amherst av 
— Martha Eliza died Nov 20 1933 
— Mayo A (Evalina B) claim adjuster h 89 

Riverview av 
— Wallace L (Ethel J) depy collr (Custom 

House, B) h 38 Shirley rd 
Darlington Philip J died January 15 1932 
Darmedy Arline B tchr Senior High sch r 56 


Darmody Katherine G, WW Co h at W New- 

Darragh Clara cashr 223 Moody r 63 Green- 
wood lane 

Darrell Barbara A phone opr 16 Spring r 6 
Park pi 

Dart Dorothy S tchr r 75 Fairmont av 

— Frank S (Sadie B) photog h 75 Fairmont 

— Mahala wid Edwd T died Mar 28 1933 
— Marion P sten r 75 Fairmont av 
Dascombe Otho L phys 659 Moody h do 
Daucet Jos S barber 149 Moody r 29 Pine 
Daughters of the American Revolution, Doro- 
thy Brewer Chapter, Mrs Minnie E Pow- 
nall sec 117 Chestnut meets second Thurs 
at members homes 
— of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Mother 
Stickney Tent, Jennie W Graham sec 22 
Park, Newton meets second and fourth 
Mondays at 41 Moody 
Dauncey Catherine J wid Fredk Ah 6 Mt- 

—Fredk A (Catherine J) died June 17 1931 
— Helen MacBain tchr (B) r 6 MtPleasant 
Dauphine Ethel M, WW Co r 19 Chester av 
Dauphinee Helen E hosp matron Walter E 

Fernald State sch r do 
Davenport Lowrey F asst phys 775 Trapelo 

rd r do 
Daversa Anthony (Lucy) lab h 15 Muldoon's 

David Chas H (Carrie F) slsmn h 17 Lin- 
— Victor H slsmn r 17 Lincoln 
Davidson Arthur R (Mildred F) h 15 Nathan 

— Donald r 945 Moody 
—Elsie W wid Saml S r 154 Ash 
—Frank E (Mildred E) WW Co h 92 Rob- 
—Fredk, WW Co r 68 Robbins 
—Geo (Ethel) (The Waltham Wet Wash) 
33 Rumford av h 37 Kensington av, W 
—Geo, WW Co r 89 Brown 
— Jos J (Sophie E) countermn h 28 School 

— Laura wid Geo C h 68 Robbins 
—Mildred F Mrs, WW Co r 203 Brown 
— Muriel Mrs atndt Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
—Sidney R (Kathleen) WW Co r 107 Adams 
— Wm instr Walter E Fernald State sch r 

— see Davison 



Davies Jas P (Ruth M) asst supt h 91 Wash 

—Sadie A, WW Co r 115 Chestnut 

— see Davis 

D'Avignon Arthur A window clnr r 110 

Davin Patk rem to Belgrade Me 

Davini Jas A (Gertrude) plstr 132 Clark h 

Davis A Luretta r 409 Crescent 

— Ada Evans wid Clinton W beauty shop 511 
Moody h 22 Howard 

— Almon G (Gertrude L) died April 10 1931 

—Annie M, WW Co r 111 Alder 

— Benj F (Hannah G) slsmn h 25 Derby 

— Caroline M bkpr 47 Worcester lane r 732 

—Carrie G (Mrs John F) died May 24 1933 

— Chas S (Eliz B) uphol 27 South h do 

— Chas W, WW Co r at Framingham 

— David chauf 415 South r do 

—Delia M, WW Co r 239 Main 

—Earl E (Mabel B) mach 48 Woerd av h 135 

— Edith M elk r 65 Fairmont av 

—Eli W atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 
r do 

—Elijah (Abbie J) h 909 Lexington 

— Elma W married Robt G Trenholm rem to 

— Eug F (Phyllis M) mgr 663 Main h 56 

— Francis W (Margt) consulting eng 124 Lex- 
ington h at Belmont 

—Frank H (S Ada) died Mar 9 1931 

— Franklin M (Florence M) slsmn h 146 
Trapelo rd 

— Geo P (Edith F) lawyer (161 Devonshire 
B) h 44 Curve 

— Gladys L asst Public Library 735 Main r 27 

—Gladys W r 69 Lowell 

—Harold E (Lila A) sis mgr 53 Moody r 73 
Worcester lane 

—Helen, WW Co h at Kendal Green 

— Henry (Ethel) musn r 145 South 

— Herbert L (L Idella) watch mkr h 204 

—Hiram H died Oct 15 1930 

— John D (Mary) barber 515 Moody h 62 

—John F h 96 Wash av 

— Jos T (Katherine F) h 45 Wetherbee rd 

— Lester (Emma) paymaster h 5 Bemis av 

— Lucien (Fannie) WW Co h 13 Norumbega 

—Luther J (Mary E) eng B&M h 170 Lexing- 

—Mae L Mrs h 43 South 

— Marjorie E studt nurse r 79 Adams 

— Marjorie E, WW Co r 36 Cherry 

— Mary P married LeRoy A Whalen 

— Minnie E multigraph opr r 27 South 

—Nellie E Mrs h 69 Lowell 

— Nellie F wid Henry h 148 Ash 

— Nellie S wid Oscar F h 79 Adams 

— Pamelia C wid Wm F housekpr r 39 Pleas- 

—Pierce F (Leona D) WW Co h 137 Villa 

— Raymah studt r 18 Harris 

— Reatta O wid Robt W r 256 Ash 

—Robt A (Adele S) coml eng (245 State, B) 
h 18 Harris 

— Robt L (Hazel M) lndry slsmn r 69 Low- 

—Rose A r 27 South 

— S Ada wid Frank H h 111 Alder 

—Victor L (Eliz B) chauf h 103 Columbus av 

— Wm r 16 Mechanic 

— Wm elk r 18 Harris 



— see Davies 

Davison Bessie R bkpr 18 Pine r 61 Adams 
— Laura, WW Co r 61 Adams 
—Robt G (Kathleen D) gardnr h 222 Lowell 
— see Davidson 

Davisson Richd H (Lucy A) pres D & D 
Sales Co Inc 692 Main h 64 Hawthorne 
Davock Anna, WW Co h 177 Chestnut 
— Arthur J studt nurse (B) r 92 Cushing 
— Chas E auto mech r 92 Cushing 
— Eliz B tchr Nahum Hardy sch r 177 Chest- 
— John E office mgr r 177 Chestnut 
— Margt E wid Peter H h 92 Cushing 
— Mary B wid Peter J h 9 Gale 
— Mary E wid Thos h 94 Cushing 
— Mary L lndrs r 94 Cushing 
— Michl J (Delia A) crossing tndr B&M h 81 

— Thos hairdrsr (B) r 92 Cushing 
Davork John J (Mary) shipper 217 Lexing- 
ton h 35 Stewart Watertown 
Daw Roy W uphol r 61 Myrtle 
Dawson Francis P asst phys 775 Trapelo rd 

r do 
— Frank auto mech r 54 Myrtle 
—Geo died May 29 1932 
—Gertrude A h 27 Willow 
— Harriet W Mrs r 601 Lexington 
— Harry S (Helen R) mach h 106 Prentice 
— Harry S pntr Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
— Henrietta R married Paul Frese 
—May N sten r 27 Willow 
Day Bessie J wid Jas A h 40 High 
— Emma nurse r 32 Rockridge rd 
—Ethel J Mrs, WW Co r 26 Cushing 
—Geo K, WW Co r 138 Crescent 
—Helen C (Mrs Ronald A) died Jan 5 1933 
—Hilda studt r 74 Bedford 
—Jas A (Bessie J) died Feb 28 1932 
— Johanna J wid Arthur r 595 Lexington 
— Jos P jr (Frances Carey) studt h 97 Clare- 

— Mabel C Mrs h 74 Bedford 
— Olive wid Geo r 27 Howard 
—Percy F (Ethel J) WW Co h 26 Cushing 
— Ranald A auto mech h 37A Winthrop 
— Silas S (Marion A) adv (Allston) h 75 

Beal rd 
Dayton Neil A (Ann P) rem to Boston 
Deacon Howard B (Gertrude C) adv slsmn 18 

Pine h 213 Linden 
DeAmbrose Andrew P (Catherine) carp h 72 

Dean Alice W (Smart Style Shop) women's 

furngs 9 Moody r 93 Lexington 
— Dairy (Louis W Dean) milk dlrs Beaver 

cor Warren 
— Harold S ins agt 740 Main rm 105 h Farrar 

rd Lincoln 
—Leila M Mrs, WW Co r 67 Ash 
— Louis G (May) carp h 10 Woerd av 
— Louis W (Gertrude A) (Dean Dairy) 11 
Beaver cor Warren h Boston Post rd 
— Marjorie B Mrs elk 411 Moody h 205 Ham- 
— Natalie B studt r 205 Hammond 
— Stuart tchr r 205 Hammond 
— Wendell A rem to Weston 
Deane Harriet wid Jas r 46 Dexter 
Dearborn Bertha F Mrs (The Green Lantern 

Inn) 11 Bacon r do 
— Claude V (Bertha F) slsmn h 11 Bacon 
—Evelyn F, WW Co r 291 Crescent 
— Forest E (Blanche L) slsmn h 70 Haw- 
thorne rd 




—Geo C, WW Co h 291 Crescent 

—Geo W, WW Co r 291 Crescent 

—Lilly (Mrs Geo C) died Nov 16 1932 

— Wm Hr 11 Bacon 

Decatur Ella wid Henry r 403 Crescent 

— Mabel wid Geo r 403 Crescent 

Decker Adolph H mgr 889 Main r 18 Fain- 
wood circle Cambridge 

—Ethel S Mrs, WW Co r 28 Robbins 

— Mary E nurse 775 Trapelo rd r do 

DeCoste Alice J sec r 248 Main 

— Annie wid Felix r 27 Derby 

— Jas P rem to Lenox 

—Jos I elk r 248 Main 

— Mary tel opr (W Newton) h 27 Derby 

—Mary G elk 315 Moody r 248 Main 

— Norman A (Nora) invoice elk 894 Main h 
248 do 

— Paul N chauf r 248 Main 

— Richd S r 248 Main 

— Ruth A slswmn r 248 Main 

DeCoster Alvah V (Mary A) WW Co h 12 
Nutting rd 

DeCourcy Lawrence (Florence) formn h 403 

Dee Thos P (Eliz I) supvr (Cambridge) h 19 
Edwin rd 

Deehan Agnes R elk r 74 Virginia rd 

—Jas B (Nellie) h 51 Thornton rd 

— Margt r 12 Dale 

— Mary r 12 Dale 

— Nellie Mrs forwmn WB&P Co r 51 Thorn- 
ton rd 

— Ruth M wid Frank E h 30 McKenn 

— Thos E treas Wellington Radio Co Inc 19 
Lexington h 12 Dale 

— Veronica L sten street div City Hall r 12 

Deeley see Daly, Dailey and Daley 

Deely Delia wid Michl C r 24 Hovey rd 

— Jos L elk h 24 Hovey rd 

—Michl C (Delia) died Sept 3 1931 

Deering Charlotte A chiropodist 681 Main rm 

10A r 222 Bacon 
— Fredk A (Susan F) slsmn h 90 Galen 
— Katherine M dental nurse (Tufts College, 

B) r 222 Bacon 
— Willis C woolens (B) h 222 Bacon 
Deevy Patk J (Ellen E) blksmth 28 Ex- 
change h 21 Caughey 
DeFilippo Francesco (Annie) lab h 52 Charles 
— Venacia studt r 52 Charles 
Defina Catherine wid Jos r 414 River 
—Catherine T elk 52 Elm r 36 Barbara rd 
— John J (Mary) gro 52 Elm h 36 Barbara 

— Jos A elk 52 Elm r 36 Barbara rd 
— Stephen (Catherine) h 24 Lawton pi 
Defino Bartolo (Rose) h 409 River 
— Marianna wid Bartolo r 109 Central 
— Stefano (Angelina A) chauf h 109 Central 
DeFino Stefano (Stefana) lab h 15 Naviens 

DeFrancesco Jos farmer r 36 River 

Degouf Edwd lab r 90i Robbins 

— Maxime (Pauline M) pntr h 90£ Robbins 

Degrasse Bernedette C r 161 Ash 

— Nicholas (Catherine F) carp (Brookline) h 

161 Ash 
DeGrasse Angelina (Mrs Nicholas) died Jan 

2 1931 
— Josephine Mrs r 452 Moody 
Deguio Chas H r 93 Taylor 
—Frank R r 93 Taylor 
Deighton Marion E sten Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
Delabarre Perley W bench hand 77 Rumford 

av r at Boston 

Delaney Albert (Marie) r 123 High 
—Bernard A (Eliz M) chauf SO Co h 48 

— Danl glazier r 75 River 
— Danl J (Susie) mldr h 59 Felton 
—Dorothy E bkpr 326 Moody r 25i Ash 
—Edwd F (Frances B) (J B Delaney & Son) 

88 Howard h do 
— Edwd J enamel sprayer r 75 River 
—Henry S h 173 Willow 
— J B ,& Son (Edwd F Delaney) gen contrs 

88 Howard 
—Jas B (Margt M) died Aug 9 1931 
— Jas H formn 402 Lexington r 51 Irving 
— Jas H (Annie E) mach h 4 Floyd 
— Jas J (Dora M) ship elk 100 Felton h 125 

— John J (Margt A) auto mech h 329 Newton 
— John J prsmn r 75 River 
—Jos (Mary T) tmstr h 16i Cutter 
—Jos A (Margt C) h 75 River 
— Laura bkpr (B) r 51 Irving 
— Margt M wid Jas B h 51 Irving 
— Marie L maid r 28 Worcester lane 
— Mary M r 51 Irving 
—Mary M Mrs elk 552 South r 12 Park 
— Richd J (Mary A) pntr h 112 Brown 
— Theresa G wid Thos insp h 379 River 
— Vincent S (Mary G) carp r 20 Cross 
— Wm F mach r 75 River 
— Wm J mach opr r 379 River 
Delano Adelbert B radio opr r 207 River 
—Fannie (Mrs Saml S) died June 15 1932 
— Saml S v-pres D & D Sales Co Inc 692 Main 

h 218 South 

Deldon Fredk (Patricia) h 32 Francis 
DeLesdernier Oran M (Lillian A) supt h 63 

— Roland O rem to Wollaston 
Delfino Antonio (Mary E) died May 5 1932 
— Benj (Rose M) bldr h 32 Bennett 
—Frank B bldr r 32 Bennett 
— Mary E wid Antonio h 151 Calvary 
DellaCamera Luigi (Filomena) lab h 53 Wil- 

DellaCroce Pellegrino D died May 24 1932 
DellaPace Luigi lab r 53 Williams 
DellePigne Edwd rem to W Newton 
— Jos (Maria) farmer h Harrington rd 
— Loretta wid Alessandro r Harrington rd 
Dell'Orfano Helena C atndt Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
— Mary I atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
Delmar Lillian M Mrs h 428 Main 
Delmonico Jos (Antonette) h 108 Charles 
DeLorenzo Michl (Teresa) hlpr h 39 Spring 
Delorey Agnes V domestic r 118 Russell 
— Aloysius J milkmn r 64 Bacon 
— Charlotte G mgr 344 Moody r 64 Bacon 
—Cornelius D elk 880 Main r 118 Russell 
—Eliz E r 118 Russell 
— Frank r 8 Fern 

— Fred S comp 515 South r at Auburndale 
— John F (Theresa L) chauf h 64 Bacon 
—Jos F lab r 118 Russell 
— Jos J (Margt S) (A J Gibson & Son) gro 

880 Main h 118 Russell 
—Mary M bkpr 880 Main r 118 Russell 
DeLorey Florence M r 9 Hall 
— Frank chauf r 9 Hall 
—Harold r 9 Hall 
—Jane died July 23 1932 
— Rose J elk r 23 Brown 
— Stephen J milkmn h 9 Hall 
— Violett Mrs h 23 Brown 
Delosa Christopher elk r 421 River 
— Felix gardnr r 47A Calvary 
— Jos r 47 A Calvary 




— Onofrio (Mary) lab h 421 River 

— Thos (Mary) lab h 47A Calvary 

DeLosa Felix (Lucy) batterymn r 84 Francis 

— Lucy Mrs, WW Co r 42 Calvary 

DeLuca John A (Hilda M) shoe ctr h 195 

Deluco Nicola (Lucy) lab h 89 Oak 
Demain Wm A paper ruler 515 South r at 

Demao Michl (Catherine) restr wkr h 208 

Demarais Emily wid David r 199 Robbins 
—Wilfred J (Gertrude A) mgr h 199 Robbins 
DeMarco Benedetto hlpr r 21 Spring 
— Fannie, WW Co r 21 Spring 
— Giuseppe (Jennie) gro 23 Spring h 21 do 
— Louis (Mary) lab h 158 School 
— Louise M glove wkr (Watertown) r 158 


— Mary E r 158 School 

— Rocco r 21 Spring 

— Salvatore (Delia) bkpr h 22 Reyem 

DeMarque Annette Mrs seamstress 357 Moody 

r 197 Adams 
— Chas J (Nettie W) production mn h 197 


Demas Geo chef 865 Main r at Cambridge 
Demell Wm bakery wkr r 11 Fuller 
Demelle Bernard M electn r 17 Brown 
• — Emmanuel H (Mary M) chauf 200 Prospect 

h 17 Brown 
— Lawrence C (Laura H) striker r 17 Brown 
Demeo Agostino r 17 Hall 
— Ammo (Eliz) lab h 144 Charles 
— Ammo jr farm hand r 144 Charles 
— Antonio (Rose) lab h 40 Spring 
— Domenico (Linda) lab h 128 Charles 
— Eleanor I Mrs elk 718 Moody r 17 Hall 
— Ernest lab r 144 Charles 
— Frances wid Simone r 161 School 
— Frank elk r 128 Charles 
— Fredk J (Eleanor I) express and mgr The 
Lee Book Shoppe 718 Moody and truck- 
mn 17 Hall r do 
— Jos (Fannie) (Victory Lunch) 458 Moody r 

17 Hall 
— Louis A (Anna E) mgr 458 Moody h 882 do 
— Michl (Katherine) rem to N Y city 
— Palmer asst mgr 458 Moody r 208 Adams 
— Pasquale (Sophie) driver 60 Woerd av r 161 

— Pasquale lab h 158 School 
— Pasquale (Angela M) umbrella rpr h 17 

— Valentino (Catherine) caretaker h 130 

DeMeo Josephine S radio wkr r 25 Felton 
— Salvatore (Michelina) lab h 25 Felton 
Demers Adelard A instr University of Mass 

h at Fall River 
—Alice, WW Co r 1 Standish ct 
— Alphonse F (Catherine C) prsmn h 8 Tay- 
— Henry (Jeanne) punch press opr h 56 Cush- 

—Irene M, WW Co r 1 Standish ct 
— Jeanne Mrs, WW Co r 3 Stratton ter 
— Leo J (Alphonsine M) carp h 27 Middle 
—Marie A, WW Co r 1 Standish ct 
— Regina wid Julian h 1 Standish ct 
Deming Harry A (Frances A) rem to Water- 

ville Me 
— Robt (Doris) car rpr NYNH&H h 66 Tay- 
■ Demio Julian S (Julia) chauf 42 Beal rd r 22 
— Pasquale (Emilia) lab h 29 Spring 
Demitriatis Geo tailor 30 Spruce r 53 Walnut 

DeMond Harry E production mgr 131 Lex- 
ington r 35 Emerson Newton 
DeMont Alice M, WW Co r 11B Gardner 
— Forrest R slsmn 844 Main r 11B Gardner 
— Hugh C elk r 11B Gardner 
— Wm H (Etta G) carp h 11B Gardner 
Demontreux Henry V mgr 688 Main r 87 By- 
ron, E Boston 
Demoy John J (Nina P) WW Co h 46 Sharon 
Dempsey John J (Mary L) dial mkr h 237 

— John P meat ctr h 35 Gorham 
— Margt F r 35 Gorham 
— Norman L, WW Co r 252 Crescent 
— Paul W (Marjorie B) farm supt 240 Beaver 

h 225 do 
Deneault Angeline O r 148 Seminole av 
—Arthur F (Laura M) elk 350 Moody h 44 

Hiawatha av 
— Chas (Mary) truckmn h 153 Seminole av 
— Geo (Lydia W) metal polisher h 121 Brown 
— Geo H (Angelina M) molder h 148 Seminole 

—Harry O (Margt R) elk 336 Moody h 45 

— Jos W (Lydia A) foundry mn h 140 Sem- 
inole av 

Denesha Hubert S (Marion G) (Crescent 
Grill) 17 Crescent h 209 High 

Dennehy Paul M (Thelma H) atndt 962 Main 
h 91 Overland rd 

Dennen Gertrude M wid Hollis E died Sept 
23 1933 

—Ralph W (Margt A) phys 591 Moody h 39 
Greenwood lane 

Dennett Nathan W (Fannie H) leather (B) r 
187 Ash 

Dennis Bertha Mrs (Waltham Fur Shop) 353 
Moody rm 101 h 105 Columbus av 

—Helen personnel dir 223 Moody r 630 E 3d 
South Boston 

— Jas G shoe wkr r 25 Benefit 

— Murray A (Bertha) mgr Waltham Fur 
Shop 353 Moody h 105 Columbus av 

— Thos J (Erminie M A) baker h 25 Benefit 

— Wm W (Lillian G) restr wkr h 7 Brown 

Dennison Geo A lab r 18 Hall 

— John L (Lillian B) lab h 98 Seminole av 

—Lillian B Mrs, WW Co r 79 Hammond 

—Margt J wid Wm h 18 Hall 

Denniston Annie F wid Danl h 164 Robbins 

— Danl C (Eva L) examiner of state accounts 
(B) h 54 Summer 

— Dorothy C r 54 Summer 

Denofrio Frank (Josephine) farmer h 25 

— Mark r 25 Plympton 

— Mary mach opr r 25 Plympton 

DeNorscia Massimo (Mary) lab h 169 School 

Denosky Hipsoit gro 38 Elm r do 

Dent Martha L hairdrsr 511 Moody r 346 

— Mary A wid Rolland O h 346 Newton 

—Raymond E (Frances W) WW Co r 134 

—Rolland O (Mary) died Nov 11 1930 

Denty Edwd P (Dorothy) slsmn h 55 Semin- 
ole av 

— Stanley J (Caroline S) auto mech h 54 Cal- 

DePesa Peter shoe wkr r 19 Adams 

Derbyshire Arthur L (Cora V) capt Ladder 
Co No 2 h 99 Lowell 

— Eliza G wid Geo r 61 High 

— Elna r 44 Trapelo rd 

— F W Inc 157 High inc '31 Fredk W Derby- 
shire pres-treas tool mfrs 

— Fredk W (Jessie A) pres-treas F W Derby- 
shire Inc 157 High h 44 Trapelo rd 




— Fredk W died Dec 30 1930 

D'Ercole Frank V shoe rpr 867 Main r 56 
Caldwell rd 

— Guide- elk r 30 Caldwell rd 

—Mary elk 223 Moody r 30 Caldwell rd 

— Vincent (Domenica) gardnr h 30 Caldwell 

Derderian Hagop M pres Waltham Lime & 
Cement Co Inc 216 Newton h at Water- 

— Ira treas Waltham Lime & Cement Co Inc 
216 Newton h 24 Oakley rd Watertown 

Dermott Adelaide G wid Robt H h 253 Bacon 

— Fred A (Caroline) auto mech 899 Main h 
200 Lexington 

—Henry W (Madeline R) mgr 580 Main h 51 
Bruce rd 

DerVal Armand H, WW Co r 65 Ash 

DeSanto Jerry (Rose) elk r 57 Chester av 

Desaulniers Mary J clothing wkr r 93 Central 

—Roland r 93 Central 

— Simone radio wkr (Newton) r 93 Central 

— Victorine wid Emile h 93 Central 

DeSisto Pasquale (Nora) lab h 18 Fern 

Desjadon Jos A (Margt T) r 157 Hardy's Pond 

Desjardins Jos P (Florence E) chauf h Hill- 
crest rd 

Desmarais Del & Co (Edelmard S Desmarais) 
plmbrs 4 Lexington 

— Edelmard S (Marguerite M) (Del Desmar- 
ais ,& Co) 4 Lexington h do 

Desmond Alice K tchr Nahum Hardy sch r 
46 Lyman 

— Florence M sten 115 Bacon r 24 Howard 

— Jas J (Nellie M) carrier PO (Newton) h 34 
Mayall rd 

—John chauf M&B St Ry r 17 Caldwell rd 

Desorcy Alcide ice r 149 Brown 

Despies Ernest J, WW Co r 28 Hall 

DeStefano Jack J hlpr 576 Main r 54 Lincoln 
rd Newton 

Desveaux Alvina wid Eug h 100 Cushing 

— Anna domestic r 96A Charles 

— Dina wid Fred h 102 Charles 

Devane Catherine I r 14 Brown's av 

— Catherine M r 59 Vernon 

— Helen L married Albert Johnson rem to 

— John F bkpr 200 Prospect r 59 Vernon 

—John W (Delia A) lab h 30 Harvard 

—Jos M (M Julia) chauf SO Co h 88 Alder 

— Margt T r 14 Brown's av 

— Mark r 30 Harvard 

— Martin (Mary) lab h 36 Bacon 

— Mary J elk (B) r 59 Vernon 

— Patk J (Bridget M) lab h 14 Brown's av 

— Thos J h 59 Vernon 

— Thos P elk PO (B) r 59 Vernon 

Devaney Bessie A nurse h 18 Day 

— Catherine E r 18 Day 

— Mary E r 18 Day 

— Mary F wid Jas E h 1 Norumbega ter 

— May r 1 Norumbega ter 

Devarenne Stanley (Emma) mgr 3 Carter r 23 

Devaul Luzetta S, WW Co r 156 Robbins 

Deveau Annie, WW Co r 49 Brown 

— Simon (Louise) radio tube wkr h 30 Ben- 

Deveaux Eva maid r 520 Lexington 

— Mary E r 102 Charles 

DeVeber Beatrice prin 764 Main r do 

DeVenne Doris E sten r 57 High 

— Dorothy E studt r 15 Boynton 

— Edwd W, WW Co r 137 Villa 

— Emma Mrs h 57 High 

—J Ernest (Edith E) formn WW Co h 15 

Deverix Mary packer 100 Felton r 516 Wal- 
tham, W Newton 
— Raymon J (Lillian C) died Oct 5 1933 
DeVincent John (Sophie) (Cottage Crest Tea 

Room) 610 Trapelo rd h do 
Devine Geo (Mildred) chauf h 113 Lake 
DeVito Anthony lab r 19 Winthrop 
—Carlo (Elsie) lab h 19 Winthrop 
— Louis chauf r 97 Central 
Devlin Catherine W sten r 54 Bolton 
— Chas A, WW Co r 368 Crescent 
— Edwd E watchmkr r 138 Clark 
— Edwd M (Grace E) crossing tndr Clematis 

Brook sta 109 Beaver h 38 Cutter 
— Florence Mrs 66 Woerd av r 924 Main 
— Horace E (Lucy) rem to Newtonville 
—Irene E, WW Co r 138 Clark 
— John J (Mae C) service mn h 68 Myrtle 
— Jos P (Margt H) rubber wkr (Watertown) 
h 83 Cushing 

—Louise C, WW Co r 138 Clark 

— Margt G sten r 54 Bolton 

— Mary A sten r 54 Bolton 

— Michl J (Catherine J) mason h 138 Clark 

— Michl P (Agnes) brklyr h 54 Bolton 

— P Jos (Anna M) plmbr h 62 Guinan 

—Patk died Oct 18 1932 

Devoe Jos E (Rose A) baker h 121 Clark 

—Paul J (Sadie J) chauf h 55 Dix 

— Vincent (Lena) lather h 12 Whitney av 

Devoy Katherine Mrs mlnr 288A Moody h 

289 Cherry, W Newton 
Dew Clarence A (Sallie) troublemn EEI Co 

Cooper st h 210 Weston 
Dewar Arline M r 47 Adams 
— Arthur A caddy r 47 Adams 
— Danl W (Rephenia C) carp h 47 Adams 
— Earl J asst caddy master r 47 Adams 
DeWolf Arthur H (Phoebe A) gardnr (W 

Newton) h 220 Lowell 
—Cyril (Louize L) died Sept 3 1932 
— Loren L lndrymn 505 Trapelo rd r do 
— Louise wid Cyril h 153 Bright 
DeWolfe Alf J (Alice M) bakery slsmn h 12 


— Augustus L r 153 Bright 

—Clifford D r 153 Bright 

—El wood J (Myrtle) chauf h 4 Rich 

— Jos A chauf r 153 Bright 

— Raymond P (Sophia L) chauf h 58 Myrtle 

— Theresa M r 153 Bright 

Dexter Geo T r 58 Myrtle 

—John P elk 757 Moody r 58 Myrtle 

— Thos P (Agnes B) h 58 Myrtle 

Deyenberg Charlotte r 43 Cherry 

DiAmicis Marie C Mrs r 28 Marguerite av 

— Rocco (Filomena) brklyr h 28 Marguerite 

DiCicca Flora, WW Co r at Concord 
Dick Allan E, WW Co r at Boston 
— Geo L (Pearl) rem to Somv 
Dickerson Fredk r 250 South 
Dickey Doris married Raymond O Young 
— Emogene F wid Geo P r 11 Crafts 
— Evelyn r 475 South 
— Geo W (Mary B) window letterer h 475 

— Irvin G (Mildred B) WW Co h 791 Moody 
— Orland H (Georgie M) elk h 74 Maple 
Dickie Frances B, WW Co r at Boston 
— Lilla rem to Acton 
Dickinson Greta Mrs r 7 Alder 
— Lawton E (Olive) WW Co 
Dicks Harold E (Mary I) carp h 320 Warren 
—Herbert H, WW Co r 67 Brown 
— Irene L, WW Co r 143 Riverview av 
—John (Esther J) WW Co h 157 Riverview 

— Jos (Eliza J) carp 143 Riverview av h do 




—Reuben H (Bessie N) WW Co h 67 Brown 
—Sarah E, WW Co r 139 Adams 
—Stanley E, WW Co r 11 Milton av 
— Wesley D (Minnie G) rem to Portsmouth 

N H 
Dickson Agnes wid John r 57 Taylor 
— Archie r 57 Taylor 
—Geo A (Mary E) baker h 57 Taylor 
—May Mrs, WW Co r 57 Taylor 
DiDeo Grace Mrs h 9 Harvard pi 
Dierckson Christina studt r 112 Vernon 
Dietrich Nellie M Mrs h 387 River 
— Rose E check room girl (B) r 387 River 
Dietrick Louise G tchr MtProspect sch 90 

Worcester lane r do 
DiFabio Fred lab r 18 Charles 
DiFino Isidoro (Angelina) gardnr h 14 Lib- 
DiGiovanni Anthony (Mary) driver 191 

School h 39 Woodland rd 
DiGirolamo Angelo (Rose) lab h 15 Brown's 

— Anthony farm hand r 15 Brown's av 
DiGregorio Angelina housekpr r 52 Calvary 
— Ida married Atilleo Spera rem to Newton 
—Mary (Mrs Pasquale) died Feb 22 1933 
— Pasquale lab h 52 Calvary 
— Peter (Irene) lab h 199 Newton 
Dillon Ellen M wid Thos h 66 Plympton 
—John J aud (B) r 66 Plympton 
— John J (Mary A) plmbr 18 Orchard av h 

— Jos H (Bernice E) bldr 15 Ridgewood ter 

h do 
— Margt M bkpr (B) r 66 Plympton 
— Thos P bkpr (NY city) r 66 Plympton 
DiMatteo Assunta Mrs h 15 Oak 
DiMei Salvatore (Nunziata) lab h 14 Kings- 
ley's ct 
Dimistrati Geo tailor r 53 Walnut 
Dimond Thos J (Alice) watchmn 100 Beaver 

h Dobbins st 
DiMurro Frank (Annie) gro 107 Charles h 

109 do 
Dinegan Ann W instr nurses 775 Trapelo rd 
r do 

Dinerstein Saml, WW Co r 20 Floyd 
Dingley Harold F (Edna F) linemn Cooper 

st h 39 Howard 
Dinsmore Dorothy M elk r 239 School 
— Eliz F wid Arthur h 17 Elm 
— Ernest P mach rear 248 Ash h 78 do 
— Louis E (Alice E) landscape gardnr h 512 

Waverley Oaks rd 
—Margt L Mrs h 239 School 
Dion Aline M married Richd Petzold 
— Clarence J elk r 45 Highland 
—Diana A, WW Co 
— Edmour D (Victoria M) elk 720 Main h 45 


— Emile J (Florence M) lab h 268 River 
— Eva L atndt 775 Trapelo rd r do 
—Geo J (Evelyn M) WW Co h 61 Ash 
—Jos A (Effie E) mfrs agt 32 Floyd h do 
—Louis E, WW Co r 19 Benefit 
—Napoleon J (Ernestine F) WW Co h 19 

—Rhea V, WW Co r 773 Moody 
DiPietro Salvatore fruit r 21 Gardner 
DiProfio Jos (Assunta) lab h 191 School 
DiPronio Carmen (Jennie) auto rpr 44 Wil- 
liams h do 
DiRampio Andrew (Antonette) lab h 23 Whit- 
ney av 
Directory Library, Chamber of Commerce 

657 Main 
DiSantis Edwd forester r 110 Calvary 
— Rose wid Angelo h 110 Calvary 

Disken Edwd P police 25 Lexington r 107 

—Geo T lab r 107 River 
— Hannah M wid Patk J h 107 River 
— Peter A coremkr r 107 River 
— Theresa M r 107 River 
Diskin Francis chauf r 148 Bright 
— Gertrude principal Phineas Lawrence sch 

r 148 Bright 
— John F (Margt M) watchmn 100 Seyon av 

h 148 Bright 
— Mary H bkpr 894 Main r 408 River 
— Wm A (Bridget A) watchmn h 408 River 
DiVito Louis chauf r 296 River 
Dix Edwd jan r 13 Endicott 
Dixie Manor (Mrs E G Crossett) restr 1466 

Dixon Chester W (Isabel D) WW Co r 36 

— Hannah C wid John F r 15 Barton 
— W Leslie (Edith F) slsmn h 67 Adams 
Dizer Saml K (Margt M) bldr h 904 Moody 
Doane John R (Eliz P) carp h 249 Bacon 
Dobb Laurie F reporter 681 Main rm 20 r 

100 Lanart rd B'line 
Dobbin Mary maid r 185 Lyman 
Dobbins Jos S (Ethel M) rem to Dallas Texas 
Dobbyn Wm F lab r rear 28 Clinton 
Dodge Alvan J (Martha A) WW Co h 68 

— Alvern J, WW Co r 68 Adams 
—Elsie P Mrs, WW Co r 64 Orange 
— Geo S mach opr r 19 Ash 
— Harriet S wid Gardiner died Dec 13, 1931 
—Leonard A, WW Co r 19 Ash 
—Leslie G, WW Co r at W Newton 
—Mary E r 182 Dale 
— Mary J wid H Spurgeon r 117 South 
— Walter G mach 49 River h 245 Lowell 
— Wm A, WW Co r 28 Dartmouth 
Doe Caroline Seaver Mrs reporter Waltham 

News-Tribune 18 Pine r 29 School 
— Eliz wid Henry M lndry wkr h 75 Ash 
—Esther K Mrs, WW Co r 24 High 
— Margt Lincoln nurse r 29 School 
— Marvin F box printer r 75 Ash 
—Ralph A (Caroline R H) (D & G Dial & 

Enameling Co) 17 Whitney av r 29 

Doerion Anne tel solctr 552 South r at Lex- 
Doheny Dennis J (Rae A) stage hand h 10 

— Edwd J (Frances) stage mgr h 224 Brown 
— Patk J (Margt E) projectionist h 14 Lowell 
Doherty Ada A r 27 Faneuil rd 
—Bernard (Mary K) lab h 268 School 
— Chas E porter 775 Trapelo rd r do 
— Claire N asst to treas Waltham Co-operative 

Bank 45 Moody r 20 Plympton 
— Dennis W formn h 20 Plympton 
— Eleanor M sten r 33 Copley av 
— Emma M (Mrs Frank P) died Nov 7, 1932 
— Frank P h 4 Marlborough rd 
— Jas C elk r 33 Copley av 
— Jennie L, WW Co r 27 Faneuil rd 
— John A (Martha) steam eng h 68£ Hol- 

— John W mach (Watertown) h 27 Faneuil 

— Katherine r 325 Newton 
— Margt elk 223 Moody h at Lincoln 
—Mary, WW Co r 562 Main 
■ — Mary E tel opr 16 Spring r 210 Elm av, W 

—Mary T, WW Co r 67 Fiske av 
— Maude E Mrs slswmn h 136 Brown 
— Murtie M wid Jos F h 33 Copley av 
— Nellie maid r 185 Lyman 
— Wm F (Mary E) gro 32 Oak h 325 Newton 




— Wm J (Mabel V) tinsmith h Ode st 

— see Dougherty 

Doiron Albert studt r 77 Bennett 

— Arthur J electn r 77 Bennett 

—Beatrice, WW Co r 77 Bennett 

— Francis J waiter r 77 Bennett 

—Geneva, WW Co r 11 Taylor 

— Mary C wid Thadeaus h 51 Alder 

— Mary E r 51 Alder 

— Mary P drsmkr 11 Taylor h do 

—Paul C elk r 34 Winthrop 

— Placide P (Aglae M) barber 305 River h 
77 Bennett 

— Rebecca H married Raymond B Connolly 

— Rita E sten 633 Main r 34 Winthrop 

— Wm J (Catherine I) WW Co h 34 Winth- 

— Wm J jr driver (NY city) r 34 Winthrop 

Dolan Ann E wid Peter h 8 Church 

— Annie r 590 Main 

—Annie V r 88 Pond 

— Delia A nurse h 32 Dartmouth 

—Delia E r 88 Pond 

— Evelyn sec 681 Main rm 8 r at Weston 

— Geo T (Catherine T) dist mgr h 30 Maple 

— Gertrude H private sec 375 Moody rm 1 r 44 

—Henry D (Mary F) printer h 262 Lake 

—Jos E (Mary A) WW Co h 186 Robbins 

— Margt wid John T r 30 Maple 

— Maria h 590 Main 

—Mary A h 88 Pond 

— Mary F Mrs confectionery 249 Lake h do 

— Michl died Nov 10, 1931 

— Theresa A r 32 Dartmouth 

—Winifred T elk 720 Main r 88 Pond 

Dolbec Aurel tchr StPeter's Parochial sch r 
20 School 

Dolber Jessie C wid Geo E died Sept 26, 1931 

— Marion A elk h 23 Wash av 

— Raymond S (Harriet E) acct (State House, 
B) h 23 Wash av 

— Wm M (Clarice L) slsmn 390 Moody h 285 

Dolham Wilbur M (Lillian E) pntr and paper 

hanger 49 Alder h do 
Doliber C Earl (Doris) chauf h 391 Newton 
—Doris A, WW Co r 31 Fuller 
Dollard Nicholas F (Mary F) lab h 1 Pearl 
Dolliff Frank (Jennie S) asst r 85 Crescent 
Dolliver Doris V sten r 128 Russell 
— Elson P industrial eng r 128 Russell 
— Frances B wid Theo H h 128 Russell 
Donahoe Edwd R (Blanche) chauf h 23 Elson 

— Helen B bacteriologist (Tewksbury) r 15 

— John B (Mary A) police 25 Lexington h 15 

— Jos W studt r 15 Dartmouth 
— Mary F tchr r 15 Dartmouth 
Donahue Eliz M wid Patk E h 74 School 
— Francis J (Sarah A) lieut police 25 Lex- 
ington h 10 Hammer 
— Fredk J (Ivy E) slsmn r 297 Crescent 
— Ivy E Mrs hairdrsr 297 Crescent r 1 do 
— Jas r 250 South 

— Michl J (Margt I) insp h 71 Lexington 
—Sarah A Mrs mgr 699 Main r 10 Hammer 
— see Donoghue 
Donaldson Hiram B dean Middlesex School 

of Podiatry 415 South h at Dorchester 
—John, WW Co r 43 Vernon 
— see Danielson 

Dondero Louis (Annie) h 29 McKenn 
Donehey Frank E (Emma W) janitor h 87 

Hardy's Pond rd 
Donelan John J (Theresa) mgr 326 Moody h 

72 Randolph Arlington 

Donlan Andrew A pntr r 59 Bacon 

— Andrew F (Gladys A) dentist 375 Moody 

rm 8 h 24 Eddy 
—Edwd J r 24 Eddy 
— John J bkpr (Cambridge) r 93 Pond 
—John R (Alice E) pntr h 121 Pond 
— Jos S elk 217 Lexington r 59 Bacon 
— Julia T wid Andrew A h 59 Bacon 
— Mary T r 59 Bacon 
—Michl J (Mary J) lab h 85 Pine 
—Michl S elk r 93 Pond 
— Thos F (Theresa) cloth ctr r 59 Bacon 
— Wm J (M Agnes) contr 1092 Main h do 
—Winifred wid Michl died Jan 10, 1933 
Donley Albert lab r 132 Adams 
Donlon Alice G elk r 11 Everett 
— Annie E wid Anthony r 23 Russell 
—Bridget M h 28 Charles 
— Catherine A bkpr r 11 Everett 
— Helen G sten r 11 Everett 
— John C (Margt L) taxi service (B) h 17 

Lawndale av 
—Lawrence F chauf M&B St Ry h 11 Everett 
Donnell John F (Lavinia) steward Walter E 

Fernald State sch r do 
Donnellan Catherine E widow John F h 34 

Prospect-st av 
— Margt E r 34 Prospect-st av 
—Mary A Mrs, WW Co r 28 Ash 
—Michl J (Catherine M) elk h 177 River 
— Wm J (Mary A) carp h 28 Ash 
Donnelly Catherine M, WW Co r 30 Gilbert 
— Dorothy M sten (B) r 50 Summit 
— Edwd B technical asst 240 Beaver r 44 


—Edwd H sten (B) r 50 Summit 

— Francis A (Lillias F) elk (Watertown) h 

30 Orchard av 
— Grace E elk r 30 Gilbert 
— Henry driver 100 Seyon av r 12 Ricker ter 

—Hugh J (Catherine M) died Sept 9, 1933 
— Jos P slsmn r 44 Rich 
— Lawrence F (Josephine E) hosemn Chemi- 
cal No 1, 21 Lexington h 144 Alder 
— Martin J (Mary B) steward 721 Main h 44 

— Martin Jas elk r 44 Rich 
— Mary A bkpr r 44 Rich 
— Mary A elk r 79 Pond 
— Mary F sten 775 Trapelo rd r 33 Crescent, 

W Newton 
—Walter P biller r 50 Summit 
— Wm (Mary L) grinding wheel wkr 115 

Bacon h 50 Summit 
— Winifred E bkpr r 44 Rich 
Donoghue John J, WW Co r 42 Francis 
—Ralph L (Martha B) aud (40 Court, B) h 

37 Shirley rd 
— see Donahue 

Donohue Walter J shoe wkr r 39 Hall 
Donovan A Betty died Apr 1933 
—Anna J, WW Co r 61 Newton 
— Carl A (Margt L) supvr r 19 Derby 
—Catherine L, WW Co r 8 Church 
— Claire C Mrs r 35 Palmer 
—Edwd J r 52 Rich 
— Ellen M r 94 Adams 
— Jeremiah stmftr r 200 Trapelo rd 
—John J died June 1, 1932 
— Mary A wid Michl J rem to Cambridge 
— May C rem to Cambridge 
—Thos F ins agt 267 Moody h 15 Oakley rd 

— Walter E (Geneva F) carrier PO h 52 Rich 
Dooley Edwd C slsmn 637 Main rm 1 r 21 

South av Weston 
— Jas mach opr r 14 Cutter 
Dooner Jas P (Ethel S) pntr h 118 College 

Farm rd 



Doore Milton H (Glendolyn M) slsmn h 42 

Dorant Mary S, WW Co r 100 Bright 
D'Orazio Luigi G (Louise) slsmn h 232 River 
Dore Agnes Mrs, WW Co r 89 Francis 
— Chas W tube roller r 2 Bemis av 
— Guy E (Mary A) carp h 2 Bemis av 
— Harold (Agnes) h 89 Francis 
— Walter tube wkr r 2 Bemis av 
Dorothy Melba Shop (Mrs Rose Cohen) 

dresses 489 Moody 
— Muriel Inc bakers 881 Main 
Dorr Arthur E & Co see First National Stores 

— Fredk watchmkr r 348 Crescent 
—Geo W (Mary) chauf h 45 Rich 
— Madalene L, WW Co r 10 Curtis 
— Oscar H (Mary A) carrier PO 738 Main h 

10 Curtis 
— Wm H r 7 Plant rd 

Dorrington Nellie E wid John W r 50 Stow 
— Rayford E (Maude B) watch mkr rear 248 

Ash h 50 Stow 
— Richd W appr r 50 Stow 
Dorval Chas L slsmn r 96 Myrtle 
— Edwd J (Fannie S) produce h Lakeview av 

near Lincoln 
— Franklin J auto mech r Lakeview av near 

—Geo R (Elsie C) lab h rear 177 Willow 
Doty Augustus F (Eleanor) h Forest near 

Trapelo rd 
— Floris G, WW Co r 791 Moody 
—Ruby R wid Gilbert h 791 Moody 
Doucet Beatrice opr WB&PW Co r 96 Charles 
— Catherine r 70 Hall 
— Catherine maid r 148 Main 
—Cyril M (Rose R) trackmn B&M h 1 Mack's 


— Dennis (Marguerite A) barber 149 Moody 

h 70 Hall 
— Herbert J (Clara) carp h 220 Calvary 
— Kenneth J (Mary J) tar mixer h 70 Hall 
— Leo C lab r 17 Summer av 
— Louis J mgr 311 Moody r 85 Orange 
—Mary H, WW Co r 35 Maple 
— Moses D (Evelyn) battery mkr h 108 A 

— Peter J (Lucy) carp h 7 Parker's lane 
— Willis D (Alexandria A) mach opr h 6 

Pratt av 
Doucett Mary J Mrs, WW Co r 95 Brown 
Doucette A Viola waitress r 96A Charles 
— Abr (Stella M) steam shovel eng h 232 

— Albert (M Jane) carp h 164 Prospect 
—Alex r 130 Willow 
— Alf (Christine) WW Co r 121 Brown 
— Andrew L (Alice A) mldr h 47 Oak 
— Annie tube wkr r 94 Charles 
— Arsene A (Catherine) watchmn 256 Charles 

h 123 do 
— Arthur C (Eliz) bkpr h 67 Marlborough rd 
— Beatrice paper wkr r 96A Charles 
— Catherine tube wkr r 94 Charles 
—Cecilia A, WW Co r 123 Charles 
—Chas r 96A Charles 
—Chas H (Eva M) mach 48 Woerd av h 72 

Lakeview av 
—Christine, WW Co r 87 Adams 
— Edwd rubber wkr r 118 Brown 
— Eliz tube wkr r 94 Charles 
— Eliz wid Jos r 95 Grant 
— Emma Mrs h 88 Charles 
— Ernest (Lena G) paper wkr h 98 Charles 
— Evelyn M sten 223 Moody r 16 Whitney av 
— Frances J Mrs married Walter Lanagan 
— Fredk (Julia) electn h 118 Brown 
— Fredk R (Josephine E) cabtmkr h Marivista 



— Geo (Catherine) h 94 Charles 

—Geo jr, WW Co r 94 Charles 

— Geo A electn r 118 Brown 

— Geo A mach opr r 89 Central 

— Hector (Cecilia) lather h 98 Charles 

— Howard T elk r 72 Lakeview av 

—J Geo (Mary A) blksmth h 89 Central 

— Jas A driver 46 Felton 

— Jas A (Catherine M) lab 100 Seyon av r 9 

— John (Cecelia) produce h 130 Willow 
—John W (Mary P) chauf 22 Felton h 70 

— Jos barber r 29 Pine 
— Jos window clnr r 20 Crescent 
— Jos A (Lena M) battery wkr h 69 Oak 
— Jos H plmbr r 118 Brown 
— Julia nurse r 118 Brown 
— Julia O wid Rubin r 14 Woerd av 
— Lawrence (Florence) r 116 Charles 
— Leo (Cecilia) firemn h 120 Myrtle 
—Marie, WW Co r 22 High 
— Marius carp r 15 Waverley 
—Mary A, WW Co r 123 Charles 
—Mary L h 96A Charles 
— Mary M wid Stephen T r 72 Lakeview av 
—Mathilda wid John r 130 Willow 
— Mathias (Christine) lather r 144 Clark 
— Maurice box mkr (Medford) r 118 Brown 
— Miles (Olive) millwright r 564 Main 
—Mitchell (Eliz F) lab h 3 Bowdoin av 
— Moise (Julia) h 116 Charles 
— Raymond W (Lucy) chauf h 18 Foundry 


— Sarah Mrs h 16 Whitney av 

— Simon r 96A Charles 

— Thos (Rose A) wool scourer h 8 Union 

— Viola A bkpr r 95 Grant 

— Wm toolmkr r Pine Hill circle 

Dougherty Denis (Marion C) stmftr h 293 

— Edgar J (Amy P) carp h 16 Norumbega 

— Erwin F (Lulu M) carp h 212 Robbins 
—John R lab PO 738 Main r 141 Robbins 
— Matthew F (Emily V) carp and bldr 85 

Hammond h do 
—Mildred E r 139 Robbins 
— Winnifred E wid Hugh M h 139 Robbins 
— see Doherty 
Doughty Arthur B (Margt E) roofer h 169 

Douglas Chas E (Jennie M) opr M&B St Ry 

h 19 Palmer 
— Frank h 5 Wellington 
—Janet L, WW Co r 314 Crescent 
— Leonard E elk 472 Main r 12 Lyman 
—Mary J (Mrs Oliver B) died Dec 25, 1931 
— Oliver B pntr r 28 Carleton rd 
Dow C Ralph (Blanche B) city aud City Hall 

1st fl h 574 Lexington 
—Dorothy E, WW Co r 66 Eddy, W Newton 
— Eleanor M mus tchr 301 School r do 
— Flora A wid Lenoir r 574 Lexington 
— Fred E jan r 10 Francis 
— Harriet E Mrs mus tchr 301 School h do 
— Harry stablemn 390 Main h at Woburn 
—Ira F died Jan 26, 1931 
— Jas H (Annie W) plmbr h 183 Adams 
— Margt sten 775 Trapelo rd r 1587 Mass av 

—Ruth I, WW Co r 19 Adams 
—Stuart B farmer r 301 School 
— Wm B (Harriet E) slsmn h 301 School 
Dowcett Bros (Frank E and Herbert L Dow- 

cett) gas sta 864 Main 
—Frank E (Ella) (Dowcett Bros) 864 Main 

r 26 Creighton Cambridge 
— Fredk J (Gertrude A) slsmn h 99 Bacon 




—Herbert L (Mary J) (Dowcett Bros) 864 

Main r 95 Brown 
— Mary S sten r 95 Brown 
— Philip (Josephine B) gardnr h 95 Brown 
Dowd Alice L asst elk Second District Court 
of Eastern Middlesex 25 Lexington r 176 
— Ellen E wid r 110 Main 
— Gertrude B wid Edwd F h 18 Ellison pk 
— Grace M maid 775 Trapelo rd r do 
— Josephine B elk 393 Moody r 50 Lowell 
— Mary tchr North Junior High sch r 18 

Ellison pk 
— Mary E mach opr r 50 Lowell 
— Mary E wid Timothy h 50 Lowell 
— Patk J (Eliz F) (Dowd & French) lawyer 

680 Main rms 10-11 h 176 do 
— Sarah A folder r 50 Lowell 
DOWD & FRENCH (Patrick J Dowd, Harry 
L French) lawyers 680 Main rm 11 — See 
page 96 
Dowdell Alf J (Grace V) uphol h 220A Cal- 
Dowling Alton C (Irma L) auto mech 400 

Main h 11 Highland av Lexington 
—Edwd G (Margt M) died Dec 8, 1931 
—Franklin W (Helen F) slsmn h 42 Wash 

— Fred V phys Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
—Sarah J (Fred V) died Nov 7, 1933 
Downes Albert J elk r 17 Elm 
— Jerome I H (Winifred B) archt h 411 Main 
— Johanna T wid Thos h 17 Elm 
— Wilbur T (Ida) custodian (Cambridge) h 

38 Edwin rd 
— see Downs 

Downing Alice G, WW Co h 64 Oak 
— Annie E sec (B) h 51 Fiske 
— Bessie maid r 59 Lincoln 
— Florence L housekpr r 64 Oak 
— Jessie M elk City Clerk's office City Hall 

r 39 Chestnut 
—Jos M died Feb 26, 1933 
—Laurie (Mary Q) chauf Eng Co No 1 h 39 

—Mabel F, WW Co r 64 Oak 
— Mary M acct r 51 Fiske 
— Melvin L (Alice G) (Candle Light Tea 
Room) 712 Main and (Mel's Lunch) 15 
Lexington h 9 Murray 
—Rose E (Mrs Jos M) died Nov 15, 1932 
— Roy L (Louise G) (Roy L Downing's Ex- 
press) and (Charles Street Garage) 40 
Charles and pres Barbara Laundry 
Stores Inc 584 Moody h 89 Cedarwood av 
— Wm A (Bessie A) mgr (B) h 146 Lowell 
Downing's Roy L Express (Roy L Downing) 
furniture moving and trucking 40 Charles 
Downs Edith A r 187 Robbins 
—Grace M, WW Co r 187 Robbins 
— Jennie L bkpr (B) r 187 Robbins 
— Wm H h 187 Robbins 
— see Downes 
.Dowse Frank L (Florence A) charge atndt 

505 Trapelo rd r do 
Doyle Agnes M buyer (B) h Pine Hill circle 
— Alice M counter r 75 Taylor 
— Bernard F florist r 75 Taylor 
— Catherine mica wkr 66 Woerd av r 166 

— Earl opr r 403 River 

— Frank H (Gertrude H) phys 33 Harris h do 
—Geo O r 1077 Main 
—Helen G elk B&M r 3 Russell 
— Howard F asst supt 101 Seyon av r 14 Ivy 

— Isabelle G mgr 552 South r 30 Central 
— Jas city mgr 234 Moody h at S Boston 


— Jas F r 75 Taylor 

— John F (Susan M) elk h 284 Warren 

— John P (Mary E) constable 680 Main rm i 
16 h 1077 do J 

—Jos A (Isabella G) plmbr h 30 Central 

— Jos E counter r 75 Taylor 

—Jos S, WW Co r 3 Russell 

— Julia wid John J h 7 Duddy av 

—Lena C h 109 Pine 

— Leonard J police 25 Lexington r 3 Russell 

— Lillian K wid Leonard J h 46 Shirley rd 

—Margt E elk 305 Moody r 30 Central 

— Martin S police 25 Lexington h 3 Russell 

— Mary B sten 100 Felton r 109 Pine 

— Mary E studt r 284 Warren 

— Michl J (Mary E) stmftr h 75 Taylor 

—Peter P died Feb 3, 1932 

— Philip blksmth r 237 River 

— Sadie L married Thos Maloney rem to 

—Thos J elk r 87 Ash 

— Thos P (Mary E) retarder opr h 169 South 

—Walter (Etta F) pntr h 134 Brown 

— Wm L sec (B) r 46 Shirley rd 

Dozois Albert elk 399 Moody r 58 Myrtle 

—Albert F (Gertrude C) chauf r 49 Ash 

— Chas B (Mildred J) chauf h 136 Hardy's 
Pond rd 

— Jean asst cook 775 Trapelo rd r do 

— Mabel Mrs h 58 Myrtle 

Drake Louise tchr Thos R Plympton sch h 
15 Craven circle 

— Martha L rem to Cambridge 

Draper Arthur (Laura) painter h 88 Marl- 
borough rd 

— Fred E r 82 Plympton 

— Lois M elk (B) r 50 Elson rd 

Drapkin Jos (Frieda) butcher h 56 Caughey 

Dreelan Anna M radio tube wkr r 170 Wil- 

— Catherine M sten 680 Main rm 11 r 170 

—Hugh P elk r 170 Willow 

—John F r 170 Willow 

—Jos A (Catherine) h 170 Willow 

— Wm J (School Street Market) 100 School 

r 170 Willow 
Drennan Clare M Mrs, WW Co r 66 Calvary 
— Eliz H sten r 7 Norumbega ter 
— Gertrude O housekpr r 7 Norumbega ter 
Drepperd John F (Lena T) auto mech h 88 

Dresser Madeline T Mrs r 73 Adams 
Drew Almeda wid John F r 57 Cherry 
—Belle L wid Wilbert h 121 Russell 
—Byron S (Flora B) sales eng (B) h 83 

—Fred L (Mary E) bkpr h 49 Myrtle 
— Mellie E, WW Co r 121 Russell 
— Orpha H domestic r 57 Cherry 
— Walter N typewriter rpr r 121 Russell 
Drinkwater Mary E r 185 Chestnut 
Driscoll Anna V elk 500 South r 65 Bedford 
— Benj J (Mary L) slsmn h 88 Exchange 
— Bridgett M (Mrs Jeremiah J) died Mar 18, 

—Charlotte A wid John J r 116 Taylor 
— Danl F (Lena G) chauf h 67 Massasoit 
— Dennis lab r 1715 Trapelo rd 
— Helen F atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r do 
—Helen G r 860 Main 
—Irene Mrs elk 875 Main r 36 Eddy 
—Jas J, WW Co h at Concord 
— Jeremiah J crossing tender Clematis Brook 

sta 109 Beaver h 65 Bedford 
— John E (Irene M) slsmn h 36 Eddy 
— John F farmer h 1715 Trapelo rd 
—Jos P (Alice) lab h 860 Main 
—Jos P died Nov 17, 1931 




—Lawrence J (Mary N) lab h rear 345 Lin- 
—Mark M farmer r 1715 Trapelo rd 
—Mary E head nurse 505 Trapelo rd r do 
Drown Alice M (Mrs Linus W) died July 22, 

—Linus W watchmn h 9 Riverview av 
Droz Chas A (Marie) WW Co h 91 Bedford 
Druckenmiller Geo (Mary) asst mgr r 110 

Drummond Doris M, WW Co r 279 Ash 
— Jas J elk 679 Main r at Belmont 
—John A (Florence) lino opr 18 Pine h 279 

.—John A jr lino r 279 Ash 
— Pauline rem to Randolph 
— Robt L watch mkr 256 Charles r 279 Ash 
Drury Carl K (Bertha M) storekpr (Water- 
town) h 39 Cambria rd 
—Donald A (Esther T) slsmn 713 Main h 20 

— Fredk C (Julia E) mach h 26 Park 
—Geo P (Evelyn) lawyer (50 State, B) r 178 

—Guy C (Marion E) slsmn h 16 Francis 
—Mary P wid Wm H h 178 Linden 
— Wm C (Vivian) farmer r 178 Linden 
— Wm H (Mary P) died Feb 25, 1932 
Duane Bessie sec 711 Main rm 2 r 89 Adams 
— Patk J (Mary J) mayor City Hall and 
(Duane & Foster) lawyer 711 Main rm 2 
h 319 Newton 
— & Foster (Patk J Duane, John J Foster) 

lawyers 711 Main rm 2 
Dube Omer U (Victorine F) carp h 46 Ex- 
— Paul O appr r 46 Exchange 
Dubin Harry (Ida) h 205 Charles 
— Leonard studt r 205 Charles 
— Philip pharm r 205 Charles 
Dubois Andre tchr MtProspect sch 90 Wor- 

pester lane r do 
DuBois Allan W, WW Co r at Newton 
—Mabel L Mrs, WW Co h 73 Adams 
Duclos Louise M tchr Henry Whittemore sch 

r 48 Windermere rd Auburndale 
Duddy Anna r 29 McKenn 
—Chas J elk 894 Main r 914 Moody 
— Emily M elk 894 Main r 914 Moody 
— Emma A wid John H h 914 Moody 
— Francis M (Grace J) mach h 12 Lexington 
— Francis M jr r 12 Lexington 
—Grace R sten 740 Main rm 112 r 12 Lexing- 
— John C studt r 914 Moody 
— Martin J (Winifred G) carp h 1 Bemis av 
— Mary A opr 157 High h 29 McKenn 
— Mildred F elk r 914 Moody 
— Thos (Mary I) ins agt 267 Moody h 200 

—Thos P died Nov 17, 1932 
—Walter F elk 337 Moody r 914 do 
Dudley Bela A window clnr r 40 Harvard 
— Earl H masseur r 186 School 
— Ethel tchr Nathaniel P Banks sch h at 

Duff H Grant (Anna) coml trav h 105 Russell 
Duff in Walter J (Rose F) auto mech h 4 

Duffy Aloysius E rubberwkr r 101 Irving 
— Catherine r 59 High 
—Chas W (J Annie) WW Co h 55 Taylor 
— Eliz F lndrs r 22 Stearns 
— Eliz G sec (Newtonville) r 24 Vernon 
— Frank T (Mary E) core mkr h 252^ Rob- 
— Henry (May M) chauf r 15 Endicott 
— Henry E asst mgr 740 Main rm 105 r 17 
Hardy av Watertown 


— Jas (Catherine A) nickle plater h 198 High 

— Jas J buckle wkr r 198 High 

— Johanna wid Francis h 16 Centre 

—John F died May 5, 1931 

—John J (Isabella L) opr M&B St Ry h 101 

—John R (Annette) WW Co h 60 Cherry 
— Jos (Philomena J) h 72 Taylor 
—Jos P lab r 72 Taylor 
— Lawrence J opr M&B St Ry r 101 Irving 
— Margt L opr r 72 Cedar 
— Marie L, WW Co r 101 Irving 
— Michl F (Celia E) sergt police 25 Lexington 

h 22 Stearns 
— Patk J (Mary J) watchmn h 53 Cedar 
— Philomena C tel opr 16 Spring r 72 Taylor 
—Robt F studt r 22 Stearns 
— Thos F (Katherine L) lawyer 680 Main rm 

12 h 70 Maple 
Dufresne W Oliver (Blanche E) bag wkr h 

20 Eddy 
Dugan Bridget wid Patk h 22 Hardy 
— Catherine M sten 151 Lexington r 22 Hardy 
— Edwd D (Nora) gardnr h 852 Main 
— John F r 22 Hardy 

— Jos mach J R Thomson Mfg Co r 22 Hardy 
— Margt V hospital wkr r 32 Lexington 
— Mary M bkpr r 22 Hardy 
— Norman H (Madeline K) gas shovel opr h 

15 Plympton 
' — Wm A mldr r 22 Hardy 
Dugas Francis (Flora) pntr r 564 Main 
— Oliver J (Eva E) carp h 17 Reyem 
Dugau A Eliz r 49 Clark 
—John J (Margt G) mach h 49 Clark 
Dugeau Philip J (Myrtle M) auto mech h 41 

Duggan Barbara A r 13 Winthrop 
—Cornelius T (Eliz M) blksmth 163 Charles 

h 50 Vernon 
—John F (Barbara M) h 13 Winthrop 
— John J hlpr r 13 Winthrop 
— Louise M sten r 13 Winthrop 
Duhamel Maria E atndt 775 Trapelo rd r do 
Duke Grace E wid Geo A r 173 Willow 
Dukeman Geo P (Lucy) asst formn 101 Seyon 

av h 176 3d Cambridge 
Dumaine Fredk C, WW Co h at Concord 
— Pierre, WW Co r at Groton 
Dumsky Peter (Sophia) knitter h rear 93 

Dunbar Louis R (Eliz B) oil burner eng h 

25 Berkshire rd 
Dunbrach Dorothy elk 220 Moody r 67 Lunda 
Dunbrack Arthur (Adeline A) rem to Arling- 
—Doris M r 108 Alder 
—Edith E, WW Co r 370 Crescent 
— Edson I rem to Arlington 
— Elsie V rem to Arlington 
— Gordon O slsmn r 370 Crescent 
—Helen H Mrs sten 131 Lexington r 24 

Rockridge rd 
— Hilda P wid Harry C h 17 Underwood pk 
—J Mae, WW Co r 370 Crescent 
— Jas T rem to Arlington 
— Jannet wid Jas r 115 Robbins 
— Jessie A wid Henry h 370 Crescent 
—Mabel R, WW Co r 130 Brown 
—Norman K (Gertrude) WW Co h 67 Lunda 
— Olive M rem to Arlington 
— Ralph r 67 Lunda 
—Reginald E (Julia) mgr 293 Crescent h at 

inc '22 Charles H Lucas pres Warren H 
Dunbrack treas — See page 99 
— Warren H (Rose M) treas Dunbrack Tool 
& Die Co Inc 106 Alder h 108 do 



Duncan Alice Mrs asst 250 South r do 
— Geo L mach h 155 Myrtle 
—Henry C (Josephine) died July 18, 1931 
— Josephine M wid Henry C h 25 Banks 
— Wm A herdsmn Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
Duncanson Wesley E (Alice A) supt Clematis 

Brook Sand & Gravel Co 42 Beal rd h do 
Dunder Barbara G (Barbara G Dunder School 

of Dancing) 3 Lexington r do 
— Carl L (Mathilda) mldr h 3 Lexington 
— Eric W cabtmkr r 3 Lexington 
— Martha C rem to NY city 
— Mathilda Mrs lodginghouse 3 Lexington 
Dungan Lillian, WW Co r at W Newton 
Dunham Chas T (Lena) lab h 6 Viles ct 
: — Chester M (Dorothy R) ins underwriter 

(40 Broad, B) h 2 Chester Brook rd 
— Florence M r 79i Charles 
— Leslie T (Esther F) pntr h 79£ Charles 
Dunkerley Edmund (Gertrude L) slsmn h 169 

— Robt W musn r 169 Summer 
Dunklee C Paul (Minnie A) decorator h 141 

Virginia rd 
— Chester (Myrtle) pntr 211 Ash h do 
— Floyd A pntr r 211 Ash 
—Ray O pntr r 211 Ash 
Dunlap Fredk E (Helen A) slsmn h 207 

Dunlavy Geo F (Katherine V) WW Co h 396 

Dunleavy Dennis J (Marion A) M&B bus opr 

h 144B Hammond 
— Marion A, WW Co r 144B Hammond 
Dunn Annie F wid Patk H died May 11, 1932 
— Geo W (Anna B) lndry h 149 Trapelo rd 
—John died Jan 26, 1933 
— Louisa Mrs r 149 Trapelo rd 
— Mary wid Thos E h 308 Crescent 
—Romeo D (Maybelle S) WW Co h 35 

—Thos (Nora) chauf h 66 Myrtle 

— Thos (Hilda J) insp h 11 Brigham rd 

— Walter rem to Washington DC 

—Walter J (Gertrude C) elk 894 Main h 25 

Chester av 
Dunnels Leonard C r 61 Howard 
Dunphy Burton L (Emily) collr 1295 Main 

h 1297 do 
— Walter L studt r 1297 Main 
Dunsmore Maude Mrs janitress h 47 Stearns 
Dunton Maurice F (Ethel M) chauf h Pine 

Hill circle 
—Wilfred G (Marjorie R) chauf h 58 Ash 
Dupill Severine wid John h 86 Lowell 
Duplessis Freda M tchr Nathaniel P Banks 

sch r 27 Howard 
Duplisea Raymond A (Catherine) printer r 

81 Ash 
Dupre Edwd (Ruth) chef r 127 Chestnut 
DuPree Emma rem to Cambridge 
Dupres Ernest G (Delia) WW Co h 28 Hall 
Duprez Gertrude A, WW Co r at Newton 
Duran Fannie L wid John r 39 Alder 
Durant Louis (Louise) slsmn h 100 Bright 
—Mary S, WW Co r 100 Bright 
Durfee Lionel elk (Brookline) r 160 Lowell 
Durgin Isolette C wid Chas W h 459 Lexing- 
— John E cost acct 515 South h at Somerville 
— Maude C r 459 Lexington 
Durkee Wm W (Lillian D) lab h 125 Wash 

Durkin Anthony (Annie) h 9 Guinan 
— Francis T mason 9 Caughey r do 
— Fredk E hlpr r 9 Caughey 
— Harold C greenkpr r 9 Caughey 
— Helen r 9 Guinan 
— John J (Mary A) mason 9 Caughey h do 


— Jos J hlpr r 9 Caughey 

— Mary V bkpr (Cambridge) r 9 Caughey 

— Walter F slsmn r 9 Caughey 

Durling Guy chauf 11 Beaver cor Warren r 

— Hubert R tchr Waltham Vocational sch h 

at Lexington 
Durnin Lillian M Mrs elk 269 Moody r 92 

Dusenbury Jos D mach 48 Woerd av h 31 Taft 

W Newton 
Dustin Gertrude L h 76 Brown 

— Herbert G B phys r 76 Brown 
Dutch Bertha wid Guy r 133 Robbins 
(Waina I Gustafson, J Lawton Fardy) 
automobile repairers-Buick service 1025 
Main — See page 71 

Dutcher Ella Mrs opr 157 High h 326 Newton 

Dutra Anthony (Catherine) h 69 Highland 

— Catherine A Mrs mgr 643 Main r 69 High- 

Dutton Wallace S (Pearl F) pres Daniel F 
Viles & Co Inc 637 Main rm 1 h 30 Harris 

Duval Adrien R (Ida M) mach 129 Bacon h 
128 Chaffee av 

Duvall Elvira Mrs r 65 Ash 

—Robt r 65 Ash 

Dwyer Alice E sten r 93 Cushing 

— Ann M r 40 Vernon 

— Anna E Mrs, WW Co h at Newtonville 

— David A (Lillian) opr h 804 Moody 

—Edwd A (Mabel) chauf h 3 Parker's lane 

—Edwd D, WW Co r 49 Crescent 

— Eliz A died Mar 29, 1932 

— Ellen M (Teresian Hospital) 147 Main h 

— Evelyn R tube wkr (Newton) r 18 Lawton 

— Helen M press opr r 195 Weston 

— John V (Margt) police 25 Lexington h 9 
Sterling rd 

—Margt F died June 23, 1931 

—Mary wid Jas Nov 26, 1930 

— Melvin W pressmn r 195 Weston 

— Patk J lab r 17 Leonard 

— Patk J mach h 40 Vernon 

— Thos J (Josephine M) pntr h 18 Lawton pi 

— Thos J jr hlpr r 18 Lawton pi 

— Wm H bucklemkr r 40 Vernon 

— Wm L (Mabel A) rubber wkr h 195 Weston 

Dyar Geo F (Agnes M) slsmn h 916B Main 

—Geo W r 916B Main 

Dyer Edith W r 175 Brown 

— Helen M wid Wm H slswmn r 409 Lexing- 

— Mary E tchr Thos R Plympton sch r 10 
Chamberlain ter 

Dyke Harriet W wid Chas J r 141 Villa 

Dykers Anthony J (Colletta M) weaver h 58 

— Jos A r 58 Pond 

— Mary L married Louis M Joos 

Dyson Frank W pntr r 10 Woerd av 

— Geo B mach r 10 Woerd av 

— Sarah A wid Geo r 10 Woerd av 

Dzewaltkowski Bronislaw rem to Lawrence 

Eagan Bernard F r 115 Taylor 

— Chas J (Catherine G) hosemn Eng 2 h 43 

— Edwd J carrier PO r 8 Fern 
—Eliz R, WW Co r 95 Lexington 
— Jas J (Marion G) dial mkr h 10 Robbins 
— John Henry chauf Ry Ex 11 Carter r 115 

— Jos E (Blanche J) lab h 42 Prospect 
— Margt J married John Cullen 
—Marion G, WW Co r 77 Ash 




— Michl J (Margt) h 37 Hammond 

—Peter H lab r 142 High 

— Ruth C Mrs r 175 River 

— Wm (Dorothy) h 58 Robbins 

— Wm J lab h 115 Taylor 

Eager Clara L nurse 775 Trapelo rd r do 

Eagle Bernard D r 12 Rich 

—Block 673 Main 

— Henry W B (Jennie H) carp h 16 Prince- 
ton av 

—Jos P (Dorothy A) slsmn (B) h 66 Church 

—Martin J (Mary A) lab h 19 Rich 

— Mary L bkpr 37 River r 19 Rich 

Eagle's Hall 11 Lexington 

Eagleston Ethel M matron Walter E Fernald 
State sch r do 

— Thelma hosp usher Walter E Fernald State 
sch r do 

Eames Earl W (Gertrude M) reporter h 75 

Earle Ethel r 29 Wellington 

— Geo (Mabel F) carp h 19 Orange 

—Mabel F, WW Co r 19 Orange 

— Thos (Ellen S) gardnr h 29 Wellington 

Samuel Shiff pres Louis Feingold v-pres 
Paul R LaVine treas automobile parts — 
See page 70 

— Club Sales Co (J K Kennedy) household 
goods 131 Lexington 

Eastman Carrie B wid Horace E h 21 Floyd 

—Curtis D (Estella M) teller h 97 Gore 

— Edmund M (Jennie M) drftsmn r 21 Floyd 

— Eliz G nurse r 57i Walnut 

—Eva W h 57* Walnut 

—Roland W (Clara H) gro 70 Lake h do 

Eaton A M Paper Co paper dlrs 140 Lexing- 

— Alice J wid Willis L h 11 Banks 

— Arthur H (Arline W) druggist 509 Moody 
h 173 Main 

— Barbara W r 205 Bacon 

— Carleton G (Eleanor) paper (B) h 23 Ches- 
ter Brook rd 

— Carrie B elk (B) r 60 Taylor 

— Edwd A (Katherine W) treas A M Eaton 
Paper Co 140 Lexington h 205 Bacon 

— Edwd G (Leona M) auto mech 400 Main r 
at Watertown 

— Emma D studt r 173 Main 

— Fredk R died Jan 2, 1933 

—Geo J (Sybil C) mech supt WB&P Co h 71 
Florence rd 

— Geraldine M studt nurse (Cambridge) r 13 

— Harold C (Etta J) wholesale paper (B) h 
19 Worcester lane 

—Henry, WW Co h at W Newton 

— Henry C (Lesley C) mech eng h 30 Green- 
wood lane 

—Henry G (Mary J) lino opr 18 Pine h 118 

— Jas G (Jennie H) lino opr 18 Pine h 112 

— Jennie P wid Myron W r 90 Cherry 

— Jos F (Eliz F) hosemn Eng Co No 1 h 197 

— Lucy r 27 Appleton 

—Margt C, WW Co 393 Crescent r do 

—Nettie C r 13 Ford 

— -Snell Drug Co The 677 Main inc '21 
Timothy H Snell pres Nathan K Stacks 
treas druggists 

— Thelma L tchr North Junior High sch r 11 

— Thos baker 100 Felton r 13 Ford 

—Thos H (Nettie M) WW Co h 13 Ford 

— Thos K artist r 112 Crescent 

— Warren M (Lucy D) h 27 Appleton 


—Willis D (Mary M) bucklewkr h 60 Taylor 
Eberhard Walter C (Margt) instr (MIT, 

Cambridge) h 35 Shirley rd 
Eccles Chas T (Mildred L) pntr h 48 Chester 

Eck Jos (Sarah) mach h 21 Copley av 
Eckhardt Edson J (Eleanor E) tanner (Nor- 
wood) h 101 Lexington 
Eckman Ralph G (Mary M) milkmn h 103 

Seminole av 
Economy Grocery Stores Corp 43 Bedford 
293 Crescent 121 Hammond 47 Lexington 
362, 693-695 Moody 299 Newton 55 Pros- 
pect and 171 Lake 
Eddy Mildred E sec (B) r 11 Leyman ter 
— Mildred W Mrs sten City Treasurer's office 

City Hall h 11 Lyman ter 
Eddy's Shoe Shop 465 Moody 
Eden Alice M r 177 Summer 
— Earl F mach r 177 Summer 
— Edwd J (Hazel) rem to Somerville 
— Frances E r 177 Summer 
— Geo H toolmkr h 177 Summer 
— Geo H jr r 177 Summer 
Edgar Frank Co 105 Trapelo rd, James Mc- 
Hutchison pres James W Edgar v-pres- 
mgr Guy F King corp elk and treas whol 
— Hamilton G gardnr h 14 Keach 
— Jas W v-pres Frank Edgar Co 105 Trapelo 

rd r 43 Lexington Waverley 
—Margt (Mrs Hamilton) died Jan 21, 1933 
— Marguerite B wid J Franklin h 41 Upton 

— Robt S (Emily E) florist 105 Trapelo rd h 

107 do 
— Rosamond married Albert W Tompkins jr 

rem to W Newton 
Edgell Ethel E wid Fred V h 35 Brookfleld rd 
Edger Jos E (Ethel) women's wear 306 Moody 

h Cherry, W Newton 
Edgerly Margt W occupational therapist 775 

Trapelo rd r do 
Edgett Sara J, WW Co r 51 Robbins 
Edgewater Mfg Co Inc 46 Central Robt B 

Barbour mgr dye stuffs 
Edison Electric Illuminating Co of Boston 
The 209 Moody maintenance dept Cooper 
lane power station 96 Pine 
Edmonds Jos F slsmn r 90 Church 
Edmunds Agnes J wid John J h 10 Beech 
— Aloysius J elk 167 Willow r 165 do 
— Edwd J mason r 18 Underwood pk 
—Gertrude T elk 307 Moody r 165 Willow 
— Jas F box wkr r 165 Willow 
— John J chauf r 10 Beech 
— Marion O slswmn 223 Moody r 10 Beach 
—Mary A wid Richd died Oct 22, 1930 
— Mary E Mrs h 18 Underwood pk . 
— Mary P box mkr r 165 Willow 
— Octavia M slswmn r 10 Beech 
— Stephen F (Mary E) street dept h 165 

—Sue A, WW Co r 10 Beech 
— Susie C h 27 Barton 
— Wm F (Louise) police 25 Lexington h 23 

— Wm F jr r 23 Barton 
— Wm V brakemn B&M r 101 School 
Edwards A Eliz Mrs h 43 Winthrop 
— Ada M studt nurse r 40 Marlborough rd 
— Amelia T wid John E housekpr r 41 Beaver 
—Beatrice V, WW Co r 43 Winthrop 
— Eveline G married Thorsten T Anderson 
—Frank P (Lena S) died Feb 26, 1933 
— Jos H (Karen Marie) slsmn h 40 Marl- 
borough rd 
— Wm C elk of corp Greenough Construction 
Co 200 Calvary r 54 Lyman 



Edwards' Shoe Store (Alf L Moses, Edward 

Grinspon) 379 Moody 
Edwardson Anna J r 15 Clements rd 
— David C (Claire P) efficiency mn h 15 

Clements rd 
Egan Annie F wid Edwd J h 95 Lexington 
— Edwd J carrier PO 738 Main r 8 Fern 
— Eliz F bkpr r 95 Lexington 
— Jas B crossing tender h 59 Fiske 
— Jennie F domestic r 59 Fiske 
—John J died Feb 3, 1933 
— Mary G wid John J h 37 Howard 
— Michl J (Delia L) lab h 23 MtPleasant 
— Mildred M elk r 37 Howard 
— Rose C domestic r 59 Fiske 
— see Eagan 

Egiziaco Michl (Carmela) lab h 20 Williams 
Eichelman Bernhardt rem to Kenoshia Wis 
Eichler R Earl (Helen C) pres-treas Waltham 

Coal Co 633 Main h 21 Lyman 
Eimeke Anna r 94 Adams 
— Marie waitress r 94 Adams 
Eimer Louis (Mary) floor layer h 14 Clements 

Eisan Jas R (Naomi) lathe opr (Newton) h 

26A Cushing 
Eisenhauer Eva M, WW Co r 13 Walnut 
Eisner Geo baker 100 Felton r at Cambridge 
Eisnor Fred A storekpr Walter E Fernald 

State sch h at Waverley 
Eklund Gladys atndt 775 Trapelo rd r do 
Ekwall Geo O pastor Christ Church 750 Main 

h 315 Bacon 
—John B, WW Co r 11 Elson rd 
Elbridge Fred E r 45 Winthrop 
Elder David head farmer Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
— Frances R Mrs r 250 South 
— Robt W (Florence) troublemn EEI Co, 

Cooper st h 109 Myrtle 
Eldred Frank pres Garden City Sand & Gravel 

Co Inc 115 Bright r Boston Post rd Wes- 
Eldredge Bartlett W (Eunice L) pres-treas 

Waltham Chemical Co 118 Calvary h 189 

Corey West Roxbury 
— E L elk of corp Waltham Chemical Co 118 

Calvary r 189 Corey West Roxbury 
— Harry F slsmn r 624 Moody 
Eldridge A Clinton (Mildred L) watch mkr 

316 Moody h 7 Falmouth rd 
— Adelaide atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
— Barton S elk r 44 Summer 
— Frank A r 33 Dexter 
—Mary F, WW Co r 188 Brown 
— Shirley H (Alice B) conservator h 44 Sum- 
— Wm F slsmn r 44 Summer 
Eleftherion Michl (Mary) mgr 141 Moody h 

200 Arlington Watertown 
Elfman Ruth tel solctr 552 South r at Roxbury 
Elite Sign Co The (Lee H Aseltine) 37 Gor- 

Elizabeth Candy Shops The (Eliz Steeves) 

416 Moody 
Elkins Jacob (Anna) shoes 517 Moody h 82 

Elks Club 101 School 
Ellenwood Elmina W wid John S died Oct 25, 

Ellery Augustus J (Blanche E) auto mech h 

266 Crescent 
— Blanche E Mrs (Watch City Employment 

Agency) 266 Crescent r do 
—Eva E, WW Co 
Elliott Amelia E Mrs r 137 Myrtle 
— Amy M companion r 1 Lyman 
— Chas r 72 Prentice 
—Ethel G Mrs, WW Co r 11 Wash av 


— Josephine S Mrs r 28 Rockridge rd 

— Lawrence r 72 Prentice 

— Mary E companion r 55 Harland rd 

— Warren P (Myrtle L) treas Waltham Trust 

Co 23 Moody h 28 Rockridge rd 
— Wm J (Nora) h 72 Prentice 

Ellis Arthur R (Kate) grocer 62 and 66 Bacon 

and 101 South h 82£ do 
— Benjamin F (Eliza E) (Waltham Machine 
Works) 296 Newton h 133 High 

— Carl A (Anna R S) civil eng h 15 Marianne 

—Chas W (Ellen J) organ bldr h 191 Waver- 
ley Oaks rd 

— Edith F wid Howard G h 42 Lawrence 

— Francis E A r 82^ Bacon 

— Fredk Z meterreader r 191 Waverley Oaks 

—Geo (Florence C) acct B&M (B) h 41 Sterl- 
ing rd 

— Geo M (Inez J) chauf h 26£ Cross 

—Geo T r 82i Bacon 

— Howard died Mar 4, 1933 

— Lucy J wid John W nurse r 41 Summit 

— Saml J (Ellen T) printer 18 Pine h 51 do 

— Virginia studt nurse r 42 Lawrence 

Ellison C Wesley mach r 19 Chestnut 

— Clara A r 19 Chestnut 

— Dorothy M studt r 7 Crafts 

—Hazel E elk r 43 Villa 

— Henry C (Ann C) investigator (Water- 
town) h Montview av 

—Ida M h 19 Chestnut 

— Leroy A (Verna M) cable splicer h 7 Crafts 

Ellra Biagio (Jennie) lab h 14 Harvard pi 

Ellsworth Katherine A wid Robt h 10 Taylor 

— Wm M (Mary A) driver 40 Charles h 916 

Ellwood Flora atndt Walter E Fernald State 
sch r do 

— W Harold hlpr r Montclair av 

— Wm (Flora M) mach h Montclair av 

Elm Social Club 7 Elm 

— Spring Farm Co (Geo V Barrow and Fred 
E Giles) milk and cream 390 Main 

— Street Garage (John B Kelley) auto service 
storage and supplies 30-32 Elm 

Elmes Fanny C Mrs h 145 Brown 

Elmore Howard J (Mary I) WW Co h 133 

Elorette Louis F (Mabel M) tool mkr h 120 

Elsemiller Wm H (Mary C) auto mech h 61 

Elsmore Philip S (Clara M) chauf h 258 

Elsworthy Wm C warehousemn 20 Felton r 35 

Elton Wm J sec The E Howard Clock Co 256 
Charles h 2 Marlowe Dorchester 

Elwell Edwd C (Delia S) WW Co h 34 Rob- 

— Emma D wid Harry r 17 Robbins 

— Westley H pntr r 17 Robbins 

Elworthy Jas E (Rachel A) gro 82 Trapelo 
rd h 30 Arcadia av 

— Margt wid Cannon died Aug 2, 1932 

— Wm C (Josephine L) chauf h 35 Winthrop 

Ely Augusta C r 225 Worcester lane 

— Mary G rem to Springfield 

Embassy Theatre 234 Moody 

Emerson Alice Lhl Lyman 

— Aphia T wid Wm died Jan 12, 1931 

— Cereus B r 34 High 

— E Fay r 643 Moody 

— Effie M wid Edgar A h 643 Moody 

—Ella r 250 South 

—Guy T (Mabel E) lawyer (B) r 487 Main 

— Howard W slsmn r 34 High 




— Lillian T wid Warren F h 487 Main 

— Madeliene M (Mrs Preston A) died Jan 3, 

—Mary A wid Edwd D died Oct 2, 1932 
— Preston A news dlr 4 Church h 590 Lexing- 
—Warren C elk 509 Moody r 34 High 
— Wm B (Mabel A) mach h 34 High 
Emery Edgar B (Shirley S) office mgr 137 

Moody h 30 Benham Medford 
— Eliz married Richd Huff 
—Harriet C wid Winfred N h 25 South 
—Maude E, WW Co r 289 Crescent 
— Ruth V tchr Ezra C Fitch sch r 121 Cres- 
Emlo Emma M Mrs, WW Co r 72 Robbins 
— Stanley (Alice) mach h 187 Lowell 
Emmert Arthur P supt WW Co r 44 Shorn- 

cliff rd Newton 
Emmetts Sophie M, WW Co r at Newton 

Lower Falls 
Engewald Delmer (Arline B) elk h 264 Rob- 
English Carrie M, WW Co r 227 Ash 
— Mary Mrs r 79 Brown 
—Mary S wid Chester died June 20, 1933 
Englund David F reporter r 6 Summit 
—Edwd T elk r 6 Summit 
— Helen V drsmkr 6 Summit r do 
— Margt E sten r 6 Summit 
— Mildred J sten B C Ames Co, Ames off 

Lexington r 6 Summit 
— Theo (Ida J) watchmn h 6 Summit 
Enman Alf G (Eva B) carp h 75 Maple 
— Arthur J (Gladys) carp h 76 Chestnut 
— Geo J (Eliz A) slsmn h Shore rd 
Enos Adam J (Mary E) mgr 60 Woerd av h 

56 do 
— Alice wid John T h 17 Charles 
— John elk r 21 Sparkill 
— John T tube mkr r 17 Charles 
— Jos (Marianna) h 21 Sparkill 
— Jos jr slsmn r 21 Sparkill 
— Mary J wid Manuel M (Newton Wet Wash 
Laundry) 60 Woerd av h at Newtonville 
— Mildred G r 17 Charles 
— Wm r 21 Sparkill 
Ensworth Marcus H (Evelyn J) elk (B) r 25 

— S Emma wid Chas 1 R h 25 Beaver 
Enterprise Department Stores (Feldman, 

Beckerman & Co) 378 Moody 
Eppley Lou A (Anna F) ctr h 235 Lowell 
Erbe Gustave (Eva M) formn 500 South h 

252 Dale 
— Ruth E married Raymond Cousins rem to 

Erickson Andres D (Bertha W) WW Co h 

2 Bellevue av 
— Arthur H elk 887 Main r 16 Pleasant av 
—Chester E, WW Co r 16 Underwood pk 
—Edith H elk WB&P Co r 16 Pleasant av 
— Edna T gro 74 Alder r 16 Underwood pk 
— Emil L buyer (B) r 16 Pleasant av 
—Ethel S insp r 48 South 
—Evelyn C, WW Co r 16 Underwood pk 
— Fredk A, WW Co r 16 Pleasant av 
— Gottfred mach opr r 16 Underwood pk 
—Herbert E (Margt S) diemkr h 46 South 
— Herbert M cook 15 Lexington r 302 Dale 
— Hulda J wid Melker L h 302 Dale 
— J Louise wid Emil h 16 Pleasant av 
—John A (Florence L) formn WW Co h 141 

— Oscar C (Anna S) mach h 48 South 
— Theo mach 48 Woerd av h 173 Adams 
—Waif red J (Beatrice M) WW Co h 16 

Underwood pk 
—Walter O tinsmith r 48 South 

Ericson Gust shoe rpr 7 Lexington r 9 Music 

Hall av 
— John W (Signe E) mason 4 Thayer rd h 

— Louise rem to Arlington 
Erikson Carl G (Edith R) auto mech h 18 

Errock Marguerite L elk Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
Eschelbach Ottilie Mrs r 75 Orange 
Estabrook Dorothy married Ernest Nelson 

rem to Pittsfield 
—Herbert L elk 49 Moody r 686 Main 
Estlin Eliz wid Thos r 22 Brookfield rd 
Eugene Hugh G barber 88 Trapelo rd r at 

Eunice Chas floormn 315 Moody h at Lowell 
Eva W Allan (Ada S) musn h 8 Albemarle 

Eva's Beauty Shoppe (Mrs Eva La F Couil- 

lard) 860 Main 
Evangelista Amelia studt r 168 River 
— Chas (Annie) h 168 River 
— Constanzo forester r 168 River 
— Gilda r 168 River 
—Ida elk r 168 River 
Evans Albert (Irene) slsmn h 92 Brown 
— Arthur W elk r 24 Howard 
— Edmund V (Ethel G) carp h 278 Crescent 
— Eliz W wid Arthur W h 24 Howard 
— Fred A (Nellie H) coml trav r 4 Adams 
—Fred L (Estelle G) mach h 14 Floyd 
— Geo E studt r 278 Crescent 
— Irene A tchr Nathaniel P Banks sch r at 

Newton Upper Falls 
— John Thompson (Susie B) WW Co h 78 


— Marion G elk r 24 Howard 

— Owen G civ eng r 78 Stow 

—Ruth E r 22 Howard 

—Sarah A wid Edwd W died Dec 31 1930 

Everett Albert carp r 18 Wadsworth av 

—Chas R (Nellie F) h 35 Cherry 

— Delia C nurse r 35 Cherry 

— Frances cashr 234 Moody h at Auburn- 

— Frances E married John A Frullo 

— Geo jewel mkr 1 Spruce r 18 Wadsworth 

— Geo H (Gladys M) druggist (Somv) h 247 

— Mabel Mrs h 31 Crescent 

—Paul S (Viola G) WW Co h 14 Wellington 

— Raymond C (Constance N) dentist 103 
Moody rm 1 h 16 Wellington 

Eyles Thos H, WW Co r 48 Dexter 

Eyre Eug D pntr 10 Mayall rd h do 

— Sadie M wid Leonard r 10 Mayall rd 

Ezra C Fitch School, Ash st 

Faber Wm R mgr r 33 Howard 

Fabrizio Dominick (Josephine) lab h 33 

—Dora E r 182 School 

— Josephine M r 182 School 

— Louis gardnr 182 School h do 

Fadden Evelyn C wid Hiram H r 70 Haw- 
thorne rd 

Fad en Mary L wid Harry r 30 Appleton 

Fader Ray ton E (M Gertrude) icemn h Mil- 
ner st 

Fagan Alyre (Alvina) folder h 124 Charles 

—Bertha E, WW Co r 193 South 

— Dora M rem to Bellingham 

— Guy W elk h 22 Wamsutta av 

—John W (Emma M) h 17 Taylor 

— Mary C clerk 489 Moody r 18 Brackett 

Fage Norman plstr r 134 Clark 



Fahey Anna M sten r 83 Orange 

—Anna P, WW Co r 194 Adams 

— Catherine T wid John h 285 Newton 

— Clair M sten r 83 Orange 

— Colin rug weaver 18 Bedford r 11 Russell 

— Edwd D, WW Co r 334 Newton 

— Edwd F (Angela M) electn 9 Exchange ct 

h do 
— Edwd F (Sarah A) lather h 6 Jackson pi 
— Edwd F jr (Blanche A) lather h 3 Jackson 

—Ethel I, WW Co r 11 Russell 
— Frank P uphol 3 Common r 8 do 
— J Ernest electn r 334 Newton 
— Jas L (Catherine T) h 334 Newton 
—John (Catherine M) died July 25 1931 
— John F lather r 6 Jackson pi 
—John J (Mary A) acct (110 State, B) h 76 

— John J gro 108 Lexington h 220 School 
— Lawrence J (Margt L) slsmn r 83 Orange 
—Mary died Apr 15 1932 
—Mary C r 220 School 
— Paul J candy mkr r 76 Howard 
— Thos J (Anna P) slsmn h 83 Orange 
—Walter L, WW Co r 334 Newton 
— Wm T (Irma L) billiards 683 Moody h 691 

— see Fahy and Fay 
Fahy Anne B tchr r 77 Fiske av 
— Esther J tchr South Junior High sch r 77 

Fiske av 
— Helen B sten (B) r 77 Fiske av 
— Jas J mason h 77 Fiske av 
— Wm r 33 Exchange 
— see Fahey and Fay 

Faieta John (Alma) buckle mkr h 23 Hart- 

Fair Jas G (Margt J) carp h 75 Lakeview ter 

Fairbairn Mary atndt Walter E Fernald 
State sch r do 

— Rupert coml trav r 92 Maple 

Fairbanks Gladys M, WW Co r 372 Cres- 

— Henry mach r 70 Chestnut 

— Walter A (Florence M) (Fairbanks & Co) 
923 Main h 13 Hamilton rd 

— & Co (Walter A Fairbanks, John J Rogers) 
druggists 923 Main 

Fairclough Jos W (Margt) curtain mfr (B) 
h 357 Beaver 

Falcone Maria wid Vincent died Sept 26 1933 

Fales Arthur S (Gladys D) vulcanizing 7 Elm 
h at Weston 

— Chas F (Mabel M) atndt nurse 505 Trapelo 

— Club Raymond S Wilder sec 50 Sterling 

—Fred L (Hattie M) photog 611A Main h do 

Falk Gertrude I sec r 451 Weston 

—Harold S sta agt B&M r 451 Weston 

— John A h 451 Weston 

Falkner Wm F asst pastor StMary's RC ch r 
133 School 

Falling Oscar (Ora L) treas Waltham Co- 
operative Bank 45 Moody h 30 Clark lane 

Fallo Carmelo (Bessie) lab h 7 River av 

Fallon Bridget E r 410 River 

—Delia L h 41 Williams 

—John J died Nov 26 1931 

— Jos D pntr r 169 Grove 

— Katherine M r 396 River 

— Richd C r 88 Beal rd 

—Thos H (Catherine A) died Nov 16 1933 

Falone Antonio (Louise M) plstr 12 Oak h 

Falzone Alfonso (Josephine) shoe repairing 
h 33 Orange 

—Carmelo (Tullia) lab h 15 Oak 


— Carmelo (Josephine) lab h 16 Oak 
—Carmelo (Tulia) lab h 17 Oak 
— Carmelo radio tube wkr r 16 Oak 
— Chas (Annie) hlpr r 37 Oak 
— Frank barber 208 Moody r 16 Oak 
— Jas P studt r 37 Oak 
—Jos (Margt) h 46 Oak 
—Peter lab r 37 Oak 
— Raimondo lab h 17 Oak 
— Raymond (Alfonsina) lab h 11 Charles 
— Rosario (Catherine) lab h 37 Oak 
— Sarah wid Enrico r 195 Charles 
Fanara Alphonse (Frances) lab 23£ Clinton 
— Raymond (Antonina) lab h 68 Oak 
— Salvatore (Francesca) lab h 10 Sun 
Fanning Alberta barber Walter E Fernald 
State sch r do 

Fantasia Luigi (Clara) baker r 180 Ash 

Faranda Salvatore (Marie) lab h 251 Dale 

Fardy J Lawton (Dutch & Fardy Service 
Station) 1025 Main r at Lexington 

Farley Fredk W (Mary W) died Jan 21 1931 

— Jarvis ins r 326 Lexington 

— Marie studt r 326 Lexington 

— Peter r 13 Harvard 

— Wm F (Helen J) ins insp h 326 Lexing- 

Farm Service Stores Inc Percy N Lawrence 

mgr feed 22 Felton 
Farmer Francis J (Mary) elk 893 Main h 74 

Mozart JP 
— Frank A (Ivy G) chauf r 152 Ash 
— Madeline F nurse r 339 Bacon 
—Mary T wid Wm T h 339 Bacon 
Farmers' Exchange (John and Kenneth W 

Singleton) produce 765 Moody 
— Inc 220 Moody inc '20 Horace S Hinds pres 

Evelyn W Hinds treas confectionery 
Farmica Antonio lab h 29 Spring 
— Mary (Mrs Antonio) died 
Farnese Saml slsmn 424 Moody h at Newton- 


Farnham Florence E r 267 Ash 

— Herbert W (Marion E) ins agt h 267 Ash 

Farnsworth Arthur L, WW Co r 4 Chester 

—Clarence G (Susie M) elk (B) h 17 Fuller 

— Eliz C tchr Henry Whittemore sch r at 

— Eug (Mary E) master mech (Watertown) 
summer res Hillcrest rd 

—Geo O (Leila M) elk 39 Moody h 22 Apple- 

— Vinton r 3 Lexington 

— Winthrop H (Phoebe A) farmer h 385 
Trapelo rd 

Farnum Caroline wid Wm G died Jan 8 1933 

—David W, WW Co h at West Newton 

— Gertrude M Mrs dir Americanization pub- 
lic schools 55 School h 43 Howard 

— Henrietta S wid Gardner D died July 5 1931 

Farquharson Bros (Howard B and Robt J) 
filling sta 859 Main h 70 Baker 

— Howard B (Margt) (Farquharson Bros) 
859 Main h 70 Bacon 

— Robt J (Mary J) (Farquharson Bros) 859 
Main h 70 Bacon 

Farr Thos A (Cora E) mgr (B) h 29 Dex- 

Farragher Jas linemn EEI Co, Cooper st r 

24 Orris Auburndale 
Farrar Andrew S h 187 Ash 
— Fannie H married Nathan W Dennett 
— Frank F seamn r 262 Lowell 
— Louise G elk r 187 Ash 
— Mabel L wid Frank F married Wm M Knox 
— Mary B Mrs, WW Co h at Watertown 



Farrell Bernard C lndrywkr r 15 Endicott 
— Danl J (Mary) (Star Wet Wash) 15 Mc- 

Kenn h 15 Endicott 
—Danl J jr (Helen G) chauf 15 McKenn h 26 

Orchard av 
—Helen M bkpr r 23 Gilbert 
— Horace A (Edna M) lndrymn 15 McKenn 

h 10 Rumford av 
— Jas E (Alice C) mach h 14 Hagar 
— Jas H r 77 Taylor 

— Jas P (Evelyn M) gardnr r 100 Church 
— John A driver r 23 Gilbert 
— John F (Nora A) mason h 36£ Bacon 
—John H (Star Wet Wash) 15 McKenn r at 

Hartford Conn 
— John H lab r 77 Taylor 
— John M knitter r 16 Hagar 
— John P hlpr r 32 Calvary 
— John P lab r 36 i Bacon 
— John T (Anna C) chauf h 77 Beal rd 
— Jos P shipper r 16 Hagar 
— Leonard rem to Newton 
— Lester F (Esther C) lndrymn 15 McKenn 

h 8 Rumford av 
— Malcolm J (Virginia C) asst physician Met 

State Hosp 505 Trapelo rd r do 
— Mary B insp r 32 Calvary 
— Michl J (Catherine M) lab h 32 Calvary 
— Patk J (Mary) lab h 16 Hagar 
— Raymond J (Harriet V) chauf 15 McKenn 

h 14 Bryant rd 
— Richd M porter 775 Trapelo rd r do 
— Thos shipper r 16 Hagar 
— Thos rem to West Newton 
— Thos A r 32 Calvary 
— Winifred A h 15 Endicott 
Farrenkopf Edwd A (Angelina) stockmn 899 

Main h 17 Thurston rd Watertown 
Faruggia Jerome box wkr r 46 Oak 
Faucher Florence atndt Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 

Faulkner Clara wid Ernest h 230 Adams 

—Dorothy D elk 702 Main r 61 Morton 

— Ernest K elk r 100 Summit 

— Jas (Jennie) jwlr (Jamaica Plain) h 100 

— Jas jr r 100 Summit 

— Jeane r 230 Adams 

— Roy A (Dorothy L) mach h 61 Morton 

Fawcett Andrew L (Dorothy C) pntr h Pine 
Vale rd 

Fawson Chas J (Georgia) WW Co h 209 

—Cynthia M, WW Co r 35 Laurel av 

—Emma S, WW Co h 35 Laurel av 

—Geo C (Bertha V) h 198 Robbins 

— Olive sten r 198 Robbins 

Fay Alf J (Theresa A) rubber wkr h 6 Dart- 

— Annie drsmkr r 91 Ash 

— Arthur E (Dora M) chauf h 219 Brown 

— Christopher lab r 76 Guinan 

— Colin D weaver r 11 Russell 

— E Jos rem to Norwood 

—Edwd B r 11 Russell 

—Edwd D, WW Co r 334 Newton 

— Eliz M wid John h 11 Russell 

—Ethel I elk r 11 Russell 

— Francis E r 11 Russell 

— Frank r 8 Common 

—Fred L studt r 390 River 

—Hazel H, WW Co r 19 Brown 

— John J r 11 Russell 

—John J (Eliz F) weaver h 390 River 

— Leonard F knitter r 11 Russell 

—Louise prin Waltham School for Girls 327 
Lexington r do 

—Mabel L atndt r 59 Orange 

— Margt E curtain opr h 35 Taylor 


— Marion A r 730 Moody 

— Mary A curtain opr r 35 Taylor 

— Paul J r 11 Russell 

— Thos P lamp lighter B&M r 35 Taylor 

— see Fahey and Fahy 

Fearon Harry H grinding wheel wkr 115 

Bacon r 74 do 
— Hildred M atndt Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
Feather Ida r 51 Crescent 
Fedderman Benj L h 12 Robbins 
Fedele Nicola (Giuseppina) farmer h 115 Fel- 

Feeley Earl L (Frances D) chauf h 62 Myrtle 
—Harold J (Kathleen M) printer 18 Pine r 

29 Chester av 
Feener Bernard R (Mary U) lab h 164 Adams 
— Jennie C Mrs domestic r 107 Orange 
— Levinia wid Jeremiah r 164 Adams 
Feeney Aileen I mach opr r 266 Lake 
— Ann E elk r 20 Stearns 
— Catherine E wid Patk r 20 Stearns 
—Catherine T wid Patk J h 245 Calvary 
— Edwd F (Mary A) ins agt h 90 Guinan 
— Gertrude L r 245 Calvary 
— John J (Sarah C) lab h 66 Massasoit 
— Mary E wid Hugh h 266 Lake 
—Peter Paul (Margt F) bus opr h 202 Charles 
— Ruth J r 90 Guinan 
—Thos W (Margt) h 52 Taylor 
— Wm F (Agnes I) driver r 245 Calvary 
Fegan Hugh J studt r 330 Newton 
— Mary T r 330 Newton 
— Wm H (Florence R) mach h 360 Newton 
Fein Harry (Minnie) (Broadway Hat Shop) 

275 Moody and mlnr 344 and 381 do h 142 

Parmenter rd, W Newton 
Feingold Louis (Fay) v-pres Eastern Auto 

Parts Co Inc 917 Main h 31 Caughey 
Felch Dorothy E, WW Co r 89 Brown 
Feldman, Beckerman & Co (Philip Feldman, 

Louis Beckerman) (Enterprise Depart- 
ment Stores) 378 Moody 
— Philip (Sarah) (Feldman, Beckerman & 

Co) 378 Moody h 666 Chestnut Hill av 

Fellows Arthur P (Annie M) milk 66 Fiske 

av h do 
Felosa Sylvia bindery hand 515 South r 32 


Felt Albert A (Emma C) mach h 10 Wash 

— Geo A (Flora B) mach h 11 Hartwell 
— John P (Ada M) watchmkr h 1159 Main 
— Murray C (Iva) photo fnshr 53 Moody h 13 

Sterling rd 
—Parker W (Ruth W) tchr Waltham Voca- 
tional sch r 1159 Main 
Felton Adeline J h 31 Chester av 
Fenderson Margt tube wkr r 97 Brown 
Feneley Jas W (Sue H) slsmn h 11 Upton 

Fennell Catherine Mrs r 8 Newton 
— Edwd F (Helen G) forester h 96 Hammond 
— Wm (Stella) carp h 8 Newton 
Fenton Geo A (Christine E) asst mgr 300 

Moody h 3 Alder 
— Joshua (Margt) chauf r 201 Ash 
Feoralle Henry (Theodora) mach h 62 Myrtle 
Ferguson Chas asst cook 775 Trapelo rd r do 
—Charlotte wid Hial C h 47 Willow 
— E Louis (Mildred M) lab h College Farm rd 
— Eliz J Mrs waitress 916 Main h 806£ do 
—Floyd S (Eliz J) WW Co h 806^ Main 
— Gertrude M nurse r 147 Ash 
— Mildred Mrs reporter 681 Main rm 20 r 

217 Linden 
—Mildred L tchr h 61 Chestnut 




— Robt rem to Cleveland Ohio 

Fernald Alvin E real est h 49 Wadsworth 

— Bessie M r 49 Wadsworth av 
—Cora E (Mrs Wm G) died July 16 1932 
—Elmer G, WW Co r 70 Elson rd 
— Everett K, WW Co h at Dorchester 
—Everett W (Eliz A) formn 115 Bacon h 70 

Elson rd 
—Geo H, WW Co r 18 Wash av 
—Guy L (Veleda M) WW Co h 91 Orange 
— Rollin J studt r 51 Lunda 
—Walter E State School 200 Trapelo rd 
Ferns Restaurant (Earle H and Theora D 

Grant) 975 Main 
Ferrante Camillo died Dec 6 1932 
— Delfo (Mary) binder 515 South h 81 Ex- 
Ferranti Dominic (Theresa) lab h 12 Pond-st 

— Mary manifolder 515 South r Conant rd 

Ferrara Frank (Carmella) h 23 Calvary 
Ferrelli Wm (Annie) lab h 91 Howard 
Ferrera Carmela wid Salvatore h 56 Cush- 

— Raymond G bkpr r 56 Cushing 
— Rosalie E r 56 Cushing 
Ferrick Anna E drsmkr 314 Moody rm 2 r 46 

— Ethel M Mrs drsmkr 314 Moody rm 2 h 9 

— Henry M elk 210 Moody r 9 Hartwell 
— Herman A reserve police 23 Lexington r 9 

— Margt H h 46 Fuller 
— Michl (Ellen N) hlpr h 22 Berkshire rd 
—Robt E elk 230 Moody r 9 Hartwell 
Ferrier Eliz married Chas B Mulhern 
Ferrilli Annie presser 552 South r 91 Har- 
— Wm hlpr 552 South r 91 Harvard 
Ferris Geo E (Irene F) supt (B) h 3 Joyce 

— John F (Anna J) mach h 65 Robbins 
— Mary M Mrs h 179 School 
Ferro Chas barber 855 Main r 99 Felton 
— Chas tube wkr r 163 Chestnut 
— John tube wkr r 163 Chestnut 
— Jos (Angelina) lab h 163 Chestnut 
— Jos J mgr 140 Pine r 191 Newton 
— Louis farm hand r 12 Sun 
— Maria Mrs h rear 191 Newton 
— Mary r 12 Sun 
— Nancy A r 163 Chestnut 
— Salvatore (Carmela) pdlr h 99 Felton 
— Sebastian r 99 Felton 
— Signorino (Rosalia) lab h 12 Sun 
— Vincenzo (Margt) tailor 211 School h 180 


Ferson Oil Co sole representatives 15 

Grant — See front edge and page 107 
— Everington E (Marion E) died Dec 8, 1930 
— Florence E bkpr 15 Grant r do 
— Marion E wid Everington E (Ferson Oil 

Co) 15 Grant h do 
FERSON OIL CO (Mrs Marion E Ferson) oil 

and gasoline 15 Grant bulk storage 54 

Williams and filling station 955 Main 

See front edge and page 107 
— Ralph E (Daisy E) supt Ferson Oil Co 15 

Grant and 54 Williams h 69 Fairmont 

Fette A Adolph (M Louise) formn r 99 Pine 
Fenry Wm J (Ella) opr M&B Ry Co h 10 

Fiederling Heder rem to NY city 

Fiel Geo A (Annie F) sec (N E Hardware 

Dealers Assn, B) h 53 High 
— Marjorie sten r 53 High 
Field Chas F (Jean K) adv 657 Main rm 3 h 

State rd, S Sudbury 
Fielding Hazel cook Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
Fieser Louis F (Mary A) instr (Harvard Uni- 
versity, Cambridge) h 61 Shirley rd 
Fifield Lawrence elk 285 Moody r 19 Craven 
— Mary E wid Albert r 182 Robbins 
Filaretos John mldr h 29 Heard 
Filasso Thos lab r 389 River 
File Clarence D (Theodora J) ins broker h 

94 Indian rd 
Fillmore Robie H (Inez M) formn h 8 Brown 
Filosa Alf lndry wkr r 32 Middle 
— Antoinette wid John h 32 Middle 
— Philip M (Mary J) bookbinder 54 Stearns 

h 30 Middle 
Filson Elliot S slsmn r 21 Cross 
— Harriet C Mrs r 3 Rumford av 
—Lucy B wid Wm R h 29 Barton 
— Norman W auto mech r 29 Barton 
Filter Frank R (Mayme A) h 9 Shirley rd 
Fimlaid Eino O (Minnie S) acct h 111 Woerd 

Finan Ernest T (Catherine M) sis mgr h 29 

Cambria rd 
— John L studt r 15 Palmer 
—Roderick J (Edith H) WW Co h 15 Palmer 
Finck Geo O (Mildred B) slsmn h 84 Thorn- 
ton rd 
Findlay Ellsworth H (Thurley E) chauf h 26 

— Norman W A chauf r 124 Willow 
— Wm J W (Charlotte E K) h 124 Willow 
Fine Nathan (Mary) fruit 366 Moody h 381 

Finer David (Leah) tailor 720 Moody r at 

Finerty see Finnerty 
Fink Jean, WW Co r 76 Parmenter rd 
—John W (Mary) eng WW Co h 76 Parmen- 
ter rd 
— Nellie H, WW Co r 76 Parmenter rd 
Finlay Jas W mgr 126 High r 51 Main Water- 
— Wm D (Gertrude M) formn h 43 Wads- 
worth av 
Finley Alf T (Anne) plmbr r 30 Charlotte 

— Foster J (Gertrude M) plmbr h 30 Char- 
lotte rd 
—Norman atndt 870 Main r 124 Willow 
Finn Jas F (Mary A) watchmn h 8 Evergreen 

— Jas F jr carp r 8 Evergreen av 
—John J (The Blarney Stone Cafe) 841 Main 

r 10 Fiske 
— Jos A r Marivista av 
— Jos J (Mary T) receiver (Somerville) h 

Marivista av 
— Louise radio tube wkr r 8 Evergreen av 
— Mildred E lndrs r Marivista av 
Finn-Brown Grace I social wkr Walter E 

Fernald State sch r do 
Finnegan Chas H auto mech h 17 Fountain 
— Edwd J lab r 17 Fountain 
— John M elk 115 Bacon r 17 Fountain 
—Jos P died July 18 1932 
— Julia J r 349 Crescent 
— Lilla textile wkr r 118 Chestnut 
—Mary E died Nov 7 1931 
— Richd B mach h 67 Cushing 
— Wm S lab r 17 Fountain 
Finnerty Agnita E mach opr r 3 Grant pi 
—Bridget wid Michl died June 20 1932 
— Catherine E sten r 3 Grant pi 




—Helen T elk WB&P Co r 24 Reyem 

— John T floor layer h 3 Grant pi 

— Margt J (Mrs John T) died Jan 28 1932 

— Margt T elk Assessor's office City Hall r 24 

— Michl F died Jan 2 1933 
— Robt G elk EEI Co Cooper st r 25 Braemore 

rd Newton 
— Wm F (Helen F) floorlayer h 17 Fern 
Finney Albert (Nellie) barber h 77 Taylor 
— Edna A asst cashr 299 Moody r 115 Robbins 
— Francis E chauf r 77 Taylor 
— Theresa Mildred waitress r 77 Taylor 
Finnigan Isabel T r 67 Cushing 
— John W farm hand r 67 Cushing 
— Margt A r 67 Cushing 
Fiorelli Alphonse (Elvira) ice h 140 Alder 
— Henry (Theodora) mach 414 Moody h 35 

— Marrio r 140 Alder 

Fiorita Lucy wid Dominic died Nov 16 1932 
— Ralph (Annie) chauf h Spencer st 
Fire Department Headquarters 533 Moody 
First Baptist Church, Charles cor Moody Irad 

B Hardy pastor 
— Church of Christ Scientist of Waltham 31 

Woerd av 
— Congregational Church 730 Main A Wm 

Loos pastor 
— Lutheran Church, Weston cor Eddy, S G 

Youngert pastor 
— M E Church (Asbury Temple) 686 Main 

Descombe D Hoagland pastor 
— National Stores Inc gros 687 Moody (For 

other stores see Business Directory) 
— Parish Unitarian Church in Waltham 

School cor Church, Kenneth C Gesner 


— Presbyterian Church, Alder cor Beech, Alan 

L Blacklock pastor 
Fisette Eug E slsmn r 67 Crescent 
Fish Chas E (Annie S) WW Co h 38 Chester 

—Chas H, WW Co r 38 Chester av 
—Stanley W W, WW Co r at Wellesley 
Fisher Albert W (Eliz) h 144 Weston 
— Alice G Mrs h 34 Upton rd 
— Chas H (Mary A) locksmith (Cambridge) 

h 124 Hardy's Pond rd 
— Earle L (Beatrice M) slsmn h 36 Boynton 
— Edwd F (Hannah) chauf Eng Co No 1 h 

22 Maple 

—Ernest C (M Estella) elk 277 Moody h 206 

— Frank B watchmkr h 214 Robbins 

—Frank W (Lydia) WW Co r 214 Robbins 

— Harrison A r 214 Robbins 

— Herman P rem to Hyde Park 

— Irving watchmkr r 22 Sharon 

— Isabelle, WW Co r 58 Tomlin 

— Louis (Isabel) archt h 58 Tomlin 

— M Eliz h 244 School 

— Marguerite Mrs elk 223 Moody h at S Sud- 

— Mildred A sten (B) r 34 Upton rd 

— Robt (Esther L) farmer h 776 Lincoln 

— Roy r 64 Cherry 

— Wm J paper hanger h 1776 Trapelo rd 

Fisher's Ginger Ale Co Inc 60 Woerd av J W 
Cox treas 

Fiske Albert P (Bessie F) mach h 133 Rob- 

—Bessie F, WW Co r 133 Robbins 

—Chas Dexter (Harriett M) WW Co h 140 
Woerd av 

— Doris M nurse r 159 Chestnut 

—Elliott W (Winnifred L) died Apr 10 1933 



— Esther wid Merton C sten 550 Moody h 

159 Chestnut 
—Harriett M Mrs, WW Co r 140 Woerd av 
—Horatio F r 85 Dale 
— Ruth L bookbinder r 133 Robbins 
— Wilbur pntr r 16 Cushing 
— Wm D ins agt 740 Main rm 105 r 6 Thayer 

— Winnifred L wid Elliot W h 40 Harris 
Fitch Ezra C School, Ash cor Crescent 
Fitzgerald Annie died Oct 9 1932 
— Edwd elk h 53 Plympton 
— Edwd watchmn r 13 Wellington 
—Edwd W r 21 Russell 
— Estelle M wid Edwd h 134 Charles 
— Frances forwmn r 117 Chestnut 
— Jas C (Sarah C) slsmn h 17 Wadsworth 


— Jas F hlpr r 41 Cherry 

— Jas H atndt r 17 Wadsworth av 

— Jas P (Mary A) carp h 62 Myrtle 

— John P (Mary S) slsmn h 23 Townsend 

—John R elk r 21 Russell 

—John W (Flora C) fish ctr h 41 Cherry 

— Mary A opr r 117 Chestnut 

— Richd (Margt) chauf h 51 Charles 

— Robt F atndt r 17 Wadsworth av 

— Robt M (Irene E) police 25 Lexington h 21 

— Wm E (Madeline M) carrier PO 738 Main 

h 262A Robbins 
Fitzgibbons Josephine tel solctr 552 South r 

at Stoneham 
Fitzmaurice Francis M r 15 Ripley 
— Isabelle elk 271 Moody r 15 Ripley 
— John F (Margt) mach h 15 Ripley 
—Margt M Mrs slswmn 285 Moody r 15 Rip- 
Fitzpatrick Anna C tchr r 291 Main 
— Annie M Mrs h 43 School av 
—Catherine F (Mrs Jas F) died Oct 15 1933 
— Catherine P r 284 River 
— Edwd (Mary J) shoe rpr 11 Elm h 82 Cen- 

—Francis J reserve police 23 Lexington r 284 

—Francis P atndt Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
— Jas shoe rpr 11 Elm r 72 Central 
— Jas C (Mary) window trimmer h 45 Par- 

menter rd 
—Jas F formn 22 Felton h 284 River 
— Jas F jr r 284 River 
— John J (Joan A) slsmn h 155 Grove 
—John L prin Old High sch h 32 Bruce rd 
—Jos C teller h 291 Main 
— Jos L sec r 284 River 
— M Edwd mach r 82 Central 
— Marion Mrs radio wkr r 132 Adams 
—Mary A, WW Co r 55 Dexter 
—Nellie (NY city) r 18 Central 
— Peter countermn r 20 Crescent 
— Richd B mgr r 284 River 
— Richd J died Jan 12 1932 
—Walter (Marion) USN r 132 Adams 
— Wm (Eliz) shipper 223 Moody r 45 Parmen- 

ter rd 

Fitzsimmons Eliz M bkpr 19 Gifford av r 72 
Parmenter rd 

— John (Eliz) stockmn WB&P Co h 72 Par- 
menter rd 

— John F shoe wkr r 39 Taylor 

—Jos r 139 Charles 

—Jos F (Eliz C) electn 32 Spruce h 39 Tay- 

— Kate wid Michl h 139 Charles 

—Michl (Catherine) died Sept 2 1932 



Fiumara Louis kitcnenmn 775 Tiayeio rd r 

Flagg Annie R wid Mario A h 20 Floyd 
— Fredk P (Olive D) laboratory technician 
WW Co h 65 Fairmont av 
Geo A (Marian S) WW Co r 20 Floyd 
Geo D (Mae) h Winter opp Wyman 
-Harriet I tchr Senior High sch r 184 Main 
Jas H (Margie I) jwlr h 184 Main 
Mary F wid Geo W h 16 Harvard 
aherty Chas A (Isabelle B) rem to Lexing- 
Derri V Mrs elk h 192 Charles 
John J (Margt F) chauf h 7 Joyce rd 
Pamelia Mrs r 94 Adams 
Robt T (Emily A) shipper r 54 Chester 
Brook rd 
— Thos F jr (Mary E) chauf h 119A Taylor 
— Thos J (Mary L) coml trav h 152 Russell 
— Thos M assembler r 93 Willow 
— Wm F r 93 Willow 
Flanagan Agnes P studt r 87 Cushing 
—Catherine (Mrs Patk) died Nov 1 1932 
— Eliz E sten r 87 Cushing 
— John P bkpr r 87 Cushing 
— Mary C sec Pond opp Exchange r 87 Cush- 
— Michl (Mary E) formn 115 Bacon h 75 

— Michl P (Rachel D) chauf h Smart st 
— Patk millwright h 87 Cushing 
Flanigan Jas F (Charlotte V) chauf h 284 

Flannery Ada L wid Jas r 293 School 
— David (Lena L) mach h 86 Indian rd 
— Edwd F (Anna M) mgr 334 Moody h 880£ 

—Mary A Mrs (Flannery's Grill) 619 Main 

r 16 Boynton 
— Sabina wid Edwd F r 16 Boynton 
—Thos (Eliz) auto mech h 293 School 
— Thos J (Mary A) real est 621 Main rm 11 

h 16 Boynton 
Flannery's Cafe (Paul C Johnson) 334 Moody 
—Grill (Mary A Flannery) restr 619 Main 
-Hall 621 Main 3d fl 
Fleming Francis P acct r 3 Massasoit ct 
—Frank H chief's driver 533 Moody r do 
-Harold J (Irene A) rem to Newton Centre 
-Mary A, WW Co r 3 Massasoit ct 
- Mary A wid Timothy h 3 Massasoit ct 
— Paul E (M Helene) opr 14 Church h 29 

Sterling rd 
Fletcher Gladys C buyer 285 Moody r 13 

Whitcomb Belmont 
— Lillian wid Mason h 143 Riverview 
— Norman A (Eliz C) slsmn h 44 Exchange 
Flett Thos W (Hazel L) shtmtlwkr h 12 Un- 
derwood pk 
Fleuckiger Alf watchmkr 256 Charles 
Flint Albert S (Sarah L) h 15 Ellison pk 
— Arthur M elk r 11B Brown 
— Germain E Mrs elk 265 Moody r 178 Chest- 
— Ida F wid Melvin M rem to Allston 
lieslie C (Germain E) slsmn 267 Moody rm 

7 h 178 Chestnut 
l»ida C housekpr Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
Mary L wid Chas H h 11B Brown 
-Stella A elk r 67 Winthrop 
j'lodin Einar T G (Emma C) organ bldr h 28 
-Harold G E, WW Co r 28 Adams 
!ood Annie J wid John B mach opr h 30i 
School av 
—Frank J (Ethel B) chauf Hose Co No 1 h 

233 Brown 
— G Ernest firemn r 30£ School 


— Geo H (Mary J) macu . 82 G^dner 

— Juanita elk (B) i j.* Cushing 

— Margt L wid Jos F bkpr h 42 Auburn 

— Mary E wid Danl F r 14 Cushing 

— Wm F (Katherine E) mach opr h 7 Centre 

Flora's Beauty Shop (Mrs Flora M Gilpat- 

rick) 57 Prospect 
Floridia Biagio (Concettina) shoe rpr 739 

Moody h 245 Newton 
— Nellie J r 245 Newton 
— Salvatore shoe rpr r 245 Newton 
— Sebastian (Natalina) shoe rpr h 151 Wii 

— Teresa r 151 Willow 
Florio Jas (Albina) lab h 39 Cedar 
Floyd Anna B wid Henry drsmkr 15 Alder 

h do 
— Edythe W sten r 11 Bacon 
— Fannie P h 40 Lyman 
— Helen A r 40 Lyman 
— Lillian G wid Hiram C r 11 Bacon 
Flueckiger Alf watch insp 256 Charles h 1 

— Babette elk 256 Charles r 1 Myrtle 
Flynn Albert G (Margt G) cotton waste h 

302 Florence rd 
— Arthur J (Mary) electn h 141 Willow 
— Building 657 Main 

—Carlton F (Madeline) elk (B) h 69 Lexing- 
— Edwd J armature winder r 151 Grove 
—Hall 657 Main 3d fl 
— Helen A elk r 151 Grove 
— Helen T studt r 40 Brigham rd 
— Hugh lab r 62 Newton 
— Jas F (Mary) baker and gro 665 Main h 562 


—Jas F studt r 562 Main 

— John F (Lillian P) sis mgr (B) h 40 Brig- 
ham rd 

— John G (Mary E J) carp h 18 Prentice 

—John J (Margt E) h 50 Pond 

— John J elk 923 Main r 18 Prentice 

—John J (Eliz J) lab h 151 Grove 

FLYNN JOHN J Jr (Mary J) (Flynn & 
Flynn) lawyer 657 Main rm 5 h 48 Bacon 
See page 96 

— John L lab r 92 Calvary 

— John P chauf r 510 Main 

— Jos J printer r 151 Grove 

— Jos P r 92 Calvary 

—Margt M sten r 151 Grove 

— Mary wid Wm r 407 Moody 

— Mary R slswmn r 510 Main 

—Mary V sten (B) r 18 Prentice 

— Michl stage hand r 26 Reyem 

FLYNN PAUL L (Alice J) (Flynn & Flynn) 
lawyer 657 Main rm 5 h at Weston— See 
page 96 

— Richd C mach r 151 Grove 

—Ruth E sten (B) r 18 Prentice 

—Stephen L (Helen) lab h 92 Calvary 

— Thos F sole ctr h 20 Moore 

FLYNN & FLYNN (John J jr and Paul L) 
lawyers 657 Main rm 5— See page 96 

Fogerty Herbert L (Leslie G) carp h 57 Ful- 

Fogg Anna W wid Chas J h 94 Summer 

— Davis H (Joan E) elk r 94 Summer 

— Gilman W civ eng r 94 Summer 

— Gracia B r 110 Thornton rd 

— J Edwin (Beatrice L) chauf r 62 Taylor 

— Katherine G h 84 Summer 

—Patk (Delia) lndrywkr h 71 Grant 

Fogliani Frances wid Anthony r 108 Felton 

— Francesca wid Antonio r 199 Felton 

Foisy Donald H (Katherine) barber 709 
Moody r 82 Chestnut 



iuiuoc A „ , ^ck 


Edwd r 82 Chestnut 
'ey Alice A supvr 16 Spring r 66 do 
nthony M, WW Co h 94 Brown 
rthur M (Helen) job master WW Co n 
265 Robbins 

thur W (Mabel M) h 377 Lincoln 
rancis T r 17 Greeley's ct 
lelen M, WW Co r at W Newton 
as W (Delia) lab h 377 Lincoln 
John L (Martha H) elk 525 Moody h 178 

Tary J h 23 Russell 

atk J (Mabel E) car oiler B&M h 92 Fran- 

ta V Mrs cashr r 626 Moody 
os E (Mary) mach WM Works h at W 

m F (Margt M I) reserve police 25 Lex- 
ington h 269 Charles 
<nbee Arthur F, WW Co r at Waverley 
m Eug L (Lena B) collr h 101 Wash av 
Yen (Charlie Joe Laundry) 599 Main 
r do 
me Fredk F (Annie C) elk h 33 Heard 
Frank E (Elsie D) sorter 33 Rumford 
v h 53 Ash 

ph W (Imelda M) mach hand h 157 
y A (Esther M) mach opr r 17 Hamblin 

3y H (Madaline D) aute mech 899 Main 
17 Hamblin rd 

qo Mary J opr 157 High r 30 McKenn 
ilie elk 625 Main h 30 McKenn 
3S Thos J (Muriel L) mgr h 64 Morton 
ash Ellen R Mrs h 31A Spruce 
Mabel prin Ezra C Fitch and Royal E 
bobbins schools r 31A Spruce 
ia Anthony (Blanche) insp h 91 Cherry 
ier Alphege (Mabel) boss spinner 169 
^lm h at W Concord 
ache Mrs, WW Co r 82 Taylor 
N (Anna) h 696 Lincoln 
a Bernard F bleachery r 107 Alder 
'lerine J r 2 Waverley 
s F hlpr r 128 Princeton av 
;thea G, WW Co r 128 Princeton av 
n r 12 Hammer 

in D (Gertrude) comp 515 South r at 

ohn H, W WCo r 77 Crescent 
John J jr (Mary M) caretkr h 22 Orchard 
- Mary janitress Senior High sch r 22 Or- 
chard av 
—Mary C Beauty Shop (Catherine F McCar- 
thy) 471 Main 

^RD MOTOR CARS sales and service R P 
Jones authorized agent 899 Main — See 
page 68 
'ora M wid John h 107 Alder 
odger slsmn r 149 High 
hos elk 894 Main r 387 Harvard Cam- 
— .hos P (Ellen A) podiatrist 30 Common h 
Vera L, WW Co r 128 Princeton av 
rallis B (Helen L) slsmn h 63 Wash av 
'alter F (Beatrice) blacksmith Waltham 
Coal Co h 128 Princeton av 
TT7 m E (Annie) jan 282 Moody h 43 Wal- 
t Alonzo elk 577 Moody r 132 Ash 
ancis H (Hazel E) lino opr 18 Pine h 
163 Summer 

Foresters «, .erica iuverside Um, 

Jas J iwurphy rec sec 59 Wellin 
meets 2d and 4th Wed at 710 Main 
Foretiers Franco-Americaine Cour Bf 
Blanche Poirier sec 168 Felton o 
2d and 4th Fri at 45 Central 
Forrester Andrew slsmn r 314 Warren 
Forssen Carl J glazier r 57 Highland 
— Jacob R (Sigrid) baker h 57 Highlan< 
—Paul W studt r 57 Highland 
— Raymond R bkbinder r 57 Highland 
— Walter B mach opr r 57 Highland 
Forster Alphonse F (Helen) lab h 28 1 

tings av 
— John G carp and bldr 25 Hastings av Y 
— John G jr (Elsie M) iron wkr h 20 I 

ings av 
— Lucy M bkpr r 25 Hastings av 
— Mildred E elk r 25 Hastings av 
— T Leo (Mary J) carp h 27 Hastings av 
— Wm E chief eng Walter E Fernald 

sch r do 
— see Foster 
Forsyth Allan R (Cecile M) druggist h l*o 

— Allie E wid Nathaniel r 143 Myrtle 
— Byron N (Freda I) insp h 84 Alder 
— Mary E wid Wm J h 3 Bellevue av 
— Ralph S (Ruby D) jan Henry Whittemore 

sch h 37 Berkshire rd 
Forte Alex (Antonette) h 44 Spring 
— Frank P lab r 44 Spring 
— H Margt T rubber wkr r 44 Spring 
— Jennie A sten r 44 Spring 
— Thos chauf r 20 Crescent 
Forti Viola binding dept r 34 Charles 
— Wm h 34 Charles 
Fortier Rita S atndt Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
Fortin Rosabel Mrs elk 223 Moody h at Lex- 

Foschini Armando (Catherine) lab h 31 Mid- 

— Nicola (Margt) lab h 171 School 

Fosdick Vernon G (Hilda) pntr h 26 Orange 

Foshay Jane R r 69 Bruce rd 

Foss Geo H pres-treas Retail Merchants Credit 
Assn Inc 681 Main rm 20 r 41 Pond circle 
Jamaica Plain 

— Reginald A (Evelyn) distributing agt h 69 

Foster Bert D (Barbara) mgr h 61 Cushing 

— Chas A (Cora E) WW Co h 132 Russell 

—Clarence L (Mabel A) h 66 Hardy's Pond 

— Dan B (Johanna M) mach r 43 Leonard 

—Doris A, WW Co r 42 Fuller 

— Edwd M (Lona A) photog h 536 Waverley 

—Elliot C purch agt WW Co h 130 Waltham 

W Newton 
— Emma R r rear 700 Main 
— Eric (Mirriam) asst mgr (B) r 14 Prentic< 
— Eva A wid Albert C h 42 Fuller 
— Eva M atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r do 
— Evelyn Mrs tchr r 99 Chestnut 
—Geo G (Mary E) died June 9 1932 
—Helen A, WW Co r 12 Leonard 
— Jas H (Jessie F) pntr h 124 Amhen 
— Jean r 151A Crescent 
— John lab r 407 Moody 
— John J (Marie H) city solctr City H<' 

(Duane & Foster) lawyer 711 Mai 

h 74 Elson rd 
— Leonard C (Rachel M) cook h 10 Goi 
— Louis V (Harriet A) h 43 Leonard x 
— Nellie M wid Wm P h 26 Harvard 


ftenmn 775 

" 1AM T"7 ^CTORY 

x oster 

— Percy G, WW Co h at W Newtc^ 

— Wm J (Mary A) carp h 447 Waverley Oaks 

— see Forster 

Fougere Margt atndt 775 Trapelo rd r do 
Foully John B, WW Co r at Brookline 
Fournier Ada, WW Co r 30 Taylor 
—David (Ada M) r 30 Taylor 
Fousson Olive asst cashr 353 Moody rm 102 r 

198 Robbins 
Fowler Edwd L (Alma M) milkmn h 28 Sterl- 
ing rd 
Orin box mkr r 134 Alder 
x Chas E (Ella E) cashr h 36 Grant pi 
-Chas E jr studt r 36 Grant pi 
-Charlotte A, WW Co r 74 Adams 
-Doris E nurse r 36 Grant pi 
— Eliz atndt nurse r 74 Adams 
— Geo G slsmn r 423 Main 
— Gladys watchmkr 256 Charles r 54 Orange 
—Gladys J, WW Co h at Waverley 
— Howard L electn r 54 Orange 
— Ina G slswmn r 82 Chestnut 
— John J r 74 Adams 

— Leo J (Gladys L) auto mech h 54 Orange 
— Mary J, WW Co r 74 Adams 
— Mary L nurse r 82 Chestnut 
—Mildred L r 36 Grant pi 
— Moses (Minnie G) printer h 423 Main 
— Nora wid Alf r 82 Chestnut 
— Nora wid Jas J h 74 Adams 
— Raymond H supt Swift & Co 20 Felton r at 

—Raymond S atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r 

-Wm J (Estelle M) caretkr h 83 Hall 
'radsham Margt E wid Horatio N r 459 

Yaim Irving W (Leola B) phys 826 Main h 

99 Claremont 
-John W, WW Co r 99 Claremont 
raldo Chas (Mary) lab h 672 Moody 
x'ranchina Paul F G (Angeline V) slsmn 135 
Moody h 108 Prospect 
i-ancis Manuel mgr 893 Main h at Wollas- 

Paul C (Delphine) sis mgr (Cambridge) h 2 
Clements rd 

ncko Waclaw (Ledwiga) shoe wkr h 374 
.nk Eric H (Lillian) chief elk SO Co h 74 
^'r mkina Anna M clipper r 14 Hovey rd 

— has gas sta r 14 Hovey rd 

incent (Concettina) tailor h 14 Hovey rd 
] j,nklin Benj (Rose) junk h 40 Sharon 

- srael variety 174 Lake h do 

unch (Martin J Connerney) 561 Main 
nks Edwd (Mary E) chauf h Circle dr 
-Henry C (Blanche D) slsmn h 15 Bruce rd 
-John E farm hand r Circle dr 
—Lewis died June 27 1932 
— S Henry (Arlene C) charge atndt 505 Trap- 
elo rd r do 
Franseen Clifford C (LeNoir B) phys h 61£ 

Franson Ernest G (Alice D) mgr h rear 1271 

Frappier Arthur E (Eliz M) rem to Saugus 
Frary Ernest B (Margt) lab r 43 Brown 
Fraser Anna J wid Wm W h 126 Ash 
— Jessie A wid John A h 37 Alder 
—John M died Apr 8 1931 
— Jos E, WW Co r 411 River 
— Jos M !' " 88 Taylor 
BSrti " (Annie M) WW Co h 51 Clark 

sec (State House, B) r 126 Ash 
3 bkpr r 88 Ta^ lor 


iru : S >be? 7 V) . .r . h 88 Tay- 
— Robt B (Alberta I) WW Co h 27 Fuller 
— Wallace E (Florence E) carp h 147 Ash 
Frasier Ernest (Charlotte G) WW Co r 399 

Fraternal Order of Eagles Waltham Aerie 
750, Edwd Magee sec 99 Bright meets 2d 
and 4th Tues at 11 Lexington 
— Order of Owls, Waltham Nest meets 1st 

Tues at 282 Moody 
Frawley Bessie J nurse WW Co h 295 Cres- 
Frazell Eug (Anne) auto mech r 42 Bruce 

Frazer G Frances r 43 Sterling rd 
— Wm C (Garrie A) pntr h 43 Sterling rd 
Frazier E Leo (Mary) purch agt r 28 Francis 
— Ernest J (Nellie M) watchmn EHW Co h 

28 Francis 
— Margt, WW Co r at South Lincoln 
— Mary P domestic r 95 Villa 
— Nellie M Mrs r 18 Berkshire rd 
— Thos slsmn 217 Lexington h at Medford 
— Wm L (Margt A) pntr 59 Pine h do 
Frcnzel John carp r 26 Hall 
Frechette Albert R studt r 71 Russell 
— Chas J (M Louise) mach h 71 Russell 
— Francis C studt r 71 Russell 
— Jos A electn r 71 Russell 
Frederick Leo (Eva E) r 260 Crescent 
Fredette Govis, WW Co r at W Newton 
— M Ena tchr Walter E Fernald State sch r 

Fredrickson Ada A married Lindsay Gove 

—Carl G hlpr r 10 Tomlin 

—Ellen A wid Carl G h 10 Tomlin 

— Ingeborg E V sten B C Ames Co Ames off 

Lexington r 10 Tomlin 
—John H, WW Co r at S Weymouth 
— Linnea E bkpr 247 Bacon r 10 Tomlin 
Fredrikson Ebba tchr Royal E Robbins sch 

r at Dorchester 
Free Parking Place, City of Waltham 28 Pine 

end of block 
Freedman David mattress mkr 583 Main r 412 

Talbot av Dorchester 
— Emil gardnr r 3 Lexington 
— Max driver 552 South r at Roxbury 
— Morris (Watch City Mattress & Upholster- 
ing Mfg Co) 583 Main h 412 Talbot av 

Freeman Alf h 184 Brown 
—Alf H lndry r 184 Brown 
—Alf S (Mary A) chauf M&B St Ry h : 

— Benj (Cecelia) mgr 274 Moody h 38 Eddy 
— Benj S (Minnie S) die mkr h 61 Brown 
—Chas A (Grace E) WW Co r 184 Browr 
— Clarence W (Josephine) formn WW C 

68 Parmenter rd * 

— Edmund F (Lucy A) purch agt (Newt 

ville) h 58 Hawthorne rd 
— Jos ins agt 740 Main rm 105 r 323 Arlin^ 

ton Watertown 
— Josephine, WW Co r 68 Parmenter rd 
—Kate S (Mrs Alf) died Jan 30 1931 
— Louis G (Ethel M) 'slsmn h 216 Brown 
— Minnie S wid Benj r 91 Robbins 
— Richd W treas Bettinger Enamel Corp f 

Seyon av h at Newton Centre 
—Roland B (Mary) chauf h 161 Ash 
— Warren C (Estella E) mach h 27 Palmer 
— Willard G (Helen) real est r 706 Trapel* 

Freeth Ruth A, WW Co r at Watertown 
Freistadter Jacob F (Helen G) supt WW "• 

h 311 Beaver 



Gj nch A D Building 398-404 Moody 
_ lice D wid Jas L died Sept 24 1932 
J .lice L (Clarence F) died Aug 14 1931 

;aro J wid Evander L died Oct 15 1931 

_41ara A Mrs nurse r 30 Fairmont av 
_J.arence B (Ruth F) civ eng public works 
dept City Hall h 49 Pleasant 

jArence F died Apr 3 1933 

_M^a E died Dec 12 1931 
— MaVd L studt r 257 Wash 
i At"~s W nurse h 29 Newton 
-Frank M (Elgie A) WW Co h 110 Thorn- 
ton r< 
—Fred B r^race E) WW Co h 27 Berkshire 

—Geo L (Mildred W) elk (B) h 63 Mayall rd 
— Harry L (Frances I) (Dowd & French) 

lawyer 680 Main rms 10-11 h 257 Ash 
— Hazen (Catherine M) formn (B) h 48 Ful- 
lenry S studt r 257 Ash 
Jennie wid Albert r 21 Lincoln 
— Winslow H (Eva T) acct (B) h 98 Irving 
Frenett Alexis A (Agnes M) carp h 45 Myrtle 
—Irene C r 45 Myrtle 
Frese Fredk C (Bertha M) WW Co h 86 

Riverview av 
— Paul F (Henrietta) asst editor h 24 Na i 

Frew Leslie C (Phyllis) osteopath 556 Main 

h do 
Frey Wm J (Barbara M) WW .Co h 79 Alder 
Friars Club 375 Moody rm 5 
Friberg Hans rprmn h 175 River 
—Lillian E, WB&DW r 175 River 
— Walter T r 175 River 
Frick Willie P (Kathleen F) skater h 640 

Friebe Saml (Martha V) watch maker h 4 

Riverview av 
Fried Wanda wid Carl r 75 Adams 
Fries D Lincoln (Hazel) (Watch City Taxi) 
673 Main and (Nunes Taxi) do h 22 Rus- 

Frith Jas J hlpr r 1285 Trapelo rd 

Frittelli Victor (Angelina) lab h 102 Central 

Fritz Roy W (Marion J) ins agt 740 Main rm 

105 h 18 Hunnewell av Brighton 
Frizzell Edison W (Margt H) business mach 

rpr h 13 Summit 
— Eliz B sten r 15 Summit 
— Eliz B wid Wm T h 15 Summit 
— Richd W r 15 Summit 
Frost Albert T electn h 19 Curtis 
—Arthur A pharm 509 Moody r 23 Rumford 

— Chas R r 880^ Main 
-Elmer C (Hattie L) hlpr h 10 Central 
-Frances C wid Chas E r 3 Cornwallis pi 
— Harriet A wid Geo M h 10 Chamberlain ter 
— Jas R r 74 Greenwood lane 
— John M (Katherine E) gate tndr B&M h 

880J Main 
— Katherine E Mrs hemstitching 880£ Main 

h do 
— Lewis H chauf r 23 Pine 
— Marion E tchr Senior High sch h 200 

Fuller, W Newton 
— Pauline A wid Edwin W r 75 Orange 
— R May tchr (Sharon) r 19 Curtis 
— Ray S (Alice M) mgr (Cambridge) h 34 

Brookfield rd 
—Roy E elk 693 Moody r 71 Brown 
Frude Edwd J (Gwendolyn H) carrier (New- 
ton PO) h 72 Riverview av 
Frullo Anna J, WW Co r 80 Charles 
— Bartholomew (Frida F" h 46 

, —John (Mary) h 80 Ch 


— John A (Frances E) chauf 30 Elm rl Co 

—Jos (Catherine) lab h 19 Friend 
—Jos E (Florence L) chauf h 62 Myrt 
Frye Ernest G (Lillian W) WW Co r 

— Frank B (Elsie W) jan h 94 Alder 
— Herbert (Ava) h 12 Winthrop 
— John C (Caroline E) jail officer h 41 Mor- 
— Mary A wid Ernest domestic r 115 Taylor 
— Royal M (Louise A) instr (Cambridge 

h 318 Newton 
— Willard H (Edna E) sec Clayton Mfg C 

157 High h 35 Bridge Newton 
Frykstrand Frank E treas Middlesex & Bo 

ton St Ry Co 1000 Main h at Roslindale 
Fucci Americo (Esther) chauf h 132 Charles 
— Assundina r 126 Charles 
— Augustine (Julia) h 126 Charles 
— Dominick r 126 Charles 
— Jas (Angelina) h 141 Calvary 
— Lena r 126 Charles 
— Michl r 126 Charles 


inc Mass '28 Alexander Wilson pret 

Frank H Pope treas natural gas and gai 

appliances — See page 90 
Fuller Alf A (Helen S) WW Co r 39 Murra, 
— Annie M wid Andrew W r 6 Orange 
— C Benj, MD bacteriologist and city phys 

City Hall and phys 781 Main h do 
— Catherine tchr (Medford) r 40 Chester a\ 
— Chas B jr, studt r 781 Main 
— Chester watchmn r 308 Crescent 
—Clifford H (Mary E) WW Co h 477 Lincoli 
—Frank F (Margt T) eng B&M. h 128 Sum 

— John C (Debbie E) mach h 21 Taylor 
— Lawrence E studt r 781 Main 
— Leroy O (Eliz V) constable h 106 Chestnul 
— Mary E Mrs, WW Co r 477 Lincoln 
— Mary M wid Chas H r Lakeview av 
— Minnie A, WW Co r 57 Wadsworth av 
— Rosamond sec r 781 Main 
—Walter C, WW Co r at West Newton 
— Walter N (Jessie C) h 40 Chester av 
— Willard P vice pres Housing Co end ot 

Hollace h at Dedham 
Fullerton Geo (Mabel) chemist h 10 Notting 

Fulton Beatrice A hairdrsr r 794 Main 
—Benj W (Ellen E) jan h 2 Gill rd '2 

— Bertha A wid Jas A h 794 Main 
— Christina wid Pry or h 354 Newton a 
—Ella D, WW Co r 20 Fuller 
— Frank carp r 297 Crescent 
—John E (Gertrude C) plmbr h 57 Mar: .3 

ough rd 
— Leah M tchr (Watertown) r 2 Gill 
—Lucy A, WW Co r 20 Fuller 
—Natalie M r 2 Gill rd 
Furbish Fredk B (Ethel W) photog 25 S 

mit r do 
Furbush D Russell studt r 50 Waverley < 

— Danl H died Apr 8 1931 
— Edna M wid Edwd h 62 Waverley O nceton 
— Edwd A (Caroline J) formn h 50 Wa 

Oaks rd 
— Edwd A jr, studt r 50 Waverley Oa 
— Harriet E wid Frank E h 50 Murray 
— Laroy W (Charlotte B) service m£ 

erville) h 17 Sterling rd 
— Lillian D phone opr 16 Spring r 

ence rd 
n chd A ^iech 17? High h ' ± 



* I, \i ^o r 62 Waverley Oaks rd 
Furdon Catherine F, WW Co r 870 Moody 
— Dorothy E bkpr r 870 Moody 
— Thos E (Margt A) oiler h 72 Exchange 
Furlong Frank (Nancy) h 42 Spring 
—Laura L. WW Co r 42 Spring 
— Sylvester A electn 210 Adams r do 
Furlott Edwd chauf r 82 Brown 
— Jas A (Gertrude M) lumber yard h 39 

— Leo J (Pearl) hlpr h 82 Brown 
— Wilbrod (Newton Lumber Co) r 82 Brown 
Fyfe Hannah E wid John M h 35 Fairmont 

— Jessie V sten r 35 Fairmont av 

GAR Post No 29, 103 Moody 

Gacioch Stella A baker's asst (Cambridge) r 

167 Newton 
jadboys Beryl L studt r 225 Adams 
-Homer (Lillian M) mgr 844 Moody h 225 

>aetz Geo A, WW Co r 115 Robbins 
Vaffney Jas J (Mary E) metal wkr (B) r 135 
ige Agnes B wid Danl C r 57 Cherry 
Agnes M wid Jas B r 20 Lexington ter 
-Chas D (Christine C) died Dec 8 1931 
— Christine C wid Chas D h 57 Cherry 
Gagnon Alf (Mary) lab h 96 Newton 
— John U (Alma P) r 58 Caughey 
Cieon J pntr r 96 Newton 
Rose H waitress r 96 Newton 
ictoria wid Alf died May 11 1932 
nes Geo A (Viola P) shoe ctr h 64 Orange 
r inus W (Lillian) electn h 10 Winsom 

atino Frank (Francesca) cement wkr h 
175 Felton 
,le Agnes opr WB&P Co r 369 River 
- Howard C instr University of Mass h at 

ita opr WB&P Co r 369 River 
inauski Kazimir (Julia) barber 473 Main 
h 422 River 

'agher Agnes nurse 250 South r do 
mie L, WW Co r 26 Maple 
ntoinette M wid Matthew F h 481 Main 
itherine L maid r 89 Myrtle 
)rothy E r 85 Cushing 
wd L (Margt M) dept mgr 223 Moody 

13 Everett 
/d T chauf r 85 Cushing 
J (Bridget A) lab h 89 Myrtle 
T jr r 89 Myrtle 

ce M wid Jas F r 28 Francis 
c L (Mary) (Kendall Crescent Street 
age) 33 Crescent h 41 do 
ai d H photog r 7 Chestnut pk 
Yu J elk r 89 Myrtle 
F chauf r 28 Francis 
F (Marie) phys 26 Common h at W 

u J mgr 90 Prospect r 33 Vernon 
i P (Mary C) mldr h College Farm rd 
L press opr r 481 Main 
W (Gertrude E) mgr h 52 Auburn 
X, WW Co r 28 Francis 
V & Son (Wm M Gallagher) heating 
•ntrs 46 Wetherbee rd 
*gt M studt r 41 Crescent 
rie M, WW Co r 481 Main 
.ry E elk 552 South r 33 Vernon 
try M elk r 7 Chestnut pk 
thew F (Antonette M) died Jan 23 1933 
itthew A, WW Co r 481 Main 
2hel O (Julia G) elk h 7 Chef pk 

aul J r 52 Auburn 


— Ruth K, W vv' Co . -tbl Mu 

— Sarah r 41 Crescent 

— Thos B studt r 160 Bacon 

— Thos F (Bridget J) ins agt h 33 Vern 

— Wm F mgr r 33 Vernon c 

— Wm H (Charlotte M) mgr 165 Lak-> 

Sunset rd rf 

— Wm J studt r 41 Crescent 
— Wm M (Anne M) (M F Gallagher.., 

46 Wetherbee rd h do 
—Winifred E elk 223 Moody r 85 Cushing 
—Winifred K wid Edwd T h 85 Cushing 
Gallant Alida M relief tel mgr r 63 Maple 
— Edgar (Eva) pntr r 81 Ash 
— Edmond A (Edith M) h 144 Bacon 
— Edmund J (Jessie M) auto mech h 1 

— Elmina M winder (Newton) r 38 Newton 
—Everett P studt r 92 Myrtle 
— Helen sten r 63 Maple 
— Irene r 144 Bacon 
— Jennie r 38 Newton 
— John, WW Co r 47 Parmenter rd 
— Jos (Jean T) carp h 47 Parmenter rd 
— Leo mach r 63 Maple 
—Leon (Mary E) hlpr h 488A Main 
— Margt M tchr Phineas Lawrence sch r 9.' 

— Marie A, WW Co r at W Newton 
— Mary E Mrs hairdrsr 92 Myrtle r do 
— Michl F (Mary E) WW Co h 92 Myrtle 
—Mildred A, WW Co b at W Acton 
— Plac iV Ie S (Alida) h 63 Maple 
— Rc^e r 144 Bacon 
Gallaway John (Audrey B) editor (B) r IK 


Galligan Andrew J (Helen L) slsmn 270 

Moody h 20 Hastings av 
— Jas J (Anna E) elk h 30 Jennings rd v 
— Margt V elk 894 Main r 30 Jennings rd 
— Mary C studt nurse r 30 Jennings rd 
Gallop Dorothy L atndt 775 Trapelo rd r do 
Gallupe H Quimby (Janet G) phys 751 Mail 

h 236 Harvard circle Newtonville 
Galluso Giuseppe (Antonia) lab h 16 Fen 
Galluzzo Calogero weaver r 34 Clinton 
—Helen, WW Co r 56 Oak 
— Maria wid Pietro h 34 Clinton 
— Rosario (Mary) lab h 56 Oak 
Galura Chas (Isabella) lab h 41A Calva 
Galuzzo Jas (Madeline) lab h 8 Sun 
Galvagno Josephine r 1 Lawton pi 
— Salvatore (Mary C) h 1 Lawton pi 
Galvariski Stanley A (Winifred B) de T 

r 102 Howard 
Galvin Agnes M, WW Co 
—Anna J (Mrs Thos J) died Feb 14 1933 
— Esther J sten (B) r 78 Lyman 
— Frances L, WW Co h 78 Lyman 
— Gertrude M housekpr r 786 Moody 
— Margt A elk (B) r 78 Lyman 
—Thos F, WW Co r 786 Moody 
—Thos J brklyr h 786 Moody 
— Wm J forester r 786 Moody 
Galway Geo S (Miranda K) chauf M&B St Ry 

h 154 Russell 
Gamble Howard (May) sis mgr (Somerville) 

h 18 Beal rd 
— Wm H (Lily) mach h 83 Cherry 
Gammerman Isadore (Goldy) ins broker 

31 Underwood pk 
Gandolfo Marcello instr University of Ma. 

h at Fitch burg 
Gangi Chas hlpr r 22 John 
— Louis (Crocifissa) lab h 22 John 
Gannon Catherine M wid Napoleon B h 20 

-Charlotte R nurse r 15 Willc~ 




— Eliz M sten 29 Moody r 290 Dale 

— Geo F baker r 290 Dale 

—Geo W, WW Co h 42 Cedar 

— Jas E hlpr r 290 Dale 

— Jas J (Ellen G) slsmn 100 Felton h 290 

—John A (Charlotte A) uphol h 15 Willow 
— Mary wid Patk r 42 Cedar 
— Mary F bkpr r 15 Willow 
—Mary L phone opr 16 Spring h 290 Dale 
Garber Obed (Florence) carp h 35A Maple 
Gardan Amy cook r 19 Endicott 
Garden City Sand & Gravel Co Inc 115 Bright 

inc '30 Frank Eldred pres Dennis Cra- 
ven treas 
Gardiles Geo restr (Newton) r 562 Main 
Gardiner Augustus G (Margt J) lab h 272 

— Joel F (Jessie A) mason h 77 Willow 
—Sidney F r 77 Willow 
Gardner Annie R r 70 Adams 
— Chas E (Lottie) r 3 Woodlawn av -» 
— Chas E (Dorothy E) electn h 93 Bedford 
— Emma E wid John A r 4 Adams 
— Gladys atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do H ~ 

— Henry M (Susie) chauf h 158 Lowell 
— Hugh ins agt r 856 Main 
— Jane A, WW Co r at Watertown 
— Jeremiah J chauf h 157 Hardy's Pond rd 
— John J carrier PO 738 Main h 28 Faneuil 

— John W (May E) (John W Gardner Motor 

Co) 817 Moody h 18 Brookfield rd 

Gardner) Nash Motor Cars 817 Moody — 

See page 68 
— Martha Mrs housekpr Waltham Hospital 

r do 
—Mary G (Mrs John J) died Sept 1930 
— Michl P asst formn r 7 Centre 
— Russell K (Virginia J) slsmn (B) h 14 

Mayall rd 
—Stanton C died Apr 26 1932 
— Thos W shoewkr r 856 Main 
Garely Elsie radio tube wkr r 205 Newton 
Garfield Beatrice I typist r 9 Russell 
— Frank I (Maude M) civ eng h 9 Russell 
— Irving A rem to Auburndale 
— John E (Katherine F) h 9 Lakeview ter 
— Leon B gen formn 1000 Main r 368 Mass av 

Garfink Benj (Julia) used cars (B) h 19 

Arlington rd 
Garland Chester F (Marion H) supt (Som- 

erville) h 19 Clements rd 
— Ethel M tchr Thomas R Plympton sch r 33 

Garlisi Alphonse (Josephine) lab h 98 Tay- 

Garner Ernest transit mn public works dept 

dept City Hall r 25 Sterling rd 
—Phoebe wid Geo died Apr 7 1932 
— Walter weaver r 25 Sterling rd 
Garraway Anna B elk r 23 Willow 
—Ellen C wid Wm J h 23 Willow 
—Grace A elk r 23 Willow 
—Margt B r 23 Willow 
Garrigan John R (Maude B) police 25 Lex- 
ington h 88 Bedford 
— Mathias F carp r 14 Rich 
— Norah (Mrs Mathias) died Feb 13 1933 
— Raymond A (Nova M) lab h 11 Bedford 
— Wm F (Mary E) meat ctr 583 Moody h 

rear 40 Prospect 
Garrity Jos F elk 727 Moody r 25 Prentice 
— Mary J bkpr The Waltham National Bank 
of Waltham r 25 Prentice 


— Thos H (Julia A) driver Waltham Coal Co 

h 25 Prentice 
— Thos H jr, driver r 25 Prentice 
Garvey Arthur R deittist 314 Moody rm 1 r 

228 Ash 
— Bldg 314 Moody 

— Catherine dipper Bettinger Enamel Corp 
— Martin J (Marguerite E) dentist 314 

Moody rm 5 h 22 Crafts 
—Michl J (Catherine H) jan h 228 Ash 
Gaskill Guilford (Joanna) pntr h 20 Elm 
Gasper John P (Eliz) firemn h Piedmont 

Gass Eliz G, WW Co r 265 Robbins 
—Stanley W (Grace G) WW Co h 265 Rob- 
Gastino Mary wid Anthony h 45 Spring 
Gatchell Chas J (Clara A) stmftr h 1 Gill 

rd * 

Gately Arthur N (Alice) elk 715 Moody h 

33 Plympton 
—Chas G (Marguerite C) NET&T Co (Brigh- 
ton) h 89 Adams 
— Eliz A chief opr 16 Spring r 146 Mass av 

—Francis P (Roberta O) real est (B) h 362 

— John elk 399 Moody r 3 Fern 
—Kate F wid John h 9 Floyd 
— Wm J meat cutter 665 Main r 33 Exchange 
— Wm P (Agnes B) elk 399 Moody h 130 

Gates Christopher E (Bessie J) WW Co h 42 

—Donald W elk r 42 Derby 
— Edwd J (Rose) driver 200 Prospect h 5 

—Geo A (Ella M)AWW Co h 70 Adams 
— Jas W (Zillah M) shipper h Winter cor 

—John E, Vvffil Qd h at W Newton 
—Rose P, WW CO r 25 Adams 
— Vernon F mach opr r 13 Rich 
— Wm A (Eva E) jan Nathaniel P Banks sch 

h 13 Rich 
Gathercole Fred E (Lillian M) died Sept 20 


Gaudet Adolphe J (Mary E) lab h 74 Beal rd 

— Alf F studt r 22 Newton 

— Alma F domestic r 22 Newton 

— Andrew r 24 Cushing 

—Anna M, WW Co r 62 Rich 

— Anthony rubber wkr (Watertown) r 22 

— Camille J (Mary J) chauf h 61 Guinan 
— Danl J (Effie) rem to Roxbury 
— Frank M (Eva A) carp h 22 Newton 
— John P (Louise M) slsmn 691 Main h 133 

School Watertown 
— Josephine wid Thos r 41 Rich 
—Lionel, WW Co r 73 Chestnut 
— M A Dorothy r 71 Dix 
— Marcel (Sarah) bus rpr h 71 Dix 
— Marie A, WW Co r 19 Adams 
— Mary wid Paul F maid 502 Main 
— Melvina F, WW Co r 22 Newton 
—Paul F (Mary) died Aug 1 1932 
— Paul M (Melvina) carp h 61 Princeton 

— Phyllis L rem to Roxbury 
— Rita L maid r 235 Main 
— Thos A (Josephine) died Apr 9 1931 
— Timothy F (Eliz) h 47 Guinan 
Gaudette Arthur J lab h 11 Spring 
— Dennis (Victoria) pntr h 26 Middle 
— Dimitile wid Dosite r 11 Spring 
— Jas D auto mech r 11 Spring 
—Thos J, WW Co r at Cochituate 



Gaudreau Lydia M r 44 Everett 

— Thos L carp h 44 Everett 

— Wm T carp r 44 Everett 

Gaul Mary E wid Thos J died May 30 1932 

— Wm slsmn h 85 Irving 

Gauthier Cecilia wid Jos h 9 Whitcomb 

—Christina M, WW Co r 21 Dexter 

—Helen T, WW Co h 21 Dexter 

— Jas J jr (Thelma) milkmn r 91 Chestnut 

— Raoul A (Romanie M) h 377 River 

—Thelma Mrs, WW Co r 10 Willard rd 

Gautreau Frank auto mech r 27 Heard 

—Julie wid Donat r 86 Maple 

Gauvin Bertha domestic r 12 Gordon 

— Jude (Evangeline) plmbr h 12 Gordon 

— Oscar chauf r 12 Gordon 

Gavaza Earl V (Geneva G) treas Clifford S 

Cobb Co 720 Main h at Melrose 
Gavin Eliz G, WW Co h 44 Grant pi 
—Frank A (Ellen C) buyer 223 Moody h 

161 Bright 

— Margt E, WW Co r 44 Grant pi 

— Peter, WW Co r 44 Grant pi 

— Thos F (Annie E) insp h 17$ Robbins 

—Walter J (Celena E) prof h 178 Weston 

Gavolia John N r rear 405 Moody 

Gavolio Building 407 Moody 

— Frank J interne (B) r rear 405 Moody 

— Giuseppe (Francesca) h rear 405 Moody 

Gay Alex M (Ella M) died Oct 21 1933 

— Edna R r 15 Woodland rd 

—Ella M wid Alex M h 245 Dale 

—Leon F (Winnona M) WW Co h 22B 

Washington av 
—Maude (Mrs Wm F) died Aug 14 1931 
— Wm F r 20 Wash av 
Gaziano Jas (Dorothy) chef h 98 Central 
— John jr, treas Newton Sash & Door Co 216 

Newton h 500 California Newtonville 
— Rose r 131 Charles 
— Salvatore (Madeline) h 131 Charles 
Gearty Wm J (Catherine M) WW Co h at 


Geary Eliz wid John r 149 Robbins 

— Geo (Cora E) carp h 149 Robbins 

Gebhardt Bernard (Pauline) h 10 Vernon 

— Catherine press opr r 10 Vernon 

— Gertrude press wkr r 10 Vernon 

Geddes Jas C (Mary S) slsmn r 341 Warren 

Gee Hung (Jim's Laundry) 43 Lexington 

h do 
— Sing lndry 5 Lexington 
— Stephani Mrs r 44 Leonard 
Gegenheimer Ruth A social wkr Walter E 

Fernald State School r do 
Geiling Fredk A (Isabell) h 164 Chestnut 
Geisler Gustavo (Sophia) auto rpr h 29 

Wadsworth av 
—Henri (Mary E) died June 13 1933 
— Marie G wid Henry h 12 Robbins 
—Mary E wid Henri died June 26 1932 
Geller Louis (Dora) meats 132-134 Prospect 

h 27 Columbus av 

Gellerson Hector r 80 Prospect 

Gellerstedt Erik mach r 16 Cushing 

Gelley Henry C (Thelma L) slsmn (B) h 34 

Beal rd 
General Auto Repair Shop (Geo Ward) 206 

—Plumbing Supply Co (Benj Wolk) 129 


Generose Albino (Anna) slsmn h 229 School 

Gentes Arthur opr r 4 Chestnut pk 

— Saml (Exilia) h 4 Chestnut pk 

Gentile Danl lab r 20 Water 

— Josephine 66 Woerd av r 20 Water 

— Mary Mrs h 20 Water 

- — Romeo rem to Brookline 

Geoffrion Ada wid Ulderic h 77 Hammond 
— Agnes I r 11 Noonan 

— Albert O (Clara F) builder's asst h 39 Gore 
— Aldea M r 77 Hammond 
—Bella E, WW Co r 47 Colburn 
— Berthe E r 77 Hammond 
— Emily M r 15 Howard 
—Felix died Oct 24 1932 
—Felix J jr (Rose D) formn h 12 Lyman 
— Felix J 3d (Gladys L) auto rpr rear 12 Ly- 
man r 12 do 
— Henry A mach r 47 Colburn 
— Louis J builder 15 Howard h do 
— Marceline P r 15 Howard 
— Marie E, WW Co r 11 Noonan 
— Napoleon D (Virginia) rem to Cambridge 
— Norman A (Ruth M) bagger 33 Rumford 

av h 76$ Russell 
— Norman A, WW Co r 12 Lyman 
— Placide E carp r 47 Colburn 
— Placide J (Lucie) carp h 47 Colburn 
— Theophile J (Agnes) gro 1 Noonan h 11 

Geogan Richd J chauf 32 Crescent r 74 Fal- 
mouth rd W Newton 
Geraldine's Food Shop (Emma Abrahams) 

variety store 200 High 
Gerard Edmund formn WB&P Co h 81 Pond 
Gerofo Jos lab r 71 Exchange 
Gerrie Frances M nurse (Brockton) r 30 

Rumford av 
— Jas A (Bessie M) washmn h 30 Rumford 

— Wm B r 30 Rumford av 
Gerritson Edwd W rem to Somerville 
—Ethel E sten r 179 Ash 
—Kenneth W (Florence A) WW Co h 20 

— Maria L r 179 Ash 
— Walter (Hattie M) landscape gardnr h 179 

Gerry see Geary 
Gershaw Harry (Hazel I) ticket agt B&M 

RR 9 Carter h 45 Dexter 
Gesner Chas B (Hazel B) farmer h 45 Colum- 
bus av 
— Kenneth Cheney (Hester) pastor First Par- 
ish Church h 111 Virginia rd 
Getchell Bertha M elk r 29 Palmer 
—Cecelia H (Mrs Robt E) died Dec 15 1930 
— Ella F wid Fred F rem to Kelsey City Fla 
— Fannie H wid Chas C h 29 Palmer 
— Harry M (Susan) carrier P0 738 Main h 

21 Elson rd 
—Robt E dentist 333 Moody rm 204 h 109 

— Sherman r 283 Ash 
— Sherman jr, rubber wkr r 283 Ash 
— Susan M Mrs, WW Co h 21 Elson rd 
Ghirardi Jas G (Rena) elk 141 Moody h 21 

Salem Boston 
Giambro Anna F r 151B Crescent 
— Catherine M sewer r 151B Crescent 
— Concetta wid Peter h 151B Crescent 
Giampetro Luigi (Irene) gardnr h 56 Cald- 
well rd 
— Margt T cook r 39 Spring 
— Nicholas (Jessita) farmer h 39 Spring 
Giancaterino Dominick (Elsie M) whol beer 

and ale h 271 River 
Giangregorio Carmino lab r 11 Rich 
Gianino Salvatore (Eliz L) elec tester h 118 

Overland rd 
Giardina Anthony elk 687 Main r 10 Faneuil 

— Catherine H cashr 607 Main r 86 do 
— Felix (Fortunata) (Giardina's) 687 Main 

h 10 Faneuil rd 
— Felix (Mary) textile wkr h 389 River 



Giardina nn , 

—John (Nancy) restr 607 Main h 86 do 

—Jos (Grace) farmer h 144 School 

—Louis elk 687 Main r 10 Faneuil rd 

— Thos (Mary T) gardnr h 414 River 

Giardina's (Felix Giardina) confr and restr 
687 Main 

Giardino Antonio (Josephine) lab h 50 Cal- 

— Rose C married John Mondile 

Giarrizzo Pasquale (Felice) bleaching water 
182 River h do 

— Rocco bleachery water mkr r 182 River 

Giasson Ambrose carp h 20 Eddy 

— Geo J mach r 24A Myrtle 

— Raymond A r 151 South 

—Viola R elk NET&T Co r 20 Eddy 

Gibbons Anna D r 11 Harvard pi 

— Bridget h 217 Calvary 

— Catherine G insp r 11 Harvard pi 

— Eliz A wid Edwd F h 11 Harvard pi 

— Ellen lndrs r 217 Calvary 

—Ethel M elk 720 Main r at W Newton 

— Helena J nurse r 11 Harvard pi 

— John J plmbr r 11 Harvard pi 

— Mary A, WW Co r 11 Harvard pi 

— Thos F mgr r 217 Calvary 

Gibbs Danl W (Nancy C) archt (B) h 17 

— Express Co (LeBaron R Yetten) 216 New- 

— Ida L wid John N h 24 Harris 

— John A (Isabelle) auto pntr h 41 Wam- 
sutta av 

— John M (Louise P) lawyer h 104 Ellison 

—Jos W (Edna J) elk 702 Main h 22 Sum- 

— Josephine studt r 22 Summer 

— Lucy S wid Jos F r 22 Summer 

— Margt B studt r 22 Summer 

— Mary J wid Richd M h 41 Lawrence 

—Matilda F, WW Co r at W Newton 

— Wm F (Jane M) proof-reader 515 South 

r 47 Banks 
— Wm F jr (Vivian R) proof-reader r 47 


Gibson A J & Son (Ronald A Gibson, Jos J 

Delorey) gros 880 Main 
— Chas T (Bertha M) mgr 769 Main h 32 

— Erma V elk r 19 Chester av 
— Everett A (Bessie M) elev opr 680 Main 

h 109 Myrtle 
— Flo Mrs r 4 Adams 
—Frank V elk 7 Highland r 6 Clinton 
— Lionel A (Violet S) sole leather h 19 

Chester av 
— Raymond J elk r 6 Clinton 
— Roland A (Carrie L) (A J Gibson & Son) 

880 Main h 28 Irving 
— Sarah Mrs h 6 Clinton 
Giddings Chas J (Barbara A) h 35 Lyman 
Gidds Geo chef 561 Main r at Boston 
Gifford Minnie A, WW Co r at Newtonville 
— Robt sis mgr h 755 South 
Gihuly Anne wid John died July 11 1932 
Gilbert Edwd F (Anna J) florist h 91 South 
— Jas H (Amy A) pntr (Cambridge) h 19 

Mayall rd 
— John R (Georgia L) dentist 681 Main rm 1 

h 346 Bacon 

— Muriel R studt nurse r 19 Mayall rd 

— Raymond E instr University of Mass r 30 

Bay State rd Boston 
Gilbrae Inn (Henry Valliere) 403 River 
Gile Harold R slsmn r 57 Orange 
—Jason C (Eva D) pntr h 57 Orange 

Giles Cliff C silk wkr r 29 Pine 

—Fred E (Elm Spring Farm Co) 390 Main 
r at Lexington 

— Herbert N crossing tndr Central Mass RR 
Main st crossing h at Weston 

— Lina P, WW Co r 31 Sparkill 

— Martin lab r 46 Harvard 

—Nellie R wid Elmer E r 132 Dale 

— Patk J (D Josephine) buckle wkr h 984 

— Wm P (Lina P) mldr h 31 Sparkill 

Gilhuly Mary h 1 Church 

Giliberti Anna M atndt Walter E Fernald 
State sch r do 

Gill Adeline B r 15 Townsend 

— Anna M wid Wm T h 128 Ellison pk 

— Ellen A r 128 Ellison pk 

— Emma F proof-reader 18 Pine r 9 Park- 
view rd Newtonville 

—Mary wid Michl J died May 19 1931 

— Mary E rem to Newtonville 

— Mary V wid Peter B rem to Newtonville 

GILL ROBERT E (Anna) monuments 9 Clin- 
ton — See page 104 

— Thos F grinding wheel worker 115 Bacon 
h 51 Taylor 

— Thornton M (Mildred E) (Cambridge Mo- 
tor Co, Cambridge) h 409 Lexington 

— Winifred F opr 157 High r 51 Taylor 

Gillen Frank H r 57 Chestnut 

— Mary E wid Frank H h 57 Chestnut 

— Mary G phone opr 16 Spring r 57 Chest- 

Gillespie Chas M (Clara D) lab h 153 Brown 
— Fred (Grace) treas Weston's Bakeries Inc 

100 Felton h 15 Wilshire Winthrop 
—Helen M, WW Co r 24 Adams 
— Wm B (Mary W) welder h 8 Hamblin rd 
Gilliatt Hazel B atndt Walter E Fernald 

State School r do 
Gilligan Catherine E elk 271 Moody r 21 

—Catherine V died Oct 17 1931 
— John F (Marion E) h 55 Dartmouth 
— Jos E slsmn r 21 Vernon 
— Lawrence P elk r 21 Vernon 
— Mary V, WW Co r 21 Vernon 
— Thos J (Margt T) eng h 21 Vernon 
—Thos J jr (Rose C) elk 336 Moody r 45 

Gillis Angus h 17 Elm 
— Angus A studt r 32 Curtis 
— Anthony M chauf r 228 River 
—Arthur S J (Mary) WW Co h at Wellesley 

— Catherine M r 32 Curtis 
—Danl (Mary) lab h 32 Curtis 
— Eliz atndt Walter E Fernald State sch r do 
— Fredk gardnr r Forest near Trapelo rd 
— John A r 32 Curtis 
— John J (Julia M) rem to Somerville 
—John W, WW Co r 17 Highland 
— Margt C elk r 228 River 
— Mary J married Raymond Charbonneau 
—Neil r 32 Curtis 
— Paul J (Lillian R) chauf 151 Lexington h 

71 Dix 
—Roderick J studt r 228 River 
— Ronald M (Margt M) auto mech h 228 

— Wm J meter reader Waltham Water 

Works 92 Felton r 17 Elm 
Gillispie Alice E died Aug 9 1931 
— Jas C died Jan 24 1932 
— Mary G sten 657 Main rm 5 r 33 Plympton 
Gilman Cele mgr 269 Moody r 82 Capen Dor- 
Gilmartin Florence I atndt 775 Trapelo rd 

r do 



Gilmore E Chauncey rem to Medford 

— Eliz M wid Henry r 25 Irving 

—Harry E (Mary W) formn WW Co h 25 

— Jas J lab r 24 Cherry 
— John M (Marion) r 462 Main 
Gilpatrick Flora M Mrs (Flora's Beauty 

Shop) 57 Prospect r do 
— Jotham F (Flora M) mach r 57 Prospect 
— Otis E (Vera) firemn h 9 Grove rd 
Gilson Alice C elk r 42A Wadsworth av 
— Frank (Rose) lab r 27 Liberty 
— Helena J mach opr r 42A Wadsworth av 
— Mary E wid Peter E h 935 Main 
— Mary L housekpr h 42A Wadsworth av 
—Rose C, WW Co r 27 Liberty 
Giminardi Louis (Josephine) mach 48 Woerd 

av h 40 Sterling rd 
— Vincenza wid Jas h 24 Exchange 
Gindrat Danl r 65 Ash 
Ginneo Dominick (Grace) grinding wheel 

worker 115 Bacon h 159 Edge Hill rd 
Ginsberg Saml (Ruth) slsmn h 62 Dartmouth 
Ginsburg Abr (Anna) ins agt 267 Moody h 

3 Fountain 
— Morton W r 3 Fountain 
— Sylvia elk 313 Moody r 3 Fountain 
Ginter Co The see First National Stores Inc 
Giordano Santo (Gaetana) rubber wkr (Wa- 

tertown) h 315 Warren 
Girl Scouts Mass District Council 265 Bea- 
— Scouts Waltham Local Council Mrs Laroy 

D Tinker comr 68 Church 
Girouard Edmond G (Margt M) bag wkr h 81 


Giroux Aylmer C, WW Co r 94 Adams 
Gisiger Hans watch insp 256 Charles h 303 

Giugno Giuseppe (Phillipa) h 19 School av 
— Jos M rubber wkr r 19 School av 
— Michl (Teresa) lndry mn h 19 School av 
Giusti Albert (Mary) lab h 103 Felton 
Given Anna T, WW Co r 165 Chestnut 
Gladine Gustave A (Betty E) mach h 80 Ash 
— Lillian tube mkr r 80 Ash 
Gladman Wm J (Dorothy M) plstr h 81 Rob- 

Glancy Robt E (Anna B) h 74 Riverview av 
— Warren E (Charlotte L) chemical eng 

(Watertown) h 75 Riverview av 
— see Clancy 

Glaser Gladys I cementer r 72 Orange 
Glasgow Helen W office asst South Junior 

High sch r 144 Lowell 
— Mildred sten r 144 Lowell 
— Thos J (Carrie L) supt WM Works h 144 


Glass Wendall C (Edith) electn EEI Co, 
Cooper st h 25 Caughey 

Glavey Mary C slswmn r 11 Common 

— Wm F (Hannah E) core mkr 186 River- 
view av h 11 Common 

Glawson Chas E (Effie L) icemn h 14 Ba- 

Gleason Anna died Feb 7 1933 

— Anna L wid Patk S h 110 Cushing 

—Arthur A (Delia A) chauf (B) h Piedmont 

— Arthur M radio service mn r Piedmont av 
— Clarence H projectionist 234 Moody h at 

—Gertrude C, WW Co r at W Newton 
—John J, WW Co h at W Newton 
—Mary F, WW Co r at W Newton 
—Patk S (Anna L) died Oct 18 1930 
— Walter A r Piedmont av 
— Warren J (Viola) slsmn h 48 Everett 

Gledhill Alf H (Minnie S) mgr (Roxbury) h 

946 Moody 
— Warren F (Louise G) mgr h 156 Russell 
Glendenning Verna married Parke O'Brien 
Glenn Percy D chauf r 125 Dale 
Glennon Helen M tchr Thomas Hill sch r 9 

Marmion Jamaica Plain 
— Leo G (Constance A) leather ctr h Pine 

Hill circle 
— Leo G mach opr r Pine Hill circle 
—Thos F r Pine Hill circle 
Glidden Georgia E drsmkr r 38 Brookfield 

— Hattie A (Mrs Lewis S M) died Feb 27 


— Iva L Mrs nurse h 452 Moody 

— Lewis S M slsmn h 38 Brookfield rd 

—May H wid Geo D r 374 Crescent 

— Vernon (Daisy) chauf h 374 Crescent 

Glines Chas H (Catherine L) carp r 81 Ash 

— John E (Grace) carp h 63 Summit 

Glovaski Felix elk r 221 Grove 

Glover Hattye J wid Isaac h 407 Moody 

Glycart Bernice C hairdrsr 8 Prospect r do 

— Bessie H wid Max beauty shop 8 Prospect 

h do 
— Betty M married Herman White 
—Eliz atndt Walter E Fernald State School 

r do 
—Max (Bessie H) died Sept 14 1932 
Glynn Annie L r 21 Dartmouth 
—Catherine W wid Thos E h 163^ Chestnut 
—Delia F h 540 South 

—Dennis F (Catherine E) lab h 81 Guinan 
— John h 39 Dartmouth 
— John E shipper r 71 Pond 
—John F opr 100 Beaver r 79 Rich 
— Jos A elk r 71 Pond 
— Jos B atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r do 
— Leo E r 71 Pond 
— Mae C dress shop r 81 Guinan 
—Margt J r 540 South 

—Martin F (Mary M) lab h 8 Harvard pi 
—Mary A sten r 39 Dartmouth 
—Mary A (540 South) died Sept 12 1931 
—Mary E wid Michl h 21 Fiske 
—Michl M (Margt) hlpr Waltham Coal Co 

h 71 Pond 
—Paul E (Alice M) bus opr h 47A Rich 
—Paul E lab r 81 Guinan 
—Peter (Delia M) hlpr 224 Newton h 45 

— Thos E electn h 21 Dartmouth 
—Thos E (Catherine) died Oct 15 1931 
—Thos J (Josephine V) chauf h 4 Cornwal- 

lis pi 
—Thos J (Isabelle M) mgr 830£ Main h 104 

Elson rd 

—Walter J (Alice H) baker h 86 Rockridge 

Gnade Henry (Henrietta) slsmn h 117 Cedar- 
wood av 
Gneke Peter 66 Woerd av r 139 River 
Gobeille Alphonse F (Emma L) mach ad- 
juster h 237 Brown 
Godber Frank J (Martha) h 391 Lincoln 
Godbout Lorenzo (Margt) carp h 159 New- 
Goddard Geo E, WW Co h 60 Derby 
— Langdon W (Alice) atndt h 8 Fuller 
Godfrey Thos L (Lillian C) baker h 18 

—Wilfred asst mgr 299 Moody r 33 Fayette 

Godkins Georgina A Mrs r 62 Maple 
Goebel Chas A (Laura M) farmer h 114 Har- 
— Harry G r 114 Harvard 
—Ruth E r 114 Harvard 




— Wm H hlpr r 114 Harvard 
Gofkauf s Inc automobile supplies 278 Moody 
Gogan Dora M, WW Co r at W Newton 
—Francis J, WW Co r at W Newton 
— J Arthur (Jean M) auto mech h 180 Rob- 
—Max mach 48 Woerd av h 70 Falmouth rd 

W Newton 
— Richd G A, WW Co r at W Newton 
Goggin Ellen wid Michl r 8 Adams 
Gogin Alma rem to Cocagne NB 
Goguen Albert J studt r 183 Chestnut 
—Alice E, WW Co r 183 Chestnut 
— Anna J proof-reader (B) r 323 Warren 
— Edwd B prsmn r 323 Warren 
— Fredk J (Euphemia E) mach h 41 Rich 
— Germaine rem to Dorchester 
— Henry A (Merilda) carp h 155 River 
—Leo J, USA r 323 Warren 
— M Rita domestic r 183 Chestnut 
— Maxime (Alice) pntr h 8 Grant 
— Oliver A (Zelia) pntr 183 Chestnut h do 
—Oswald B, WW Co r 183 Chestnut 
— Sylvian (Emelie) carp 323 Warren h do 
— Telesphore (Emma) carp h 59 Guinan 
Goldberg Aaron rem to Boston 
— Anna married Hyman Goldman rem to 

— Archie rem to Boston 
— Bernice P studt r 134 Ellison pk 
— Dorothy slswmn r 15 Rich 
— Eliz rem to Winthrop 
—Harris (Ida) elk 873 Main h 85 Overland 

—Louis N (Jennie C) (Waltham Wall Pa- 
per & Paint Co) 591 Main h 134 Ellison 
—Mae B elk 450 Moody r 15 Rich 
—Newell (Ruth E) (Newall Co) paints 105 

Moody h 36 Newton 
—Sam (Beatrice) (Bee's Bootery) 292 

Moody h 3 Lothian rd Brighton 
Golden Ann Mrs elk 377A Moody r 35 Ply- 
mouth rd Maiden 
— Claire M studt nurse r 259 Brown 
—Hazel T, WW Co r at W Newton 
— John A (Catherine J) office mgr 115 Bacon 

h 19 Plympton 
—Louis (Ida E) mgr 689 Main h 73 Howland 

—Mary Mrs elk 894 Main r at Watertown 
— Patk J (Bridget M) mason h 259 Brown 
Golding Mary L nurse r 135 Grove 
Goldman Esther tel solctr 552 South r at 

— Meyer (Katherine) slsmn 371 Moody rm 

106 h 94 Brainerd rd Allston 
— Morris (Rebecca) tailor 3A Lexington h 

27 Reyem 
Goldsmith Myer A asst treas 55 Rumford av 

h Crescent av Lynnfield Center 
Goldstein Dorothy shipper 552 South r 83 

— Estelle maid 577 Beaver 
— John (Ethel) treas Peter Pan Cleansers & 
Dyers Inc 552 South and (Sparkling 
Cleansers & Dyers) 987 Main h 76 Rich 
— Mark (Jennie) pres Peter Pan Cleansers 
& Dyers Inc 552 South and (Sparkling 
Cleansers & Dyers) 987 Main h 78 Rich 
—Philip route mgr 552 South r 83 Russell 
— Rebecca Mrs h 83 Russell 
Goldthwaite Philip W (Arline F) shoe wkr h 

34 Bruce rd 
Golway Everett studt r 174 Summer 
— Wm C (Dora) mach h 174 Summer 
Goodale Evelyn L sec The Waltham Nat 
Bank of Waltham h 17 Elm 


—Norman A (Bernice E) chauf h 159 South 
—Wendell F (Marie J) elk The Waltham 

National Bank of Waltham h 101 Lex- 
Goode Dermott J (Katherine F) lab h 243A 

— Walter F r 43 Wadsworth av 
Goodell Alice B wid Roland E h 61 Alder 
— Hazel M Mrs sec (Newton) r 21 Brigham 

— Howard L (Marion E) buckle wkr r 91 

— Norman E r 418 Main 
Goodenough Sarah L mgr 461 Moody r 30 

Thaxter Newtonville 
Goodfellow John B auto rprmn Walter E 

Fernald State School r do 
Goodick Austin L (Mary L) h 510 Trapelo 

Gooding Fred M h 73 Worcester lane 
— Marjorie H (Mrs Fred M) died Feb 18 

Goodman Louis (Sybel) meat ctr 132 Pros- 
pect h 7 Wellington ct Roxbury 
Goodneau Minnie L tchr r 96 Washington 

Goodness Rose wid Chas h 205 River 
Goodnow Frank E r 366 Crescent 
— Harriet tchr r 30 Appleton 
— Minnie L tchr Henry Whittemore sch r 94 

Wash av 
Goodreau Eliz A wid Fredk N h 64 Charles 
Goodrich Alice G sten r 117 South 
— Anna C Mrs, WW Co r 149 Ash 
—Carroll D (Florence) WW Co 
— Catherine wid Philip r 117 South * 
— Chas W (Esther S) sub master Senior 

High sch h 58 Ellison pk 
— Harold S (Edith L) asst treas (B) r 80 

— Louise M, WW Co r 149 Ash 
—Richd E, WW Co r 149 Ash 
— Wm E (Ann) WW Co r 149 Ash 
Goodsell Mathilda A wid Albert M r 1195 

Goodwill Filling Station (Henry G Wallis) 

1037 Main 
Goodwin Adah E wid Geo r 33 Worcester 

— Edwd (Ruth A) lndry wkr h 43 Cherry 
— Harland r 58 Cherry 
— Ruth wid Jos r 58 Cherry 
— Wm A (Ethel M) h 5 Orange 
— Wm E slsmn r 138 Crescent 
Goodyear Service Inc tires and accessories 

945 Main 
Goranson S Harold hlpr r 73 Rich 
— Svea A wid Gowthard h 73 Rich 
— Sven Gowthard (Svea A) died Mar 25 1933 
Gordon Alphonse (Flora) h 54 Francis 
— Annie J Mrs h 53 Calvary 
—Bernard L, WW Co r 836 Main 
— Bessie S hosp matron Walter E Fernald 

State School r do 
— Chas G laboratory wkr r 76 Gardner 
— Chas S driver r 206 Ash 
— Chas W (Frances L) slsmn r 98 Hardy's 

Pond rd 
— David slsmn 424 Moody h at Medford 
— Edwd P forester r 53 Calvary 
— Florence M sewer 54 Stearns r 206 Ash 
—Forest L, WW Co r 53 Russell 
— Frances F r 104 Alder 
— Francis P rem to N Y city 
—Frank (Myrtle E B) formn h 13 Sunset 

—Frank (Ella E) real est 836 Main h do 
—Frank W (Marie C) milkmn h 1098 Main 




—Geo K acct (B) r 206 Ash 

— Harold E mgr 234 Moody h at W Newton 

—Harry W (Mary L) WW Co h 183 South 

— Isaac G died May or June 1933 

— Katherine T r 49 Francis 

— Leamon O (Florence W) WW Co h 59 

— Mary C Mrs h 76 Gardner 
— Merton F r 76 Gardner 
— Merton L (Hazel) slsmn 899 Main h 61 

— Milton H (Pauline) (Waltham Public Mar- 
ket) 398 Moody h 61 Wellington 
—Sarah J wid Chas B died Sept 26 1933 
— Seth L (Stella M) h Woburn st at city 

— Sol H treas University of Mass 423 South 

h 18 Alteresko av Dorchester 
— Susanne L tchr r 27 Howard 
— Walter B elk r 206 Ash 
— Walter J r 53 Calvary 
— Wesley A (Lubell E) (Boston) summer 

res 35 Marivista av 
— Wm mach r 15 Cushing 
Gorgone Rosalia wid Gaetano h 10 Grove 

Gorman Alice C typist r 10 Harding av 
— Annie F drsmkr 84 Cedar r do 
— Catherine G nurse r 35 Dartmouth 
— Edwd G mach r 10 Harding av 
— Edwd L shipper r 35 Dartmouth 
— Eliz A h 84 Cedar 
— Francis A rem to Newtonville 
— John H (Julia L) brakemn B&M h 87 

— John J toolmkr 158 Lexington h 35 Dart- 
—John M (Eliz J) firemn B&M h 10 Harding 

— John T elk r 35 Dartmouth 
—Jos (Rita M) h 49 Sharon 
— M Eliz insp r 134 Summer 
— Margt J r 35 Dartmouth 
— Mary A sten r 35 Dartmouth 
— Mary A wid Francis E h 18 McKenn 
Gormley Agnes F brusher r 251 Calvary 
— Alice M wid Henry district nurse (Win- 
chester) r 63£ Maple 
— Alice R married Norman F Smith 
—Chas P r 251 Calvary 
— Geo H (Bertha A) mach h 263 Calvary 
— Jos lab h 251 Calvary 
—Mary G r 251 Calvary 
Gorse Geo B (Olive W) auto mech 582 Main 

h 108 Overland rd 
Gorst Alice tchr South Junior High sch r 

39 Wesley Newton 
Gosbee Ethel E Mrs r 1080 Main 
Goss Francis M, WW Co r 26 Park 
Gosselin Alice I Mrs, WW Co r 58 Brown 
— Chas E (Alice I) enameler h 41 Floyd 
— Peter (Marion) carp h 48^ Walnut 
— Robt L auto mech r 48 £ Walnut 
—Walter J (Marie M) h 27 Heard 
Gotberg Harry J, WW Co r at Sudbury 
Goudas Jos ins agt 740 Main rm 105 r 15 

Chilcott pi Jamaica Plain 
Goudey Allison E, WW Co 
—Nathan L (Beatrice J) WW Co h 211 A 

Gough H Willard (Octavia C) pntr h 16 

— Octavia E r 16 Orange 
Gould Alice E domestic r 15 Gorham 
— Andrew E r 66 Taylor 
— Annie M wid Geo r 72 Cushing 
— Chas W (Bernice A) WW Co h 72 Cush- 


— Eliz elk r 51 Brown 

— Frank O (Anna F) asst formn h 345 Lin- 
— Geo E elk r 373 Newton 
— Jas shoe wkr r 120 Myrtle 
— Jas J carrier PO 738 Main r 78 Cherry 
— Jas K (Maude L) farmer h rear 1241 Main 
— Josiah L (Sarah) r 25 Hawthorne rd 
— Louis (Bessie) (Waltham Furniture Co) 

19 Crescent r 10 Wash av 
— Mary r 21 Newton 
— Richd G (Ina) mgr 691 Main h Sunset rd 

— Thos S (Annie E) rubber ctr (Watertown) 

h 81 Rich , 
— Wayne A (Doris F) mach opr h 151A 

Goulding Alice E sec 240 Beaver r at Brook- 
— Angelina maid 775 Trapelo rd r do 
—Gilbert F (Hilda E) atndt 235 High r 9 

Falmouth rd 
—Ralph J (Olga R) WW Co h 322 Crescent 
Gove Bert W (Alvah G) drftmsn h 21 Bar- 
bara rd 
— Lindsey H (Ada F) chauf 247 Bacon h 489 

— Natella D wid Bert W r 21 Barbara rd 
Governor Gore Hall 31 Woerd av 
Govoni Lawrence T (Esther) mach h 20 

Goydette Herman carp r 172 Adams 

Graceffa Adeline L r 13 Mechanic 

— Bernard A r 13 Mechanic 

— Carmela wid Alf h 13 Mechanic 

— Catherine F rem to Maynard 

— Chas F r 13 Mechanic 

— Frances V wid Raymond died July 30 1933 

— John pntr r 12 Calvary 

— Jos slsmn r 13 Mechanic 

— Jos weaver r 42 School av 

— Josephine M T r 11 Lawton pi 

— Luigi J barber 603 Main r 71 Cushing 

—Philip F lab r 71 Cushing 

— Pietro (Rosa) shoe rpr 265 River h 42 
School av 

— Salvatore (Frances) (Sal's Beauty Shop) 
309 Moody h 16 Clinton 

— Salvatore lumber wkr h 12 Calvary 

— Salvatore (Alfonsina) textile wkr h 11 
Lawton pi 

— Salvatore J barber 603 Main r 71 Cushing 

— Vincent mach 48 Woerd av r 47 Butler 
av Maynard 

— Vincenzo (Josephine) lab h 71 Cushing 

— Vincenzo (Mary) weaver h 18 Clinton 

Gracia Edwd chauf r 37 Taylor 

Grady Flora tube mkr r 49 Brown 

Graf Helen C, WW Co r 109 Albemarle av 

— Ida J r 109 Albemarle av 

—Kenneth W (Freda E) carp h 109 Albe- 
marle av 

Graham Addie W Mrs r 21 Brigham rd 

—Edith G Mrs r 378 Lincoln 

— Georgina E, WW Co r 9 Dexter 

— Hazel hairdrsr r 256 Main 

—Helen B, WW Co r 319 Grove 

—Henry (Mary F) mach 48 Woerd av r 319 

— Jas A (Eliz) carp h 51 Plympton 

— Louise nurse 147 Main r do 

— M Phillips (Marion Gill) slsmn h 12 Gil- 

—Margt died Jan 30 1932 

— Mildred M died March 10 1932 

—Ralph C, WW Co r 25 Ash 

— Wm A (Marion A) mgr (B) h 30 Fuller 

— Wm H (Muriel C) dairy mn h 10 Milton 



Grainger John A (Louise) vice pres Robt B 
Johnson Co Inc 653 Main h 16 Henshaw, 
W Newton 
Gralton Jas E cashr (B) r 137 Crescent 
Gram Willis icemn r 74 Bacon 
Grand Army of the Republic, Post 29 Saml a, 
Clark comdr and adjt City Hall meets 
1st and 3d Saturdays at 103 Moody 
Graney John route formn r 23 Pine 
— Katherine E elk r 21 Fiske 
— Patk B police 25 Lexington r 21 Fiske 
Granger Ellen wid Robt r 916 Moody 
—Robt W (Ellen M) died Nov 1 1932 
Grant Alf W (Eva T) WW Co h 195 Adams 
—Archie V (Ethel M) WW Co h 53 Chester 

—Carl B (Margt L) WW Co h 21 Dexter 
— Chas H greens kpr r 127 Crescent 
—Clifford W (Linda M) chef r 195 Adams 
— Dwinell C (Mary E) hosemn Engine 2 h 

11 Pierce 

— Earle H (Theora D) (Fern's Restaurant) 

975 Main h 87 Overland rd 
— Eliz nurse r 3 Bellevue av 
—Eva S, WW Co r 11 Milton av 
—Gordon B (Eva M) pipe ftr h 21 Cushing 
—Helen P Mrs, X-Ray technician 775 Trapelo 

rd r do 
—Isabel matron Walter E Fernald State sen 

r do 
— Jas (Rebecca) auto rpr 6 Water h 159 

— Jeannette A r 110 Thornton rd 
—Kenneth (Grace M) (Old Colony Oil Co) 

12 Crescent h at Winchester 
— Luida Mrs, WW Co r 215A Ash 
—Lulu M Mrs, WW Co h 8 Alder ter 

— Margt phone opr 894 Main r at Wayland 
— Robt Y (Esther G) mgr h 52 Marlborough 

— Roland L (Mildred M) ice mn h 59£ Chest- 

— Theora D (Fern's Restaurant) 975 Main 
h 87 Overland rd 

— W T Co department store 305-307 Moody 

— Walter B r 8 Alder ter 

— Winifred phone opr 16 Spring r 8 Agassiz 
av Belmont 

Grapes Maude M Mrs r 62 Howard 

Grassia Frank S (Fay W) slsmn h 19 Cen- 

Graverson Anna M wid Hanson N h 57 How- 

— Anne C tchr Senior High r 57 Howard 

— Graves (Alice H) fire prevention insp Lad- 
der 1 h 55 Howard 

— Katrina M tchr South Junior High sch r 
57 Howard 

—Peter N elk (B) r 57 Howard 

Graves Alice O wid Edwd W h 21 Robbins 

— Arthur L (Clara I) buckle wkr r 22 Rob- 

— Doris E atndt Walter E Fernald State 
School r do 

— Edna M married Garnet Bailey 

—Edwd W (Alice O) died July 18 1932 

— Eliz E h 16 Chamberlain ter 

— Fredk C paymaster WW Co r 294 Highland 
av, W Newton 

— Fredk W (Lila J) watchmkr h 45 Fair- 
mont av 

— Harry C organ bldr r 25 Rich 

—Jesse P (Eliz G) WW Co 

— Kathleen G drsmkr 25 Rich h do 

—Maud I Mrs, WW Co h 131 Crescent 

—Roland C (Ella A) slsmn h 144 Bright 

— Ross G (Margt) r 19 Adams 

Gray A Albert (Mabelle S) slsmn 708 Main h 
23 Caldwell rd 

GRAY ANDREW W (Dorothy I) builder 424 

Lexington h do — See page 82 
—Arthur L (Gertrude L) formn h 91 Pine 
—Clarence H (Harriet B) WW Co h Pied- 
mont av 
— Earl L (Evelyn F) carp h 14 Derby 
—Edwin L (Evelyn) photo h 40 Wash av 
— Elden B mgr 1056 Main r at Cochituate 
— Euston mach opr r 852 Main 
— Freelan W (Gertrude E) died July 1932 
—Harry M (Mary J) cond B&M h 15 Banks 
— Herbert T (Ruth E) carp r 11 Derby 
— Marshall L studt r 424 Lexington 
— Maynard F (Clara A) chauf h 19 Orange 
—Robt J (Hazel A) chef h 72 Brown 
— Walter E (Jeane) carp h 61 Riverview 

Gray's Furniture Co Inc 621 Moody, Samuel 
F Tatelman pres Harry H Kniznik elk 
Maurice Kniznik treas 
Grayson Florence A wid Francis G h 289 

— Francis J pntr r 289 Crescent 
— Mary E wid Geo r 279 Ash 
Greany Curtis B r 31 Linden 
—Walter A (Ada B) WW Co h 31 Linden 
Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co gros 126 
High 472, 643, 663, 769, 839A, 891, 921 
Main 336, 467, 740 Moody and 167 Wil- 

Greeley Annie F wid Michl F h 100 High 

—Annie M opr WB&P Co r 29 Maple 

— Catherine G r 476 Main 

— Eliz A wid Wm A h 510 Main 

— Jas P mach r 29 Maple 

— John J timekpr Waltham Water Works 92 
Felton h 476 Main 

— Marion L lndry wkr r 100 High 

— Michl (Emma M) city stablemn h 40 Dart- 

—Nellie L tchr (B) r 476 Main 

—Patk J (Delia) lab h 29 Maple 

—Paul G tchr r 510 Main 

—Robt J r 29 Maple 

— Wm A (Eliz A) died July 20 1933 

Green Albert H jr lab 240 Beaver r at Shrews- 

— Chester A (Mabel G) asst cashier Waltham 
National Bank 318 Moody h 14 Calder- 
well rd 

—Ethel, WW Co r 314 Crescent 

— Harry B carp r 47 Auburn 

—Harry M (Christina J) aud B&M h 47 Au- 

—Henry (Mildred G) chauf r 81 Taylor 

—Jas R (Sarah E) elk h 121 Adams 

— June Mrs lndrs (Watertown) r 25 Adams 

— Lantern Inn The (Bertha F Dearborn) 11 

— Lettie J wid Patk A h 52 Rumford av 

— Marion H r 47 Auburn 

— River Malt Co (David Bloom) beer and ales 
288 Moody 

— Wm slsmn 707 Main r 36 Fiske av 

Greenberg Benj weaver r 119 Chestnut 

— Isadore button wkr h 119 Chestnut 

— Maria wid Abr r 119 Chestnut 

Greene Abbie M atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd 
r do 

— Alice r 28 Worcester lane 

—Alice G, WW Co r 14 Williams 

— Alice H r 73 Crescent 

— Alma L r 28 Worcester lane 

—Benj (Sarah) tailor 17A Crescent h 107 

—Elbert L asst city elk City Hall r 73 Cres- 

—Ethel M, WW Co r 314 Crescent 

— Jas F (Mary E) tmstr h 38 Francis 




— Jas R, WW Co r 38 Francis 
— Lilian r 28 Worcester lane 
— Louis E r 34 Upton rd 
— Lovinzo Leroy Rev died May 24 1931 
— Mary Mrs, WW Co r at W Newton 
— Mary A cashr 720 Main r 86 Gardner 
— Mildred E osteopath 56 Harris r do 
— Phebe E wid Leonard died Dec 20 1930 
— Ransom A (Maybelle) supt Walter E Fern- 
aid State sen r do 
— S Eloise h 28 Worcester lane 
— Selinda H died Jan 25 1931 
— Wm B died June 16 1931 
Greenhow Wm (Edith) shipper h Milner st 
Greenlaw Annie B, WW Co r 31 Fuller 
— Annie B wid Nathanel r 160 Myrtle 
— Frances M r 21 Brigham rd 
—Harry W (Anne) WW Co h 31 Fuller 
—Hazel M Mrs, WW Co r 208 Weston 
—Nina M, WW Co h 103 Adams 
— Theo (Hazel) mach h 208 Weston 
—Winifred, WW Co 
Greenleaf Laban H died April 17 1933 

vary, George E Greenough pres Ernest 
C Greenough v-pres William C Edwards 
elk Frank E Greenough treas contractors 
and road builders — See page 81 

— Ernest C (Edith G) v-pres Greenough Con- 
struction Co 200 Calvary h Villa st 

— Frank E (Hattie D) treas Greenough Con- 
struction Co 200 Calvary h 75 Virginia rd 

— Geo E pres Greenough Construction Co 
200 Calvary h at S Acton 

Greenway Alice, WW Co r 13 Wadsworth 

— Edwd M (Helen M) jewel mkr h 19 Auburn 

— Eleanor I, WW Co r 112 Prospect 

—Geo G (Edith E) WW Co h 25 Underwood 

—Herbert W, USN r 112 Prospect 
— Mary J wid Thos h 13 Wadsworth av 
— Thos W (Mildred J) WW Co h 112 Pros- 
— Wm H r 13 Wadsworth av 
Greenwood Catherine E wid Jas H h 82 Chest- 
— Chas (Dorothy) shipper h 7 Elm av 
—Edwd J (Sarah) died May 19 1933 
— Geo H (Grace M) pntr h 115 Harvard 
—Jas E (Nettie M) hlpr h 35 Green 
— Jos (Jane) mach h 2 Chestnut-st av 
— Rita, WW Co r 4 Chestnut-st av 
—Sarah wid Edwd J h 39 Green 
— Wm H (Esther C) plmbr r 22 McKenn 
Greer Edith I elk r 195 Ash 
Gregoire Frank (Bertha) floorlayer h 24 Un- 
derwood pk 
Gregor Geo asst baker 775 Trapelo rd r do 
— John A (Anna) lndry wkr h 19 Alder 
Gregoracokas Michl (Bessie) spinner h 12 

Gregorio Egidio (Theresa) produce h 18 

Gregory Jos fnshr r 22 Edison av Medford 
Gregson Marion O instr 764 Main r do 
Greig Arthur W (Mary E) restr wkr h 141 

— Lillian M sten r 141 Ash 
— Wm A r 141 Ash 

Grenier Adolph J hlpr r 34 Hiawatha av 
— Antonette married Michl J Norton rem to 

Chickester N H 
—Conrad auto rpr 120 Bright r do 
—Cyril A died April 13 1931 
—Henry N (Dorothy L) prntr h 34 Hiawatha 

— Irene box mkr r 120 Bright 


— Jos P (Nora M) shtmtlwkr h 98 Hiawatha 

— Maurice E auto pntr r 100 Hiawatha av 
— Zineld (Delphine) mason h 120 Bright 
Grey Minnie Mrs proofreader 18 Pine r 17 

Gricus Anna V Mrs soap wrapper 100 Beaver 

h 155 Newton 
—Annie V, WW Co r 155 Newton 
— Danl P electn r 155 Newton 
— Helen F tube wkr r 155 Newton 
— Leon A, WW Co r 155 Newton 
Grierson Carrie K cook Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
— Elsie Mrs h 40 Prospect-st av 
— Ena W r 21 Alder 
— Grace E Mrs h 188 Adams 
— Kenneth r 21 Alder 
— Kenneth B jr elk r 188 Adams 
— Maisie R domestic r 21 Alder 
—Mary E wid Robt H h 21 Alder 
— Robt J supvr r 21 Alder 
Griff Benj elk 284 Moody h 118 Charles 
— Catherine wid Harris died Sept 10 1932 
— Danl (Frieda) junk h 55 Rich 
—Ethel r 118 Charles 


284 Moody — See page 91 
— Saml L (Ethel) (Griff Furniture Co) 284 

Moody h 916A Main 
Griffin Agnes B mgr 267 Moody rm 1 r 70 

Granite, E Milton 
— Alice N tchr South Junior High sch r 105 

— Catherine A lawyer (B) r 196 Brown 
— Chas J rubber wkr r 68 Charles 
— Chas O r 94 Brown 

— Earle F (Velma R) electn h 232 Charles 
— Edwd C rubber wkr r 68 Charles 
—Ellen C r 68 Charles 
— Frank P (Georgena S) examiner RyMS 

h 69 Wetherbee rd 
— Geo F grinding wheel wkr 115 Bacon r at 

— Henry F bkpr r 196 Brown 
— Henry P (Catherine M) meat ctr 583 Moody 

h 196 Brown 
— Jas J r 68 Charles 
— John J corp elk Weston's Bakeries Inc 100 

Felton h at Belmont 
— Margt E, WW Co r 47 Francis 
— Mary E h 47 Francis 
— Mary E tchr Royal E Robbins sch r 196 


— Michl J (Nora L) lab h 9 Cherry av 

—Michl J died Mar 7 1931 

—Olive T, WW Co 

— Sarah E Mrs bkpr 100 Beaver h 94 Brown 

— Thos r 244 Crescent 

— Wm E clock rpr h 68 Charles 

— Wm F (Margt L) WW Co h 105 Pine 

Griffith Jas driver 552 South r at Auburn- 

— Jennie cook Walter E Fernald State sch 
r do 

Griggs Anna S wid Thos h 530 Winter bey 

— Annabel M r 530 Winter bey Locust 

— Clifford S (Floy A) market gardnr h 144 
West st 

— Dawn I (The Natalie Shop) hairdrsr 371 
Moody rm 102 r 121 Adams 

—Ella M Mrs h 8 Pratt av 

— Thos I (Gladys) farmer h 632 Winter bey 

Grimes Catherine J r 100 Willow 

— Chas P mach r 100 Willow 

—Jas F chauf r 100 Willow 




— John J gardnr r 100 Willow 

— Jos P (Leona M) chauf h 194| Willow 

—Louis A elk r 100 Willow 

—Peter C (Mary E) carp h 100 Willow 

— Wm T (Florence G) chauf r 150 Hammond 

Grindrod May E wid Robt h Locust st 

— Robt died Dec 1932 

—Robt (Mary E) died May 19 1931 

Grinnell Charlotte wid Geo A h 39 Hardy's 

Pond rd 
— Elmer H r 6 Liberty 
—Ernest E, WW Co r 16 Appleton 
— Ethel F mach opr r 6 Liberty 
— Eug S (Eliza) h 16 Appleton 
— Lorraine Mrs rem to Pasadena Calif 
—Maud, WW Co r 6 Liberty 
—Philip E r 39 Hardy's Pond rd 
—Stewart F (Maud T) WW Co h 6 Liberty 
Grinspon Edwd (Edward's Shoe Store) 379 

Moody r Adams st, W Medford 
Grishaver Ella L A, WW Co r 53 Lyman 
— Morris (Lillian) spcl officer 234 Moody h 

53 Lyman 
Griswold Ernest H (Rhena M) treas h 90 

Grmatta Dominick beer and ale 150 Prospect 

r do 

Grogan Bernard elk 894 Main h at Watertown 
— Catherine I hairdrsr 680 Main rm 14 r 37 

— Michl J (Mary A) h 37 School 
Groom Nathaniel F (Delia A) WW Co h 112£ 

Gross Louise O head occupational therapist 

505 Trapelo rd r do 
Grote Albert R (Helen M) refrigerator ser- 
vice mn h 129 Bedford 
Grove Hill Cemetery 300 Main nr Bright, Der- 

ward W Hill supt 
Grover Myrtle L tchr Senior High sch r at 

— Oscar E mach r 83 Hammond 
Groves Arthur R (Martha K) filling sta 205 

Lexington h at Natick 
— Edwd L mgr 1036 Main r at Natick 
— Juanita drftsmn 500 South r at Wellesley 

— Vera A Mrs hairdrsr r 64 Maple 
Guarty Jos A, WW Co r at Newtonville 
Guba Emil F (Georgia L) asst research prof 

240 Beaver h 68 Waverley Oaks rd 
— Henry A (Dorothy I) eng h 320 Florence rd 
Gueli Giacomo (Antonia) lab h 213 Newton 
Guenet Victoria atndt Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
Guerin Lawrence H (Joan L) slsmn h 55 Al- 

Gugarty Alice L elk r 22 Auburn 

—Ellen r 114 Felton 

— Helen A r 22 Auburn 

— Lillian F, WW Co r at Newtonville 

— Margt, WW Co r 23 Weston 

— Thos F (Mary A) h 22 Auburn 

— Thos F jr elev mn r 22 Auburn 

—Walter (Margt) elk h 23 Weston 

— Wm lab h 114 Felton 

— Wm J lab r 22 Auburn 

Guild Emily E treas Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
Guillaume Robt G (Margt) enamel wkr h 28 

Guinan E Winnifred wid Wm A r 29 Lyman 
— Edwd F civ eng r 70 Church 
— Florence A elk 468 Main r 70 Church 
— Kathryn L elk 720 Main h 70 Church 
— M Louise cake baker 468 Main h 70 Church 
— Madeline M elk 468 Main r 70 Church 
—Mary V died Nov 26 1932 

. Felton ^^ 
220-J B^n 

Guiney Chas (Florence L) chauf 894 Main h 
55 Vernon 

— Danl A (Alice M) formn 500 South h 141 
Prospect Hill rd 

—Frank (Ruth) contr 86 Ash h do 

Gulick Millard B (Alida C) archt (B) h 109 
Worcester lane 

Gullotti Chas hlpr r 129 Charles 

— Jas J lab r 129 Charles 

— Philip (Josephine) shoe wkr (B) h 8 Har- 

— Rosario (Carmela) lab h 129 Charles 

— Sebastiano (Josephine) gro 48 Charles h 

— Vincenzo (Garmanie) lab h 111 

Gumbert Chas (Margt D) elk h 

— Philip studt r 20 Lawton pi 

Gunnell Gilbert F (Frances I) WTO h Win- 
ter bey Smart 

Gunter Wm (Ada F) pastor Immanuel M E 
ch h 125 Ash 

Gunther Gertrude E h 103 Amherst av 

— Jennie A wid Gustave h 3 Alder ter 

Gurney Arthur J (Mary E) chauf h 20 Win- 

— Helen V atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 
r do 

Gustafson Adolphus G (Freda M) h 34 Bar- 

— Alf B, USN r 25 Cross 

— Annie wid Claus h 25 Cross 

— Ardell B Mrs r 211 Hammond 

— Carl T metal spinner r 34 Barbara rd 

— Chas mach 49 River h at Watertown 

— Clara wid John h 79 Fiske 

— Clarence C r 25 Cross 

—Edith V sten (B) r 34 Barbara rd 

—Elsie C, WW Co r 25 Cross 

— Emily Ardell studt r 211 Hammond - — * 

— Gudrun tchr Waltham School for Girls 327 
Lexington r do 

—Gust N (Dagmar G) carp h 100 Beal rd 

— Gustaf E pntr r 25 Cross 

— Harry spinner r 79 Fiske 

— Harry A (Mary J) lab h 194 Felton 

— Helen W nurse r 23 Highland 

— John mach r 79 Fiske 

—Paul M, WW Co r 23 Highland 

— Waina I (Dutch & Fardy Service Station) 
1025 Main r at Brookline 

— Wm I (Maria) formn 500 South h 23 High- 

Gustat Louis (Mary A) slsmn h 792 Main 
Gustavsen Fredk O (Helga O) mach h 26 

Gustavson Elin D mach opr r 41 Columbus 

— G Dagmar, WW Co r 179 South 
— Gunnar W dial fnshr r 41 Columbus av 
— Gustav (Augusta) pntr h 41 Columbus av 
Gustin Chas A (Vivian V) chauf r 32 Ham- 
— Henry A r 25 Boynton 

— M Arthur (Blanche I) formn h 25 Boynton 
Guthrie Belle wid Frank G r 204 Brown 
— Grover C (Bessie F) supt h 11 Nutting rd 
— Roger J (Isabel M V) treas Waltham Lum- 
ber Co 217 Lexington h 9 Chester Brook 
— Roger J jr studt r 9 Chester Brook rd 
Gutterson Chester G (Laura A) WW Co h 

157 Villa 
— Thelma W, WW Co r 157 Villa 
Guzzi Domenick (Victoria) h 164 Newton 
—John, USA r 164 Newton 
— Jos r 164 Newton 
— Mary drsmkr r 164 Newton 
—Mary C, WW Co r at W Newton 



Haag John F (Nina E) watch mkr 256 Charles 
h 84 Cherry 

Haberer Wm C (Jessie M) pres Mrs Patter- 
son's Inc 586 Main h 1023 Beacon Brook- 

Hache Louis L (Emilienne R) carp 269 River 
h do 

Hachey Albertina stitcher r 21 Spring 

— Alphey (Alvina) carp h 126 Chestnut 

— Leo (Flora) h 11 Common 

— Yvonne M r 126 Chestnut 

Hadley Cleon F (Eleanor M) optometrist 407 
Moody h do 

—Cleon F, WW Co r 407 Moody 

— Eleanor M Mrs, WW Co r 407 Moody 

— Mary r 21 Brigham rd 

Hagan Lauretta M, WW Co r 86 Brown 

—Theresa F, WW Co r 86 Brown 

Hagar Russell M (Ella M) mason h 104 Sum- 

Hagarty see Haggerty 
Hagen Helga wid Peter A h Circle dr 
Hager Adelaide H wid Herbert I h 11 Dor- 
— Arthur H (Marion E) formn rear 87 Rum- 
ford av r 11 Dorchester 
— Audrey P cello tchr 23 Wadsworth av r do 
— Chas L (Lillian M) WW Co h 4 Chester av 
—Geo L (I Phyllis) slsmn h 23 Wadsworth 

— I Phyllis Mrs piano tchr 23 Wadsworth av 

r do 
—Louis P (Edith F) h 289 Main 
— Marion E, WW Co r 11 Dorchester 
— Virginia I married Donald Osborne rem to 
Riverside R I 

Hagerty Edwd J clock mkr (B) r 27 Gilbert 
— Jas A (Annie) WW Co h 225 Charles 
Hagg Demaris (Frances) barber h Fir av 
Haggarty Fredk M (Clara M) sealer of 

weights and measures 14 Church h 373 

— Fredk M jr studt r 373 Newton 
—Martha J died May 10 1933 
Haggerty Catherine Mrs variety 467 Main r 

80 Church 
— Danl F (Catherine A) supt (B) r 80 Church 
— see Hagarty 

Hagman Fred (Anna) rem to Lincoln 
— Otto rem to Lincoln 
Hagobian Sophia tailoress r 147 Brown 
Hague Alf E (Gertrude M) WW Co h 55 

— Emma M wid Harry r 15 Tavern rd 
— Harry W (Frances O) watchmkr (B) h 8 

— Harry W, WW Co r 8 Prentice 
— Jos (Annie) h 175 Willow 
Haines Annie G tchr Henry Whittemore sch 

r 67 Crescent 
— Elsie L married Geo E Jordan 
— Rebecca P r 98 Orange 
— Robt W (Edna M) elec eng (Cambridge) 

h 12 VanVechten 
— Wm M (Annie L) archt 32 Riverview av 

h do 
— see Haynes 
Haldy Henri L (Marie E) mach 48 Woerd av 

h 35 Derby 
— Henry F (Margt) mach 48 Woerd av h 41 

—Juliette H r 35 Derby 
— Rose M bkpr r 35 Derby 
Hale Edmund A (Eliz F) slsmn r 15 Sunset 

— Fredk W (Susan G) farmer h West st 
— Harold V barber r West st 
— Kenneth B farm hand r West st 
Halewood Richd auto mech r 123 Brown 

Haley Catherine T slswmn r 141 Alder 

— Francis E (Margt A) carp h 141 Alder 

— Jos F slsmn r 141 Alder 

— Katherine elk 223 Moody r 141 Alder 

— Roscoe E (Mary E) carp h 49 Winthrop 

— see Healey 

Halgren A Wm (Frances) eng pumping sta 

No 1 h off 216 South 
Hall Arthur F (Ida M) pntr h 248 Robbins 
—Chas A (Althea) atndt 870 Main r 45 Ever- 
— Chas F (Emelia M) quiller h 404 River 
—Chas H, WW Co r 404 River 
—Elbert C (Ellen) (Carolyn's Cafe) 370 

Moody h 16 Milo, W Newton 
—Emelia, WW Co r 404 River 
— Emma W Mrs elk (B) r 69 High 
— Everett R (Beatrice M) wood wkr (W 

Newton) h 282 Lincoln 
— F Josephine r 50 Chester Brook rd 
—Frances E, WW Co r 404 River 
— Gertrude Mrs rem to Prov R I 
— Grace H wid Wm A h 202 Brown 
— Hannah wid Fred h 177 Grove 
— Harvey (Mildred) carp h Hillcrest st 
— Henry (Marie A) shoe wkr r 3 Gibbs ct 
—Henry, WW Co r 404 River 
—Henry C Building 267 Moody 
— Herbert B (Louise C) lab h 26 Hiawatha 

— Hilda maid r 575 Beaver 

—Ida E h 50 Chester Brook rd 

— Kathleen C hairdrsr 88 Adams r do 

— Leroy R (Evelyn C) garage h 30 Prentice 

— M Jeanette wid Oliver r 282 Lincoln 

— Margt J wid Byron died Mar 29 1933 

—Margt M r 404 River 

— Marjorie M atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r 

—Mary A wid Henry C died Dec 31 1932 
— Mary E wid Henry died Jan 1933 
— Mary G wid Francis L corsetiere 44 Hall 

h do 
— Maynard F (Marion E) elk h 30 Shirley rd 
— Norman W rem to Durham Conn 
— Roy D plant eng 515 South h 13 Barker 

Hall's Corner Associates, Augustus Demeo sec 

282 Moody rm 6 

Halleran John F bkpr r 33 Exchange 

— Lawrence A (Rose A) elk B&M 62 Elm 

h 626 Moody 
— Michl (Margt) mason h 33 Exchange 
—Paul Edwd r 626 Moody 
— Thos (Winifred) mason 157 Summer h do 
— Thos L dentist r 157 Summer 
— Thos R mason r 33 Exchange 
Hallett Herbert A (Nellie) eng B&M h 171 

— Herbert K v-pres Waltham National Bank 

637 Main h 156 Highland, W Newton 
—Walter G lab h 6 Winthrop 
Halley Margt waitress r 21 Hamblin rd 
— Rita A shoe wkr r 21 Hamblin rd 
Halliday Frank (Marguerite B) WW Co r 17 

Hallinan John r 3 Stratton ter 
Hallisy Dennis died Jan 12 1931 
Halloran Carrie elk 306 Moody r 26 Court 

— John mgr 841 Main r do 
— Roy D (Hazel J) supt Metropolitan State 

Hosp 505 Trapelo rd r do 
— Stephen J (Margt A) mgr 167 Willow h 

189 Grove 
— Timothy F (Mary L) rubber wkr h 23 Ed- 
win rd 
Hallowell Arthur E (Barbara) died Nov 27 




Hally Dorothy Mrs r 80 Russell 

Halpin Ambrose B (Margt C) loomfixer h 77 

— Leo J (Grace) chauf h 325 School 

— Saml (Deborah) (Thrifty Hat Stores) 450 
Moody h at Winthrop 

Halsted Chas (Margt C) buckle mkr h Over- 
look rd 

— Elsie married Leo R Johnson 

Ham Melvin J (Joanna A) mach h 29 Boyn- 

— Melvin J jr (Grace L) blksmth rear 215 
Lexington h 16 Irving 

—Philip W (Isabelle) WW Co h 143 Ash 

— Thos F r 143 Ash 

Hamblett Harry W (Kathleen R) meat ctr h 
33 Mayall rd 

Hamel Albertina M wid Philip J h 26 Hastings 

— Alma C wid Arthur L married Chas H 

— Clara sten 45 Moody r 123 Adams 
— Lillian B sten r 123 Adams 
—Philip J (Albertina M) died Sept 20 1930 
— Wm (Ellen) r 158 Willow 
Hamelin Chas (Cordelia) spinner h 21 Bolton 
Hamial Dianne elk 286 Moody r Chestnut 
Hamill Arthur R, WW Co r 88 Maple 
—Blanche E r 88 Maple 
— Ernest C rem to Natick 
—Geo W (Delia M) WW Co h 88 Maple 
— Willard G auto pntr r 88 Maple 
Hamilton Catherine wid Wm A r 74 Beal rd 
— Clara A, WW Co r 57 Riverview av 
—Clarence E, WW Co h 32 Orange 
—Clifford E (Eliz) WW Co h 69 High 
— Deborah wid Jas F h 57 Riverview av 
— Dorothy (The Natalie Shop) hairdrsr 371 

Moody rm 102 r 121 Adams 
— Edwd (Christine R) car opr BE Ry h 104 

Marlborough rd 
— Edwd I (Margt G) lab h Piedmont av 
— Fred W (Ruth I) hosemn Engine 1 h 15 

— Geo A (Barbara M) bus opr h Marivista 


— Geo E (Eliz) lab summer res Hillcrest st 

— Geo T, WW Co r 57 Riverview av 

— Jessie A chiropodist and hairdrsr 598 Main 

rm 4 h do rm 11 
— Malcolm A (Florence A) baker 675 Moody 

r 154 Parmenter rd, W Newton 
— Maude M r 57 Riverview av 
—Whitfield H (M Florence) h 150 College 

Farm rd 
— Wm E rem to Boston 
Hamlett Geo F (Flora E) h 121 Ash 
Hamlin H Emlie wid Edwd L died Dec 12 

— Wm E (Edith M) phys U S Public Health 

Service (Oteen N C) h 114 Church 
Hamm David T (Dorothy M) WW Co h 187 

— John J (Alice E) h 88 Exchange 
Hammar Bert T (Mildred M) mldr h 23 Wal- 
— Thorwald, WW Co r 13 Sharon 
Hammarlund Arthur N (Lillian E) mgr 271 

Moody h 271 Florence rd 
Hammel Diana slswmn r 23 Cushing 
Hammond Carl J (Mildred P) WW Co 
— Chas E slsmn r 51 Bedford 
— Clifton H (Yvonne B) shirt ctr h Overlook 

—Etta L wid Chas S h 14 Crafts 
—J Clifford elk J L Thomson Mfg Co r 51 

— Jas C (Zella) watch rpr h 87 Bacon 
— Jas H (Mabel R) shipper h 51 Bedford 



— Lyle T (Martha M) gift shop novelties 65 

Grove h do 
— Marion S sten 515 South r 51 Bedford 
— Martha tchr Pond End sch r 65 Grove 
—Mildred Mrs, WW Co r 81 Hawthorne rd 
— Russell C (Millicent) mach h 81 Hawthorne 

— Theo rem to Framingham 
— Wendell H shirt wkr r 87 Bacon 
— Wm H finger printing r 51 Bedford 
—Yvonne B (Mrs Clifton H) died Oct 9 1933 
—Zella, WW Co r 34 Crescent 
Hampson Jas H r 21 Robbins 
—John H, WW Co r 21 Robbins 
— Robt, WW Co r 21 Robbins 
Hampton Gertrude F, WW Co r 84 Lunda 
— L Gertrude wid Eug h 84 Lunda 
— Malcolm W (Linnea H W) cabtmkr h 5 

Elm av 
— Stephen L rubber wkr r 24 Chestnut 
— Wm J r 101 School 
Hanagan John R dentist 221 Moody rm 4 

r 19 Parmenter rd 
—Philip D (Mary C) barber 709 Moody h 19 

Parmenter rd 
Hancock Geo W (Gladys L) farm hand h 128 

— Sarah E wid Wm T r 19 Hammond 
Hand John mach opr r 237 River 
—John J (Gladys E) slsmn h 180 Willow 
—Thos J (Helen L) slsmn h 81B Alder 
Handley Mary K elk 271 Moody r 11 Com- 
Handrahan Albert A (Mabel) WW Co h 27 

Cambria rd 
— Danl J died April 1 1933 
— Dorothy slswmn r 27 Cambria rd 
— Frank J reporter Waltham News-Tribune 

18 Pine r 16 Maple 
—John W (Mary E) ins agt 267 Moody h 257 

— Raymond A (Elsa M) mach h 80 Myrtle 
— Raymond A jr slsmn 223 Moody r 80 Myrtle 
Handy Shop The (Clyde F Joslyn) confec- 
tionery 580 Moody 
—Walter D (Hazel G) ins agt h 30 Bowdoin 

Haney see Heaney 

Hankinson Clara M, WW Co r 344 Crescent 
—Marie B, WW Co 
Hanks Eug R (Vera B) mgr 949 Main h 35 

Chesterbrook rd 
—Roy S (Pauline) EEI Co (B) h 67 Bruce 

Hanlet Mark (Asanet) h 331 Waverley Oaks 

Hanley Jos J carp r 703 Moody 
— Jos R (Gertrude J) chauf h 18 Brown's 

— Maria A h 14^ Bacon 
— Martin L (Alice B) photog h 72 Central 
— Mary h 703 Moody 
— Thos F (Margt T) linemn EEI Co, Cooper 

st h 95 Irving Watertown 
Hanlon Jas F brklyr r 5 Gibbs ct 
—Margt M Mrs, WW Co r 25 Lowell 
—Mary wid Darby died Oct 9 1933 
Hanna Edgar S, WW Co r at W Newton 
—Hannah (Mrs Wm) died Mar 23 1933 
— Hiram Archer (Lillian) WW Co 
— Lillian wid Wilson r 31 Rich 
— Wm V (Mary A) meats h 20 Stearns 
Hannan John F (Stella A) elk PO (B) r 21 

Lyman ter 
Hannify Ellen wid Jas h 57 Rich 
— Francis L slsmn r 46 Fiske 
—Jas L (Katherine C) died Sept 11 1931 
— Katherine C wid Jas L h 46 Fiske 
— Katherine G sten (B) r 46 Fiske 



Hannigan Josephine E, WW Co r 22 Hasting 

Hansberry Cecelia H sten (Cambridge) r 58 

—Clarence J (Margt) buyer 223 Moody h 60 

—John J (Mary A) h 58 South 
— Leo instr r 58 South 
— Timothy J (Margt T) mach h 24 Hardy 
Hanscom Bessie A wid Louis A h 58 Prospect 
— Perley L tchr Senior High sch h 86 Vernon 
— Stephen T collr r 58 Prospect 
Hanscombe Josephine wid Harry r 206 Bacon 
Hanselpacker Clara A nurse r 616 Moody 
— Emma B lndry wkr r 616 Moody 
—Emma B, WW Co r 391 Newton 
— Geo L chauf r 63 Boynton 
—Geo Y (Margt F) chauf h 63 Boynton 
—Margt E, WW Co r 63 Boynton 
— Rebecca E wid LeBaron N h 616 Moody 
Hansen Alf, WW Co r 77 Brown 
—Arthur A (Nellie R) bldr 26 Boynton h do 
—Clifford L (Anna M) h 99 Francis 
— David A carp r 60 Winthrop 
—Edwin B (Ellen) slsmn h 48 Bedford 
— Harry M (Relma U) carp h 60 Winthrop 
— John A h 68 Worcester lane 
— Martha wid Carl died April 22 1932 
—Mary E (Mrs Walter C) died May 6 1932 
—Sylvia S (Mrs Sigfrid P) died Feb 18 1932 
— Theo P (Caroline R) WW Co h 48 Bedford 
—Walter C (Chateau Lunch) 195 School r 

402 Main 
Hanson Alf, WW Co r 77 Brown 
— Doris E r 221 Adams 

— Dorothy E Mrs cashr 285 Moody r 16 Park 
— E C (Peter N Hanson) gro 147 Adams 
—Elsie O elk 285 Moody r 12 Walnut \ 

— Elsie V elk r 221 Adams 
— Fredk W mach r 120 Myrtle 
— Fredk W, WW Co r 24 Adams 
— Harry H pres and gen mgr Middlesex ,& 

Boston St Ry Co 1000 Main h at Waver- 

— Mathilda Mrs h 20 Auburn 
—Peter N (Emma C) (E C Hanson) 147 

Adams h 221 do 
— Rosa A wid Victor N h 143 Crescent 
— Sigf red P pntr r 25 Hamblin rd 
— Warren H (Dorothy E) slsmn h 16 Park 
Hapenney Alice, WW Co r 47 Myrtle 
— Eliz A wid Jas J h 47 Myrtle 
— Jas J (Eliz A) died May 16 1933 
—Mary C, WW Co r 10 Taylor 
— Thos F (Irene C) stockmn h 42 Myrtle 
— Wm H (Nora) chauf r 47 Myrtle 
Hapenny Geo A (Emma M) toolmkr h 167 

Hapgood Kenneth B chemist (S B) r 880 

—Wesley G (Flora E) cabtmkr h 880 Moody 
Happeney Mary C Mrs, WW Co r 10 Taylor 
Happenney Norah Mrs r 250 South 
Happenny Paul A (Thelma P) r Arcadia av 

bey Royal 
Harakakos Christo elk 1 Moody r 158 Russell 
— Dorothy elk 1 Moody r 158 Russell 
—Harry (Waltham Spa) 1 Moody r 1601 Rus- 
— John (Mary) (Waltham Spa) 1 Moody h 

160^ Russell 
— Mary elk 1 Moody r 160£ Russell 
Harden Lillian hairdrsr r 213 River 
Hardigan Edwd, WW Co r 31 Berkshire rd 
— Wm J (Nellie J) police 25 Lexington h 31 

Berkshire rd 
Hardiman Catherine G Mrs r 17 Lawndale 

— Francis J (Alice E) florist 105 Trapelo rd h 

47 Warren av 


—Jas J (Central Sq Taxi) 1 Moody r 85 

—John lab r 243A School 
—John J (Margt) lab h 85 Grant 
—John J, WW Co h 12 Cutter 
— John J jr chauf r 85 Grant 
— Jos A r 9 Massasoit ct 

— Margt r 12 Cutter 

— Margt T phone opr 16 Spring r 85 Grant 

— Michl (Mary) farmer h 9 Massasoit ct 

— Michl lab r 12 Cutter 

— Thos F chauf r 85 Grant 

— Walter P chauf 679 Main r 9 Massasoit ct 

Harding Albert E (Marion P) mach h 214 

— Annie E wid Clarence E r 137 Russell 

— Chas A r 85A Robbins 

— Chas F r 214 Brown 

—Eliz A, WW Co r 89 Orange 

— Leander S (Madeline F) industrial eng 
h 51 Barbara rd 

— Marion I r 605 Lexington 

—Mary M 66 Woerd av r 39 W Glow Dor- 

—Myrtle wid Irving B, WW Co h 85A Rob- 

— Susie M wid Walter r 51 Barbara rd 

Hardman Theresa J L wid Wm h 4 Lawton 

Hardy Ada G wid Cyrus W h 829 Lexington 

—Adelaide T r 30 Bacon 

— Alberta tchr r 24 Rockridge rd 

— Bros (Isaac W Hardy) milk 829 Lexington 

— Cordelia Mrs h 24 Rockridge rd 

—Edna M sec (B) r 36 Banks 

— Eliz Mrs nurse r 536 Waverley Oaks rd 

—Ella, WW Co 

— Elson C chauf 595 Lexington r do 

— Georgianna r 21 Newton 

— Henry F (Annie M) farmer h 857 Lexing- 

— Irad B (Mabel C) pastor First Baptist ch 
h 30 Bacon 

— Isaac W (Hardy Bros) 829 Lexington h do 

—Lewis S (Sarah) died Dec 26 1930 

— Margt r 30 Bacon 

— Martha E r 829 Lexington 

—Mary O (Mrs Nelson C) died Mar 17 1933 

— Nelson C chauf r 595 Lexington 

— Sarah B wid Lewis S milk 595 Lexington 
h do 

— Susan F wid Louis r 36 Banks 

— Thorning W auto mech r 19 Montview av 

— Viola opr WW Co r 857 Lexington 

— Wm T auto rpr (Lexington) r 595 Lexing- 

Hardyman Eileen M tchr r 69 Cherry 

—Mary R elk (B) r 69 Cherry 

— Michl M (Mary I) chief's chauf Waltham 

Fire Dept h 69 Cherry 
Hare Catharyn T studt r 54 Grant 
— Florence E (Smart Style Shop) women's 

furngs 9 Moody h 93 Lexington 
— Richd J (Rhoda T) dentist 54 Grant h do 
Hargadon Thos J pntr r 78 Grant 

Hargraves Jas r Montclair av 

Hargreaves Herbert sign pntr 17 Gifford av 

r 114 Riverway 
Harkins Mary G r 43 Vernon 
Harlow Frank H (Agnes F) mach h 381 

— Frederic M auto mech r 381 Main 
Harmon E Kenneth (Esther A) lndry wkr 

r 68 Exchange 
—Emily S (Mrs Geo H) died Aug 13 1933 
— Geo H h 81 Mokema av 
— Roy V (Susie V) mach h 79 Mokema av 



Harmony Shoppe (Mrs Eliz W Lionais) gifts 
742 Main 

Harnett Alpheaus (Carrie M) ins agt 371 
Moody rm 106 h 13 Sharon 

— Sol (Katie) carp h 85 Overland rd 

Harnish Guy P (Eliz A) jan 41 Moody h 8 

— Victor C lawyer 657 Main rm 13 r 304 Bacon 

Harold Jas J (Blanche M) slsmn h 169 New- 

— Michl lab r 20 Crescent 

— Nora D supvr 16 Spring r 14 Upland rd 

—Paul J studt r 169 Newton 

Haron Clyde I (Nina B) mgr (Cambridge) 
h 8 Eddy 

— Frank H, WW Co h 47 Columbus av 
Harper Clayton C lab r 29 Gorham 
—David W (Mary A) binder 515 South h 109 

— Frank C (Henrietta M) pntr h 29 Gorham 
— Leota E r 109 Myrtle 
—Lloyd G chauf r 109 Myrtle 
—Lome T (Julia M) pntr h 18 Hall 
— Wm C (Priscilla G) sexton h Milner cor 

Pine Hill circle 
Harrica John D, WW Co r 24 Cushing 
Harrigan Annie L wid Edwd WW Co h 166 

—Edwd W, WW Co r 166 Chestnut 
—Jas F r 166 Chestnut 
—Lawrence P, WW Co r 166 Chestnut 
Harrington Chas E (Minnie J) (Colonial Rug 

Co) 18 Bedford h 58 Howard 
—Chas E M Leita) slsmn (20 Fulton, B) h 

31 Lord 
—Clifford F (Lilia P) asst city eng City Hall 

146 Lexington 
— Danl T hlpr r 11 Edge Hill rd 
— Donald studt r 31 Lord 
HARRINGTON EDWARD E signs of every 

description, Neon signs, electric displays, 

office lettering Gifford av off 23 Crescent 

h 93 do— See page 119 
— Eliz F wid Amasa r 267 Main 
—Elliot H studt r 31 Lord 
— Florence atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
— Geo A (Margt D) pntr h 44 Rockridge rd 
— Gertrude tchr r 338 Newton 
— Henry M slsmn r 19 Daniels ct 
— Herman r 140 School 
— Jas F (Alice L) meats 119 Russell h do 
— Jas P (Catherine T) chauf h 6i Massasoit 


HARRINGTON JOHN J (Ida M) certified 

public accountant 657 Main rm 16 h 174 

Hammond — See page 66 
— John W sign pntr 17 Gifford av r 93 do 
— Josephine L tchr Thos R Plympton sch r 

119 Russell 
— Mary Mrs cook Waltham City Home 250 

South r do 
—Mary A r 11 Edge Hill rd 
— Mary T stitcher h 11 Edge Hill rd 
— Mildred L studt r 44 Rockridge rd 
— Nelson r 13 Walnut 
—Thos F h 27 Russell 
— Webster F jr (Blanche) slsmn (B) h 13 

— Wm A (Violet G) pntr h 338 Newton 

— Wm O cook r 338 Newton 

— Winifred A stitcher r 11 Edge Hill rd 

Harris Abbie L Mrs r 82 Dale 

— Albert H (Mary A) slsmn h 197 Grove 

—Bertha V h 78 Cushing 

— Chester L (Sara A) treas The E Howard 
Clock Co 256 Charles and v-pres The 
Waltham Natl Bank of Waltham h 322 


— Effie atndt Walter E Fernald State sch r 

— Eleanor atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
—Etta M wid Frank E r 376 Newton 
— Frank E caretaker r 91 Orange 
—Geo B (Mary A) elk PO 738 Main h 87 

— Gilbert M (Mildred D) civ eng h 1 Upland 

—Guy E (Isabel) carp h 63 High 
— Hattie A wid Edwin rem to S Acton 
— Hattie L Mrs h 53 Walnut 
— Ida A wid John A r 21 Cherry 
— John P (Bessie G) shoe repairing 457 

Moody h 25 Falmouth rd 
— Lucy presser 552 South r at Roxbury 
— Marguerite L tchr (Cambridge) r 78 Cush- 
—Mary G, WW Co r 78 Cushing 
— Maude E wid Chas h 71 Morton 
—Milton W electn r 53 Walnut 
— Ralph A V asst pastor StCharles R C ch 

r 50 Taylor 
— Richd B r 53 Walnut 
—Ruth studt r 322 Bacon 
— Stephen shoe rpr 144 Moody r 23 Parmenter 

rd, W Newton 
— Stewart (Emma J) carp h 16 Charlotte rd 
— Wm P (Mabel) r 156 Adams 
Harrison Benj (Gladys C) mgr 740 Moody r 

73 Brown 
— Harriett E Mrs restr 564 Moody r 207 

—Ida M Mrs h 260 Newton 
— John (Harriet E) roofer h 207 River 
Harron Frank H (Marion W) WW Co h 83 

Columbus av 
— Mary E wid Thos E elk 894 Main h 3 Castle 
—Thos E (Mary E) died Sept 26 1932 
Harrow John (Rosalie) cond B&M h 641 

Trapelo rd 
Harry's Barber ,& Beauty Shop (Harry Mak- 

sabidian) 427A Moody 
— Shoe Store (Harry N and Abr Levison) 

270 Moody 
Hart Abigail H rem to Watertown 
— Bartholemew (Ariel) mgr r 11 Falmouth 

—Chas F (Ruth R) pntr h 5 Grant pi 
— Danl (Abigail) baker h 106 Harvard 
— David H r 38 Cross 
—Edith M Mrs, WW Co r 84 Brown 
— Eileen B bkpr r 21 Parmenter rd 
— Eliz G sten (B) r 21 Parmenter rd 
— Jas A (Anna E) driver PO h 71 Bedford 
— Jas J (Nora A) dyer h 10 Evergreen av 
— John J (Sarah E) mach h 90 Ash 
—John P (M Alice) WW Co r 28i Rumford 

— Jos E pntr r 90 Ash 
— Jos F elk r 10 Evergreen av 
— LeRoy, WW Co h at W Newton 
— Lillian M, WW Co r at Arlington 
—Margt elk 305 Moody r 130 Willow 
— Mary F elk r 10 Evergreen av 
— Mary G sten (Watertown) r 21 Parmenter 

—Mary J, WW Co r 106 Harvard 
—Raymond (Adeline M) elk 399 Moody h 38 

— Robt J (Margt M) fnshr WW Co h 3 

Standish ct 
—Robt J, WW Co h 55 Ash 
— Sabina E wid Thos h 96 Summit 
—Thos B (Kathryn B) elk B&M h 21 Par- 
menter rd 
— Urania B tchr Senior High sch r at Au- 



Harte Thos J (Emily C) frt elk B&M h 145 

Hartford Annie wid Chester bkbndr r 68 

— Edwd shoe wkr r 27 Pine 
—John L chauf M&B St Ry r 10 Winthrop 
— Mary E Mrs r 63 Dale 
Hartigan Eliz A mach opr r 154 Bright 
— Michl J police 25 Lexington h 154 Bright 
—Nellie G r 154 Bright 
— Wm F (Frances M) insp M&B St Ry 1000 

Main h 146 Bright 
Hartlen Evelyn A, WW Co r 94 Adams 
—Geo G, WW Co h at W Newton 
Hartley Edwd L r 17 Wash av 
— Jas E (Mildred M) slsmn h 17 Wash av 
— Saml (Sophia) asst supt 680 Main rm 26 

h 12 Willow 
Hartman Alice M nurse r 22 Park 
— Wm T (Eliz P) plstr h 25 Rumford 
Hartmann Alice A (Mrs Wm N G) died Oct 

31 1933 
— Fredk G mason r 22 Park 
— Henry F G mason r 22 Park 
— Wm N G mason h 22 Park 
Hartnett Mary F Mrs h 50 Leonard 
— Wm E mgr 234 Moody h at Framingham 
Hartrey Wm (Eliz G) car opr BE Ry h 95 

Marlborough rd 
Hartwell Clemma wid Edwd lndrs h 77 Elm 

—Clyde bkbndr r 26 High 
— Guy R mgr 129 Moody r 8 Common 
—Hiram B (Carol T) mech drftsmn (B) h 9 

— John F tchr r 55 Harland rd 
— Jonathan L chemist r 55 Harland rd 
— Mary A h 147 Summer 
— Paul R (Evelyn B) auto mech h 189 Lowell 
— Richd R (Kathryn C) WW Co h 21 Dexter 
Harvey Alonzo A (Thelma H) dairymn r 32 

— Anson F (June I) dairymn 187 Adams h 16 

— Bannan & Bannan (John L Harvey, Wm J 

and Thos F Bannan) lawyers 680 Main 

rm 1 
— Catherine wid Patk died June 19 1931 
— Danl J (Mary J) WW Co r 18 Brown 
— Earle R farmer r 58 Murray 
— Eliz photo colorer 53 Moody r 49 Crescent 
— Francis A jr (Nora I) hosemn Engine No 2 

h 45 Brown 
— Gerald R (Violet M) meter installer EEI 

Co, Cooper st h 58 Murray 
— Gerald R jr plmbr r 58 Murray 
— Gladys H cashr 209 Moody r 104 Summer 
—Howard G (Lilly E) elk h 180 Weston 
— Irene M Mrs dept mgr 223 Moody h 272 

— John L (Fanny C) (Harvey, Bannan & Ban- 
nan) lawyer 680 Main rm 1 h 96 Green- 
wood lane 
— Jos stockmn 285 Moody r 178 School 
— K Evelyn Mrs elk 720 Main r 180 Weston 
— Leroy E (Mary A) auto mech h 1 Castle 
—Nellie B, WW Co h 48 Adams 
— R Neil (S Eunice) died May 5 1931 
—Richd (Margt) mgr 86 Trapelo rd h 31 

Aggasiz av Waverley 
—Ruth I Mrs, WW Co r 33 Adams 
— S Eunice wid Robt N nurse h 51 Myrtle 
— Wm H (Lilian) reporter (Boston Globe) h 

1680 Trapelo rd 
Harwood see Howard 
Haseltine see Hesseltine 
Hasenfus Waldo C asst pastor StMary's R C 

ch r 133 School 
Haskell Abbey atndt Walter E Fernald State 

sen r do 


— Fannie nurse 21 Newton r do 

— Fred H P paper ruler r 62 Hall 

— Melvin M (Kathleen C) circ mgr (Newton) 

h 19 Dwight 
Haskins Edgar F (Mary M) WW Co h 17 


Haslam Celia B pill bottler r 51 Walnut 
—Jos H (Ruth I) ins agt h 51 Walnut 
— Jos H jr r 51 Walnut 
Hassan Chas M (Mabel C) WW Co h 35 

Hardy's Pond rd 
— Mary H wid Jas r 35 Hardy's Pond rd 
— Paul W fire observer r 35 Hardy's Pond rd 
Hassett Mary V wid John r 41 Parmenter rd 
Hastay Harriet L rem to Brookline 
Hastings Bertrand W (Anna P) (Waltham 

Goat Dairy) 355 Waverley Oaks rd h do 
— Catherine L elk (Belmont) r 355 Waverley 

Oaks rd 
— Ellen r 84 Summer 
— Frances acct r 355 Waverley Oaks rd 
—Herbert C elk 216 Newton r 6 Russell 
— Herbert W (Georgie E) elk r 248 Brown 
Hatch Barbara studt r 132 Dale 
—Bessie S (Mrs Henry W) died Oct 14 1932 
— Carolyn r 132 Dale 
—Delia T Mrs (D T Stankard) mlnr 365 

Moody h 84 Lyman 
— Dorothy M r 84 Lyman 
—Eliz A wid Chas W h 802 Main 
— Grace L Mrs elk 285 Moody r 7 Walnut 
— Henry W prsmn r 7 Walnut 
—Henry W (Bessie S) died Nov 24 1933 
—Herbert O jr elk r 69 Dale 
— Howard S (Mary G) asst county eng (Court 

House, E Cambridge) h 132 Dale 
— Jason C (Grace L) chauf h 7 Walnut 
— Jos B (Delia T) h 84 Lyman 
—Wilbur A (Alice L) mach h 21 Eddy 
Hatfield Augustus atndt Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
— Eliz housekpr Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 

— Geo Newton asst buyer 285 Moody r 61 

—Geo W (Mary J) carp h 82 South 
— Mildred A wid Wm r 16 Francis 
— Myrtle M sec (Boston) r 61 Maple 
— Ralph A firemn B&M r 16 Francis 
— Walter E brakemn B&M r 16 Francis 
Hathaway Baking Co, Benefit cor Elm 
— Benj F (Vina M) paperhanger h Rosemont 

av opp Larchmont av 
— Flora E wid Frank r Rosemont av opp 

Larchmont av 

Hatton Amy N, WW Co 
Haven Kathryn A wid Louis E h 149 Ash 
— Sarah wid Frank H h 67 Chestnut 
Havener Arthur R (Louise B) chief drftsmn 

500 South h Concord rd Wayland 
— Francis M auto mech r 19 Whitford ter 
— Fred N (Edna L) asst formn street division 

h 19 Whitford ter 
— Fredk L window dresser (Newark N J) r 19 

Whitford ter 
— Gretchen E tchr Henry Whittemore sch r 

19 Whitford ter 
— Newell C mach r 19 Whitford ter 
—Philip H studt r 19 Whitford ter 
Havens Blanche L mus tchr 151 Weston r do 
— Francis P (Ina B) mach h 151 Weston 
Haverstock Alan W (Marjorie J) elk h Mont- 
view av 

Haverty Edmund S atndt r 2 Russell 
— Helen L bkpr r 2 Russell 
— John F atndt r 2 Russell 
— Margt wid Patk J h 2 Russell 



Havey Annie L visitor and nurse public wel- 
fare City Hall r 14 John 
—Bernard P (Catherine E) died Jan 10 1933 
—Bernard R hlpr r 14 John 
—Catherine E wid Bernard F h 16 Dartmouth 
—John J A police 25 Lexington r 14 John 
—Katharine T elk r 14 John 
— Kathryn atndt 775 Trapelo rd r do 
—Mary A maid 775 Trapelo rd r do 
—Mary I elk r 40 Clinton 
HAVEY MICHAEL J monumental and marble 
work 245 High h 40 Clinton— See page 
—Nellie E wid Patk F h 444 Moody 
—Sarah J r 40 Clinton 
— Thos E r 40 Clinton 
— Thos P (Catherine T) h 14 John 
— Thos P jr foundrymn r 14 John 
—Waldo F, WW Co r 16 Dartmouth 
— Wm H (Inez L) dentist 221 Moody rm 4 h 

20 Dexter 
Hawkes Ellis A (Hazel M) milkmn r 208 

Hawkesworth Winifred industrial therapist 

Walter E Fernald State sch r do 
Hawkins Geo A servicemn 949 Main r at 

Boston ; 

Hawkinson Bernard A (Clara E) pastor 
Swedish Congregational ch h 61 Haw- 
thorne rd nnr , 
Hawley Lavina W wid Dexter H r 235 Ash 
—Philip (Hazel) slsmn h 36 Prentice 
— Wm W (Vera B) WW Co h 235 Ash 
Hawthorne Eula E child's nurse r 45 Rich 
Hay Wm B (Ruth M) reporter 18 Pine h 50 

Hayden Agnes Mrs elk B C Ames Co Ames off 

Lexington r at Auburndale 
— Chas J (Elsie) WW Co h 72 Bedford 
—Clarence M (Philena) gatetndr B&M h 38 

— Francis W chauf r 44 Hammond 
— Fredk S chauf r 44 Hammond 
—John A chauf 247 Bacon r 44 Hammond 
— Margt M nurse r 44 Hammond 
— Mary A wid Wm h 44 Hammond 
—Melville W (Olive E) WW Co h 6A Curtis 
— Montford K (Jennie E) carp h 12 Sharon 
—Paul F (Nora E) asst greens kpr (Auburn- 
dale) h 81 Orange 
Haye Lola L tchr Henry Whittemore sch r 

395 Lexington 
Hayes Annie L h 8 Church 
—Archibald J sealer of weights and measures 

r 507 Main 
—Bridget wid Danl A h 56£ Hall 
—Catherine shoe wkr r 160* Russell 
— Catherine M r 73 Lexington 
—Edna tel opr 688 Main r at W Newton 
—Emily L, WW Co r 507 Main 
— Frank C (Annie G) r 15 Charles-st av 
—Hannah C, WW Co h at Concord 
—Harry B (Esther G) h 24 Lexington ter 
—Helen A bkpr r 24 Lexington ter 
— Henry (Catherine) railroad mech h 73 Lex- 
—Henry J jr (Rose) auto mech r 73 Lexing- 
— Ina r 250 South 
— Jas W (Alice R) jan Phineas Lawrence 

sch h 20 Hibiscus av 
— John A (Grace) meter insp h 404 Lincoln 
—John A, WB&D Co r 169 Newton 
— John F (Frances A) lab h 7 Noonan 
— John S meat ctr r 20 Curtis 
— Jos mill hand r 20 Crescent 
—Jos A (Dorothy M) elk h 310 Lake 
— Jos T (Louise F) chauf h 36 Wellington 
— Julia r 35 Palmer 


— Malcolm P plmbr r 8 Church 

— Margt, WW Co h at Newtonville 

— Margt A embroidery 10 Church r 507 Main 

— Margt J wid Patk r 35 Francis 

— Marion A studt r 20 Curtis 

— Mary M mach opr (Watertown) h 35 Sum- 

—Mildred A r 313B Crescent 

— Mildred A tchr North Junior High sch r 10 
Chamberlain ter 

— Nehemiah D (Mary J) chauf h 313B Cres- 

— Norman W studt r 16 Hamblin rd 

— Patk J hlpr r 73 Lexington 

— Philip (Adelaide) meat ctr h 20 Curtis 

— Robt chef r 81 Pine 

— Thelma A, WW Co r 10 Maple 

—Thos J (Mary E) machine tndr WB&P Co 
h 23 Bedford 

—Vincent I, WB&D Co r 169 Newton 

— Viola E r 26 Orange 

— Warren D janitor Phineas Lawrence sch r 
Hibiscus av 

— Wm A (Emma E) stmftr h 16 Grant pi 

— Wm C h 507 Main 

Hayford Harold (Sarah) supvr McLean Hosp 
(Waverley) h 136 Trapelo rd 

Haynes Alice L, WW Co h at Wayland 

— Henry G (Hannah) sec B C Ames Co Ames 
off Lexington h 167 Woodland rd Auburn- 

— John (Persie B) driver 1295 Main h 20 

— Richd (Beatrice) driver 1295 Main h 56 

—Russell A (Edith M) WW Co h 112 Wash 

— see Haines 

Haynie Mary H wid Henry r 332 Main 

Hays Fuel Co (Josiah S Hays) coal and coke 
100 Francis 

— Irene G studt r 22 Grant pi 

—J Edwd (Helen T) formn h 26 Grant pi 

—Josiah S (Alice G) (Hays Fuel Co) 100 
Francis and contr 22 Grant pi h do 

—Robt A studt r 22 Grant pi 

— Timothy C veterinary r 9 Grant pi 

— Wm E (Edna C) lawyer (B) h 296 Bacon 

Hayward Chas (Anna) h 35C Maple 

— Harriet B Mrs hairdressing and hair gds 
45 Chestnut h do 

— Lucius P (Harriet B) h 45 Chestnut 

—Nan Mrs, WW Co r 78 £ Robbins 

Hayworth Wm C (Annie) golf instr h 51 Tay- 

Hazard Hilda M, WW Co 

Hazel Reginald D (Maude M) slsmn 100 Fel- 
ton h 106 Bright 

Head Ernest J, WW Co h at Cambridge 

Healey Agnes C Mrs h 2 Bruce rd 

—Anna M sten (B) r 26 Liberty 

—Catherine F h 488 Main 

— Francis A mach r 2 Bruce rd 

— Francis A rem to Lincoln 

— Francis G (Mary F) tchr North Junior High 
sch r 132 Summer 

HEALEY FRANK C real estate and insur- 
ance Kresge bldg 333 Moody rm 202 r 
rear 92 Cedar — See page 113 

— Gertrude E phone opr 16 Spring r 6 Park 

— Gladys E bkpr r 2 Bruce rd 

—Grace G r 703 Moody 

—Helen, WW Co r 2 Bruce rd 

—Helen E elk 299 Moody r 109 Pond 

—Jas J (Ellen E) lab Waltham Coal Co h 109 

—John E (Ina) WW Co h 136 Bright 




— John J (Margt A) buckle wkr h 8 Castle 

— John J slsmn r 26 Liberty 

— Katherine E sten r 26 Liberty 

— Lucy H wid John J h 703 Moody 

— Margt r 177 Chestnut 

— Margt F wid Morgan h rear 92 Cedar 

— Margt R rem to NY city 

— Milton T (Catherine E) supvr 505 Trapelo 

rd r do 
— Nora E slswmn (B) r 26 Liberty 
— Patk J lab h 26 Liberty 
— Patk J (Annie E) mach h 14 Cutter 
— Thos H electn r 26 Liberty 
— Wm F (Eliz S) WW Co h 26 Cabot 
— Wm F jr slsmn r 26 Cabot 
— Wm J (Bridie A) mach opr h 6 Castle 
— Winifred L sten r 26 Liberty 
— see Haley 
Healion John J (Josephine R) packer h 30 

School av 

Healy Danl A (Pauline B N) slsmn 515 South 

h 90 Morton 
— Francis G (Bertha A) mech eng h 91 Gore 
— Jos E (Katherine F) auto mech h 17$ 

—Patk J (Helene C) elk 723 Main h 261 

— Wm H (Mary J) musn h 8 Dartmouth 
Heaney see Haney 
Heard Mary A h 3 Central 
Heartz Francis S (Harriet) slsmn 87 Rumford 

av h 13 Craven circle 
Heasley Catherine F h 46 Cedar 
—John W died Aug 29, 1931 
—Mary A died Oct 1, 1933 
Heaslip Jas W (Ann M) slsmn h 167 Grove 
— Jos died Feb 4 ,1933 
— Jos P (Margt) lab h 106 Massasoit 
— Walter J driver 390 Main 
Heath Geo B (Winifred C) WW Co h 214 

— Gordon B asst supt (B) r 214 Bacon 
— Hattie wid Frank S r 97 Villa 
— Hattie B tchr Thos Hill sch h 85 Adams 
— Henry A (Beatrice A) slsmn h 11 Richgrain 


— Herbert A, WW Co h at Newtonville 

— Wm F (Genevieve V) mgr 353 Moody rm 

102 r 34 Cabot 
— & Co (John P Kett) dry gds 393 Moody 
Heathcote Henry (Laura M) auto trimmer h 

7 Gibbs ct 
Hebb Frank M (Honorine) slsmn 707 Main 

h 119 Alder 
—Uriah L (Eva C) mach WM Works h 691 


Hebden Wm J (Lavinia) bucklemkr h 48 

Caldwell rd 
— Wm J formn 500 South r 44 Curtis 
Hebert Adeline wid Denis h 32 Cross 
— Alcide lab r 3 Gorham 
— Arthur L farm hand r 32 Cross 
— Cecelia domestic r 3 Gorham 
— Edmond lab r 125 South 
— Edmund J (Ellen M) press opr h 852 Main 
—Frank (Nellie J) pntr h 125 South 
— Henry J r 32 Cross 
—Hilda G, WW Co r 852 Main 
— John (Eleanor) rem to Worcester 
— Josephine D slswmn r 852 Main 
— Napoleon J (Loretta A) wool wkr h 167 

— see Herbert 
Heckman Douglas W (Beulah M) plmbr h 

125 Hammond 
— Ronald J (Violet L) mach h 28 Wash av 
Hedburg Louis, USA r 26 Hall 
— Rudolph (Adelia) caretkr r 26 Hall 

Hedlund Fritz E (Teckla) WW Co h 194 Rob- 
Hedrington Caroline M wid Dennis J r 93 

Beal rd 
Heffernan Geo L lab h 48 Parmenter rd 
— Marguerite bkpr 23 Moody r 21 School 
— Wm H (Claire C) gen supt h 276 Florence 

Hegan Jean domestic r 70 Chestnut 
Hegewald Bertha D bkpr 49 River h 51 Dexter 
Height Geo C (Edith T) restr h 251 Robbins 
— Zelma G Mrs (Ideal Restaurant) 681 Moody 

r 251 Robbins 
Heil John B stablemn Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
Heinisch Rudolph (Mary) mach h Hillcrest 

Heinlein Chester L (Ruth C) h 206 Weston 
—Ruth C Mrs elk The Waltham National 

Bank of Waltham r 206 Weston 
Heinstrom Annie E wid Carl G atndt r 1365 

Heinz Ludwig E (Mildred) watchmkr h 209 


Helgeson Rudolph L (Judith C) cabtmkr h 29 

Hellner Chas E (Lillian E) electrical drfts- 
mn h 24 Oak Hill rd 

Helm Fred A pntr 775 Trapelo rd r 7 Brook- 
side av Lexington 

— Fredk blksmth r 79 Cherry 

—J Richd (Ebon M) auto rpr (B) h 25 Hum- 

— Jennie Mrs rem to Belmont 

Helmer Gertrude Mrs r 110 Alder 

Helms Mildred I chief supvr Walter E Fer- 
nald State sch r do 

Hemenway Frank S (Mary J) beauty shop 
637 Moody h do 

— Lettie h 48 Adams 

— Raymond S florist r 637 Moody 

Hemeon Harold S (Muriel) WW Co h 260 
College Farm rd 

Henderson Chas shipper r 49 Crescent 

— Edith M Mrs h 191 Princeton av 

— Hannah wid Jas died Nov 25, 1930 

—Harry H lieut USN r 10 Everett 

— Howard C (Eliz P) carp h 24 Clements rd 

— Howard W (Bessie T) slsmn (B) r 24 Cle- 
ments rd 

— Isabel r 10 Everett 

— Jos K pntr r 191 Princeton av 

— Marion M nurse h 10 Everett 

— Robt G msngr 688 Main r at Cambridge 

— Wm W r 191 Princeton av 

Hendrick Ida Mrs domestic r 86 Lowell 

Henesy Jos A rem to Belmont 

Henley Alice W r 196 Adams 

— Dorothea W, WW Co r 4 Chester av 

— Jas C usher r 196 Adams 

— Jos M (Celia) mach h 196 Adams 

— Lester J (Dorothea W) carp h 4 Chester av 

Hennegar Clair radio wkr r 791 Moody 

Hennelley Cecilia r 250 South 

Hennelly Annie E wid Patk F h 70 School 

— Catherine G r 11 Weston 

— Chas M mgr (Cambridge) r 70 School 

— Harold J (Lucienne F) linemn NET&T h 
31 Clinton 

— John (Annie E) h 11 Weston 

— Marie A bkpr r 70 School 

—Walter L, WW Co r 108 Myrtle 

— Wm r 250 South 

Hennessey Anna W elk 100 Beaver r 55 

— Arthur E (Florida A) slsmn r 130 Prince- 
ton av 

— Catherine maid 764 Main r 53 Fiske 

— Chas auto mech r 49 Adams 

—Helen T, WW Co r 75 Hammond 




—John (Margt T) h 90 Robbins 

— John G lab r 90 Robbins 

— Leonard J hlpr r 55 Fiske 

— Mary waitress r 75 Hammond 

— Michl J (Catherine F) plmbr h 55 Fiske 

— Nellie A bucklewkr r 33 Taylor 

— Thos F photo fnshr 53 Moody r 90 Robbins 

Hennessy Chas F (Mary) (Packard Motor 

Service) 40 Walnut h 86 Gardner 
Hennigar Jos R (Katherine A) enameler h 

S72 Crescent 
—Sybil M, WW Co r 372 Crescent 
Henrikson Wm O r 21 Cambria rd 
Henry Aldea D, WW Co r 14 Everett 
— Emelda M r 14 Everett 
— Emma M wid Geo P h 14 Everett 
— Geo L shipper r 14 Everett 
—Geo P (Emma M) died July 18, 1931 
— Geo V farmer r 48 Montview av 
—Howard W elk h 165 Ash 
— John W farmer h 877 Trapelo rd 
— Laura A nurse r 17 Endicott 
— Louis H elk r 141 Dale 
— Mabel E bkpr r 14 Everett 
— Marie E sten r 14 Everett 
— Patk J carp r 268 Newton 
— Richd K (Edna B) supt (Cambridge) h 579 

— Robt (C May) mach 48 Woerd av h 19 

— Roger S auto mech r 19 Endicott 
— Thos carp r 268 Newton 
— Thos W (Marguerite M) police 25 Lexing- 
ton h 45 Brigham rd 
— Wm P (Sarah S) plmbr h 48 Montview av 
Hentz Chas A weigher (Cambridge) r 42 

— Isabelle G studt nurse r 42 Cushing 
Hentzi Edwd L elk r 59 Brown 
— Fanny wid Auguste I h 59 Brown 
—Harold C (Lillian) elk 373 Moody h 56 

Hepler Homer R (Dandy Dutch Candies) 849 

Main r 18 Palmer 
Herbert Anthony J (Josephine M) chauf h 

92 Massasoit 
—Carl G (Helen C) died May 8, 1932 
—Fred (Tillie) pntr h 38 Newton 
— Helen C wid Carl G r 9 Summit 
— Margt L wid A Edmond h 118 Hammond 
—Margt M, WW Co r 118 Hammond 
— Ruth E sec r 118 Hammond 
— Theo cook 564 Moody r 730 do 
— see Hebert 
Herchenroder Adolf R (Marie E) rem to W 


Herlihy Dennis (Mary) lab h 11 Whitcomb 
— John J (Aleta M) atndt nurse 505 Trapelo 

rd r do 
Herman Damon S atndt Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
— Mary Mrs rem to Auburn Me 
— Mary F Mrs, WW Co r at Newton 
Hernan Mary A atndt Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
Hernandez Annah H wid Mequiades rem to 

Herndon Alton G (Agnes L) mach h 112 

Seminole av 
Herrick Herbert J (Sarah S) slsmn h 106 

Parmenter rd 
Herrington Margt dept mgr 223 Moody r 154 

Randlett pi, W Newton 
Hersey Annie I wid Geo W h 25 Summit 
—Frances M Mrs, WW CO h 25£ Ash 
—Geo W (Annie I) died Mar 6, 1932 
— Gertrude E wid John died June 1933 
—John (Gertrude E) died Nov 15, 1930 
—Walter G (Frances) WW Co h 25^ Ash 

Hersh Benjamin sec Alkon Bros Co Inc 397 

Moody h 11 Arlington rd 
Hershenroder Adolph R (Marie E) real est 

412 Moody r 39 Fordham rd Brookline 
Hershey Annie elk r 92 Alder 
Hersom Regina S atndt Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
Hervey Alf A, WW Co r 85 Maple 
—Rhea, WW Co r 94 Adams 
Herzog Ellen atndt Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
Hession Agnes J r 80 Lawrence 
— Alice M r 80 Lawrence 
—Bridget A died Dec 25, 1932 
— Helen M bkpr r 10 Greenwood lane 
— Jas (Nora J) crossing tndr B&M h 2 Waver- 

—John (Ellen M) died Oct 28, 1933 
— Jos F (Irene C) h 44 Porter rd 
— Marie J r 80 Lawrence 
— Mary M, WW Co r 11 Massasoit ct 
— Michl (Bridget) caretkr h 80 Lawrence 
— Michl J grinding wheel wkr 115 Bacon h 

11 Massasoit ct 
Hettinger Paul asst dept mgr 223 Moody r 55 

Williston rd Auburndale 
Hevenor Gideon H S (Helen E) slsmn h 193 

Hevey Delia maid r Forest near Beaver 
Hewes Nathaniel D (Carrie H) jwlr h 4 Nor- 

umbega ter 
— see Hughes and Huse 

Hewett W Robt (F Vivian) acct h 30 Weston 
— Wm A (Amanda M) carp h 89 Cherry 
Hewey Albert, WW Co r 85 Maple 
— Vera R housekpr r 614 Moody 
— Wallace auto mech r 85 Maple 
Hewitt Jennie r 250 South 
Heyworth Isabelle G wid Geo h 12 Orange 
Hibbard Edwd F (Minnie M) auto electn 

1017 Main h 59 Fiske 
—Geo R (Delia M) WW Co h 31 Beech 
Hibernian Bldg 708-712 Main 
—Hall 710 Main 

Hickey Cornelius (Mae C) rubberwkr h Ar- 
cadia av beyond Royal 
— John J (Helen J) batterymn 9 Common h 

98 Warren 
— Kaeran J (Isabelle) lab 100 Seyon av h 153 

— Thirald W auto mech r 59 Myrtle 
Hickie Jas T (Louise C) firemn h 19 Porter 

— Kathleen F atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r 

Hickman Herbert (Mabel L) slsmn h 16 

Hicks Cyrus W farmer h Winter bey Smart 
— Edwd J (Eliz L) chauf h 14 Hammond 
— Geo mach 48 Woerd av h 15 Fayette Wa- 

—Geo T (Winifred M) opr M&B St Ry h 102 

— Hattie A wid Wm H r Shore rd 
— Homer WW Co r 153 Cherry 
— John F auto mech h 4A Curtis 
— Mary M, WW Co h at Roxbury 
— Thos (Emma C) rem to Boston 
— Wm H (Marion H) collr h Shore rd 
— Winifred B married Stanley A Galvariski 
Hidden Geo died Feb 27, 1932 
Higginbotham Florence Mrs rem to Nantucket 
— M Louise probation officer h 802 Main 
Higgins Alex S (Margt A) carp h 17 Wilton 
— Anna R wid Francis H h 65 Plympton 
— Annie wid John h 86 Exchange 
— Beth L married Martin H Johnsen 
— Building 211 Moody 
— Catherine M hairdrsr rear 26 Lexington r 





— Effie G principal Henry Whittemore sen h 

27 Marianne rd 
— Eliz A tchr r 65 Plymoton 
— Eliz E r 39 Hammond 
— Etta I wid Edgar r 27 Marianne rd 
— Francis H (Anna R) died Aug 1933 
— Francis H studt r 65 Plympton 
— Fredk J (Margt G) h 197 Linden 
— Gena F r 60 Marlborough rd 
— Geo C (Jessie L) formn h 29 Brookfield rd 
—Geo E (Catherine) chauf h 123 Hardy's 

Pond rd 
— Geo E (Bertha C) service mn 1011 Main h 

175 South 
—Geo P (Julia L) mach 515 South h 600 

— Grace F 66 Woerd av r 59 Willow 
—Harry J (Julia B) elk 368 Moody h 404 


— Herbert C slsmn r 58£ Orange 

— Julia B (Bassett Furniture Co) 368 Moody 

h 404 Main 
— Katherine E atndt Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
— Leo A police 25 Lexington r 418 Main 
— Leonard ice cream mkr r 44 Beaver 
— M Agnes wid Michl h rear 26 Lexington 
— Marie DeL studt r 65 Plympton 
— Mary A elk 285 Moody r rear 26 Lexing- 

— Mary E r 110 Cushing 

—Mary L, WW Co h 18 Vernon 

— Melvin J chauf r 17 Wilton 

— Melvin S slsmn r 581 Orange 

— Raymond A (Dorothy A) sta mgr 5 Carter h 

361 Bacon 
— Richd H (Dorothy T) servicemn 949 Main 

h 41 Eddy 
— Sarah J elk 256 Charles r 18 Vernon 
— Thos R, WW Co h at Watertown 
— W Arthur (Eliz M) slsmn h 60 Marlborough 

— Wm E usher 33 Moody r 600 Lincoln 
— Wm J instr r rear 26 Lexington 
High School Building 49 School 
Highland Auto Radiator Co (Victor J Hoag- 

land) 46 Charles 
Hight Grace M bkpr 764 Main h 3 Cutler 


Hilderbrand Mary R Mrs elk 378 Moody r 

183 Newton 
Hildreth Edwd W, WW Co h at Auburndale 
— Jennie W wid Julian V r 11 Orange 
—Julian V (Jennie W) died Nov 29, 1932 
Hill Almeda G wid Wm H h 410 Lexington 
— Alva M wid John r 216 Adams 
— Bernice sec r 127 Chestnut 
— Candace C, WW Co r 12 Cutting lane 
—Catherine V Mrs, WW Co r 63 Bedford 
— Chas bleachery r 12 Russell 
— Chas F meat ctr r 127 Chestnut 
— Charlotte H industrial therapist Walter E 

Fernald State sch r do 
—Cyril S (Alice C) towermn (B&M, B) h 26 

— Derward W supt Municipal Cemeteries 218 

South r do 
—Dorothea S died May 24, 1933 
— E Eileen elk The Waltham National Bank 

of Waltham r 209 Ash 
— Edgar H (Mary A) gardnr h 127 Russell 
— Eliz J slswmn h 12 Cutting lane 
—Ester E elk r 209 Ash 
— Florence V married R Wm Hewitt 
— Francis cook r 127 Chestnut 
— Francis (Gertrude) countermn h 4 River 

—Frank I (Catherine V) WW Co h 209 Ash 


—Fred W chief insp 256 Charles h at Wes- 

— Geo F mach 48 Woerd av h 73 W Pine 

—Geo R (Edith M) WW Co h 25 Curtis 

— Geo S (Hazel S) eng h 9 Dennison 

—Geo V elk r 39 Hall 

—Geo W (Margt B) cond B&M h 26 Morton 

—Gladys C r 26 Morton 

—Grace, WW Co r 19 Whitney av 

— Grace F hairdrsr r 756 South 

— Gwendolyn J atndt Walter E Fernald State 
sch r do 

— Harold rem to Weymouth 

— Hugo (Mabel) slsmn h 60 Vernon 

— Jas A asst sec r 756 South 

— John W (Ada) elastic stockings and trusses 
621 Main rm 12 r 756 South 

— Jos E slsmn 844 Main r 756 South 

—Jos F (Eliz C) police 25 Lexington h 52 

— Lawson K elk (B) r 51 Gore 

— Leonard F (Natalie M) elk r 29 Church 

—Lucy A Mrs, WW Co h 19 Whitney av 

—Mabel A elk (B) r 127 Russell 

—Margt C wid Fred h 127 Chestnut 

— Marion I bkpr r 756 South 

—Mary A elk 299 Moody r 39 Hall 

—Maud M r 127 Russell 

—Philip C (Ellen) journalist h 34 Banks 

— Prescott S (Pauline K) supt (Angier Chem- 
ical Co, Allston) h 51 Gore 

—Ralph W Unit Mass State Guard Vets 645 

—Russell W chauf r 127 Chestnut 

— Vernon S (Bertha G) servicemn 1011 Main 

h 216 Adams 
—Waldo C, WW Co h at S Lincoln 
— Wilford A (Annie B) WW Co h 225 Weston 
— Wm J h 756 South 

— Wm J (Bertha) rubberwkr h 10 Tavern rd 
— Wm R (Gratia G) died Oct 8, 1933 
Hills Bert E (Julia M) elk h 254 Ash 
—Edgar (Agnes M) cond B&M h 61 Adams 
— Frank H airplane mech (Langley Field, 

Va) r 151 South 
— Helen A studt r 61 Adams 
— Herbert A (Minnie D pntr h 151 South 
—Mabel E sten 54 Stearns r 151 South 
—Mary J wid Eug h 62 Hall 
— Melvina M lino opr r 62 Hall 
— R Donald elk r 254 Ash 
Hillson Geo L (Rose G) mach h 17 Flood 
Hilsinger Ralph H (Yudah L) office mgr h 

24 Oak Hill rd 
Hilton Albert J (Emily) mach h 32 South 
—Ellen M wid Chas H h 35 High 
—Emily H Mrs, WW Co r 86 Gardner 
— Maynard B ice r 35 High 
—Philip F (Mary E) phys 505 Trapelo rd h 

Marguerite av north 
—Ralph V (Myrtle) chauf r 35 High 
— Ross L real est r 35 High 
Himmelman Asoff S (Helen) gas sta h 378 

Hinchey Annie L Mrs tchr North Junior 

High sch h 10 Pond 
—Arthur L acct (B&M, B) r 10 Pond 
— Leo J (Margt M) paymaster City Hall h 

17 Mayall rd 
— Margt M tchr (B) r 17 Pine 
— Marie L tchr Nathaniel P Banks sch r 10 

— Paul R phys r 17 Pine 
—Richd (Winifred G) died June 19, 1932 
— Richd H (Gertrude L) civ eng h 25 Everett 
—Winifred G wid Richd h 17 Pine 
Hinckley Hattie R tchr (Newtonville) r 61 





— Wm E (Flora Belle) auto mechanic h 99 

— Wm S (Susan E) h 61 South 

Hinds Clifford J pntr h 85 Taylor 

—Edna M elk 329 Moody r 85 Taylor 

— Eliz B elk r 5 Orange 

— Evelyn W Mrs treas Farmers Inc 220 Moody 
h Sandy Pond rd Lincoln 

— Horace S (Evelyn W) pres Farmers Inc 
220 Moody h Sandy Pond rd Lincoln 

— Ruth M domestic r 85 Taylor 

Hines Anna T domestic r 102 Cushing 

— Arthur P sign pntr 399 Moody r 105 Taylor 

— Edwd J, WW Co r 102 Cushing 

— Eliz housekpr r 47 Worcester lane 

— Francis R (Jeannette M) lawyer (82 Devon- 
shire, B) h 53 Ellison pk 

— Geo A (Margt A) slsmn h 105 Taylor 

— Geo J slsmn 713 Main r 105 Taylor 

— Gertrude T acct (B) r 67 Lyman 

— John F lab r 165 Newton 

— John W bleachery wkr r 102 Cushing 

— Jos E (Margt I) mach opr h 15 Hartwell 

— Jos F (Dorothy E) restr 12 Elm h 2 Law- 
ton pi 

— Marion E tchr (B) r 67 Lyman 

—Martin A (Mabel R) acct h 32 Wetherbee 

—Martin J (Georgie A) elk PO 738 Main h 
52 Wellington 

—Mary C r 149 Clark 

— Michl (Sarah T) jwlr h 67 Lyman 

— Michl J (Lucy M) compound mn h 149 

— Patk J r 15 Whitcomb 

— Robt E r 105 Taylor 

— see Hynes 

Hinman Fred W (Genevia E) mach h 91 

—Madeleine D, WW Co r 91 Robbins 

—Ruth E, WW Co r 91 Robbins 

Hire Arthur therapist Walter E Fernald State 
sch r do 

Hirst Helen G tchr North Junior High sch 
r at Melrose 

Hirtle Alice M wid John G r 218£ Brown 

— Annie L wid Geo A h 84 Trapelo rd 

—Fred W (Hazel C) elk 809 Main h 22 High- 

— M Marguerite waitress r 84 Trapelo rd • 

— Mae B elk r 49 Adams 

— Wm G (Marion E) firemn h 218i Brown 

Hitchcock Frank (Ruth) wool h 77 Colum- 
bus av 

— Fred H (Evelyn K) ins agt h 85 Haw- 
thorne rd 

— Wm A (Edna E)wool (B) h 95 Greenwood 

— Wm C (Helen R) slsmn h 7 Joy 

Hite Jacob W instr University of Mass h 95 
Audubon rd Boston 

Hoagland A Miriam mus tchr (Brookline) h 
11 Appleton 

— A Reinhold auto mech 46 Charles r 60 Ver- 

— Descombe D (Alice) pastor First ME ch 
(Asbury Temple) h 11 Appleton 

— Descombe D jr studt r 11 Appleton 

— Ernest H auto mech r 60 Vernon 

— John V auto mech 46 Charles r 60 Vernon 

— Victor J (Annie M) (Highland Auto Radia- 
tor Co) 46 Charles h 60 Vernon 

— Vincent DeF ins agt r 11 Appleton 

Hoar Alan S (Gladys) died Nov 5, 1930 

— Emily L wid Geo r 29 Bacon 

— Geo W (Dorothy) (Stevenoar Products Co) 
novelties 106 Alder 

Hoarde Patk J (Eliz C) elk 109 Hammond h 
97 do 

Hobart Edwd A (Catherine Z) formn (Wa- 

tertown) h 265 Ash 
Hobbs E Stanley jr (Mabel I) dentist 681 

Main rm 6 h Tower rd, S Lincoln 
Hoben Mfg Co 157 High inc '32 Gordon C 

Bennett pres Eric G Hook v-pres Edwd 

T Isaac treas oil burners 
Hodgdon Eliz sten r 83 Adams 
— Katherine A wid Walter A h 83 Adams 
Hodge Alf T tchr Senior High sch r 134 Ash 
— Alice M tchr (Watertown) r 134 Ash 
—Carl J (Helen L) ins (B) h 20 Arlington 

— Chas S pres Clematis Brook Sand & Gravel 

Co 42 Beal rd h at Watertown 
— Eliz wid Stephen D rem to W R 
— Francis J (Agnes M) atndt h 243 River 
— Gertrude h 896 Main 
— Mary G wid Elias h 134 Ash 
— Ralph E (Florence) opr 14 Church h 132 

—Stephen D (Mary T) slsmn h 12 Daniels 

Hodges E Forest (Viola A) WW Co h 378 

—Geo W (Florida F) WW Co h 84 Wash av 
Hodgkins Alice M wid Edwd F h 78 Cherry 
—Ambrose M (Mary E) WW Co h 86 Robbins 
—Edwd F (Alice M) died Mar 6, 1933 
—Ellison Theo died May 11, 1931 
— Leonard A (Florence E) opr M&B St Ry h 

147 Russell 
— Leonard M asst mgr (Bridgeport, Ct) r 147 

— Lillian A bkpr (B) r 147 Russell 
— Lionel R (Carrie C) r 44 Columbus av 
— Merle Y (Helen M) slsmn h 44 Columbus 

Hodgman Harriet r 94 Adams 
Hodgson Geo S gro h 547 South 
—Harry T (Mary A) carp h 539 South 
—Mary A Mrs gro 539 South r do 
—Roy L studt r 547 South 
— Ruth L Mrs rem to Lincoln 
—Stanley hlpr 515 South r 547 do 
Hodsdon Chas H (Ethel H) elk 663 Main h 

530 Cambridge Allston 
Hoelscher Eva S, WW Co r 62 Alder 
— Herman E (Eva S) circulation mgr Wal- 

tham News-Tribune 18 Pine h 62 Alder 
Hoey Esther A Mrs, WW Co r 71 Wash av 
Hoffman Barbara S bkpr r 26 Robbins 
— Bertha P Mrs beauty shop h 103 Moody 
— C Raymond welder r 89 Orange 
— Carolyn S tchr Senior High sch r 8 Lexing- 
ton ter 
— Danl A studt r 89 Orange 
— Danl H (Lucretia M) jewel setter 282 Moody 

rm 9 h 89 Orange 
— Diantha A wid Chas C h 8 Lexington ter 
— Frances A r 26 Robbins 
—Geo r 250 South 
—Jacob H slsmn r 26 Robbins 
— John L rubber wkr (E Watertown) r 26 

— Mary R wid Simon h 26 Robbins 
—Shirley S r 26 Robbins 
Hoffses Albert died Aug 2, 1932 
— Elvin J r 195 Ash 
—Robt H (Grace L) chauf Ladder Co No 2 h 

195 Ash 
Hofling Adam O (Ruth F) pntr h 14 Harland 

Hogan Ada elk r 46 Waverley Oaks rd 
—Bridget h 88 Charles 

— Danl F slsmn 217 Lexington r at Boston 
— Douglas S r 46 Waverley Oaks rd 
—John W, WW Co r 19 Palmer 
—Mary E died July 29, 1932 
— Mary V maid 505 Trapelo rd r do 




— Thos E (Ada) slsmn h 46 Waverley Oaks 

— Thos E Inc gas sta 805 Main 
Hoglund Gustave A (Augusta L) woodwkr h 

63 Beal rd 
— Herbert lab r 72 Ash 
Hohmann Karl shipper r 131 Lincoln 
Hokanson Nils S (Ebonne I M) carp h 22 

Copley av 
Holahan Philip J (Vera M) plmbr h 36 Bruce 

Holbrook Arthur L (Nellie A) insp wires 

supt fire alarm tel, electric lines and 

police signals 14 Church h 66 School 
— Arthur L jr (Marion C) linemn 14 Church 

h 40 Wash av 
— Bradbury (Norena) phys 802 Main h do 
— Helen r 34 Fuller 
— Jennie R wid Theo rem to Littleton 
— Lawrence W (Daisy M) chief eng 775 Tra- 

pelo rd h Woburn st 
— Martha A wid Chas rem to Arlington 
Holden Tina r 89 Robbins 
Holicker Abr junk rear 66 Charles h 19 

—Ida (Mrs Abr) died Nov 3, 1932 
Holl Eug W died Feb 4, 1932 
Holland Agnes I sten 705 Main r 204 Weston 
—Alice Mrs, WW Co r 159 Chestnut 
—Andrea E (Mrs Erling) died July 11, 1932 
— Anna M delicatessen (Watertown) r 1145 

— Chas rem to Newton Upper Falls 
— Erling (New England Chemical Co) 23 

Walnut h do 
— Grace wid Martin h 204 Weston 
— Grace C sten r 204 Weston 
—Helen L elk 500 South r 14 Willow 
— John (Clara K) sign pntr 17 Gifford av 
—John F (Helen L) plmbr r 23 Willow 
— John J (Louise L) custodian 17 Spruce h 

— John S (Clara K) sign slsmn h 31^ Adams 
— Leif (Klara) WW Co h 23 Walnut 
—Martin R (Lillian M) lab h 9 Music Hall 

— Mary J married Martin J Connolly 
—Mary L elk 305 Moody r 204 Weston 
— Patk J (Annie M) opr M&B St Ry h 1145 

— Sabina F sec (B) r 1145 Main 
—Stephen J bkpr (B) r 1145 Main 
— Thos (Lena M) mach h 125 Chestnut 
—Thos H, WW Co r 84 Ash 
—Thos P elk 95 Moody r 1145 Main 
— Vincent L plmbr r 125 Chestnut 
— Wm (Susanna) rem to Newton Upper Falls 
— Wm H (Mary A) mach 48 Woerd av h 181 

Hollering May A wid Frank h 64 Walnut 
— Roland V caretaker r 64 Walnut 
Hollier Lester h 89 Adams 
Hollingshead Rachael M sten 775 Trapelo rd 

r do 
Hollingsworth Lawrence E florist 105 Trapelo 

rd r at Newton 
Hollis Edna M elk r 16 Maple 
— Geo E (Mabel M) carp h 16 Maple 
—Geo T chauf r 16 Maple 
— Jos E oil burner installer r 16 Maple 
— Lawrence D mach r 16 Maple 
— Ralph C (Ella May) tchr Senior High sch 

h 62 Willow 
— Ralph M (Gladys M) electn h 56 Orange 
Hollway John F atndt 401 Main r 19 Pond 
Holm Andrew O (Mary C) lab h 125 Pine 
—Arthur C bkbndr r 125 Pine 
—Axel B (Ida M) (A B Holmes) 399 Moody 

rm 2 h 115 South 


— Bros (Ernest S and Thure S) rem to Boston 

— Ernest S (Hilda C) rem to Boston 

— Esther A married Norman G Stevens rem 

to Middleboro 
— Henry N auto pntr r 143 Crescent 
— Thure S (Helga B) treas Middlesex Mort- 
gage Corp 32 Tomlin h do 
— Walter C (Beatrice J) mach h 48 Myrtle 
Holman Alden (Catherine) h 1125 Main 
— Leslie A experimental mach 49 River r 188 

— Wm O (Edith M) tchr h Montclair av 
— Wm O jr gardnr r Montclair av 
Holmberg Carl L (Bessie J) lndry worker 

(Watertown) h 35 Harvard 
— Martin E (Carrie) jwlr (Brookline) h 30 

— Oscar E carrier PO 738 Main r 30 Lawrence 
Holmes A B (Axel B Holm) watch repairing 

399 Moody rm 2 
—Arthur J (Margt T) r 276 Florence rd 
—Chas W (Lottie E) pntr h 4 Duddy av 
— Chas W jr (Mary A) carp h 87 Harvard 
— Grace E tchr North Junior High sch r 49 

—Harold C (Hazel J) troublemn EEI Co, 

Cooper st h 18 Linden ter 
— Harry H pntr r 4 Duddy av 
— Harry J (Constance M) h 50 Wadsworth 


—John W baker r 89 Galen 

— M Frances h 279 College Farm rd 

— Margt M married Paul R Allen rem to 

— Mary Mrs h 86 Exchange 
— Mary E wid Edwd W h 49 Crescent 
— Patk lab r 57 Crescent 
— Thos A (Agnes A) h 34 Porter rd 
— Vernon C (Idella F) organist r 50 Wads- 
worth av 
—Walter J (Lena M) lab h 13 Pine 
Holohan John J atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd 

r do 
Holoway Maude M seamstress r 54 Chester 

Holt Albert J (Florence P) died July 20, 1932 
— Chas B mgr 37 River h at Watertown 
— Charlotte tel solctr 552 South r at Reading 
—Chester R (Helen M) slsmn 100 Felton 

h 57 Seminole av 
— Corinne tchr Jonathan Bright sch r 123 

— Edwd J (Inez M) toolmkr r 104 Adams 
— Florence I wid Albert J r 57 Seminole av 
— Morton caddy r 94 Adams 
Holton Cheney J (Cora B W) mgr h 227 

— Grace B r 227 Bacon 
Holway Delia wid John h 16 Bacon 
— John F gas sta atndt r 16 Bacon 
— Mary Mrs r 250 South 
— Mary E tel opr 16 Spring r 16 Bacon 
Homans C Ross (Agnes) electn h 219 Lowell 
Homberger Richd, WW Co r 266 Ash 
Home Owners' Loan Corp 657 Main rm 8 
Homer Harold L (Lillian) formn 173 High 

r 47C Rich 
—Lottie L wid Guy H died Oct 15, 1931 
— Rosamond M atndt Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
— Walter F bkbndr 54 Stearns r 28 Kensing- 
ton av, W Newton 
Honsinger Chas slsmn 424 Moody h 478 Main 

Hooban Patk J (Bridget E) lab h 47 Bedford 
—Thos J elk r 47 Bedford 
Hood Eliz A studt r 40 Banks 
— H P & Sons creamery 561 Moody and 887 




—Harriet M died Oct 26, 1932 

— Richd F, WW Co r 40 Banks 

— Richd S (Bertha B) WW Co h 40 Banks 

— see Houde 

Hook Eric G v-pres Hoben Mfg Co 157 High 

h 215 Sycamore Waverley 
Hooper Anna C wid Chas F h 60 Curtis 
—Clyde L (Wilda N) woodwkr h 118 Ham- 
— Fredk B (Annie M) chauf h Lakeview av 
— Lillian sten r 19 Chestnut 
— Paul C plmbr r 60 Curtis 
— Violet M Mrs h 46 Adams 
—Wilda Mrs, WW Co r 118 Hammond 
Hooton Nettie E Mrs, WW Co r 18 Oak Hill 

—Reginald A (Jeanette) WW Co h 18 Oak 

Hill rd 
Hope Constance r 378 Newton 
— John W (Emma M) coml trav h 58 Auburn 
— Mary A wid Geo h 3 Chester av 
— Wallace G clothes clnr r 58 Auburn 
Hopkins Betty, WW Co r 25 Adams 
— Chas (Mae) mach h 195? Newton 
—Clara A wid Geo W h 89 Robbins 
— Donald L r 11 Milton 
— E Chas, WW Co r 51 Glenburn rd 
— Eliz, WW Co r 25 Adams 
— Ernest M (Iva W) rprmn 400 Main h 111 

Overland rd 
—Geo (Mabel C) watchmkr (Dedham) h 210 

—Geo W (Clara O) died Feb 6, 1933 
— Hattie wid Lewis T died Apr 25, 1932 
— Henry C (Glenella M) meat ctr 894 Main 

r 877 Trapelo rd 
— Louis A (Florence M) formn B C Ames 

Co, Ames off Lexington h 11 Milton 
— Mark B (Inez C) office mgr (Newton) h 

99 Main 
—Pearl J r 201 South 

— Wm G (Ruby P) watchmkr h 201 South 
Horan Harold A, WW Co r 31 Golden av 
Horgan Danl H (Abigail C) ins agt h 1 Belle- 

vue av 
— John (Eliz) gate tndr B&M, Prospect Hill 

rd h 53 do 
Hornbeck Dorothy studt r 30 Ash 

HORNBECK LINN E (Carrie A) registered 
optometrist and optician hours 1 to 5 
and 7 to 9 PM and other hours by appoint- 
ment 30 Ash r do telephone Waltham 
1275— See page 108 

— Norwell E elk r 30 Ash 

—Wilbur W elk r 30 Ash 

Home Arthur W (Ruth E) WW Co h 218 

— Ethel B elk r 28 Irving 

— Harriet E wid Henry L r 28 Irving 

— Margt elk (B) r 68 Parmenter rd 

' — Margt T hairdrsr r 10 Spruce 

— Wm H (Catherine) died May 15, 1933 

Hornstan Saml advertising mgr 285 Moody h 
51 Nichols Everett 

Horrigan David J (Mary C) tel rpr h 70 
Wetherbee rd 

— John r 56 Walnut 

— Mildred A Mrs h 27 Hammond 

Horrocks Irma tchr Nahum Hardy sch r at 

Horst Cecil A (Linda H) industrial eng h 
133 Lincoln 

Horton Abbie A wid Geo B rem to Newton- 

— Carl B (Edna K) rem to Newtonville 

— Melinda G wid Geo W h 123 Summer 

— Percy A (Margt J) auto rpr h 80 Mokema 

— Russell C (Sadie H) paper wkr h 7 Brown 


— Thelma E tchr Jonathan Bright sch r 123 

— Watson H (Ellen) ice h Pine Hill circle 
beyond Milner 

Hose Co No 1, 20 School av 

Hoskins Geo driver 212 Charles r at Water- 

— Grace Mrs elk 223 Moody r 16 Sunset rd 

Hoskinson Harry R, WW Co r 63 Orange 

Hosmer Donald A studt r 25 Fairmont av 

— Grace J r 25 Fairmont av 

— Helen L asst Public Library 735 Main r 30 

— Merton A (Vivian C^ chemist h 25 Fair- 
mont av 

Hossley Jas T, WW Co h at Cambridge 

— Wm B, WW Co r at Wellesley 

Hosty Bridget r 16 Brown's av 

—Clara M wid Thos J h 39 Alder 

— Julia E domestic r 16 Brown's av 

— Michl J (Jennie M) lab h 62 Russell 

— Walter h 16 Brown's av 

Hotchkiss Fredk A (Sarah E) variety (Wa- 
tertown) h 47 Bruce rd 

—Mary J wid Edwd A died Oct 10, 1932 

— Walter M studt r 47 Bruce rd 

Hotel Crescent (Frank J Rourke) 25 Crescent 

— Middlesex (Soter Peters) 147 Moody 

Houde Albert E (Camille L) restr (B) h 33 
Edwin rd 

— Arthur servicemn 713 Main r 89 Francis 

—Ernest r 21 Middle 

—Ernest J (Edith) r 83 Central 

— Jos L, WW Co r at Newton Upper Falls 

— Roseanna Mrs mlnr 365 Moody h 14 High 

—Wilfred (Marie) h 21 Middle 

— Wm A (Lena A) h 95 Robbins 

— see Hood 

Hough Francis P (Mary R) chauf h 93 Cal- 

Houghton Chas F (Ethel H) died Jan 23, 1932 

— Henry P milkmn r 28 Adams 

— Mary D wid Frank r 173 Hammond 

— Rodney elk 701 Moody r 28 Adams 

Colbert mgr coal office 688 Main yard 224 
Newton — See page 79 

Housing Co end of Hollace and Waverley 
Albert Farwell Bemis pres John Burch- 
ard 2d, v-pres Henry R Brigham treas 

Hovey Geo G (Blanche E) mach h 106 Pros- 

— H L Memorial 545 Main 

—Hall 103 Moody 

— Hamblin L Institute Inc, Alex R Smith sec 
325 Bacon 

— Harold D (Evelyn D) mach h 127 Prospect 
Hill rd 

Howard Ada B wid Thos H r 62 Lyman 

—Alice L Mrs, WW Co h 66 Myrtle 

— Arthur E carp h 199 Lake 

— Chas A packer 515 South r 26 Adams 

—Clayton E died May 26, 1931 

HOWARD E CLOCK CO The 256 Charles inc 
Mass '28 Edward A Bigelow pres Harold 
C Keeman v-pres and gen mgr William 
J Elton sec Chester L Harris treas — See 
page 77 

— Earl F (Dianora B) pdlr h 66 Central 

—Edith r 66 Central 

— Frank (Mary M) mgr h 85 Hammond 

—Frank L (Alice L) opr 96 Pine h 147 High 

— Mary E hlpr Walter E Fernald State sch 
r do 

— Nellie M wid Fredk C r 4 Adams 

— Richd H (Josephine J) bldr h 54 Mayall rd 

— Robt S ins agt 740 Main rm 105 r at Lex- 




— Tupper J stmftr h 32 Wadsworth av 

— see Harwood 

Howarth John, WW Co r 79 Cherry 

Howe Anna M r 131 Bright 

— Chas W (Ellie L) died July 9, 1932 

—Christie A R wid Fred R h 153 Villa 

— Eleanor J tchr r 14 Lafayette 

—Ellie Louise wid Chas W h 16 Gilbert 

— Ernest F (Leila G) hosemn Hose No 4 h 

150 Russell 
— Eug S tchr Waltham Vocational sch r 70 

Lynde Melrose 
— Eva L tel opr r 131 Bright 
— F Bevan (Dene A) statistician r 153 Villa 
— Florence L nurse r 14 Lafayette 
—Geo E (Helen M) h 14 Lafayette 
—Geo M (Helen G) supt h 237 Ash 
— Harold (Eliz) supt (Watertown) h 16 Brig- 
ham rd 
—Helen M sten r 237 Ash 
— Herbert F rodmn public works dept City 

Hall r 237 Ash 
— L Everett r 77 Crescent 
— Leo E (Mary C) pntr h 185 Adams 
— Leonard V tchr Waltham Vocational sch r 

at Melrose 
— Louise M gymnastic instr r 16 Gilbert 
— Margt wid Frank hosp wkr r 77 Crescent 
— Mary J dial pntr h 131 Bright 
— Oscar W osteopath 740 Main rm 116 r 55 

Thornton rd 
— Thos I stmftr r 131 Bright 
— Wm C died Sept 23, 1932 
Howell Arthur P chauf r 15 Riverview av 
— Chas (Althea) auto mech h 45 Everett 
— Chas M & Son (Fredk A) mfrs pearl but- 
tons 200 Willow 
— Fredk A (Harriet B) (Chas M Howell & 
Son) 200 Willow h Highland st Weston 
— Geo M treas Waltham Yellow Cab Co Inc 

7 Carter r 15 Riverview av 
— Jas A atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 
r do 

— Lillian D Mrs nurse r 79 Adams 

— Richd P studt r 15 Riverview av 

— Theo E chauf 7 Carter r 15 Riverview av 

— Wm sign pntr r 83 Cherry 

— Wm A (Ida E) supt r 15 Riverview av 

— Wm H (Cicely A) lunch 3 Carter and pres 

Waltham Yellow Cab Co Inc 7 do h 15 

Riverview av 
Howes Fredk B eng B&A r 35 Bruce rd 
Howland Danl O (Arabella T) h 35 Ash 
—Irving B, WW Co r 41 Chestnut 
— Wilmot (Eliz) (Schribner & Howland) rear 

30 Elm h 6 Brown 
Howley Bridget A (Mrs James J) died July 

29, 1931 
— Catherine T atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r 

— Frank J (Mary A) lab h 99 Chestnut 
—Jas J hlpr h 237 Grove 
— John P (Mary E) h 12 Exchange ct 
— Jos A molder's apprentice r 237 Grove 
—Leonard F (Mary E) elk h 233 Grove 
— Mary J r 237 Grove 
—Paul C branch mgr 657 Main rm 11 r 5 

Charlotte rd 
—Sarah A elk r 237 Grove 
Howson Chas H (Ella) died Mar 20, 1933 
—Harold D (Gertrude M) WW Co h 38 Well- 
Hoxie Jas B (Edith) eng 200 Willow h 21 

— Jas B jr show card pntr r 21 Hardy 
Hoyt Clara A Mrs matron Waltham City 

Home 250 South r do 
—Herman F (Betty M) landscape archt h 7 

Cornwallis pi 


—Irene F tchr Nathaniel P Banks sch r 25 

—Josephine V wid Walter S h 39 Caldwell rd 
— Leon C (Clara A) supt Waltham City Home 

250 South h do 
—Walter E atndt 809 Main r 42 Highland rd 
Hoyting Wm H (Sarah T) WW Co h 12 

Hubbard Chas U (Josephine E) h 91 Stow 
—Clifford E slsmn r 91 Stow 
— Mary Mrs, WW Co h rear 160 Newton 
— Roger (Mary) auto mech h rear 160 New- 
Huber Henry B (Dora) chauf h 16 Plant rd 
HUBLEY AUSTEN A (Edith W) contractor, 
mason and plasterer 50 River cor Far- 
well h do — See page 82 
—Bert (Hazel) plstr h 134 Clark 
— Elsie Mrs domestic r 128 Adams 
Hudson Arnold R (Laura M) carp h 10 Rob- 
— Ephraim A (Bibianna) physio-therapist 230 

Lowell h do 
— Frances married Malcolm Clarke rem to 

— Louise M wid Robt L h 10 Lakeview ter 


D & D Sales Co Inc distributors 692 Main 
phone Waltham 4673 — See page 68 
Huff Richd S tchr North Junior High sch r 

25 South 
Huggins Austin (Lena) dairymn h 83 Beaver 
— Henry H (Gertrude V) barber 100 Maple r 

27 Pine 
Hughes Annie Mrs r 250 South 
—Arthur G (Ethel M) pntr 67 Wash av h do 
— Bridget A r 19 Chamberlain ter 
— Christopher J (Anastasia) rem to S Well- 
— Danl L crossing tndr Roberts sta h 29 War- 
ren av 
— Dorothy M tchr (Newton, Centre) r 29 
Warren av 

—Edith L studt r 32 Cherry 

— Eliz A wid Hugh h 85 Cherry 

— Ella M box wkr r 47 Foundry av 

— Estelle L wid Geo W, WW Co h 15 Orange 

— Frank asst chemist 66 Woerd av r 1287 

Comlth av Boston 
— Frank J (Margt L) lab h 47 Foundry av 
— Geo (Annie) pntr 79 Brown h do 
— Geo F (Marion B) asst cashr The Waltham 

National Bank of Waltham h 15 Crafts 
— Helenor A wid Jas J h 52 Taylor 
— Henry A electn r 7 Alder ter 
— J Harold (Jennie) rem to Needham 
— Jas J (Helena A) died Jan 9, 1931 
—Jas P (Eliz) lab h 45 Hall 
— Jean A elk r 32 Cherry 
— John F (Anna J) stage mgr 33 Moody h 94 


— John S (Mary F) tallymn 217 Lexington h 

4 Cross Watertown 
— Jos E (Esther J) slsmn (Everett) h 14 

Elmwood av 
— Jos J (Evelyn M) insp h 110 Harvard 
— Loretta L r 47 Foundry av 
— Mary A Mrs h 7 Alder ter 
—Matilda V wid Thos H h 94 Brown 
— Nora Mrs elk r 29 McKenn 
— Patk J (Winifred T) died July 23, 1931 
— Roderick A (Daisy G) bkbndr h 1 Marivista 

— Walter S pres Riverside Paint & Varnish 

Co 87 Rumford av h at Milton 
— Wm B (Jessie M) (Waltham Dial Gauge 

Co) 85 Myrtle h 32 Cherry 
— see Hewes and Huse 



Huguenin Arthur F (Bertha) toolmkr h 1349 

Huhn Henry printer r 23 Pine 
Hulburt Franklin mgr r 30 Harland rd 
Hull Albert D (Inez F) grocer h 128 Pine 
—Amy S, WW Co r 128 Pine 
— Annie G h 10 Francis 
—Jos (Nellie S) h 8 Howard 
— Miranda J wid Moses A died Feb 3, 1933 
—Walter J, WW Co r 128 Pine 
Hume John H, WW Co r at Cambridge 
Humphrey Albert G trimmer (Somerville) r 

84 Lowell 
—Ellen wid Albert H r 109 Chestnut 
— Gordon C (Agnes L) formn h 84 Lowell 
— Marion E nurse r 56 Harris 
— Wm (Anna S) gro 53 Prospect h at W 

Humphries Anthony (Emily E) h 24 Lafay- 
— Edith W wid Arthur D r 24 Lafayette 
—Ruth E osteopath 681 Main rm 8 r 24 

Hunger Mary L wid Frank r 211 Hammond 
Hunneman John (Annie) shipper h 24 Farns- 

worth av 
Hunt Alice artist r 104 Summer 
— Alice M Mrs sten (B) r 20 Riverview av 
—Amelia G Mrs died Feb 3, 1932 
— Blanche A, WW Co r 88 Riverview av 
— Burton D elk (B) r 28 Carleton rd 
— C F Co (Horace E Wallis) kitchen furn 

and crockery 685 Main 
—Chester L (Alice E) mach h 29 Cherry 
—Doris G elk (Medfield) r 29 Cherry 
—Dorothy H elk Senior High sch r 56 Harris 
—Edith L, WW Co r at Cochituate 
— Glennie A wid Wm H h 88 Riverview av 
—Julia G, WW Co r 88 Riverview av 
— Lowell H photo retoucher r 88 Riverview 

— Mabel L sten r 29 Cherry 
— Marguerite atdnt Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
— Priscilla B r 20 Riverview av 
— Priscilla M wid Willard r 111 High 
— Ralph D slsmn r 28 Carleton rd 
— Roger P r 20 Riverview av 
— W H & Co (Wm H Hunt) rubber stamps 

12 Lexington 
— Wm H (W H Hunt & Co) 12 Lexington h 

Hunter Augustus C (M Fannie) carp h 19 

Norumbega ter 
— Clarence H (Grace P) batterymn h 1085 

— Clarence R r 19 Norumbega ter 
— Estella A Mrs h Lunda st 
— Geo E (Margt J) rem to Worcester 
— Milton J (Marguerite L) formn r Lunda 
— Raymond auto mech r 13 Walnut 
— Susan B tchr Senior High sch r at W New- 
— W Wentworth (Marion B) mach opr h 61 

Huntington Chas W Rev (Emma E) h 306 

Huntley Forrest C (Edith H) supt h 9 Rob- 
— Harry J (Bertha M) bldr 59 Barbara rd h 

— Irene F married Winthrop L Clapp 
— Josephine S married Merrill T Doane rem 

to Chatham 
— Priscilla P waitress r 9 Robbins 
—Ruth E, WW Co r 9 Robbins 
— Walter V (Isabelle) jan Pond End sch h 

53 Alder 
Huntoon Geo (Maud) rem to Cambridge 
— Wm E chef 775 Trapelo rd r do 

Hurd Arthur F (Annie L) masseur 110 Woerd 
av h do 

— J Allan (Dorothea) ins agt h 65 Fiske 

— J Allan jr caddie r 65 Fiske 

Hurley Catherine E elk r 183 Newton 

— Catherine E drsmkr r 171 Summer 

— Dennis T chauf h 13 Plympton 

— Edwd M carp 54 Central h do 

— Eliz J sec r 54 Central 

— Jas F (Margt H) carrier PO h 2 Florence 

— Jane G sec r 54 Central 

— John J r 13 Plympton 

— John R mach opr r 14 Park 

— Jos T gro r 54 Central 

— M Agnes drsmkr r 171 Summer 

— M Louise r 54 Central 

—Margt wid John J died Oct 11, 1933 

— Mary E wid Jas E knitter r 77 Summit 

— Mary T housekpr 17 Highland 

— Michl (Mary A) h 23 Benefit 

— Michl F (Mary J) slsmn h 213 Dale 

— Peter E r 54 Central 

— Rosamond studt r 2 Florence rd 

— Rose wid Jas h 183 Newton 

— Sarah V nurse r 183 Newton 

— Thelma S Mrs asst supt nurses 775 Trapelo 

rd r do 
Hurwitz Evelyn A elk 378 Moody r 35 High 

— Saul slsmn 552 South h at Lynn 

— Sonia Mrs corsetiere 35 High h do 

Huse see Hughes and Hewes 

Hussa Oscar (Ella S) cotton yarns h 90 

Chaffee av 
Hussey Danl A atndt Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
—John D (Ellen F) r 92 Alder 
— Mary wid John H rem to Palmer 
— Nora wid Martin h 252 Newton 
— Ralph P (Miriam L) farmer h 165 West 
Husted Doratha G r 65 High 
— Glenn W (Marion G) toolmkr h 65 High 
Hutchby Anna buckle wkr r 152 Prospect 
Hutchings Eug M (Mable A) elk h 50 Cherry 
— Harold E r 50 Cherry 
Hutchins Anna Mrs r 89 Cherry 
— Ida E wid Scott M r 18 Marlborough rd 
— Marion F tchr South Junior High sch r 

89 Cherry 
— Merton P (Florence B) master mariner h 

7 Randall 
— Orren L (Anna M) mach h 4 Chester av 
Hutchinson Sarah T wid Peter A h 42 Green 
Hutmacher's Shoe Store (Ira H Morse) shoes 

355 Moody 
Hutton Eliz M wid Henry r 414 Crescent 
Huynders Bros (James and Michael) confec- 
tionery 101 Moody 
— Jas (Huynders Bros) 101 Moody r 23 Pine 
— Michl (Huynders Bros) 101 Moody r 23 

Hyde Agnes E R, WW Co r 35 High 
— Dorothy M tchr South Junior High sch h 

5 Wellington 
—Helen L r 14 High 
— Mary A h 24 Bacon 

— Maxwell L (Agnes A) WW Co r 14 Dexter 
— Wm E (Nettie M) real est 14 High h do 
Hyne Wilfred F (Louise) formn EEI Co, 

Cooper st h 18 Dighton Brighton 
Hynes Bernard P lab r 308 River • 
— Bertha wid Michl h 425 River 
—Catherine D wid Michl h 308 River 
— Dorothy E Mrs waitress r 31 Green 
— Edwd J (Mary E) auto mech h 41 Cedar 
—Florence E wid Michl W died Apr 19, 1933 
— John H roofer r 43 Cedar 
— M Jos (Marie) chauf h rear 310 River 
— Margt L, WW Co r at Newton Lower Falls 
—Marie E, WW Co r 310 River 




— Mary J h 43 Cedar 

— Mary J maid 775 Trapelo rd r do 

— Michl (Catherine D) died Dec 29, 1931 

— Nellie J nurse r 43 Cedar 

— Patk F lab h 52 Bacon 

— Patk J lab r 52 Bacon 

— Thos R lab r 308 River 

— see Hines 

Hysler Fletcher chauf 11 Beaver cor Warren 

r 13 Prospect Watertown 
Hyson T Geo (Alma E) plmbr h 95 Bright 

I O O F Hall 31 Woerd av 

Iannuzzo Giuseppe barber 83 Prospect r 34 

— Jos (Frances) lab r 25 Oak 
— Rosario (Concetta) barber 10 Parmenter rd 

h 34 Calvary 
Iarossi Carmelo (Mary) foundrymn h 102 



Burgoyne) building blocks 232 Lexington 

— See page 82 
— Financing Assn Inc 353 Moody rm 102 
— Laundry (Frank R and Margt Basque) wet 

wash lndry 22 Bedford 
— Restaurant (Mrs Zelma G Height) 681 

Igoe Roland L (Lillian M) rem to Laconia 

Illsley Esther P atndt Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
Imbordino Jas (Carmela) shoe rpr h 9 Oak 
— Jos barber 374 Moody r 9 Oak 
—Rose elk 329 Moody r 9 Oak 
Imhoff Mary I, WW Co r 116 Chestnut 
Immanuel M E Church, Moody cor Cherry, 

Wm Gunter pastor 
Improved Order of Red Men 

Quinobequin Tribe 36 Harold J Hennelly 
chief of records 31 Clinton meets first 
and third Tues at 282 Moody 

Degree of Pocahontas Wunnegin Council 
May Langill sec meets first and third 
Tues at 31 Woerd av 

Independent Order Daughters of StGeorge, 
Lady Roberts Lodge 20, Mrs Annie S 
Humphrey rec sec 37 Adams av, W New- 
ton meets first and third Thurs at 103 
— Order of Odd Fellows 

Halls 41 Moody and 31 Woerd av 
Governor Gore Lodge 198, Chas P Winn 
sec 22 Ash meets every Fri at 31 Woerd 
Prospect Lodge 35, Adelbert M Blodgett 
rec sec 11 Gore meets every Tues at 41 
Waltham Encampment 50, Chas H Whit- 
ten scribe 14 Riverview av meets 
second and fourth Wed at 41 Moody 
Deborah Rebekah Lodge 138 Mrs Eva M 
Danforth rec sec 25, Orange meets 
second and fourth Mon at 31 Woerd av 
Hawthorne Rebekah Lodge 57 Mrs Eliz 
A Hatch rec sec 802 Main meets first 
and third Wed at 41 Moody 
Manchester Unity Waltham Lodge 7762 
Fred A Munster sec 1 Munster terrace 
meets first and third Tues at 479 Moody 
Industrial Bankers of Waltham Inc loans 371 

Moody rm 104 
— Jewel Co Inc 26 Bedford, Mansfield Talman 

pres Harold J Cunningham treas 
— Tube Co (Horace Z Landon) paper tubes 

15 Lane 
Ingalls Alf A (Florence) asst mgr 329 Moody 
h 3 Edwin rd 

Ingber Herman studt r 42 Eddy 

— Isidore (Rose) clothing h 42 Eddy 

Ingham Harold L (Eleanor) elk h 61 Chest- 

— Janie H elk r 43 Fiske 

— Jessie T sten (B) r 43 Fiske 

— Margt I wid Hiram P h 43 Fiske 

— Meta A sten (B) r 43 Fiske 

Inglis Jas tmstr Walter E Fernald State sch 
r do 

— Janet cook Walter E Fernald State sch r 

Inman Emma A Mrs h 77 Boynton 

— Roy rem to Northum PEI 

Innes Maude S typist r 206 Robbins 

— Wm H r 206 Robbins 

International Order of Good Templars Chas 
River Lodge No 42 Mrs Margt Howe rec 
sec 77 Crescent meets 2d and 4th Thurs 
at 282 Moody 

Iodice Albert farmer r 265 Warren 

— Antonio farmer r 265 Warren 

— Bessie studt nurse (Brookline) r 265 War- 

■ — Dominick (Annie) farmer h 265 Warren 

— Emeret farmer r 265 Warren 

— Helena r 265 Warren 

— Marcell J presser 8 Lexington r 108 Low- 

— Michl farmer r 265 Warren 

— Richd studt r 108 Lowell 

— Salvatore (Mary) tailor 8 Lexington h 108 

Irish Fred G (Emma F) WW Co h 6 Orange 

— National Foresters 

Michl Davitt Branch 364 Peter A Mul- 

laney treas 21 Central meets 4th Wed 

Lady Emmett Branch 447 Mrs Eliz Mc- 

Ivor fin sec 46 Dix meets 1st and 3d 

Tues at 721 Main 

Irving Earl lab r 132 Adams 

Irwin Wm J (Carrie) rem to New London 

Isaac Edwd T (Louise D) treas Hoben Mfg 

Co 157 High h 232 Concord av Belmont 
Isaacson Arthur E route formn 1295 Main 

r 1138 do 
—Arthur O (Eliz E) mach h 130 South 
—Carl E lab r 82 Cushing 
— Carl H (Nina B) tillermn Ladder 2 h 79 

— Clarence G shipper B C Ames Co Ames off 

Lexington r 1138 Main 
— Claus E (Amanda) mach h 1138 Main 
—Clifford M coml trav r 103 Alder 
—Conrad G, WW Co h 56 Winthrop 
— Edwin R mach r 1138 Main 
—Eric J pharm 923 Main r 820 do 
— Ernest W (Lena B) hlpr h 4 Jackson pi 
—Esther M wid Albert E h 820 Main 
—Gottfried h 82 Cushing 
— Henry E news boy r 4 Jackson pi 
—Martin G elk 720 Main h 103 Alder 
—Ruth S r 1138 Main 
— Thelma E elk 14 Church r 103 Alder 
— Walter T coml trav r 1138 Main 
— Wm A (Alice V) WW Co h 84 Cushing 
Isakson Edna S rem to Bline 
— Mildred E piano tchr 112 High r do 
—Oscar A (Eva F) elk 720 Main h 112 High 
Isola Filicuti Society Jos Bonica sec 66 Cen- 
tral meets 2d Sun 710 Main 
Italian-American Citizens Club Edwd E Sulli- 
van sec 49 Spring 
Ivanhoff Eliz Mrs r 250 South 
—John (Eliz M) died Dec 2 1932 

Jackson Carrie A wid Edwd L r 91 Ash 
— Eliz A, H B tchr (Newton) r Wilson rd 



■J ricks Oil 

— Eliz A wid Albert M r 12 Chester av 
—Ella A wid Frank H r 23 Church 
— Elsie G r 11 Fiske 

—Ethel M watch mkr 256 Charles r 57 Bed- 
— Flora E wid Edwd C r 79 Adams 
— Geo r Dobbins 

— Helen L wid Walter D h 19 Hammond 
— Henry T (Catherine A) gen mgr O'Hara 

Waltham Co 74 Rumford av h 14 Francis 
— Henry W (Florence) mgr 155 Crescent h 

at Cambridge 
— Herbert L (Emma A) optom Bear Hill rd 

h do 
—John F X atndt 962 Main r 2 Russell 
—Jos A (Laura W) WW Co h 223 Ash 
—Lillian J elk 209 Moody h 12 Chester av 
— Lucy A, H B wid Geo H h Wilson rd 
— Madeline tel solctr 552 South r 49 Newton 
— Marjorie W photog r 1083 Main 
— Melvin R (Ruth) chauf 53 Moody h 94 

Overland rd 
— Nellie B sten 515 South r 11 Fiske 
—Percy E died Oct 29 1932 
— Robt (Sarah E) mach h 11 Fiske 
— Thos truckmn r Dobbins 
— W Hastings (Mary E) fire alarm installer 

h 24 Hammond 
—Walter B (Alberta R) mach h 1083 Main 
—Walter B jr, atndt 1036 Main r 1083 do 
— Willard O r 1083 Main 
Jacob Jos O (Helen M) spinner h rear 714 

Jacobs Arthur M elk Waltham Trust Co 266 

Moody r 22 Dix 
—Carl W (Helen E) elk 499 Main h 202 

— Chas F (Minnie F) stmftr h 22 Dix 
— Dorothy F piano tchr r 122 Lowell 
—Elmer W, WW Co r 122 Lowell 
— Ethel F married Herbert G Card 
— Fredk M (Susan) jan Senior High sch h 

122 Lowell 
— Herbert W (Mildred G) gen mgr (Lynn) 

h 429 Lexington 
— Kathryn E tchr r 429 Lexington 
Jacobsen Maria C (Mrs Anders J) died Aug 

30 1933 
—Sophie H r 16 Curtis 

Jacobson Edith S bkpr 679 Main r 428 Lex- 

Jacques Julia L usher 505 Trapelo rd r do 
— Ora M Mrs, WW Co r 64 Exchange 
Jakerbik Anne opr r rear 137 Charles 
— Michl (Marcella) lab h rear 137 Charles 
Jamer Herman W (Beatrice V) slsmn h 27 

Lakeview ter 
James Arthur S hlpr r 158 Dale 
— Harold (Helen) mgr h 9 Tolman 
—Ruth B studt r 158 Dale 
—Walter H (Ida R) tchr (M I T, Cambridge) 

h 158 Dale 
Jameson Alma L wid Arthur L housekpr r 

199 Lake 
—Arthur L (Alma L) died July 27 1933 
— Julia Mrs r 171 Robbins 
Jan Yee mgr 309 Moody r do 
Jannini Rose F treas Middlesex College of 
Medicine & Surgery 423 South r at Bos- 
Janos Geo (Sunkist Fruit Co) 883 Main r at 

Janson Carl O (Alma) h 27C Hammond 
— Folke W (Astrid) auto body rpr h 49 Galen 
—Roland E, WW Co r 27C Hammond 
Janusaite Domella r 75 Gardner 
Jardine Geo r 18 Palmer 
Jarry John, WW Co r at Burlington Vt 

Jarvis Anna h 36 Maple 

— Dorothy nurse 775 Trapelo rd r do 

— Maria D wid Wm F r 326 Lexington 

Jasset Walter S, WW Co h 92 Allison 

Jastason Leila F, WW Co r 233 Bacon 

Jaynes Anna G, WW Co r 17 Highland av 

— Clifford C rem to Boston 

— Herbert H slsmn r 14 Barnes 

— Jas (Deborah M) elk h 14 Barnes 

— Olive M nurse r 14 Barnes 

Jedrey Cecelia rubber wkr r 37A Winthrop 

Jeffers Mary I wid Harry maid 31 £ Adams 

Jellison Harold M despatcher 101 Seyon av 

h 79 Orchard Watertown 
Jenkins Alice wid Wm N pres and treas 
Weston's Bakeries Inc 411 Moody and 
100 Felton h 104 East Side pkwy New- 

— Helen J mgr r 34 Crescent 

— Howard M production mgr 100 Felton r 104 

Eastside pkwy Newton 
— Wm (Louise E) carp h 93 Seminole av 
— Wm N (Alice) died Jan 2d 1932 
— see Junkins 

Jenks Henry A (Anna L) bkpr h 27 Lincoln 
Jenness Mary E wid Chas C elk 271 Moody 

r 46 Pond 

Jenney John B (Mary E) mason h 102 Over- 
land rd 

— Mfg Co filling stations 600 Moody and 563 
Main av 

Jennings Catherine G r 13 Castle 

—Jas B (Bridget) lab h 13 Castle 

— Jas J r 13 Castle 

— John G (Doris) phys 826 Main h at Silver 
Hill Weston 

— Mary A r 13 Castle 

— Mary J wid John r 27 Weston 

— Victor P (Marion B) mgr 469 Main h 27 

Jennison Arthur L mach r 137 Russell 
—Elmer E (Annie T) (Waltham Auto Ex- 
change Inc) 67 Myrtle h 140 Lowell 
— M Etta r 18 Chester av 
Jensen Bert (Sophie) WW Co r 19 Chestnut 
— Conrad (Frances G) (Jensen Jewelry Co) 
333 Moody rm 203 h 11 Chaske av Au- 
— Delia mach opr r 982 Main 
— Dorothy G r 40 Prospect-st av 
— Elna E, WW Co r at Maynard 
— H Engelbert, WW Co h 86 Myrtle 
—Henry C (Madda) WW Co h 35 Parmenter 

—Ida C wid Thos H h 46 Bedford 

— Jewelry Co (Conrad Jensen) 333 Moody rm 

— Oscar N mach r 50 Francis 
— Paula died May 6 1933 
— Percy E crane opr h 50 Francis 
— Reinhold J (Evelyn A) mach opr h 30 

Hiawatha av 
— Richd M (Marie H) WW Co h Reach off 

— Sophia A wid Jens C r 50 Francis 
Jepson Elmer H (Annie) WW Co h 4 Chest 

nut-st av 
Jessup Esther H studt r 41 Beaver 
— Geo W mech eng h 41 Beaver 
— Hattie T (Mrs Geo W) died Oct 22 1932 
Jewel Martha wid Hiram died Nov 1932 
Jewell Ernest W ( Janie) pntr h 72 Hall 
— Martha A wid Hiram died Nov 10 1932 
— T Edson jr (Sarah) asst treas WB&P Co 

h 216 Waverly 
— Theo E (Ray R) pres and treas Waltham 

Bag & Paper Co Cooper st h 125 Thorn- 

cliffe rd Newton 



Jewett Arthur C (Nellie M) jwlr h 176 Rob- 

— Edwd T (Mary) mach h 3 Fuller 

— Gwendolyn V tchr Chauncey Newhall sch 
r 176 Robbins 

— Sarah E tchr (Weston) r Lunda st 

Jim's Laundry (Yee Hung) 43 Lexington 

Jiuliano Angelo (Mary) mach opr h 19 Mid- 

Jodrey Chas W (Mildred L) mason r 53 Wal- 

— Nathan A carp r 83 Cherry 

Joe Charlie Laundry (Fong Yen) 599 Main 

Johansen Einar L (Olga K) die mkr h 16 

— Lillian sten r 16 Huntington 

— Martin H (Beth L) chauf h Arcadia av opp 

— Thos (Doris M) dairymn 247 Bacon r 253 

— Walter G r 16 Huntington 

Johanson John H (Martha M) mech eng r 820 

Johansson Ernest G chief eng Pond opp Ex- 
change r at Watertown 

ANCE CO OF BOSTON Joseph F Rogers 
mgr 740 Main rm 105 — See page 94 

John's Shoe Repairing (John M Koulo- 
poulos) 867 Main 

Johnson Adah H sten Walter E Fernald 
State sch r do 

— Adolph G r 14 Fern 

— Adolph J produce h 108 Russell 

— Alvin formn r 11 Brigham rd 

— Andrew L (Mary) buckle mkr h 14 Fern 

— Anna wid Chas h 5 Highland 

— Anna B Mrs h 5 Highland 

—Anna S (Mrs Adolph J) died Apr 21 1932 

— Arthur (Mary) blksmth r 25 Underwood 

— Arthur E r 38 Turner 

— Arthur N (Priscilla M) carp h 146 Pros 

— Augustus h 31 Orange 

— Bayard (Lorena W) capt USA h 11 Brook- 
field rd 

— Carl button mkr r 79 Cherry 

— Carl W (Viola F) linemn r 106 Prospect 

—Caroline T h 38 Derby 

—Chas A (Minnie F) WW Co h 93 Chestnut 

— Christina M wid Wm F h 4 Alder ter 

— Clara E wid Camillus died July 1 1933 

— Clara V r 31 Orange 

— Clare R slsmn r 93 Chestnut 

— Clarence H (Ella B) pntr h Keach st 

— Clarence J A (Mildred) (Johnson Mfg Co) 
26 Bedford h 62 Florence rd 

— Clifford B tchr r 24 Lawrence 

—Conrad B r 166 Felton 

—David H (Britta H) rem to Franklin N H 

— E Viola elk r 38 Derby 

— Edwd O (Angie A) heating eng (Cam- 
bridge) h 39 Marlborough rd 

— Einar J (Walborj N) toolmkr h 16 Eddy 

— Eleanor M r 16 Barnes 

— Elin wid Fred, WW Co r 50 Warren 

— Elinor G r 71 Francis 

— Elinor L wid Richard h 71 Francis 

— Eliz F wid Byron B h 45 Pond 

— Ellen C nurse r 31 Orange 

— Elmer M (Eliz B) slsmn h 22 Lawrence 

— Elwood G studt r 8 Tavern rd 

—Eric A (Selma) mach 48 Woerd av h 20 

— Eric W (Ragnhild V) autos h 38 Virginia 

— Ernest J (Selina M) mason h 16 Barnes 

—Ernest S (Emma N) WW Co h 58 Curtis 


—Ester V, WW Co h 38 Derby 

—Ethel E tchr Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
—Flora T, WW Co r 31 Gordon 
— Fredk P (Florence M) slsmn h 371 W T av- 

erley Oaks rd 
— Fredk W (Francisca F) h 371 Waverley 

Oaks rd 

— Fremont B studt r 19 Irving 

— Fridolf pntr r 36 Tomlin 

—Fritz D (Hannah M) WW Co 

— G Robt (Gerda O) watchmn 100 Seyon av 

h 25 Hamblin rd 
— Geo L (Lillian G) chief Waltham Fire 

Dept h 63 Chestnut 
— Grace L shipper 515 South r 25 do 
— Gustauf (Manghild) tinsmith h 43 Curtis 
— Gustave E rem to Boston 
— H I Drug Co 617 Main inc '15 Louis P 

Tankel pres-treas 
— Hans S sec r Montclair av 
—Harold B (Bernice T) field dir Am Red 

Cross (B) h 24 Lawrence 
— Harry (Hilda) carp and bldr 1197 Main 

h do 

— Harry S (Lillian V) lndry wkr h 124 

— Harry T phys and osteo 64 Cherry r do 
— Hazel married Robt Gray 
— Hazel LeBarron Mrs, WW Co r 79 Brown 
— Helmar J gate tndr r 4 Alder ter 
— Helmer O (Edna L) pntr h 15 Joy 
— Henry E (Margt S) electn 91A Crescent h 


—Herbert G (Edna M) tel installer h 35 

Hamilton rd 
— Herbert W rem to Lexington 
— Herman auto mech r 23 Pine 
— Hjalmar (Theresa) mach h 21 Sharon 
— Hjalmar V rem to Prov R I 
— Ingwell mgr 43 Bedford h at E Natick 
— Irene married Harold Morris 
—J Chester, WW Co r 101 Stow 
— Jas G hlDr r Montclair av 
— Jas T died Oct 12 1933 
—Jas W (Leonora) WW Co h 399 Crescent 
— Jennie L wid Edwd bkpr r 49 Crescent 
— John r Montclair av 
— John (Esther) buckle mkr h 217 Lowell 
— John A (Hulda M) organ mkr h 11 Belle- 

— John B (Jennie E) mach 48 Woerd av h 

1400 Main 
— John E auto accessories h 12 Cabot 
—John E (Selma E) gro 58 Hammond h 160 

—John E (Margt H) WW Co h 48 Bedford 
— John E (Elise J) (16 Huntington) rem to 


— John E (Rose) (Forest nr Trapelo rd) rem 
to N Y city 

— John O (Augusta C) watchmkr EHW Co 
h 2\ Bellevue av 

—John W r 160 Plympton 

— Jos A (Marie H) furn fnshr h 45 Lake rd 

— Josephine F wid Sherman H h 17 Ham- 

— Josiah B (Helen T) WW Co h 64 Cherry 

—Kimball (Edith F) formn 515 South h 25 

— Knute R, WW Co r 21 Sharon 

— L Gertrude h 278 Crescent 

— Lena Mrs r 82 Dale 

— Leo R (Elsie) photog r Overlook rd 

— Leonard mach 48 Woerd av r 54 Highland 

— Leslie D lab r 31 Orange 

— Lillian r 5 Highland 



Johnson „, 

—Louis mgr shoe dept 285 Moody h at Wol- 

— Luella, WW Co r at Waverley 
— Mfg Co (Clarence J Johnson) gaskets 26 

Bedford M ^ 

—Marguerite Mrs, WW Co r 61 Dartmouth 
—Maria L wid Wm P r 8 Wamsutta av 
— Muriel E r Ode st 
—Nelson O elk r 79 Cherry 

Olaf A (Mary E) lab h Rosemont av 

— Olivina R wid Lars h Montclair av 
—Oscar (Jessie) mach WB&P Co h 8 Tavern 

—Oscar A (Gertrude) pntr 98 Fiske h do 
—Oscar E (Emily T) buckle wkr h 38 Tur- 
—Oscar L (Hulda F) mach h 84 Brown 
—Oscar O (Jessie B) mach h 8 Tavern rd 
— Otilia waitress r 4 Alder ter 
— Patk J (Winifred) h 160 Newton 
—Paul (Georgia K) elk Ry MS h 19 Irving 
—Paul C (Flannery's Cafe) 334 Moody r 67 

—Peter (Selma) carp h 9 Falmouth rd 
— Philip (Florence) atndt h 31 Gordon 
—Ralph H (Sarah) paper ctr 515 South r at 

— Richd H (Helen R) slsmn h 47 Leonard 
— Richd L auto mech r 56 Walnut 
—Richd S (Elsie C) carp h 36 Tomlin 
— Robt B died Jan 20 1931 
— Robt B Co Inc 653 Main inc '23 Ernest J 

Rippin pres John Grainger v-pres Mrs 

Mabel A Berry treas jewelers 
—Robt F studt r 54 Rumford av 
—Robt F M (Ellen M) restr 54 Rumford av 

h do 
—Robt L studt r 19 Irving 
—Robt M jr died Oct 18 1930 
—Roland, WW Co r 21 Sharron 
— Ruth E pharm married Ralph Hoglund 

rem to Port Chester N Y 
— Ruth E married Ralph Hoglund rem to 

Port Chester N Y 
—Sarah r 876£ Main 
— Seth slsmn 582 Main r 20 Wash av 
— Sherman H (Josephine F) died Nov 12 


— Svante O (Elna N) pntr h 79 Cherry 

— Thelma studt r 24 Lawrence 

—Vera M, WW Co r 16 Eddy 

— W Marshall studt r 64 Cherry 

—Wallace L, WW Co r 67 Chestnut 

—Walter I r 1400 Main 

— Wm L (Maude M) WW Co h 46 Lawrence 

— Wm R r 120 Robbins 

— Wm R jr r 120 Robbins 

Johnston Chas E (Evelyn C) mgr 277 Moody 

h Irving pi Holliston 
-—Chas L r 210 River 
—Geo M (Harriet C) mach h 210 River 
— Geo M (Blanche C) welder h 6 Parker's 

— Janette Mrs housekpr r 74 Riverview av 
— Jos M (Arlene) slsmn h 15 Brown 
— Jos R (Helen M) chauf r 91 Robbins 
— Wm F (Helen P) formn h 25 Laurel av 
— Wm J (Helen M) lab h 1 Gill rd 
Johnstone Agnes W, WW Co r 791 Moody 
— Annie cook Walter E Fernald State sen 

r do 
— Esther L, WW Co r at Newtonville 
—Harold H (Eliz) baker 100 Felton h 17 

—Hector M (Stella E) pntr h 854 Main 
— Irving B hlpr Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
— Irving B (Annie) mgr h 31 Weston 



— Jas (Erna) WW Co h at Newton 

— Lilias G B wid Hector r 17 Brookfield rd 

— Quinton (Margt) baker 100 Felton h 37 Ev- 

— Thos A studt r 225 South 
Jolin Margt Mrs h 181 Newton 
Jolley Cecile wid Andre r 36 Wash av 
Jollota David J (Dora M) WW Co h 167 

— Edna M r 167 Adams 
— Katherine S nurse r 167 Adams 
Jolly Alf E r 135 Thornton rd 
Jones Abbie J wid Henry M died Mar 24 1931 
— Alden L lab r 1 Marivista av 
—Alf A (Anna M) slsmn h 252 Ash 
—Alf G farmer r 1380 Main 
— Alice phone opr 16 Spring r 505 Main 

— Alta B, WW Co r at Auburndale 
— Annabel Mrs elk 342 Moody r 3 Rumford 


— Annie housekpr 505 Trapelo rd r do 

—Arthur C, WW Co r at Kendal Green 

— Arthur R B (Lillian M) stone ctr h rear 

139 Beaver 
— Arthur W farmer r 261 Weston 
— Benj F h 29 Church 
—Betty M r 57 Bedford 
— Carrie E wid Richd A h 47 Banks 
— D Warner (Ethel) (Tavern Sq Garage) 305 

Weston h 14£ Howard 
— Danl E printer h 67 Lowell 
—David E (Alice M) mgr h 1331 Main 
—Delia W elk r 76 Wash av 
—Dexter F (Eliz B) farmer h 1380 Main 
— Eliz C wid John J h 8 Common 
— Emma A drsmkr 92 Cushing r do 
—Emma C r 261 Weston 
— Eunice C wid Frank H h 23 Myrtle 
—Frank C soft drinks 1013 Main r 20 Pros- 
pect Hill rd 
— Fredk H (Emily A) WW Co h College 

Farm rd 
— Geo D chauf r 154 Russell 
— Georgie Mrs r 104 Adams 
— Geraldine visitor (State House B) r 8 

Lexington ter 
—Harold H (Emma L) chauf SO Co h 55 

—Harry (Mary) NET&T Co h 304 College 

Farm rd 
— Hattie Mrs h 28 Prospect 
— Helen P prin Thomas R Plympton sch r 36 

— Herbert (Mabel) slsmn h 68 Beal rd 
— Herbert E h 36 Curve 
—Ida M Mrs, WW Co r 250 Brown 
— Isabel wid Geo F r 57 Bedford 
— John H (Jennie E) comp 515 South h 20 

Prospect Hill rd 
—Jos E, WW Co r 17 Wadsworth av 
— Katherine D tchr Thomas Hill sch h 8 

Lexington ter 
— Katherine L wid Williard F h 73 Bacon 
— Leewood (Annabel) slsmn r 3 Rumford 
— Lena L died Jan 28 1931 
—Leon W auto mech 305 Weston r 154 Rus- 
— Louise librarian (State House B) r 8 Lex- 
ington ter 
— Mae B Mrs h 151 Brown 
— Margt dentist's asst 598 Main rm 2 r 10 

Auburn ter 
— Mary Mrs r 10 Auburn ter 
— May E Mrs asst librarian Public Library 

735 Main h 111 Lincoln 
—Mildred E elk (B) r 154 Russell 
— Moses h West st 




— Moses jr poultry r West st 

—Muriel H, WW Co r 252 Ash 

— Norman S (Evelyn) bkpr h 250 Brown 

— Paul L (Anna K) drftsmn (Cambridge) h 

145 Bright 
JONES RALSTON P (Isabelle) authorized 
Ford dealer and Fordson Tractor service 
899 Main h 1801 Beacon Waban — See 
page 68 
— Richd C (Bridget J) died Nov 19 1933 
— Roger W (Muriel B) asst mgr 740 Main 

rm 105 h 22 Laurel av 
— Rosalia H r 67 Lowell 
— S Orville (May E) farmer r 111 Lincoln 
— Saml F h 22 Daniels ct 
— Saml F jr r 22 Daniels ct 
— Theo T (Laura A) elk 1000 Main h 18 Ver- 
— Thos P (Marion L) slsmn h 175 Florence 

— Wilhelmina atndt Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
— Wm F brass wkr r 144 Bacon 
— Wm H (Clara A W) h 578 Lexington 
— Wm N (Annie) gro 179 Lake h do 
Jongoh Foo waiter 659 Main h 10 Elm 
Joos Louis M (Mary L) weaver r 58 Pond 
Jordan Albert A (Florence L) slsmn h 19 Mil- 
— Amelia M wid Wendell S h 184 Hammond 
— Claire C married Geo H Donovan 
—Clyde W (Vera G) slsmn h 898 Main 
— Dana H (Frances T) eng h 20 Laurel av 
— Doris V married Jos Griggs 
— Ellery E (Rachel E) cond BE h Larchmont 

— Francis A lawyer 681 Main rm 7 r 35 

— Furniture Co 419 Moody, Maurice Kniznik 
pres Harry Kniznik treas house furnish- 
ing goods 
— Geo E (Elsie L) slsmn r 12 VanVechten 
— Geo F (Susie L) auto mech r 255 South 
— Leonard A tchr r 35 Palmer 
— Myrtle L musn r 184 Hammond 
— Nora J wid Francis P h 35 Palmer 
— Ralph W printer r Larchmont av 
—Stella M field sec (B) r 184 Hammond 
— Stillman farmer r 639 Lincoln 

JOSEPHINE'S SHOPPE (Josephine LeBlanc) 
tailors and furriers 24 Cushing — See 
page 78 
Josephson Annie L elk 720 Main r 103 High 
—Bessie elk 223 Moody r 103 High 
— Carolina J wid Claus died Mar 11 1933 
— Chas O (Bessie N) WW Co h 103 High 
— Edwd L, WW Co r 103 High 
Josey Laura E usher Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
Joslyn Clyde F (Jessie) (The Handy Shop) 

580 Moody h 23 Ash 
Josselyn Eliz M r 783 Beaver 
—Howard B furn (B) h 783 Beaver 
— Irma T r 783 Beaver 
— Lena M r 783 Beaver 
— Lewis H r 783 Beaver 
— Virginia studt r 783 Beaver 
Jost Nelson (Pauline) asst sec 131 Lexington 

h Grosvenor st Needham 
Joubert Amy P elk 299 Moody r 17 Lowell 
— Geo W (Julia M) trucking 17 Lowell h do 
— Isabelle J radio wkr (Newton) r 17 Low- 
Journey Fritz R (Margt S) died Oct 1 1933 
Joy Albert B (Frances) slsmn h 200 Warren 
Joyal Aide V (Vizina M) h 22 Hammer 
— Edmond J, WW Co h 111 Auburndale av 

Joyce Alda N, WW Co r 48 Howard 
JOYCE FRANCIS J (Annie E) undertaker 

552 Main h 554 do — See page 87 
—Hazel N, WW Co r 217 Robbins 
—Helen L. WW Co r 57 Adams 
—John P (Lena M) stmftr h 47 Alder 
— M Adelaide h 57 Adams 
— Norman R (Bertha) farmer h Winter cor 

— Patk F (Joyce & Brown) 59 Caughey r do 
— Russell N farmer r Winter cor Locust 

JOYCE THOMAS A real estate and insurance 
135 Moody and (Thomas A Joyce Realty 
Trust) do h at Newtonville — See page 3 

— Thomas A Realty Trust (Thos A Joyce) 
real est 135 Moody 

— Thos P (Louise E) electn h 83 Guinan 

— Wm H (Winifred M) auto mech h 217 Rob- 

— & Brown (Patk F Joyce, David J Brown) 
carps and bldrs 59 Caughey 

Juckins Anthony G atndt nurse 505 Trapelo 
rd r do 

Judd Dorothy R, WW Co r 116 Chestnut 
— Fredk T r 116 Chestnut 
—Grace E M, WW Co r 15 Wash av 
— Grace M cashr r 116 Chestnut 
— Rosina wid Fredk r 116 Chestnut 
—Thos A (Mattie L) baker h 116 Chestnut 
— Virginia R bookbinder r 116 Chestnut 
Judge Archibald C lodging house 15 Cushing 

h do 
— Clement L fruit and produce 341 Moody r 

59 Cedar 
— Geo L bkpr 894 Main r 59 Cedar 
— Grace E rem to Belmont 
— Helen waitress r 403 Crescent 
—John J (Mila R) jan 894 Main h 59 Cedar 
Judkins Winthrop S (Alma A) ins agt (Low- 
ell) h 1377 Main 

Jule Hermon W (Louise E) hospital wkr h 

11 Nathan rd 
— Thelma L r 11 Nathan rd 
Julian Abel J r 27 Central 
— Agnes T wid Jos r 126 Pond 
—Beatrice L, WW Co r 27 Central 
— Irene C, WW Co r 27 Central 
—Louis D (Mary A) WW Co h 27 Central 
—Mary I C, WW Co r 27 Central 
Juliano Carmelo (Antonia) lab B&M h 43 

—Carmine (Mary C) lab h 102 Harvard 
— John (Mary) asst supt r 57 Chester av 
—Mary G r 102 Harvard 
Junkins see Jenkins 

Juskin Benj M (Stella) mgr (B) h 152 Rob- 
— Benj W gas sta r 152 Robbins 
— Helen G slswmn r 152 Robbins 
Justason Edwin C (Alma G) caretkr h 233 

—Geo E (Mary E) died Mar 24 1931 
—Harold E (Meidra I) chauf 247 Bacon h 

233 do 
— Hilda K insp r 233 Bacon 
—Mary E wid Geo E r 19 Worcester lane 
— Wilfred L passenger agt B&M (B) r 19 
Worcester lane 

Kachinsky Rubin mgr 367 Moody r 31 Floyd 

Kain Richd J mica wkr 66 Woerd av r 59 

Chester av 
Kaitz Benj H (Eva) used autos and parts 91 

Felton h 19 Lyman ter 
— Celia (Paramount Hat Shop) 214 Moody 

r at Boston 
— Saml slsmn r 19 Lyman ter 



Kaler Harold A (Gladys S) insp EEI Co 

Cooper st r 220 Ash 
Kallow Jos (Ragnhild) driver 200 Prospect 

h Circle dr 
Kaminsky Jacob (Celia) senior phys 775 Tra- 

pelo rd h Bow st 
Kamp John E watch rpr 282 Moody rm 10 

r do 
Kampe Helen W, WW Co r 240 Ash 
— Herbert E auto rpr rear 844 Moody r 240 

— John E (Emma W) watch mkr h 240 Ash 
— Olga H, WW Co r 240 Ash 
Kanada Beatrice H atndt Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
Kane Agnes M r 80 Francis 
— Anna D 66 Woerd av r 80 Francis 
— Annie T wid Patk J h 80 Francis 
— Edith M machine opr r 80 Francis 
— Eliz M atndt 775 Trapelo rd r do 
—Geo A (Catherine M) meatctr h 27 Char- 
lotte rd 

— Gertrude O married John Norton rem to 

— Helen M Mrs housekpr r 64 Calvary 
— Jacob (Eva) baker h 90 Charles 
— Jos H (Gladys G) carp h Pine Hill circle 
— M Irene r 80 Francis 
— Marion K elk 100 Beaver r 27 Charlotte 

— Mary r 86 Maple 
— Mary E, WW Co r 8 Orange 
—Patk J (Annie T) died May 31 1931 
— Robt elk r 794 Main 
— Thos (Margt L) mldr h 62 Lowell 
Kane's Furniture Co 390 Moody 
— see Keane and Cain 
Kann Alex B elk r 12 Woerd av 
—David (Wilhelmina B) WW Co h 12 Woerd 

— Dorothy A slsmn r 12 Woerd av 
— Wilhelmina Mrs elk 897 Main r 12 Woerd 


Kaplan Jos B (Madeline) (W S Varney 
Printing Co) rear 33 Spruce h 87 Over- 
land rd 

— Michl (Bessie) produce h 97 Hammond 

— Philip (Bessie) tailor h 27 Plympton 

— Saul L corp elk Waltham Bleachery & Dye 
Works 138 River h at Boston 

— Walter (Mary) shoe rpr 521 Moody h 36 
Henshaw, W Newton 

Kappler Francis J h 26 Maple 

—Jos L, WW Co h at W Newton 

—Mary E, WW Co r 26 Maple 

Karanasios Thos candy mkr r 145 Crescent 

Karlberg Annie L wid John J bkpr r 126 Ash 

Karlin Harry reporter 18 Pine r 44 Brim- 
mer Watertown 

Karmelkorn Shop (Benj F Towle) confection- 
ery and popcorn 310 Moody 

Karzenewski Jos (Mary) gro 390 Newton h 

Kass Newton J (Lillian L) auto mech h 20 

Kaswell Harold J studt r 30A Eddy 

— Louis (Gertrude) comp 515 South h 30A 

Katasogianis George J (Georgia) (Central 
Square Shoe Repairing) 695 Main h 85 

Kates Maxwell pharm r 94 Adams 

Kathan Ella H wid Gaius died June 25 1933 

Katon Howard L (Mary S) mgr 299 Newton 
h 199 Adams 

Katsos Arthur J (Stella) rem to Somerville 

Katwick Fredk A r 43 Alder 

— Loretta D, WW Co r 43 Alder 

—Louise M, WW Co r 43 Alder 


— Ryner C (Bridget A) h 43 Alder 
—Walter M r 43 Alder 

Katz Maxwell pharm 509 Moody r 94 Adams 
—Morris (Sadie) died Jan 31 1931 
Kaufman Chas A (Louise H) h 255 Charles 
—Nathan (Esther) fruit 867A Main h 93 

Kavanagh C Alton (M Margt) painter r 58 

— J Edmund sten r 18 Russell 
— John carp 93 Amherst av h do 
—John E (Mary L) h 18 Russell 
—Jos H elk 720 Main r 18 Russell 
— Louise J nurse r 18 Russell 
— M Edna bkpr r 18 Russell 
■ — Mary A Mrs nurse r 261 Weston 
— Pauline N r 18 Russell 
— Sarah A wid Felix h 58 Central 
— see Cavanaugh and Cavanagh 
Kay Ella M, WW Co r at W Concord 
— Emily R wid Geo A h 145 Crescent 
—Herbert C (Eva H) batterymn h 192 Rob- 

KAY JEWELRY CO H E Weston mgr dia- 
monds, jewelry, watches and silverware 
316 Moody — See page 95 

Kay's Spa (Kay S Minas) variety store 1058 

Kayris Anna C married John Chase 

— Bartholomew (Helen M) h 189 River 

—Mary A, WW Co r 189 River 

Kealey Margt nurse 775 Trapelo rd r do 

Keane Anna J r 59 Plympton 

— B Delia Mrs h 41 Hall 

— Edwd J (Mary H) lab h 411 River 

— Geo F elk r 145 Bacon 

— Helen C sten 740 Main rm 105 r 109 Irving 

— John W r 145 Bacon 

—Leo E (M Alice) (M Keane & Son) 30 Elm 
h 33 Columbus av 

KEANE M & SON (Leo E Keane) monu- 
ments 30 Elm — See page 104 

—Margt F sten 680 Main rm 1 r 109 Irving 

—Mary (Mrs Martin) died May 30 1933 

— Mary F r 39 Leonard 

— Mary P sten 680 Main rm 1 r 109 Irving 

— Mary V wid Michl h 39 Leonard 

— Michl J blksmth h 145 Bacon 

— Patk J lab r 59 Plympton 

—Patk J (Delia M) watchmn 138 River h 109 

— Rita studt nurse r 109 Irving 

— Rose M sten (Newton) r 39 Leonard 

— see Kane and Cain 

Keaney Wm J (Gertrude) asst supt 371 
Moody rm 106 h 4 Theurer pk Water- 

Kearin Harold J (Luella) hdw h 1353 Main 

Kearney Bernard J rem to Brookline 

— see Carney 

Kearns Patk died July 4 1931 

— Wm (Lillian R) ins agt 267 Moody h 91 
Wachusetts dr Lexington 

— Wm J (Mary) plmbr 588 Main h 73 How- 

Kearsley Carl W furn mover r 40 Prospect- 
st av 

— Geo E rem to Auburndale 

— Wm T (Grace M) WW Co h 40 Prospect-st 

Keating Agnes T sten r 285 River 

—Anna C, WW Co r 35 Palmer 

— Jas h Winter beyond Malvern 

— Jas W (Annie J) lab h 285 River 

— John F (Mary F) formn h Walton st 

—Julia A. WW Co r 35 Palmer 

— Katherine r Winter bey Malvern 

— Katherine V nurse r 285 River 




— Margt J r 15 Charles 

— Marion F r Winter bey Malvern 

— Mary E r 15 Charles 

—Maurice G (Helen E) office mgr (NET&T 
Co, B) h 244 Weston 

— Michl J (Mary M) h 15 Maple ter 

—Paul L elk r 285 River 

— Wm F aud r 285 River 

Keaveney Martin J (Josephine C) mldr h 114 

Kedian Mary J Mrs h 639 Lincoln 

Keefe Alice M photo retoucher r 55 Bruce 

— Archie (May) slsmn h 158 South 

— Eleanor elk 18 Pine r 40 Maple Watertown 

— Ellard B (Mary L) opr 14 Church h 54 

— Esther A elk 265 Moody r 745 MtAuburn 

— Francis T roofer r 22 Lyman 

— Frank slsmn 217 Lexington h at W New- 

— Frank P (Henrietta) h 16 Bruce rd 

— Geo H (Mariea M) bus opr BE Ry h 67 

Seminole av 
— Gertrude A r 55 Bruce rd 
— Helen M nurse r 28 Warren av 
—John P (Eliz) chauf Ry Ex 11 Carter h 63 

— Jos (Anna) atndt r 9 Chestnut 
— Jos P (Anna M) r 22 Lyman 
— Jos P (Agnes M) plmbr r 37 Hammond 
— Margt E sec 657 Main rm 11 r at Water- 
— Mary A wid Dennis B h 28 Warren av 
— Mary F married Timothy Mulkern rem to 

Chicago 111 
— Mary L wid Frank A h 9 Grant pi 
— Mary R studt r 22 Lyman 

KEEFE PATRICK J (Mary F) roofer 22 Ly- 
man yard 40 Charles h 22 Lyman — See 
page 116 
— T Francis cabtmkr r 55 Bruce rd 
— Thos farm hand 505 Trapelo rd r do 
— Wm (Alice) cabtmkr h 55 Bruce rd 
— Wm F (Dorothy M) cabtmkr r 84 Lunda 
— Wm J (Dorothy M) chauf h 27£ Ash 
— see O'Keefe 

Keegan Andrew J (Alice M) slsmn h 12 Char- 
lotte rd 
— John J platform mn Ry Ex (B) r 72 Tay- 
— Mary E housekpr Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
—Thos H (Margt T) opr M&B St Ry h 115 

Prospect Hill rd 
Keelty John J (Gladys I) WW Co r 96 

— Katherine Mrs domestic h 96 Orange 
Keeman Harold C (Susanne L) vice pres and 
gen mgr The E Howard Clock Co 256 
Charles h 36 Dexter 
—Harold L r 36 Dexter 
Keenan Aloysius J elk r 47 Lyman 
— Anna M head nurse 505 Trapelo rd r do 
— Clara soap wrapper 100 Beaver r 235 River 
— Edwd H lab r 80 Exchange 
— Eliz domestic r 10 Francis 
— John L coml trav r 138 Virginia rd 
— Jos J (Margt C) station agt Waltham High- 
lands 100 Hammond h 43A Howard 
— M Eliz r 90 Bacon 

Keene Annie wid Henry J h 15 Exchange pi 
— John I custodian Eagles Hall r 15 Ex- 
change pi 
— see Keane 

Kehoe Eva, WW Co h 92 Brown 
—Eva B, WW Co r 33 Taylor 


—Francis F (Mabel A) WW Co h 33 Taylor 

—Grace V, WW Co r 33 Taylor 

Keily Katherine A knitter r 94 Adams 

Keirstead Alice E r 46 Derby 

— Amanda E wid G Albert r 46 Fuller 

—Clifford L (Ola P) elk h 29 Brown 

— Dorothy M bookbinder r 46 Derby 

— Evelyn A r 46 Derby 

—Ida M, WW Co 

Keith A May r rear 700 Main 

— Alice C r rear 700 Main 

— Annie M wid Richd P h Marivista av 

— Arthur C sportswear (Cambridge) f 119 

— Chas (B Beatrice) ice cream mkr h 135 

Thornton rd 
— Elise A Mrs, WW Co r at Watertown 
— G Lafayette (Susan C) died Oct 3 1933 
— Geo R (Loretta E) mgr 195 Hammond h 16 

Winsom av 
— Kenneth R office mgr 949 Main r 106 Irv- 

— Marguerite B atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd 

r do 
— Mary A died Feb 5 1932 
— Susan C wid G Lafayette h 119 Adams 
— Walter M cabtmkr 708 Main r 19 Daniels 

— Webster D (Emma D) h 85 Orange 
Keleher Mary A maid 775 Trapelo rd r do 
Kelleher Kenneth treas Moody Hardware & 

Electric Co Inc 577 Moody r 19 Birch rd 

Keller Chas A (Mary G) opr h 17 MtPleasant 
— Chas A jr, opr r 17 MtPleasant 
— Michl J (Margt) mach opr h 56 Turner 
Kelley Agnes B cloth mender r 147 Bright 
— Alf (Pearl) r 96 Robbins 
— Alice G elk r 44 Howard 
— Anita M sten r 59 Russell 
— Annie maid r 33 Curve 
— Catherine lndrs h 144 School 
— Cecelia A married Jas H Meuse jr rem to 


— Chas A driver 69 River r 92 Oak 

— Chas E rem to Watertown 

— Cornelius P (Mary A) auto mech h 92 Oak 

— E Florence, EHW Co r 142 High 

— Eliz F r 11 Spring 

—Eliz G, WW Co r 92 Oak 

— Frank slsmn r 28 Moore 

— Frank C hlpr 42 Beal rd r 37 do 

— Frank M (Mary J) auto mech r 21 Sum- 
mer av 

— Fredk J vulcanizer r 142 High 

— Geo A (Ruth C) elec eng h 129 Virginia 

— Gertrude F winder r 400 River 

— Gordon B mach 48 Woerd av r 40 Lexing- 
ton, W Newton 

— Harold J (Louise C) h 36 Francis 

— Harold M carrier PO 738 Main r 23 Lewis 

— Henry S chauf r 5 Wampum av 

— Herbert H (Josephine F) grinding wheel 
wkr 115 Bacon h 30 Castle 

—Jas V died May 1 1931 

—Jennie T wid Frank J h 142 High 

— John A (Helen S) bus opr h 14 Wellington 

—John B (Ellen E) (Elm St Garage) 30 Elm 
h 59 Russell 

—John B jr (Mary V) bkpr 30 Elm h 122 

— John C hlpr r 147 Robbins 

—John J (Margt T) boiler mkr h 53 Ham- 

— John P (Louise C) formn 69 River r 92 Oak 




—Jos E r 11 Spring . 

—Jos J (Kelley & McKernan) 873 Main r 

oo Francis 
— Katherine G wid Wm A r 42 School 
—Louise manifolder 515 South r 36 Francis 
— Margt F E domestic r 14 Winthrop 
—Marion B phone opr 16 Spring r 39 Wav- 

erley av Watertown 
— Marion L binder 515 South r 30 Castle 
—Mark E (Pauline R) NET&T Co h 321 

—Mary E wid Thos E h 44 Howard 
— Mary M cook rear 332 Main r do 
— Mary P sten 422 Moody r 511 Adams Dor 
— Mary R opr r 142 High 
— Mary V Mrs nurse h 122 School 
— Mary W wid Peter P r 5 Grant pi 
— Michl (Minnie) formn B&M 62 Elm h 193 


—Michl died Feb 1931 
— Michl E mill hand r 400 River 
— P Bernard r 147 Robbins 
— Patk rubber wkr h 28 Lexington 
— Patk B (Margt A) h 33 Francis 
— Patk J h 11 Spring 
— Patk J lab r 96 Summit 
— Peter E (Honora) linemn h 147 Robbins 
— Sarah mach opr r 28 Lexington 
— Thos F (Mary E) slsmn 10 Felton h 37 
Beal rd 

— Thos F (Sadie G) section hand h 400 River 
— Thos J firemn h 147 Bright 
— Walter C (Evelyn M) h 14 Winthrop 
— Walter P (Helen) chauf h 53 Hammond 
— Wm A (Katherine G) died June 21 1933 
— & McKernan (Jos J Kelley, Hugh J McKer- 
nan) cigars 873 Main 

Kellogg Chas F mgr 151 Lexington r 339 
Trapelo rd Belmont 

Kelly Agnes F h 72 South 

— Agnes J bkpr (Watertown) h 136 Bacon 

— Albert R (Hazel L) mach h 30 Marlbor- 
ough rd 

— Alden S (Helen D) chauf h 31 Rich 

— Ann T buyer r 144 Summer 

— Anna M r 52 Marlborough rd 

— Arthur J slsmn (B) r 44 Ellison pk 

— Bert rem to Newport R I 

— 'Caroline M elk 721 Moody r 19 Adams 

— Edwd B studt r 40 Common 

— Edwd S hlpr r 5 Wampum av 

— Ellen r 235 School 

— Francis J (May E) formn h 14 Gordon 

— Frank (Catherine) hlpr h 22 Sun 

— Frank L atndt 55 Main r 15 Chilcott pi 

—Geo I died Jan 1 1932 

KELLY GEO I Inc 429 Moody inc Mass '20 
Ramon S Kelly pres-treas men's furnish- 
ing goods — See page 78 

—Geo P (Martha S) h 102 Weston 

— Hannah wid Michl E h 2 Massasoit ct 

—Helen M, WW Co r 81 Main 

— Henry J (Mary F) police 25 Lexington h 
90 Pond 

— Herbert L (Grace F) elec eng h 38 Law- 

— Howard R (Anna E) teller (B) h 72 Bar- 
bara rd 

— Irene F studt r 37 School 

— J Warren r 37 School 

— Jas E elk r 75 Bacon 

— Jas J atndt Walter E Fernald State sen r 

— Jas J frt handler h 235 School 

— Jas V (Marguerite A) chauf WB&P Co h 
109 River 


—Jas V (Catherine A) slsmn (B) h 44 Elli- 
son pk 

— John F lab r 19 Middle 

— John H (Mary A) crossing tndr 120 Lyman 
h 37 Rich 

— John J Rev r 37 Rich 

— John J (Florence B) sec Waltham Lumber 
Co 217 Lexington h 137 Summer 

— John T (Sabina M) gate tndr Pine-st cross- 
ing h 57 Crescent 

— Katharyn G seamstress r 136 Bacon 

— Lillian maid 10 Dale 

—Mabel G, WW Co r 19 Derby 

— Margt A elk 633 Main r 144 Summer 

— Margt E wid John E h 19 Middle 

— Martin S timber insp B&M r 72 South 

— Mary r 96 Lexington 

— Mary A sec (B) r 75 Bacon 

— Mary E h 75 Bacon 

— Mary F bkpr 45 Felton r 66 Mill Belmont 

— Mary G maid 775 Trapelo rd r do 

— Mary M married E Leo Frazier 

—Mary V, WW Co r 19 Middle 

— Michl J (Margt A) pres Waltham Lumber 
Co 217 Lexington h 24 Longfellow rd 

— Nora A h 144 Summer 

—Patk (Anna M) lab h 77 Rich 

—Patk H (Clara D) comp (B) h 24 Vernon 

— Patk H mgr and steward Waltham Country 

Club Inc r 144 Summer 
— Ralph L (Gladys P) slsmn h 575 Lexington 
— Ramon S (Alice G) pres and treas Geo I 

Kelly Inc 429 Moody h 154 Weston 
— Robt E (Gertrude F) physio- therapist h 20 

Linden ter 
— Ronald (Mabel) tire rpr (B) h 19 Derby 
— Saml H (Nellie A) pntr h 5 Wampum av 
— Thos F (Mary E) slsmn h 40 Common 
— Thos J supt 101 Seyon av h 101 Lexington 

— Wm J (Helen V) chauf h 58 Myrtle 
— Wm L crossing tndr Central Mass R R 

Main-st crossing r 72 South 
Kesley John M slsmn WW Co h at MtVer- 

non N Y 

Kelty John J (Gladys I) WW Co r 29 Rob- 
— Katherine wid John h 29 Robbins 
Kemp Fredk (Daisy M) slsmn r 333 Crescent 
Kempton Isabelle D elk public welfare dept 

City Hall r 239 Grove 
— Jas L (Sarah) mach h 239 Grove 
—John (Catherine M) WW Co h at W New- 
— John V sheet metal wkr r 239 Grove 
— Robt D assembler r 239 Grove 
— Robt H (Alice J) sec r 91 Summer 
Kendall Alice M wid Wm A r 12 Summer 
— Austin washer 641 Main r 302 Dale 
— Crescent Street Garage (Frank Gallagher) 

33-37 Crescent 
— Willard instr 899 Main r 16 Holt Waver- 

Kendrick Cyrus E, WW Co r 49 Crescent 
Kenion Morris (Celia) elk 351 Moody h 36 

Keniry Catherine A tchr South Junior High 

sch r 49 Vernon 
— Edmund F elk r 49 Vernon 
— Jos A elk r 49 Vernon 
— Margt G asst sec Mayor's office City Hall 

r 49 Vernon 
—Mary E elk (B) r 49 Vernon 
— Richd L adv mgr 223 Moody r 49 Vernon 
—Thos F (Mary E) elk 667 Main h 49 Ver- 
— Thos F jr elk r 49 Vernon 



Keniston Cyrus G (Esther M) tmstr h 113 

Kennedy Agnes, WW Co r 140 Myrtle 
— Clara r 71 Grove 
— Danl D electn r 18 Hall 
— Danl E (Louise) asst mgr 371 Moody rm 

104 h 510 Boston Post rd Weston 
— Emma P Mrs r 154 Ash 
— Estel S (Martha A) auto mech (B) h 65 

Edwin rd 
— Everett (Marie L) auto mech h 212 Brown 
— Francis R auto mech r 54 Dale 
— Fred J (Nellie) tel wkr h 114 Overland 

— Fredk plmbr r 156 Adams 
— Grace E r 54 Dale 
— Jas H (Jennie H) lab Benefit cor Elm h 54 

—Jennie, WW Co r 153 Ash 
— Jeremiah W marine eng r 69 Grove 
— John K (Eastern Club Sales Co) house- 
hold goods 131 Lexington h 103 Claflin 

— Katherine C rem to Weston 
— Lawrence M elk r 71 Grove 
— Martin h 71 Grove 
—Mary A, WW Co r 140 Myrtle 
— Mary A wid Martin r 56 Hammond 
— Mary E tchr Nathaniel P Banks sch h at 

Jamaica Plain 
— May atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r do 
— Mildred D, WW Co r at Auburndale 
— Ruth S nurse r 54 Dale 
— Wm B (Rosalie M) carrier PO 738 Main 

h 87 High 
— Wm T lab r 140 Myrtle 
— & Co Inc butter, cheese and eggs 311 


Kennen Jos (Fannie) pntr h 49 Rich , 

Kenney Clarence T (Edra M) carp h 55 Ash 

— Constance R studt r 76 Lawrence 

—Ellen wid Michl died Oct 2 1930 

—Frank C (Ethel) mgr 390 Moody h at 

— Frank P (Mary A) printer Music Hall av 
h 76 Lawrence 

— Fredk eng Walter E Fernald State sch 

— Fredk H firemn Walter E Fernald State 
sch r do 

— Geo T slsmn 390 Moody r at Belmont 

— Lawrence M, WW Co h 14 Cross 

— Mary E r 14 Cross 

— Mary J lndrs 505 Trapelo rd 

— Ralph plstr r 15 Pine 

— Roland W carp r 47 Stearns 

— Wm H (Eliz M) carp h Overlook rd 

—Willis D (Ethel B) h 61 Howard 

— Winston K r 55 Ash 

Kent Edith rem to Needham 

— Fred P (Lilla F) (Kent's Battery Service) 
77 Ash h 71 do 

Kent's Battery Service (Fred P Kent) bat- 
teries, auto sales and repairs 77 Ash 

Kenworthy Chas A slsmn 600 Main r 59 

Kenyon Russell shoe wkr r 70 Elson rd 

Keohane Anna M tel opr r 51 Rich 

— Bernard A r 51 Rich 

— Eleanor M, WW Co r 51 Robbins 

— Florence G bkpr r 51 Rich 

— Jeremiah (Mary) h 51 Rich 

— Jerome J (Eleanor M) chauf r 51 Robbins 

— Sylvester C (Alice M) driver r 56 Sum- 

Keoleyan Lucy wid Mark h Trimount av 

Keough Bernard A r 12 Wall 

— Bridget A wid John J h 1 Stratton ter 

— Delia waitress r 4 Cornwallis pi 

— Eileen M waitress h 4 Cornwallis pi 


— Geo E (Mary M) pntr h 24 Yetten ter 
— Harold F elk r 1 Stratton ter 
—Jos F (Margt C) h 12 Wall 
— Mary E wid John sten 285 Moody r 98 Myr- 
— Michl F (Bridget K) lab h 11 Exchange ct 
— Ruth M married Jos M Monahan rem to 

— Wm F (Alice F) boxmkr h 167 Newton 
Kern Vincent A (Kathleen) service eng h 15 

Kerns Anna D sten (B) r 23 Lyman ter 
—John F, WW Co r at W Newton 
— Margt J stitcher r 23 Lyman ter 
— Mary E drsmkr h 23 Lyman ter 
— Saml J (Margt M) gas works h 214 River 
Kerr Chas A slsmn 515 South h at Water- 
Kerrigan Jas r 16 Plympton 
— Michl watchmn h 16 Plympton 
Kerrivan Geo E ins agt 267 Moody r 32 

Evans Watertown 
—Paul E (Evelyn M) slsmn h 195 South 
Kershaw Beatrice R rem to Newton 
— Edwd F (Jean M) chauf h 152 School 
— Florence T slswmn r 37 Prospect-st av 
—John (Alice J) WW Co h 55 South 
— Oliver chauf r 214 Newton 
— Sarah wid Jas r 56 Wellington 
Kersting Alice instr r 6 Russell 
Ketch Hazel atndt Walter E Fernald State 
sch r do 

Kett John P (Katharine H) (Heath & Co) 393 

Moody h 183 Ash 
Keyes Geo I L (Lettie F) elk PO 738 Main h 

72 Ash 
Kezer Arthur F (Rita R) mach h 5 Brown 
—Frank H (Alda B) formn h 53 Robbins 
— Marshall G r 53 Robbins 
— Phyllis G lndry wkr r 53 Robbins 
Kidder Lorenzo J (Mae G) WW Co h at 

Kierstead A Mildred tchr r 974 Main 
— Alice E wid Sanford h 974 Main 
—Bertha M, WW Co r 974 Main 
— Bessie B wid Wm A h 136 College Farm 

— Clara A r 974 Main 
— Cornelia B public sten (B) r 974 Main 
—Donald E (Olive R) h 127 Hardy's Pond 

—Ella B r 974 Main 
— Fredk E (Edith M) elk 53 Prospect h 46 

—Fredk L r 46 Derby 

— Mildred tchr Ezra C Fitch sch r 974 Main 
Kilbourn Wm A, WW Co h at Groton 
Kilburn Anna L, WW Co r 92 High ■ 
— Arthur L (Laura L) pntr h 92 High 
—Geo W (Adeline V) pntr h 35 Gore 
— Harry G studt (New London Conn) r 92 

—Irene M, WW Co r 35 Gore 
—May A died Apr 8 1932 
—Ruth G studt r 92 High 
— Theresa M tchr of dramatic art 3 Lexing- 
ton r 35 Gore 
Kilcup Clifford W (Jennie E) WW Co h 62 

Fairmont av 
Kiley John slsmn 210 Moody h at Somer- 

— Julia maid r 94 Adams 
— Louise elk 165 Prospect r at W Newton 
— Thos F (Jane M) chauf 224 Newton h 28 

Talbot, W Newton 
Kilfoy Frank T slsmn r 935 Main 
— Kate F wid Patk r 1715 Trapelo rd 
— Marie A sec 100 Beaver r 935 Main 



Kilgore Geo L (Gladys B) office mgr (B) h 
203 Hammond 

—J Milton slsmn 844 Main r 57 Wadsworth 

—Milton J (Mary J) h 18 Chester Brook 

—Nellie A wid Jarvis M h 57 Wadsworth 

Killam Albert E (Pauline M) pntr h 48 Hia- 
watha av 

—Mary W head social wkr 505 Trapelo rd r 

Killeen Anne M wid Thos h 216 Lake 

— MalDel J actress r 216 Lake 

— Martin T (Evelyn M) rem to Auburndale 

Killius Aug (Margt C) jwlmkr 1 Spruce h 10 

—Margt H Mrs, WW Co r 10 Beech 

Kilmain Catherine P 66 Woerd av r 22 Inter- 
. vale rd Wellesley 

Kilman Axel (Anna L) shtmtlwkr h 29 Rich 

— Ernest A mach 48 Word av r 173 Adams 

— Oscar W mach 48 Woerd av r 29 Rich 

Kilpatrick Elmer O (Irene E) carp h 25 Marl- 
borough rd 

Kimball Chas H sis mgr WB&P Co h 45 
Shorncliffe rd Newton 

— Chas J r 53 Vernon 

— Esther C hosp wkr (B) r 55 Fairmont 

—Geo H (Aggie S) WW Co h 74 Plympton 

— Geo W (Frances H) acct h 55 Fairmont 

— Grace L wid Chas L h 25 Taylor 

— John A C (Alice M) tchr nature study ele- 
mentary schools 55 School r 25 Taylor 

—Julia J wid John G died Jan 26 1932 

— Loreen L r 53 Vernon 

— Wm M (Alice M) postmaster Stony Brook 
h 458 Weston 

Kimmel Molly bkpr 583 Main r 4 Browning 
av Dorchester 

Kindregan Margt H r 12 Rich 

— Michl J (Catherine M) bldg contr 12 Ever- 
ett h do 

—Thos E driver Waltham Coal Co h 12 Rich 

Kindricks Nellie soap wrapper 100 Beaver 
r at E Boston 

King Alf h 17 Spring \j/ 

— Alice V elk (Cambridge) r off Lunda 

—Anna L, WW Co r 37 Williams 

— Arthur F (Frances C) slsmn summer res 

44 Hardy's Pond rd 
— Arthur M transit man Public Works Dept 

City Hall r 306 Lexington 
—Arthur N (Laura T) drftsmn WW Works 

h 12 Dorchester 
— Chas (Julia M) chauf h 6 Hammond 
—Chas G, WW Co r 90 Bacon 
— Chas H ins agt 267 Moody r Old Country 

rd Lexington 
— Chas J (Irene E) chauf r off Lunda 
— Edwd (Hilma F) mldr 115 Bacon h 14 Hia- 
watha av 
—Ella M wid Chas H died Oct 6 1930 
— Emily Mrs h 104 Alder 
—Esther J (Mrs Fredk E) died Dec 26 1931 
— Fredk E mgr Waltham Coal Co h off Lunda 
— Guy F (Pauline E) corp elk-treas Frank 

Edgar Co 105 Trapelo rd h 69 do 
—Harriet A wid Robt died Nov 3 1930 
— Harvey W r 6 Hammond 
— Jas h 5 Charles-st av 
— Jas A r 39 Hall 
—Jas H (Gertrude M) h 26 Bruce rd 
—Jessie B (Mrs Chas P) died May 14 1933 
— John J laster r 146 Hammond 
— John J (Helen) mgr (Watertown) h 101 



—John J, WW Co h 90 Bacon 

— Lillian A hosp atndt (Waverley) r 5 
Charles-st av 

— Loretta married Mortimer Sullivan 

—Malcolm C (Hilda) slsmn 100 Felton h 220 
Princeton av 
> —Mary wid Michl J died Sept 19 1931 

—Mary wid Patk h 39 Hall 

—Mary J (Mrs John J) died Aug 13 1933 

— Mary J wid Anthony h 34 Hardy's Pond 

— Mary J wid Stephen r 76 Gardner 

—Michl J (Gladys V) firemn h 146 Ham- 

— Miller J (Mary P) pipe ftr h 327 Lincoln 

— Richd M studt r 69 Trapelo rd 

— Robt D r 12 Dorchester 

—Robt G h 122 Overland rd 

— Robt L (Theresa M) auto mech h Ode bey 

—Robt W milker h 84 Lake 

— Thos Y rem to Canaveral Florida 

— Violet E sorter r 327 Lincoln 

—Walter R (Mildred C) auto mech h 110 
Seminole av 

Kingsbury Dorothy H married Geo Kierstead 
rem to E Pembroke 

—Ella M elk 702 Main h River st Weston 

— Jennie I r 27 School 

— Velma J phone opr 16 Spring r 20 Colum- 
bus av 

Kinnear Carl W slsmn (24 Winter B) h 9 

—Eliza M wid Edwd E died May 2 1931 
— Geo S actor r 9 Palmer 
— Stephen r 79 Central 
Kinney Francis L slsmn r 206 Robbins 
— G R Co Inc shoes 330 Moody 
— Lawrence W (Rose P) drftsmn h 114 Dale 
— Margt sten r 791 Moody 
Kinsella Andrew P (Frances A) overseer h 

26 Dix 
Kinsley David R slsmn 582 Main r at W 


Kinslow Henry E (Dorothy H) driver 1295 

Main h 101 Stow 
Kinsman Claude C, WW Co r 81 High 
— Edwd E (Eliz M) auto mech h Winter nr 

— Frank S (Florence B) gardnr h 81 High 
— Harry L industrial instr Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
—Mary E elk 329 Moody r 81 High 
Kirby Chas T (Mary A) WW Co h 55 Chest- 
—Richd S bkpr 20 Felton r 85 Hall 
Kirk Lawrence N (Nellie L) barber 6 Pros- 
pect h 82 Francis 
Kirkley Bessie elk 720 Main r 75 Boynton 
— Frank L (Bessie C) metal wkr h 75 Boyn- 
Kirklighter Jas F (Mae G) acct h 157 Trapelo 

Kirkpatrick Jessie T, WW Co r 21 Newton 
Kirsch Leitha, WW Co r 54 Cherry 
— Louis J (Leitha) supvr h 54 Cherry 
KIRWIN FRED H (Adeline R) electrical 
contractor, plumbing, steam and hot 
water heating 588 Main h 32 Lyman — See 
page 109 
— Grafton E (Catherine M) undertaker and 

real est 10 Kirwin rd h 520 Main 
— Helen A librarian (NY city) r 32 Lyman 
— Jas A (Mary J) r 37 Parmenter rd 
—Walter J died Dec 23 1931 
Kishkis Wm lab 47 Worcester lane r at 

South Boston 
Kisileuski Chas K, WW Co r 11 Sharon 



Kite Wilson J (Nettie G) (Carney & Kite) 

filling sta 184£ Lexington h 95 Columbus 

Kittredge Ray G h 234 Charles 
Kiwanis Club John J Harrington sec-treas 

657 Main meets every Thurs at 12.15 pm 

at 41 Moody 

Kjoss Adolph W (Agnes M) WW Co h 14 

—Victor elk r 14 Eddy 

Klegman Chas, WW Co r 456 Watertown 

Kleinlein Louise Mrs seamstress r 64 Pros- 

—Walter J supt 256 Charles 

Klevin Anne tel solctr 552 South r at Matta- 

Klint Algot S (Helen J) formn h 16 Coolidge 

Klocker Irene F married Thos E Doyle rem 

to Watertown 
— Wm F (Jane M) meat ctr h 9 Barton 
Klug Edwd J (Mildred E) shipping elk 285 

Moody h 86i Myrtle 

Kneebone Florence M wid Jas H, WW Co r 22 

Wash av 
Kneeland Mildred G wid Frank h 18 Win- 

Kniceley Roy B (Lillian C) auto mech h 378 

Knight Ann L sec (B) r 12 Lexington ter 

— Calvin C (Eunice A) farmer h 19 Mont- 
view av 
— Ethel L elk 775 Trapelo rd r do 
—Eva P elk 5 Moody r 562 Main 
— Florence M, WW Co r 562 Main 
— Geo A (Rilla) steward 775 Trapelo rd r 

— Horace A treas Stone & Knight Co 694 
Main h 12 Lexington ter 

— Lon pastor Lakeview-Union ch 80 Semi- 
nole av h at Newton 

— Paul R jr (Evelyn S) mgr 6 Lexington h 
66 Bruce rd 

— Sue M J waitress r 1091 Main 

Knights of Columbus Building 719-723 Main 

— of Columbus Hall 721 Main 

— of Columbus Waltham Council 147 John T 

Coy sec 55 Ellison pk meets 1st and 3d 

Tues at 721 Main 

— of Pythias Norumbega Lodge 80 Stanwood 

W Phinney sec (Winchester) meets 2d 

and 4th Tues at 282 Moody 
Kniznik Edith bkpr r 69 Orange 
— Harold asst mgr 419 Moody r 109 Myrtle 
— Harry H (Sadye) treas Jordan Furniture 

Co 419 Moody and mgr 621 do h 121 Par- 

menter rd, W Newton 
—Helen B elk 305 Moody r 109 Myrtle 
— Louis (Nellie) h 109 Myrtle 
— Maurice (Rhea) treas Grays Furniture Co 

621 Moody and pres Jordan Furniture 

Co 419 do h 92 Irving 
— Pauline mus tchr 69 Orange r do 
— Simon (Gussie) slsmn SO Co h 69 Orange 

Knock Asaph charge atndt Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
Knopp Clara A, WW Co r 25 Hammond 
— Henry (Karen) h 25 Hammond 
Knous Chas E (Catherine M) lab h 190 

Princeton av 

Knowles Geo H jr (Gertrude G) overseer h 58 

Florence rd 
— Mildred r 225 Worcester lane 
Knowlton Sarah wid Geo W r 90 Cherry 
— Wm r 3 Lexington 

Knox Georgia M h 9 Alder 

— Wm M (Mabel L) WW Co h 262 Lowell 

Kodiko Fred (Margt) lab h 76 Oak 

Kohl Aaron (Ellen) h 29 Taylor 

— Dorothy H bkpr 133 Moody r 142 Myrtle 

—Helen T r 29 Taylor 

—John W (Mary J) h 142 Myrtle 

— Virginia M elk public works dept City Hall 

r 142 Myrtle 
— see Cole 
Kohler Arthur M (M Josephine) press supt 

18 Pine h 23 Everett 
— Jos M (Marie B) bus mgr 18 Pine h 46 

Fiske av 
— Martin M r 46 Fiske av 
— Ursula V tel opr r 46 Fiske av 
Kokidko Wasily (Evdokia) mach opr h 253£ 

Kolodzieski Stephen (Tessie) auto mech h 

221 Grove 
Komenda Bernice Mrs nurse 775 Trapelo rd 

r do 

Kontoff Julian (Rose) (Rose & Irene Shop) 

417 Moody h 251 Normandy Dorchester 
Koon Ray M (Berenice N) research prof in 

charge 240 Beaver h at Weston 
Kopsiaftis Peter shoe rpr 457 Moody r 25 

Falmouth rd, W Newton 
Koriss Sophia, WW Co r 91 Cherry 
Korman Frank A ins agt 680 Main rm 26 r 

Ridge rd Lexington 
Korolczyk Edwd hlpr r 76 Cedar 
— Walerian (Anna) baker h 76 Cedar 
Koronoes John shoe wkr r 33 Alder 
Koroski Henry (Sophie) baker h rear 93 

— Mary bag mkr r rear 93 Cherry 
Kotsifas Nicholas (Margt) h 158^ Russell 
Koulopoulos John M (Virginia) (John's Shoe 

Repairing) 867 Main h 74£ Russell 
Koumjian Jacob (Prapione) farmer h 3 

Kouyumjian Puzant (Sophie) shoe rpr h 252 

Kowaleski Mary domestic r 382 River 
— Michl (Sophie) h 384 River 
— Wm (Ethel) lab h 382 River 
Kramer Isaac died Jan 30 1931 
Kravitz Ida shipper 552 South r at Chelsea 
Kresge Building 333 Moody 
— S S Co 5-10 and 25 cent store 271 Moody 

25c to $1.00 store 329-331 do 
Kring Dyson W (Madeline G) ins 651 Main 

r 55 Columbus av 
Krinopolus Carl elk r 49 Pine 
— John (Angelina) h .49 Pine 
Krinopoulos Elefterios (Helen) tailor 30 

Spruce h 22 Taylor 
Krinsky Max (Sadie) pntr 591 Main h 145 

Kristiansen Anna K W stitcher r 68 Hall 
—Anna M wid Christian P h 68 Hall 
Krol Jos (Anna) loomfixer h 9 Lawton pi 
— Stefanie slswmn r 9 Lawton pi 
Krom Andrew B carp h Marivista av beyond 

Rosemont av 
— Mary E r Marivista av bey Rosemont av 
Kronegard Harry (Minnie) tailor 465 Main 

h 37 Cambria rd 
— Rebecca elk r 37 Cambria rd 
— Sarah elk Waltham Vocational sch r 37 

Cambria rd 
— Wm studt r 37 Cambria rd 
Kruse Helmer B elk Ames off Lexington r 84 

— Knut H (Anna O) formn 500 South h 84 

— Lillian E bkpr r 84 Howard 
Krusell Allan dec r 138 Crescent 



Kuenzel Emily B confectionery 291 Crescent 

r 285 do 
— Emma A wid John P h 285 Crescent 
Kuhn Amy E wid Victor H h 32 South 
— Effie G tchr (Trenton NJ) r 66 Shirley rd 
— Fredk X (Emma G) refrigerating engineer 

(Cambridge) h 66 Shirley rd 
—Marion K elk The Waltham Natl Bank of 

Waltham r 32 South 
Kurrelmeyer Carrie W Mrs treas Riverside 

Paint & Varnish Co 87 Rumford av r 70 

Cheswick rd Brookline 
Kutis Mary Mrs hosp wkr h 108 Harvard 
—Walter baker's hlpr 100 Felton r 108 Har- 
Kybert Arthur (Hilda) printer h 17 Winsom 


Kyle Jas carp r 46 Chester av 

— Jas F (Frances S) auto mech h 14 Willow 

Kyte Alice R, WW Co r 108 Myrtle 

— Ambrose J died Aug 8 1931 

—Annie L wid Thos H h 108 Myrtle 

— Catherine T r 272 Newton 

— Esther L tchr Ezra C Fitch sch r 108 Myrtle 

—Julia M h 272 Newton 

— Mary (Mrs Ambrose J) died Mar 11 1931 

—Paul T elk PO 738 Main r 108 Myrtle 

LHD Spring Corporation 131 Lexington Robt 
I Bradley pres-treas technical spring mfrs 
Labelle Yvonne wid Rene cashr h 139 Myrtle 
Laberge Bella J Mrs h 15 Gorham 
LaBombard Errol H (Genevieve A) mach h 

121 Alder 
LaBonte Albert (Mary G) weaver h 166 Fel- 
— Paul asst cook 775 Trapelo rd r do 
LaBou Chas restr wkr r 94 Adams 
Lacasse Chas R (Adele A) opr h rear 194 
Riverview av 

Lacava Grace, WW Co r 10 Gardner 

— Michl A (Mary B) r 10 Gardner 

— Thos M (Angelina) shoe repairing 231A 

Newton h 10 Gardner 
LaCava Antonina wid Salvatore beer and ale 

24 Charles h 1 Mechanic 
— Chas barber 31 Williams r 19 Brown av 
— Jos (Frances) gro h 383 River 
— Jos (Mary) lab h 19 Brown av 
—Mary Mrs gro 86 Charles h 19 Brown av 
Lachapelle Julia Mrs lodginghouse 564 Main 

h do 
— Uldege (Julia) h 564 Main 
Lacker Frederic (Lorena S) pres Waltham 

Hudson Essex Inc 173 High h 10 Pigeon 

rd Weston 
— L S treas Waltham Hudson Essex Inc 173 

High r 10 Pigeon rd Weston 
LaClair Gertrude I Mrs elk 1466 Main r do 
LaCoss Fred P chauf 809 Main h 17 Greeley's 


Lacouture Leandre h 436 Moody 

— Leandre F mach r 436 Moody 

LaCoy Albert buckle wkr r 5 Hope av 

— Jos (Cora) civ eng h 5 Hope av 

— Jos jr mach r 5 Hope av 

LaCrois Wm (Emma) roofer h 662 Moody 

LaCroix Oliver (Dione) shoewkr h 52 Mont- 
view av 

— Rose E wid Hormisdas r 403 Main 

Ladd Arthur E, WW Co 

—Helen M atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 
r do 

Ladies' Catholic Benevolent Assn Waltham 
Branch Mrs Margt Coakley rec 13 Wel- 
lington meets 2d and 4th Wed at 710 

Lafayette Hall 11 Noonan 

Lafford Delma phone opr 16 Spring r 16 

Clark pi 
LaFleur Jas G, WW Co 
LaFond Eli F chauf r 376 Waverley Oaks 

— Jos H (Allena) rubber ctr h 376 Waverley 

—Leo L (Ruth L) chauf h 92 Pond 
LaForce Lawrence J (Rose J) lather h 8 

Jackson pi 
— Rosario H (Imelda) h 860 Main 
LaForest Segur B (Yvonne) auto mech h 102 

Overland rd 
Laforet Louis P (Teresa A) WW Co h 46 

LaFrance Everett S (Gertrude E) atndt 152 

High r 63 Crescent 
— Jos A meat ctr 663 Main r 16 Lexington 
— Marion tel solctr 552 South r at Wake- 
LaFrenier Camille r 94 Chestnut 
— Maurice O (Katherine J) waiter h 10 Maple 
— Peter O (Catherine) carp h 94 Chestnut 
— Roger J (Alice H) dairymn h 10 Maple 
— Rosario (Cecile) r 94 Chestnut 
LaFreniere Cecile, WW Co r 21 Castle 
LaGasse Frank (Florence) auto mech h 22 

Lager Ernest (Elsie E) WW Co h 24 Hill 


Lagerblade Carl B (Lagerblade & Westall) 

220 Felton h 35 Barbara rd 
—Ida A wid Carl C died Aug 20 1932 
— & Westall (Carl B Lagerblade, Jas Westall) 

gasoline and oil service sta 220 Felton 
Lahey John (Laura) fisherman r rear 93 

Lahm Eliz, WW Co r at W Newton 
Lajanen Elna atndt 775 Trapelo rd r do 
Lake view-Union Evangelical Church 80 Sem- 
inole av cor Lake Lon Knight pastor 
Lalime Blanche watchmkr 256 Charles r 22 

Columbus av 
— Edith M elk r 22 Columbus av 
Laline Sarah C wid Edwd domestic r 59 High 
Lalley Celia M h 137 Crescent 
Lally Agnes L sec r 21 Barton 
— Agnes V bkpr 285 Moody h 44 Parmenter 

— Annie F wid Michl h 197 Charles 
—Bertha M, WW Co r 197 Charles 
— C Irene tchr r 21 Barton 
— Catherine M sten r 197 Charles 
— Etheldreda R bkpr 137 Bacon r 44 Par- 
menter rd 
— Evelyn R studt nurse r 195 High 
—Geo M elk r 21 Barton 
— Henry F rem to Boston 
— J Frank, WW Co r 41 Francis 
— Jas (Delia) mason 195 High h do 
— Jas J fnshr 204 Lexington r at Newton 
— Jas P mason r 195 High 
—John A (Ruth) elk (B) r 48 Parmenter 

— John F (Gertrude) mason h 7 Hovey rd 
—John H (Winnifred G) WW Co h 41 Fran- 
cis [ton pi 
— John J (Catherine H) bricklayer h 7 Law- 
— Loretta F chiropodist 511 Moody r 44 Par- 
menter rd 
— Lucille F sten (B) r 41 Francis 
—Margt G sec (B) r 21 Barton 
— Marguerite L nurse r 44 Parmenter rd 
—Martha R Mrs, WW Co r 344 Crescent 
— May F office mgr 240 Beaver r 21 Barton 
— Michl J (May) investigator h 295 Newton 
— Patk E mgr 204 Lexington r 80 Waltham, 
W Newton 




— Patk J crossing tndr Clematis Brook sta 

109 Beaver h 21 Barton 
— Raymond M bricklayer r 90 Robbins 
— W Edna bkpr WB&P Co r 195 High 
— Wm H purch agt r 21 Barton 
Lalpar Auto Finishing Co (Bruno J Parti- 

celli) 204 Lexington 
Lamb Richd (Marjorie) h 35 Warren av 
— Wm H (Mary J) pntr 102 Bacon h do 
Lambert Evelyn elk 552 South r at Medford 
— Hannah wid Chas A r 33 Taylor 
—Lulu M died Feb 15 1931 
— Margt wid Henry r 139 Myrtle 
Lambrette Alf (Anna) treas Reliance Gar- 
netting Mills 25 Summer av h at W Con- 
Lamburn Annie M, WW Co r 52 Bedford 
—Henry G h 52 Bedford 
— Mary E r 52 Bedford 
Lamont Cedric H buckle wkr r 19 Sharon 
— Chas P photog 53 Moody r 19 Sharon 
— Henry J (Rose M) auto mech h 19 Sharon 
— Jas h 67 Highland 
Lamontagne Minnie F Mrs housekeeper 790 

LaMontagne Alcide O (Clara) mgr 265 Moody 

h 12 Pinkham rd Medford 
— Ovilas (Delia) mach 414 Moody h 119 Cres- 
Lamport Ernest C (Ida M) mach h 10 Pros- 

Lampris Jas pdlr h 195i Newton 

Lamson Earl C (Margt W) elk r 7 Welling- 

—Levi J (Lina A) h 79 High 

— Wallace I (Anna B) h 7 Wellington 

Lanagan Arthur G (Mary L) dentist 314 
Moody rm 4 r 38 King Auburndale 

— Mary L sten r 131 Weston 

—Nora T bkpr r 62 Church 

—Patk J (Susan V) clothing 671 Main h 131 

—Sarah E r 62 Church 

— Walter J (Frances J) mach h 89 Myrtle 

— Wm J (Gertrude C) slsmn 671 Main r 131 

Lancaster Emily S sec r 19 Daniels ct 

— Helena bkpr r 19 Daniels ct 

— Jas J (Mabel I) stmftr h 19 Daniels ct 

Lanctot Herman shoe wkr r 110 School 

Land Ada wid Fredk lodginghouse 81-83 Ash 

— Fredk (Florence) pntr 25 Prospect h do 

— Oswald L (Olive M) steward (Brookline) 
r 72 Hall 

Landers Alice r 94 Adams 

— Arthur mach r 31 Fuller 

— Clyde L (Landers Smoke Shop) 707 Moody 
r 31 Fuller 

— Florence H dramatic art tchr 205 Lowell 
r do 

— Henry W jan Public Library r 14 Floyd 

— John J lab r 76 Guinan 

— Smoke Shop (Clyde L Landers) cigars 707 

Lando Antonio barber 855 Main r 100 Central 

— Salvatore (Emma) h 11 Mechanic 

— Tino studt r 11 Mechanic 

Landon Eug P (Jocie E) agt C&ORR (294 
Wash, B) h 15£ Lyman 

— Forest G (Helen L) chauf (Lynn) h 127 
Woerd av 

— Fred E (Rose) h 15 Lyman 

— Horace Z (Edna M) pres Stony Brook Pa- 
per Co 762 South and (Industrial Tube 
Co) paper tubes 15 Lane h 44 Thaxter 
rd Newtonville 

Landrie Katherine wid Alf r 68 Cherry 

— Wilfred r 68 Cherry 

Landry Adam J (Evangeline A) mgr h 50 

—Alex H (Winifred) slsmn 20 Felton h 122 

— Alf J r 3 Noonan 

— Clarence A (Catherine) h 16 Farnsworth 

— Clarence F (Eva M) electn h 79 Bennett 

— Corinne W r 558 Main 

— Delphine M (Mrs Phillip L) died Feb 28 

— Edgar A (Corinne M) ins agt 680 Main rm 
26 h 12 Hall 

— Edmond J (Regina E) meat ctr h 35 A Com- 

— Eloi (Sabina) lab h 163 School 

— Emery (Mellesse) WW Co h 1 Jackson 

— Emile carp r 15 Waverley 
— Emile Z died Oct 9 1930 
— Emma B, WW Co r at Newton 
— Ernest L (Mary E) carp h 105 Riverview 

— Eva M rem to NY city 
— Francis L (Freda A) plmbr h 688 Moody 
— Hattie r 15 Robbins 
— Horace I (Gertrude I) mach opr h 217 

— Ida rubber wkr r 15 Robbins 
— Jeanne E, WW Co r 3 Noonan 
— John F atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r do 
— Jos A r 92 Bright 
— Leo pntr r 15 Robbins 
— Lillie B wid. Emil h 217 Felton 
— Louis P (Esther V) slsmn r 804 Moody 
— Mae D atndt 775 Trapelo rd r do 
— Marie E, WW Co r 3 Noonan 
— Peter J (Elise M) contr 558 Main h do 
— Philip L real est and ins 680 Main rm 24 h 

3 Noonan 
— Philip L jr hlpr r 3 Noonan 
— Romio (Bella) pntr h 15 Robbins 
— Stanley C (Lavenea H) carp h 133 Ash 
—Viola E, WW Co r 217 Felton 
Landstrom Anna M J wid Victory rem to 


Lane Alice B h 55 Weston 

— Alice G binder 515 South r 63 Exchange 

— Arthur T radio wkr r 112 Harvard 

— Catherine A (Mrs Martin F) died Jan 16 

— Chas E (Mary A) elec specialties h 77 

— Ellen C wid Jeremiah died Aug 26 1933 
— Emory W (Victoria M) organ bldr h 47 

— Florence seamstress 775 Trapelo rd r do 
— Frank (Jean I) automobiles (Newton) h 

68 Chaffee av 
— Geo D mgr (B) r 47 Weston 
— Helen F stitcher r 124 Ash 
— Jemima wid John r 18 Farnsworth av 
— John r 25 Adams 
— Jos M elk r 63 Exchange 
— Lawrence J (Mary G) sec (B) h 35A Win- 

— Lucy M wid Leonard C h 66 High 
— Martin F lab h 63 Exchange 
— Mary wid John r 135 Adams 
— Mary E sten 137 Bacon r 112 Harvard 
— Mary E wid Frank E r 46 Grant 
— Michl C meat ctr (Newton) h 124 Ash 
—Minnie O, WW Co r 101 Crescent 
—Paul E r 112 Harvard 
— Robt C, WW Co r 104 Howard 
— Thos (Eliz A) h 112 Harvard 
— Thos E (Antoinette M) slsmn 100 Felton h 

87 Pond 
— W Ray milkmn h 18 Farnsworth av 




— Walter F farm hand r 112 Harvard 

Lang Chas F (Eliz M) WW Co 

— Jos (Alice) auto mech r 4 Thayer rd 

— Jos J (Olive M) msngr h 11 Barnes 

Langan Danl F r 119 Pond 

— Jas A (Thelma I) bkpr h 55 Thornton rd 

— Mary M r 46 Curtis 

—Mary M died Nov 25 1933 

— Michl B rem to W Newton 

— Wm F (Phyllis A) slsmn h 190 Charles 

Langer Connie baker 100 Felton r 13 Heath 

pi Jamaica Plain 
Langill Adam (Jennie) WW Co h 20 Brown 
— Agnes V tube wkr r 260 Crescent 
— Alf candy wkr r 18 Wadsworth av 
— Dorothy 66 Woerd av r 41 Nathan rd 
— Eliz A wid Aug r 89 Brown 
—Everett W (Dorothy E) chauf WB&P Co h 

26 Nahant rd 
—Hazel r 35 High 
—Henry died Oct 16 1930 
—Henry A (Maude A) died Apr 26 1932 
—Jos W (Eliz J) truckmn 73 Bedford h do 
— Leonard L (Loretta M) wood wkr r 260 

— Linn M (Mary A) canoe bldr h 260 Cres- 
—Mae G elk 307 Moody r 260 Crescent 
— Maude A wid Henry A h 18 Wadsworth 

Langille Anna nurse r 70 Chestnut 

— Clair M (Ethel J) carp h 15 Chester Brook 

— Ida M domestic r 23 Robbins 

Langtry Albert P (Sarah C) pres Waltham 
Publishing Co 18 Pine h Hotel Kenmore 

Lanigan Catherine P elk City Treasurer's 
office City Hall r 107 Irving 

— Evelyn M r 107 Irving 

—Helen R bill elk 307 Moody r 107 Irving 

—John J (Eliz) h 41 Dartmouth 

— Lillian A bkpr 347 Moody r 15 Irving 

— Loretta M sten 217 Lexington r 41 Dart- 

— Mary J wid Jas L h 107 Irving 

— Raymond (Margt E) garagemn h 240 Dale 

— Thos G r 41 Dartmouth 

— Veronica F bkpr 217 Lexington r 41 Dart- 

Lannan Julia A tchr Old High sch r 4 Walnut 

Lanno Dominic mach 200 Willow h at New- 

Lannon Hannah M wid Jas J h 18 Hall 

— Julia tchr r 4 Walnut 

— Ruth E tabulation mach opr (Watertown) 
r 18 Hall 

— Wm J (Rose A) slsmn h 89 Willow 

LaPalme Alma musn r 75 Orange 

—Henry P (Ernestine) WW Co h 75 Orange 

Lapierre Alderic B (Angeline) beer and ale 
566 Main h do 

— Andrew elk r 566 Main 

LaPlante Rose housekpr r Arcadia av bey 

Laporte Alf J (Mary F) WW Co h 194 Adams 

LaPorte Catherine wid John B h 28 i Rum- 
ford av 

—Chas L (Hazel E) chauf h 42 Mayall rd 

—John B (Catherine) died Sept 25 1933 

— Jos A (Adelaide E) mach h 26 Derby 

— Marie C tel opr h 28^ Rumford av 

Lappin Esther L nurse r 2 Elm av 

— Helen J stitcher r 2 Elm av 

— Jas F metal plshr r 2 Elm av 

— Mary A Mrs h 2 Elm av 

Larcome Robt E (Sadie E) mgr h 10 Hamblin 

Lardner John F (Mary T) h 79 Hall 

—Mary F r 79 Hall 

Larin Arthur (Sarah) died June 27 1933 

— Sarah wid Arthur h 72 Charles 

Larivee Albert I (Mildred Clark) variety 743 
Moody r 213 Brown 

Larkin Alice M, WW Co r 31 Common 

— Allen J hlpr r 31 Common 

— Annie h 70 Exchange 

— Delia M h 127 Hammond 

—Edith G wid Jas F h 91 Crescent 

— Edwd F slsmn r 31 Common 

— Ellen G r 127 Hammond 

— Helen L asst to elk Second District Court 
of Eastern Middlesex 25 Lexington r 31 

— Jas B watchmn r 59 Bacon 

— John J (Mary E) dentist 681 Main rm 14 h 
2 Greenwood lane 

— Katherine V maid 764 Main r 94 School 

— Margt Jean instr r 31 Common 

— Mary E r 59 Bacon 

— Mary J wid John J h 31 Common 

Larner Agnes B, WW Co r 165^ Chestnut 

—Anna T, WW Co r 62A Cutter 

— Catherine wid Martin h 165^ Chestnut 

— Jas J elk EEI Co Cooper st r 165£ Chest- 

—John (Nellie E) h 149 High 

— Margt Mrs h 62A Cutter 

— Mary M r 165£ Chestnut 

— Miles slsmn 100 Felton r 149 High 

— Wm F greens kpr r 165i Chestnut 

LaRosa Alphonse (Giuseppina) lab h 16 

Liverpool lane 
— Gaetano (Mary) gro 120 Willow h 118 

— Jennie r 16 Liverpool lane 
— John rem to Waverley 
LaRose Arthur W (Marie A) gardnr h 89 

Indian rd 
— Raymond rem to Watertown 
LaRosee Arthur J (Laura D) h 5 Elm ct 
— Edna R sec 371 Moody rm 104 r 27 Alder 
— Edwd J (Mary T) mgr meat dept 577 Main 

h 65 Lexington 
—Eleanor, WW Co r 27 Alder 
—Ernest J, WW Co r 27 Alder 
— Fredk (Annie) WW Co h 27 Alder 
— Geo E (Angeline D) (H LaRosee & Sons 

Plating Co) 57 Harvard h 116 Bright 
— H & Sons Plating Co (Hosanna and Geo E) 

57 Harvard 
— Hosanna (Martha A) (H LaRosee & Sons 

Plating Co) 57 Harvard h 4 Warren 

— Jas R (Eva M) mach h 82 Grant 
— Leona married Harold Ingham 
— Raymond L plater r 4 Warren av 
— Rene L elk 577 Main r 27 Alder 
Larosela Anthony h 5 Benefit 
Larrabee Clinton L (Blanche E) slsmn h 27 

Larsen Axel F (Hannah L) baker h 8 Thayer 

— Axel F jr r 8 Thayer rd 
— Colby E (Lillian F) mach h 4 Woodlawn 

— Edwin H (Miriam L) organ bldr h 8 High- 
— Kenneth E studt r 8 Highland 
— Ralph W, WW Co r 331 Crescent 
Larson Bertha wid John A r 1241 Main 
—Carl L (Anna T) organ bldr (B) h 40 Sum- 
— Eliz Mrs, WW Co r 331 Crescent 
—Eric G (Bessie E) WW Co h 11 Elson rd 
—Ethel R tchr Waltham School for Girls 327 

Lexington r do 




— Geo D elk r 126 Pine 

—Geo V (Emma W) car insp (B&M, B) h 244 

— Lillian F Mrs, WW Co r 41 Woodlawn av 
— Melvin r 40 Summit 
— Olga A studt nurse r 40 Summit 
— Pauline A tchr (W Newton) h 11 Craven 

— Urno V (Dorothy C) pres Grover Cronin 

Inc 223 Moody h 41 Tomlin 
— Wilbur R (Anne D) aviation mech h 223 


Laske Marie studt nurse r 315 Lake 
Laspada Jos rose grower 411 Waverley Oaks 

rd r 36 Walnut Belmont 
Lassen Clifford W (Helen K) ins broker (B) 

h 132 Trapelo rd 
— Frank L (Dorothy L) real est (B) h 58 

Upton rd 
Lassieur Eug, WW Co r 89 Orange 
Lassman Ernest C (Anna B) gardnr h 31 

— Marion L Mrs bkpr 1 Spruce h 43 Falmouth 

rd, W Newton 
Latady Margt R studt r 153 West 
Latham Walter E (Cora B) h 41 Banks 
Lathrop Floy h 141 Plympton 
Latimer Saml H (Rose) chauf M&B St Ry h 

111 Russell 

Latrimuta Danl (Mary) lab h 132 Calvary 

—Mary, WW Co r 132 Calvary 

Lattany Mary Mrs, WW Co r 19 Adams 

Laughlin John J (Catherine F) pipeftr h 37A 

— Wm J (Mary J) elk 894 Main r 21 Fiske 

— see Loughlin and O'Laughlin 

Laughrey Jennie elk (Cambridge) r 32 Wel- 

Laughton Chas K (Marguerite L) slsmn h 44 

LaValle John J (Laura A) gardnr h 49 Ex- 

— Paul R elk 351 Moody r 49 Exchange 

Lavally Clarence (Myrtle) farmer h 48 Bruce 

Lavash Ernest P (Carrie J) plmbr 83 Oak h 

— Jas A, WW Co r 83 Oak 

— Marjorie A, WW Co r 83 Oak 

— Martha G elk r 83 Oak 

— Raymond P rem to White Plains NY 

—Winifred, WW Co r 28 Robbins 

— Winifred Mrs waitress r 83 Hall 

Lavers Harriett M hosp matron Walter E 
Fernald State sch r do 

—Harry I (Florence W) WW Co h 909 Lex- 

—Harry R, WW Co r 909 Lexington 

— Sarah E hosp matron Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
Laverty Walter L (Margt C) shtmtlwkr h 4 

Arlington rd 
Lavigne Blanche atndt Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
LaVine Paul R treas Eastern Auto Parts Co 

Inc 917 Main h at Maiden 
Lavoie Eva (The Powder Puff) beauty shop 

681 Main rm 13 r 2 Wellington 
— Max pntr h 17 Cushing 
— see Levoy 
Law Frank (Dora M) elk 894 Main h 44 

Sterling rd 
— Geo A r 141 Robbins 
— Lucy A wid Chas F h 50 Chester av 
—Mary P drsmkr 23 Spruce r do 
Lawler Bella M, WW Co r 51 Brown 
—Chas F, WW Co r 8 Palmer 


— Eug F jr instr University of Mass h at Way- 

— Evelyn E folder r Montclair av 

—Jas died Feb 14 1933 

— Jas A (Mary E) slsmn h 59 Dix 

— Jas F (Priscilla) mach h Montclair av 

Lawless Alice B tel opr r 40 Crescent 

— Anna E h 6 Tolman 

— Catharine L rem to Boston 

— Catherine E wid Lawrence M h 40 Cres- 

— Catherine M r 379 Main 

— Chas A elk 583 Moody r 12 Appleton 

— Edna L studt r 12 Appleton 

— Eleanor M wid John h 134 Summer 

— Evelyn G sten r 40 Crescent 

— Francis T lab r 26 Flood 

— Grace V elk 267 Moody r 12 Appleton 

—Helen R died July 31 1933 

—Jas A, WW Co h 379 Main 

—John F studt r 63 Fiske 

—John J (Marcella L) died Apr 4 1931 

— Josephine U sec r 12 Appleton 

— Katherine L, WW Co r 6 Tolman 

— Lawrence E undertaker 40 Crescent r do 

— Leo L r 12 Appleton 

— Leonard M elk r 12 Appleton 

— Loretto U acct r 40 Crescent 

— Louise insp r 26 Flood 

— Marcella L sten 267 Moody r 12 Appleton 

— Marcella L wid John J h 12 Appleton 

— Marjorie E tchr Ezra C Fitch sch r 40 Cres- 

— Mary E bkpr r 134 Summer 

— Mary E elk r 12 Appleton 

—Nellie A r 379 Main 

— Nellie L opr r 6 Tolman 

— Raymond A rem to Hartford Conn 

— Thos H (Annie T) watchmn h 26 Flood 

— Thos J chauf r 39 Hammond 

— Thos J formn r 134 Summer 

— Thos W studt r 63 Fiske 

— Vincent D elk 32 Crescent r 40 do 

— Wm A (Mary A W) asst supt PO 738 Main 
h 63 Fiske 

— Wm A jr sten r 63 Fiske 

Lawlor Catherine E wid John J h 109 Over- 
land rd 

—Jos W (Mary G) h 265 Charles 

— Louise M sec (Watertown) r 109 Overland 

— Nora opr h 4 Colby av 

Lawrence Building 681 Main 

— LeRoy M (Irene E) hlpr h 94 Robbins 

— Percy N (Jennie E) mgr 22 Felton h 31 
Fiske av 

— Ramon F (Dorine M) gift shop 477 Moody 
r 7 Charlotte rd 

— Walter A (Dorothy D) dentist 590 Moody h 

Lawrie Robt (Edith) chauf h 33 Adams 

—Thos (Eliz J) (Lawrie & Scafidi) 1275 
Main h 1271 do 

— Wm elk r 1271 Main 

— & Scafidi (Thos Lawrie, Salvatore J Sca- 
fidi) gros and filling sta 1275 Main 

Lawshay see LaJoie 

Lawson Carl (Marion H) slsmn h 18 College 
Farm rd 

—Carl F (Irene E) formn h 215 Ash 

— Carl H (Lillian L) supt 115 Bacon h 26 
Chester Brook rd 

—Chas F (Carrie F) eng B&M h 25 Morton 

— Crawford (Margt) auto mech h 55 High- 

— Marie V sec r 9 Tomlin 

Lawton Ada domestic r 36 Cherry 

— Chas Russell (Bessie) slsmn h 89 Adams 



Layden Agnes B lndry wkr r rear 671 Moody 
Layes Laura B atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r 

Layton Alice B h 22 Woerd av 
— see Leighton 

Lazaro Alex presser 552 South r 82 Hammond 
— Chas lab r 82 Hammond 
— John lab r 82 Hammond 
— Jos (Josephine) h 82 Hammond 
— Jos E (Mary) farmer h 82 Hammond 
— Mary A, WW Co r 82 Hammond 
Lazarus Arthur G (S Elinor) safety eng h 81 

Wash av 
Lazazzero Angelina r 105 Harvard 
— Jos (Mary) mason h 105 Harvard 
Leach Frank W (Mary J) died Feb 23 1931 
— Lillian M wid Chas r 44 Sterling rd 
— Mary J wid Frank W r 4 Winthrop 
— Norman M (Annie D) WW Co h 170 Low- 
— Raymond C (Florence M) shipper h 4 Win- 
Leacy Ruth I, WW Co r at Watertown 
Leaf Theo E (Olga N) bricklayer h 147 Alder 
— Theo R elk 351 Newton r 147 Alder 
Leahan Jas J (Central Square Garage) 24 

Common r 26 do 
— Mary E r 26 Common 

— Patk R F (Central Square Garage) 24 Com- 
mon r 26 do 
Leahy Joanna T h 113 Taylor 
— John J (Catherine E) h 20 Grove rd 
— Robt P (Catherine) rem to Everett 
Leamy Anna M, WW Co r at W Newton 
— Ellen nurse r 43 Brown 
— Helen C hairdrsr r 43 Brown 
— Thos (Margt M) lab 47 Worcester lane h 43 

Leary Alice L died Sept 24 1931 
— Catherine wid Thos summer res 44 Hardy's 

Pond rd 
— Danl M (Albina) mgr 126 Prospect h 102 

Rutland Watertown 
— Frank P investigator 353 Moody rm 102 r 

3,t N^3,tick 
—Geo E (Ann T) slsmn h 134 Wash av 
— John J (Caroline) elk h 94 Cedarwood av 
— John L (Dorothy M) supvr physical train- 
ing public schools 55 School h 270 Flor- 
ence rd 
—John W (Mary A) elk 715 Moody h 53 Bed- 
— Katherine T phone opr 16 Spring r 23 Wal- 

tham Lexington 
— Lillian E h 11 Fern 
— Mary I h 21 Leonard 
— Mary J chocolate dipper r 44 Hardy's Pond 

—Mary L, WW Co r at W Newton 
Leate John N carp h 321 Lincoln 
Leavey Jennie G Mrs, WW Co r 173 Brown 
— Thos C (Jennie G) mach h 173 Brown 
Leavitt Mahlon (Florence E) armorer State 

Armory h 104 Villa 
— Prescott L (Barbara E) eng h 148 Adams 
— Urban R (Alice V) shoe rpr 183 Lake h 

Leavy Philip C (Ellen R) traffic dept BE h 

103 Columbus av 
Lebans Lavinia, WW Co r 242 Lowell 
Lebesque Henry J (Mildred I) auto mech h 

28 Yetten ter 
Leblanc Adolph (Emilie) chef r 10 Whitney ct 
— see White 
LeBlanc Adolphe J (Eva B) toolmkr WW Co 

h 67 Indian rd 
— Agnes wid Jas r 20 Cross 
— Alban (Aimee M) WW Co h 52 Clark 
— Alderic L box mkr r 166 River 


— Alf D (Margt J) formn 500 South h 18 

— Alyre P (Souveraine) pntr h 9 Highland 

— Amede (Lena) lab h 32 Harvard 

— Amile J carp r 80 Robbins 

— Anna married David Casey 

— Arthur mach opr r 24 Hammer 

— Arthur D carp r 80 Robbins 

— Arthur O pntr r 9 Highland 

— Arzelie died Jan 31 1932 

— Azime F, WW Co h 149 High 

— Barbara M r 122 Lowell 

— Beatrice maid r 111 Lincoln 

—Bella, WW Co r 19 Adams 

— Bella T phone opr 16 Spring r 32 Har- 

— Benj J (Mary J) h 24 Cushing 

— Calixte L (Alice P) auto mech h 77 Alder 

— Camille lndrymn 191 Felton r 22 Highland 

—Chas (Mary) pntr h 110 Charles 

—Delia, WW Co r at Watertown 

— Dominique, WW Co and barber 6 Crescent 
r 122 Lowell 

— Donat D (Ida C) carp h 80 Robbins 

— Doris J r 80 Robbins 

— Edna r 19 Adams 

— Edwd J box mkr r 166 River 

— Edwd J funeral dir 231 Newton r 122 

—Edwd P J, WW Co r 150 High 

— Elias (Margt) pntr h 146 Bacon 

— Eliz, WW Co r 55 Walnut 

— Emery J r 41 Alder 

— Emile J paper tube wkr r 166 River 

— Emma buckle wkr r 44 Cedar 

— Emma A sten r 24 Hammer 

— Ernest ice cream mkr r 80 Robbins 

— Ernest (Mary) lather h 102 Taylor 

—Ernest J (Alice M) pntr h 9 Noonan 

—Evelyn phone opr 16 Spring r 32 Harvard 

—Evelyn M, WW Co r 41 Alder 

— Fidel E (Bella) shoe wkr h 24 Taylor 

—Florence D, WW Co 

— Florine maid 2 Appleton 

—Frank J (M Sarah) lab h 100 Seminole 

—Genevieve Mrs 66 Woerd av r 310 River 

— Germaine bkpr 809 Main r 35 Rich 

—Gertrude asst buyer r 12 Spruce 

— Gregoire F (Rose A) gardnr h 166 River 

— Greta housekpr 218 South r do 

—Helen E r 55 Crescent 

—Henry (Genevieve) carp h 89 Oak 

—Henry (Genevieve) WW Co h rear 310 

—Henry J (Mary B) tinsmith h 14 Harvard 
—Herbert J (Catherine C) carp h 3 Duddy 

—Howard (Mary C) WW Co r 188 Willow 
—Hubert P (Mary C) restr 555 Main h rear 

—Ida Mrs, WW Co r 84£ Myrtle 
—Irene M slswmn r 24 Hammer 
—J Eloie (Celina) carp h 26 Taylor 
—Jas D (Marie A) carp h 59 Lyman 
— John B (Mary M) WW Co h 106 Charles 
—Jos (Lucy A) bldg mover h 16 Everett 
—Jos (Philomene) chauf h 41 Alder 
—Jos (Esther) elk r 25 Adams 
— Jos lab r 403 River 
—Jos (Annie) tinsmith h 116 Charles 
—Jos L, WW Co r 24 Cushing 
—Jos S (Matilda) died May 1 1933 
—Jos V (Margt T) milkmn h 94 Overland 

—Josephine (Josephine Shoppe) 24 Cushing 
h do * & 

— L Helena sec r 303 Newton 




— Lawrence, WW Co r 24 Cushing 

— Leonora r 3 Noonan 

— Lillian r 8£ Fountain 

—Louis E (Jessie M) WW Co h 122 Lowell 

— Louis G (Melinda) elk h 67 Summit 

— Lucille cashr 399 Moody r 51 Falmouth 

— Malvina waitress r 32 Harvard 
—Marie J, WW Co r 7 Elm av 
— Mary radio wkr (Newton) r 93 Central 
— Mary A domestic r 108A Taylor 
— Mary L maid r 44 Summer 
—Mary M Mrs, WW Co r 106 Charles 
— Mary N r 24 Cushing 
— Matilda wid Jos h 68 Taylor 
— Moise S (May E) carp h 201 Felton 
—Paul died Oct 13 1931 
—Peter r 250 South 
— Peter A (Marguerite L) welder (B) h 452 


— Rita elk 877 Main r 24 Hammer 

— Ronaldo (Rose A) chauf h rear 93 Central 

— Rudolph J (Pauline H) chauf h 17 Liberty 

—Theresa, WW Co r 149 High 

— Thos plmbr r 112 Crescent 

— Thos, WW Co r at W Newton 

—Victoria M, WW Co r 80 Robbins 

— Walter hlpr r 295 College Farm rd 

— Wm carp r 67 Chestnut 

— Wm L (Sabine G) hlpr h 145 Charles 

— Zerid r 80 Robbins 

— Zoel buckle mkr h 24 Hammer 

— see White 

LaBonte A Jos countermn r 166 Felton 

LeBrun Aug G (Agnes M) pntr h 173 Felton 

—Dorothy M, EHW Co r 173 Felton 

—Jos R r 173 Felton 

— Louis L (Mary J) pntr h 1 Church 

LeCain Erving A r 80 Morton 

— McCulloch W (Anetia M) elk 515 South 

h 80 Morton 
LeClair Arthur J elk r 158 Bright 
—Bella Mrs, WW Co r 26 Hall 
—Delia C (Mrs Fred) died March 31 1933 
—Frank (Bella) h 26 Hall 
— Fred mach h 158 Bright 
— Fredk A studt r 158 Bright 
— J Francis elk SO Co r 158 Bright 
— Leon R slsmn (B) r 30 Fiske av 
— Margt P married Willard Wetterland rem 

to Ware 

—Mary F elk 216 Newton r 158 Bright 

— Wm J (Catherine A) watch tool mfr 211 

Moody rm 4 h 30 Fiske av 
Leduc Henry A (Ellen F) auto mech h 82 


Lee Alice N bkpr r 157 Edge Hill rd 

— Book Shoppe The (Jos Carramanica) 718 

— Everett G (Louise M) teaming contr 266 

Calvary h do 

— Grant H lndry 871 Main r do 

— Harold E (Anna M) plmbr r 266 Calvary 

—Harry C (E Villa) fornm h 30 Edwin rd 

— Jane (Ling Sung Lee) 795 Main 

— Ling Sung (Jane Lee) 795 Main r do 

—Louis H r 157 Edge Hill rd 

— Nora wid Thos O h 157 Edge Hill rd 

— Quong lndry 5 Cushing r do 

— Thos O dairymn 1295 Main r 157 Edge Hill 

— Wm, WW Co r at Everett 
Leech see Leach 

Leedham Alice L nurse r 7 Wellington av 
Lees Geo W tchr Senior High sch h at Low- 
LeFevre Gerald, WW Co r 39 Chestnut 

Lefort Fred (Julia) mica wkr 66 Woerd av 

h 139 Robbins 
LeFort Albert (Catherine) chauf h 186 River 
—Julia Mrs, WW Co r 62 Myrtle 
— Lubin (Zabine P) barber 515 Moody h 15 

— Peter (Annie) meats h 184 River 
Leger Albert X (Nellie M) slsmn h 25 Char- 
lotte rd 
— Alf (Elise) (Naborhood Laundry) 191 Fel- 
ton h 172 Bright 
— Antoine H battery wkr r 71 Chestnut 
— Arthur J r 39 Floyd 

— Arthur M (Emma S) carp h 71 Chestnut 
—Bertha F, WW Co r 94 Robbins 
— Camille H auto mech r 71 Rich 
— Cascelina M elk r 39 Floyd 
— Cecilia M studt nurse r 39 Floyd 
— Chas L (Elsie) ice h 106 Taylor 
—Edgar (Mary) h 96 Charles 
—Edgar O (Mary R) shtmtlwkr h 177 New- 
—Elsie D Mrs, WW Co r 106 Lowell 
— Emil (Leona) pntr 23 Taylor h do 
— Geo (Gloria A) elk r 10 Gorham 
— Gerard battery wkr r 71 Chestnut 
— Irene paper wkr r 11 Gardner 
— Irene, WW Co r 96 Chestnut 
— Leon washer 191 Felton r 22 Highland 
— Leontine domestic r 71 Chestnut 
— M Louise lndrs (Watertown) r 39 Floyd 
—Marcel A, WW Co r 10 Maple ter 
—Marcel A (Dina) WW Co h 10 Maple ter 
— Marie housekpr r 519 Main 
—Mary L, WW Co r 310 River 
—Mary R Mrs, WW Co r 87 Ash 
— P Jos carp r 39 Floyd 
— Philias T (Leona) (Phil's Barber Shop) 

404 Moody h 11 Gardner 
— Rita bkpr 413 Moody r 139 Adams 
—Zoel F (Eliz M) supt of public bldgs City 
Hall h 39 Floyd 

Legere Amedee (Yvonne) (Naborhood Laun- 
dry) 191 Felton h 22 Highland 

— Celina r 18 Liberty 

—Elise Mrs, WW Co r 172 Bright 

— Julian died Oct 1 1933 

—Laura M, WW Co r 29 Ash 

— Leandre lndry wkr r 22 Highland 

— Osite wid Felix r 18 Liberty 

— Stanley bleachery (B) r 852 Main 

— see Light 

Lehan Margt domestic r 40 Pond 

Leighton Elmer, WW Co r at W Newton 

— Hannah P wid Chas J h 28 Gilbert 

—Hubert R (Pauline J) slsmn h 24 Gordon 

— Lexena C Mrs, WW Co r at W Newton 

— Saidee wid Scott r 154 Ash 

— Warren G drftsmn 101 Seyon av r 150 Tre- 
mont Newton 

— see Layton 

Leishman Chas A (Sarah J) elk h 86 Sum- 

— Chas A jr sten r 86 Summit 

— Eliz L married Thos Nolan 

— Marjorie E sten r 86 Summit 

Leitch Wm T, elk RMS r 11 Randall 

Leland Edwd (Irene) elk 355 Moody r 188 

— Home for Aged Women 21 Newton Howard 
B Peterson pres Mrs Mary S Randall 
sec R Earl Eichler treas Mrs Nancy E 
Brown matron 

LeLevier Elie (Eliz) mach opr h 70 Bennett 

Lelievre Henry J (Rose A) firemn h 17 Sum- 
mer av 

LeLievre Alex enameler r 83 Pine 

— Armand r 41 Cutter 

— Dominick (Sophie) lab B&M h 83 Pine 




— Emma wid Theo assorter r 20 Middle 

— Louis hlpr Bettinger Enamel Corp r 83 

— M Adele radio wkr (Newton) r 83 Pine 
—Mary L, WW Co r 68 Hall 
— Michal (Annie) enamel sprayer Bettinger 

Enamel Corp h 153 Willow 
— Thos r 83 Pine 
Leman John atndt 962 Main r at Jamaica 

Lembo Carolyn Mrs, WW Co r at Newton 
— Cologero C r 105 Central 
— Domenica wid Sebastiano h 105 Central 
— Philip (Frances) barber 5 Charles h 100 

— Santo (Anna) pdlr h 87 Bacon 
Lemieux Armand r 42 Wadsworth av 
— Delma Mrs h 42 Wadsworth av 
Lemmer Alvin (Hannah) grinding wheel wkr 

115 Bacon h 96 Hammond 
— Clarence A, WW Co r 96 Hammond 
— Dorothy C Mrs, WW Co r 9 Chester av 
Lemon Anna slswmn r Montclair av 
— Edwd F (Nellie C) h Montclair av 
— Harry shoe wkr r Montclair av 
— Patricia elk 315 Moody r 245 Montclair av 
Lenaerts Helen wid Chas H died May 23 


Lenaghan Alice E tchr Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
Lenior Madeleine H, WW Co r 783 Moody 
Lennehan John J lab h 164 School 
Lennerton Lee C (Beatrice Y) formn h 10 

— Leo r 152 Brown 
Lennon Marion E tchr Thos R Plympton sch 

r at W Roxbury 
— Ruth C tchr Chauncey Newhall sch r 101 

Anawan av, W Roxbury 
Lenoir Madeline, WW Co r 86 Adams 
Lentini Frank G (Verna) slsmn h 286^ River 
—Leo C leather ctr r 286^ River 
— Salvatore J leather ctr r 286£ River 
Lenz Howard G, (Ida D) slsmn h 120 Over- 
land rd 
— Maxwell E eng B&M r 23 Boynton 
Lenzi Salvatore (Eliz I) mason h 836 Main 
Leonard Alice B, WW Co r 188£ Adams 
— Annie M piano tchr 461 Main r do 
— Carl K (Susan F) police 25 Lexington h 52 

— Catherine A wid Patk h rear 94 Bacon 
— Francis L r 81 Exchange 
— Frank T servicemn 949 Main r 94 Russell 
— Fred rem to Somerville 
—Geo F (Emma B) WW Co r 862 Main 
* — Henry W (Dorothea E) office mgr h 45 

Sterling rd 
— Jessie S wid Henry L h 81 Exchange 
—John J atndt 823 Moody r 59 Highland 
— John J (Johanna L) hlpr h 175 Willow 
— John J mach r rear 94 Bacon 
—John M died Feb 16 1933 
— Katherine J atndt Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
—Louis A (Emma G) WW Co h 74 Fiske 
— Margt E photo fnshr 53 Moody r 59 High- 
—Marie E, WW Co r 27 Robbins 
— Martin J (Catherine A) mach h 59 High- 
— Mary wid Michl h 27 Robbins 
—Mary A, WW Co r 59 Highland 
— Mary F tchr Chauncey Newhall sch h 461 

— Matthew J (Anna M) coml artist 33 Cam- 
bria rd h do 
— Raymond J studt r 47 Pine 


— Robt elk 230 Moody r 52 Pine 

— Wm F (Isabella) mach r rear 94 Bacon 

— Wm H r 81 Exchange 

— Wm L (Marie C) lab h 47 Pine 

Leone Danl (Mary E) (Waltham Inn) 94 

Adams h do 
— Girard L elk 94 Adams r do 
— Rocco L elk 94 Adams r do 
LePage Thos L (Ruth A) contr (Marlboro) 

r 371 Crescent 
Lepine Velma A elk 505 Trapelo rd r do 
Lerette Geo A (Marie J) service mgr h 25 


Lerner Frances J cashr h 22 Brookfield rd 
Lescarbeault Marie wid Jos r 9 Whitcomb 
LeShane Malcolm P (Barbara L) carp h 39 

Virginia rd 
Leslie Blanche M, WW Co r 77 Brown 
Letteney Mary C Mrs, WW Co r 24 Berkshire 

Leusher Wm B (Emily M) slsmn h 275 Cres- 

Leva Louis A mach r 13 Mayall rd 

LeVally John L (Edith C) tire rpr h 62 

Levasseur Eliz Mrs elk 877 Main r 5 Noonan 
— Leon J (Eliz A) lab h 5 Noonan 
LeVasseur Geo B (Robina A) oiler h 38 £ 

— Jos (Georgianna) rem to Manville RI 
Levensaler Leon W coml photog 53 Moody r 

1097 Main 
Lever John (Florence) h 14 Gorman's ct 
— Jos (Marion E) mason h 60 Francis 
— Josephine Mrs, WW Co r 82 Taylor 
— Severin (Sophie) carp h 133 Clark 
— Theo (Emma) died May 1932 
— Thos (Josephine) mach opr r 14 Gorman's 


Levesque Arthur E (Frances I) carp h 49 

Wamsutta av 
Levey Ellinor wid Wm h 50 Fiske 
— Frank r 50 Fiske 
— Harold E elk r 50 Fiske 
—John W (Nellie G) mach h 37 Central 
Levine Arthur G (Charlotte) elk 469 Moody 

r 123 Wash av 
—Ethel B Mrs r 248 Lowell 
— Jos slsmn 552 South h at Mattapan 
—Ruth tel solctr 552 South r at Mattapan 
Levison Abr (Bertha) (Harry's Shoe Store) 

270 Moody h 15 Maple av 
—Freda bkpr 270 Moody r 12 Beech 
—Harry N (Gertrude) (Harry's Shoe Store) 

270 Moody h 12 Beech 
Levoy see Lavoie 
Lewis Albert A r 854 Main 
— Allura wid Edwd F h 2^6 Ash 
— Barbara housekpr Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
— Chas (Blanche) slsmn h 3 Cornwallis pi 
—Chester C (Clara A) jwlr h 117 Riverview 


— Erdine S, WW Co r 93 Alder 

— Geo E coml photog 53 Moody r Concord 

—Harold S (Suzzane) WW Co h 36 Wash av 
—Henry H (Martha S) mach h 8 Prospect 
— Jas P phys 681 Main rm 10B h at Brook- 
— L Maud sec 681 Main rm 10B r 4 Common 
— Laura M wid Jos domestic r 54 Orange 
—Leslie H (Hazel F) plmbr 59 Orange h 

—Ruth F, WW Co r 77 Robbins 
— S Alger (Myrtle D) elk (B) h 62 Irving 
— Susanne J Mrs, WW Co r 30 Wash av 



Leydon Sarah I, WW Co r 94 Adams 
— see Lydon 

Leyland Fredk W (Clara P) rem to Belmont 
Libbey Fredk A (Margt F) lab h 28 dishing 
Libby Agnes M mus tchr r 94 Lincoln 
— Anna M mus tchr 94 Lincoln r do 
—Ansel P (Minnie M) WW Co h 307 Cres- 
LIBBY BROS (Daniel I and Clifton L) die, 
model, experimental machine and watch 
tool work 158 Lexington — See page 99 
—Clifton L (Edith A) (Libby Bros) 158 Lex- 
ington h do 
— Danl I (Bertha E) (Libby Bros) 158 Lex- 
ington r do 
— Frank (Georgiana) farmer h 94 Lincoln 
— Harry E (Margt J) watchmkr EHW Co h 
32 South 

— Herman G (Adeline G) rem to NY city 

— John M rem to Belmont 

— Lizzie E wid Chas H r 201 Robbins 

—Margt J, WW Co r 32 South 

—Minnie Mrs, WW Co r 639 Lincoln 

Libernini Theophile (Rose) plstr h 238 Grove 

Liberty Block 555-561 Main 

Licato Alfonzo barber r 66 Oak 

— Michl lab h 66 Oak 

—Rose (Mrs Michl) died Nov 24 1932 

Liederman House of cleaners and dyers 699 

Liggett Co The druggists 265 Moody 
Light John F (Ruth W) dentist 680 Main rm 

44 h 195 Waltham, West Newton 
— Raymond (Katherine) r 201 Ash 

see Legere 

Lightbourn Eliz R wid Eug S h 27 Myrtle 
Lightbourne Amanda L wid Eug h 216 New- 

Lillis Arthur J (Mary E) slsmn h 68 Willow 
Lilly Thos gas tester r 403 River 
Limb Maurice (Laura G) pntr h 25 Sterling 

Lincoln Burt W (Evelyn E) radio wkr h 85 

— Chas H (Cora M) editor (Boston Post, B) 

h 27 Howard 
—Chas H (Grace B) died Nov 2 1932 
— Edwd R (Ethel A) sis mgr (B) h 55 Wor- 
cester lane 
— Gerald E (Agnes E) toolmkr (Watertown) 

h 130 Seminole av 
—Grace B wid Chas H h 378 Newton 
— Helen G r 130 Seminole av 
— Hope pianist r 378 Newton 
— John (Ida) poultry h 15 Rich 
— Mabel A wid Walter D lndrs r 85 Maple 
— Matilda bookbinder r 15 Rich 
—Oil Co filling sta 995 Main 
— Stores department store 315 Moody 
—Walter D (Mabel A) died May 2 1931 
Lindahl Manguary r 250 South 
Lindberg Axel E, WW Co r 321 Crescent 
— Axel E (Augusta S) chauf h 23 Rumford 

—Eric A (Gladys C) elk (B) h 28 Arlington 

—Helen M tchr r 23 Rumford 
Lindbergh Marie wid Gustave maid r 267 

Linder Chas C (Augusta) gardnr h 152 Plymp- 

— Robt E (Huldah T) WW Co h 154 Plymp- 

Lindestrand Chas (Frieda) auto mech r 2 

Copley av 
Lindgren Danl A- (Amanda) h 108 Columbus 

— Emil, WW Co r 117 Robbins 


— Svante A (Olga) tchr (B) h 29 Wether- 
bee rd 
Lindhe Ida S, WW Co h at Watertown 
Lindholm Helene S wid Lambert WW Co r 82 

— Milton L studt r 82 Cushing 
Lindner Kate P wid Paul h 394 River 
Lindquist Gustav H instr University of Mass 

h at Worcester 
— Wm (Marie) h 894 Main 
Lindsay Harriet M wid Robt h 5 Welling- 
— Roberta E r 5 Wellington 
— Vera V Mrs r 11 Brook av 
Lindskog Carl D (Ruth V) auto mech h 68 

Lindstrom Albert, WW Co r 9 Hawthorne 
— Alice winder (Newton) r 36 Hammond 
— Carl A (Emma) mach opr h 36 Hammond 
— Carl A E (Ida L) mach h 9 Hawthorne 

— Clara C r 9 Hawthorne rd 

— Ruth V mach opr r 36 Hammond 

Linehan Maria E wid Wm lndry wkr h 35 

— Mary A r 488 Main 
Lines Nicholas (Felia) elk h 14 Mechanic 
Linford Silas L eng h 89 Adams 
Lingley C Leander studt r 12 Prospect 
— Clarence A (Catherine A) chauf Waltham 

Coal Co h 12 Prospect 
— Harry (Ruby) auto wkr (Cambridge) h 457 


Linnehan Martin lab r 16 Grant pi 
Linnekin Guy F, WW Co r at Newton 
Linnell Alvin M (Genevieve) jan Old High 

sch h 71 Indian rd 
— Alvin M jr studt r 71 Indian rd . 
— Ellen E mach opr r 71 Indian rd 
— Mary V wid John A r 145 Dale 
Linney Olive M wid Jas H h 19 Townsend 
— Ruth A sten r 19 Townsend 
Linscott Austin rem to Portland Me 
Linthwaite Fredk J (May S) WW Co h 13 

Elson rd 
— G Arthur r 152 Myrtle 

—Matthew G (Mary L) WW Co h 152 Myrtle 
—Robt F r 13 Elson rd 
Lionais Eliz W Mrs (The Harmony Shoppe) 

742 Main r at Watertown 

Lipoma Rosario J linemn EEI Co Cooper st h 

37 Melbourne av Newton 
Lipps Cora P Mrs, WW Co r 145 Myrtle 
Lirette Jos (Bertha) plstr r 19 Spring 
— Tilmon (Yvonne) plstr h 19 Spring 
Liscombe Harold F (Marjorie A) supvr h 53 

Riverview av 
Liston Clara Mrs r 152 Ash 
Litchfield E King (Olga E) slsmn h 254 

— Ellsworth S auctioneer 63 Crescent r do 
— Franklin S (Catherine) v-pres Riverside 

Paint & Varnish Co 87 Rumford av h at 

— Gertrude E married Everett S LaFrance 
— Gustavus E (Fanny H) auctioneer and 

court officer 63 Crescent h do 
— Herbert J gardnr r 211 Adams 
—Hotel The (Mrs G E Litchfield) 61-63 Cres- 
— Lee H (Phila M) demonstrator (Allston) 

h 27 Clark lane 
— Mary tel solctr 552 South r at Stoneham 
—Olga E, WW Co r 67 Brown 
Little Annie L mus tchr 77 Crescent r do 
—Chas H (Mary E) died Jan 12 1932 
— Ernest (Grace) meats h 87 Hammond 




—Geo E (Grace E) gro 109 Hammond h 87 

— Leslie T (Florence C) librarian Public Li- 
brary 735 Main h 91 Claremont 
— Mary E wid Chas H r 346 Bacon 
— Norman lab r 80 Prospect 
Littlefield Annie M wid Harry W h 1826 

Trapelo rd 
— Ella E Mrs r 691 Moody 
—Fanny r 250 South 
—Henry A (Ella) WW Co h 93 Maple 
— Nancy E bkbinder r 93 Maple 
—Sylvia V, WW Co r at Watertown 
— Wm A (Mary C) supvr h 12 Waverley 

Oaks rd 
Littlewood Geo L (Margt A) div head EEI 

Co h Rosemont av cor Larchmont 
LITURI CHARLES (Annie) steam and hot 

water heating 100 Chestnut h 149 Bright 

See page 90 

LITURI FRANK C (Rosalie) locksmith and 
grinder 100 Chestnut h 297 Prospect Hill 
rd — See page 96 
Liuzzo Philip (Bonita) gardnr h 64 Foundry 

Livermore Ethel B elk 256 Charles r 47 

—Geo M (Clarissa M) dist mgr h 17 Thorn- 
ton rd 
—Walter A (Florence E) h 313 School 
Livernoche Ernest chauf r 195 Riverview av 
—Eva M B, WW Co r 285 Derby 
— Jos & Son (Jos A and Jos A jr) screens 

195 Riverview av 
— Jos A (Addie A) (Jos Livernoche & Son) 

195 Riverview av h do 
— Jos A jr (Eva L) (Jos Livernoche & Son) 

195 Riverview av h 375 Moody rm 9 
— Laura B domestic r 195 Riverview av 
— Raymond J, WW Co r 195 Riverview av 
Livingston Barbara (Waltham Beauty Shop) 

353 Moody rm 110 r 43 Dexter 
—Franklin S died Feb 26 1931 
— Isabel instr University of Mass r do 
Livingstone Beatrice housekpr 23 Walnut 
Lizzott Bessie elk 329 Moody r 70 Chestnut 
Lloyd Frank jan h 691 Moody 
— Grace A bookbinder r 691 Moody 
— Lois A Mrs r 102 High 
—Nellie A (Mrs Frank) died Feb 22 1933 
—Stacy G (M Pauline) slsmn r 68 Summit 
Lobdell Margt E wid Wm C h 25 Russell 
—Marion E bkpr 1295 Main r 25 Russell 
— Walter H drftsmn r 25 Russell 
Loberg Gunnar stove mkr r 55+ Dartmouth 
— Hilma wid Severine h 55£ Dartmouth 
Lochiatto Fredk A (Rose) editor (Newton) 

h 18 Mayall rd 
Locke Albert S studt r 52 Tolman 
—Block 397 Moody 
—Chas H, WW Co 
— Eleanor r 73 Gardner 
—Ernest L (Jennie S) mgr h 52 Tolman 
—Eva B (Mrs Chas H) died Apr 5 1933 
—Frank O (Ella L) h 23 Lord 
—Fred A (Jessie A) hlpr h 73 Gardner 
— Georgina Mrs, WW Co r 30 Sterling rd 
—Hall 397 Moody 
—Jessie A, WW Co r 73 Gardner 
— Linwood I sten (B) r 52 Tolman 
—Marietta G wid Geo E died Feb 22 1933 
—May E h 34 Walnut 
—Walter A (Georgina M) WW Co h 30 

Sterling rd 
—Watson C studt r 38 Myrtle 
— Wm E (Minnie E) cashr r 23 Lord 
Lockhart Arnold S (Esther A) ins agt r 35 
Barbara rd 



— Lorretta B elk 849 Main r 88 Vernon 

Lockman Wm H (Evelyn L) slsmn h 105 
Lakeview av 

Lockwood Brackett Co 100 Beaver inc '20 
Theo R Lockwood pres-treas Henry S 
Bothfeld v-pres Wilmot Whitney sec 
soap mfrs 

— Raymond A telephone installer r 45 Arling- 
ton rd 

— Theo R pres-treas Lockwood Brackett Co 

100 Beaver h at Newton 
Loeffler Paul H ins agt 740 Main rm 105 r 89 

Harnden av Watertown 
Loftus Bryan (Catherine G) lab h 140 Wil- 
— Helen C lndrs 775 Trapelo rd r 45 School 
— John hlpr r 24 Chestnut 
— Mary B Mrs h 24 Cutter 
— Michl J (Mary) h 45 School av 
— Phyllis K phone opr 16 Spring r 820 Main 
— Sadie B wid Frank r 820 Main 
Logan Arthur T studt r 114 Taylor 
— Chas S driver 894 Main r 114 Taylor 
— Edwd F (Deemie A) atndt h 11 Underwood 

— Francis W mgr 32 Crescent r 114 Taylor 
—Frank W (M Grace) cond B&M h 114 Tay- 

—Fred J h 264A Robbins 

—Harold B (Thelma P) WW Co h 9 Dex- 

— John bkpr r 590 Main 

— Loran instr Walter E Fernald State sch 
r do 

— Robt H (Ruth H) artist 28 Vernon h do 

Lohan Arthur E, WW Co r at Brighton 

Lomanno Willie ins agt 680 Main rm 26 r at 

Lombard Chas (Margt A) mach h 44 Fran- 

Lombardi Giovanni (Carmela) lab h 17 Yet- 
ten ter 

—Jennie L, WW Co r 52 Cedar 

—Jos, WW Co r 17 Yetten ter 

— Josie Mrs h 29 Spring 

— Nunzio r 17 Yetten ter 

—Raymond O (Eva C) hlpr h 267 Dale 

Lombardo Chas (Frances) lab h 48 Oak 

—Felix (Rose) lab h 19 Oak 

Lomenson Louis (Maude) carp r 127 Cres- 

Lona Erminio Rev dir Stigmatine Fathers 

554 Lexington h do 
London Seal Bottling Co (John Nocera) 19 h 

— Zachariah rem to Cambridge 
Lonergan Catherine I r 99 Taylor 
— John F slsmn h 99 Taylor 
— Mary A cashr 234 Moody r 99 Taylor 
— Mary T wid Lawrence died Aug 20 1932 
Long Abner G mgr SO Co h at Braintree 
— Anna M elk 505 Trapelo rd r do 
—Chas D (Ada G) slsmn (B) h 278 River 
— Eslie A h rem to NY city 
— Howard, WW Co h at Boston 
— Jas A (Bertha C) carp h 59 Alder 
— John D (Mary J) ins adjuster h 23 New- 

— Loretta bkpr r 121 Crescent 

—Margt died Feb 3 1933 

—Mary A (Mrs Eslie A) died Oct 8 1932 

—Mary E Mrs r 250 South 

—Mary L, WW Co r 121 Crescent 

— Ormond R (Caroline M) chauf h Montclair 

—Theo H (Charlotte W) h 261 Charles 
Longmire Renie L wid Reed r 68 Brown 



Loomis Chas E lab r 20 Common 
— Chas H (Emily) electn h 20 Common 
Looney Jas J office mgr 71 Felton h at Bel- 

Loos A Wm pastor First Congregational ch 
730 Main h Sturtevant Hall Newton Cen 
Looskin Mary L wid Geo r 107 Harvard 
Lopez Adeline E elk 699 Moody r 692 do 
— Antonio (Josephine) (Watch City Express) 

692 Moody h do 
—Felix fruit 565 Moody r 230 River 
—Felix F restr 699 Moody r 692 do 
—Helen F elk 699 Moody r 692 do 
— Jos (Rose) mason h 230 River 
—Josephine Mrs elk 699 Moody r 692 do 
— Stephanie r rear 144 School 
—Stephen elk 565 Moody r 230 River 
Lopresti Frank (Tina) mica wkr 66 Woerd av 

h 703 Moody 
—John (Concetta) opr 66 Woerd av h 721 

— Josephine 66 Woerd av r 703 Moody 
LoPresti Arthur (Josephine) h 784 Moody 
— Fred F hat clnr 705 Moody r 784 do 
— Josephine 66 Woerd av r 784 Moody 
— Josephine Mrs 66 Woerd av r 784 Moody 
— Tina 66 Woerd av r 703 Moody 
LoPristi Bros Building 705 Moody 
Lord Edwd r 12 Harding av 
— Frank R (Lillian M) slsmn h 12 Harding 

— Mary T Mrs drsmkr r Pine Hill circle 
— Rufus E h 211 Hammond 
Lordan John J (Olive P) died Dec 14 1932 
— Olive J wid John r 14 Gordon 
Lore Frances balloon mkr r 108 Felton 
— Jos (Frances) dyer h 108 Felton 
Lorentson Oscar (Emma C) meats h 15 Dex- 

Lorenzo Antonio (Crosi) lab h 3 Day 

— Stephen r 3 Day 

Lorimer Edith waitress r 86 Brown 

Loughlin Anna F bkpr r 90 Taylor 

— Francis E rprmn r 100 Cedar 

— John J (Mary A) h 88 Cushing 

— John J (Mary J) jan Jonathan Bright sch 

h 135 Summer 
— Jos A slsmn r 88 Cushing 
— Leo J (Catherine) police 25 Lexington h 

135 Alder 
— Mary r 96 Lexington 
—Mary L bkpr r 88 Cushing 
— Patk rem to Somv 

— Thos W (Delia M) bleacher h 100 Cedar 
— Wm H pharm r 88 Cushing 
— see Laughlin and O'Laughlin 
Loughry Danl studt r 84£ Church 
— Francis J depy sealer of weights and meas- 
ures 14 Church r 84£ do 
— Jas D cashr r 84£ Church 
— Josephine A sec r 84£ Church 
— Margt wid Danl F h 84£ Church 
— Marguerite M clerk Assessor's office City 

Hall r 84i Church 
Louis' Smoke Shop (Louis Siegal) 901 Main 
— Public Market (Abr and Harry Weinstein, 

Dora Weinstein Rouffe) meats 873 Main 
Lounsberry M Alice r 10 Lexington ter 
Loux Harry J mach 129 Bacon h 164 School 
Love G Gordon (Virginia H) civ eng h 57 

Virginia rd 
Lovejoy Arnold W ins agt 740 Main rm 105 

r 62 Marshall Newton Center 
Lovell John S sec Clematis Brook Sand & 

Gravel Co 42 Beal rd h at Watertown 
— Mary E tchr Nathaniel P Banks sch r at 

— Reginald I (Rose M) prof h 30 Albemarle 


Lovequist Edwin H (Gertrude E M) police 25 

Lexington h 52 Galen 
Lovett Edwd (Pearl) h 104 Bacon 
Lovette Wm R (Etta E) WW Co h 24 Orange 
Loving Geo W (Alice H) mgr 332 Moody h 

206 Robbins 
Lowd Chas B (Isabelle M) steward h 57£ 

— Eleanor A r 57£ Dartmouth 
— Isabel A studt r 57£ Dartmouth 
Lowe Adelbert N gardnr h 166 Adams 
— Anna M maid 50 Weston 
— Anna M, WW Co r at Auburndale 
—Chas H died Sept 1930 
— Clara K elk 702 Main r at Auburndale 
— Edwin A (Emily B) managing editor Wal- 

tham News-Tribune 18 Pine h 73 Cherry 
— Ellen M wid Nelson r 166 Adams 
— Emily B Mrs h 73 Cherry 
— Ernest R reporter Waltham News-Tribune 

18 Pine r 73 Cherry 
— John H (Rosella) formn (Cambridge) h 76 

— Michl J (Eliz M) h 62 Lyman 
Lowell Alden S (Gladys M) WW Co h 24A 

—Chas A h 92 Alder 
— Elmer R (Margt B) lab h 99 Overland 

—Fred R (Lizzie C) died Feb 23 1932 
—Jas F, CCC r 76 Alder 
— Lizzie C wid Fred R r 33 Mayall rd 
— Lowell W (Frances M) service mgr h 56 


— Percival (Grace M) grinding wheel wkr 115 

Bacon h 76 Alder 
— Virginia R studt nurse r 76 Alder 
— Warren H auto mech r 79 Gardner 
Lowrey John A (Hannah J) driver h 169£ 

— Lawrence lab h 169£ Willow 
— Lawrence jr instr r 169£ Willow 
Lowry Lawrence beverages r 140 School 
Loyal Order of Moose Waltham Lodge 1018 
John F Carroll sec 71 Rich meets 1st and 
3d Mon at 17 Spruce 
Loynd Alyce G wid Thos B r 102 Weston 
— Bernadette, WW Co r 35 High 
— Frances A Mrs, WW Co r 35 High 
— Francis R (Gertrude L) garagemn r 13 

Sunset rd 
— Francis S (Mary E) watchmkr h 13 Sunset 

— Geraldine F, WW Co r 35 High 
— Herbert P (Mildred M) watch rpr h 11 

Sunset rd 
— John W studt r 13 Sunset rd 
— Jos B (Josephine E) furn mover 61 Pros- 
pect h do 
—Thos B (Alyce G) died Jan 14 1931 
— Wm L (Frances A) nickel plater h 35 

Lucas Anthony r 672 Moody 
— Bessie 66 Woerd av r 672 Moody 
— Chas H pres Dunbrack Tool & Die Co Inc 

106 Alder h at Portland Me 
— Jos r 672 Moody 
— Nina wid Walter r 36 Prentice 
— Wm H watchmkr rem to E Orange NJ 
Lucchese Antonio (Nellie) lab h 32 Bolton 
— Carmelo (Emily) weaver r 38 Oak 
— Giuseppe (Marguerite) h 38 Oak 
— Jas lab r 38 Oak 
— Michele opr r 38 Oak 
Luce Edith tchr r 89 Adams 
— Robt congressmn h 91 Summer 
—Russell B (Ethel L) elk h 14 Fuller 
Lucey Catherine J, WW Co r at W Newton 
— Paul E (Ruth) icemn h 11 Underwood pk 



Luchette Mary elk 305 Moody r 19 Mague pi 

Hidden Hobart H (Ruth A) stocks and bonds 

h 89 Adams 
Ludessi Wm rem to Springfield 
Ludkiewecz Louis, WB&DW r 20 Lawton 

Ludlam Chas (Ellen) died Mar 29 1931 
—Ellen wid Chas h 15 Barton 
—Lester H (Dorothea A) bird store (69 Brom- 

field B) r 15 Barton 
Luedee Jos fishermn r 96A Charles 
Luginbuhl Walter, W WCo r 85 Adams 
Luke Stanley (Anna) barber 56 Elm h 52£ 

Lukens Milton H tchr Waltham Vocational 

sch r 9 Lord 
Lukshaw Jos J (Mary E) insp h 40 Hibiscus 

Lumsden Jas (Dorothy) chauf h 22 Sharon 
Lund Geo N (Hannah J) lab h 420 Lincoln 
—J Albert (Edith) jan h 22 Sparkill 
— Tillie maid r Forest nr Trapelo rd 
Lundberg Anna H sten h 48 Cabot 
— Gustaf (Maren A) died Nov 16 1930 
— Gyda E cashr r 48 Cabot 
—Maren A wid Gustaf died Mar 3 1931 
— Marie G tchr (Storrs Conn) r 48 Cabot 
Lundell Agda G elk 316 Moody r 27 Rich 
— Elsa A, WW Co 
— Hans (Matilda J) (Lundell & Schroder) 

711 Main rm 3 h 27 Rich 
— Inga M, WW Co r 27 Rich 
— & Schroder (Hans Lundell. Birger A Schro- 
der) merchant tailors 711 Main rm 3 
Lundgren Emil (Anna M) WW Co h 117 

— Evelyn E elk r 5 Bemis av 
— Hilda C wid John A h 5 Bemis av 
—John A (Hilda B) died Dec 27 1932 
Lundquist Carl H (Emma S) pntr h 54 Bed- 
Lundstrom Harold L W (Edith C) formn 48 
Woerd av h 29 Bromfield rd, W Somer- 

Lundy Cecil J (Nettie D) florist h 20 Bow- 

doin av 
— Frank J mason r 171 Lake 
— Harold J carp r 171 Lake 
— Robt L (Myrtle A) truckmn 171 Lake h 

L'Union Baptiste d'Amerique — 

Conseil Rochambeau, Rosario Laforce sec 
860 Main meets 1st and 3d Tues at 45 

Conseil Jeanne d'Arc 164 Mrs Victoire 
Dube sec 46 Exchange meets 1st Wed 
at 45 Central 
Lunnin Jas F (Polly E) meat ctr h 242 Ash 
Lunny Adeline C maid 775 Trapelo rd r do 
— Wm J (Rose L) insp h 268 Brown 
Lupien Geo W (Anna E) slsmn h 5 Seminole 

Lupo Amedio (Theresa) h 2 Mack's ct 
— Angelina opr r 30 Oak 
— Anthony (Mary) lab h 50 Oak 
— Dominick (Jennie) lab h 30 Oak 
— Frank (Anna) lab h 60 Cedar 
— Josephine, WW Co r at Allston 
— Mary C opr r 30 Oak 
Luskin John (Alice) h 37 Buttrick 
— John E (Florence G) asst formn h 413 

Lutteke Henry C (Rose L) WW Co h 67 Ver- 
Luttie Marie maid r 44 Curve 
Lyden Frank E (Marion H) mech 100 Seyon 

av h 57 Dix 
— Geo F enamel wkr r 57 Dix 

Lydon see Leydon 

Lyford Lillian maid r 40 Worcester lane 

Lyman Arthur (Susan C) died Apr 9 1933 

— Charlotte r 500 Beaver 

—Harriet S tchr Jonathan Bright sch h 147 

Church Watertown 
— John L studt r 500 Beaver 
— Mabel h Forest nr Beaver 
—Ronald T (Eliz P) h 500 Beaver 
— Ronald T jr r 500 Beaver 
— Susan C wid Arthur h 185 Lyman 
Lymer Bernice E sten r 130 Ash 
—John E formn WW Co r 130 Ash 
—Mary E Mrs h 120 Myrtle 
Lynch Annie C wid Thos E died June 8 1931 
— Arthur H (Esther) rem to Watertown 
— David J farmer h Forest nr Trapelo rd 
— Eliz wid Franklin P r 69 Grant 
— Francis farmer r Forest nr Trapelo rd 
— Geo (Eva B) mach h 54 Lakeview ter 
— Grace M, WW Co r Lake View ter 
— Grace P tchr South Junior High sch r 65 


—Henry O (Mary B) traffic mgr h 113 High 

— Irene M, WW Co r 54 Lakeview ter 

— Jas J jwlr h 57 Vernon 

—Jas P (Helen M) lab (Cambridge) h 42 

— John F (Mary E) stmftr h 457 Main 
— Margt A (Mrs Jas J) died Apr 7 1931 
— Margt L r 57 Vernon 
— Mary E r Forest nr Trapelo rd 
— Patk J died Nov 4 1933 
— Rita M r 54 Lakeview ter 
— Thos (Mary A) rubber wkr h 154 Willow 
Lynskey Anne L photo fnshr 53 Moody r 133 

— Annie V r 94 Adams 
—Catherine F, WW Co r 133 Bright 
—Margt A elk 271 Moody r 133 Bright 
—Mary J, WW Co r 133 Bright 
— Michl J (Mary) poultry raiser h 133 Bright 
—Mortimer W (Mary T) WB&DW h 138 


—Thos F (Alice F) h 826 Main 
—Thos F (Bridget) lab h 58 Walnut 
Lyon Alf rem to Weston 
— John (Eleanor W) chauf h 9 Everett 
— Melvin A (Susan R) slsmn h 147 Trapelo 

— Walter M (Hazel A) tchr (Brookline) h 

138 Riverview av 
Lyons Allan L (Marjory) pntr 30 High h do 
— Arch L tmstr Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
— Catherine L tchr Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
— Edwd rprmn M&B St Ry h 17 Centre 
—Eliz E, WW Co h 160 Newton 
— Helen atndt Walter E Fernald State sch r 


— Marie studt r 790 Main 

— Mary C (Mrs Edwd) died Feb 25 1933 

—Mary J, WW Co r 160 Newton 

— Mary J wid Wm h 105 Plympton 

—Robt L h 790 Main 

— Sarah E maid 775 Trapelo rd r do 

— Stephen G (Mildred) mgr 362 Moody h 9 

East Milton rd Brookline 
— Thos J (Gertrude H) rprmn BE h 125 

— Wm H (Helena F) sergt police 25 Lexing- 
ton h 16 Berkshire rd 
Lyttle John J (Esther) rem to Weston 
— John R (Jennie A) mach h 162 Chestnut 
— Wm E bricklayer r 162 Chestnut 
— Wm W mica wkr 66 Woerd av r 162 Chest- 



Mabie Clarence A (Lillian M) WW Co h 9 

Caldwell rd 
— Madeline C elk r 9 Caldwell rd 
— Robt G slsmn r 9 Caldwell rd 
—Stuart M elk r 9 Caldwell rd 
Mac's Art Shoppe variety 671 Moody 
MacAdams Margt wid John died Aug 6 1932 
McAdams Thos pntr h 53 Cushing 
McAdoo Elliott L (Lottie M) dairymn 1285 

Trapelo rd h do 
— Harold A (Emma B) dairymn 1285 Trapelo 

rd h do 
— Mary A wid Robt J mgr 1285 Trapelo rd h 


— R J Estate of (Albemarle Farm Milk Co) 

1285 Trapelo rd 
— Thos O (Nina G) dairymn 1285 Trapelo rd 

h Spring st Lexington 
McAleer Robt W (Agnes J) watchmn h 103 

MacAleese Wm C (Lena F) mach opr h 60 

McAllaster Richd V (Frances C) div mgr h 

149 Florence rd 
McAllister Mary F wid Alex died Mar 15 

—Sarah A wid Alex F h 140 School 
MacAloney Nellie nurse r 74 Alder 
McAloon Andrew J (Delia M) (McAloon & 

Sons) 35 Guinan h do 
— Andrew J jr (McAloon & Sons) 35 Guinan 

r do 
—Arthur L elk B&M r 35 Guinan 
— Brendon M studt r 35 Guinan 
— Catherine M supvr 16 Spring r 35 Guinan 
— Jas slsmn 424 Moody r 27 Pine 
— John T r 35 Guinan 
— & Sons (Andrew J and Andrew J jr) milk 

35 Guinan 
McAlpine Florence E, WW Co r Hillcrest 

— Robt H (Lena I) auto mech h Hillcrest rd 
—Robt H (Emily F) elk h 12a College Farm 


McAn Thorn shoes 277 Moody 

McAndless Chas E elk 1256 Main r 20 Cutting 

McAndrews Edith M elk r 17 Central 

— Henry A hlpr 220 Moody r 17 Central 

— John F r 17 Central 

MacAninch Cora B Mrs, WW Co r 305 Cres- 

McAnn Ada T wid Chas W r 249 School 

—Edna M tchr r 249 School 

McArdle Anna T (Mrs Jas J) died Apr 30 

— Arthur J (Frances C) enameler r 37 Colum- 
bus av 

— Jas J mldr h 38 Cedar 

McArt Henry (Alice) eng h 141 Clark 

—Mary E bkpr 224 Newton r 141 Clark 

MacArthur Geo D (Annie) millwright h 249 

— Gordon G (Helen J) carp h 43 Villa 

— Harris B carp r 33 Derby 

— John S (Beatrice M) slsmn h 9 Winthrop 

— Marion F r 102 Alder 

— Verna M married Raymond Crawford rem 
to Boston 

— Viola M Mrs h 97 Francis 

— Willard elk Bettinger Enamel Corp r at 

— Wm J (J Florence) carp NYNH&H h 102 

— Wm N (Eliz J) stmftr h 33 Derby 

McArthur Enid L studt r 4 Adams 

— H Stanley (Louise C) h 4 Adams 

— Louise C Mrs nurse 4 Adams h do 

— Wm R shipper r 21 Hardy 

MacAskill Ann M nurse 775 Trapelo rd r do 

— Clyde H (Rebecca B) iron wkr h 158 College 
Farm rd 

McAskill Edwin F carp r 327 School 

— Esther J married Vincent J Heavey rem to 
Providence RI 

— Wm H (Abbie L) carp h 327 School 

Macaulay Margt M, WW Co r 123 High 

McAuley Edwd W (Ella E) salesman h 21 

McAuliffe Edwd A (Laura S) died Oct 11 

—Eliz r 880^ Main 

— Jos J reserve officer 23 Lexington r 17 Gil- 

— Laura S wid Edwd A h 17 Gilbert 

— Mary E drsmkr r 8 Common 

— Non-Siphoning Trap Co 137 Bacon Jos A 
Maynard pres-treas mfrs plumbers' sup- 

McAvoy Frank E (Catherine F) h 58 Cush- 

— Frank J (Mary A) h 15 Sharon 

— see McEvoy 

MacBain Victor R (Maria L) machinery (B) 
h 58 Beaver 

McBain Ethel instr Walter E Fernald State 
sch r do 

McBreen Jos P (Anna L) carrier PO 738 Main 
h 263 Ash ' 

MacBride Rodger (Alice) scale mech h 93 

McBride Chas E (Catherine E) WW Co h 104 

— Henry P mach r 15 Sharon 

— Jas (Mary) gardnr h 307 School 

— Margt M (Mrs Jas) died June 9 1931 

— Matthew r 15 Sharon 

— Sarah J Mrs h 2 Duddy av 

McCabe Chas P (Marie E) elk PO h 67 Tay- 

—Edith L, WW Co r 107 Adams 

— Edwd r 112 Crescent 

— Frank J (Edna M) slsmn h 28 Berkshire 

— Iona G, WW Co r at W Newton 

— Jas J r 39 Hammond 

—Jos M (Catherine A) WW Co h 65 Taylor 

—Jos M, WW Co r 65 Taylor 

— Mary T wid Michl h 39 Hammond 

— Robt porter 775 Trapelo rd r do 

— Thos H (Helen M) auto rpr h 239 Brown 

McCaffrey Patk A (Marion E) chauf h 124 

McCaig Catherine W wid Patk D died Apr 22 

McCallum Lena A, WW Co r 628 Moody - 

—Percy L, WW Co 

McCann David G slsmn r 82 Chestnut 

—Ethel M Mrs, WW Co 

— Frank J (Mary E) lab h 165 Newton 

—Frank J (Ethel M) shirt ctr h 250£ Rob- 

— Fred F rem to NY city 

— Gene porter 775 Trapelo rd r do 

— Inzie M Mrs, WW Co r 77 Crescent 

— Patk lab r 4 Lawton pi 

— Sarah G lndrs r 4 Lawton pi 

— W Raymond musn r 24 Dix 

— Wm F (Alma) eng h 24 Dix 

— Wm T (Inez M) WW Co 

McCart Edwd (Mary) chauf h 20 Clements 

MacCarthy C Henry (Victoria A) WW Co h 21 

McCarthy Agnes E wid Patk J h 79 Charles 

— Ann F wid Patk rem to Boston 

— Catherine F (Mary C Ford Beauty Shop) 
471 Main r 37 Emerson rd Watertown 

— Catherine H wid Michl J r 20 Brigham rd 




—Chas A ins agt 267 Moody r 16 Tesla av 

— Chas C slsmn (B) r 20 Brigham rd 

— D Jos ice r 249 Newton 

— Danl J (Rose A) slsmn h 91 Summit 

—Dorothy R sec (B) r 26 Floyd 

—Emma M wid Peter J r 377 Main 

— Felix P icemn r 249 Newton 

—Francis E (Gertrude A) adv (B) h 20 Brig- 
ham rd 

— Hazel waitress r 610 Trapelo rd 

—Helen N studt r 79 Charles 

— Helene M, WW Co 

— Irene M atndt 775 Trapelo rd r do 

— Jas F r 249 Newton 

—John r 250 South 

— John E r 144 Brown 

— John F icemn r 249 Newton 

— John J r 79 Charles 

—John P (Margt E) chauf h 9 Castle 

— Jos M (Alice) eng h 42 Prospect 

— Jos P chauf r 35 Alder 

— Julia opr 157 High r at Newtonville 

— Justin L (Grace L) slsmn h 696 Lexing- 

— Lillian clnr r 35 Alder 

—Margt E sten (B) r 26 Floyd 

— Mary A wid Felix h 249 Newton 

— Mary E wid Thos F h 26 Floyd 

— Mary E wid Thos H h 144 Brown 

— Mary F elk 376 Moody r 249 Newton 

— Musette wid Edwd J h 46 Chester av 

— Nora wid Patk h 35 Alder 

— Raymond W mach opr r 144 Brown 

— Rose elk Walter E Fernald State sch r do 

— Thos F (Bertha T) chauf h 43 Hammond 

—Thos F (Catherine) USA r 26 Floyd 

— Walter B (Ethel L) master mariner r 370 

— Walter H baggagemaster B&A r 144 Brown 

— Wm R (Catherine I) slsmn h 78 Fiske 

— Wm T pres-treas Bleachery Fuel Co and 
Standard Charcoal Co 105 River h at Bel- 

MacCartney Janet tchr Walter E Fernald 
State sch r do 

McCarty Dorothy A married Wm J Calla- 

— Ellen T wid Lawrence J h 87 Grant 

— John A (Leora M) lawyer 680 Main rm 12 
h 15 Oak Hill rd 

—John P chauf 20 Felton r 9 Castle 

—Lawrence J (Ellen T) died July 1 1933 

— Loretto J priv sec Mayor's office City Hall 
r 87 Grant 

— Raymond A (Mary A) phys 876A Main h 
45 Lyman 

McCaul Geo A,trainmn B&M. h 115 Lexing- 

—Margt J wid Robt died Nov 11 1931 

— Robt L (Margt J) plmbr 240 Linden h 

—Robt L studt r 240 Linden 

McCauley Amanda, WW Co r 7 Norumbega 

— Amanda, WW Co r 18 Falmouth rd 

— Clifford (Marjorie) mach 48 Woerd av h 18 
Falmouth rd, W Newton 

—Frank A (Norine M) filling sta 235 High 
r at Allston 

MacCaull Bessie, WW Co r 94 Adams 

MacCausland Mabel elk 223 Moody r 74 Page 
rd Newtonville 

McClain Mildred J elk 45 Moody r 34 Rob- 

— see McLane MacLean and McLean 

McClary Geo A (Gladys B) bookbinder h 54 

— Myra L wid Geo A h 18 Liberty 

McCleary Gladys B Mrs bookbinder 54 Stearns 

h 54 South 
MacCleave Chas A (Gertrude E) WW Co h 

20 Chestnut 
—Edith M, WW Co r 44 Floyd 
— Gertrude Mrs mgr 434 Moody r* 20 Chest- 
— Milford atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
— Ruby slswmn r 20 Chestnut 
— Susie wid Edwd h 44 Floyd 
McCleave Forest M (Dorothy G) formn 200 

Prospect h 51 Edwin rd 
McClellan Frank P (Florence E) eng h 33 

Cedarwood av 
McClure Reta C, WW Co r 43 Walnut 
McCluskey Danl J (Sarah A) plumber 241 

School h do 
—John J (Margt E) barber 649 Main h 26 

— John J (Alma) plmbr h rear 243 School 
— Katherine C sec r 26 Common 
McClutchy Harold J (Sabina M) slsmn (B) 

h 22 Edwin rd 
McCollester John F (Emma L) elk h 103 

McConihe Louis H (Sarah M) lab r 65 Bennett 
MacConkie Lillian G Mrs (Mac's Art Shoppe) 

671 Moody h 86 Brown 
MacConnell Jas H (Pearl M) mgr (B) h 50 

Beal rd 
McConnell Chas W (Eva A) coml trav h 74 

Bruce rd 
— see Connell and O'Connell 
McCoole Eliz J wid John B died Nov 3 1932 
McCormack Harold L (Gertrude A) broker 

(B) h 77 Main 
— John H r 77 Main 

— John P (Catherine) dec h 103 Lexington 
— Leo lab r 39 Bolton 
McCormick Arthur J rem to Boston 
—Clare S wid Cornelius J died Dec 29 1930 
—Mary, WW Co r 34 Howard 
McCourt Catherine, WW Co r 180 Willow 
— Catherine L wid Frank J h 197 River 
— Francis J (Catherine L) died Jan 31 1931 
— John r 7 Pearl 

McCoy Cecil mill hand r 14 Cushing 
McCray Hector G (Frances) chauf h 141 Lake 
— Roscoe (Alberta) hlpr h Walton st 
McCready Winifred A elk 505 Trapelo rd r 

McCue John chauf 118 Bacon r 10 Tolman 
—Thos F (Eliz F) meter rpr 92 Felton h 175 

MacCullem Bafield r 20 Crescent 
McCullom Chas O (Grace) pharm h 84 Trap- 
elo rd 
McCullough John lieut Hose Co No 1, 20 

School av r do 
—John Forest, WW Co r 163 River 
—John H (Mary) h 163 River 
— Lincoln A (Dorothy C) dance promoter r 

43 Francis 
— Louise G elk City Clerk's office City Hall 

r 163 River 
— Martha E wid Alex r 194 Chestnut 
— Muriel M tchr r 163 River 
— Sarah A wid Wm F r 44 Pleasant 
— Thos E (Leonore R) mgr 472 Main h 12 

—Thos J (Catherine) h 165 River 
— Wm F (Sarah A) died June 14 1932 
McCully Geo E (Eliz J) slsmn h 5 Charlotte 

McCurdy Christopher E h 860 Main 
— Wilhelmina (Mrs Christopher E) died June 

10 1933 
McCusker Bernard G (Katherine E) contr h 

10 Orchard av 




— Edwd B (Anne R) lawyer 621 Main rm 2 h 

10 Dale 
— Frank A real est and ins 621 Main rm 2 r 
119 Taylor 

Jas F r 29 Pine 

— John H (Catherine F) contr 62 Church h 

— John H jr (M Louise) h 9 Orchard av 
— John P (Catherine E) broker h 35 Willow 
— Margery F wid Edwd B h 119 Taylor 
McCuspic Norman atndt Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
McCutcheon Jas F (Jessie J) r 78 Taylor 
McDade Margt A bkpr h 121 Crescent 
McDaniels Albert uphol r 240 Crescent 
MacDermott Jane E sec r 32 South 
— Jessie E wid Bruce nurse h 32 South 
McDermott Eliz E sec r 7 Banks 
— J Franklin rem to Grantwood NJ 
— John W usher r 7 Banks 
— Jos P (Sadie B) pres Beaver Brook Lumber 

Co 1 Massasoit h 83 Thornton rd 
— Leo F (Theresa A) mach r 74 Orange 
— Maude E wid Frank S h 7 Banks 
— Michl J porter 775 Trapelo rd r do 
—Rachel M h 60 Bedford 
— Theresa A, WW Co r at W Newton 
McDevitt Anna K rem to Boston 
— Bridget r 68 Hollace 

— Helen soap wrapper 100 Beaver r 68£ Hol- 

— Jas (Mary A) carp h 33 Plympton 

— John J rem to Boston 

— Peter (Annie) brick mason h 68 Hollace 

MacDonagh Patk J grinding wheel wkr 115 

Bacon r 127 Pine 
— Stephen J auto mech h 127 Pine 
McDonagh Alice E Mrs h rear 93 Cherry 
Macdonald Bessie maid r 575 Beaver 
— Jas L (Mabel C) foot specialist 740 Main 

rm 118 h 11 Rockridge rd 
••—Martin L phys 930 Main r do 
—Mary wid John G died June 23 1932 
— Ray E slsmn r 43 Wellington 
— Sadie H nurse r 173 Hammond 
— Sarah C Mrs sec h 173 Hammond 
— Wm L (Lydia L) plmbr h 43 Wellington 
MacDonald Alex (Susan) elk h 36 Caughey 
— Alf J pastor Church of Our Lady h 857 

Trapelo rd 
—Alice L (Mrs Rupert G) died Jan 12 1933 
— Angus J (Mary E) chauf h 16 Bennett 
— Annabelle atndt Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
— Beatrice K Mrs opr 226 Moody r 95 Colum- 
bus av 
—Clarence R (Margt M) hlpr B&M h 78 

—Edwd L r 1691 Adams 

— Edwd M (Blanche M) die mkr 158 Lexing- 
ton h 51 Chestnut 

— Emmett (Marie) (Ann Beauty Shop) 226 
Moody r at Boston 

— Evelyn E elk r 74 Bacon 

— Florence A maid r 8 Albemarle av 

— Francis R packer r 169 1 Adams 

—Frank K (Isabelle) lab h 281 Ash 

— Fredk L phys 51 Crescent h do 

— Geo J rem to Belmont 

— Geo M tel rprmn (B) r 59 Hammond 

— Gertrude A studt r 51 Crescent 

— H Frances studt r 74 Bacon 

— Hazel C atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 
r do 

— Hollis S (Ruth O) slsmn h 17 Sunset rd 

—Isabel P, WW Co r 92 Myrtle 

— J Raymond (Mabel M) plstr r 17 School 

— Jas elk 223 Moody r 35 Quincy Watertown 


— Jas E tel rprmn r 59 Hammond 

— Jennie M phone opr 16 Spring r 87 Brown 

— John A (Rita) tube mkr h 75 Adams 

— John J (Mary E) hlpr h 24 Marivista av 

— Jos (Mildred) chauf h rear 267 Main 

— Jos N (Eliz J) rem to Belmont 

— Kathryn A h 123 High 

— Lorenzo F (Mary E) mach h 169 £ Adams 

— Mary A phone opr 16 Spring r 537 Main 

— Mary E wid Jas h 59 Hammond 
— Muriel E head nurse 505 Trapelo rd r 

—Rita Mrs, WW Co r 73 Adams 
— Robt E (Eliz) WW Co 
—Ronald J (Jennie A) died Nov 16 1933 
— Rupert G receiver 1000 Main h 2 Wood- 
lawn av 
— Thos P died Nov 1930 
— Warren B (Althea S) carp h 60 Orange 
McDonald Agnes E, WW Co r 806 Main 
—Alice, WW Co r 167 Derby 
— Anna wid John J died Aug 4 1933 
— Arthur J mason r 103 Cushing 
— Bernard F (Ethel V) pres George J Barker 

Lumber Co 118 Bacon h 89 Irving 
— Brenton plmbr r 70 Chestnut 
—Catherine J wid Edwd J h 10 Wall 
— Chas R (Mary A) pntr (W Newton) h 26 

Wash av 
—Clifford cook (B) r 12 Prospect 
— Dorothy box mkr r 103 Cushing 
— Edmond J (Catherine B) died Feb 7 1932 
— Eliz A wid John A h 86 Gardner 
—Eliz wid Michl J h 59 Myrtle 
—Francis B (Margt M) WB&D Co h 165 New- 
—Francis E (Edith E) h 6 Beal rd 
— Francis L jan Benefit cor Elm h at W New- 
— Geo J (Lucretia) shipper (Cambridge) h 

Rosemont av 
— Henry elk 894 Main r at Atlantic 
— Henry R (Helen T) hosemn Eng No 1 h 30 

— Hugh (Bessie) h 806 Main 
—John H (Mary E) h 41 Hall 
—John J r 806 Main 
— John J slsmn h 91 Hammond 
—John L (Celia) lab h 176 Willow 
— Jos R r 806 Main 
— Letitia died Jan 25 1932 
— Lillian F buckle wkr r 122 Calvary 
— Louis r 68 Cedar 
— Mae studt r 59 Myrtle 
— Margt, WW Co r 3 Noonan 
— Mary wid Alex J h 153 Plympton 
— Mary C phone opr 16 Spring r 806 Main 
— Mary E wid Thos h 103 Cushing 
— Norman J plmbr r 86 Gardner 
— Peter T lather r 103 Cushing 
— Raymond P r 103 Cushing 
— Sarah H wid Geo M h 34 Lawrence 
— Selma E hosp matron Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
— T Edwd (Ella G) h 41 Howard 
— Thos E (Rose A) rubber wkr h 122 Calvary 
— Thos F (Mary J) shipper Benefit cor Elm 

h 2 Wellington av 
— Walter R (Mary E) state police h 90 Tay- 
— Wm tchr Walter E Fernald State sch r do 
— Wm A (Anna E) coremkr h 75 Lexington 
— Wm J (Jennie K) mach opr r 142 High 
— Wm J F (Jenny) opr 77 Rumford av r 142 

—Winifred E r 153 Plympton 
MacDonnell John J (Frances E) asst undtkr 
749 Main h do 



McDonnell Francis W (Alice M) auto mech h 
129 Brown 

McDonough Alice wid Martin r 5 Charles-st 

— Hazel G studt r 5 Charles-st av 

— John F (Eliz J) gardnr h 29 Spring 

— Mary E wid Jas r 52 Bruce rd 

— Philip (Bridget) mason 62B Cutter h do 

— Stephen J meter rpr 92 Felton r 127 Pine 

— Thos mason r 62B Cutter 

— Wm J (Marion E) printer r 191 Newton 

MacDougal Margt A housekpr h 730 Moody 

Macdougall Donald E slsmn r 43 Marianna 

MacDougall A Leo (Rose V) buyer h 34 Ever- 

— Anna L waitress r 730 Moody 

— Danl (Susie A) pntr h 219 Brown 

— Geo F (Eleanor M) h 17 Hartwell 

— Geo F jr r 17 Hartwell 

— Geo P atndt Walter E Fernald State sch r 

— Ida B optical wkr r 730 Moody 

— Jessie atndt Walter E Fernald State sch r 

—Martha L died Sept 2 1930 

— Wm H atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 
r do 

McDougall Catherine atndt Walter E Fernald 
State sch r do 

— Mary lndrs Walter E Fernald State sch r 

MacDowell Chas S (Elfrieda F) investigator 
h 42 Wamsutta av 

Mace Angeline elk 285 Moody r 8 McBride's 

— Chas J (Mabel L) mach h 25 Riverview av 

— : Filomena, WW Co r 8 McBride's ct 

— Harold A (Nettie M) restr wkr r 5 A Rum- 
ford av 

— Helen A studt r 25 Riverview av 

—Oliver E (Stella D) (Mace's) 847 Main h 
50 Elson rd 

—Ruth D elk r 50 Elson rd 

Mace's (Oliver E Mace) radio and refrigera- 
tion 847 Main 

McEleney Helen bookkeeper 223 Moody r 1565 
Wash, W Newton 

McElhiney Allan F (Ruth P) pntr h 23 Pine 
Vale rd 

McElman Sarah wid Robt h 41 Chester av 

McElroy Bernard (Nellie F) crossing tndr 
B&M 115 Moody h 65 Ash 

— Cecelia wid Alphonsus, WW Co r 59 High 

McEnaney C Stuart (Eliz C) steel hardener 
h 140 Myrtle 

—Ruth A r 140 Myrtle 

McEnnis Wm L, WW Co r 22 Hamilton 

McEntree Jas opr r 23 Robbins 

McEvoy Mary J died Nov 3 1931 

— Michl J (Julia V) lab h 91 Seminole av 

— see McAvoy 

McFadden Alex (Ada M) lab h 55 Cherry 

— Anna M matron r 55 Cherry 

— Dorothy F r 55 Cherry 

McFaden Jas A (Mary T) cond BE (B) h 75 
Florence rd 

— Raymond J (Julia I) slsmn h 61 Newton 

MacFarland Chas buckle wkr r 13 Exchange 

— Florence Mrs h 245 Charles 

Macfarlane Chas B (Carrie F) (Macfarlane & 
Abbott Inc) electrical supplies (46 Corn- 
hill B) h 39 Pleasant 

— Chas E electn r 39 Pleasant 

— Edwd B (Isabel) rem to Belmont 

—Elton C r 39 Pleasant 

MacFarlane Geo D, WW Co r at W Newton 

— Wm L, WW Co r 26 High 

McFarlane Donald M eng 775 Trapelo rd h 
185 Burrill Swampscott 

McFayden Alex (Ada M) crossing tender 
Roberts sta h 119 Brown 

— Anna matron Walter E Fernald State sch 
r do 

— Archibald J (Catherine B) asst supt 115 
Bacon h 11 Green 

— Dorothy F r 119 Brown 

—Robt A (Mary M) 66 Woerd av h 59 Ches- 
ter av 

McGaffigan Grace E R r 196 Newton 

— Jas J porter r 41 Parmenter rd 

—Mary R h 196 Newton 

— Patk J died Feb 6 1933 

McGah Thos J mgr 336 Moody h 112 Main 

McGahan Chas B (Margt M) tchr North and 

South Junior High sch r 213 Ash 
—John H dentist 680 Main rm 5 r do 
McGahey Helen atndt Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
McGahn Mary E r 6 Park pl 
McGann Benedict (Norah) h 152 School 
— Catherine Mrs 66 Woerd av r 17 Minot pl 

— Catherine M wid Jos h 25 Central 
— Edwd L plstr r 25 Central 
— Francis A carp r 25 Central 
— Helen Mrs sten 14 Pine r 64 Church 
—John F elk 330 Moody r 110 Newton 
—John M died Nov 25 1933 
—John T, WB&D Co r 19 Gorham 
— Jos F appr r 64 Church 
— Jos W (Eva E) truckmn 41 Chestnut h 


— Leo T shoe wkr r 64 Church 

— Mary A dialmkr r 25 Central 

— Mary B wid Martin F h 19 Gorham 

— Mary G bkpr (Newton) r 64 Church 

—Michl F (Nora) died Jan 29 1933 

— Nora A wid Michl F h 110 Newton 

— Paul E electn r 64 Church 

— Peter F (Margt R) dial mkr h 64 Church 

— Walter C chauf r 25 Central 

McGarvey Bernard S atndt Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
— Janet Mrs matron Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 

McGarvie John W (Lida) lab 240 Beaver h 

140 do 
McGee Jas T, WW Co 
McGennis Florence M Mrs dry gds 878 Main 

h 18 Banks 

McGill Madge therapist Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
MacGillivary Catherine L, WW Co r 637 

— Margt wid Donald h 637 South 
— Margt E rem to StPetersburg Florida 
— Mary J nurse r 637 South 
McGillivary Ethel elk 285 Moody r 7 Wal- 
MacGillivray Earle P (Rosetta) mgr h 1344 

—Leslie W (Eula T) elk PO h 5 Cornwallis 

McGillivray Hugh (Mary A) carrier PO 738 

Main h Prospect Hill rd 
McGillvary Danl rem to W Newton 
— Flora wid Dougal h 68 Cedar 
— Wm paper wkr r 68 Cedar 
McGilvery Wm F pntr 775 Trapelo rd r do 
McGilvray Reese E (Florence R) WW Co h 

133^ Ash 
McGinness Stephen (Catherine) h 21 Noonan 
McGlinchey Alice E r 10 Park pl 
—Alice H r 10 Park pl 




—Frank T (Mary T) milk and sanitary insp 
City Hall and veterinarian 209 Lexing- 
ton h do 
— Jas A real est 645 Main h 10 Park pi 
— Jos A real est r 10 Park pi 
— Mary J lawyer 645 Main r 10 Park pi 
McGlone Walter D (Alice M) coml trav h 66 

McGonigle Christina M mach opr r 20 Yetten 

— Patk (Catherine E) lab h 20 Yetten ter 
McGoven Mary L, WW Co r 5 John 
McGovern Anna M cashr 371 Moody rm 106 

r 114 Charles 
— Bernard atndt 69 River r at W Newton 
— Chas hlpr h 5 John 
— Jas P (Lillian) h 9 John 
— Jas T (Mary) firemn h 114 Charles 
—John P (Hazel K) elk 398 Moody h 15 

— Jos E r 5 John 
—Mary A, WW Co r 5 John 
McGowan Dorothy elk 223 Moody r 105 War- 
wick rd, W Newton 
— Edwd F hlpr r 24 Fiske 
— Francis J (Rose E) linemn 14 Church h 

403 Main 
— Francis L (Mary C) provisions h 15 Plymp- 

ton av 
—Geo E (Julia M) chauf h 108 Calvary 
— Jas A (Lillian M) slsmn h 14 Wellington 
— John F h 24 Fiske 
—Lillian M, WW Co r 14 Wellington 
— Mary A wid Michl F r 89 Fiske 
— Mary C elk 200 Moody r 24 Fiske 
— Mary D elk r 30 Maple 
— Wm F lawyer (B) h 89 Fiske 
McGrady Arthur E (Helen M) chiropodist 87 

Pine h do 
— Edwd J (Nanette) shtmtlwkr h 118 Ham- 
McGrath Catherine M Mrs, WW Co r 63 

— Edwd driver SO Co r Lake Forest Park 

— Eltha Mrs h 34 Cushing 
— Harry J artist r 105 Adams 
—Jas F (Althea D) died Aug 3 1932 
— Janie M Mrs h 105 Adams 
— John A (Catherine J) slsmn h 81 Lexing- 
— John J dec r 169 Summer 
— Lawrence (Catherine) elk r 63 Orange 
—Margt, WW Co r 137 Crescent 
— Mary A r 20 Chestnut 
— Mary H atndt Walter E Fernald State sen 

r do 
McGreevey Helen R Mrs rem to Newton 
MacGregor The apartments 802 Main 
McGregor Gertrude domestic r 86 Brown 
McGuiggan Herbert A (Ruby E) watchmn 

Waltham Coal Co h 135 Grove 
McGuinness Alice M, WW Co r 19 Eddy 
— Frank J slsmn r 19 Eddy 
— Martha wid Norman cook r 42 Alder 
— Mary B (Waltham Beauty Shop) 353 Moody 

rm 110 h 43 Dexter 
—Stephen (Catherine) died Nov 10 1933 
— Thos J (Catharine) starter 1000 Main h 

19 Eddy 
— Thos J state trooper r 19 Eddy 
McGuire Alice M elk r 150 Hammond 
— Esther L elk 877 Main r 150 Hammond 
— Francis J (Helen M) police 25 Lexington 

h 88 Guinan 
— Frank (Margt E) firemn h 150 Hammond 
— John B (Mary) watchmn h rear 111 River 
— Mildred J elk 299 Moody r 150 Hammond 
— P Jos elk r 82 Central 


— Peter bleacher r 150 Hammond 

— Walter E r 150 Hammond 

— Wm L (Mary D) slsmn (B) h 37 Common 

McGurk Thos J r 166 Felton 

McGurl Patk J lab r 62 Newton 

McGurn Eliz A wid Ernest r 3 Chester av 

MacHarg Foster E rose grower 411 Waver- 

ley Oaks rd h 516 do 
McHugh Arthur C (Dorothy M) mgr h 83i 

—Edwd J (Lottie) eng 775 Trapelo rd h 39 

Sterling rd 
— John tmstr Walter E Fernald State sch r 


— Mary E mach opr r 39 Sterling rd 
—Thos F (Anna) towermn B&M 62 Elm h 77 

Fayette Watertown 
McHutchison Jas pres Frank Edgar Co 105 

Trapelo rd h at N Y city 
Mclnerny Robt studt r 35 Fiske av 
Mclnnerney Clair T (State House B) h 100 

Trapelo rd 
—John H died Oct 10 1932 
Maclnnis Donald A r 27 Hastings av 
— John J hlpr r 17 Daniels ct 
— Peter T (Rose) stmftr h 17 Daniels ct 
Mclnnis Chas F mgr 233 Newton r 9 Dart- 
—Edwd (Mary B) linemn BE Ry h 36 Hol- 

lace av 
—Eliz M elk WB&P Co r 9 Dartmouth 
— Helen r 9 Dartmouth 
—Norman C (Martha J) died Nov 3 1932 
—Sarah M, WW Co r 9 Dartmouth 
— Thos D (Mary J) carriage pntr h 9 Dart- 
Macintosh Mary R maid 775 Trapelo rd r 

Mcintosh Arthur H (Laura N) expressmn h 

39 Appleton 
— Barbara J studt nurse r 39 Appleton 
— Melissa A wid Jas r 11 Nutting rd 
Maclntyre Christine maid r 575 Beaver 
— John lab r 173 Adams 
Mclntyre Celia M wid Angus D r 904 Moody 
— Dorothy M bkpr r 43 Marlborough rd 
— Francis P acct h 43 Marlborough rd 
—Frank F (Ella C) slsmn r 28 Gilbert 
— Margt E r 43 Marlborough rd 
Maclsaac Viola D nurse 775 Trapelo rd r 


Mclsaac Catherine J sten 131 Lexington r 38 

Charles Lexington 
—Esther A, WW Co r 196 Ash 
— Geraldine C, WW Co r 196 Ash 
Maclsaacs Margt teacher Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 

Mclver J Paul chimney bldr r 99 Pine 

— Jas T (Mary L) chauf h 99 Pine 

— Jas T jr formn r 99 Pine 

— Margt r 80 Morton 

Mclvor Danl R (Eliz) electn BE (B) h 46 

—Edwd J chauf r 46 Dix 
— Edwd J waiter 775 Trapelo rd r do 
— Francis waiter 775 Trapelo rd r do 
— Francis W r 46 Dix 

— Jas H (Helen M) golf pro h 376 Crescent 
— T Donald chauf r 46 Dix 
MacKay Wm M (Leone H) senior phys 775 

Trapelo rd h Bow st 
McKay Audrey Mrs, WW Co h 26 Dix 
— Basil H lab r 52 Taylor 
— Cinnie Mrs h 151C Crescent 
— Danl N r 174 Adams 
— Eloise, WW Co r 151C Crescent 
—Gertrude R, WW Co r 264 Newton 



McKay .. ^r-, 

— Jas A (Mary) driver 390 Main h 91 Wil- 
— Jas R (Audrey E) WW Co r 174 Adams 
—Mildred F, WW Car 151C Crescent 
—Rose T wid Danl N h 174 Adams 
—Sarah A wid Geo W h 52 Taylor 
— Vincent A lab r 52 Taylor 
—Wallace B, WW Co r 151C Crescent 
McKean Celia wid Thos S r 275 Crescent 
— Thos S (Celia) died Dec 3 1930 
McKeen Annie M wid Jas R h 37 Amherst 

— Chas B teleg opr r 37 Amherst av 
— Edwd C, WW Co r 704 Market 
MacKelvey Wm (Faustina A) sis mgr 173 

High h 56 Parmenter rd 
McKelvey Adam (Florence M) mach h 58 

Parmenter rd 
McKelvie Nellie sec r Pine Hill circle 
McKenna Andrew (Rowena V) pntr r 24 

Oak Hill rd 
— Annie wid Stephen r 15 Auburn 
— Asa E (Mae E) lieut insp 25 Lexington h 

20 Rich 
—Catherine M, WW Co r 23 Chamberlain 

— Chas A mach h 23 Chamberlain ter 
—Chas J (Helena) carrier PO 738 Main h 

20 Cambria rd, W Newton 
—Chas J (Claire I) wire chief 16 Spring h 

40 Fiske 
— Claire E r 40 Fiske 
— Danl r 16 Mechanic 
— Dorothy L cashr r 27 Gilbert 
—Edwd L (Irene A) formn NET&T Co h 11 

Harding av 

— Eug F (Madeline M) call firemn Ladder No 
1 h 169 South 

— Felix pntr h 28 McKenn 

—Geo A civ eng 637 Main rm 10 r 27 Gil- 

—Geo E h 27 Gilbert 

— Gertrude M asst to elk Second District 
Court 25 Lexington r 56 Ellison pk 

— Giles J pntr r 28 McKenn 

— Helen soap wrapper 100 Beaver r 34 Far- 

— Jas F (Yvonne A) roofer h 12 Underwood 


— Jas H depy sheriff h 56 Ellison pk 

— Jas H jr (Grace M) chief formn public 
works dept h 19 Craven circle 

— John J (Catherine) carrier PO h 15 Au- 

— Katherine soap wrapper 100 Beaver r 34 

— Mary A r 23 Chamberlain ter 

— Mary C bkpr r 15 Auburn 

— Mary M r 56 Ellison pk 

— Matthew J mach r 23 Chamberlain ter 

—Phyllis E r 24 Oak Hill rd 

— Robt r 27 Gilbert 

—Ruth C cashr 680 Main rm 26 r 27 Gil- 

—Sarah F bkpr 633 Main r 56 Ellison pk 
— Wm P (Sarah E) asst probation officer 
Second District Court of Eastern Middle- 
sex 25 Lexington h 14 Adams av, W New- 
McKenney Alf E (Janet) lieut USA h 25 

Brookfield rd 
—Chas E (Ethel B) h 196 Robbins 
—Edmund K (Cora B) died Mar 11 1931 
— Ethel B Mrs tchr Henry Whittemore sch r 

196 Robbins 
— John (Lucile M) slsmn 100 Felton h 74 

Mackenzie Roland C (Eliz G) phys 53 Moody 

h Bedford rd Lincoln 
— Wm H (Ella C) h 140 Weston 
MacKenzie Alex asst mgr 424 Moody r at 

— Archibald M chauf 118 Bacon 
— Carl C (Margt C) mach (Cambridge) h 42 

Riverview av 
—Geo C (Evielena H) WW Co h 72 High 
— Lottie M elk 775 Trapelo rd r do 
— Murdock J (Bessie M) carp h Shore rd 
McKenzie Agnes E rem to Weston 
— Alex M plmbr r 190 Ash 
—Alice F r 190 Ash 
— Colin B (Mary E) formn h 26 Berkshire 

— Danl J plmbr h 18 Hastings av 
— Danl J jr hlpr r 18 Hastings av 
— Gertrude sten 223 Moody r 190 Ash 
— John J (Delia J) mach h 190 Ash 
— Jos A slsmn r 190 Ash 
— Marion L, WW Co r 18 Hastings av 
— Mary E sten r 190 Ash 
— Raymond D r 26 Berkshire rd 
— Roderick (Christina) (The Alyce Food 

Shoppe) 853 Main r 35 Harvard 
McKeon Anna M died Nov 28 1930 
— Thos F (Mary J) pntr h 286 Lake 
McKeown Alf A driver r 76 Guinan 
— Jas F chauf r 76 Guinan 
— John T slsmn 844 Main r 45 Prospect Cam- 
— Jos (Mary) r 85 Cherry 
— Mary Mrs elk 285 Moody r 85 Cherry 
— Mary A wid Thos F h 76 Guinan 
— Thos F (Mary R) police 25 Lexington h 104 

Barbara rd 

McKernan Catherine J wid Jas h 58 Bacon 
— Hugh J (Kelley & McKernan) cigars 873 

Main r 58 Bacon 
— Jas (Margt) starter BE Ry h 31 Hiawatha 

— Jas (Catherine J) died Jan 3 1933 
— Margt M elk r 58 Bacon 
— Mary wid Jas r 31 Hiawatha av 
MacKey Arthur A (Jeannette M) stmftr h 

33 Robbins 
Mackiewicz Harry lab r 253^ Charles 
McKillop Andrew J (Mary B) r 41 Wether- 
bee rd 
— Anna J Stankard wid Jas mlnr 221 Moody 

rm 3 r 54 Lyman 
— John W lab r 164 Bacon 
—Mary E h 164 Bacon 

McKinney Bertha D studt r 19 Richgrain av 
— Wm C (Irma L) slsmn h 19 Richgrain av 
McKinnon David I carp r 82 Alder 
— John N (Katherine S) auto mech h 31 

Porter rd 
—Mary E, WW Co r 94 Adams 
McKinnon Augustus W steward r 17 Everett 
— David I (Katherine) grinding wheel wkr 

115 Bacon h at Wayland 
— John died Apr 25 1931 
— Katherine wid Robt h 197 Grove 
— Lawrence A (Priscilla) h 82 Taylor 
— Louise asst supvr 16 Spring r 39 Harnden 

av Watertown 
— Mary elk 220 Moody r 7 Chamberlain ter 
— Robt H garagemn r 197 Grove 
Mackintosh Rachel A nurse public schools r 

79 Columbus av 
MacKnight Bertha, WW Co r 51 Myrtle 
MacKusick Guy R (Grace W) formn h 392 

McLane Ernest A (Olive E) firemn B&M h 

140 Beaver 
— Frank P (Alice) car opr h 194 Riverview 





— Olive E soap wrapper 100 Beaver r 140 

— see McClain MacLean and McLean 
McLaskey Miles E (Clara M) rem to Dover 

MacLaughlin Chester B (Mary C) slsmn h 57 

Princeton av 
McLaughlin Anna M (Mrs Thos F) died Oct 

15 1933 
—Arthur G elk 71 Felton r 138 Myrtle 
— Catherine A mus tchr 11 Benefit r do 
—Delia J wid Fredk J h 138 Myrtle 
— Edwd A elk r 11 Benefit 
— Edwd J (Margt T) WW Co h 86 Fiske 
— Ernest J auto mech r 23 Gilbert 
— Frances E Mrs, WW Co r 129 Brown 
—Geo C (Kathryn J) slsmn 326 Moody h 375 

—Harry S (Frances E) WW Co h 165 Adams 
— Jas J mgr 330 Moody r Montvale av Ros- 

—John F (Winifred D) h 12 Winthrop 
— John J r 163 Plympton 
— John W auto mech 14 Pine r 136 Peal 


— Margt M sten r 138 Myrtle 

—Margt T, WW Co r 85 Howard 

— Mary H studt r 163 Plympton 

— Michl gate tndr B&M r 66 Cedar 

— Michl F (Mary J) h 23 Gilbert 

— Miriam r 95 Maple 

— Patk J (Catherine E) pntr 11 Benefit h do 

— Prudence E Mrs lndrywkr r 163 Brown 

— Thos F meat ctr h 163 Plympton 

—Thos F jr elk r 163 Plympton 

— Wm P elk (B) r 163 Plympton 

MacLean Alex chauf 809 Main 

— Keith waiter 775 Trapelo rd r do 

— Roy B (Lucille B) electn 588 Main h Centre 

st Lexington 
— Stanton D r 13 Music Hall av 
— see McLean McLane and McClain 
McLean Arthur H (Alice L) auto assembler 

(Somerville) h 96 Overland rd 
— Florence atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
— Jas farm hand 265 Beaver r at Weston 
— John J (Margt F) auto mech h 217 Grove 
— Wm H supt 49 River h 15 Hazelhurst av, 

W Newton 
— see MacLean McLane and McClain 
MacLeay Gordon W (Hazel F) WW Co h 26 

Farnsworth av 

McLellan Archie (Catherine R) lab h 52 

— Arthur L r 326 Crescent 

— Edwd atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 
r do 

— Howard (Eleanor) WW Co r 344 Crescent 

— Muriel atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 
r do 

— Silas H (Rose) barber h 326 Crescent 

— Wm H pntr r 326 Crescent 

McLelland James (Katherine V) eng h 116 

MacLennan Daisy M, WW Co r 237 Robbins 

— Danl M (Margt) meat ctr h 50 Cherry 

—Elsie E, WW Co r 74 Robbins 

—Howard D (Eleanor) WW Co h 344 Cres- 

— Jessie H, WW Co r at Waverley 

— Katherine A atndt Walter E Fernald State 
sch r do 

— M Paul (Matilda E) WW Co h 39 Brown 

— Margt Mrs, WW Co r 50 Cherry 

MacLeod Ardis M r 80 Prospect 

— Bernard C (Vina M) chauf r 80 Prospect 

— Chas A, WW Co r 166 Ash 


—Dorothy E elk 305 Moody r 203 South 

— Edna M wid John W h 27 Sunset rd 

— Fred H mach r 14 Woerd av 

— Gertrude P r 203 South 

— Harold (Helen T) slsmn h 116 Trapelo 

— Harold A (Catherine S) auto mech h 203 

— Herbert A (Ora I) v-pres Waverley Lum- 
ber Co Thayer rd h 126 Bartlett av 

— Jean atndt Walter E Fernald State sch r 

— Jeannette E, WW Co r 19 Alder 
—Jennie, WW Co r at Watertown 
— John (Jeanette) auto mech h 19 Alder 
—John A (Mary A) WW Co h 166 Ash 
— Katherine nurse 764 Main r do 
— Laura V wid David h 80 Prospect 
— Loran G sten r 80 Prospect 
—Mary A Mrs, WW Co r 116 Ash 
— Melvin D (Dorothea E) chauf h 41 Park 
— Merrill W studt r 27 Sunset rd 
—Pearl, WW Co r 14 Woerd av 
— Sarah M atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
— Tena atndt Walter E Fernald State sch r 


— Walter H (Lena B) shipper h 14 Woerd av 
— Wm S (Margt T) chauf r Locust st 
McLeod Anna elk 897 Main r 590 do 
—Beatrice atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
—Cyrus M blksmith Walter E Fernald State 


— Fred mach 48 Woerd av h 14 do 

— Geo R (Eugenie E) carrier PO 738 Main 

h 16 Cabot 
— Hanson shipper 48 Woerd av h 14 do 
— Jas (Ethel) printer (B) h 54 Bruce rd 
—John D died Jan 1 1931 
— Wm H (Bridget) h 86 Oak 
McLoon Annie M wid Wm G h 56 Wash av 
— Wm G (Annie M) died July 23 1933 
McMahon Edwd T (Minnie F) stmftr h 38 

— Mary wid Thos died Apr 17 1933 
McManama Agnes r 15 Church 
— Alf J (Dorothea F) dentist 211 Moody rm 1 

h 56 Summer 
— Alice C rem to Boston 
— Eliz G wid John C h 15 Church 
— Frances L rem to Boston 
— Mary A wid John W died Dec 2 1930 
MacMananus Jennie (Mac's Art Shoppe) 671 

Moody r 88 Brown 
McManis Geo H waiter 775 Trapelo rd r do 
McMann Sadie M Mrs r 154 Ash 
MacManus Jennie M sten h 88 Brown 
McManus Edwd F, WW Co h at Concord 
—Eliz Mrs r 120 Myrtle 
— Florence M Mrs r 216 Newton 
—John F (Eliz) mgr 249 High h 34 Falmouth 

rd, W Newton 
—Jos atndt 249 High h 206 Calvary 
— Katherine C Mrs drsmkr 730 Moody h do 
—Katie E h 206 Calvary 
— Leonard (Katherine C) knitter (Newton) 

h 730 Moody 
—Michl C died June 13 1931 
— Patk A died June 2 1932 
— Patk J (Alma O) mach h 35 Lunda 
McMasters Florence M tube wkr r Braemore 

McMenimen Jos L ins agt 740 Main rm 105 

h 115 Hammond rd Belmont 
MacMillan Adam J (Ida C) watchmaker 

(Watertown) h 44 Bedford 




—Arthur D atndt Walter E Fernald State 
sen r do 

— Jas J, WW Co r 44 Bedford 

— Thos (Lily) gas sta h 70 Myrtle 

McMillan Geo H (Annie B) r 9 Riverview 

MacMullen Eliz B wid Saml h 122 Riverview 

—Geo W slsmn r 122 Riverview av 

—Kathleen A r 122 Riverview av 

McMullen Archibald A appr r 160 Chest- 

—Catherine A r 160 Chestnut 

— Catherine L r 39 Dix 

—Eleanor M, WW Co r 22 Crescent 

—Frances A tchr Nathaniel P Banks sch r at 

— Jas P appr r 160 Chestnut 

— Jos P carp r 160 Chestnut 

— Margt T opr h 39 Dix 

—Mary A died Apr 27 1933 

— Thos P bricklayer r 160 Chestnut 

— Wm A bricklayer h 160 Chestnut 

— Wm A bricklayer r 160 Chestnut 

— Wm J died Dec 16 1931 

McMullin Edith E, WW Co r 22 Chestnut 

—Eleanor M, WW Co r 22 Chestnut 

—Harriet Mrs, WW Co r 22 Chestnut 

—Morton W (Harriet E) chauf h 22 Chestnut 

— Regina E, WW Co r 140 Woerd av 

McNabb Mary wid John maid r 20 Charlotte 

— Nora E wid Chas P housekpr 50 Taylor 
McNally Anna C Mrs lndrs h 98 Cushing 
— Chas A r 15 Norumbega ter 
— Chas T (Daisy) WW Co h 15 Norumbega 


— Daisy Mrs, WW Co r 15 Norumbega ter 
— John J (Anna C) (McNally & Birmingham) 

181 School h 145 Dale 
—Mary F, WW Co r 21 Stearns 
— Raymond V (Anna E) auto mech h 236 


— Sarah J wid Michl r 145 Dale 

— Theresa W nurse r 145 Dale 

— & Birmingham (John J McNally, Thos E 

Birmingham) meats 181 School 
McNamara Cecelia hairdrsr 406 Moody r 116 

—Francis X msngr 18 Pine r 43 Francis 
— Helen P married Robt B Burns rem to 

Quantico Va 
— Henry F life guard r 43 Frances 
— Jas R (Mary) supt h 55 Tomlin 
— John E rubber wkr r 43 Francis 
— John J plmbr r 93 Grant 
—John J (Bertha) WW Co h 43 Francis 
— Lawrence A chauf 18 Pine r 43 Francis 
— Martin mgr 199 School r 55 Tomlin 
— Mary mgr 875 Main r at Watertown 
— Michl F (Anne) manager 369 Moody h 69 


— Thos (Ruth P) restr h 12 Wadsworth av 
— Thos H (Mary J) caretkr Waltham North 

sta h 93 Grant 
—Timothy A (Helen F) ins 657 Main rm 10 h 

33 Boynton 
—Walter E (Teresa A) supt 37 River h 243B 

— Wm H shipper r Hillcrest st cor Overlook 


McNamee Alice A r 16 Hovey rd 
— Alice I atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r do 
— John P (Theresa A) hlpr h 16 Hovey rd 
McNaney Philip J (Catherine E) lab h 141 

MacNeil Albert r 75 Adams 

—Jas A (Edith M) elk 894 Main h 191 Low- 

— Laura, WW Co r at Auburndale 

— Melvin J phys 67 Crescent r do 

McNeil Alex (Cecile) WW Co h 24 Plymp- 

— Annie E wid Frank h 1 Gill rd 

— Beatrice soap wrapper 100 Beaver h at E 

— Edwd (Mary) h rear 38 Prospect 

— Edwd D (Eliz A) grinding wheel wkr 115 
Bacon h 23 Caughey 

— Edwd D (Eliz A) reserve police 25 Lexing- 
ton h 22 Farnsworth av 

— Elmer J r 1 Gill rd 

— Evelyn, WW Co r rear 38 Prospect 

— Frank h 44 Arcadia av 

— Jas J chauf 20 Felton r rear 38 Prospect 

— Wm A (Nora A) mach opr h 24 High 

MacNeill Arden B mach r 63 Riverview av 

—Arthur E studt r 634 Moody 

MacNEILL CHARLES A (Florence) op- 
tometrist and optician hours 2 to 8.30 
PM daily, Sundays by appointment 634 
Moody h do telephone Waltham 1357 
See page 108 
— Chas A jr studt r 634 Moody 
— Evelyn E elk 702 Main r 63 Riverview av 
— H Harold cashr (B) r 63 Riverview av 
— Harris L (Phoebe B) shoe tube mfr 63 

Riverview av h do 
— M Lillian artist (B) r 63 Riverview av 
— Marjorie studt r 634 Moody 
McNeill Frances B bkbinder r 35 Chester av 
— Irene L Mrs, WW Co r 72 Brown 
—John A, WW Co h 72 Brown 
— Wm C (Beatrice M) WW Co r 35 Chester 

McNicholas Mary B, WW Co r at Watertown 
McParland Alice elk 363 Moody r at Allston 
McPhail Jas E (Irene) elk 278 Moody h 21 

Russell Somerville 
McPhearson John J (Roselin A) chauf h 138 

MacPhee Alex S (Katie) h 66 Beaver 
— Henry A (Grace F) formn 100 Beaver r 66 

McPhee Earl J elk r 1000 Main 

— Helen E studt r 1000 Main 

— Jas J (Eliz) carp h 1000 Main 

MacPherson Agnes Mrs elk 271 Moody r 112 

— Claude rem to Somerville 
— Dougald (Jane) r 138 Vernon 
— Florence atndt Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 

McPherson Archibald J (Mary E) died May 

23 1931 
— Archie atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r do 
—Bertha R, WW Co r 16 Brown 
— Chas A (Nora) lab h 23 Brown's av 
— Clarence A lab r 23 Brown's av 
— Donald A (Agnes) rprmn NET&T Co h 24 

— John F lab r 23 Brown's av 
— Levi E (Nettie L) h 108 Vernon 
—Mary E wid Archibald J h 326 School 
McQuaide Peter died Aug 29 1930 
MacQuarrie Ernest restr wkr r 120 Myrtle 
— Sanford M, WW Co r 120 Myrtle 
MacQueen Calvin A, USA r 74 Orange 
— Dorothy M r 74 Orange 
— Eug O (Dorothy K) gas sta r 119 Adams 
— Laura E photo fnshr 53 Moody r 74 Orange 
— Oscar C (Mabel L) towermn B&A h 74 

— Warren L elk r 74 Orange 



McQuestin Arthur G supt Waltham Bleachery 

r 10 Falmouth rd 
— John J elk Waltham Bleachery r 10 Fal- 
mouth rd 
— Nettie M tchr r 110 Lexington 
McQuiggan Francis A (Delia) lndrymn h 78 

— Francis J (Florence H) chauf h 56 Dix 
— Raymond I lndrymn r 78 Massasoit 
MacQuillan Isabelle r 896 Main 
— Roy H (Ida R) rem to Burnham Me 
McQuillan Grover C (Laurina) acting lieut 

and chauf Ladder No 1 h 76 Winthrop 
McQuiston Jas W (Louise M) pres Waltham 

Bleachery & Dye W^orks 138 River h 74 

— John r 70 River 
—Louise G bkpr 138 River r 499 Crafts, W 

Macrae Chas H (Bertha L) h 66 Maple 
McRea Arthur W (J Virginia) caretkr h 38 


McRae Jos K, WW Co r at Cambridge 

—Mary died June 10 1933 

McShane Helen F title examiner (B) r 24 
Beal rd 

— Henry G electn r 24 Beal rd 

— Hugh M (Josephine E) shipper h 120 Low- 

— Jas filling sta 185 Prospect and (Riverview 

Battery Station) do r 107 Adams 
—Jas P (Julia F) slsmn (B) h 24 Beal rd 
—Jos P (Theresa M) mach h 86 Cherry 
— Theresa M wid Hugh J r 86 Cherry 
MacSiphney Mary, W T W Co r 70 Chestnut 
McSorley Jas T oil cloth wkr r 6 Wellington 

— John J meat ctr r 6 Wellington av 
— Julia wid Jas h 156 Bright 
McSwain Robt C, WW Co h at Watertown 
McTiernan Edwd J atndt nurse 505 Trapelo 

Madden Anna L r 56 Fiske 

— Anne M r 276 River 

— E Lillian r 18 Prentice 

—Edwd A r 11 School 

—Edwd W r 276 River 

—Emma W, WW Co r 11 School 

— Francis A mgr (B) r 11 School 

— Helen J atndt r 394 Crescent 

— Jennie M wid Wm F r 394 Crescent 

—John F died Mar 23 1932 

— John J r 11 School 

— Jos M brakemn B&M h 56 Fiske 

— Jos T (Catherine J) burner Bettinger 

Enamel Corp h 30 Beal rd 
—Jos W elk r 30 Beal rd 
— Josephine, WW Co r 11 School 
—Julia G, WW Co r 11 School 
— Laura A r 11 School 
— Luke caretkr r 81 Central 
— Luke R farmer r 18 Prentice 
—Mary F died Nov 16 1933 
— Matthew h 11 School 
—Matthew r 250 South 
— Vincent B linemn EEI Co Cooper st r 65 

Austin Newton 

MADDEN W J (William J Madden) auto 
tops, trimming, upholstering &c 11 Myrtle 
See page 72 

— Wm F tchr Senior High sch h 394 Cres- 

— Wm F (Jennie M) died Sept 2 1931 

— Wm J (Myrtle G) (W J Madden) 11 Myrtle 
h 35 Beech 

Maddox Alice wid Thos L h 193 Robbins 

— Thos P, WW Co r 193 Robbins 

Madison Eva L Mrs housekpr r 159 Lowell 

Maduri Frank (Jennie) shoe wkr h 40 Wal- 

Maenche Matilda wid Albert T h 19 Banks 

— Theo Z (Hilda G) mach h 51 Howard 

Magazu John (Rose) fruit 723 Moodv h 721 

Magee Edwd (Mary R) elk (B) h 99 Bright 

—Eliza A died Jan 5 1932 

—Sarah h 33 Charles 

— Susan r 33 Charles 

Magennis John L died May 25 1931 

Magnuson Anton (Hilda) pntr and dec 63 
Orange h do 

— Martha L sten r 63 Orange 

Magoley Margt F tchr North Junior High sch 
r at Newton 

Magoon Eleanor B, WW Co r 2 Norumbega 

— Ralph M (Ethel F) instrument mkr (Cam- 
bridge) h 2 Norumbega ter 

Magrath Wm G (Naomi F) rubber ctr h 13 

Mague Emily E tchr South Junior High sch 
r 1766 Wash Auburndale 

Maguire Alice bkpr 223 Moody r 150 Ham- 

—Edwd M h 13 Dartmouth 

— Esther mach opr r 95 Pond 

— Esther C drsmkr 13 Dartmouth r do 

— Frances D corp elk Clifford S Cobb Com- 
pany 720 Main r 13 Dartmouth 

— Francis chauf h 207 Newton 

—Francis G lab r 28 Castle 

— Geo J (Margt C) slsmn h 16 Dix 

— Gertrude F, WW Co r 13 Dartmouth 

— Jas L (Mary A) h 4 Colby av 

— Jennie Mrs r 207 Newton 

— Jennie A Mrs gas sta 631 Trapelo rd r 633 

—John F (Jennie A) frt handler h 633 Trap- 
elo rd 

— John J r 21 Russell 

— John J farmer r 95 Pond 

—Jos J (Mary E) elk Ry Ex 11 Carter h 67 

— Louise K tchr North Junior High sch r at 

— Mary died June 12 1933 

—Mary A r 28 Castle 

— Michl (Mary) lab h 28 Castle 

— Mildred domestic r 95 Pond 

— Patk r 250 South 

—Thos lab r 95 Pond 

— Wm E (Svea H) chauf h 9 Pond-st ct 

— Wm F asst golf professional r 23 Wil- 

— Wm L (Margt L) lab h 95 Pond 

Mahan Arthur F r 1 Dartmouth 

—Edwd S (Hattie M) gas sta h 224 Robbins 

— Jas J (Abbie A) lab h 1 Dartmouth 

—Muriel H r 224 Robbins 

Mahaney John W (Teresa) ins agt 267 Moody 
h 45 Grant, W Newton 

Mahar Mary H bkpr 53 Moody r 86 Cush- 

Maher Blanche E phone opr 16 Spring r 24 

— Bridget M wid Peter F h 15 Pine 

— Celia A radio wkr (Newton) r 86 Cush- 

—Edith M wid John T h 33 McKenn 

— Fredk C (Margt F) shipper h 51 Alder 

— Harold B (Loretta I) stockkpr h 14 Stearns 

— Hazel C phone opr 16 Spring r 24 Russell 

— Jas J (Caroline E) organ mkr h 24 Russell 

— John J (Margt A) mach h 61 Taylor 

—John T chauf r 61 Taylor 

— Jos (Mary E) photog 834 Main rm 4 h 8 
Elson rd 




— Jos R instr r 15 Pine 

—Martin ins agt 267 Moody h 150 Parmenter 
rd, W Newton 

—Mary E, WW Co r 15 Pine 

— Mary H bkpr r 86 Cushing 

— Patk H (Rose) lab h 86 Cushing 

— Raymond P chauf r 15 Pine 

— Thos A mgr 887 Main r 61 Taylor 

— Wendell J studt r 24 Russell 

-VWm P (Ida C) hlpr 39 John h do 

— see Marr and Meagher 

Mahon Edwina R bkpr The Waltham Natl 
Bank of Waltham r at Boston 

Mahoney Abigail M wid Cornelius rem to 

— Alice P r 439 Lexington 

—Ann E sten 131 Lexington r 9 Rangely rd 

— Anna R mach opr r 31 Lawrence 

— Catherine S r 38 Prospect 

— Cornelius L cigar mkr (B) r 15 Chester 

— Danl (Margt) watchmn 224 Newton h 30 

— Danl J r 30 Cushing 

— Danl P (Theresa J) lab h 101 Francis 

— Dennis J r 31 Lawrence 

— Edwd J (Esther A) chauf r 93 Pond 

— Ellen Mrs slswmn h 179 Grove 

— Frances G studt r 439 Lexington 

— Fredk J (Eleanor M) dry clnr h 79 Ver- 

— Geo J (Catherine) h 66 Francis 

— Gerald J ins agt 740 Main rm 105 r 500 
Main Watertown 

— Jas C watchmn r 239 Charles 

— Jas F elk r 41 Nathan rd 

—Joan M elk r 262 Lake 

— John A plstr r 41 Nathan rd 

—John B r 30 Cushing 

— John J (Mary A) carrier PO (Newton) h 
12 Fern 

—John J (Winifred F) WW Co h 41 Nathan 

— Josephine M sec r 31 Lawrence 

— Lillian F, WW Co r 31 Lawrence 

— Margt T radio wkr (Newton) r 30 Cush- 

— Mary wid Dennis h 31 Lawrence 

— Mary J Mrs ctr 157 High h at Newton 
Upper Falls 

— Mary Louise tchr South Junior High sch 
r 439 Lexington 

— Michl J (Margt M) bricklayer h 24 Reyem 

— Patk bricklayer h 107 Pine 

— Theresa rem to Albany NY 

— Wm J (Emma P) cigars and tobacco 667 
Main h 439 Lexington 

— Wm J elk r 136 Felton 

— Wm J (Christina A) gardnr h 1 Munroe 

— Wm Jos sanitary eng (B) r 439 Lexing- 

— Winifred C studt nurse r 41 Nathan rd 

— see Maney 

Maiers Ralph H (Florence) h 35 Murray 

Maillet Alphee S (Agnes) carp h 84 Bacon 

— Elode maid r 141 Lowell 

— Elsie mach opr r 141 Lowell 

— Emilien F presser h 141 Lowell 

— Fredk (Celina) lather r 141 Lowell 

—Philip F (Hattie C) lather h 154 Brown 

Mailly Albert h 88 Beal rd 

Main Alice M r 83 Hammond 

— Chas E r 83 Hammond 

—David r 250 South 

—Delia A (Mrs Wm J) died May 19 1933 

— Gertrude E married Arthur L Ahlman 

— Leonard F r 83 Hammond 


— Martin rem to Detroit Mich 


697 Main telephone Waltham 4537, E Fay 
Bishop pres-treas — See page 110 
—Street Service Station Inc 1011 Main inc 
'24 Hannah M Smith pres Mrs Laura B 
Porter sec Lorenzo F Porter treas 
— Wm J carrier PO 738 Main h 83 Ham- 
— Wm J (Evelyn M) chauf h 25 Francis 
Maines Beatrice A rem to Brighton 
— Ernest L (Florence M) mach h 133 Rob- 
— Herbert L (M Alice) rem to Brighton 
— Verna I jewel setter r 133 Robbins 
Mainey Wm A pharm 617 Main r 520 do 
Mains Nellie E wid Sargeant seamstress r 
108 Russell 

Mairs Eleanora studt r 187 Hammond 

— J Kelso (Grace A) sec (B) h 187 Hammond 

— Wm J rem to Burlington Vt 

Maiuri Domenick (Rose) shoe rpr 79 Pros- 
pect r 71 Charles 

Major Alf E (Eliz C) tile setter h 25 Barnes 

— Arthur E r 25 Barnes 

—Arthur H chief elk B&M r 25 Barnes 

— Catherine M sten r 25 Barnes 

— Emma L r 25 Barnes 

— Mary H nurse maid r 25 Barnes 

Majulin Anna M Mrs, WW Co h 205 Ches- 

— Bertha A studt r 205 Charles 

—Fred died Oct 2 1930 

Makalot Corporation molding compounds 480 

Makin Eliz bkpr 216 Newton r 31 Crescent 

Maksabidian Harry B (Vera G) (Harry's Bar- 
ber & Beauty Shop) 427A Moody h 147 

Malcolm David W rem to San Diego Calif 

Mallen Herbert J, WW Co r at W Newton 

Mallett Grace I h 255 South 

—Kate I wid Markham W died Dec 25 1930 

— Minnie E watchmaker 256 Charles r 255 

— Theo C rem to Sacramento Calif 

Malley Edwd C mason r 17 McKenn 

— Emma G wid Edwd h 17 McKenn 

Mallin John J (Catherine B) mach h 26$ 
School av 

Malloney John J buckle mkr r 62B Cutter 

Malloy Anna M r 52 Harvard 

— Anna S nurse r 38 Prospect 

— Catherine E tel opr r 40 Grant pi 

— Catherine T Mrs h 88 Charles 

— Chas B (Rose) chauf h 23 Fern 

— Chas L (M Evelyn) newsdlr (Watertown) 
h 209 Linden 

—Edwd C (Helen G) acct h 66 Parmenter rd 

—Edwd F lab h 38 Prospect 

—Edwd T chauf r 97 Bacon 

—Eliz A h 19 Wellington 

— Harriet E r 19 Wellington 

— John J lab h 71 Hammond 

— John J tmstr h 52 Harvard* 

—John T (Mary T) pntr h 104A Taylor . 

— Jos E (Catherine E) WW Co r 38 Prospect 

— Louise A r 97 Bacon 

— Mary r 67 Crescent 

—Mary A (Mrs Edwd F) died Nov 2 1933 

— Mary A (97 Bacon) married Chas A Whalen 

— Mary W nurse r 52 Harvard 

— Patk F tmstr h 97 Bacon 

— Paul S (Josephine L) chauf h 12 Farns- 
worth av 

—Thos E (Catherine) died Oct 14 1931 

—Thos J r 52 Harvard 

Malm Peter A, WW Co r at Maiden 



Malmgren Henry C watchmkr WW Co h 11 

—Rose D (Mrs Henry C) died Sept 9 1933 
— Sigfred H (Susie M) WW Co h 16 Hill rd 
Malone Carmelo truckmn r 14 Calvary 
— Fred A (Mary E) elk h 19 Reyem 
—Jos (Mary) lab h 172 Charles 
— Josephine A elk r 22 McKenn 
— Katherine wid John h 22 McKenn 
— Martin E plmbr r 22 McKenn 
— Nellie L box mkr r 14 Calvary 
— Rosario (Rosalie) h 14 Calvary 
Maloney Bernard C (Helen L) slsmn h 23 

— Chas (Julia L) chauf r 97 Hammond 
— Edwd J gun mkr r 168 Lexington 
— Fredk J (Esther E) mgr r 14 Brook av 
— Geo W rubber wkr r 100 Harland rd 
— Gertrude M r 100 Harland rd 
— Helena V nurse r 168 Lexington 
— Jas F (Mary J) tinsmith h 54 South 
— John P carrier PO h 100 Harland rd 
— Martha B sten r 168 Lexington 
— Mary wid Matthew M h 168 Lexington 
— Mary T r 100 Harland rd 
— R Matthew (Marion G) formn h 21 Cabot 
— Thos A (Katherine V) cond NYNH&H h 

152 School 

Maloy Eleanor P studt r 147 Lexington 

— K Pauline r 147 Lexington 

— Mary E elk r 147 Lexington 

— Mary E wid John T h 147 Lexington 

— Thos r 240 Crescent 

Manchester Unity, see Independent Order of 

Odd Fellows 
Manco Market (Morris Polen) meats and 

provisions 432 Moody 

Mancuso Dominick (Antonette) lab h 8 Me- 

— Frank J (Madeline V) locksmith h 51 

— Jennie (Pine Street Auto Repair Shop) 140 
Pine r 50 Cushing 

— Jos r 8 Mechanic 

— Jos (Annie) h 6 Mechanic 

— Josephina drsmkr r 50 Cushing 

— Paul r 8 Mechanic 

— Salvatore (Rose) lab h 55 Cushing 

— Stephen elk r 50 Cushing 

— Thos dyer h 50 Cushing 

Mandigo Blanche E phone opr 16 Spring r 
243 Dale 

— John J (Carrie E) carp h 243 Dale 

Mandile Domenico A chauf r 34 Cross 

— Frances M r 196 River 

— Frank (Annie) h 34 Cross 

— Frank M r 34 Cross 

— Jennie B married Carmine Merullo rem to 
W Newton 

— John (Rose C) r 50 Calvary 

—John filling sta 194 River h 196 do 

—John jr (Ignazia F) gro 196 Willow h 192 

— Mary T r 34 Cross 
— Nunziata G r 34 Cross 
—Rose 66 Woerd av r 196 River 
Manero Jas opr r 110 Felton 
— Rose lndrs r 110 Felton 
— Santo (Antonia) lab h 110 Fulton 
Maney Wm elk r 520 Main 
— see Mahoney and Meaney 
Mangie Nelson (May E) tool mkr r 240 Cres- 

Mangini Gaetano (Julia) h 17 Farwell 
—Lena, WW Co r 17 Farwell 
— Michl r 17 Farwell 

Mangone Dominic G (Teresa L) barber 6 
Prospect h 20 Hammond 

Maniace Camilla mill wkr r 169 Charles 
— Chas barber r 169 Charles 
— Rosario (Mary) lab h 111 Felton 
— Sarah mill wkr r 169 Charles 
— Theresa wid Giuseppe h 169 Charles 
Maniago Chas r 179 Charles 
— Domenico (Ida) lab h 179 Charles 
Manion Anna M elk B&M r 60 Cabot 
—Ellen F wid Patk J h 60 Cabot 
—John F r 60 Cabot 

— Jos E (Jeannette C) journalist h 138 Ver- 
Mankowich Abr electrical eng r 21 Win- 

— Dorothy tchr Thos R Plympton sch r 21 

— Isaac studt r 21 Winthrop 
—Jacob (Becky) tailor 863 Main h 21 Win- 
— Sophia M sten (B) r 21 Winthrop 
Manks Margt atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r 

Manley Dorothy Mrs hairdrsr 219 Brown r 

— Jas J studt r 54 Myrtle 
— Jennie M widow Ira J (The Warrendale 

House) 21 Brigham rd h do 
— John F (Dorothy) rubber wkr h 219 Brown 
— John T (Mary A) buckle mkr h 54 Myrtle 
— Margt J wid Gilbert J r 10 Pratt av 
Mann Catherine E married Wm Henricson 

rem to W Newton 
— Chas A (Mary E) plmbr h 28£ School av 
— Chas V (Helen) chemist (Peabody) h 74 

Parmenter rd 
— Eliz Farwell sec (B) r 32 Pleasant 
— Francis C (Florence R) ins (B) h 32 Pleas- 
— Herbert slsmn 405 Moody r 100 Hillside rd 

— Lillis M sten 582 Main r 24 School 
— Ruth Draper tchr (New York) r 32 Pleas- 

Manning Agnes M r 91 Taylor 

— Anna I box mkr r 91 Taylor 

— Anna R, WW Co r 3 Brown 

— Arthur F phys 876A Main h 50 Russell 

— Bina waitress r 79 Gardner 

— Bridget M wid Patk r 99 Bright 

— Catherine E lndrs r 38 Floyd 

—Chas F r 58 Myrtle 

— Christine A nurse Walter E Fernald State 
sch r do 

— Corinne C Mrs housekpr 185 Hammond 

—Edwd F, WW Co r 170 Lexington 

—Edwd H (Amanda M) WW Co h 147 High 

—Eliz Mrs r 250 South 

— Eliz A nurse h 25 Fiske 

— Emma A wid Henry h 72 Summit 

— Ernest Mrs r 240 Crescent 

— Francis elk r 58 Myrtle 

— Francis P asst jan StCharles RC ch r 91 

— Frank (Anne) electn h 46 Charlotte rd 

— Freda V married Thos Barry rem to South- 

— Geo E (Mary H) mach h 8 Prospect-st 

—Grace H, WW Co r 174 School 

—Henry P h 50 Russell 

— Henry V (Lillian I) pntr 244 Crescent h 

— Irving H pharm 830 Main r 50 Russell 

—Jas A (Evelyn G) elk h 56 Russell 

—Jas B h 38 Floyd 

— Jas J r 8 Exchange ct 

— John C (Alice N) dentist 598 Main rm 2 h 77 
Chaffee av 

— John N studt r 77 Chaffee av 




— Katherine J r 25 Fiske 

— L Eliz wid Thos r 704 Main 

—Lillian, WW Co r 90 Adams 

—Lillian A hairdrsr r 50 Russell 

— Mae Mrs h 3 Brown 

— Margt J lndrs r 38 Floyd 

— Maria G r 79 Gardner 

— Marjorie A bkpr 899 Main r 145 High 

— Martin T chauf r 25 Fiske 

— Mary r 16 Charles-st av 

—Mary J died Mar 21 1931 

— Mary T h 32 McKenn 

—Mary V r 38 Floyd 

— Michl G (Annie I) lab h 91 Taylor 

—Minnie B elk (Old Colony Trust Co B) r 

72 Summit 
— Nora A r 32 McKenn 
— Norman H r 244 Crescent 
—Peter F lab r 38 Floyd 
— Roger G tube wkr r 50 Russell 
— Rosemary, WW Co r at W Newton 
—Ruth, WW Co r 240 Crescent 
—Ruth M broker (B) r 50 Russell 
— Thos (Ellen) weaver h 704 Main 
— Thos J r 91 Taylor 
— W Harold (Doris B) mgr (Cambridge) h 

31 Manning rd 
— Walter F (Alice O) elec wkr h 18 Maple 
— Warren H landscape archt (Cambridge) r 

31 Manning rd 
— Wm E elk 727 Moody r 50 Russell 
— Wm F (Helen) bus opr h 58 Myrtle 
— Wm F enameler h 50 Russell 
— Winifred M forewoman (Watertown) r 38 


Mannion John (Catherine) lather h 69 

— Wm F (Louise E) firemn h 234 Lake 

— Wm F, WW Co r at Lexington 

Mansfield Albert H (Edith J) carrier PO h 
78 Hawthorne rd 

— Chas H (Lillian B) h 10 Eddy 

—Earl (May) h 1188 Trapelo rd 

— Emma M wid Theo F r 14 High 

— Geo A (Mary G) elk Second District Court 
of Eastern Middlesex 25 Lexington h 126 

— Harold B (Caroline M) h 24 Wellington 

— Helen Mrs, WW Co r at Concord 

— Henry A (Emma S) h 10 Lawton pi 

— John F (Catherine E) lab h 108£ Pros- 

— Lemuel T (Harriet M) carp h 1271 Main 

— Lois H asst to elk Second Dist Court 25 Lex- 
ington r 126 Summer 

— Pearl M bkpr r 272 Crescent 

— Saml F (Hazel W) WW Co h 162 Weston 

— Wm A (Millicent G) lab h 19 Plant rd cor 
Grove rd 

— Wm A (Eliz C) wood wkr h 9 Music Hall 

— Wm R chemist 66 Woerd av r at Roxbury 

Mansur Agnes A Mrs r 165 Chestnut 

— Eug P, WW Co 

Manter Edna M Mrs bookbinder 54 Stearns 
r 38 Sterling rd 

—Geo T (Isabell F) elk (Newton) h 84 Rob- 

— Lawrence (Edna M) chauf h 38 Sterling 

Mantie Mabel M married Bernard Keefe rem 
to Framingham 

Manuell Henry W, WW Co r 84 Warren 

Manzer Bernard N (Ethel) auto mech h 10 

Maple Apartments 89 Adams 

—Edmund (Maisie B) head lndrymn 505 
Trapelo rd r do 


— Hill Farm Dairy (Noel StGermain) milk 

697 Lincoln 
Mara Frank P (Amy J) printer 18 Pine h 22 

Lawton pi 
— Margt mach opr r 17 Greeley's ct 
— Thos jan h 17 Greeley's ct 
— Wm (Anna) lab r 15 Cushing 
Maragliano Chas r 195i Newton 
—John (Michelina) gro 195 Newton h 195£ 

Marcantonio Dominick (Vincenza) lab h 25 

Marcell John F, WW Co r at W Newton 
Marcelle Esther B Mrs, WW Co r at W 

March Alton E acct r 26 High 
— Mary Mrs h 26 High 
Marchant Edwin F (Mary) mach 48 Woerd 

av h 10 Tolman 

Marcher H Marguerite librarian Senior High 

sch r 39 Richardson 
Marchetti Antonino B formn 414 Moody h 10 

—Jennie C M r 10 Hall 
— Marie sten r 10 Hall 
Marchi Raymond sec Newton Sash & Door Co 

216 Newton h at Beachmont 
— Wm P (Jennie B) slsmn h 48 Everett 
Marchuk Martin lab h 39B Calvary 
Marcou Eva married John Zanko rem to New 

— Lupu (Fannie) shoe rpr 179 Prospect h 1 

— Rebecca elk 305 Moody r 1 Bellevue 
— Saml r 1 Bellevue 
Marcoux Emelia E Mrs h 81 Central 
— Emelia H nurse r 81 Central 
—Gerald E, WW Co r 81 Central 
— Gertrude E rem to NY city 
—Jos, USCG r 81 Central 
— Raymond (Central Motor Service) 81 Cen- 
tral r do 
Marcus Emma soap wrapper 100 Beaver r 

at Atlantic 

MARCY COAL CO Inc 151 Lexington Charles 

F Kellogg mgr coal and wood — See page 

— Sarah M wid Chas r 76 Alder 
Marden Bettie tchr North Junior High sch h 

89 Adams 
— Edith supt Waltham Hosp r do 
— Ernest W auto mech r 50 Plant rd 
—Ethel M, WW Co r 50 Plant rd 
— Mary C wid Frank h 50 Plant rd 
— Royal M (Mary H) mach h 344 Crescent 
—Walter P r 50 Plant rd 
Marek Agnes atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r 

Margolis Saml (Anna F) (Waltham Paint & 

Decorating Co) 51 Columbus av h do 
Margosian Garabed, WW Co r at Cambridge 
Mariano Felix shoe wkr r 215 Newton 
— John (Concettina) opr h 215 Newton 
— Jos J elk 903 Main r 215 Newton 
Marinelli Antonio (Theresa) shovel opr h 11 


Marino Jean A studt r 225 Beaver 

— Jos (Jennie) tmstr 240 Beaver h 225 do 

Markarian John (Virginia) (Watch City 

Tailoring Co) 301 Newton h 49 Fairfield 

Markir Abr (Sylvia) florist r 44 Harvard 
Marks Mary E r 21 Newton 
— Sewall A died July 25 1932 
Markson Bros clothing 413-415 Moody 
Markwell Lillian mlnr (B) r 69 Alder 
Marley Paul H meat ctr r 8 Adams 



Marlinski Helen radio tube wkr r 163 Wil- 
— Roman W (Regina) opr h 163 Willow 
— Vincent (Pauline) r 163 Willow 
—Wanda elk 329 Moody r 163 Willow 
Marlorilli Antonio (Anna) driller h 97 Cen 

Maroney Edwd J (Waverley Oaks Garage) 
271 Waverley Oaks rd h 12 Milton av, W 
— Francis P mgr (B) r 141 Myrtle 
— Jas H, WW Co h 141 Myrtle 
—John F (Stella M) stmftr h 29 Bolton 
— Patk F (Rose A) lndry mn h 141 Myrtle 
Marquis Christopher (Loretta) section hand h 

52 Walnut 
Marr Annie M nurse r 46 Curtis 
—Cornelius H (Lotta E) WW Co h 92 Wash 

—John A (Margt) mgr 212 Charles h 208 do 

— John J mech hlpr 39 Felton r 62 Cabot , 

— Wm J floor layer h 46 Curtis 

— see Maher and Meagher 

Marra Mary J rem to Boston 

Marrella Jos F (Josephine) variety 30 Cedar 

Marriott Percy rem to Cambridge 

Marron John h 12 Vernon 

Marsh Bernard L hosp atndt (Worcester) r 

29 South 
— Eliz supt nurses Waltham Hosp r do 
— Elsa laboratory technician 775 Trapelo rd 

r 209 Chestnut Cambridge 
— Henry (Cora A) watchmkr h 37 Robbins 
— Henry D atndt 563 Main r 239 Ash 
— Henry R (L Bertha) mach (Biddeford Me) 

h 239 Ash 
— Katherine F Mrs h 13 Howard 
- -Robt J (Annie) mach tndr WB&P Co h 60 

— Robt P (Annie J) h 29 South 
— Ruth tel solctr 552 South r at Melrose 
Marshall Alton L (Elin V) druggist h 17 

—Annie E (Marshall's Bakery) 202 School h 

61 Grant 

— Edwd J (Catherine O) phys 429 Main h do 
—Edwd L (Isabelle M) WW Co h 164 Brown 
— Emma F h 5 Wellington 
— Fredk N (Anna A) locomotive insp B&M 

h Rosemont av 
—Geo F, WW Co 
— Louis N (Minnie L) watch rpr 117 Alder 

h do 
—Mary J (Marshall's Bakery) 202 School h 

61 Grant 
— Mellady F (Nettie) mail service h 203 Ash 
— Melvin chauf 217 Lexington h at Waverly 
—Nettie Mrs, WW Co r 203 Ash 
— Norman J, WW Co r 333 Rosemont av 
— Priscilla M nurse h 117 Alder 
— Susan Mrs r 33 McKenn 
— Wm C chauf Waltham Coal Co h 32 Mc- 
— Wm J (Bella) WW Co h at Newtonville 
Marshall's Bakery (Annie E and Mary J Mar- 
shall) 202 School 
Marson E Russell window dec r 14£ Howard 
Marston Ellen L wid John J died May 16 

—Fred G, WW Co r 9 Chestnut 
— Hannah F Mrs r 150 Brown 
Martel Beatrice stitcher r 143 Grove 
— Jos T (Jennie J) press opr h 143 Grove 
Martin Albert K checker r 39 Hardy's Pond 

— Alf A -(Anna M) furn mover (B) h 152 

Trapelo rd 
— Alice M piano tchr 60 Parmenter rd r do 
— Anna wid John r Si Sun 


— Bridget wid Jas J h 2 Smith's ct 

— Catherine wid John r 18 Auburn 

— Catherine F maid 775 Trapelo rd r do 

— Cecilia I atndt Walter E Fernald State sen 

r do 
— Chas J electn Walter E Fernald State sen 

r at Dedham 
—Cornelius P (Clara R) die mkr h 66 Taylor 
—Dorothy B elk 138 River r 27 Milton av, 

W Newton 
— Dorothy H elk public health dept City Hall 

r 257 Robbins 
— E W ins agt 740 Main rm 105 r at Lexing- 
— Edmund J (Josephine C) candy mkr 220 

Moody h 60 Parmenter rd 
—Edwd J (Bessie M) elk 399 Moody h 19 


— Flora E Mrs hemstitching 49 Fuller r do 

— Frank J (Ruth M) rem to Brighton 

— Glen H (Hazel D) bank examiner (B) r 

530 Waverley Oaks rd 
—Harold E, WW Co r at Everett 
—Jas h 102 Elson rd 
— Jas A (Anna M) lab h 15 Whitcomb 
— Jas A (Alice R) telephone eng (Cambridge) 

h 38 Bruce rd 
— Jas F (Cecelia I) special officer h 26 Cherry 
— Jas F watchmn Walter E Fernald State sen 

r do 
— Jas G ins agt 740 Main rm 105 h 17 Hill Top 

rd Watertown 
—Jas J, WW Co r 288 River 
—Jas J (Bridget) died May 10 1933 
—John F (Esther L) slsmn (B) r 810 Beaver 
— John J (Jeannette) tel wkr r 2 Smith's ct 
— John W (Annie) bkpr h 257 Robbins 
— Jos B (Aletha M) horse shoer h 20 Barnes 
—Jos P elk PO 738 Main h 185 Hammond 
— Lucian J, WW Co r at Newton 
— Malcolm J (Flora E) carp h 49 Fuller 
—Orlando L (Lucy A) died Dec 6 1931 

MARTIN POWDER CO insecticide mfrs 118 

Calvary — See page 92 
—Robt W elk r 257 Robbins 
— Stanley (Shirley M) mach h 303 Crescent 
— Stanley D (Edna B) truckmn h Ode cor 

— Thos J (Delia) chauf h 237 School 
Martineau Eug E (Frances M) died Feb 27 

— Frances M wid Eug E h 207 High 
— Louis r 91 Orange 
Martinson Axel A (Agnes V) pdlr h 220 

—Carl (Caroline) WW Co h 15 Pearl 
— Carl jr elk r 15 Pearl 

Martorano Vincenza wid Gerlando r 22 Oak 
Martorilli Antonio (Anna J) steam driller h 

296 River 
Martowski Anna V elk WB&P Co r 251 River 
—Bertha R opr WB&P Co r 251 River 
—Frank elk r 28 Bolton 
—Fredk W studt r 251 River 
— Margt mach opr r 28 Bolton 
— Mary Mrs h 28 Bolton 
—Rose J wid Thos h 251 River 
—Thos (Rosalie J) died Feb 27 1932 
— Veronica C sec r 251 River 
— Wm hlpr r 28 Bolton 
— Wm T lab 100 Seyon av r 251 River 
Marx Louise M sec Walter E Fernald State 

sen r do 
Mary's Sweet Shop 384 Moody 
Mase Michele (Tina) lab h 8 McBride's ct 
Mason Alf (Edith) mach h Montclair av 
— Amos H (Margt C) slsmn r 31 Wellington 
— Bertha L Mrs slswmn r 30 Hamblin rd 




— Edwd J (Mildred V) radio service mn h 31 

Clements rd 
— Francis L r Montclair av 
—Fred L (Ruth P) mldr h 145 Myrtle 
—Henry I (Nora B) dairymn 390 Main h 60 

—John R r 12 Russell 
— Lawrence E (Dorothy M) driver 390 Main 

h 55£ Wellington 
— Lena G Mrs married John J Monaghan 
— Margt Cummings lecturer r 31 Wellington 
— Percy M (Anna) WW Co h at Watertown 
— Stuart H (Marion V) mgr h 30 Hamblin 

— Vincent mgr r 99 Crescent 
Masonic Building 690-700 Main 
— Societies — 

Temple 700 Main 

Adoniram Council Royal and Select Mas- 
ters, Fred H Hitchcock recorder 85 
Hawthorne rd meets first Thurs 
Sir Galahad Commandery 52, Knights 
Templars, Richd S Hood recorder 40 
Banks meets third Mon 
Waltham Royal Arch Chapter, Clarence 
B French scribe 49 Pleasant meets first 
Isaac Parker Lodge, Geo Hopkins sec 210 

Ash meets first Tues 
Monitor Lodge, Francis C Mann sec 32 

Pleasant meets second Mon 
Waltham Lodge, Fred H Hitchcock sec 
85 Hawthorne rd meets fourth Tues 
Massachusetts Catholic Order of Foresters — 
Prospect Court 58 Wm A Dodge sec 28 
Dartmouth meets first Thurs at 721 
StMary Court 305 Louise M Bergin rec 
sec 279 Dale meets second Thurs at 721 

— Catholic Women's Guild, Waltham Branch, 
Josephine U Lawless rec sec 12 Appleton 
meets first and third Thurs except July 
and Aug at 721 Main 

— Farm Bureau Federation 131 Lexington, 
Howard S Russell sec-treas (Wayland) 

— Funeral Directors Assn, Chas L Reade sec 
22 Common 

— State College, Waltham Field sta 240 Beav- 

Masse Philip J spotter 761 Moody r at Newton 
Massey Frank W (Bertha) night composing 

room formn 18 Pine h Beal Weston 
Massicotte Otto formn (Newton) r 128 Russell 
Massie Geo E, WW Co h at W Newton 
Masters Leonard O (Margt M) WW Co r 95 

— Mary E wid Chas A h 32 Wellington 
— Ruth W mus tchr 32 Wellington r do 
Masterson John r 63 Lexington 
Mastrandone Nicola restr wkr r 5 Central av 
Mastrantuono Angelo (Antonina) lab h 187 

— Guy L (Emilia) chauf h 185 School 
Masulla Domenico (Mary) lab h 28 Williams 
— John lab r 28 Williams 
— Jos r 28 Williams 
— Thos lab r 28 Williams 
Mather Mary Mrs, WW Co r at Natick 
Matheson Murray (Mary C) die mkr h 46 

Matthews Agnes mica wkr 66 Woerd av r 162 

Walnut Wellesley 
—Bertha M wid Walter died Feb 22 1933 
—Bertha V elk 601 Main r 47 Rich 
— Clement A (Corinne E) h 68 Exchange 
—Clinton P (Bernice C) formn 500 South h 

124 Bacon 


— Edith M tchr r 12 Richgrain av 
—Edna 66 Woerd av r 162 Walnut Wellesley 
— Ellen wid Wm r 74 School 
— Florence mica wkr 66 Woerd av r 162 Wal- 
nut Wellesley 
— Gladys tel solctr 552 South r 68 Exchange 
— Janet L wid C B r 12 Richgrain av 
— Lyman H (Eliz) lumber (Somerville) h 28 

— Mary E r 74 School 
— Reta H Mrs, WW Co h 37 Berkshire rd 
— Wm J r 74 School 
Mattini Jos (Carmela) lab h 14 Day 
Mattison Chas (Catherine C) h 274 Crescent 
Mattson Alice M sec (B) r 51 Chester av 
— Carl E (Anna M) auto rpr h 51 Chester av 
— Frank D slsmn r 51 Chester av 
— Gustaf E (Christine E) slsmn r 51 Chester 

— John B (Margt F) aero mech (Squantum) 

h 51 Chester av 
— John R (Hulda) garage (B) h 36 Dexter 
— Martha G tel opr r 36 Dexter 
— Thurston slsmn r 36 Dexter 
Maurer Catherine M, WW Co r 65 Dix 
—Frank (Catherine M) WW Co h 65 Dix 
— Helen E tel opr r 65 Dix 
— Margt F married John Mattson 
— Natalie L r 119 Plympton 
— Wm A (Mary C) acct (Cambridge) r 119 

Maxfield Chas E T (Sarah) mach h 29 Copley 

Maxwell Bernard J slsmn r 12 Lexington 
—Delia F r 119A Taylor 
— Earl O slsmn 582 Main r at Watertown 
—John W (Mabel A) USN r 210 Bacon 
Maxx Geo P (Catherine H) dept mgr 223 

Moody h 303 Newton 
May Adelia C wid Chas C h 157 School 
— Chas F jr slsmn 224 Newton r 18 Lyman 

— Dorothy nurse r 379 Newton 
— Ellen V wid Chas F h 18 Lyman ter 
— Evelyn J sten r 18 Lyman ter 
—John A (Cecelia M) carp B&M 62 Elm h 379 


— Margt G wid J Harold h 708 Lexington 
— Marion C bkpr (N Y city) r 379 Newton 
— Wm E (Mary L) mgr h 791 Moody 
Mayall Geo E (Gladys) r 12 Willow 
— Laurence F designer r 68 Stow 
— Robt E (Grace F) artist h 68 Stow 
Mayberry Thos (Elise) mgr h 475 Lexington 
Maybury Loring T, WW Co h at Waverley 
Mayer Cletus L (Catherine M) hod carrier h 

12 Lawton pi 
—Esther S, WW Co r 162 Newton 
— Isabelle M, WW Co r 162 Newton 
— Jas L (Mary A) lab h 16 Lawton pi 
— Mary E wid W Howard h 162 Newton 
—Olive A, WW Co r 162 Newton 
—Richd h 139 West st 
Mayhew Howard (Mary) h 55 Derby 
Maynard Alice C h rear 700 Main 
—Emily F wid Fred W h 32 Bacon 
— Florence waitress r 34 Winthrop 
— Grace I sec r 32 Bacon 
— Harriet N h 599 Moody 
— Henry S (Susan) h 1 Webster 
— Jos A pres and treas Boston Brass Co 137 
Bacon and pres-treas McAuliffe Non- 
Siphoning Trap Co do h 59 Strathmore rd 
— Linsey M pntr r 120 Robbins 
—Mary died Jan 2 1932 
— Narissa A wid Adison D died April 29 1931 
— Ruth A married Thos L LePage 




— Sand and Gravel Co (Peter Salvucci) 55 

Pond h do 
Mayne Wm (Jennie) fan mkr h 16 Wellington 
Mayo Florence W, WW Co r at Watertown 
— Sheldon S (Caroline J) tchr South Junior 

High sch h 21 Dennison 
—Stella W r 39 Vernon 

—Tyler B (Grace C) eng B&A h 48 Prospect 
Mayor's Office, City Hall 
Mayrand Regine E Mrs h 537 Main 
Mazzarelle Jos ins agt 740 Main rm 105 h 139 

Mazzarini Antonio (Paolina) lab h 6 Middle- 

st pi 
Mazzocchi Albert (Amelia) mach h 38 Pros- 

pect-st av 

Mazzola Angelo (Mary) mason 36 River h 

— Bernadetta, WW Co r at Newtonville 
— Cludenore lab r 36 River 
— Jos mach r 36 River 
— Lorenzo brklyr r 36 River 
Mazzone Emilio (Maria) mach h 99 Calvary 
Mead Theresa F wid Jas E h 38 Stearns 
Meade Arthur R r 130 Bedford 
—Elmer P (Doris L) chauf h 130 Bedford 
—Geo L (Mary G) mgr 805 Main h 42 School 
— H L rem to Belmont 
— Norbert F (Myrtle) plmbr h 32 Massasoit 
— Wm slsmn 285 Moody r 20 Howard 
Meader Isabel H studt r 4 Fiske av 
— Marjorie C married Jonathan Bodwell rem 

to Sanbornton N H 
— Snow (Carrie B) optom 4 Fiske av h do 
— Snow (Florence) washer 33 Rumford av h 

at Billerica 

Meagher Cornelius H (Lotta) WW Co r 92 
Wash av 

—Jean Mrs, WW Co 

— Jos L (Catherine L) slsmn h 17 Berkshire 

— Wm L r 74 Elson rd 

— see Marr and Maher 

Mealey Louise rem to Portland Me 

— Marie rem to Portland Me 

Meaney Hannah T wid John B h 55 Taylor 

— John B treas Meaney & Urpin Inc 165 Pros- 
pect r 55 Taylor 

—Lillian M elk 265 Moody r 55 Taylor 

MEANEY & URPIN Inc 165-167 Prospect inc 
Mass '30 Paul R Urpin pres John B 
Meaney treas plumbing and heating — See 
page 109 

— see Maney 

Meany Edwd F police State Hosp r 69 Grant 

— Jos M optical wkr r 69 Grant 

— Margt E wid Martin F h 69 Grant 

Mearls Harold 66 Woerd av r 277 N Beacon 

Mears Ellen F wid Geo died July 20 1932 

— Gardner enameler r 81 Pine 

Medaglia Jas (Felice E) lab h 202 Chestnut 

—Jos D (Carmela H) lab r 202 Chestnut 

— Philomena R r 202 Chestnut 

Medici Carl (Rose A) gardnr h 250 Newton 

Medina John (Evelyn A) ins agt h 42 Waver- 
ley Oaks rd 

Meegan Everett E (Gladys E) h 159 Grove 

— Frances maid r 159 Grove 

Meehan Delia domestic r 87 Ash 

— Jos D asst mgr 740 Main rm 105 r 64 West- 
minster av Watertown 

— Mary C wid Jas L rem to Hingham 

— Mary M atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 
r do 

Meek David R, WW Co 

— Isabelle S atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 
r do 


— Olive atndt 775 Trapelo rd r do 

— Robt F (Edith V) milk h 99 Hardy's Pond 

Meeson Dorothy M studt r 19 Fiske 
— Eliz wid John r 19 Fiske 
— Fredk B (Margt M) brass wkr h 19 Fiske 
Mega Saml (Adelina) watchmn (B) h 10 

Brown's av 
Megerdidjian Ardashase r 160 College Farm 

Meggison May r 826 Main 
Megson Smith B (Laura M) WW Co h 155 

Mehring Harry W (Mary G) real est h 26 


Meikle Bertha J wid Wm R h 31 Howard 
Meisel Edwd J (Christine) lithographer 515 

South h 28 Carleton rd 
Meisner Calvin L heating systems h 30 Wads- 
worth av 
— Gordon (Evelyn) atndt 955 Main r 32 Floyd 
Meissner Jas G (Annette) auto pntr h 8 Fuller 
Melaney Doris J Mrs bkbndr 54 Stearns h 244 

— Wm (Doris J) pipe threader h 244 Robbins 
Melanson Amedee (Madeline) knitter h 25 

— Anna 66 Woerd av r 82 Chestnut 
—Arthur, WW Co r 81 Weston 
— Benj (Helen) WB&D Co r 121 Pine 
— Chas G (Anna O) carp h 70 Bennett 
— Chas G (Mary A) carp h 204 Charles 
—Chas L (Eva A) restr 722 Moody h 45 

Wash av 
— Christine Mrs tailoress 694 Main r 58 Cen- 

—Dora M, WW Co r 19 Benefit 

—Edwd r 81 Weston 

— Edwd (Melinda M) carp r 73 Adams 

— Edwd D (Melanda M) carp h 230 Charles 

— Edwd E (Leha M) carp h 73 Alder 

—Edwin J h 63 Bedford 

—Frank H, WW Co r at Cambridge 

—Geo (Eva) WW Co h 976 Main 

—Helen M wid Leo died July 24 1931 

—Henry J r 16 Benefit 

— Herbert (Ruth) mach opr h 28 Turner 

— Irving M (Margt E) restr wkr h 260 Brown 

—J Abel (Mary L) tailor 11 Church h 15 

—John C (Rose E) WW Co h 18 Howard 
—Jos A (Mary J) chauf r 204 Charles 
— Jos C (Minnie M) carp h 38 Gordon 
—Jos L (Ellen L T) WW Co h 199 Charles 
— Leo (Delma) enamel wkr h 77 Oak 
— Leo J watch mkr 256 Charles r 19 Benefit 
— Leonard J shipper r 63 Bedford 
— Leslie R r 45 Wash av 
— Louis J (Sylvia M) formn h 35 Everett 
— M Louise carbon mkr 515 South r 16 Bene- 
—Madeline D Mrs, WW Co r 25 Gordon 
— Malvina Mrs h 81 Weston 
— Mary r 81 Weston 
— Max tube wkr r rear 310 River 
— Maxime, WW Co r 81 Weston 
—Napoleon J h 16 Benefit 
— Orin J (Annie R) WW Co h 39 Parmenter 

— Paul crossing tndr Bleachery crossing B&M 

r 16 Benefit 
— Philicien (Emerise) carp 19 Benefit h do 
—Rita M, WW Co 
— Robt P electn r 15 Liberty 
— Rosalie Mrs elk 285 Moody r 20 Howard 
— Treffly A, WW Co r at Newton 
— Virginia wid Alf r 63 Bedford 
— Wm paper wkr r 81 Weston 



Melcher Chas F L pntr r 10 Mayall rd 

— Geo W jr prntr r 10 Mayall rd 

— May M wid Geo W r 10 Mayall rd 

Mele Carrado (Rose) lab h 21 Gardner 

— Modest baker r 1098A Main 

— Pasquale (Catherine) lab h 1098A Main 

—Rose (West End Spa) 831 Main r 21 Gar- 

Meleson Evelyn maid r 94 Adams 

Melino Jos h 197 School 

Melledy John F A (Mary A) carp h 86 How- 

Mellor Thos A mach 48 Woerd av r 27 Els- 
worth rd W Newton 

Melody Arthur T (Lillian J) slsmn h 92 Cres- 

— Arthur T jr r 92 Crescent 

— Mary L Mrs mgr r 6 Gale 

— Mary R asst sec Mayor's office City Hall r 
92 Crescent 

Mels Lunch (Melvin L Downing) 15 Lexing- 

Melvin Budd D r 37 Leonard 

—Francis died July 11 1931 

— Geo H (Ruth H) carp h 20 Princeton av 

— Harriet G h 37 Leonard 

Melzar Lawrence P, WW Co r at Wilmington 

Mendelsohn Aaron treas Mendelsohn's Inc 

469 Moody r 185 Brown 
— Chas M (Sarah) pres Mendelsohn's Inc 469 

Moody h 185 Brown 
— Eliz (Mrs Aaron) died Nov 21 1931 
— Manuel L (Rae) elk of corp 469 Moody h 

49 Everett 
— Rose elk 469 Moody r 185 Brown 
Mendelsohn's Inc 469-473 Moody, Charles M 

Mendelsohn pres Aaron Mendelsohn treas 

Menelli Ernest (Concetta) chef h 37 Farns- 


Mercantile Building 680 Main 
— Building Inc 680 Main rm 1 Martin T Con- 
nelly pres Wm J Bannan sec-treas 
Mercer Annie M atndt Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
— Jas E (Florence M) carp h 330 Lincoln 
Meredith Francis jr ins agt 267 Moody r 12 

Higgins Arlington 
Mergiotti Vincent (Josephine) chauf h Forest 

nr Trapelo rd 
Merklee Alice J hairdrsr r 82 Chestnut 
— Geo A (Ruby S) jan h 24 Gardner 
— Sadie wid Chas confr h 82 Chestnut 
Merola Jos studt r 16 Maple 
Merowitz Frances R bkpr r 38 Eddy 
— Marion cashr r 38 Eddy 
—Philip (Lena) tailor 872 Main h 38 Eddy 
Merrigan John J (Margt) r 42 Hovey rd 
Merrill Arthur F auto mech 30 Elm r do 
— Carrie L wid Walter F h 346 Newton 
— Catherine S wid Jos B h 97 Crescent 
— Cora A Mrs drsmkr 37 Fairmont av h do 
— Hollis C (Harriet D) coml trav h 51 Fiske 

— Norman D (Inez E) film opr h 266 Brown 
— Paul R (Winifred) (Brentwood Shoe Store) 

846 Main h do 
— Seymour elk r 37 Fairmont av 
— Thurel mach r 51 Brown 
Merriman Adelaide C Mrs tchr North Junior 

High sch r 15 Irving 
— Eleanor C studt r 15 Irving 
—Millard studt r 38 Mayall rd 
—Willis C (Adelaide C) formn (B) h 38 May- 
all rd 
Merrin John (Anna) (Colonial Rug Co) 18 

Bedford h 21 Sunset rd 
— Raymond I (Henrietta) collr 809 Main r 21 
Sunset rd 


— Ruth E physical dir (Portland Me) r 21 

Sunset rd 
Mescia Adeline opr 157 High r at Needham 

Meserve Eben S (Elsie) h 395^ Lexington 
Mesrobian Setrak (Araxie) r Trimount av 
Messer Saml I (Sophie) phys 50 Everett h do 
Messier Abr F (Grace M) pntr h 138 Woerd 

— Grace L, WW Co r 75 Orange 
Messina Guy (Mary) florist 105 Trapelo rd r 

87 Hull Waverley 
Messinger Earl A (Gladys) carp h 106 Elson 


Metevier Archibald carpet layer r 8 Orange 
Methot Ida Mrs, WW Co r 88 Bedford 
Metivier Albert H (Eliz) supt h 95 Overland 

Metropolitan Ice Co rear 74 Bacon 


Thomas F Neelon mgr Hall bldg 267 

Moody — See page 93 
— State Hospital 505 Trapelo rd Cora E Nor- 

ris treas Roy D Halloran supt 
Meuse Margt Mrs, WW Co r 68 Taylor 
— Rose M rem to Boston 
Mew Thos J asst mgr 271 Moody r 15 Pine 
Meyer Carl W (Margt C) auto mech h 53 

Charlotte rd 
— Guy W slsmn r 108 Greenwood lane 
—Harold A (Ethel C W) bonds (31 Milk B) 

h 108 Greenwood lane 
— Norman msngr The Waltham Natl Bank of 

Waltham r 108 Greenwood lane 
— Susan F fashion artist (B) r 108 Greenwood 


Meyerovitz Eleanor elk 903A Main r 67 Elli- 
son pk 

—Etta S wid Paul gro 903A Main r 69 Ellison 

—Paul (Etta) died Nov 29 1931 

Meyers Frank E (Margt) elk 336 Moody r 23 
Adams av, W Newton 

—Geo J (Edith B) driver h 42 Eddy 

Miani Biagio (Christina) lab h 1 Mack's ct 

— Frank (Anna) lab h 88 Hammond 

— Jas r 88 Hammond 

Michael Irene B wid Geo h 65 Robbins 

Michaelson Wm mgr 867A Main r 93 Ham- 

Miche Alf A (Rose E) WW Co h 10 Sterling 

— Nellie Y r 10 Sterling rd 

Michelson Albert r 44 Harvard 

— Louis junk h 44 Harvard 

Mickalsen Otto A (Edvarda) auto rpr h Ar- 
cadia av cor Huntington 

Mickle D Grant (Florence S) civ eng h 325 

& SURGERY Dr Horatio S Card pres Dr 
Frank L Whipple dean 415 South 

— County Farm Bureau 131 Lexington, C F 
Jenness (Waban) pres Ronald S Camp- 
bell (Wayland) sec Robt P Trask (Lex- 
ington) treas 

— County Sanatorium 775 Trapelo rd Dr Sum- 
ner H Remick supt 

— Electric Supply Co (Philip Rosenfield) 
whol elec supplies 689 Main 

— Mortgage Corporation 32 Tomlin inc '26 
J Sidney Stone pres Herbert P Mason sec 
Thure S Holm treas 

— Norfolk Farm Loan Assn, Raymond L Clapp 
sec treas 131 Lexington 

Hiram B Donaldson dean 415 South 




— Supply Co (Fred Buckman) plumbing, heat- 
ing and paint supplies 901A Main r 152 

— & Boston Street Railway Co 1000 Main, 
Harry H Hanson pres and gen mgr Frank 
E Frykstrand treas 

Miele Alex r 169 Felton 
—Anthony J r 169 Felton 
— Erasmo (Victoria) produce h 169 Felton 
—Mary J, WW Co r 169 Felton 
— Salvatore (Emma) chauf h 245 River 
— Salvatore (Josephine) packer h 58 Francis 
Mifflin Bertha r 132 Adams 
Mignosa Salvatore (Rosa) pdlr h 38 Lake 
Mikersen Stanley (Evelyn L) r 17 Weston 
Milburn Alder C (Clara F) bkbndr h 14 Tay- 

Mildram Doris E tchr Nahum Hardy sch r 74 

Myrtle Greenwood 
Miles Geo dairymn 390 Main r at Somerville 
—Geo S electn r 23 South 
— Howard W elk r 1 Robbins pi 
— Isabell B wid Geo r 23 South 
— Laura W wid Wm H h 1 Robbins pi 
— Phineas T (Eva R) vulcanizer h Wyman 

nr Winter 
— see Myles 

Milesky Bella rem to N Y city 
— Frank (Dora) shoe rpr 7 Lexington h 1 

— Henry h 92 Charles 
— Minnie elk r 92 Charles 
— Morris (Florence) pntr h 7 Fountain 
— Saml D studt r 1 Fountain 
—Sarah (Mrs Henry) died Feb 4 1932 
— Wm I elk r 1 Fountain 
Mileti Philomena Mrs button mkr h 54 Myrtle 
Milinazzo Gaetano (Josephina) barber h rear 

298 River 
— Nolfio r rear 298 River 
Miliotto Giacomo (Vincenza) lab h 149 Felton 
Milkins Ada J wid Alonzo L r 18 Caldwell rd 
Millar Albert F (Grace L) mach h 43 Guinan 
— Alex J elk r 99i Crescent 
—Clifford W (Edna L) ins agt h 83 Galen 
— Emily domestic r 99$ Crescent 
— Florence H elk r 99i Crescent 
— Louis G (Catherine E) rivet mkr h 99$ 

— Louis G jr lndry wkr r 99$ Crescent 
Millen Edwd J (Gunhilde V) golf instr h 50 

—Howard C (Jennie E) WW Co h 58 Fair- 
mont av 
— Howard E studt r 58 Fairmont av 
— Jas carp 153 Ash h do 
— Jane married Ronald Butcher 
— see Mullen 

Miller Albert R wire wkr h 322 Lincoln 
— Carroll F acct 657 Main rm 16 r at Wollas- 

— Chas (Flora L) photog h 125 Woerd av 
—David slsmn 371 Moody rm 106 h 74 Bab- 
cock Brookline 
—Edwd B (Sadie M) carp h 33 Brookfield rd 
— Flora L Mrs presser 584 Moody r 125 Ward 
—Frank L (Pearl L) elk (B) h 19 VanVech- 

— Herbert D (Ruth) slsmn h 18 Lexington ter 
— Jas carp 153 Ash h do 
— John S (Linea) treas h 188 Main 
—Jos H (Julia W) h 15 Chestnut 
—Jos J (Ellen S) r 322 Lincoln 
— Laura A sten r 15 Chestnut 
—Lyman O (Julia J) elk 894 Main h 23 Rich 
— Maude maid r 381 Newton 
—Maude L, WW Co r 27 Willow 
— Maxine married Shirley Farnsworth 

MILLER OIL COMPANY 69 River, Philip 
Miller pres-treas gasoline, motor and fuel 
oils tel Waltham 4200 — See back cover 
and page 84 

— Oscar film opr r 6 Park pi 

— Ottolene musn r 6 Park pi 

— Philip pres-treas Miller Oil Company 69 
River h at Dorchester 

— Rena bkpr 69 River r at Dorchester 

— Thos N (Kathleen) dyer h 10 Maple 

—Walter A r 113 Central 

—Walter L (Carrie B) h 37 Fiske av 

MILLER WILLIAM R (Bertha H) under- 
taker, funeral home 21 Cherry h do — See 
page 87 

Milley Chas H (Eliza J) blksmth h 135 Flor- 
ence rd 

Milligan Culbert J (Gussie H) chauf h 44 

—David P (Minerva S) chauf h 262 Robbins 

— Harry P (Genevieve M) lab h 22 Under- 
wood pk 

—Jos V (M Alice) plstr h 22 Underwood pk 

— Margt J Mrs, WW Co r 3 .Grant pi 

— Palmer D driver 200 Prospect r 262 Rob- 

— Sarah M wid Jas J r 21 Elm 

— Wm J r 21 Elm 

Milliken Arthur L (Catherine M) USN h 162 

Millmore Jas F (Mary E) h 410 River 

— Jas F jr opr r 410 River 

Mills Arthur E (Laura M) pntr h 162 Main 

—Cecil R (Lillian M) (West End Garage) 

870 Main h 65 Russell 
—Chas F (Nellie M) elk (B) h 20 Rumford 


— Dorothy E binder 515 South r 51 Morton 
—Edwd P (Edith E) mgr 563 Main h 53 

— Minnie E seamstress 505 Trapelo rd r do 
—Muriel, WW Co r 29 Cherry 
— Wesley G (Grace K) eng pumping sta 2 

h 726 South 
— Wm S chauf r 51 Morton 
Milne Jean B, WW Co r 49 Brown 
Milner Annie P wid Fred S h 64 Ash 
— Everett A (Lucy E) slsmn h 563 Lexington 
— Forrest (Teresa) r 21 Brigham rd 
—Harriet A, WW Co r 278 Crescent 
—Maude G, WW Co r 64 Ash 
— Paul S (Virginia M) switch assembler h 

58 Rich 

Milton Burpee D (Sadie E) h 25 Myrtle 
—Frank R (Mildred L) chauf M&B St Ry h 

179 South 
Miltonia Beauty Shop (Blanche Courtney, 

Irene Munroe) 479 Moody rm 13 
— Building 479 Moody 
Mimeau Angie, WW Co r 211 Brown 
Mimnaugh Eileen R bkpr r 27 School av 
— Jas H lumber wkr h 27 School av 
— John restr wkr r 27 School av 
— M Myrtle sten r 27 School av 
—Ruth C r 27 School av 
— Veronica E cashr r 27 School av 
— Viola M housekpr r 27 School av 
Minah Doris M tchr Chauncey Newhall sch r 

at Greenwood 
— Kemis tchr Ezra C Fitch sch r 123 Summer 
Minard John P (Mary T) chauf h 49 Adams 
Minas Gay S (Kay's Spa) 1058 Main r 20 Wil- 
son av Watertown 

Minchin Fred (Annabel) organ bldr h 24 
Hardy's Pond rd 

—John G (Alice M) asst supt (B) h 18 Marl- 
borough rd 

Miner Roger broadcaster r 16 High 



Minihane Danl (Catherine) bus opr h 13 How- 
— Eliz A (Mrs Jas J) died Nov 1 1932 
— Jas J firemn r 73 Bedford 
— Jos P driver 100 Seyon av r 73 Bedford 
Minissale Angela wid Repesard h 71 Ex- 
Minnie's Beauty Shop (Philomena Cannis- 

traro) 397 Moody rm 1 
Minnock Agnes G lndrs 505 Trapelo rd r do 
Minotti Aldo studt r 29 Underwood pk 
— Anthony clothes ctr r 29 Underwood pk 
— Arthur clothes ctr r 29 Underwood pk 
— Edwin (Phyllis) weaver h 29 Underwood 

— Olga housekpr r 29 Underwood pk 
Minton Alice T elk r Overlook rd 
— Helen J slswmn r Overlook rd 
— John J (Mary E) formn h Overlook rd 
Mirabito Antonio elk r 111 Felton 
— Giuseppe (Catherine) lab h 111 Felton 
—Louise, WW Co r 10 Williams 
— Philip (Louise) pntr h 103 Harvard 
—Sarah J, WW Co r 103 Harvard 
— Theresa L r 103 Harvard 
— Thos hlpr r 111 Felton 
Misiasek John tree surgeon r 93 Lexington 
Mistier Wm tool mkr 49 River r 307 Chestnut 

av Jamaica Plain 
Mitch's Restaurant (Mary A Mitchell) 587 

Mitchell Andrew T r 146 Adams 
— Annie domestic 169 Hammond 
— Carlotta r 175 Brown 
— Chas D (Margt G) formn h 1088 Main 
— Clarence T (Eula B) auto rpr h 11 Laurel 

— Edwd A (Ella B) asst mgr 267 Moody h 146 

— Edyth M r 131 Hammond 
— Elmer E slsmn r 131 Hammond 
— Elsie G nurse r 114 Riverview av 
— Esther mgr 552 South r 145 do 
—Etta E Mrs r 599 Moody 
— Francis J (Mary A) chef 587 Main h 19 Mt- 

— Fredk A (Leona) carp h 80 Brown 
—Geo H (Delia) h 93 Willow 
—Geo H jr r 93 Willow 

— Helen L Mrs sten 131 Lexington r 65 High 
—Henry H, WW Co r 173 Adams 
—Hilda, WW Co r 70 Chestnut 
—Hilda M, WW Co r 16 Myrtle 
— Ina, WW Co r at Needham 
— Jas M mach r 63 Adams 
—John J (Mary E) WW Co h 100 Bacon 
—John R (Grace) WW Co r at W Newton 
—Jos P (Ethel M) (Mitchell & Corcoran) 

13-15 Whitney av h 31 Adams 
— Jos R (Georgia L) jewel mkr 1 Spruce h 

159 Lowell 
— Katherine F r 40 Chestnut 
— Laura binder 515 South r 247 Charles 
—Laura G, WW Co r 146 Adams 
— Laurence W (Helen E) elk h 42 Thornton 

— Lawrence F (Agnes) h 32 Sterling rd 
—Leona M Mrs, WW Co r 63 Ash 
— Maria F (Mrs Jas M) died Jan 19 1932 
— Margt L h 40 Chestnut 
—Margt M bkpr h 63 Ash 
— Mary A Mrs (Mitch's Restaurant) 587 Main 

r 19 MtPleasant 
— May C wid J Eldred h 131 Hammond 
— Neal (Esther) presser 552 South h 145 do 
—Peter P (Helena A) (Waltham Drug Co) 

830 Main h 63 Lyman 
— Randolph E (Helen L) auto mech h 65 

— Richd C studt r 11 Laurel av 


— Robt H, WW Co r 173 Adams 
— Thos J (Sarah J) mldr h 8 Berkshire rd 
— Thos J slsmn (7 Water B) r 98 Bacon 
— Thos P (Catherine A) coremkr h 16£ 

Brown's av 
— Wm H (Nellie A) h 110 Alder 

chell, Louis F Corcoran) plumbing and 
heating contractors 13-15 Whitney av 
See page 109 

Mitrano Gaetano (Genevieve) gro h 90 Par- 
menter rd 

Mixon Scott I (Isabella) auto mech h 20 
Farnsworth av 

Mobeco Sign Adv System (John W Mollica) 
137 Moody 

Mobilia Angelina r 23 Gordon 

— Angelo (Josephine) landscape gardnr h 428 

— Anthony (Jessie) lab h 9 Pierce 

—Catherine, WW Co r 23 Gordon 

— Catherine wid Giuseppe h 65 Charles 

— Felix D r 65 Charles 

—John (Eva E) elk h 73 Russell v'' 

— Jos (Rita) lab h 6 Lawton pi 

— Josephine waitress r 428 River 

— Margt F hairdrsr r 65 Charles 

— Marie radio wkr r 428 River 

— Pasquale (Rose) gardnr h 23 Gordon 

— Pasquale jr (Rose) gardnr h 12 Pierce 

— Rose Mrs, WW Co r at W Newton 

— Thos elk r 23 Gordon 

Modern Hairdressers (Jos I Books) barbers 
208 Moody 

Modine Greta C office asst Supt of Schools 55 
School r 1187 Main 

—Robt S studt r 1187 Main 

— Selim G (Beda W) watchmkr (Gloucester) 
h 1187 Main 

Moffett Roy W, WW Co r at Watertown 

Mogan Agnes A nurse r 19 Common 

— Agnes B Mrs (Watch City Cleansers & 

Dyers) 19 Common h do 
— Alberta T elk r 19 Common 
— Chas F (Genevieve A) carrier PO 738 Main 

h 24 Orchard av 
— Chas F jr elk r 24 Orchard av 
— Genevieve P elk r 24 Orchard av 
— J Bernard jr (Watertown) r 1111 Main 
— Jas G elk 19 Common r do 
— John B (Gertrude L) chauf Hose Co No 1 

h 1111 Main 
—John B lab r 149 Clark 
—Jos P lab r 1111 Main 
— Mary G waitress r 1111 Main 
—Matilda wid Wm H h 31 School 
—Paul A r 31 School 
— Walter J (Agatha A) police 25 Lexington 

h 8 Fiske 
— Wm H (Agnes B) carp h 19 Common 
— Wm H jr carp r 19 Common 
Mohican Co The meats 399 Moody 
Moland Noreen E atndt Walter E Fernald 

^Itfitp soli T* (i o 
Molholm Hans B (Margt R) phys h 153 West 
Mollenhauer Herman mariner r 36 Curtis 
Mollica Angelina wid John h 24 Lexington 
— Angelo A (Josephine M) atndt 69 River h 

65 Charles 
— Bartholomew (Ethel M) (Mollica Motor 

Sales) 14 Pine h 39 Florence rd 
— Bartholomew J fruit 409 Moody r 407 do 
— John W (Irene M) (Mobeco Sign Adv Sys- 
tem) 137 Moody h 256 Robbins 
— Motor Sales (Bartholomew Mollica) Dodge 

and Plymouth cars 14 Pine 
— Onofrio (Catherine) elk 409 Moody h 407 





— Onofrio T (Virginia) sign hanger 137 
Moody h at Belmont 

— Susan D drsmkr 407 Moody r do 

Moloney see Maloney 

Molter Effie tel solctr 552 South r at Stone- 

Monaco Carmillo (Eda) baker 191 School h 
31 Woodland rd 

—Eda Mrs gro 193 School h 31 Woodland rd 

Monaghan Jas F consulting eng r 880^ Main 

—John J (Lena G) mgr 348 Moody h 99 

Monahan Bessie J r 9 Craven circle 

— Christine rem to Maynard 

— Francis P (Angelina L) pntr h 76 Exchange 

— John C (Anna T) foundry wkr h 10 Grant 

— John J (Agnes A) lab h 30 Dix 

— Jos J (Isabel A) tel installer h 81 Main 

— Jos M rem to Watertown 

— Mary E married Merrill Weeks rem to 

Woodland Me 
— Maude Mrs r 16 High 
— Thos R elec welder r 1 Stratton ter 
— Wm boxmkr r 90 Taylor 
— Wm S (Florence A) fibre ctr h Fir av 
Monahon Ella M (Mrs Thos J) died Apr 1932 
— Thos J real est and ins 35 South h do 
Mongello Angelina Mrs h 45 Spring 
Mongeon Anthony (Emmeline J) janitor 223 

Moody h 56 Ash 
— Claire E maid r 56 Ash 
— Geo A (Laurette) elk h 170 Adams 
— Jeannette E maid r 56 Ash 
Monihan Jas H (Eliz) mgr h 6 John 
Monis Earl G, WW Co r 9 Ridgewood ter 
Monks Harry E (Rose A) formn h 38 Mari- 

vista av 
— Margt A atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 

Monohon Grace School of Dancing (Mrs 
Grace Monohon Coolbrith) 657 Main 

Monson Louise maid r 45 Pleasant 

Montabolt Jean shoe wkr r 18 Maple 

— Lucille shoe wkr r 18 Maple 

Montagna Salvatore (Frances) plstr h 154 

Monteith Arline H, WW Co r at Auburndale 

Montgomery Lelia atndt Walter E Fernald 

^Jtrlt"P Sell T* (\ O 

Moody Alf L (Clara R) (Moody & Regan) 

621 Main rm 6 h 27 School 
—Clarence E died Oct 28 1933 
—Gertrude M Mrs elk 209 Moody h 15 Dexter 
— Hardware & Electric Co Inc 577 Moody, 

Kenneth Kelleher treas hardware retail 
— Harold L (Gertrude M) tchr (Watertown) 

h 15 Dexter 
—Roy F (Odeal O) acct 100 Beaver h at 

— Stationery Co (Jacob Berman) 212 Moody 
— & Regan (Alf L Moody, Geo E Regan) 

prntrs 621 Main rm 6 
Mooney Amelia wid Frank r 60 Lawrence 
— Bridget R wid Jas J h 27 Liberty 
— Danl ins agt 680 Main rm 26 r 126 Nichols 

av Watertown 
— Doris M sec 740 Main rm 111 r 60 Lawrence 
— Frances E married John MacDonnell 
MOONEY FRANK J (Grace M) insurance 

740 Main rm 111 h 60 Lawrence — See 

page 93 
— Frank J jr elk r 60 Lawrence 
— Irene elk 680 Main rm 7 r Lexington ter 
—Jas J (Bridget R) died Feb 11 1933 
— Jas J jr chauf r 27 Liberty 
— John slsmn r 24 High 
MOONEY JOHN J funeral director 749 Main 

h do — See page 87 


— K Frances elk (B) r 28 Lexington ter 
— Lillian 66 Woerd av r 246 Watertown 
— Madeline opr 226 Moody r 23 Fifth av 

— Martin J r 28 Lexington ter 
— Mary A wid Frank J h 28 Lexington ter 
— Mary C rem to Boston 
— Michl F lather r 27 Liberty 
— Richd F (Mary A) (Mooney's Garage) 46 

Charles h 49 Chestnut 
— Robt J (Amelia A) WW Co h 74 Church 
—Thos died Aug 5 1932 
— Wm L r 86 Oak 
Mooney's Garage (Richd F Mooney) 46 


Moor Agatha S wid Franklin C r 54 River- 
view av 

— Chas E died Oct 17 1932 

— Dana Christina Mrs, WW Co h 245 Lowell 

—Ethel K wid Geo C h 249 Lowell 

—Geo G r 249 Lowell 

— May J h 15 Alder 

— Noble L r 54 Riverview av 

—Stanley T (Dana C) WW Co h 245 Lowell 

Moore Anna L atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r 

— Arthur cabtmkr r 83 Cherry 

— Clarence A (Flora M) opr r 60 Massasoit 

—Clifford D (Alfreda M) phys 505 Trapelo rd 
h Marguerite av N 

— Edee wid Wilson r 73 Chestnut 

— Edna V sec (B) r 26 Waverley Oaks rd 

— Edwd A (Edith M) shipper h 31 Green 

— Eleanor rem to N Y city 

— Eleanor L librarian (Watertown) h 15 
Craven circle 

— Ella D rem to Newton 

— Ernest E (Alice C) (Moore The Mover) 68 
Grant h do 

— Fredk W msngr 688 Main r 138 Brown 

— Horatio r 104 Ellison pk 

— Ida A rem to Newton 

— Jane A (Mrs Francis J) died Dec 9 1930 

— Jeannette P wid John M died June 8 1932 

— John E (Eliz C) shipper h 25 Green 

— John E jr atndt r 25 Green 

— Lawrence A (Catherine C) battery mn 1017 
Main h 30 Falmouth rd 

— Mabel G opr r 62 Maple 

— Mary A wid John R r Winter bey Smart 

—Mary A wid Wm H died July 5 1931 

— Mildred H tchr Royal E Robbins sch r 104 

—Robt H r 25 Green 

— The Mover (Ernest E Moore) expressing 
and moving 68 Grant 

—Walter G (Beatrice H) WW Co h 83 Colum- 
bus av 

— Wm (Margt) r Pine Vale rd 

Moorehouse Alice M Mrs, WW Co r 59 Chest- 

— Herbert L r 240 Crescent 

— Jos (Emma) jan h 130 Summer 

—Jos R (Mildred A) jan 657 Main r 240 Cres- 

Moorland Ralph (Catherine E) h 75 Fiske 
Moors Ruth A Mrs elk 223 Moody r 94 Adams 
Moose Home 17 Spruce 

Morabeto Michl (Frances) lab h 73^ Russell 
Moran Chas S (Delvina) mach r 58 Adams 
— Edwin C (Moran Fuel Co) 810 Beaver h 

— Esther L married John F Martin 
—Fuel Co (John E, Edwin C Moran) 810 

— Geo H ins agt 740 Main r 11 Richards rd 

— Helen T hairdrsr 58 Adams r do 




— Jas J atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r do 
— John E (Moran Fuel Co) 810 Beaver h do 
—John E farmer died Sept 28 1932 
—John F (Margt J) elk Ry Ex 11 Carter h 

46 Pond 
— John T (Catherine) chef 505 Trapelo rd h 

637 do 
— Mary A charwmn r 33 Pine 
— Mary E wid John E h 810 Beaver 
— Mary G hairdrsr 58 Adams r do 
—Mary M h 63 South 
— Nellie G Mrs h 58 Adams 
— Paul meat ctr r 58 Adams 
— Richd F mach r 109 Pine 
— Robt L meat ctr r 58 Adams 
— Stephen A (Margt) meat ctr 894 Main h 67 


— Thos W (Bertha F) mach h 109 Pine 

— Thos W, USN r 109 Pine 

Morang Agnes M Mrs r 16 Lexington 

— Almon W tchr r 20 Lafayette 

—Geo F (Isabella B) slsmn (B) h 20 Lafay- 

— Herbert S slsmn r 20 Lafayette 

— Langley U studt r 20 Lafayette 

Morash C Ross (Cressa E) (Charles E Morash 
& Son) 88 Trapelo rd h 40 Manning rd 

— Chas E & Son (C Ross Morash) real est 88 
Trapelo rd 

—Emma A wid Chas E died Dec 26 1931 

— Gladys W r 40 Manning rd 

— Grover R E (Adelaide M) bldr 19 Upton rd 
h do 

— Howard R instr mkr r 40 Manning rd 

Morden Anne wid Melvin L domestic r 84 

Moreau Marguerite H, WW Co r at Concord 
Moreen Angelia T rem to Somerville 
Morehouse Arthur R (Marion F) mach h 6 

River av 
— Clarence G, WW Co r 74 Brown 
—Willis P, WW Co r 224 Robbins 
Morella Jos (Josephine) meats h 16 Bolton 
Morelli Mariano h 213 Newton 
Morgan A Leslie stationer (Marlboro) r 109 

— Anson A elk r 123 Adams 
— Edwd P elk 583 Moody r 35 Wadsworth 

— Francis J rem to Watertown 
— Geo E bkbndr (Cambridge) r 378 Lincoln 
— Grace M tel solctr r 151A Crescent 
— Joe slsmn 552 South h at Newton 
— John r 22 Berkshire rd 
— John W (Margt) formn h 85 Calvary 
— Katherine A wid Francis J h 109 Taylor 
— Maria E (Morgan's Art Store) 369 Moody 

r 109 Taylor 
— Mary F wid Geo nurse (Arl) h 112 Vernon 
— Riley (Dorothy G) pntr r 27 Leonard 
— W Hearne elk 369 Moody r 109 Taylor 
Morgan's Art Store (Maria E Morgan) pic- 
tures stationery etc 369 Moody 
— Inc furn dlrs 326 Moody 
Moriarty Bridie maid r 51 Sanders lane 
Morine Harry R (Marion G) shoe wkr h 196 

Morley Claire Mrs r 14 Park 
— Dominick (Margt L) slsmn h 16 Colonial 

— Florence r 107 Pine 
—Geo A (Mary A) supt (245 State B) h 32 

Brigham rd 
— Henry elk 577 Main r at Watertown 
— Herbert H (Catherine E) jan WM Works h 

123 Brown 
— John M (Eva M) auto rpr h 67 Winthrop 
— Laura M elk h 22 Wash av 


— Louis H (Eleanor C) drftsmn (Newton) h 

20 Orchard av 
— Raymond rem to Newton 
Morneau Rose B Mrs, WW Co r 40 Chestnut 
Morreale Alfonzo (Mary) lab h 80 Oak 
— Carmelo (Josephine) h 12 Clinton 
— Carmelo (Josephine) trackmn B&M h 304 


—Chas (Ada B) lab h 167 School 

— Frances stitcher r 304 River 

— Frank (Mary) barber h 157 Lowell 

— Frank J (Rocadella J) lab h 14 Clinton 

— Louis r 12 Clinton 

— Maria Rosa wid Vincent r 80 Oak 

—Mary, WW Co r 13 Bolton 

—Mary J, WW Co r 12 Clinton 

— Philip box mkr r 12 Clinton 

— Rose button fastener r 304 River 

— Vincenzo chauf r 12 Clinton 

— Vincenzo (Maria R) died Nov 20 1931 

Morrell Jos A (Mary J) supt 762 South h 

at Watertown 
— Oathman B (Dora L) carp h 276 Dale 
Morrill Ella Campbell, WW Co h 119 Prospect 
—Emma F died Feb 25 1931 
Morris Agnes B r 394 Crescent 
—Albert (Maude M) WW Co h 27 Myrtle 
— Amanda L wid Thos O h 48 Walnut 

MORRIS CLARENCE H (Pearl) moving, 
storage and general trucking 254 Crescent 
h do telephone connection — See page 88 
—Ellen M sten r 156 Ash 
— Florence Mrs h 27 McKenn 
— Geo E (Josephine J) rem to Brighton 
— Harold (Irene) elk r 48 Walnut 
—Harold W (Celia M) supt (B) h 13 Leonard 
—Harriet N wid Geo N died June 22 1931 
— Jas (Jennie) h 19 Laurel av 
x^- Jerome P (Anna) h 130 Prospect 
— John R (Joan C) mach (Watertown) h 156 

—Margt wid Elijah A died Apr 16 1933 
— Milliage E (Sarah E) welder h Winter bey 

water works 
—Paul L, WW Co h 252 Crescent 
— Roland C (Isabelle) rem to Somerville 
—Ruth E elk r 24 Winthrop 
— Thos (Emma) chef r 10 Vernon 
— Timothy E mach r 394 Crescent 
— Wm F died Jan 10 1931 
— Wm H (Sadie) r 130 Brown 
— Wm H (Kathryn) knitter h 24 Winthrop 
— see Morriss 

Morrisette Jennie M wid Wm M h 137 Russell 
Morrisey Annie J, WW Co r 117 Prospect 
Morrison Bertha G, WW Co r 268 Crescent 
— Burton W (Emma) elec eng h 14 Lawndale 

— C Edna reporter r 198 Adams 
— Carroll firemn Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 

—Chester R (Iona M) WW Co r 116 Chestnut 
— Edna reporter 18 Pine r 40 Brown 
— Elery W forrester r 268 Crescent 
— Eliz A wid Geo E housekpr 264 Newton 
— Felinda wid Edgar domestic r 260 Crescent 
— Harold D (Irene B) rubber wkr (Water- 
town) h 60 Russell 
— Harold N (Florence E) eng h 14 Sharon 
—Herbert R, WW Co h at W Newton 
— Iona M Mrs, WW Co r 15 Wash av 
— Jas (Mary E) uphol h 198 Adams 
— Jos A (Eliz) brass wkr h 101 Albemarle av 
— Kathleen C elk 329 Moody r 59 Barbara rd 
— Kenneth A (Christine M) mach h 19 Stow 
— Margt J slswmn r 59 Barbara rd 
—Marie, WW Co r 22 High 




— Nellie asst supt nurses Waltham Hosp r 

— Percy W (Gladys E) lab r 268 Crescent 
— Robt, WW Co r at Lexington 
— Veronica M wid Thos r 138 Robbins 
— Wm (Gertrude) r 87 Ash 
— Wm C (Esther M) coml trav h 24 Berkshire 

Morrisseau Wilbur (Nellie M) WW Co h 211 

Morrissette Jos baker Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
— Jos I (Irene) lab h 85 Felton 
— Mary opr r 94 Adams 

Morrissey Arthur E (Margt) reserve police 23 

Lexington r 125 Prospect 
— Bridget wid Michl died June 17 1932 
— Bridget M wid Jeremiah h 125 Prospect 
— Edwd A pntr r 117 Prospect 
— Gertrude E bkpr 1 Massasoit r 19 Chamber- 
lain ter 
— Harry lab r 140 School 
—John J (Mary A) WW Co h 105 Bacon 
— John W gardnr h 117 Prospect 
— Jos P (Nellie C) treas Beaver Brook Lum- 
ber Co and scrap iron 1 Massasoit h 19 
Chamberlain ter 

— Margt L housekpr r 117 Prospect 

— Martin H lab 1 Massasoit h 193 Grove 

— Mary E died Mar 1 1932 

— Mary L tchr mus 834 Main rm 7 h 8 Com- 

— Merle F (Frances A) sub carrier PO 738 
Main h 44 Sharon 

— Thos F r 8 Common 

Morrow Genevieve I supvr contagious ward 
Waltham Hosp r do 

—Hugh J died Jan 7 1933 

— Wm A (Effie M) carp h 9 Exchange pi 

— Wm J (Eliz I) formn 138 River h 96 Myrtle 

Morse Agnes C, WW Co r 10 Vernon 

— Alf R (Katie F) driver Hose Co No 3 h 142 

— Alma E sec (Mass Inst Technology, Cam- 
bridge) h 34 Cabot 

— Ariel married Bartholomew Hart 

— Arleen L studt r 142 Dale 

— Cyrus A (Georgianna) asst formn h 10 

— Frank W second lieut Engine Co No 1 h 
11 Falmouth rd 

—Georgia F (Mrs Frank W) died Feb 28 1933 

— Gordon A studt r 142 Dale 

— Ira H (Hutmacher's Shoe Shop) 355 Moody 
h at Lowell 

— Irving (Mary) slsmn r 12 Walnut 

— Isabelle Mrs r 94 Adams 

—John A (Eliz C) mgr 353 Moody rm 105 
h 408 Crpscpnt 

—John E (Lillian) jan City Hall h 70 Marl- 
borough rd 

—Ralph G (Freda E) firemn h 23 Lowell 

— Robt G pres-treas The Comtor Co rear 87 
Rumford av 

—Stephen H (Mary E) wood mldr h 203 

— Vivian V tchr Jonathan Bright sch h 121 

l*Y*£* Qf* ATI f 

Mort Wm D (Catherine T) driver 1295 Main 
h 84 South 

Mortenson Neils H (Martha M) h 27 Wash 

Morton Agnes L wid Chas H h 98 Columbus 

— Alice M r 8 Hartwell pi 

—Chas H dentist 680 Main rm 20 r 98 Colum- 
bus av 

— Cora A Mrs sec 53 Moody h Jennings rd 


— Emma died May 6, 1931 

— Emma I wid Geo h 8 Hartwell pi 

— Geo (Pearl A) mgr grocery dept 577 Main 

h 512 do 
— Glenice domestic r 127 Crescent 
— Grace M r 98 Columbus av 
— Harold L nickel plater r 98 Columbus av 
— Herbert R mach 48 Woerd av r 8 Hartwell 

— Lillian F pres-treas Waltham Automotive 

Corp 215 Lexington r Borgham rd cor 

— Mary E wid Wilford J r Jennings rd 
—May E wid Frank C r 115 Main 
— Ruby A sec Waltham Screw Co 77 Rum- 
ford av r 98 Columbus av 
— Wilford J (Cora A) teller h Jennings rd 
Morvillo Matteo (Alice) WW Co h 108 Lowell 
Mosca Angelo (Althea) icemn h 112 Charles 
— Angie hairdrsr 267 Moody rm 1 r 58 West 
— Giuseppe lab h 14 Williams 
Moscatelli Silvio T (Columbus Pharmacy) 207 

Newton h 106 Common Watertown 
— Ulysses D elk 235 Newton r 106 Common 

Moscato Antonio lab r 61 Calvary 
— Frank (Frances) lab h 61 Calvary 
Moschard Henri (Martha S) toolmkr WM 

Works h 95 High 
— Marguerite L designer r 95 High 
Moser Reginald M (May V) bundler h 22 

— Wm C (Vivian M) elk (Cambridge) h 84 

Trapelo rd 
Moses Alf L (Sarah) (Edward's Shoe Store) 

379 Moody h 175 Derby, W Newton 
Mosesco Morris J (Esther) slsmn r 31 Grant 

Mosher Alice r 79 Brown 
—Allen V (Bertha H) Ry MS h 188 Ash 
— Anne S Mrs h 804 Main 
— Annie wid Maurice r 64 Cherry 
— Archibald blksmth r 81 Pine 
— Beatrice r 49 Wash av 
—Dorothy Mrs, WW Co r 70 Chestnut 
— Eliz wid Marshall J h 930 Main 
— Herbert A (Mary A) auto body rpr 220 Fel- 
ton h 22 Hamilton rd 
— Isabel Mrs housekpr Walter E Fernald 

State sch r do 
— Ivan P lab r 804 Main 
— Jas T, WW Co r 41 Chestnut 
— Lionel (Floris) tchr r 930 Main 
— Natalie Clark r 22 Spruce 
— Robt H lndrymn r 188 Ash 
— Stanley herdsmn Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
—Thos H r 69 Alder 
— Verna C bkpr r 804 Main 
— Willard C bkpr r 188 Ash 
Moskos Jas (Jennie) (University Cafeteria) 

869 Main h 45 Rich 
Mosman Edwin J (Georgianna M) acct (30 

State, B) h 143 Russell 
— Howard M (Marion G) chauf h 23 Cross 
Moss Alice I elk 839 Main r 6 Woodlawn av 
— John H (Edith H) yardmn h 6 Woodlawn 

Mossberg B Ludwig acct r 5 Sterling rd 
— Carl O (Eliz) mach h 5 Sterling rd 
Mother Bertrand superior StPeter's Parochial 

sch h 20 School 
Mott Albert A (Hattie D) teleg opr h 136 

— Dorothy D studt r 136 Russell 
— Olive E sten 55 Moody r 136 Russell 
— Raymond A (Eleanor L) slsmn (B) h 63 

Greenwood lane 
—Ruth E sten (B) r 136 Russell 



Mottola Salvitore (Lillian P) stonectr h 1520 
Trapelo rd 

— Theo R drftsmn r 1520 Trapelo rd 

Moulton Ella A wid Chas H r 16 Prospect 

— Henry M (Sadie L) watchmkr h 409 Cres- 

— Lee L (Roxie E) chauf h 143 Adams 

— Marshall L (Jennie E) sec-treas Marshall L 
Moulton Inc 596 Moody h 10 Berkshire rd 

Marshall L Moulton sec-treas Plymouth 
and DeSoto sales and service — See page 

■ — Wm E sign pntr r 139 Adams 

Mount Feake Cemetery 216 South and 203 
Prospect, Derward W Hill supt 

— Prospect School for Boys 90 Worcester lane 
Annie P Call prin 

Mowry Ruth C Mrs r 6 Winthrop 

Moylan B Agnes Mrs r 50 Walnut 

Moynihan Catherine J wid John J died Oct 
22, 1932 

— Cornelius J (Eileen B) delivery supt (B) h 

36 Brigham rd 

— Dennis (Delia) lab 118 Bacon h 114 do 
— Edwd F acct 657 Main rm 16 r 114 Bacon 
— Jeremiah J (Catherine H) lab r 122 Willow 
— John F office mgr Thayer rd h 51 Walnut 

Franklin Park 
—Ruth, WW Co r 33 Eddy 
Moyse Geo G (Lena) state senator h 112 Vir- 
ginia rd 
Mozie John (Julia A) opr h 116 Felton 
Muccio Pasquale (Mary J) gardener r 126 

Muchison Donald N washer 33 Rumford av r 

37 Kensington av, W Newton 
Mudgett Arthur R died Supt 10, 1931 

— Mary L tchr Senior High sch r 31 Floyd 
— Oscar (Faith) WW Co h Piedmont av 
Muir Camelia E r 290 Lexington 
—Wilfred S r 290 Lexington 
— Yvonne E asst treas Waltham Trust Co 23 

Moody h 290 Lexington 
Muise Alpha (Loretta) fishermn h 132 

— Edmund J ice cream mkr r 41 Alder 
— Helen rubberwkr r 45 Charles 
— Jos (Annie) farmer h 2 Emery 
— Jos F (Lucy) enamel burner h 104 Charles 
— Jos M (Annie J) watch and clock rpr 2 

Emery h do 
— Jos S (Amy M) produce h 6 Massasoit ct 
— Lawrence (Mary) WW Co r 1801 Trapelo 

— Margt Mrs, WW Co r 68 Taylor 
— Mary r 45 Charles 
—Mary S, WW Co r 55 Walnut 
— Peter (Celina) fishermn r 1801 Trapelo rd 
— Peter J (Anna) rubberwkr h 8£ Fountain 
—Sophie (Mrs Theo) died Oct 27, 1930 
—Theo textile wkr (B) h 119 Chestnut 
— Timothy (Mary E) bleachery wkr h 13 £ 

Liverpool lane 
Mula Alphonso (Mary) barber 689 Moody h 

28 Beech 
— Angelina wid Fredk h 65 Exchange 
— Angelo died Oct 24, 1932 
— Anthony barber r 20 Gordon 
— Jas (Anna) lab h 197 School 
— Jos (Rose) lab h 13 Bolton 
— Louis (Carmelina) h 20 Gordon 
— Saro (Vincentina) weaver r 20 Gordon 
— Vincent (Futura) barber 914 Main h 49 

Columbus av 
— Vincenzo (Rosa) lab h 7 Oak 
Mulcahey Geo D (Ruth M) carrier PO 738 

Main h 52 Pond 
— Jos J director Public Welfare Dept, City 

Hall r 36 Gordon 


— Thos M (Margt A) plmbr h 36 Gordon 

Mulcahy Helen E restr wkr r 118 School 

— Paul A (Helen M) pres-treas Paul's Lunch 

Inc 641 Main h 118 School 
— Sarah E wid Wm B h 8 Adams 
Muldoon Eliz G drsmkr 10 Church r 207 

— Eliz M r 33 Gorham 
— Frances tel opr 16 Spring r 222 Main Wa- 

— Geo A shoe wkr r 33 Gorham 
— Helen L buyer r 207 Chestnut 
— Jas C electn h 33 Gorham 
—John P h 207 Chestnut 
— Mary T phys Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 

Mulhall Michl (Crescent Grill) 17 Crescent 

r 58 Hall 
Mulhern Eliz B Mrs domestic r 28 Cushing 
—Mary F died June 8, 1933 
Mullane Albina R atndt 775 Trapelo rd r do 
Mullaney John J (Irene M) lab h 40 School 

—Peter A (Mary J) h 21 Central 
— Thos (Mary) lab h 8 Exchange ct 
Mullen Alice C died Feb 15, 1931 
— Carl L pntr r 211A Brown 
— Catherine wid John r 25 Whitney av 
— Catherine wid Michl r 5 Calvary 
—Catherine F died Nov 17, 1933 
—Chas P, WW Co r 241 Lowell 
— Francis J r 18 Munroe av 
— Frank A (Mary) h 211A Brown 
— Frank L r 49 Howard 
— Harold E elk 727 Moody r 97 Brown 
—Howard A (Elsie M) WW Co h 175 Brown 
— Jas driver 100 Seyon av r 49 Howard 
—Jas F, WW Co h 6 Park pi 
— Jas J (Mary E) real est and ins 9 Middle 

h do 

— John E baker's hlpr 100 Felton r 49 Howard 

— John L (Nora A) plmbr h 49 Howard 

—John T elk (B) h 5 Calvary 

—Laura E Mrs, WW Co r 88 Maple 

— Loretta F tchr Jonathan Bright sch r at 

— Mary A married John T Quinn 

— Perry (Agnes) stmftr h 241 Lowell 

—Rita M, WW Co r 9 Middle 

— Sarah E tchr Thos Hill sch r 5 Calvary 

— Susan r 70 Chestnut 

—Thos F r 6 Park pi 

—Thos J (Winifred M) slsmn r 25 Under- 
wood pk 

— Warren N (Annie L) carp 130 Brown h do 

— Wm H (Maude E) mach h 43 Pine 

— see Millen 

Mullin Anna E r 51 Farwell 

MULLIN BERNARD E successor to Thomas 
S Wilson funeral director 36 Elm r 51 
Farwell — See top edge and page 86 
— John H caretaker h 51 Farwell 
— Loretta F tchr mus Henry Whittemore sch 

r at Maynard 
— Wm A bkpr r 51 Farwell 
Mullins Wm C (Sarah) formn h 7 Chester av 
Mullinson Mary G Mrs rem to Watertown 
Mullis Anna M atndt 775 Trapelo rd r do 
Muloni Carmello (Rose) lab h 201 Newton 
Mulrean Margt F wid Thos F h 9 VanVech- 

—Thos F elk 86 Trapelo rd r 9 VanVechten 
—Thos F (Margt) died July 17, 1933 
Mulvaney Robt atndt 962 Main r at Brigh- 
Mulvey Jas W car packer Ry Ex r 23 Bowdoin 

— Martin firemn 415 South r do 



Mulvihill Arthur A (Irene M) real est r 110 

— Jas A (Alice G) lieut police 25 Lexington 

h 123 Prospect 
— M Agnes sten (Cambridge) r 14 Lyman 

—Ruth B lawyer 29 Moody h 77 Harding, W 

— Wm J (Anna S) supt Calvary Cemetery 39 

John h 14 Lyman ter 

Mumford Chas N carp r 40 Amherst av 

—Ethel W, WW Co h 51 Taylor 

— Mabel B asst cashr 720 Main r 51 Taylor 

Munhall Mary, WW Co r at Watertown 

Munn Stewart slsmn r 856 Main 

Munro Alex (Calomb) elk 399 Moody h 235 

—Allen (Grace) h 11 Highland 
—Calomb elk 399 Moody r 235 Lowell 
—Chas G (Corinne S) WW Co h 38 Fuller 
— Gladys M wid Jas r 24 Harland rd 
— John A (Harriet W) ins agt h 74 Alder 
— Martha maid r 17 Wamsutta av 
— Wm (Agnes R) lab h 17 Wamsutta av 
Munroe Albert H (Ruby E) slsmn r 121 

— Corrine A, WW Co r 19 Orange 
—Edith B atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
— Fred J (Irene J) slsmn h 636 Moody 
— Geo A (Nina I) wire wkr h 54 Myrtle 
— Grace Mrs, WW Co r 7 Winthrop 
— Irene (Miltonia Beauty Shop) 479 Moody 

rm 13 r 636 do 
— Marguerite B wid Slade H r 86 Russell 
— Mary G drsmkr 636 Moody r do 
— Slade H, Francis E Sivewright mgr roofers 

86 Russell 
—Slade H (Marguerite B) died Feb 5, 1933 
Munster Albert E (Elsa W) jan Thos Hill 

sch h 76 Hammond 
—Bertha F tchr (B) r 25 Grant 
— Carrie A r 25 Grant 
—Charlotte C died Dec 27, 1931 
— Fredk A (Harriet M) h 1 Munster ter 
— Harriet M Mrs drsmkr 1 Munster ter h do 
—Jessie Mrs, WW Co r 103 Pine 
— John H gardnr h 25 Grant 
— John W (Louise) shades h 2 Munster ter 
—Susan M h 272 School 
— Wm W (Grace B) mgr h 20 Charlotte rd 
— Wm W Mrs real est 20 Charlotte rd r do 
Murabito Louis tailor 7 Charles h 30 do 
Murcott Sarah A wid Thos h 63£ Maple 
Murdock Christine A, WW Co r 48 Cherry 
— David D (Mary A) mach h Overlook rd bey 

Lakeview av 

— Francis P tallymn r Overlook rd 

— Wm r 250 South 

Murley Margt atndt Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
Murnaghan Mary C maid 775 Trapelo rd r 


Murnane Rose A wid Patk C domestic r 28 

Murphy A Dorothy married Hans Vitzshe 
— Agnes opr r 27 Moore 
— Alice A married Paul J Confrey 
— Alice A wid Jos elk r 144 Brown 
— Angela M tchr North and South Junior 

High schs r 74 School 
— Anna L maid 775 Trapelo rd r do 
— Anna L nurse h 27 Moore 
— Anna L sten (Watertown) r 98 Cushing 
— Annie r 703 Moody 
— Annie E bkpr 95 Moody r 94 Bacon 
— Arthur J (Mary G) opr 14 Church h 77 

— Bernard A, WW Co r 72 Bedford 


— Bernard F (Mary T) lawyer 680 Main rm 
23 r do 

— Bernard P r 12 Harvard pi 

—Caroline L, WW Co r 7 Dartmouth 

— Catherine atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r 

— Catherine E tel opr 16 Spring r 578 Trapelo 

— Catherine E wid Dennis h 85 Maple 

— Catherine G wid Jeremiah r 94 Bacon 

—Catherine L, WW Co 

— Catherine Low wid Patk J r 19 Appleton 

— Catherine M r 124 School 

—Chas, WW Co r 79 Cherry 

—Chas C hlpr r 38 School 

— Chas F (Edna M) baker h 187 Chestnut 

—Chas F (Eliz M) shipper h 98 Cushing 

— Christine C h rear 571 Main 

— Connell A (Mary) reserve police 25 Lex- 
ington h 142 Florence rd 

— Cornelius J r 124 School 

— Delia A wid Thos J h 12 Harvard pi 

—Donald R (Rhoda M) chauf h 21 Ash 

--Edwd driver 697 Main r 38 Bowker Brook- 

— Edwd J pntr died Feb 14, 1932 

— Eliz supvr 775 Trapelo rd r do 

—Eliz (32 South) died Aug 21, 1932 

— Esther C bkpr r 178 Charles 

— Ethan A (M Dorothea) research asst MIT 

h Forest near Trapelo rd 
— Ethel E nurse r 20 Berkshire rd 
— Eug T r 12 Spruce 

— Francis S (Marie H) rem to W Newton 
—Geo T (Helen M) ins h 7 Clements rd 
—Geo W (Louise J) elk B&M h 78 Lyman 
— Gerald ins agt 267 Moody r 93 Central av 

— Helena E bkpr 600 Main r 81 Summer 
— Humphrey D meats 271 School h 47 Fiske 
— J W & Co (John W Murphy) men's cloth- 
ing 95 Moody 
— Jas A (Mary E) custodian 720 Main h 38 

— Jas J (Minnie E) pntr h 59 Wellington 
— Jas P slsmn r 57 Rich 
— Jas R (Irene J) picture opr h 20 Mayall 

— John buckle wkr r 56 Bacon 
— John E chauf r 124 School 
—John J (Sarah S) h 178 Charles 
— John J dept mgr 223 Moody r 81 Summer 
— John J (Mary T) formn Waltham Water 

Works 92 Felton h 21 Wellington 
— John J (Mary A) lino opr 18 Pine h 46 

— John P masseur 1 Church su 1 h do 
—John R (Mary V) chauf h 22 Plympton 
— John R pntr M&B St Ry r rear 571 Main 
— John R (Annie A) (67 Fiske av) rem to 

Springfield Vt 
—John S (Margt D) gilder h 315 Newton 
—John W (J W Murphy & Co) 95 Moody h 

94 Bacon 
— Jos chauf r 108 Alder 
— Jos J (Agnes A) elk 271 School r 47 Fiske 
— Julia studt r 46 Lyman 
— Katherine M elk 468A Main r 124 School 
— Leo J restr wkr r 38 School 
— Lillian bkpr 15 Lane r 59 Wellington 
— Lillian M Mrs r 51 Fiske 
— M Adeline elk r 144 Brown 
— M Gertrude slswmn r 98 Cushing 
— Margt F bkpr r 67 Crescent 
—Mary r 250 South 
— Mary studt r 46 Lyman 
— Mary (Mrs Humphrey D) died Dec 1, 1931 
— Mary A Mrs r 25 Pond 
— Mary B Mrs h 12 Spruce 




— Mary E telegrapher (B) r 69 Cherry 

—Mary F, WW Co r 38 School 

—Mary G bkpr Walter E Fernald State sch r 

— Mary G elk 271 Moody r 98 Cushing 

— Michl landscape gardnr r 17 Harvard pi 

— Patk T (Catherine A) h 110 Crescent 

— Raymond H projectionist 234 Moody r 20 
Mayall rd 

— Robt F r 38 School 

— Rosanna buyer (B) r 178 Charles 

— S Agnes, WW Co h 178 Charles 

— Thos J reporter Waltham News-Tribune 18 
Pine r 198 River, W Newton 

— Timothy F (Johanna) section formn 62 
Elm h 81 Summer 

—Walter F (Florence L) WW Co h 89 How- 

—Walter G slsmn r 89 Pond 

—Walter J (Eliz E) auto mech h 20 Berk- 
shire rd 

— Wm A second hand furn 75 Charles h 571 

— Wm A trucking rear 571 Main r do 

— Wm C (Mary E) printer (B) h 29 Brook- 

— Wm C (Lillian D) rubber wkr h 23 Wilton 

Murray Arnold H (Hilda F) slsmn h 18 Berk- 
shire rd 

—Arthur W (Madeline A) electn h 160 South 

— Chas knitter r 26 High 

— Cora H r 142 Crescent 

— David J (Bertha M) mason h 62 Brown 

— Florence E Mrs r 72 Lake view av 

— Gertrude A mlnr 365 Moody 

— Harriet S wid Wm h 142 Crescent 

— Jas (Catherine) auto mech r 403 Crescent 

— Jas carp Walter E Fernald State sch r do 

— Jas A (Catherine E) atndt h 1 Fuller 

—Jeanne, WW Co r 22 High 

—John A died June 11, 1932 

— Jos J (Bertha M) optometrist 680 Main rm 
7 h 5 Hamilton rd 

— Leo M (Mary E) credit mgr h 252 Main 

— Madeline A Mrs checker 54 Stearns r 160 

— Martin mica wkr 66 Woerd av h 6 Cedar 
Newton Lower Falls 

— Mary E wid Geo Eh 305 Crescent 

— Muriel tube mkr r 180 Brown 

— Nora E wid Henry h 23 Dartmouth 

— Patk E (Margt) car opr BE Ry h Arcadia 
av opp VanVechten 

— Robt H (Carrie) electn h 7 Dartmouth 

—Sarah J, WW Co r 83 Francis 

— Theresa A sten (B) r 59 Fiske 

— Thos auto mech r 27 Highland 

— Wm O (Marie G) maintainance mn h 72 

Murren Jas A (Beatrice B) picture opr h 100 
Hillcrest rd 

— John r 100 Hillcrest rd 

Murrin Wm J (Margt B) police h 31 Florence 

Muther Lorenz F pres-treas The Potter Press 

515-537 South h 80 Elgin Newton 
Mutual Farm Underwriters, Howard S Rus- 
sell special agt 131 Lexington 
Muzzey Robt F slsmn r 14 Colburn 
Myers Cutler (Margt) lab h 100 Mokema av 
— Edwd (Sarah I) golf instr h 40 Arlington 

— Wm jan 415 South r do 
Myette Chas H (Gertrude M) mach opr h 83 

M[vles see IMiles 

Myshrall Charlotte died May 13, 1933 
—Ernest J (Gladys J) pntr h 870 Moody 
— Francis H (Evangeline L) r 15 Liberty 


— Helen J presswmn r 870 Moody 
— Kennith W r 15 Wash av 
— Marie A Mrs r 28£ Rumford av 
—Ruth wid Wm K r 23 Vernon 
— W Kenneth r 870 Moody 
— Wm J (Nora E) grinding wheel wkr 115 
Bacon h 32 Castle 

Naborhood Laundry (Amedee and Alf Leger) 

191 Felton 
Nabors Edward A (Amelia P) truckmn 85 

Charles h do 
— Mansfield J (Edna) hlpr r 85 Charles 
Naddy Margt M, WW Co r at Cambridge 
Nadeau Walter (Catherine) h 266 Calvary 
Nagel Vera G Mrs housekpr 272 Crescent 
Nagle Beatrice S mgr 314 Moody rm 3 r 36 

Nahum Hardy School 51 Lake 
Naldi Jos (Rose) (Purity Market) 468 Moody 

h 672 do 
Nally Blanche Mrs, WW Co h at Watertown 
— John h 509 Main 
— Mary wid John r 161 Bright 
—Mary W, WW Co 
— Theresa r 509 Main 
Nangle Albert E (Beatrice E) wood wkr h 36 

— Beatrice S hairdrsr r 36 Harvard 
—Bertha M, WW Co r 36 Harvard 
Nanking Restaurant (Harry Wong) 659 Main 
Nanos Andrew (Theodora) mach h 118 Pine 
Naples Nicholas (Vitaline) h 24 Wilton 
Narankievich John (Eleanor) weaver h 98 

Nardelli Margt F atndt 775 Trapelo rd r do 
Nasco Antonio C (Lillian M) pntr h 108 

— Salvatore r 108 Central 
Nason Bertha E Mrs drsmkr 36 Cherry r do 
— Ernest E (Mary J) pntr h 24 Brown's av 
—Frank W (Bertha E) elk r 36 Cherry 
— Horace B (Clara P) farmer h 36 Cherry 
— Jos (Mary E) lab h 19 Noonan 
— Jos F r 24 Brown's av 
— Stephen E chauf r 24 Brown's av 
— Waldo H electn r 36 Cherry 
Natale Jas lino opr 19 Felton r 7 Wheeler ct 

Natalie Shop The (Dawn I Griggs, Dorothy 

Hamilton) hairdressing 371 Moody rm 

Nathaniel P Banks School 948 Main 
National Bank Bldg 637 Main 
—Clothing Stores 332 Moody 
— Funeral Directors' Assn, Chas L Reade 

member 22 Common 
Natoli Angelo (Olinda) fruit h 83 Rich 
— Angelo F (Rose) fruit 619 Moody h 719 

— Carmello farm hand r 43 Charles 
— John r 719 Moody 
—John (Sophie G) box mkr (Medford) h 12 

— Juliet rubberwkr r 83 Rich 
Naughton Ann M sten r 42 Lexington 
— Ellen beauty shop 42 Lexington r do 
— Thos (Mary) h 42 Lexington 
—Thos jr, WW Co r at Newton 
Naugler Jas A (Eliz C) chauf h Marivista av 
Nault Bessie E Mrs packer 586 Main r 21 

— Edwd (Bessie) slsmn r 23 Pine 
Naulty Wm K h 45 Banks 
Nauvitski Anna r 66 Charles 
— Chas (Mary) brasswkr h 66 Charles 
Navien Jas J h 158 Willow 
— Thos A (Alice F) supt (Newtonville) h 

180 Main 



Nay Beulah rem to Cambridge 

— Ella Mrs rem to Cambridge 

— Jas A (Marie A) mgr 171 Lake h 123 do 

— Otis rem to Cambridge 

— Sarah E rem to Cambridge 

Neagle Robt D (Mary G) elk h 317 Warren 

Neal Bertha Mrs maid 775 Trapelo rd r do 

— Bertram A (Sophia L) depy chief fire dept 
29 Lexington r 23 Myrtle 

— Chester (Bertha) watchmn 775 Trapelo rd 
r do 

— Ernest L acting capt Ladder No 1, 29 Lex- 
ington r do 

— Fredk S (Alma) woodwkr h 145 Ash 
— Freeman H porter 775 Trapelo rd r do 
— Hattie M wid Herbert E h 205 Ash 
— Leslie G (Eleanor L) reporter (B) h 58 

Marlborough rd 
— Margaretta B jwlr 511 Moody r 205 Ash 
—Robt E (Helen G) linemn 14 Church h 15 

Summer av 
— Ruth A maid 775 Trapelo rd r do 
—Sophie A Mrs, WW Co r 23 Myrtle 
Nealley Gustie L r 227 Ash 
—Walter E (Henrietta) h 8 Middle-st pi 
Nearhos Geo (Lena) slsmn h 274 School 
Neary Beatrice M asst dietitian 505 Trapelo 

rd r do 

Nedza Albert (Mary J) lab h 99 Francis 
— Stanley farmer r 99 Francis 
Nee John F r 10 Exchange ct 
—Philip (Delia) lab h 10 Exchange ct 
Needham Percy E (Bertha E) dairymn h 65 

Needle Benj r 158 Russell 
Neelon Donald W r 110 Main 
— Robt T ins agt r 110 Main 
— Thos F mgr Metropolitan Life Insurance 

Co 267 Moody h 110 Main 

Neff Chas W (Neff & Morse, B) r 75 Bacon 

Neil Jas (Jennie M) optometrist 371 Moody 
h 19 Everett 

— John S (Caroline L) formn h 26 Mayall 

— T Arthur maintainance eng (Cambridge) r 
26 Mayall rd 

Neill Fannie sec r 145 Crescent 

—Sophia C, WW Co 

Neilon Danl F dyer r 8 Harding av 

— Margt L sten r 8 Harding av 

— Walter J acct r 8 Harding av 

— Wm H (Catherine) iron mldr h 8 Harding 

Neilson Donald M (Aileen) atndt SO Co h 18 
Laurel av 

Neily Ruby D nurse (Brookline) r 20 Fair- 
mont av 

Nekrasz John lab r 253| Charles 
— Michl gro 189 Newton h 189* do 
Neilson Helen F wid Lewis T h 11 Cham- 
berlain ter 
— Robt A studt r 11 Chamberlain ter 
Nelson Albert L (Florence I) construction 

eng h 10 Wash av 
— Alice A nurse r 41 Curtis 
—Anna wid Paul died July 21, 1931 
—Anna T, WW Co r 110 Prospect 
— Berndt (Linnea M) carp h 104 Vernon 
— Botalla wid F Oscar M h 9 Ridgewood ter 
— C Annette nurse h 70 Bedford 
— Carl (Lilla) chauf h 30A Spruce 
—Carl E (Pearl A) WW Co h 193 South 
— Carl O r 9 Ridgewood ter 
— Edwd H (Anna V) carp h 34 Marlborough 

— Elisabeth M r Winter beyond Smart 
—Erik J, WW Co r 143 Crescent 
— Frank mach r 151A Crescent 
— Frithiof N gardnr r Winter bey Smart 


— Harriet A Mrs housekpr r 46 Greenwood 

— Harry ice r 41 Cherry 

—Herbert W (Ella G) eng B&A h 26 Char- 
lotte rd 

— Ina M sten r 114 Thornton rd 

— Jennie rem to Tampa Fla 

—John I (Hilda A) (Waltham Sheet Metal 
Works) 11 Francis h 63 Plympton 

—John L (Hilma O) formn 500 South h 41 

— Josephine elk (B) r Winter bey Smart 

— Lena maid r 27 Ellison pk 

—Lena M, WW Co r 691 Moody 

— Mary wid N Julius h 114 Thornton rd 

—Mildred J, WW Co r 94 Adams 

— Nejda M, WW Co r at West Newton 

— Nils (Anna) mach h 15 Bellevue 

— Nils E (Signa M) carp h 233 Lowell 

— Oscar J (Rhetha M) lino opr 19 Felton h 
14 Eddy 

— Pearl A studt r 104 Vernon 

—Ralph H studt r 22 Caughey 

—Robt F (Gertrude A) chauf r 26 Charlotte 

— Saml M (Ethel J) WW Co h 22 Caughey 

— Thos h Winter beyond Smart 

— Victor E (Irma O E) carp h 25 Tavern sq 

— Viola E mus tchr 104 Vernon r do 

— Werner G A (Irene M) tool maker h 19 

— Weston F r 25 Tavern sq 

—Willis J (Susan J) collr (Newton) h 47 

Nersesian Aaron r 559 Main 

— Margt r 559 Main 

— Simeon G (Two Brothers Tailors) 589 Main 
h 559 do 

Nesbit Mary G Mrs r 114 Taylor 

Xessen Saml V (Mollie) wall paper h 25 
Cambria rd 

Nethercote Leo M elk (Buffalo NY) r 14 An- 
derson ter 

— Margt A wid Michl H h 14 Anderson ter 

— Wm F (Mary G) WW Co h 99 Myrtle 

Neufell Angeline wid Anthony r 2 Mack's ct 

—Jas (Mary A) lab h 31 Middle 

— Lena mach opr r 10 Lindy lane 

— Mary T mach opr r 10 Lindy lane 

— Philip (Grace E) car insp B&M h 10 Lindy 

Nevels Esther V Mrs, WW Co r 84 Brown 

Nevins Mary wid John T r 27 Moore 

New England Auto Renting Inc 24 Common, 
Lester R Barrington treas 

— England Chemical Co (Erling Holland) in- 
secticides 23 Walnut 

— England Coal Co operated by Household 
Fuel Corp, John A Colbert mgr office 
688A Main yard 224 Newton 

— England Equipment Co (Henry A Turner) 
carnival games 267 Moody rm 7 

— England Gasket Co (Vincent Salamone) 11 

— England Mica Co 66 Woerd av inc '16 
Theo B Plimpton pres Edwd Cooper v- 
pres Chas G Plimpton sec-treas 

— England Order of Protection Riverside 
Lodge 42, Mrs Margt C Hill sec 127 Chest- 
nut meets second and fourth Thurs 41 

— England Stores Inc toilet articles and pa- 
tent medicines 345 Moody 

— England Telephone & Telegraph Co 16 
Spring and 15 Crescent 

Newall Co (Newell Goldberg) paints 105 

Newbrook Janet P Mrs elk 285 Moody r 24 



Newcombe John F (Mildred R) slsmn h 23 
Shirley rd 

Newell Agnes V sten r 39 Fiske 

— Allie wid Ambrose r 59 Robbins 

— Catherine M elk r 39 Fiske 

— Edwd elk r 39 Fiske 

— Irving H (Nancy A) watchmkr h 29 Rus- 

— Jos P meat ctr r 39 Fiske 

— Margt E sten 256 Charles r 39 Fiske av 

— Mary E bkpr r 39 Fiske 

— Patk (Margt E) lab Waltham Coal Co h 
39 Fiske 

Newis John J (Margt M) textile wkr h 93 

Newland Chas M (Vivian G) WW Co h 117 

Newman Alice M, WW Co r 18 Myrtle 
— Earle T (Alice M S) lumber r 18 Myrtle 
— Ernest G (Eva F) shipper h 83 Central 
— Nellie F Mrs bkpr 48 Woerd av r 76 Gor- 
don Brighton 
Newsham Edith M r 265 Robbins 
Newton Agnes S Mrs, WW Co r 58 Myrtle 
—Alberta W Mrs, WW Co h 66 Robbins 
— Anna maid 265 Beaver r do 
—Fred W (Agnes S) WW Co r 33 Beech 
— Hazel H mgr (B) r 49 Lincoln 
—Jos F (Louise J) WW Co h 21 Berkshire 

— Julia E wid Herbert J h 49 Lincoln 
— Louise J, WW Co r 21 Berkshire rd 
— Sash & Door Co 216 Newton, Frank Tor- 

torici pres Raymond Marchi sec John 

Gaziano jr treas 
—St R R Station 38 Gorham 
— Thos F (Bridget F) plmbr h 14 Brook av 
— Wet Wash Laundry (Mrs Mary J Enos) 60 

Woerd av 
Niccolazzo Frank P elk 740 Moody r 25 Smith 

ct, W Newton 
Nicholas Arthur (Bernice) slsmn h 4 Munster 

Nicholli Howard icemn r 507 Main 
Nichols Albert H (Grace A) mach h 43 Myr- 
— Alf J (Gertrude M) WW Co h 88 Adams 
— Arthur A (Mary C) eng 48 Woerd av h 22 

— Chas E (Lossie S) jan North Junior High 

sch h 10 Lexington ter 
— Chas W rem to Arlington Heights 
— Edith R r 10 Lexington ter 
—Eva G, WW Co r 10 Lexington ter 
— Frances W studt r 44 Woerd av 
— Frank W dairymn 402 Lexington h 380 


— Gertrude M beauty shop 86 A Adams r do 
— Horace O (Eliz C) mach h 201 Brown 
— Jas B (Maude M) mach h 14 Norumbega 

— Maxine Mrs r 7 Wellington 
— Wm H (Ruth L) eng 48 Woerd av h 37 

Riverview av 
— Wm H (Louise B) machinist 48 Woerd av h 

44 do 
Nickerson Albert L (Thekla A) formn WW 

Co h 14 Dexter 
— Coleman tmstr Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
— Eleanor E mica wkr 66 Woerd av r 145 

— Harold (Blanche) mach h 21 Bellevue 
— Helen A radio wkr (Newton) r 3 Stratton 

— Ivan L (Laura H) sign hanger 137 Moody 

h 40 Orange 
— John T R elk EEI Co, Cooper st r 143 

Spruce Watertown 


— Lillian cook Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
— Margt A wid Alex nurse r 145 Adams 
— Mary O' wid Murry A nurse r 109 River 
— Morton W (Margt L) carp h 28 Derby 
— Myrtle L Mrs, WW Co r 14 Wadsworth av 
— Newman R (Evelyn G) farmer h 270 River 
— Orville C (Myrtle L) WW Co h 47 Wads- 
— Vera P atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 
r do 

Nicol John M studt r 10 Myrtle 

— Madeline G studt nurse r 10 Myrtle 

— Nannie, WW Co r at Newtonville 

— Wm (Agnes) adjt Salvation Army 11 Pine 

h 10 Myrtle 
Nicoletti Frank r 5 Lawton pi 
— Gaetano (Carmela) poultry h 5 Lawton pi 
— Salvatore r 5 Lawton pi 
Nicosia Antonio grinding wheel wkr h Edge 

Hill rd 
— Frank r 119 Pine 
— Frank (Frances) rem to Boston 
Nielson Donald atndt 823 Moody r 18 Laurel 

—Ernest A, WW Co h at Bedford 
Nies Edmund C (Florence S) chauf h 132 

— Fredk (Geneva N) h 24 Chestnut 
Nilen Mary L r 26 Common 
Niles Jas F (Mary F) h 39 Exchange 
Nims Fredk A (Mae) slsmn h 121 Lake 
— Helen M asst Public Library 735 Main r 

83 Lexington 
— Robt H towermn B&M 61 Elm h 40 Peter 

Tufts rd Arlington 
Niose Antonio (Jennie) lab h 41 Charles 
Nisbet Geo W lab r 75 Maple 
— Reby J, WW Co r 74 Brown 
— Sadie P married Ernest McLaughlin rem 

to Newport R I 
Nix Arthur H (Annie J) WW Co h 82 Brown 
— Chas W (Geneva M) barber 571 Moody h 

65 Calvary 
—Elmore O, WW Co r 96 Robbins 
— Emerson W (Myrtle A) chauf h 96 Rob- 
—Fredk P (Mildred E) bkpr r 19 Everett 
— Lawrence C dairymn 187 Adams h do 
Nixon Vernon C (Marie) linemn EEI Co, 

Cooper st h 362 Faneuil Brighton 
Nobile Fred G (Sophia) mus tchr 244 New- 
ton h do 
— Philip E barber 5 Charles r 244 Newton 
— Pletro (Vincenza) lab h 8 Calvary 
Noble Sumner A (Charlotte L) mach r 73(5 

Nocera John (Frances) (London Seal Bott- 
ling Co) 19£ Lexington h 61 Exchange 

— Jos (Mary) slsmn 19£ Lexington h 197 

— Martin hlpr 19£ Lexington r 61 Exchange 

Noiles Albert G r 136 Brown 

Noke Chas E died Oct 12, 1933 

— Ernest J dry clnr r 26 Bowdoin av 

— Wm G (Evelyn D) auto rpr h 26 Bowdoin 

— Wm G jr auto mech r 26 Bowdoin av 

Nolan Blanche M sten 135 Moody r 39 Bol- 

— David J (Florence M) barber shop and pool 
room 230 Newton h 25 Yetten ter 

— David J jr elk 133 Moody r 25 Yetten ter 

—Eliz G, WW Co r 9 Plympton 

— Eliz L elk Henry Whittemore sch r 9 Bry- 
ant rd 

—Ernest J (Bertha) chauf 133 Moody h 43 




— Ethelyn J tchr r 17 Fiske 

— Grace G domestic r rear 160 Newton 

—Harold J elk r 17 Fiske 

— Jas A (Mary T) lab h 9 Plympton 

—John (Harriett J) restr 6 Church h 17 

— Katherine E r 17 Fiske 
—Martin J (Mary) h 39 Bolton 
— Martin J jr (Nolan's Plumbing, Heating and 
Electrical Supplies) 133 Moody r 39 Bol- 
— Michl B mill wkr h rear 160 Newton 
— Michl P (Nora J) nickel plater h 99 South 
— Thos F (Margt) (Nolan's Plumbing, Heat- 
ing and Electrical Supplies) 133 Moody h 
288 Florence rd 
— Thos M bleacher r 9 Bryant rd 
— Thos M jr (Eliz L) mgr h 9 Bryant rd 
— Wm F lab r 9 Plympton 
and Thomas F Nolan) plumbing, heating 
and electrical supplies, radios and public 
address systems 133 Moody — See page 110 
Noon Annie M Mrs, WW Co r 18 Hammer 
Noonan Edward A (Katherine E) (Custom 

House, B) h 329 Waverley Oaks rd 
— Edwd J r 329 Waverley Oaks rd 
— Edwd P (Mary M) carrier PO 738 Main h 

46 Galen 
— Esther M sten r 329 Waverley Oaks rd 
— Jas F (Ethel M) printer h 6 Robbins pi 
— Jas F studt r 6 Robbins pi 
— Mary r 51 Mayall rd 

— Mary Mrs elk, SO Co r 2 Sawin Natick 
— Mary wid Patk F r 121 Thornton rd 
— Paul E studt r 6 Robbins pi 
— Raymond A (Catherine S) slsmn h 121 

Thornton rd 
— Thos J (Eliz A) carrier PO (W Newton) h 

7 Edwin rd 
Noone Francis W elk r 16 Cedar 
—Patk J (Delia A) rprmn BE Ry h 16 Cedar 
Noran Monica T, WW Co r 98 Crescent 
Norcross Blanche R wid Edwd M h 42 Shir- 
ley rd 
— Warren F (Mildred) radio supplies (Wav- 
erley) r 42 Shirley rd 
Nord Dorothy M, WW Co r 22 Faneuil rd 
Nordstrom Walter T electn r 83 Maple 
Norfolk Stores Inc paints 691 Main 
Norman Harold P, WW Co r at Newton 
— Irving B sign pntr r 11 Auburn 
— Jos (Lena M) printer h 11 Auburn 
Normile Thos electn r 303 Newton 
Noroian Charlotte elk 223 Moody r 38 Brom- 

field Watertown 
Norrby Chas E (Hannah) mach h Lakeview 

av nr Lincoln 
Norris Cora E treas Metropolitan State Hosp 

505 Trapelo rd r do 
— Dorothy tchr Senior High sch r at Lexing- 
— Jas bkpr r 4 Walnut 
— Raymond M hlpr r 146 Robbins 
—Thos J mgr 399 Moody r 4 Walnut 
Northey Bruce C (Clara B) formn 500 South 

h 291 Lake 
—Chas H (Adelaide C) r 291 Lake 
Northrup Eliz C editor h 77 Crescent 
—Ella M Mrs, WW Co h at W Newton 
Norton Benj F pntr r 25 Bedford 
— Carlos W pntr r 25 Bedford 
— Catherine A married Wm Slate rem to Lex- 
— Chas H died Jan 20, 1933 
— Chas W (Louise C) pntr h 64 Bedford 
— Clyde R (Jensine) pntr h 25 Bedford 
— Francis L lab r 110 School 


— Fredk L (Catherine J) mgr h 60 Hammond 

—Geo L (Eliz B) ctr (Watertown) h 35 Ed- 
win rd 

— Helen, WW Co r at Newtonville 

— Jas E (Catherine E) slsmn h 53 Prospect 
Hill rd 

— John (Muriel) rem to Everett 

— John J (Lavina) mason contr 50 Cutter r 

— Jos mason r 50 Cutter 

— Mary wid Michl h 47 Moore 

— Mary wid Patk J h 110 School 

— Michl lab r 595 Main 

—Patk J (Mary F) died Nov 5, 1932 

—Thos h 50 Cutter 

— Thos F confectionery 38 Gorham h 103 

— Thos H (Alice M) farmer h 1695 Trapelo 

— Thos J (Grace) mach 77 Rumford av h 204 
River, W Newton 

— Thos L (Alice) electn h 297 Florence rd 

—Thos M (Helen) brklyr h 204 High 

— Wm J (Vera V) plmbr 110 School r do 

Norval Catherine mach opr r 63 Highland 

Nottebart Levien (Marguerite) rem to Lex- 

Nottenburg Jacob H (Dora) tchr Waltham 
Vocational sch h 17 Palmer 

Noyes H K & Son Inc 100 Seyon av Harry K 
Noyes pres Harry E Noyes treas auto 

— Harry E treas H K Noyes & Son Inc 100 
Seyon av h at Newton 

— Harry K pres H K Noyes & Son Inc 100 
Seyon av h at Newton 

—Henry H (Mildred E) elk r 79 Wash av 

— Junie G r 502 Main 

— Ogden chauf 11 Beaver cor Warren r at 

— S Dana (Edna F) auto assembler h 76 
Mokema av 

Nugent Anne A waitress r 802 Main 

— Edwd H shipper h 34 Crescent 

— Helen M studt nurse r 133 Adams 

— Jos L (June) lab h 48 Rich 

— Martin A (Carrie W) slsmn h 51 Harris 

— Mary D elk r 92 Brown 

— Mary E Mrs elk 275 Moody r 34 Crescent 

— Mona W studt nurse r 51 Harris 

— Norma E slswmn h 92 Brown 

— Sara E sten 681 Main rm 20 r 92 Brown 

Nunes' Taxi (D Lincoln Fries) 673 Main 

Nunnari John barber h Arcadia av cor Royal 

Nussbaum Benj (Gussie) h 118 Myrtle 

Nussberger Emil mech 100 Seyon av r 20 
Union av Framingham 

Nussinow Murray hlpr r 127 South 

— Saml A (Rose) junk 158 Prospect h 127 

Nute Ethel M asst Public Library 735 Main 
r at W Somerville 

Nutile Mary wid Carmello r 205 Newton 

— Peter A (Mary J) lab h 5 Viles ct 

Nutter Inez L Mrs lodginghouse 70 Chestnut 

— Kathleen P asst treas 373 Moody r 53 Ches- 
ter av 

— Tobias A (Inez L) meat ctr h 70 Chestnut 

Nutting Chas P treas Nutting-Pillman Amuse- 
ment Co 227 Prospect h 371 Crescent 

— Elsie D Mrs, WW Co h 1 Dexter av 

—Fred W (Elsie D) WW Co h 1 Dexter av 

—Harry S (Edith M) WW Co h 153 Brown 

—Mae L, WW Co r 153 Brown 

— Mezlta E atndt r 153 Brown 

Pillman Amusement Co 227 Prospect, Chas 

Shribman pres Chas P Nutting treas 

— Robt F (E Hazel) asst treas (Home Sav- 
ings Bank, B) h 87 Plympton 



NU-WAY WELDERS Inc operators Waltham 
Electric Welding & Iron Works, Victor 
P Ratzburg general manager 19 Heard — 
See page 120 

Nye Elinor M sec (Newton) r 135 Ellison pk 

— J Robt pressmn r 135 Ellison pk 

—Jos A (Bessie M) supt (Medford) h 135 
Ellison pk 

— May wid Wm H h 90 Alder 

Nyman Carl W (Elsa H) 66 Woerd av h 22£ 
Rumford av 

— Ernest H (Esther) firemn pumping sta 2 
h 728 South 

Nystrom Alec slsmn 217 Lexington h at Ded- 

—Carl E (Lillian E) eng h 15 Upton rd 

— Foster hlpr r 35 Lake view ter 

— Greta Mrs elk 285 Moody r 35 Lakeview ter 

—Louis H (Catherine L) WW Co h 62 Na- 
than rd 

— Myron C (Greta M) service eng 285 Moody 
h 35 Lakeview ter 

Oakes Edwin E r 298 Crescent 
— J Fredk lawyer (Wellesley) r 298 Cres- 
— Milton K (Gertrude) gro 298 Crescent h 

— Sarah atndt Walter E Fernald State sch r 

Ober Arthur lab r 81 Ash 
— Helen tchr Senior High sch h 20 Lexing- 
ton ter 
Oberg John G (Rose) lab h 207 Adams 
— Wm G (Juliette R) hoisting eng r 211 

O'Brian Parker D CVerna E) slsmn h 48 

— Verna E, WW Co r 21 Adams 
O'Brien Alice M, WW Co r 121 Adams 
— Arthur J slsmn r 14 Hammond 
— Catherine wid John h 191 Newton 
—Catherine E, WW Co r 248 Main 
— Catherine M r 206 Newton 
— Chas J (Catherine A) h 17 Highland 
— Chas M (Frances V) florist h 68 Taylor 
— Danl (Alice) hlpr h 25 Whitney av 
— Danl W (M Eliz) asst director manual 
arts public schools (B) h 64 Lawrence 
— Dennis J bus opr M&B St Ry r 10 Prospect 

Hill rd 
— Dennis J (Delia M) driver Waltham Coal 

Co h 94 Central 
— Edwd J roller r 94 Central 
— Edwd L (Marie V) coml rep NET&T Co h 

8 Edwin rd 
— Eliz tchr Henry Whittemore sch r 64 Law- 
— Eliz E shirt mkr r 16 Fiske 
—Ellen M, WW Co h 283 Ash 
— Ernest J (Isabel K) carrier PO h 195 Chest- 
— Estelle J nurse Senior High sch r 17 High- 
—Frank J (Agnes C) lab h 29 Winthrop 
— Gladys S wid John E h rear 94 Bacon 
— Helen M sec (B) r 50 Beal rd 
—Irene P, WW Co r 271 Newton 
— Jas (Joanna) h 206 Newton 
— Jas L r 29 Winthrop 
—John E (Gladys S) died July 12, 1933 
—John F, WW Co h 248 Main 
— John J bus opr r 271 Newton 
— Jos C asst pastor StMary's RC ch h 133 

— Julia A r 94 Central 
— Kathleen M 66 Woerd av r 271 Newton 
— Kathryn, WW Co r 57 Highland 
—Mae, WW Co r 703 Moody 
— Mary cook r 185 Lyman 


— Mary tel opr 16 Spring r 271 Newton 
— Mary J r 248 Main 
—Mary M, WW Co r 24 Derby 
— Mary T r 81 Francis 
— Mary T tel opr r 271 Newton 
— Mary T wid Wm J h 81 Francis 
— Michl J (Sarah) lab h 271 Newton 
— Michl S (Ida) slsmn 400 Main r at Con- 
— Morris J 66 Woerd av r 31 Columbia Wel- 
lesley Hills 
— Nathaniel T brklyr r 20 Crescent 
— Patk E died Apr 19, 1933 
— Richd P slsmn r 283 Ash 
— Thos florist r 24 Chestnut 
— Thos (Eliz C) gardnr h 154 Calvary 
— Thos F (Anderson Florist) 294 Moody r 24 

— Thos J formn 101 Seyon av r 209 Adams 

—Thos J (Celia A) lab h 906 Main 

— Thos O (Annie) mgr 807 Moody r 6 Derby 

— Wm F ins agt 740 Main rm 105 r 7 Langely 
rd Brighton 

— Wm J r 94 Central 

— Wm J (Mary T) died Aug 8, 1931 

— Wm T studt r 154 Calvary 

O'Bryan Francis L mgr 209 Moody h 8 Ver- 
non Framingham 

O'Callaghan John formn 157 High r at W 

O'Callahan Bridget wid Cornelius h 107 Har- 

O'Clair Eunice Y elk r 31 Vernon 
— Leonard S elk 846 Main r 31 Vernon 
—Wilfred L (Adelina) died Nov 2, 1933 
O'Connell Annie L h 346 School 
— Catherine wid Timothy r 4 Castle 
— Catherine A r 346 School 
—Christina, WW Co r 109 Alder 
—Danl D (Ethel M) chauf M&B St Ry h 81 

— Danl J mach 115 Bright h at Newton 
— Edwd T firemn r 60 Cushing 
— Fredk r 19 Adams 
— Gertrude V mach opr r 60 Cushing 
— Jennie M nurse h 346 School 
—John J (Catherine) h 109 Alder 
— Jos L chauf h 135 Ash 
— Jos P (Gertrude C) bkpr h 56 Hammond 
— Loretta F, WW Co r 60 Cushing 
— Lucy B bkpr (B) r 92 Brown 
— Margt h 4 Charles-st av 
— Margt rubber mkr r 109 Alder 
— Margt A wid Edwd N h 60 Cushing 
— Mary A wid John J h 115 Myrtle 
— Michl J mach r 109 Alder 
—Nora T r 109 Alder 
— Patk r 31 Hammond 
— Patk J (Margt J) mach h 41 Central 
— Wm T (Helen M) ins h 4 Castle 
— see Connell and McConnell 
O'Connor Agnes tel opr 16 Spring r 45 Whit- 
ney av Watertown 
— Anna C, WW Co r at Concord 
— Anna T tel opr 16 Spring r 45 Whitney 

av Watertown 
— Annie seamstress r 63 South 
— Annie L sten Walter E Fernald State sch r 

— Danl J rem to Billerica 
—Francis H (Catherine L) elk B&M h 12 

— Helen M tel opr 16 Spring r 45 Whitney 

av Watertown 
— Jas H (Ella M) monotype opr h 62 Albe- 
marle av 
— Mary, WW Co r at Concord 
— Mary J sewer r 110 Crescent 




— Michl H buyer 285 Moody r 10 Francis 
— see Conner [h do 

O'Day Francis E (Edith M) pntr 68 Bruce rd 

Odd Fellows Building 41 Moody 

— Fellows Hall 41 Moody 

O'Dea Anna E married Thos Ward 

— Delia wid Peter h 53 Irving 

— Jas B cabtmkr r 53 Irving 

— John J (Delia F) grinding wheel wkr 115 

Bacon h 46 Harvard 
— Jos A sten r 53 Irving 
— Margt E married Sidney Thurston rem to 

— Marguerite M sten 353 Moody rm 102 r 87 


— Marie F bkpr r 53 Irving 

— Martin (Delia A) stone mason h 87 Irving 

— Mary M sec (B) r 87 Irving 

—Peter (Delia) died June 10, 1931 

— Wm J r 46 Harvard 

O'Dette Alf J (Bertha M) chauf r 1114 Main 

O'Donnell Building 371 Moody 

— Building 375 Moody 

— Chas J real est and ins 375 Moody rm 1 

and (Charles J O'Donnell Co) do rm 3 h 

29 Alder 
— Charles J Co (Chas J O'Donnell) jewelers' 

and watch makers' supplies 375 Moody 

rm 3 
— Edwd B (Ethel B) caretaker 90 Worcester 

lane r do 
—Francis J died Sept 23, 1931 
—Helen M r 29 Alder 
— M Florence bkpr r 6 Park pi 
— Mary C atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r do 
— Mollie, WW Co 
—Paul F (Katherine E) (City Hall Grill) 

613 Main r 12 Appleton 
— Roland broker r 74 Maple 
— Wm J, WW Co h at Auburndale 
Oechsli Hans, WW Co r 127 Brown 
Oetinger Paul H, WW Co h at Boston 
O'Gara Peter baker's hlpr 100 Felton r 483 

Main Watertown 
Ogier Albert B r 6 Orange 
— Doris B elk 271 Moody r 6 Orange 
Ogilvie Irvin rem to Cambridge 
O'Grady Margt G asst chief opr 16 Spring r 

Shean rd Belmont 
O'Halleran Catherine A, WW Co r 41 Sharon 
— Francis P lab r 41 Sharon 
—Lawrence A (Rose A) elk B&M 62 Elm h 

626 Moody 
— Patk J (Catherine) tmstr h 41 Sharon 
— Richd J r 41 Sharon 
O'Halloran John F (Annette's) beauty parlor 

406 Moody and mgr 410 do h 37 Lawton 


O'Hanlon Jas died Sept 1932 

O'Hara Dwight (Vera) phys 751 Main r 600 

— Eliot r 46 Greenwood lane 
— Ezra F r 46 Greenwood lane 
—Francis A (Mary B) chauf 247 Bacon h 210 

—Henry P (Mary T) city lab h 282 River 
— Jas F (Lillian) rem to Belmont 
—John J r 280 River 
— John M (Marion G) auto mech h Montclair 

— Mayfred L wid Danl h 46 Greenwood lane 
— Skidmore r 46 Greenwood lane 
— Teresa maid 775 Trapelo rd r do 
— Theresa J elk r 280 River 
—Thos (Norah M) firemn h 280 Oliver 
—Thos jr (Jennie C) chauf h 282 River 
— Waltham Co, Henry T Jackson gen mgr 

dial mfrs 74 Rumford av 

O'Hare Agnes H tel opr r 28 Palmer 

—Chas J, WW Co r 28 Palmer 

— Eliz E wid Peter h 28 Palmer 

— Evelyn A rem to Newport RI 

— Florence M married Richd Dowling rem to 

Newport RI 
—Francis J, WW Co r 28 Palmer 
—Jas H, WW Co r 28 Palmer 
—John E (Delina) WW Co h 21 Arlington 


— Jos H mach r 28 Palmer 

— Mary J r 114 School 

— Walter E rem to Newport RI 

Ohlsen Andrew E (Eula M) mach (Medford) 

h 25 Bradford 
Ohlson Olof, WW Co r at W Newton 
Ohnemus Adelaide C lndrs r 68 Caughey 
— Alice A elk 62 Bacon r 68 Caughey 
— Augustus F G mica wkr 66 Woerd av r 64 

—Chas A (Iva A) lumber (Woburn) h 569 

— Clifford A (Victoria A) mgr (Newton) h 

36 Chester Brook rd 
— Fredk J (Amelia L C) dairymn 402 Lexing- 
ton h 64 Caughey 
— John J driver 402 Lexington r 64 Caughey 
— Mary wid Edwd A h 68 Caughey 
— Richd H (Gertrude A) gas sta atndt h 263 

—Walter E (Nellie C) chauf h 21 Plymp- 

— Wm slsmn 217 Lexington h at Newton- 


O'Kane Mark E (M Emma) brakemn B&A h 
46 Wamsutta av 

O'Keefe Ellen wid Wm P r 102 Overland rd 

—Jos (Mary) WW Co h 10 Union 

— Mary Mrs, WW Co r 55 Robbins 

— see Keefe 

O'Keeffe's Inc (see First National Stores 

O'Laughlin see Laughlin and Loughlin 

Old Colony Oil Co (Kenneth Grant) gas sta 
12 Crescent 

— Gold Beauty Shoppe (Mary Therrien) 375 
Moody rm 8 

—High School 67 School 

Oldfield Eliz M, WW Co r at Auburndale 

Olding Jos H (Marion F) tchr Waltham Vo- 
cational sch h 77 Mayall rd 

O'Leary Arthur B (Josephine) chauf Ry Ex 
h 85 Russell 

—Harold D, WW Co r 92 Brown 

Oliver Alice B, WW Co r 142 Lowell 

— Bernard E slsmn 563 Main r 32 Lawrence 

—Earl E, WW Co r 142 Ash 

— Edna B sec (B) r 32 Lawrence 

— Julia M wid Cyrus h 32 Lawrence 

— Lizzie M r 108 Russell 

Olivera Jas r 11 Mechanic 

Oliveri Salvatore (Delia) shoe rpr 15 Felton 
h 11 Mechanic 

— Vincenzo died Nov 8 1933 

Olivo Dominick (Margt) gro 175 School h 171 

— Jas (Rose) truckmn 226 River h do 

Olmstead Marcus (Gertrude) jewel mkr r 89 

Olmsted Emeline r 21 Newton 

Olney Albert H rem to Newton 

— Chas E (E Loraine) elk h 23 Bradford 

— Chas J (Minerva B) vice treas Waltham 
Savings Bank 702 Main h 50 Fairmont 

— Richd jr, WW Co r at Boston 

O'Loughlin Jos J mgr 619 Main r 24 Chest- 

—Patk (Mary) h 24 Chestnut 




—Peter P (Nellie H) lab h 37 Pond 
Olsen Arthur H, WW Co h at W Newton 
— Christine maid 577 Beaver 
—Mary C elk 844 Main r 23 Grove, W Con- 
Olson Agnes M T mus tchr r 9 Tomlin 
—Albert L (Marie M) WW Co r 58 Howard 
— Alf (Maria) buckle mkr h 57 Lawrence 
— Allan O mach opr r 191 South 
—Andre G mach 414 Moody h 1500 Trapelo 

— Andrew organ bldr h 24 Sterling rd 
—Anna M, WW Co r 1335 Main 
— Anna T elk r 17 Tomlin 
— Axel F rem to Sweden 

—Carl G W (Edith) rubber wkr h 56 Welling- 
— Carl H pntr r 79 Cherry 
—Carl J, WW Co r at Natick 
— Clarence W organ bldr r 24 Sterling rd 
— Dorothy W Mrs house wkr h 42 Cutter 
— Ernest A (Jemima H) mach h 1335 Main 
— Eug D (Nora E) auto rpr 124 Prospect h 15 

— Freda, WW Co r 57 Lawrence 
— Freda M G wid J Alf h 22 Faneuil rd 
— Frederika (Mrs Axel F) died July 13 1931 
— Geo E (Cora E) men's furngs 337 Moody 
h 24 Faneuil rd 

— Harold E printer r 191 South 

— Hazel V wid Hilbert A h 15 Tavern rd 

— Hilbert A (Hazel V) died Aug 12 1932 

— Hjalmar (Esther) mach h 42 Curtis 

— Hulda (Mrs Andrew) died Aug 13 1932 

— Ingrid M r 22 Faneuil rd 

— Irma D, WW Co r 22£ Rumford av 

— Ivan C grinding wheel wkr 115 Bacon r 57 

— John (Caroline) organ bldr h 9 Tomlin 
— Jos mach 48 Woerd av h 33 Harden, W 
.+-■ — Lars (Mary) h 17 Tomlin 

— Lars (Gerda) mach h Overlook rd beyond 

Lake view av 
— Lester L civ eng r 17 Tomlin 
—Lilly cook r 191 South 
— Linea H W married Wm Hampton 
—Maria A Mrs, WW Co r 61 Boynton 
— O Conrad organ bldr r 24 Sterling rd 
— Oscar gardnr r 575 Beaver 
— Paul E (Florence J) welder h 110 Pren- 
— Philip E appr r 1335 Main 
— Reinhold A (Hannah) shtmtlwkr h 191 

— Richd S gas sta r 25 Maple 
— Sven (Hilma C) pntr h 25 Maple 
— Theo A (Olga) rem to Bedford 
Olsson John (Maria A) toolmkr h 61 Boyn- 
—Lars R, WW Co r at W Roxbury 
O'Malley Agnes B wid Peter J h 72 Massasoit 
— M Evelyn tchr r 30 Cabot 
O'MALLEY P JOSEPH (Esther A) contractor 

82 Massasoit h do — See page 81 
— Peter J (Agnes) died June 6 1933 
— Thos F (Mildred E) ins agt h 30 Cabot 
O'Mara Danl E (Alice G) dept mgr 583 Moody 

h 79 Hammond 
—Nora, WW Co 
O'Meara Jas J atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r 

Omundsen Trygve (Gabrielle M) gardnr h 33 

O'Neal Raymond M (Ellen B) elk h 44 Dex- 
O'Neil Agnes C cashr 267 Moody r 31 Dart- 


—Alice L Mrs, WW Co r 186 Robbins 

—Andrew T (Mary L) auto mech h 31 Ster- 
ling rd 

— Annie C wid Jas E r 16 Charles-st av 

— Anthony H (Margt) hosemn Eng No 2 h 
182 Ash 

— Arthur J (Florence E) elk 15 Lexington h 
16 Charles-st av 

—Arthur J (Ellen) pntr h 174 School 

— Bennett R optician 681 Main rm 18 r at W 

— Bernard J (Alice L) lab h 186 Robbins 

—Catherine died Nov 27 1930 

— Chas F atndt r 7 Banks 

— Chas H (Alma C) plmbr h 123 Adams 

— Edwd J die mkr r 21 Underwood pk 

— Eliz wid John r 146 Clark 

— Esther J Mrs elk 55 Moody r 58 Falmouth 
rd, W Newton 

—Esther M, WW Co r 349 Crescent 

— J Frank (Margt J) optom h 31 Cambria 

— Jas E (Annie) died Apr 7 1933 

— Jas F (Helen L) gardnr Grove Hill Ceme- 
tery h 33 Heard 

— Jean P Mrs photo fnshr 53 Moody r at 

—John r 250 South 

— John B (Hannah G) slsmn h 7 Banks 

— John F (Mary L) plmbr 349 Crescent h 

—John V (Catherine E) elk 715 Moody h 21 
Underwood pk 

— Jos (Katherine) lab h 17 Castle 

— Jos E (Margt M) baker h 27 Guinan 

— Jos F plmbr r 349 Crescent 

O'NEIL JOSEPH H (Victoria E) optometrist 

Lawrence building 681 Main rms 18-19 h 

82 Irving — See page 108 
— M Alice, WW Co r 7 Banks 
— M Eugenia r 7 Banks 
— Madeline A waitress r 7 Banks 
— Margt M tel opr r 174 School 
—Mary A, WW Co r 23 Eddy 
— Mary E r 1 Dartmouth 
— Nicholas J (Mary A) firemn h 8 Parker's 

— Paul A r 7 Banks 
O'Neill Anthony H (Margt M) WFD h 182 

—Grace M bkpr 329 Moody r 146 Clark 
— John L (Anna E) mach h 285 Newton 
—Jos L hlpr r 126 Pond 
— Katherine M bkpr Waltham Country Club 

Inc r do 
— Martha wid Arthur r 15 Ripley 
— Mary Mrs waitress r 826 Main 
— Michl H (Theresa V) police 25 Lexington h 

126 Pond 
—Miriam A, WW Co r 126 Pond 
—Theresa V studt r 126 Pond 
—Thos F (Eva) WW Co h 81 Bacon 
—Thos P (Ethel J) r 182 Ash 
Opperchinsky Sol (Waltham Fruit & Produce 

Co) 150 Moody r at Newtonville 
O'Quinn Margt C, WW Co r at Auburndale 
Order of the Eastern Star Electa Chapter 19 

Eleanor H Stearns sec 373A Crescent 

meets 2d and 4th Thursday at Masonic 

— of Vasa Skansen Lodge Carl W Nyman 

sec 22i Rumford av meets 1st and 3d 

Thurs at 31 Woerd av 
Orechia Jos A (Florence E) milkmn h 1091 

—Mabel E Mrs, WW Co r 40 Elson rd 
O'Reilly Chas L (Grace) drftsmn 101 Seyon 

av h 101 W Walnut pk Roxbury 





— Langdon B (Katherine A) chauf h College 
Farm rd 

O'Rielley Jas M P (Annie M) lab h 65 Ben- 

—Sara, WW Co r 65 Bennett 

—Sophie E died Nov 1 1931 

Orifice Antonio (Sarah) bundler WB&P Co 
h 18 Gorman's ct 

— Chas J floorlayer r 30 Sun 

— Peter A hlpr r 30 Sun 

— Saml (Mary D) lab h 33 Guinan 

— Sebastiano (Carmela) lab h 30 Sun 

Orioli Leo A (Lillian D) tilesetter h 15 Mar- 
guerite av 

Orleans Robt R (Florence K) WW Co h 48 
Wadsworth av 

Orlick Miriam tchr Henry Whittemore sch r 
94 Winchester Brookline 

Orloff Chas (Bertha) driver h 141 South 

Ormiston Alberta atndt Walter E Fernald 
State sch r do 

Ormond Fredk V (Annie G) textile wkr h 402 

— Fredk V jr (Laura E) slsmn h 78 Parmen- 
ter rd 

— John T cushion mkr r 40 Fairmont av 

— Mary A r 476 Main 

— Ruth B sten r 40 Fairmont av 

— Thos H (Mary R) watchmkr h 40 Fairmont 

Orne Chas B, WW Co 

Orner Gustaf O (Marjorie J) pntr 6 Woerd 
av h do 

— Oscar W, WW Co r at Watertown 

Oro Helen M Mrs nurse 775 Trapelo rd r 

O'Roirdon Thos M jr agt B&M 62 Elm h 21 
Avon Andover 

O'Rourke Eliz B wid Owen F h 43 Stearns 

— Eliz T sten r 43 Stearns 

—John C (Helen M) fish ctr h 113 Hammond 

— John J r 43 Stearns 

— Jos A (Gertrude G) mason r 43 Stearns 

Orpin Margt E r 14 Lunda 

— Rebecca A wid Edwd h 14 Lunda 

— Thelma F packer r 14 Lunda 

— Wm J rubber wkr r 14 Lunda 

Orr Eleanor E mother's hlpr r 19 Hammond 

— Harriet E wid Sanford r 19 Hammond 

— Leo F (Jensine) gun mkr r 94 Adams 

— Wm J (Anna M) formn h 7 Norumbega 

Osborn Alda Mrs, WW Co 

—Bertha M Mrs, WW Co 

— Gerald H reporter h 55 South 

—Gladys H r 55 South 

—Harold I, WW Co h 320 Crescent 

— Herbert E (Helen R) carp r 105 Chest- 

— Milton N (Alice G) rubber wkr (Water- 
town) h 105 Chestnut 

Osborne Bertha wid Everett, WW Co h 258 

— C Augusta nurse r 3 Central 

— Dana W (Helen L) slsmn h 45 Charlotte 

— Donald rem to Providence RI 

— Gerald carp r 107 Adams 

—Harold I (Evelyn V) WW Co h 320 Cres- 

— Herbert W r 409 Crescent 

— Marion E sten r 258 Robbins 

Osgood Maxwell (Florence) atndt r 40 Wil- 

O'Shea Thos A atndt Walter E Fernald State 
sch r do 

Ostrand Helge E (Walborj) WW Co h 69 
Hawthorne rd 


—Martha G M bkpr The Waltham Natl Bank 

of Waltham r 23 Virginia rd 
— Vincent W r 23 Virginia rd 
— Wm J (Elsa E) pntr h 23 Virginia rd 
Ostrom Edwd L (Viola) extract mfr h 22 Marl- 
borough rd 
Otis Alvah E florist h 54 Fuller 
— Orline S, WW Co h 116 Russell 
O'Toole Chas F (Catherine M) hlpr h 143 

—John J (Matilda) tinsmith 588 Main h 33 

Bowdoin av 
—Margt F wid Patk F died June 9 1931 
— Mary A tchr Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
— Mary L r 33 Bowdoin av 
—Patk B (Nettie Smith) florist 719 Main h 

North av Weston 
— Thos A eng r 15 Summer av 
— Wm J (Alma) auto mech h 331 Grove 
Otterson Otto mgr (B) r 41 Francis 
Ottley Arthur B drftsmn r 44 Elson rd 
—Fredk J (Mary L) formn WW Co h 60 

Nathan rd 
— Grace wid Thos h 44 Elson rd 
— Margt J bkpr 500 South r 44 Elson rd 
— Raymond G lab 47 Worcester lane r 44 

Elson rd 
Otto Hans (Grace) interior dec r 28 Sterling 


Oualters Thos L reserve police 23 Lexington 
r 319 Grove 

Ouellet Adelard asst pastor StJoseph's RC ch 
r 519 Main 

Ouellette Alf L r 21 Weston 

— Clarence (Edna) restr wkr h 10 Whitney 

— Edmee, WW Co r 94 Robbins 

— Eloi F, WW Co r 558 Main 

— Fredk N (Emma) linemn EEI Co Cooper st 
h 21 Weston 

— Gerard J r 21 Weston 

— Jos L slsmn (B) r 112 Lowell 

— Mary domestic r 112 Lowell 

— Michel J (Edwilda A) asst dyer 157 High h 
40 Cedar 

—Thos J (Margt M) h 112 Lowell 

Outhouse Mary Mrs h 81 Harvard 

— Sarah sten r 66 South 

Oviatt Isabella Phi Russell 

Owen Carleton W (Marion J) slsmn h 98 

— Fredk r 15 Chestnut 

Owens Dorothy I sten r 51 Fiske 

— Eug L (Alice T) leather sorter h 250 Flor- 
ence rd 

— Eug T (Josephine A) tailor h 26 Under- 
wood pk 

— Geo E (Katherine H) linemn h 101 High 

— Geo E jr elk 293 Crescent r 101 High 

— Helen M dining room atndt 505 Trapelo rd 
r do 

— Margt E wid Martin J h 51 Fiske 

— Marie F supvr 16 Spring r 51 Fiske 

Oxner Wilfred H (Gladys M) mach opr r 271 

Paasche Geo W (Gertrude E) pressmn h 105 

Packard Alton B (Ella M) slsmn 14 Pine r 
279 Crescent 

— Edmund A (Ada P) elk 22 Felton h 33 

—Ella M Mrs, W WCo r 279 Crescent 

— Motor Service (Chas F Hennessy) auto re- 
pairing 40 Walnut 

— Nettie S rem to Sherborn 

— S Nevada r 313 School 



Padelford Jas F (Florence E) W WCo h 5 

Pagani Chas F instr Walter E Fernald State 
sen r do 

Page Fredk H Rev (Grace W) pres Mass 
Conference & Missionary Society (14 
Beacon B) h 25 Greenwood lane 

—Harold W (Rosalie E) slsmn h 67 Pros- 

— Robt (Susan E) mldr h 85 Rich 

— Roland B (Helen W) auto mech r 18 Col- 

—Rowland H (Ivy M) carp h 21 Crafts 

— Stanley J formn WW Co h 33 Adams 

— Walter S, WW Co h at W Newton 

Pagliazzo Rosario (Josephine) h 123 Felton 

Paige Annie F wid Thos h 10 Bolton 

— Ruth A, WW Co r at W Newton 

Paine Robt Treat (Eliz) lawyer (10 State B) 

h 577 Beaver 
Paino Angelo (Mary) lab h 43 Charles 
— Angelo (Mary) mach opr h 129 Pond 
— Felix A r 85 Central 
— Gaetano (Rose) (Central Gardening Co) 

85 Central h do 
— Jos C (Central Gardening Co) 85 Central r 

— Katherine J r 85 Central 
Paladino Antonio (Angelina) chauf h 239 

— Frances J drsmkr r 239 River 
— Frank (Mary) shoe rpr 575 Moody h 8 

— Josephine M sorter r 239 River 
— Mario (Mary) h 168 Bright 
— Mary L married Jas Vencuillo 
— Rose A r 8 Martyn 
Palladino Salvatore J (Winifred P) hoisting 

eng h 26 Bolton 
— Shippero (Fabiola) weaver h 129 Brown 
Pallett Donald H tchr North Junior High sch 

h at W Newton 
Palmer Alice M, WW Co 
— Electric & Mfg Co The Pond opp Exchange 

inc Mass '27 Granville E Palmer pres- 

treas mfrs electric switches 
— Ernest P (Elsie J) bookbinder h 85 Rob- 

— Granville E pres-treas The Palmer Electric 
& Mfg Co Pond opp Exchange h 16 Fresh 
Pond lane Cambridge 

— Harold rem to Westfield 

—Harold F (Nora E) chauf h 70 Cedar 

— Kenneth kitchenmn 841 Main r do 

— Laura E sten (B) r 85 Robbins 

— Mabel rem to Cambridge 

— Norma E nurse r 85 Robbins 

— Reuben milium 118 Bacon r at Wayland 

—Rose M, WW Co r 15 Bedford 

—Russell I (Mary I) elk 133 Moody h 60 

— Stephen R sis mgr Pond opp Exchange r 
16 Fresh Pond lane Cambridge 

— Willard (Lillian G) icemn h 49 Harvard 

Palmgren Chester supt 480 South r 24 Bow- 
man Maiden 

— Edwd formn 480 South r 66 Durso av Mai- 

— Viola B chemist 480 South r 24 Bowman 

Palombo Philomena widow Nicholas h 126 

Palumbo Domonick (Lucy) lab h 55 Brown 
—Jos r 63 Oak 

— Lucy Mrs gro 53 Brown r do 
— Pasquale (Mary) lab h 63 Oak 
— Rose M packer r 63 Oak 
— Saml (Anna M) lab h 7 Ford 

Pampalone Nicolo (Jennie) shoe wkr h 26 

Sterling rd 
Panda Nicholas (Eva) auto mech h 200 Pros- 

Pantanella Louis (Ernesta) mach h 48 Cush- 

Panz'er! Alphonso (Nancy) barber r 28 Oak 

—Angelina (Mrs Giuseppe) died May 23 1931 

—Giuseppe lab h 28 Oak 

—Philip J barber 571 Moody r 28 Oak 

—Raymond hlpr r 28 Oak 

Paolino Angelina T lndrs r 8 Williams 

-Carmela M, WW Co r 8 Williams 

— Giuseppina wid Giuseppe h 8 Williams 

—Josephine r 8 Williams . 1(lQfi 

Papa Angelo (Josephine) spreader h 109b 

— Michl (Teresa) lab h 164 River 
Papazian Hatchik A (Helen) (Balkan Studio) 

art gds 449 Moody h 20 Taylor 
—Stella r 20 Taylor 
Papia Agostino (Mary) died Apr 10 1931 

Mary wid Agostino h 42 Oak 

— Orazio (Frances) lab h 244 River 

— Pietro (Assunta) pntr h 26 Gorham 

—Rose wid Stephen r 26 Gorham 

— Saro box mkr r 59 Calvary 

— Vincenzo (Ida) lab h 59 Calvary 

—Vincenzo (Vincenza) shoe wkr h 242 River 

Pappas Peter G (Helen) restr 909 Mam h 45 

Paquet C Ovide F (Mary A) ins agt 740 Main 
•rm 105 h 95 Spruce Watertown 

Paquin Alf, WW Co and auto pntr 11 Myrtle 
r 16 do 

Paradise Restaurant (Geo Cross) 865 and 
865A Main 

Paramount Hat Shop (Celia Kaitz) 214 Moody 

Parceseppi Nicholas lab 42 Beal rd r 11 

Parella Aniello (Mary) lab h 52 Cedar 

— Helen opr r 52 Cedar 

—Jos rem to Watertown 

Parello Michelina wid Jos drsmkr r 198 Cnest- 

Parelo Angelo (Lena) barber h 642 Moody 

—Catherine r 642 Moody 

—Rosario (Rose) barber 374 Moody h 642 

— Thos r 642 Moody 

Parent Clifford C press opr r rear 235 Mam 
— Lillian Mrs r 145 Ash 
—Lucas E (Loretta A) auto mech h 27A 

—Lucas J (Phelia A) nremn h rear 235 

Parenteau Jos gardnr r 26 Bowdoin av 
Paresky Arthur P (Helen G) meats h 299 

Florence rd 
Parillo Alfonsa Mrs h 1£ Calvary 
Paris Chas (Gaetana) rem to Cambridge 
Parisi Antonette r Hibiscus av at Hardy's 

— Domenico (Assunta) pdlr h 10 Calvary 
— Maria wid Luigi h Hibiscus av at Hardy's 

Park Jas chauf r 18 Dix 
— Land Co (Fred W Wood) Cedarwood av cor 

— Wm S (Violet) bus rpr M&B St Ry h 77 

Parke Snow Building 281-291 Moody 
— Snow Inc 285-289 Moody inc '19 Parke Snow 

pres Chas A Whipple v-pres-treas depart- 
ment store 
Parker Alf C (Sarah A) chef h 167 Charles 
—Alf S firemn 100 Beaver h 17 Whitlow rd, 

W Newton 
— Avard L (Daisy D) meat ctr h 24 Adams 




— Bessie J studt r 82 Mayall rd 

— Cecil J (Dorothy M) slsmn r 24 Adams 

— Chas W (Helen M) supt (Waverley) h 47 

Bowker rd 
— Donald E (Pamelia C) printer 18 Pine h 

31 Derby 
—Edgar M died Dec 28 1930 
— Edwin F (Dorothy) tchr Waltham Vo- 
cational sch h 66 Hawthorne rd 
— Edwin R shoe wkr r 92 Russell 
— Eug (Eliz V) mgr (B) h 82 Mayall rd 
— Eva M atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
— Jessie E wid Edgar M h 88 Vernon 
— John F oiler r 167 Charles 
— Kenneth E chauf 505 Trapelo rd r do 
— Marion D married Raymond Schofield rem 

to Providence RI 
—Marion T, WW Co r 167 Charles 
— Mary J wid John r 135 Russell 
— Melvin died Feb 18 1932 
— Nellie M wid Owen r 134 Alder 
— Orville S (Clara O) acct h 256A Robbins 
— Sidney C (Ellen) shipper h 208 Weston 
—Stanley W r 19 Maple 
— Willis F died Apr 25 1932 
— Winthrop L atndt 962 Main r do 
Parkhurst Harold shoe wkr r 40 Porter rd 
Parkinson Chas E mach r 250 Lake 
— Danl (Alice M) pntr h 259 Lake 
—Henry M, WW Co r 73 Maple 
— Marion E elk r 73 Maple 
— Mary elk 315 Moody r 73 Maple 
— Mildred L tube tester r 73 Maple 
— Walter (Jennie) gro 252 Lake h 250 do 
— Wm E (Ruth M) WW Co h 77 Ash 
— Wm H (Charlotte C) chauf h 73 Maple 
Parkman Wilbur W (Edith G) slsmn h 48 

Parks Arthur H chauf Eng 2, 27 Lexington r 

— Barbara E r 50 Alder 
— Dana (Helen L) florist r 337 Crescent 
—Henry A (Harriet A) chauf 705 Main h 33 

—Ralph S (Margt S) phone eng (B) h 284 

—Russell H (Dorothy W) teller Waltham 

Natl Bank h 14 Clark Newton 
— Thos G (Emily J) bookbinder (Cambridge) 

h 48 Albemarle av 
— Wm H (Barbara M) formn B C Ames Co 

Ames off Lexington h 50 Alder 
Parlee Anna I, WW Co r 211A Brown 
— Purdy V, WW Co r at Waverley 
Parlipiano Delia wid Lardino died Mar 29 


Parmelee Martha J wid Henry E r 72 Warren 
Parmenter Fruit Store (Ann Viscoliosi) 12 

Parmenter rd 
—J W Building 103 Moody 
— Jonas Willis Rest Home 542 Main 
— Nellie M h 72 Adams 
Parnes Hyman A (Bertha J) industrial 

financing h 13 Eddy 
Parrella Helen, WW Co r 52 Cedar 
— Jos (Antoinetta) mach opr h 21 Calvary 
Parrott Luther H (Anna) died June 15 1931 
Parry Charlotte E wid Albert E h 12 Wal- 
— Ethel M Mrs stitcher h 81 Cushing 
Parsonault Jennie G r 17 Lowell 
Parsons Alvira A wid John W r 376 Newton 
— Arthur H (Mabelle C) sta agt (Weston) 

B&M h 53£ Wellington 
—Earl G (Eva) WW Co h 314 Lake 
— Edwd G (Ruth M) chauf h 69 Riverview 
— Genevieve M Mrs r 117 'Hammond 


—Harold E hlpr r 314 Lake 

— Herman A time elk 515 South r 53£ Wel- 

— Howard C (Esther M) lab h 117 Hammond 

— Verbene atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 
r do 

— Walter M (Gertrude E) auto mech h 96 
Overland rd 

— Wm N (Janet E) civ eng 637 Main rm 10 
h 63 Plympton 

Particelli Bruno J auto mech r 35 Hamblin 

— John (Amelia C) shipper h 35 Hamblin 

Partridge Louise M wid Edwd M h 366 Cres- 

— Ralph G (Theresa) slsmn r 366 Crescent 

—Theresa E Mrs, WW Co r 45 Rich 

Pascatore Victor treas White Star Pharmacy 
Inc 235 Newton r Bay State rd Cam- 

Pasho Theresa C wid Burton h 252 Brown 
Pasqucci Rocco (Susan) gardnr h 50 Rich 
Passerello Jos (Mary) lab h 174 Newton 
— Rosario hlpr r 174 Newton 
Pastorini Louis E (Sophie M) rem to Brock- 
Patenaude Evangeline Mrs, WW Co r 80 Tay- 
Paterson Gilbert foreman 100 Beaver h at 

Patnaude Antonia r 80 Taylor 
— Evangeliste (Cecile) mach h 80 Taylor 
— Jos D plmbr r 80 Taylor 
— Lillian M bkpr 223 Moody r 80 Taylor 
— M Evangeline phone opr 16 Spring r 80 

Paton Mary wid Chas M nurse r 68 Church 
Patrick Anna I bkpr (B) r 55 Columbus av 
—Dexter B (Agnes W) formn h 180 Ham- 
—Florence M, WW Co r 158 Myrtle 
— Hannah L wid Harry J h 158 Myrtle 
— Janet M elk 651 Main r 55 Columbus av 
— Katherine E stationery 651 Main r 55 

Columbus av 
— Marguerite E sten (B) r 55 Columbus av 
— Maria E wid Andrew E h 55 Columbus av 
—Walter B (Grace S) elk r 11 Barnes 
Patriquin Earl B kitchenmn 775 Trapelo rd 

r do 
— John R (Jeannette) gro 7 Highland h 674 

— Truman A (Margt H) h 43 Hammond 
Patrons of Husbandry Waltham Grange 282 
Jennie W Graham sec 22 Park Newton 
meets 1st and 3d Mon at 41 Moody 
Patten Alice G, WW Co r 11 Chester av 
—Alva L, WW Co r 11 Chester av 
— Coliss J, WW Cor 11 Chester av 
—Eleanor R, WW Co r 11 Chester av 
— Roland W (Annie L) h 11 Chester av 
—Ruth I, WW Co r 11 Chester av 
— Wm T (Viola H) chauf 505 Trapelo rd r do 
Pattershall Donald S winder r 729 South 
— Nigel S (Gertrude L) ice cream mkr h 74 

Mokema av 
— Ross H (Inez E) paymaster (Newark NJ) h 

729 South 
Patterson Agnes M tchr r 61 Chestnut 
— Albert (Alice) poultry h 162 Prospect 
—Carl G (Anna M) WW Co r 25 Vernon 
— Chas baker 665 Main r 74 Vernon 
— Darwin D (Rena) slsmn h 52 Cherry 
— Frances M Mrs, WW Co r 170 Lowell 
—Fred G (Ella F) WW Co h 45 Winthrop - 
— Freeman E rubber wkr r 25 Vernon 
—Geo C, WW Co r 25 Vernon 




—Guy R (Grace E) WW Co h 24 Sharon 

— Lester rem to Weston 

—Lester L (Anna) dairyman h rear 1241 

— Mary Mrs h 25 Vernon 

— Rena elk 399 Moody 

— Robt G elk r 143 Ash 

— Robt J (Mary E) lab r 24 Foundry av 

—Roy W (Helen M) drftsmn h 23 VanVech- 

—Walter A (Martha V) elec eng (B) h 27 

— Wildey E (Gertrude) slsmn h 170 Lowell 

— Wm A, WW Co r 25 Vernon 

— Wm H opr r 24 Foundry av 

Patterson's Mrs Inc 586 Main Wm C Haberer 
pres Geo E Stout treas whol bakers 

Patti Anthony (Minnie E) (Patti Bros) 876 
Main r 2 Gibbs ct 

— Bros (John and Anthony Patti) upholster- 
ers 876 Main 

—John (Agnes) (Patti Bros) 876 Main h 197 

— Minnie E Mrs bkpr 105 River r 2 Gibbs ct 

Paul Andrew chauf 67 Myrtle h at Way- 

— Arthur H (Marion J) pres Paulastic Co 
(Worcester) h 59 Lincoln 

— Bros (John H Agopian) clothes clnrs 563 

— Chas F (Lela V) WW Co h 74 Rich 

— Chas W r 74 Rich 

— Doris C Mrs studt r 231 Dale 

—Elliott C (Doris) (Paul & Eaton) 49 Moody 
h 42 Summer Weston 

—Geo E B (Louise H) lawyer (B) h 47 May- 
all rd 

— Jos R (Anna A) rubber spreader h 34 Rich 

— Mary R, WW Co r at Maynard 

— Peter (Jennie B) mach h 29 Pine 

— Ruth J tchr (Dartmouth) r 29 Pine 

— Sadie wid Chas r 27 School av 

— & Eaton (Elliott C Paul) musical instru- 
ments 49 Moody 

Paul's Lunch Inc 641 Main Paul A Mulcahy 

Paulin Stanislas (Cecile) carp h 21 Spring 

Paun Caroline L wid David S died Apr 13 

Pavone Salvatore (Angelina) lab h 168 School 

Payne A Geo elk r 35 Gardner 

— Geo W (Katie I) eng h 35 Gardner 

— Wm E (Vera C) slsmn h 33 Adams 

Payson Arthur C (Carrie M) (Waltham Up- 
holstering Co) rear 36 Spruce h 67 Maple 

— Howard L (Lois M) bldr r 275 Dale 

— Lula E tchr North Junior High sch r 29 

Pazzano Chas M (Alice E) auto mech h Win- 
ter bey Smart 

— Fredk (Waltham Tire Exchange) 913 Main 
and 732 Moody r Winter bey Smart 

— Pasquale (Concetta) farmer h Winter bey 

— Patk slsmn 732 Moody r Winter bey Smart 

— Richd (Florence G) mgr 913 Main h 18 

Peabody Alice S r 31 Pond 

— Edwd T h 31 Pond 

— Susie C h 110 Lexington 

Peacock Jos C (Evelyn L) rem to Concord 

PEARCE FRED A automobile accessories 
bicycles and supplies, radio equipment 
and sporting goods 571 Main — See page 

— Geo (Lillie) carrier PO 738 Main h 8 
Cambria rd, W Newton 

— Isabel E died Apr 10 1932 


—Malcolm S (Marion S) slsmn 708 Main h 
74 Boynton 

Pearson Chas E (Christina A) shipper 100 
Beaver h 320 Warren 

— Doris M r 3 Centre 

—Fred G (Stella M) plmbr h 24A Myrtle 

— Jas E (Mary A) ice h 3 Centre 

— Margt atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r do 

—Philip K (Barbara P) slsmn (B) h 48 Trap- 
elo rd 

— Wm E (Barbara S) ice h 928 Moody 

— Wm W (Margt B) mgr 401 Main h 115 Ham- 

Pease Alice M r 14 Lexington ter 

— Robt G (Virginia) treas Robert G Pease 
Inc 582 Main h 79 Randolph rd Chestnut 

PEASE ROBERT G Inc Robert G Pease treas 
auto dealers 582 Main 

Peck Catherine A, WW Co r 9 Ridgewood 

Pedersen Peter C (Mary C) atndt h 54 Sem- 
inole av 

Pedlar Althea R r 11 Lawndale av 

Peel Borden H (Esther M) slsmn h Marivista 
av cor Rosemont av 

— Esther M Mrs photo fnshr 53 Moody r 309 
Marivista av 

Peeling Chas K (Eliz S) coml trav h 55 Boyn- 

Peg's Beauty Studio (J W Kirrane) 267 

Moody rm 1 
Peirce Allan W (Lilian R) florist 411 Waver- 

ley Oaks rd h 349 do 
— Byron H civ eng r 436 Waverley Oaks rd 
— E Allan (Margt W P) (Peirce Bros) 411 

Waverley Oaks rd h 400 do 
— Eleanor J r 436 Waverley Oaks rd 
— Ellen S Mrs lino opr 18 Pine r 221 Robbins 
— Helen A r 400 Waverley Oaks rd 
—Herbert W (Violet A) (Peirce Bros) 411 

Waverley Oaks rd h 436 do 
—J Phillips (Charlotte H) eng 411 Waver- 
ley Oaks rd h do 
— Susanne W r 436 Waverley Oaks rd 
— Walter L florist 411 Waverley Oaks rd r 

400 do 
— Warren A (Ellen S) lino opr 18 Pine h 221 

— see Pierce and Pearce 
Pelham John hlpr r Milner bey Ode 
Pelkey Donald K elk 429 Moody r 34 Crafts 
— Genevieve E beauty parlor 364 Moody r 64 

"Pfl T*Tn PTlf P*T* T*{\ 

—Guy W (Bessie) WW Co h 34 Crafts 

— Helen M wid Chas F h 64 Parmenter rd 

Pellegrino Giuseppe lab r 122 Charles 

— Jos r 315 Warren 

Pellerin Chas rem to Lewiston Me 

— Dennis J (Josephine) WW Co h 372 River 

— Jos lather r 372 River 

— Mary dress wkr r 114 Bright 

Pelleriti Antonio (Rose) contr 15 Lafayette 

h do 
Pelletier Aug A battery mkr r 3 Lawton pi 
— Aug P (Gertrude C) formn h 5 Cedar 
— Bertha A slswmn r 5 Cedar 
— Emma K wid John B h 82 Dale 
— Geo (Helen) mach (Watertown) h 27 Dex- 
— Geo A (Alvenia M) chauf h 29 MtPleas- 

— Jos F (Eliz M) watchmn h 21 Castle 
— Jules A (Eleanor) punch press opr h 3 

Lawton pi 
—Nellie B, WW Co r at Watertown 
— Sophrinie wid Narcisse r 21 Castle 
Pelrine Frank L, WW Co h at Somerville 



Pelton Winslow L chauf r 2 Elm ct 
Pemberton Harold S (Ruth A) service eng h 

104 Parmenter rd 
Pendergast Catherine E Mrs h 246 Newton 
— Danl J studt r 32 Lexington 
— Dominic r 1 Stratton ter 
— Eliz C wid Danl J bkpr 105 River h 32 Lex- 
— John J (Mary E) carp h 77 Summit 
— Mildred M waitress r 246 Newton 
— Patricia E studt r 32 Lexington 
— Wm P lab r 246 Newton 
Pendlebury Mary A r 193 Robbins 
Penketh John (Evelyn) h College Farm rd 
Penkethman Cecelia wid Chas H h 19 Denni- 

— Wilfred mldr r 19 Dennison 
— Winifred C elk r 19 Dennison 
Penn Geo W (Zela L) h 41 Summit 
Pennachio Leo (Josephine) lab h 205 New- 
Pennell Eug F (Laura J) WW Co r 403 Cres- 
Penney Clifford L mach r 477 Main 
— Constance I, WW Co r 52 Chester av 
— Jas P (Sadie A) carp h 477 Main 
— Lucinda wid Geo r 477 Main 
— Rupert A (Constance I) lab h 781 Moody 
Penny Albert L chauf r 180 Robbins 
Pentabona Carmelo (Mary) lab h rear 44 

Pepper Geo E (Veronica G) mgr 149 Moody h 

198 Lowell 
— Geo E jr mgr r 198 Lowell 
— Mary F mgr 363 Moody r 198 Lowell 
— Wm E purch agt r 198 Lowell 
Percival Annie F wid Augustus r 26 Har- 
Percy John W (Gertrude G) watchmn h 34 

Pereira Edwd (Laura) mach h 24B Sharon 
— Geo J (Anne R) mach opr h 20 Pearl 
— Laura Mrs, WW Co r 24 Sharon 
— Lawrence E (Flora E) buckle mkr h 165 

Peridier Emile A (Anna T) WW Co h 22 

— Marion R, WW Co r 22 Fuller 
— Raoul A (Edna A) WW Co h 114 Lowell 
Perien Josephine wid Nelson r 7 Joyce rd 
Perilli Anthony (Rose) carp 235 River h do 
—Chas r 236 River 
— Louis (Assunta) mach h 236 River 
Perin Antonio (Regina) mach tndr h 8 Mt- 

— Enrichetta bkpr r 8 MtPleasant 
—Henrietta K bkpr 877 Main r 8 MtPleas- 
— Louis hlpr r 8 MtPleasant 
Perkins Albertina nurse r 153 Ash 
—Alice F, WW Co r 94 Adams 
— Asenath F wid Asa r 77 Mayall rd 
PERKINS D E (Maria L) real estate and 
insurance 844 Main h 116 Waltham, W 
Newton — See page 113 
— Grace L Mrs r 75 Prospect 
—Mary Mrs died May 8 1933 
—Mary A wid Cyrus F died Feb 24 1932 
—Mary L wid Jos S died Dec 2 1932 
— Sarah wid Fredk S r 52 Derby 
— Sarah C tchr Saml D Warren sch h 52 

— Thos H (Viola R) driver 10 Felton h 25 

Wamsutta av 
— Thos J (Grace E) elk 39 Moody h at Water- 
—Thos J (Nellie C) lab h rear 28 Clinton 
Perlin Fay mgr 552 South h at Wellesley 

Perna Angelo S studt r rear 571 Main 

— Bernard shoe rpr 871 Main r 571 do 

— Geo D studt r rear 571 Main 

— Jos (Rachel) barber 6 Prospect h rear 571 

Perrilli Tony utility man 552 South h 235 

Perrin Elva E, WW Co r 48 Adams 

Perrine Lester (Muriel) pres-treas Perrine 
Quality Products Corp 55 Rumford av 
h at Waban 

— Oliver A slsmn 55 Rumford av h 227 Tre- 
mont Newton 

— Quality Products Corp 55 Rumford av Les- 
ter Perrine pres-treas Myer A Goldsmith 
asst treas batteries 

Perron Dolphes J (Mary A) barber h 22 Shir- 
ley rd 

Perrott Saml L (Exilda) h 23 Cushing 

Perry Addie (Mrs Geo) died Oct 24 1929 

— Alice A r 3 Munroe av 

— Cornelius A (Margt A) auto pntr r 82 Chest- 

—Earl S (Maude J) WW Co h 109 Thornton 

— Esther E elk 702 Main r 3 Munroe av 

—Eva Mrs, WW Co r 68 Cherry 

— Florence F died May 29 1931 

— G Nelson (Dorothy E) mech eng r 318 

— Geo carp h 614 Moody 
—Helen T elk (B) r 3 Munroe av 
— Henry A jr, WW Co h at Newtonville 
— Ira (Jean) welder h Winter cor Wyman 
— Isaac meat ctr r 11 Taylor 
— John F (Eliza F) carp h 38 Hammond 
— Kenneth studt r 37 Weston 
—Lewis E (Marguerite B) h 156 South 
— Margt A Mrs fnshr 584 Moody r 82 Chest- 
— Marion K r 3 Munroe av 
— Moise P (Anna J) lab h 20 Cross 
— Peter A (Margt) harness mkr 868 Main h 
3 Munroe av 

PERRY RADIO SHOP (Theodore J Perry) 

radio sales and service for all makes 620 

Moody — See page 112 
— Roy head cook 775 Trapelo rd r do 
—Sarah, WW Co r 81 Maple 
— Scleana J wid Geo h 19 Rumford av 
— Sylvia W r 3 Munroe av 
— Theo J (Perry Radio Shop) 620 Moody r 

614 do 
—Waldo S, WW Co r 55 Robbins 
—Walter A (Mabel P) chief acct (B) h 37 

— Wm E died June 13 1931 
— Wm P (Leonie) mach opr h 33 Rich 
— see Poirier 
Person Carl G (Margt A) toolmkr h 20 Hill 

— Gustave (Hilda M) mach h 5 Munroe av 
— Paul elk r 5 Munroe av 
Personal Automobile Service (Max Cohen) 

lubricating service 11 Francis 
Pervere Edwd C (Alice M) pntr h 60 Ash 
Pessella Antoinette married Adolph Miano 

rem to Needham 
— Celia wid Ralph opr h 180 Ash 
— Clara married Luigi Fantasia 

South Mark Goldstein pres John Gold- 
stein treas — See page 76 
Peters A Gertrude Indrs h 82 Chestnut 
— A Gertrude Mrs prin elk 755 Trapelo rd r 

— Adriannah G, WW Co r 80 Chestnut 
— Andrew (Beatrice) asst supt 775 Trapelo rd 

h Bow st 




— Annie E wid Francis E r 26 Wash av 

— Edwd W jr leather wkr r 26 Wash av 

— Eliz C r 178 Linden 

— Frank J (A Gertrude) maintenance formn 
755 Trapelo rd r do 

— Gertrude A presser 584 Moody r 82 Chest- 

—Hugh r 623 South 

— Jos J (Mary A) knitter h 245 Newton 

— Mela A, WW Co r at Roxbury 

— Michl (Mary) lab B&M h 15 Liverpool 

— Soter (Hotel Middlesex) 147 Moody h do 

Petersen Carl (Elsa) carp h 17 Greeley's 

Peterson Alden (Anna) manager (B) h 435 

— Alf formn (Watertown) h 50 Warren 
— Annetta masseuse h 32 Howard 
— Arvid B died Apr 13 1932 
—Aug (Sophia) h 429 Weston 
—Aug A (Olga C) formn h 226 Dale 
— B Richd (Ruth C) uphol h 97 Lexington 
—Carl A (Hazel M) mach 48 Woerd av h 66 


— Carrie G Mrs slswmn 424 Moody h at Cam- 
— Chas A pntr h 55 Cabot 
— Chas E mgr 105 River h do 
— Chas F yardmn r 12 Spruce 
— Eliz elk (Cambridge) r 32 Howard 
— Elna J tchr (Newton) r rear 267 Main 
— Fredk W (Mary A) rem to Kendal Green 

— G Alf (Bertha J) gardnr h rear 267 Main 
— Geo H supt 96 Pine h at Lexington 
— Geo W (Alice T) mach h 16 Lawrence 
— Gertrude I elk 23 Lexington r 18 Lawrence 
— Halvar A estimator (Chelsea) r rear 267 

— Helen r 435 Weston 
— Henry (Lillian E) formn h 71 South 
— Howard B (Florence B) (Waltham Ice Co) 
200 Prospect and (Waverley Ice Co) do 
h 47 Ellison pk 
— Howard D chauf r 429 Weston 
— Ida B wid Jacob J S h 33 Prospect 
— J Gilbert elk r 195 Sycamore 
— John E (Hilda F) chemist h 18 Winsom 

— Lily Mrs elk 223 Moody r 12 Chester av 

—Marion P (Mrs Albert G) died July 27 

— Minnie wid Wm r 33 Prospect 

— Nathaniel H mach r 41 Curtis 

— Oscar r 512 Main 

—Oscar F (Signe) WW Co h 1177 Main 

—Oscar R (Anna C) WW Co h 18 Law- 

— Otto I (Minnie J) core mkr h 12 Chester av 

— Robt R elk r 18 Lawrence 

—Ruth C r 55 Cabot 

— Ruth L sten (B) r rear 267 Main 

— Saml J, WW Co r 55 Cabot 

— Wm E (Minnie B) died May 9 1932 

Petipas Alice F, WW Co r 937 Main 

—John E r 937 Main 

—Raymond A (Helen) WW Co h 988 Main 

—Ursula M (Mrs John B) died June 16 1932 

—Wilfred (Margt) slsmn h 937 Main 

Petre Baden, WW Co r 197 South 

— Geo, WW Co r at Watertown 

Petrie Baden, WW Co r 82 Chestnut 

— Thos W (Pauline W) WW Co h 197 South 

Petrovich Peter (Victoria) mica wkr h 45 

Petrowski Alex (Rose) lab h 58 Bowdoin av 

Petrucci Domenica boss carder 169 Elm h at 

Pettigraw Florence M, WW Co r 94 Adams 
Pettiner Mae R Mrs elk 720 Main h 31 Crafts 
— Robt A rem to W Newton 
— Velma V nurse r 31 Crafts 
Pettingill Florence, WW Co r 77 Robbins 
Petts Donald slsmn 917 Main h 158 Salisbury 

rd Brookline 
Petzold Fredk (Margt) linemn h 180 Fel- 

—Helmet (Margt R) WW Co h 74 Bedford 
— Richd W (Aline M) mach r 60 Cherry 
Pewtherer Andrew J (Ruth A) bakery slsmn 

h 82 Lowell 
—John W (Norva T) baker 100 Felton h 59 


Pezza Vito (Pasqualina) lab h 132 Calvary 
Pfeiffer John chef 415 South r do 
Phelan Cecilia tel solctr 552 South r at Water- 
—Edwd S, WW Co h 14 Dexter 
— Jas elk 657 Main rm 11 r at Watertown 
— John J (Mary M) gardnr h 757 South 
—Jos C (Muriel) WW Co h 29 Adams 
— Mary E r 14 Dexter 
—Muriel C, WW Co r 29 Adams 
Phelps Annie M wid Albert G r 9 Colonial 

—Ella B wid Geo A died July 7 1931 
—Jos r 250 South 

—Walter H (Mary P) chauf r 138 Crescent 
Phil's Barber Shop (Theo P Leger) 404 Moody 
Philbrick Elsie M tchr h 4 Walnut 
Philbrook Everett C (Adalaide C) asst formn 

EEI Co Cooper st h 11 Dennison 
—Mary N wid Herbert A r 11 Rockridge rd 
Philip's (Philip Shear) cleaners and dyers 

468A Main 
Philips Benj J lab r 33 Spring 
— Frank (Lucy) lab h 33 Spring 
Phillips Ann dietitian r 25 Curtis 
—Chas E died Nov 2 1930 
—Eleanor J wid Chas r 25 Manning rd 
—Eleanor M sec (Cambridge) r 25 Manning 

—Harold F elk 265 Moody r 1344 Main 
—Hiram J (Sadie J) pntr h 25 Lowell 
— Louis A (Lucretia) supvr public records 

State House (B) h 218 Hammond 
—Louis A (Vera) tallymn h 30 Francis 
—Robt W (Rachel B) formn 515 South h at 

— Roslyn I (Phoebe A) eng r 17 Hamblin 

—Roslyn I jr (Thelma R) auto mech r 17 

Hamblin rd 
—Saml (Gertrude B) died Jan 3 1932 
—Thos lab 755 Trapelo rd r do 
—Thos G (Adeline) bkpr h rear 50 Exchange 
— Wm (Marion) watchmkr h 298 River 
Phillips' Shoe Store (Phillips Harpell Co) 

376 Moody 
Phineas Lawrence School 258 Trapelo rd 
Phinney A Wilma r 180 Hammond 
— G Russell (Myrtle R) lino opr h 599 Lex- 
Phipps LeRoy F asst storekpr 775 Trapelo rd 

r 5 Dexter av 
—Luther M (Alma L) h 5 Dexter av 
— R David N (M Florence) photog h 37 South 
Piacentino Ahriva, WW Co r 22 Spring 
— Gennaro (Annie) lab h 22 Spring 
—Jos R (Doris C) h 46 Exchange 
— Vera r 22 Spring 

Picarello Jos formn 118 Calvary r 15 Lexing- 
ton, W Newton 
Pickering Eunice Mrs opr h 107 Pine 
—Hall 686 Main 



Pickett Catherine M Mrs rem to Westboro 

—Romeo (Irene) elk 577 Main r at Water- 

Pickles Alberta C Mrs antiques 64 Robbins r 

— Robt V (Alberta C) (Waltham Carpet 
Cleaning Co) rear 36 Spruce h 64 Rob- 

Pictour Emma A wid Saml domestic h 58 

Pidenilli Egedio hlpr r 43A Rich 

— Emma toy wkr (Watertown) r 43A Rich 

—Helen r 43A Rich 

— Mafalda rubber wkr r 43A Rich 

— Mary wid Nazzareno h 43A Rich 

Pierce Bros (E Allen and Herbert W) rose 
growers 411 Waverley Oaks rd 

— C Warren (Ethel C) rem to Belmont 

— Ellen wid Geo r 43 Cherry 

— Genevieve elk 315 Moody r at Lowell 

—Janet Allen Mrs elk 223 Moody h 48 Wash 

— Margt Mrs, WW Co r 111 Woerd av 

— Milton A r 6 Winthrop 

— Myrtle M nurse r 65 Edwin rd 

— Thos F (Julia J) dept mgr 583 Moody h 
35 Wadsworth av 

— Thos G (Clara M) restr r 19 MtPleasant 

— Vincent R (Isabelle I) shoe cutter h 161 

— Walter A (Viva V) electn h 9 Norumbega 

— Walter B (Jeannette S) estimator r 48 

Wash av 
— see Peirce and Pearce 
Piety Corner Club Mrs Mabel E Thompson 
sec (W Newton) meets at 2 Worcester 
— Corner Greenhouses (Harvey F Whitte- 

more) 47 Worcester lane 
— Corner Parish (Church of the New Jeru- 
salem) 351 Lexington Wm F Wunsch 
• pastor (Cambridge) 
Pigaga Jonas 66 Woerd av r 15 Calvary 
Pike Chas milkmn r 70 Chestnut 
— Edgar S (Bessie) rem to Boston 
—Frank M (Mary A) WW Co h 41 Walnut 
— J Harold (Irma D) ins agt r 41 Walnut 
— Launcelot, WW Co r at Wakefield 
— Walter A (Blanche L) job pressmn 515 

South h 74 Morton 
— Wm F (Mary A) chauf h 181 Brown 
Pimental Anthony R r 685 Trapelo rd 
— Edmund R chauf r 685 Trapelo rd 
— Fred R (Alice S) rubber wkr h 685 Trap- 
elo rd 
— Jas R chauf r 685 Trapelo rd 
— Jos R farm hand r 685 Trapelo rd 
Pinard Alice A, WW Co r at Lowell 
Pinciss Leo mgr 357 Moody r 125 Winter 

Pinders Annie V box mkr Benefit cor Elm r 

156 Bright 
Pine Geo H (Alice B) died Mar 31 1931 
— Ida wid Geo r 49 Robbins 
— Street Auto Repair Shop (Jennie Mancuso) 

140 Pine 
Pineau Alex J (Edna M) auto mech h 240 

— Henry W (May M) h 24 Bolton 
Pineo Harry (Margt E) h 25 Linden 
Pinkham Georgia A Mrs h 62 Alder 
— Henry E (Ada) exterminator h 28 Fiske 
— Sarah studt r 19 Shirley rd 
— Wadsworth H (Gertrude G) auto mech h 19 

Shirley rd 
Pinney Fredk A r 20 Lafayette 
Pintabona Philip (Josephine) mason h 22 Ex- 

Pintabone Louise box mkr r 152 Robbins 

Pinter Arthur pdlr r 130 Lowell 

Pinzone John gardnr r 432 River 

—Jos (Mary E) chef 607 Main h 155 River 

Piotrowicz Peter 66 Woerd av 

Piper Estella P wid Louis L died July 14 

—Geo L (Maude I) atndt 600 Moody r 162 

— Richd F (Mabel I) h Hillcrest st 
—Stella Mrs died July 14 1931 
Pitkin Gwendolyn C tchr Ezra C Fitch sch r 

at Westford 
Pittorino Angelo lab r 14 Liberty 
Pitts Helen r Winter opp Wyman 
— Helen F tube welder r 53 Walnut 
— Wm H (Nellie F) stmftr h 53 Walnut 
Pivnick Ralph tailor 552 South h at Rox- 

Pizzuto Russell (Concetta) rem to New York 


Plamondon D6nat A (Florette A) carp h 114 

Plandunis Frances A elk r 108 Harvard 

— Julia wid Michl h 108 Harvard 

Plant J E Arthur (Mary E) h 101 Hardy's 
Pond rd 

Piatt D Smith plant supt Housing Co end 
Hollace h 105 Lexington Belmont 

Platts Bernice C bkpr r 116 Florence rd 

— Clara E wid Henry E h 116 Florence rd 

—Henry E (Clara) died July 21 1933 

Pleasant Drug Co (Henry Allen, Leon 
Saphire) druggists 132 High 

Pleasantdale Farm (Chas J R Cahill) milk 
1241 Main 

Plimpton Chas G (Louise) sec-treas New Eng- 
land Mica Co Inc 66 Woerd av h at Brook- 

— Theo B (Irene S) pres New England Mica 
Co Inc 66 Woerd av h at Brookline 

Pliskin Solomon J tailor h 82 Prospect 

Plouffe Armand F mach tndr WB&P Co r 
110 School 

— Vertume (Elize) carp h 110 School 

Plummer Edmund J (Rose M) slsmn h 179 

Plygavka Rena r 41 Tomlin 

Poirier Albany (Isabelle) chauf r 234 River 

—Alex lather r 163 School 

— Alphonse mach r 87 Maple 

—Arthur, WW Co r 81 Maple 

—Blanche M, WW Co r 168 Felton 

— Christine S maid r 77 Main 

— Diane mach opr r 19 Benefit 

— Dominic r 537 Main 

— Emilien (Eva M) hlpr h 81 Cushing 

—Eva M, WW Co r 81 Cushing 

—Geo J (Albina M) WW Co h 168 Felton 

—Guy R r 168 Felton 

— Henry (Sophie) carp h 18 Grant pi 

—Henry J (Eva M) chauf 191 Felton h 68 

—Jos G r 18 Grant pi 

— Lucy wid Wm lndrywkr r 4 Liberty 

— Luke (Cecelia) carp h 203 Felton 

— Marie B wid Jude h 537 Main 

— Moise (Helen) carp h 201 Felton 

— Myles (Florence) box mkr h 18 Water 

—Sarah, WW Co r 87 Maple 

— see Perry 

Poisson Gustave J (Cecile M) watch mkr 256 
Charles h 77 Russell 

— Hormidas (Eliz) auto mech h 182 Willow 

Poitrast Frank slsmn 217 Lexington h at Wil- 

— Jos tallymn 217 Lexington h at Cambridge 

Polak Frances A cashr 371 Moody rm 104 
r 39 Fairfax, W Somerville 



Polechio Edith C tchr (B) r 9 Anderson 

— Hattie F wid Jos r 9 Anderson ter 

—Jos (Hattie F) died Nov 1 1931 

— Raymond W (Helen) mach h 9 Anderson 

Polen Morris (Manco Market) 432 Moody r 
25 Outlook rd Mattapan 

— Saml (Sarah) elk 432 Moody h 25 Out- 
look rd Mattapan 

Police Patrol 23£ Lexington 

— Station 25 Lexington 

Polin Louis r 147 Trapelo rd 

Polk Jesse G J (Grace E) WW Co h 22 High 

Polland Phelps E (Margt E) capt Hose Co 
No 3 and gro 100 Hardy's Pond rd h do 

— Philip E, WW Co r Wellington Grove 

Pollard Benj r 156 Adams 

— Eliz wid John J h 171 Willow 

Pollay Bertha C r 19 Underwood pk 

— Eliz r 19 Underwood pk 

— Lucy wid Edgar h 19 Underwood pk 

— Lucy C tchr Royal E Robbins sch r 19 
Underwood pk 

Polley Esther, WW Co r 38 Washington av 

—Joshua M (Beatrice L) WW Co h 38 Wash- 
ington av 

Pollock Harry B (Edith E) chauf h 48 Elson 

— Lulu I bkpr r 193 Hammond 

—Martin H (Margt M) tool mkr h 184A Wil- 

— Mary E wid Henry R h 193 Hammond 

— Mildred G paymaster r 193 Hammond 

— Theda L sten r 193 Hammond 

Polly Louis L (Janet S) coml trav h 380 

Poison Gustaf P (Helen R) elk 500 South h 
150 Weston 

— Robt P (Ervene C) slsmn (B) h 65 Wor- 
cester lane 

Polubiatka Lawrence (Jennie) farmer h 220 

Pomerleau Albert J cook r 27 Felton 

— Denise wid Eug h 27 Felton 

— Leodore J elk r 27 Felton 

Pomeroy Geo H (Erma M) tchr South Junior 
High sch h 20 Cutting lane 

Pomfret Hannah M Mrs h 4 Adams 

Pomphrett Frances E married Ernest Van- 

— Margt M sec r Circle drive 

— Michl M (Bridget T) car opr BE Ry h 29 
Albemarle av 

Pond Dorothy N studt r 99 Riverview av 

—Ella Mrs r 135 Main 

— Geo H optometrist and watch rpr 94 Ad- 
ams r do 

— Harry B (Cora D) h 99 Riverview av 

Pontz Alma E sec r 54 Howard 

—Frank J (Alma E) formn EHC Co h 54 

— G Richd r 54 Howard 

— Susan wid Wm died Oct 8 1932 

Poole Benj J (Mabel R) auto rpr 11 Francis 
h 93 Ash 

— Eliz wid Fredk A r 81 Irving 

— Fredk (Ruth E) cashr h 81 Irving 

— Helen D wid Chas A h 136 Summer 

— Rebecca H studt r 81 Irving 

Pooler Jos E (Tessamae) lab h 66 Walnut 

Poor Madeline housekpr 39 Chestnut 

Poore Iva E sten r 802 Main 

Pope Anna H elk water division City Hall r 
222 Dale 

— Danl A (Anna) watchmn h 222 Dale 

— Frank H (Ella M) treas Fuelite Natural 
Gas Corp 705 Main h 43 Newell rd Au- 


— Fred C (Katherine) r 640 Lexington 
—Harold E (Merinda M) elk B&M h 51 Tay- 
— Helen Mrs r 21 Newton 
— John H (Lena E) atndt 155 Crescent h 72 

— Mary E dietitian (Newton) r 222 Dale . 
—Merinda M, WW Co r 51 Taylor 
— Patk lab r 7 Cherry av 
— Plummer E (Harriet) mgr 705 Main r 57 

Gordon Somerville 
— Wm A studt r 222 Dale 
Popp Frank (Emma L) WW Co h at W 

Porretta Clara A insp r 204 Chestnut 
— Dominick (Mary) gardnr h 204 Chestnut 
—Violet r 204 Chestnut 
Porretti Anthony (Filomena) gro 69 Pine 

h do 
Porrier Clifford auto washer SO Co r 62 

Cook Newton 
Porter Albert W asst mgr 49 Prospect h 249 

California Newton 
— Birtelle E (Catherine) jan Ezra C Fitch 

sch h 84 Cherry 
— Chas N rem to N Y city 
— Chas T (Barbara) phys 751 Main h 51 

Sanders lane 
— Chas W printer (Watertown) h 43 Harris 
— Earl R (Grace L) contr and bldr 10 Boyn- 

ton h do 
— Eva G elk r 75 Prospect 
— Geo W (Frances M) mgr 49 Prospect h 

138 Russell 
—Gladys N, WW Co r 18 Maple 
— John A mach 48 Woerd av r 77 Brown 
— Kenneth (Olive E) truckmn 40 Charles 

h 17 Cushing 
— Laura B Mrs sec Main St Service Station 

Inc 1011 Main r 20 Jennings rd 
— Laurence L (Stella I) mach h MtWalley 


— Leona O, WW Co r 145 South 

— Lorenzo F (Laura B) treas Main St Service 
Station Inc 1011 Main h 20 Jennings rd 

— Maude Mrs variety 77 Prospect h 75 do 

— Shirley A (Dorothy E) tel wkr r 40 Everett 

— Willis E (Leona O) slsmn h 50 Sharon 

Porticelli Bruno J (Lalpar Auto Finishing 
Co) 204 Lexington r 35 Hamblin rd 

Post C Edwd r 48 Barbara rd 

—Edwin D (Margt T) WW Co h 17 Ham- 

—Leonard B (Hester G) watchmkr h 48 Bar- 
bara rd 

— Lucy A wid Chas r 48 Barbara rd 

—Office 738 Main 

—Paul J (Anna T) sis mgr (W Newton) h 
89 Galen 

— Taste-T Food Shop (Walter Post) bakers 
875 Main 

—Walter (Post Taste-T Food Shop) 875 Main 
r at Newtonville 

Potas Wm (Grace) WB&DW h 20 Lawtou 

Pothier Chas A (Emma M) WW Co h 255 

— Ralph r 255 Brown 

Potter Audrey A r 32 Hammond 

POTTER C W Inc 2 School Watertown 
Charles W Potter pres salesbooks— See 
back cover and page 111 

—Chas W pres C W Potter Inc 2 School Wa- 
tertown h 43 Harris 

—Claudia tchr h 12 Richgrain av 

—Clyde C (Altha B) mach h 32 Hammond 

— E Clifford (Alice) treas Stark Tool Co 422 
Moody h 962 Centre Newton Centre 




— Edith A wid Frank M h 373 Crescent 

—Frank M (Edith A) died Mar 12 1931 

— Fredk T pres Stark Tool Co 422 Moody r 

962 Centre, Newton Centre 
— Gervace C (Esther M) acct h 1 Lord 
— Gordon R (Roxie M) chauf h 284 Lincoln 
— Harriet W millinery (Cambridge) r 48 

Trapelo rd 
—Helen Mrs h 192 Charles 
— Mildred C atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r 

POTTER PRESS The 515-539 South inc '19 

Lorenz F Muther pres-treas sales books, 

loose leaf systems — See page 117 
— Vivian V married Chas A Gustin 
Pottle Annie C tchr h 89 Adams 
— Eleanor E r 17 Linden 
— Emma E Mrs h 17 Linden 
—Helen M wid Wm F r 89 Adams 
— Myron R (Doris A) prsmn r 691 Moody 
— Ronald L boxmkr r 17 Linden 
— W Cyril (Kate) countermn h 91 Hardy's 

Pond rd 
Poulin Louis slsmn r 86 Maple 
Pouliot Arthur A (Nellie J) washer 552 

South h 94 Bright 
— Jos A truckmn 94 Bright r do 
— M Alice married Peter Connolly 
Pound Robt r 68 Winthrop 
Poutas Alphonse J (Bridget A) monuments 

31 Castle r 45 Warren av 
— Alphonse J jr (Mary G) carrier PO 738 

Main h 45 Warren av 
— Danl R elk (W T atertown) r 45 Warren av 
— H Marie bkpr 500 South r 67 Lawrence 
— John J rem to Boston 
— Mary E wid Edwd J h 67 Lawrence 
Powden Russell S (Mary C) slsmn 347 Moody 

h 41 Wetherbee rd 
— Wm W (Jean) watch rpr 23 Lawrence h do 
Powder Puff The (Blanche Cousins, Eva La- 

voie) beauty shop 681 Main rm 13 
Powell Audrey C rem to Revere 
— Lefferts M (Martha S) phys 62 Howard 

h do 
— Patk J (Nora V) h 106£ Prospect 
— Verna H tchr Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 

Power Edwin S circulation dept 18 Pine r 
27 Lambert av Roxbury 

— John G (Florence A) carp h 445 Waverley 
Oaks rd 

— Mae E married Sumner D Vose 

— Michl rem to Lowell 

— Robt M (Martha A) dairymn 390 Main h 
211 Adams 

—Walter S r 211 Adams 

— Wm J (Clare L) civ eng (B) h 39 Francis 

Powers Anabelle S Mrs h 83 Vernon 

— Bertrand J (Marion F) WW Co h 37 Sum- 

— Catherine E married Ralph Moorland 

— Catherine R r 268 Brown 

— Christine P bkpr r 50 Highland 

—Edwd (Margt) car opr BE Ry h 45 Albe- 
marle av 

— Edwd J (Margt A) printer h 90 Main 

— Evelyn F studt nurse (Cambridge) r 17 
Massasoit ct 

— Geo (Adaline) mach h 24 Cherry 

— Geo M auto rpr (B) r 53 Fiske 

— Geo S (Florence L) pntr 17 Massasoit ct 
h do 

—Henry F, WW Co r 19 Ash 

— Ida H bkpr r 52 Adams 

— Jas J plmbr r 53 Fiske 

— Jas J (Hulda M) storekpr h 52 Adams 

—Jennie E Mrs, WW Co h 35 William 


—John E lab r 53 Fiske 

— John E rem to Buffalo N Y 

— John J (Annie) carpet layer 708 Main h 

at Watertown 
—John J (Eliz B) rprmn 92 Felton h 39 


— Jos F (Bessie) restr wkr h 19 Ash 
— Luther A call firemn Eng 2 r 18 Pearl 
—Luther A jr (Mary M) elk h 18 Pearl 
— Margt wid Danl E h 50 Highland 
—Margt wid John W h 53 Fiske 
— Mary M sten r 17 Massasoit ct 
—Mary M Mrs. WW Co h 18 Pearl 
—Mary R, WW Co r 268 Brown 
—Michl F (Jennie) WW Co h 35 Williams 
—Michl J stockmn WB&P Co r 329 River 
W Newton 

—Nellie V, WW Co h 268 Brown 

— Patk J (Lucy L) linemn h 26 Friend 

— Reginald I (Georgianna) opr 77 Rumford 

av r 23 Robbins 
— Richd E slsmn r 198 High 
— Rosanna wid Thos r 802 Main 
—Ruth E r 19 Ash 
—Ruth R. WW Co r 802 Main 
—Sadie J Mrs h 23 Robbins 
—Stanley E (Grace F) slsmn h 165 Villa 
— Wm E driver 894 Main r 50 Highland 
— Wm F (Margt A) h 49 Francis 
— Wm F, WW Co r at W Newton 
Pownall Harriet A mus tchr 117 Chestnut r 

— Lawrence H rem to Roanoke Va 
— Minnie E wid John T h 117 Chestnut 
Pozzetta John (Ernestina) r 311 River 
Pratt Albert R, WW Co r 15 Orange 
— Alice A h 732 Lexington 
— Alice J wid Edwin r 64 Maple 
— Austin J (Mary A) h 156 Adams 
— Clara E rem to Chelsea 
—Clarence G (Marie G) formn WW Co h 122 


—Edith A died Dec 29 1931 

— Edwd J (Margt M) lab h 10 Caughey 

— Edwd J jr r 10 Caughey 

—Edwin B (Alice M) died Oct 15 1930 

— Edwin B jr, studt r 732 Lexington 

—Fredk J (Mary V) hlpr 119 Pond 

— Fredk P mason r 156 Adams 

— Harriet M elk 315 Moody r 70 Gardner 

— Johanna M wid Clarence S h 70 Gardner 

— Mary A, WW Co r 154 Adams 

— Mary C r 10 Caughey 

— Olive P r 10 Caughey 

— Preston H (Grace E) shoewkr h 71 Robbins 

— Susanne J died Mar 22 1932 

— Wm F (Mary A) slsmn 173 High r 156 

— Wm J r 10 Caughey 

Pray Fred F (Ida S) formn 123 Moody h 489 

Preble Frank formn r 126 Chestnut 

Prendergast Dominick ins agt 267 Moody r 
1 Stratton ter 

Prendiville John F (Helen A) slsmn h 258A 

Prennier Henry (Eliz) elk r 81 Ash 

Prescott Chas A supt 137 Bacon h 11 War- 
wick rd Belmont 

—Edwin H (Ella M) carp h 215 Adams 

—Marguerite M, WW Co h 783 Moody 

— Olive M r 215 Adams 

Pressey Geo L r 30 Cabot 

Presti Carmela wid Jos h 11 Bolton 

— Jas C (Angelina R) r 11 Bolton 

—John T r 11 Bolton 

Presto Benedetto lab r 129 Charles 



Preston Hattie A wid C Albert r 84 Ellison 

Pretty Edily G (Dora E) carp h 74 Hardy's 

Pond rd 
Price Danl A (Dora M) pntr h Rosemont av 
— David A (M Eliz) pntr r Rosemont av 
— Edith R cashr r 51 Vernon 
— Ernest W formn 47 Worcester lane r 126 

— Jane A wid Jacob r 21 Ash 
—Mary E wid Loftus E died Jan 8 1932 
— Robt A (Mary A) slsmn h 162 College 

Farm rd 
Pride Frances A wid Allen died Jan 8 1932 
— Harold L (Myra H) supvr industrial edu- 
cation 55 School h 80 Fiske av 
— Wm C jan h 117 Virginia rd 
Pridham Wilhelmina wid Robt A nurse r 

205 Ash 
Priest Anna (Mrs Herman E) died Oct 15 

— Chas (Mary) h 81 Harvard 
—Jos R mgr 468 Moody r 14 High 
— Kenneth D vegetables r 910 Main 
— Maud B prin Thomas Hill sch r at West 

Prime Chas W died Jan 31 1932 
— Howard A (Florence M) elk 368 Moody h 

68 Brown 
Prince Geo E (Frances B) auto rpr rear 77 

Ash h 11 Cutting lane 
— Wilford dairyman 1295 Main r 22 Green 
Proctor Alf W (Maude) meatctr h 10 Lunda 
— Maude Mrs, WW Co r 10 Lunda 
— Ruth sten r 10 Lunda 
Proenzano Louis (Mary) h 311 Newton 
Profetto Jos S (Josephine M) barber h 71 


Profita Carlo (Rose) rem to New Bedford 

— Clotilda wid Francesco h 215 Newton 

— Frank P (Rosina) tailor h 45 Gorham 

— Grace E r 45 Gorham 

— Linda A radio wkr (Newton) r 45 Gorham 

Progresso Cash Stores gros 141 Moody 

Prola Jos lab h 26 Fountain 

Prophet Otto O (Margt C) mech designer h 
20 Caughey 

—Otto O jr, elk r 20 Cauhgey 

Prospect Filling Station (Paul Simone) 222 

— Pharmacy, Waltham Pharmacy props drug- 
gists 136 Prospect 

Provencher Aramis O (Veronica A) h 7 Rob- 
bins pi 

— Emerile E (Bertha) jan h 34 School 

— Melda, WW Co r 85 Felton 

Provost Margt E phone opr 16 Spring r 6 
Park pi 

Prudential Insurance Co 371 Moody rm 106 

Prue Alice B wid Geo H h 8 Rich 

— Arthur G bkpr r 8 Rich 

— Clarence G auto rpr r 8 Rich 

—Geo H (Alice B) died Mar 1931 

Pryor Rose A r 3 Stratton ter 

Psanggo Michl (Sunkist Fruit Co) 883 Main 
r at Cambridge 

Public Library 735 Main and South br 9 High 

Puglieli Lucy elk 877 Main r 229 River, W 

Pugsley Elta P mach opr h 25 Derby 

— Harold D chemist r 324 Newton 

—Jessie M, WW Co r 25 Derby 

— Lloyd V (Helen M) slsmn h 98 Hardy's 
Pond rd 

— Myrtle B mach opr r 25 Derby 

—Roland L (Alice M) WW Co h 324 New- 

— Thos A (Gladys M) auto mech h 38 Hi- 
biscus av 


— Wiley (Leah J) slsmn h Lakeview av near 

Pulsford W Hanson r 21 School 
Pulsifer Carl L driver 200 Prospect r 71 Lex- 
ington Auburndale 
Punzo Torino J (Adele M) tailor 694 Main h 

132 Vernon 
Puranen Fanny A, WW Co r at Gardner 
Purcell Edwd J (Catherine G) pntr h 14 Up- 
land rd 
— Jeremiah E (Helen R) auto mech h 24 Ben- 
— John C (Helen H) asst buyer r 15 Mayall 

— Wm E (Gertrude M) auto mech h 100 Cal- 
Purdon Andrew (Margt B) h 21 Stearns 
Purdy Geo S (Annie E) auto mech h 55 Riv- 

erview av 
— Lester (Minnie E) pntr h 252 Crescent 
—Minnie E Mrs, WW Co r 252 Crescent 
Purity Market (Joseph Naldi) meats 468 

Purlionis Arthur (Alexandra) (Super Qual- 
ity Doughnuts) 839 Main h 47 Everett 
— John baker 839 Main r 47 Everett 
Purves Norman R sta agt (S Sudbury) h 83 

Putnam Mary E wid Chas W r 58 Ellison pk 
Puzzo Salvatore (Lena) fruit h 241 Newton 
Pyne Irene W priv sec Clematis Brook Sand 

& Gravel Co 42 Beal r at Maiden 
— Mary E maid 775 Trapelo rd r do 
—Mary E Mrs, WW Co h at Watertown 
—Stella M, WW Co r 92 Alder 
Pythian Sisters, Norumbega Temple 46 Mrs 
Minnie E Pownall mistress of records 
117 Chestnut meets 1st and 3d Mon at 282 

Quagliozzi Anthony r 45 Spring 

— Benj lab r 45 Spring 

— Frances married Edwd Sullivan 

— G Jos (Anna M) lndry wkr h 39 Spring 

— Mary wid Jos h 43 Spring 


(Jack Belastock) paints, oils and wall 

paper 585 Main — See page 120 
Qualters Ida M Mrs opr 226 Moody r 22 Col- 
umbus av 
—John J (Helen A) elk h 27 Wellington 
— Jos A (Catherine M) forester r 319 Grove 
— Jos J pntr r 56 Massasoit 
— Julia A waitress r 826 Main 
— Lillian F opr r 319 Grove 
—Thos (Ellen) h 319 Grove 
— Thos L reserve police r 319 Grove 
—Thos S (Winifred B) police 25 Lexington 

h 51 Prospect Hill rd 
Quarles John R (Josephine F) rem to Wel- 

Quartiere Clara r 262 Newton 
Queen Harry V hlpr r 49 Columbus av 
—Robt C (Hester M) r 65 Plympton 
— Wm B (Irene C) ins agt h 12 Derby 
— Wm J (Nellie M) formn h 49 Columbus 

Query Hilda Mrs, WW Co r 149 Crescent 
Questrom Alan I (Amy G) (Waltham Saw 

Service) 39 Lexington h 32 Rockridge 

— Irving A studt r 32 Rockridge rd 
Quigg Chas L (Catherine C) dry gds h 148 

Quigley Catherine A, WW Co r at Newton- 

— E Gertrude, WW Co r 303 Newton 
—John A watchmn WW Co r 261 Crescent 




—John F (Yvonne A) elk B&M h 29 Edwin 

—John O (Lila E) WW Co h 261 Crescent 
— Leona B beauty shop (B) h 303 Newton 
—Mary L, WW Co r 303 Newton 
Quinan Jos (Madeline) broker r 790 Main 
Quinlan Catherine r 90 Main 
— Chas elk r 820 Main 
— Chas slsmn r 3 Lexington 
—Kathleen M Mrs, WW Co h 10 Pratt av 
— Mary wid John r 90 Main 
Quinland Robt E, WW Co r at Arlington 
Quinlick Michl died Sept 4 1933 
Quinlin Robt chauf r 403 River 
Quinn Anna M r 110 Bright 
— Annie r 94 Adams 
— Arthur L tchr Waltham Vocational sch r 

at Dorchester 
— Clarence M (Margt A) hlpr h 289 Crescent 
— Don C (Rosalie I) watch rpr 418 Moody 

h do 

— Edmund (Gertrude) promoter h 159 Myrtle 
— Edwd J chauf 19 Gifford av r 110 Bright 
— Etheldrida M phone opr 16 Spring r 556 

Trapelo Belmont 
— Francis r 66 Exchange 
— Frank A chauf 390 Main r at Watertown 
— Frank E (Sadie A) mach h 21 Francis 
— Frank T (Quinn's Furniture Warehouse 

Store) 15 Gifford av rear of Grover Cro- 

nin Store r 110 Bright 
— Jas acct r 562 Main 
— Jas E reserve police 23 Lexington r 110 


— John (Mary L) rem to Watertown 
— John F (Margt K) carp h 45 Wellington 
— John J (Mary E) hostler h 42 Wellington 
— John J (Eliz A) mach h 88 Massasoit 
— John J (Mary J) yardmn 384 Main h 110 

— John J jr, auto mech r 42 Wellington 
— John T (Mary A) r 49 Howard 
— Jos M meats and provisions 350 Moody h 

812 do 
— Margt wid Patk h 18 Gorham 
— Margt C, WW Co r at Auburndale 
— Mary opr r 189 Grove 
— Mary A Mrs h 52 Taylor 
— Mary E presser r 110 Bright 
— Nellie wid Thos r 189 Grove 
—Patk J (Margt) opr M&B St Ry h 42 Fran- 

—Timothy died Aug 27 1933 

— Warren J (Lucille B) plmbr h 4 Chestnut 

— Wm (Nora) lab h 15 Exchange ct 
— Wm C slsmn 19 Gifford av r 110 Bright 

STORE (Frank T Quinn) 15 Gifford av 

rear of Grover Cronin Store — See page 


Quirk Anna L r 188 Lowell 

— Edwd S tires (Watertown) h 91 Beal rd 

— Frank T rem to W Newton 

— Jas F (Ellen) crossing tndr 115 Moody h 

188 Lowell 
— Jas J elk (B) r 188 Lowell 
— Jas M (Beatrice C) linemn h 9 Hibiscus 

— John T (Norah) gate tndr h 64 Calvary 
— Lawrence r 64 Calvary 
— Marguerite R (Mrs Edwd S) died Oct 12 

— May C maid r 755 Main 
—Patk F (Bridget M) r 91 Beal rd 
—Phyllis G, WW Co r at Acton 
Quitt Anna mgr 552 South r at Holliston 

Rabbitt Michl J mgr 351 Newton r 58 Webs- 
ter, West Newton 

Rafferty Martin J (Delia A) foundry mn h 
17 Gorham 

Rafter Jos (Waltham Used Car Exchange) 
576 Main h 562 do 

Raftery Ellen h 148 School 

— Michl J (Mary J) formn h 16 Stearns 

Railway Express Agency Inc, Waltham R R 
Station, Carter st 

Raimey Eldred J (Mildred M) elk h 10 Derby 

— Mildred A r 84 Ash 

— Wm A (Jessie E) pipe ftr h 84 Ash 

Raimondi Peter (Rita) confectionery 851 
Main h 31 Elm, W Newton 

Raines Addison B, WW Co r at W Newton 

—Albert W (Edith M) meatctr h 35 Under- 
wood pk 

Ralph Helen V Mrs buyer 223 Moody r 21 

Ralston Jos mgr 336 Moody h at Brighton 
Ramsay Cecelia married Irwin Stuart 
—Flora M Mrs, WW Co r 188 h Adams 
—Geo C (Flora M) jan 410 Moody h 188* 

—Lauretta M, WW Co r 188£ Adams 
— Mabel M tube mkr r 188 \ Adams 
Ramsdell Stella r 21 Newton 
Ramsey Anna L rem to Prince Edward Is- 

land CanadtL 
—Harry W (Margt K) mfr (B) h 750 Lexing- 
— Margt J wid Wm P r 72 Church 
—Mildred A elk The Waltham National 

Bank of Waltham r 46 Sharon 
Rand Danl H (Sarah) died Oct 23 1930 
— Edith H tchr Senior High sch r 2 Munster 

— Edwd Ashley (Waltham School of Music) 

479 Moody rm 3 r 56 Maple 
— Eleanor S wid Geo H h 76 Wash av 
— Flora A wid Ernest A r 96 Chestnut 
— Harry C (Louise G) barber h 96 Chestnut 
—Henry C, WW Co r 121 Adams 
— Herbert S (Pauline M) linotype opr h 129 

Florence rd 
— Jas M (Lizzie) carp and bldr 56 Maple h 


— Leander (Abbie S) carp h 442 Lincoln 

— Margt Mrs waitress r 51 Adams 

Randall Frank E (Mary S) dial gauges rear 

248 Ash and (Waltham Dial Gage Co) 

85 Myrtle h 248 Ash 
— Guy E (Annie R) sand blaster h 36 Beech 
— Jos constable r 36 Beech 
— Wm S atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 

Randle Albert C r 131 Crescent 

— Chas J (Emma J) jewel setter 282 Moody 

rm 9 h 131 Crescent 
—Edgar M, WW Co r at Newton 
—Edwin (Katharine F) WW Co h 210 Adams 
— Edwin A waiter 775 Trapelo rd r do 
Rando Antonio (Mary) gardnr h 252 River 
— Felix (Josephine) lab h 107 Central 
— Jas (Angelina) gardnr h 132 Bright 
— John (Lucy) farmer h 77 Dale 
— John (Rose) gardnr h 16 Gorman's ct 
— Jos (Warrendale Cash Market) 10 Warren 

h 4 Bromfield Watertown 
— Jos (Helen) farmer r 77 Dale 
— Philip (Catherine) farmer h MtWalley rd 
— Stefano (Rosaria) farmer h Forest near 

Harrington rd 
— Stephen (Rose) lab h 144 School 
— Thos (Jennie) lab h 44 Exchange 
Randolph Albert H (Annie A) h 148 Lake 
— Alice lndrs r 148 Lake 



Ranger Geo H (Ethel L) battery mn h 20£ 
Rumford av 

— John C hlpr r 20^ Rumford av 

Rankin Albert (Sarah) pntr 32 Piske h do 

— Chas J (Marion W) hosemn Engine 1 h 346 
Corpse Gilt* 

—Etta M wid Wm H died Feb 28 1931 

Rardin Albert K (Anna E) roller mn h 95 

Rasmussen Albert (Ruth M) slsmn h 28 

— Rasmus (Ella) cabtmkr h 20 Montview av 

Rasmusson Gustave F (Ellen) h 16 Hiawatha 

—Mabel E, EHW Co r 16 Hiawatha av 

— Robt F, WW Co r at Lincoln 

Raszwell Leo chauf r 49 Brown 

Ratigan John elk 100 Felton r 29 Chapman 

Ratte Octavia elk 505 Trapelo rd r do 

Ratto Rose wid Giacomo h 2 Gibbs ct 

Ratzburg Victor P gen mgr Waltham Elec- 
tric Welding & Iron Works and Nu-Way 
Welders Inc 19 Heard h 83 Warwick rd, 
W Newton 

Rauding Frances atndt Walter E Fernald 
State sch r do 

Raunstrum Eric (Ebba) pntr r 22 Lyman 

Ravesi Gaetano h 34 Crescent 

— Thos (Catherine) fruit 771 Main h 61 Ex- 

Rawding Reid A (Tessa I) dentist 740 Main 
rm 114 h Westland rd Weston 

Ray Bertha M Mrs housekpr r 435 Lexing- 

— Bessie B wid Fredk h 152 Brown 

— Eliz L r 83 Grant 

— Ernest W (Marietta) groundsmn Walter 
E Fernald State sch r do 

— Fredk r 152 Brown 

— Margt M sec r 83 Grant 

—Shirley C elk 285 Moody r 138 Vernon 

— Wm (Lilla E) WW Co h 83 Grant 

Raymond Bessie B, WW Co r at Lexington 

— C Stanley (Mabel C) rem to Wrentham 

— Chas M rem to Wrentham 

—Kenneth C (Priscilla E) artist r 131 Lin- 

—Lloyd, WW Co r 155 Cherry 

—Priscilla E Mrs elk 315 Moody r 131 Lin- 

— Wm A (Ruby A) elk Ry MS h 88 Thorn- 
ton rd 

— Wm A (Viola V) mach h 98 Orange 

Rayner Walter (Margt C) WW Co h 147 
Riverview av 

Raynor Dorothy elk 223 Moody r at Sudbury 

— Francis (Evelyn R) formn r 57 Grant 

Rayson Jos A eng 775 Trapelo rd r 459 Main 

Rea Amelia r 49 Oak 

— Antonio (Agnes) electn h 49 Oak 

— Louis opr r 49 Oak 

Read Eliz wid Henry h 31 Lakeview ter 

— Geo R slsmn (Lynn) r 81 Parmenter rd 

—Kenneth H (Rejeanne A) gas sta h 201 

—Margt, WW Co r 138 Bright 

— Otis J 66 Woerd av r 43 Pine 

—Robt H (Isabella G) WW Co h 81 Par- 
menter rd 

—Ruby L, WW Co r 179 Grove 

—Walter A (Eleanor F) mach h Pine Hill 

— Wm (Mary G) 66 Woerd av h 59 Caughey 

— see Reed Reid 

READE CHARLES L (Lucy C) funeral di- 
rector 22 Common h 29 Lyman— See 
page 85 


— Francis L (Katherine L) slsmn h 56 Pond 
— Geo Phillips asst funeral dir 22 Common 

r 29 Lyman 
— Otis (Alice E) shipper r 43 Pine 
Real Harry N (Eliz R) instr h 46 Everett 
Reardon Chas E (Elsie L) shade mkr h 97 

—John A (Eleanora) WW Co h 773 Moody 
— Michl C r 773 Moody 
— Raymond P (Alice H) dentist 267 Moody 

h 18 Crafts 
Reblin Gordon S (Eliz) (Comman & Reblin 

Co) 42 Felton r at Woburn 
Reccord Alice B wid Chas h 92 Vernon 
Reck Arthur J (Ethel L) h 135 Woerd av 
— Ellis C make-up mn 18 Pine r 601 Lexing- 
— Fredk J (Emma F) mech supt 18 Pine h 
601 Lexington 

Recka Anthony W (Eliz A) milk 254 Linden 

h do 
— Jos W studt r 254 Linden 
— Mary E studt r 254 Linden 
— Wm driver r 254 Linden 
Rector Rachel A Mrs housekpr 16 Prospect 
Red Cross Pharmacy (Theo Dangelmeyer) 

735 Moody 
— Owl Stores Inc automobile accessories 223 


— Pepper Club Mrs L Bertha Marsh sec 239 
Ash meets every Mon at members homes 

Redden Herbert W G (Dora E) bag grader 
h 37 Boynton 

—Robt B (Eliz M) lab h 103 Crescent 

Redding Clarence R (Laura) welder h Hill- 
crest st 

— Ernest eng 42 Beal rd h at Watertown 

— Laura M checker 584 Moody r Hillcrest 

Reddy Margt lndrs Walter E Fernald State 
sch r do 

Redenbach Frank L (Alma C) welder h 427 

Redfern Nicholas (Faith L) welder 19 Heard 
Redlan Francis W (Jennie C) dentist 479 

Moody rm 1 h 29 Virginia rd 
Redman Sarah r 71 Francis 
Redmond Anna tchr Henry Whittemore sch 

r 974 Main 

Reed Clarabell r 256 Ash 

— Edna sten r 344 School 

—Ellen C wid Frank W h 881 Trapelo rd 

—Ellsworth B (Effie M) druggist 655 Main 
h 74 Dale 

— Ena wid Judson h 256 Ash 

—Everett W (Mildred) cashr B&M RR 62 
Elm r at S Acton 

— Frank, WW Co r at Watertown 

—Frank H, WW Co h at Watertown 

— Frank W (Mary J) gas sta 891 Trapelo 
rd cor Lexington r 881 do 

—Fredk W (Georgie E) WW Co h 344 School 

— Geo A proof reader 515 South h 76 Galen 

— Henry L (Marguerite D) yard formn Wal- 
tham Coal Co r 30 Elson rd 

— Howard L (Phyllis A) slsmn 371 Moody 
rm 106 h 56 Winthrop 

— John S (Jessie E) h 50 Worcester lane 

— Jos A carp r 881 Trapelo rd 

— Kenneth F (Euseba) trucker B&M RR 62 
Elm r at S Acton 

— L Romaine (Mrs Geo A) died Dec 1 1933 

— Ruth V studt r 50 Worcester lane 

— Sampson r 50 Worcester lane 

— Virginia married Francis M Britt rem to 

— see Read Reid 



Rees Geo R toolmkr 158 Lexington r 34 

Sparks Cambridge 
Reeves John (Eliz M) auto pntr h 19 Bow- 

doin av 
—Leo driver 100 Seyon av r 1303 Bacon 

Newton Centre 
— Rawson T (Eliz M) chauf h 139 Church 
Regan Chas B (Dorothy H) tchr (W New- 
ton) h 706 Trapelo rd 
—Chas S (Mary D) elec eng (B) h 20 Cabot 
— Edwd C r 20 Cabot 

— Frances E bkpr 315 Moody h 55 Bedford 
— Frank J (Mary B\ mgr (Newton) h 124 

Chaffee av 
—Geo E r 55 Bedford 

—Geo E (Estella S) (Moody & Regan) prin- 
ter 621 Main rm 6 h 20 Auburn 
— Katherine R elk r 62 Turner 
—Lillian M wid Thos F died Aug 27 1931 
— Mary J sten (B&M, B) r 62 Turner 
—Olive E, WW Co r 62 Turner 
— Patk (Margt) lab h 31 Gorham 
— Thos h 62 Turner 
— Thos B (Julia M) presser h 16 Taylor 
— Wm L (Annie V) WW Co h 59 South 
Regele Frank J (Gladys M) elk h 9 Auburn 
Rehill Catherine M married Arthur L Milli- 

— Francis J (Selina E) lab h 160 Bacon 
— John J lab r 164 Bacon 
— Robt J (Rose E) died Sept 6 1931 
— Robt J jr, lab r 164 Bacon 
—Rose E wid Robt J r 164 Bacon 
Rehnberg Harry S (Ruby E) WW Co h 22A 

Wash av 
— Paul W, WW Co r at Auburndale 
— Walter P r 26 Farnsworth av 
Reid Agnes A rem to Tatamagouche N S 
— Aseneth U, WW Co r 8 Palmer 
— Clarence C (Aseneth) bus opr M&B St Ry 

h 8 Palmer 
— Danl atndt Walter E Fernald State sch r 

— Euphemia A rem to Tatamagouche N S 
— Katherine atndt Walter E Fernald State 
sch r do 

— Wm J slsmn 173 High r 84 Eastbourne rd 

Newton Centre 
— see Read and Reed 
Reidy Annie wid Patk died Sept 8 1932 
— Wm J lab r 164 School 
Reilly Harold L (Margt W) dentist 657 Main 

rm 15 h 9 Brook av 
— Jos studt r 45 Lyman 
— Theresa A h 33 Irving 
— see Rielly and Riley 
Rein Alf A lino opr h 24 Prospect Hill rd 
— Anna M proof reader r 24 Prospect Hill 

— Emily wid Geo r 24 Prospect Hill rd 
Reinap Adele M mica wkr 66 Woerd av h 

167 Lexington 
— Chas weather stripper r 167 Lexington 
— Ernest r 167 Lexington 
Reinhalter Jos F (Mary E) landscape gardnr 

h 16 Lexington 
Reitchel Edwd R (Helen V) ins agt 267 

Moody h 10 Falmouth rd 
— Ernest J mgr r 34 Oak 
—Margt W florist r 34 Oak 
— Mary F bkpr r 34 Oak 
— Max (Annie F) mldr h 34 Oak 
— see Rietchel 
Reliance Garnetting Mills 25 Summer av 

Dieudonne A Servais pres Ivan D Ser- 

vais sec Alfred Lambrette treas wool 

worsted waste 
Remedias John W (Gertrude R) boxmkr h 

34 Clinton 

Remicdic Geo r 403 River 

Remick Evelyn studt nurse r 735 Trapelo 

—Helen V studt r 735 Trapelo rd 
—Rachel H, WW Co r 85 Hall 
— Sumner H (Mabel) supt Middlesex County 

Sanatorium 775 Trapelo rd h 735 do 
Remijio Manuel caretkr r 560 Lincoln 
Remmel J Fredk (Laura W) supt WB&P Co 

h 235 Weston 
Renfrew Alex electn r 56 Prospect 
— Norman J (Ida M) formn h 56 Prospect 
Renkas Geo (Nellie) lab 100 Seyon av h 6 

Renna Biagio r 23 Clinton 
— Frances wid Salvatore h 23 Clinton 
— Josephine r 23 Clinton 
—Mary, WW Co r 23 Clinton 
— Salvatore (Francesca) died July 5 1931 
Rennie Anastasia V tchr Henry Whittemore 

sch r 11 Clark 
— Simon J (Winnifred T) carp h 11 Clark 
—Theresa P, WW Co r 11 Clark 
—Walter (Mary) h 13 A Nathan rd 
Renton Robt lab r 17 Wamsutta av 
Resh Bernhard S (Anna) lawyer 353 Moody 

rm 109 h 102 Parmenter rd 
— Rose (United Textile Remnant Co) 487 

Moody r 76 Allen Boston 
Resner John atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r 


Restuccia Anthony shoe rpr r 40 Wilbur 
— Antonio rose grower 411 Waverley Oaks 

rd r at Belmont 
— Domenico (Frances) farmer h 40 Wilbur 
— Matteo r 40 Wilbur 
Retail Merchants Credit Assn Inc 681 Main 

rm 20 
Reynolds Arthur W (Gertrude) tchr h 11 

— Chas A r 11 Spruce 
— Dorothy elk 315 Moody r 41 Washington 

— Elsie L (Mrs Leon A) died May 29 1932 
— Esther studt r 11 Spruce 
— Harriet M wid Geo r 34 Appleton 
— Herbert H (Martha M) printer 18 Pine h 

Milner cor Dobbins 
— Leon A driver 40 Charles r 18 Maple 
— Louis (Hattie) plshr h rear 18 Common 
— Ruth A sec r 11 Spruce 
—Stephen H chauf 191 Felton h 37 Myrtle 
— Thos (Bridget) farmer h 78 Grant 
— Walter K (Mary C) mach opr h 22 Brown's 

— Wm H tchr r 11 Spruce 
Reznek T D mgr 465 Moody r at Dorchester 
Rhault Alice V thread clipper r 42 Wads- 
worth av 
— Annette C studt r 42 Wadsworth av 
— Emma F stitcher h 42 Wadsworth av 
— Fred (Alice) carp h 265 Lake 
Rheaume Leo (Mary) mach opr h 20 Mid- 
— Lucien J (Mary M) hosemn Eng 2 h rear 

52 Exchange 
— Vitale (Louise) r 20 Middle 
Rhodenizer Viola elk 285 Moody r 74 Maple 
Rhodes Agnes K tchr (B) r 84 Church 
— Austin D (Eleanor A) slsmn 500 South h 

169 Hammond 
— Austin D jr, WW Co r 169 Hammond 
— Catherine F wid Thos B h 84 Church 
— Catherine I studt nurse r 505 Main 
— Helen P tchr Thomas R Plympton sch r 

84 Church 
— J Kenneth (Bertha A) chauf 47 Worcester 

lane r 505 Main 
— Jas F r 141 Prospect Hill rd 




— Jas F (Catherine E) police 25 Lexington 

h 505 Main 
— Jas F jr, lab r 505 Main 
— Jennie A wid Richd r rear 67 Hall 
— John J claim investigator B&M r 84 

— Jos R (Grace D) electn h 80 Lakeview av 
— Mary E tchr (New Rochelle NY) r 84 

— Robt E studt r 169 Hammond 
— Thos B (Catherine F) died July 15 1932 
— Wm D elk r 169 Hammond 
— Wm H elk 625 Main r 141 Prospect Hill 

— Wm L (Anna K) truckmn 110 Warren h 

Rhuda Harry chauf r 266 Crescent 
Ricard Adam (Maude) h 43 Hall 
— Adam L dyer r 43 Hall 
—Alice, WW Co r 45 Hall 
— Eva M wid Paul housekpr r 18 Pierce 
— Theo chauf r 155 River 
Ricardo John r 856 Main 
Ricci Jas (Julia) farmer h 659 Trapelo rd 
Ricciardi Rosalia (Mrs Sebastiano) died Nov 

24 1931 
— Sebastiano lab h 19 Sun 
Ricciato Dena r 148 High 
Rice Alice E died Nov 27 1932 
— Catherine E wid Geo A h 19 Centre 
— Edwd gardnr r 148 Adams 
— Eliz wid Chas r 183 Robbins 
—Ellen M wid Wm H r 536 Lexington 
—Evelyn G, WW Co r 19 Centre 
—Frances P, WW Co r 19 Centre 
— Francis J counter mn 641 Main r 16 Ben- 

—Frank W (Ruth G) formn (Watertown) h 

183 Robbins 
— Geo E countermn r 375 River 
— Gerald E (Agnes D) h 98 Cedar 
— Howell C (Janet F) eng h 50 Murray 
— Jas hlpr 641 Main r at Newton 
— John F (Catherine V) paint sprayer h 375 

—Milton R, WW Co r 27 South 
—Ruth G Mrs, WW Co r 183 Robbins 
— Sarah J wid Calvin died Nov 6 1932 
— Willard K (Rozena M) h 17 Irving 
— Wm J (Estelle L) slsmn (Medford) h 27 

Rich Abigail Mrs waitress r 36 Cherry 
— Addison (Helene) rem to Newton High- 
—Reuben E (Vernita A) auto mech h 207 

— Sarah O r 37 Brown 
Richard Alyre J shoewkr r 17 Taylor 
— Bertha M rem to Saint Mary N B 
— Emelie wid Elzear died Nov 13 1930 
—Eva, WW Co r at West Newton 
—Henry J, WW Co r 10 Hazelhurst av, W 

— Ida rem to Saint Mary N B 
—Ida M, WW Co r 87 Maple 
— Irene B r 69 Plympton 
— J Oscar (Aurelia M) buckle wkr h 69 

—Jos E r 69 Plympton 
— Jos T (Anna H) mach h 83 Gushing 
— Lillian rem to Saint Mary N B 
— Marie E rem to Saint Mary N B 
—Martha J, WW Co r 87 Maple 
— Melas carp r 44 Dix 
—Peter (Angeline M) pntr h 100 Hiawatha 

—Peter D (Vitaline) rem to StMary N B 
—Raymond J (Bertha E) carp h 18 Calvary 


— Raymond J statistician r 87 Maple 

—Rita S elk r 87 Maple 

— Rosario pastor StJoseph's R C Church h 

519 Main 
— Sarah S wid Liboire h 87 Maple 
—Stella, WW Co r 10 Hazelhurst av, W New- 
— Thos J (Marie M) auto mech h 170 Bright 
— Vivian rem to StMary N B 
— Wallace J teleg opr (Webster) r 87 Maple 
— Wm J (Mary) lab h 12 Charles 
— Yvonne rem to Saint Mary N B 
Richards Alice M, WW Co r 31 Spruce 
— Archie J (Josephine C) pntr h 41 Fiske 
— Chester A h 8 Rumford av 
—Dayton W (Ruth E) plmbr h 38 Berkshire 

—Edmund M (Alice L) toolmkr h 138 New- 
— Ernest (Frances) gardnr h 43 Chester 

Brook rd 
— Ernest H radio service mn 620 Moody r 

10 Hazelhurst av Newton 
— Fredk (Helen) lawyer h 598 Lexington 
— Georgina Mrs, WW Co r 45 Lowell 
—Howard M (Ruby A) chef h 32 Eddy 
— J mach 49 River r 10 Hazelhurst av, W 

— Jos (Georgianna) mach r 45 Lowell 
— Jos G (Isabelle) pntr 47 Wadsworth av 
h do 

— Mabel A elk Walter E Fernald State sch r 

— Mabel E r 17 Gore 

— Marguerita tchr Henry Whittemore sch r 
at Brighton 

—Robt died Mar 13 1931 

Richardson Albert W B chauf h 88 Lafayette 

—Alice M h 90 Cherry 

— Alvin W (Maude C) poultry h 789 Beaver 

— Chester A (Grace L) driver SO Co h 67 
Fayette Watertown 

— Clement L (Marion E) chauf h 7 Lakeview 

— Clement S (Ruth) slsmn h 40 Leonard 

— Clement S Mrs asst treas J F & F I Robin- 
son Inc 55 Moody r 40 Leonard 

— Earl (Thelma) electn r 302 Crescent 

— Eva M piano tchr 88 Lafayette r do 

— Francis A instr University of Mass h at 

tomobile accessories, hardware and 
painters' supplies 698 Main h 21 Lincoln 
— See page 89 

— Gertrude G r 90 Cherry 

—Harold B (Inez M) WW Co h 31 Prospect- 
st av 

— Harriet elk r 802 Main 

— Henry K eng r 31 Prospect-st av 

— Jennie A Mrs private hospital 15 Townsend 
h do 

— Lillie B Mrs, WW Co h 59 Walnut 

— Lincoln h 160 Myrtle 

— Lois r 15 Townsend 

— Margt H tchr Jonathan Bright sch r 15 
Craven circle 

— Marshall L (Gertrude E) machine designer 
h 134 Plympton 

—Philip W elk 698 Main r 21 Lincoln 

— Ralph L (Edith E) mach h 18 Orange 

—Robt (Lillian) h 59 Walnut 

— Ruth r 15 Townsend 

— Thelma Mrs nurse r 302 Crescent 

— Thos H gro r 32 Vernon 

— Vaughan A (Myrtle A) electn h 51 Sum- 

— Walter r 104 Crescent 




— Walter W (Thelma L) elk 1 Massasoit h 
141 Grove 

— Warren O (Esther R) civ eng h 15 Pros- 
pect-st av 

Richmond Chastina L atndt nurse 505 Tra- 
pelo rd r do 

Ricker Chas P (Claribel F) WW Co h 220 

— Francis H mgr 584 Moody r 7 Fuller 

— Francis H jr treas Barbara Laundry- 
Stores Inc 584 Moody r 7 Fuller 

—Margt Mrs, WW Co h 7 Fuller 

Ricketson Annie M, WW Co r 30 Chester av 

— Eug T (Annie M) WW Co h 30 Chester 

— Helen L studt r 30 Chester av 

Rickey John express r 852 Main 

Ridente Salvatore (Mary) lab h 12 McKenn 

Ridgewell Nellie E wid Allen T r 15 Whit- 

Ridley Clarence M (Frances) auto mech h 35 

— Elmer E truckmn r 56 Lyman 

— Helen G bkpr 157 High r 56 Lyman 

— Nina G wid Clarence E drsmkr h 56 Ly- 

Ridstrom Edith H bkpr (B) r 4 Dartmouth 
— Signe Mildred sten (B) r 4 Dartmouth 
— Sophie M wid Herman h 4 Dartmouth 
Riedle Bertha married Geo Higgins 
Riemann Susanna D r 98 Vernon 
Rier Geo F (Esther M) WW Co h 11 Colburn 
Riess Alex D (Mildred) mgr h 83 Adams 
Rietchel Arthur R (Mary A) chauf h 28 Un- 
derwood pk 
— Mary A, WW Co r 28 Underwood pk 
— Mary F bkpr 139 Beaver r 34 Oak 
— see Reitchel 

Riff Emma H nurse 147 Main r do 
Rigby Alice N tchr Senior High sch r at Mel- 
— John S (Mary G) mgr h 24 Nathan rd 
Riggs Allen florist h 86 Robbins 
— Henry L (Lydia A) pntr h 124 Brown 
— Jas B (Ruth E) florist (Auburndale) h 34 

—Ruth E Mrs elk 223 Moody r 34 Park 
Rigoli Anthony (Filippi) dyer h 26 Hammer 
— Augustine r 198 Felton 
— Francesco (Anna M) lab h 28 Calvary 
— Rosario (Mary R) lab h 392 River 
— Sabastiano (Gilberte) stone mason h 137 

— Salvatore (Josephine) lab h 198 Felton 

— Sebastian caddy r 198 Felton 

—Vincent r 250 South 

Riley Agnes V winder r 58 Vernon 

— Anna L r 3 Bellevue av 

—Catherine C elk 329 Moody r 66 Guinan 

—Chas F r 15 Pearl 

— Clara A wid Chester drsmkr 132 Russell r 

— Danl H died Oct 28 1933 
— Edwd C (Salina) slsmn h 23 Sunset rd 
— Elmer G r 62 Brown 
— Evelyn M married Chas McGuire rem to 

— Fanny L tchr Waltham School for Girls 

327 Lexington r do 
— Frances h 35 Newton 
— Frank A (Hannah M) bldr 61 Barbara rd 

h do 
— Frank J r 3 Bellevue av 
— Fredk J (Sarah E) h 58 Vernon 
— Fredk J jr elk 399 Moody r 58 Vernon 
— Gertrude C insp r 159 Chestnut 
— Helen F wid Francis M died June 15 1931 
— J Anastasia elk r 66 Guinan 


— Jas (Blanche F) mach h 31 Cherry 
—John F lab r 22 Flood 
—Lillian E r 22 Wash av 
— Margt E married Wm Broderick 
— Mary M r 46 Cedar 
— Michl lab r 66 Guinan 
— Patk J (Margt E) h 66 Guinan 
— Thos H rem to Swampscott 
— Wallace E (Alice M) oil mixer h 20 Warren 

— Wm (Anna C) died Dec 13 1932 
— Wm M (Annie A) carp h 710 Lexington 
— see Reilly and Rielly 
Rilley Rodney O r 192 Robbins 
Rimbach Chas M (Alexis) slsmn h 36 Newton 
—J Philip r 36 Newton 
Rimmele Bertrand died June 5 1932 
— Nettie M married Harold A Mace 
—Otto B (Ida M) r 5 A Rumford av 
Rines Harold W shipper r 10 Willard 
— Jas A (Jeanette M G) chauf h 10 Willard 
— Richd M hlpr r 10 Willard 
Ring Frank A (Rachel E) h 85 Weston 
—Millard W h 1510 Trapelo rd 
— Richd chauf 11 Beaver cor Warren r at 

Ringer Flora atndt Walter E Fernald State 
sch r do 

—Irving L (Hazel L) firemn B&A h 116 Col- 
lege Farm rd 

Ringrose Alan J (Esther V) civ eng h 39 

— Alan R r 39 Morton 

Ripley Benj L (Merlissa) r 380 Lexington 

— Bertha S r 380 Lexington 

—John A, WW Co r at Lowell 

— Marion L elk r 380 Lexington 

— Wm L (Isabelle V) eng 775 Trapelo rd h 
73 Highland 

Rippin D Muriel r 17 Eddy 

— Ernest John (Louise) pres Robert B John- 
son Co Inc 653 Main h 17 Eddy 

— Kathleen M married M Hugo Sanders rem 
to Auburndale 

— Madge r 17 Eddy 

Risdon Sidney F (Beatrice E) formn h 408 

—Stetson M elk 265 Moody r 408 Crescent 
Riseberg Wm (Gertrude) men's and women's 

ready to wear clothing 286 Moody h 90 


Ristuccia Angeline r 17 Rich 

— Antonio (Angelina) fruit 915 Main h 54 

— Bernard A elk 367 Moody r 54 Rich 
— John (Josephine) fruit h 11 Berkshire rd 
— Jos (Mary) h 17 Rich 
—Rose, WW Co r 17 Rich 
Ritcey Ernest C (Florence M) fish 446 Moody 

and 899 Main h 221 Waltham, W Newton 

Ritchie Margt L, WW Co r 12 Spruce 

— Robt M (Eliz A) auto mech h 109 Plympton 

Rivard Albert F died Feb 27 1933 

— Florence B wid Albert F r 339 Bacon 

Rivers Ralph D (Olive M) asst pharm 882 

Main h 28 Clements rd 
Riverside Paint & Varnish Co Inc 87 Rum- 
ford av Walter S Hughes pres Franklin 
S Litchfield v-pres Greta C Coleman sec 
Carrie W Kurrelmeyer treas 
Riverview Battery Station (James McShane) 

185 Prospect 
— R R Station, Prospect st 
Rivetti Arthur (Anita) musn h 36 Prospect-st 

Rizzo Assunta M r 20 Gardner 
— Chas (Jennie) lab h 25 Oak 




—Frank (Concetta) barber 173 School h 20 

— Frank J elk r 20 Gardner 
—Geo P (Susie) h 32 Bolton 
— Girolomo P r 32 Bolton 
— Giuseppe (Gracia) lab h 182 Felton 
— Jos (Julia) h 81 Alder 
— Momo r 25 Oak 
— Peter (Rose) city lab h 60 Oak 
— Salvatore L barber r 20 Gardner 
—Sue tel solctr 552 South r 20 Gardner 
Roach Annie wid Thos P r 81 Winthrop 
— Ashley E (Florence G) paints 714 Moody h 

403 Crescent 

— Bernadette J r 274 River 
— Jas J (Ella I) mgr h 58 Caughey 
— Jas T eng h 81 Winthrop 
— Jos L (Anna L) box wkr h 27 McKenn 
— Louis J (Sophie) carp h 274 River 
— Mary A wid Jas A r 132 Adams 
— Nellie M wid John W domestic r 25 Lowell 
— Nicholas J opr 77 Rumford av r 81 Win- 

— Robt E r 81 Winthrop 

Roache Catherine r 57 Crescent 

— Chas F mach WM Works r 57 Crescent 

— Geo mach r 57 Crescent 

— John B (Annie E) plstr h 67 Lexington 

— John C (Danathilde A) carp h 6 Alder ter 

— see Roche 

Roark H Alton (Esther N) osteopath 787 Main 

h do 
— see Rourke 

Robart Arthur S (Gertrude E) h 22 Plant rd 
Robbins Angelia T wid Edwd N died Oct 14 

— Arline M sec r 23 Berkshire rd 
— Auzella M (Mrs John C) died Nov 5 1930 
—Chester C (Eliz R) formn B C Ames Co, 

Ames off Lexington h 9 Pratt av 
—Clifford W (Gertrude E) formn WW Co h 

23 Berkshire rd 
— Gertrude M hairdrsr 314 Moody rm 3 r 9 

Pratt av 
— Ina M wid Harry r 40 Harvard 
— John C slsmn h 39 Derby 
— Minnie Mrs r 4 Adams 
— Park, Maple, Crescent and Cherry 
— Ralph D (Winona D) rem to S Hanson 
—Ruth elk 702 Main r 10 Townsend 
— Wm (Edna) chauf h 188 Charles 
— & Moulton garage 7 Myrtle 
Robblee Jas A (Mae M) knitter h 54 Myrtle 
Roberge Alice A, WW Co r 43 Walnut 
— Emma Mrs rem to Concord N H 
—Geo A (Alice M) WW Co h 43 Walnut 
Robert Lydia D nurse r 76 Mokema av 
Roberts Albert E (Lulu G) toolmkr h 5 Grant 

— Anna A Mrs gro 234 Lake h Pine Hill 

— Dorothy A atndt Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 

— Douglas J barber h 184 Charles 

—Ellen M (Mrs Douglas J) died July 29 1931 

— Estella L wid Geo H h 12 Brookfield rd 

— Fanny L wid Alonzo r 85 Dale 

— Florence H bkpr 705 Main r 43 Newell rd 

—Grace E dec (B) r 12 Brookfield rd 
— Jas J (Loretta E) slsmn h 61 Lowell 
—John F (Mildred G) chauf 809 Main h 57 


—Josephine P, WW Co 
— Lee L (Anna A) gro h Pine Hill circle 
— Noel W (Marion E) barber h 14 Winthrop 
— R R Station, South st 



— W Harvey (Lillian M) supt h 18 Towns- 
Robertshaw Herbert elk r 10 Russell 
Robertson Alice G wid John Q h 14 Laurel 

—Allan J, WW Co r 16 Sharon 
—Andrew B (Marie J) elk 500 South h 104 

Overland rd 
— Ann L bkpr r 16 Sharon 
—Chas D r 16 Sharon 
— Chas R (Jennie) pntr h 69 Highland 
— Danl L (Mabel R) asst supt M&B St Ry 

1000 Main h 16 Sharon 
— David B (Elsie) rem to Newton Upper Falls 
— Geo A (Annie L) h 83 Taylor 
— Hazel lndry wkr r 107 Adams 
— Marguerite J timekpr r 16 Sharon 
— Marie W Mrs rem to Melrose 
—Mary E atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
—Mary E Mrs r 83 Taylor 
— Nora wid John H r 103 Irving 
Robichaud Alvine wid Erius r 21 Dexter 
— Angus (Josephine) box mkr r 20 Crescent 
— Eliz wid Angus died Nov 11 1933 
■ — Francis T (Mary A) instrument assembler 

h 76 Cushing 
— Fred J city forester r 82 Russell 
— Gertrude E Mrs nurse r 244 Crescent 
— Loren C (Mabel M) tube mkr h 55 River- 
view av 
— Margt V wid Napoleon J h 3 Noonan 
— Marie J sten (B) r 15 Winsom av 
— Marshall R asst shipper (B) r 15 Winsom 

—Mary, WW Co r 114 Bright 

—Mary A, WW Co r 76 Cushing 

— Mastai L (Eliz) carp h 15 Winsom av 

— Peter J (Lucy) mach h 82 Russell 

— Ruth E coml artist (B) r 15 Winsom av 

— Valeri r 81 Ash 

— see Robshaud 

Robideau Wm L M, WW Co r 218 Adams 

Robie Flora E wid Walter E h 26 Spruce 

Robillard Jos (Ellen) countermn r 41 Pine 

— Jos R (Emma C) hairdrsr h 31 Wash av 

Robinchaw Jas B (Annie L) gardnr r 74 

Robinshaw Louise M died Aug 26 1932 
Robinson Albert J auto mech r 3 Fern 
— Anna r 3 Fern 

—Bessie K Mrs, WW Co r 9 Chester av 
— C Arthur carp r 707 South 
—Caroline F wid Robt R died Sept 12 1931 
—Chas A (Esther B) WW Co h 88 Wash av 
—Chas L (Clara S) baker h 707 South 
—Donald L (Dora A) photog (B) h 4 Beal 

—Edwd F (Mabel S) electn 515 South h 68 

— Flora wid John H h 9 Chester av 
— Frederic I pres J F & F I Robinson Inc 55 

Moody h 132 Church 
— Geo atndt 205 Lexington r 87 Overland rd 
—Guy H (E Marion) acct (B) h 45 Upton rd 
— Henry W (Florence G) pipe ftr r 20 Rich- 
grain av 
—J F & F I Inc 55 Moody inc '19 Frederic I 
Robinson pres James F Robinson treas 
Mrs Clement S Richardson asst treas in- 
surance and real est 
— Jas A (Ellen S) milk 1309 Main h do 
— Jas F treas J F & F I Robinson Inc 55 

Moody r 132 Church 
— Jennie bkpr r 49 Crescent 
—Jennie E, WW Co r 703 Moody 
—John A (Violet) WW Co r 9 Chester av 
— LeRoy (Bessie) elk r 9 Chester av 




— Lucia K studt r 132 Church 

—Martha M r 132 Church 

— Pauline Mrs h 3 Fern 

— Robinson (Eliz) h 117 Myrtle 

—Roy J (Emily A) slsmn 100 Felton h 83 

—Sidney (Beryl T) slsmn h 49 Willow 
— Verner F (Fannie) tchr South Junior High 

sch h 45 Fuller 
—Violet Mrs, WW Co r 9 Chester av 
—Walter L (Alice M) slsmn h 189 South 
—Winifred A, WW Co r 707 South 
Robshaud see Robichaud 
Robson Gladys V elk r 35 Maple 
— Murray R studt r 35 Maple 
— Russell W (Mary M) mach h 35 Maple 
Roche Alice E studt r 870 Moody 
— Bernadette r 84 Gardner 
— Chas A (Alice) gardnr r 870 Moody 
— Chas A rem to Newton 
— Chas P elk 715 Moody r 44 Auburn 
— Danl J (Stella F) arsenal wkr h 8 Common 
— Edwd T (May R) opr M&B St Ry h 56 


—Eleanor C, WW Co r 870 Moody 

— Estella F wid Fredk J r 184 Charles 

— Francis J gardnr r 870 Moody 

— Geo Henry (Gertrude F) asst mgr 316 

Moody h 244^ Robbins 
— Geo T gardnr r 870 Moody 
— Gerald J mason r 141 Brown 
— Jas F (Marion E) bkpr (Cambridge) h 46 

— John H (Catherine) gardnr h 44 Auburn 
— Lorenzo G linemn EEI Co, Cooper st r 

170 Chestnut Cambridge 
—Louise M bkpr 894 Main r 1087 do 
— Mary wid Marcelin h 84 Gardner 
— Olive lndrs r 84 Gardner 
— Patk (Eliz) gardnr h 870 Moody 
— Peter M (Eliz) h 6 Williams 
— Severin (Constance H) WW Co r 169 

— Vina L wid John housekpr h 1087 Main 
— Wm J (Helen A) tchr h 35 Common 
— Wm L (Mabel L) elk h 120 Myrtle 
— see Roache 
Rocheleau Hormisdas (Mary G) mldr h 11 

Pond-st ct 
— Mary G phone opr 16 Spring r 11 Pond-st 


Rockwell Harry M (Annie H) h 418 Moody 
Rockwood Lyle H (Alice) teleg opr B&M 

h 141 Florence rd nr Cedarwood av 
— Marion tchr Senior High sch r at Boston 
— Nettie wid Ruell r 4 Hamilton rd 
— Paul V (Bernice E) mgr 136 Prospect h 29 

Rodd Harry C (Mary E) chauf h 118 Robbins 
Rodenhiser John C auto mech r 544 Waverley 

Oaks rd 
— Lottie B wid Arthur r 544 Waverley Oaks 

Rodenhizer Basil carp r 41 Chester av 
—Garfield L (Eliz M) roofer h 114 Wash av 
—Viola G elk r 74 Maple 
Rodier Agnes A, WW Co r 199 Hammond 
— Alf r 63 Lawrence 
— Alice r 199 Hammond 
— Arthur (Helen) slsmn 894 Main h 65 Law- 
— Calixte (Phoebe) produce h 199 Hammond 
—Edwd J (Sophie M) mach h 62 Rich 
— Eug R (Ruth O) watch mkr 256 Charles h 

144£ Hammond 
—Jos, WW Co r at Wayland 
— Lillian Mrs r 197 Hammond 
— Marcel h 63 Lawrence 


— Rose A r 199 Hammond 

—Sophie M Mrs, WW Co r 118 College Farm 

— Valmore B (Marie E) h 235 Dale 
—Wilfred V (Lillian B) WW Co h 197 Ham- 
Roe L Scott mfrs agt (B) r 48 Barbara rd 
Roesger Florence A (Mrs Simeon O) died 

May 29 1931 
— Simeon O mldr r 1101 Main 
Roger Azilda wid Francis h 802 Main 
Rogers Albert F (Lucy M) garage h 58 Orange 
— Catherine D wid Andrew J h 48 Spring 
— Catherine H wid Amos L h 142 High 
—Chas E (Anna B) elk B&M (B) h 26 War- 
ren av 
— Chas P ptrnmkr h 157 Felton 
—Dorothy S 66 Woerd av r 142 High 
—Eliza E wid Geo W h 248 Brown 
—Ella S r 43 Fiske 

—Elmer W (Helen M) pntr h 87 Beal rd 
— Frank A r 29 Shirley rd 
— Fred J (Margt T) police 25 Lexington h 15 

Berkshire rd 
— Fredk W (Agnes) grinding wheel wkr 115 

Bacon r at Newton 
— Geo atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r do 
—Geo W (Eliza E) died Sept 2 1932 
—Granville A (Bertha M) bkpr (B) h 29 

Shirley rd 
— Harold (Malvina) mach h 19 Highland 
— Helen M tchr Nahum Hardy sch r 87 Beal 

—Helen P h 45 Hall 

— Henry F (Marion E) driver 187 Adams h 17 

Parmenter rd 
— Henry F mach opr r 48 Spring 
— Jas mill wkr r 48 Hall 
—John J h 80 Elson rd 
— John J jr (Fairbanks & Co) pharm 923 

Main r 80 Elson rd 

ROGERS JOSEPH F (Mary C) mgr John 
Hancock Mutual Life Ins Co of Boston 
Mass 740 Main rm 105 h Ivaloo st — See 
page 94 

— Lindall C (Anna W) sign pntr 137 Moody h 
28 Bellamy Brighton 

— Lucy M Mrs elk 381 Moody r 58 Orange 

— Margt W wid Artemus B died June 28 

— Marion E Mrs, WW Co r 17 Parmenter rd 

— Mary Mrs h 423 River 

—Mary E elk 720 Main r 157 Felton 

— Mary L sec r 80 Elson rd 

— Nelson R mach opr r 142 High 

— Reginald (Kathleen) chauf h 90 Barbara rd 

— Roberta G r 20 Lexington ter 

—Roy W (Reby M J) WW Co h 203 Ash 

— Sadie wid John h 93 Taylor- 

—Susan J (Mrs Wm F) died Jan 7 1932 

— Thos F reserve police 25 Lexington r 80 
Elson rd 

—Thos H r 114 School 

— Vincent E r 26 Warren av 

— Warren J r 48 Spring 

— Wilfred r 26 Warren av 

— Wm (Mary E) gardnr h 9 Fuller 

— Wm H (Sarah) watchmn h 48 Hall 

Rogerson Kathleen married Sidney Davidson 

—Ray, WW Co r 118 Brown 

Rogge Robt C (Ruth L A) tile setter h 2 Cop- 
ley av 

Rohde Herman ins agt 267 Moody h 42 Fair- 
view av Belmont 

Rohdin Robt C H (Karin A) WW Co h 14 

Rolin Aug (Thyra A) wood wkr h 23^ Rob- 




—Lillian I, WW Co r 23i Robbins 

Rollins Albert J mach r 30 Fiske 

— Edwd C (Margt) tmstr r 30 Fiske 

— Frank H (Margt) tmstr h 30 Fiske 

— Lindley C (Sue M) rpr mgr (Allston) h 75 

Beal rd 
—Lloyd D r 13 Cabot 

—Ralph C (Edith B) WW Co h 13 Cabot 
Rollinson Mary A Mrs waitress r 88 Gardner 
Roman Jos (Delia) baker 100 Felton h 60 

Romard Jos (Mary) paperhanger h rear 23 

— Peter lab r 27 Felton 
— Peter C (Lucy) firemn 66 Woerd av h 30 

— Placide (Eleanor) h 6 Liverpool lane 
—Timothy died June 20 1933 
Romeo Anthony J, WW Co r at Watertown 
Romkey John L (E Maude) carp h 84 Rob- 
Romotsky Morris (Rose) tailor 9 Charles-st 

av h do 
Rood Ralph A shtmtlwkr h 18 Indian rd 
Rooke Isabel M, WW Co r 393 Crescent 
Roome Wm H (Mary E) butter and eggs 28 

Rich h do 
Rooney Delia r 48 Bacon 
—Edwd C (M A Irene) opr M.&B St Ry h 25 

—Francis P, WW Co r 179 School 
— Frank D (Anna A) chauf h 65 Caughey 
— Fredk P r 43 Harvard 
— Honora elk 223 Moody r 14 Lawrence 
— Jas E elk r 14 Lawrence 
ROONEY JAMES I (Margaret F) lawyer 657 

Main rm 5 h 50 Pleasant — See page 96 
— John A (Martha H) receiver BE Co h 15 

— John F (Annette L) chauf h 17 Warren av 
—John J died July 5 1931 
— Jos E (Florence M) men's furngs 3 Moody 

h 30 Lexington 
— Jos H (Julia I) bkpr h 23 Caughey 
— Jos M r 79 Fiske av 
ROONEY LEONARD J (Ruth C) insurance 

680 Main rm 17 r 22 Townsend — See page 

— Margt H nurse r 43 Harvard 
—Martin died Jan 25 1933 
— Mary wid Patk H h 22 Townsend 
— Michl F (Mary J) city lab h 16 Ripley 
— Nora C asst Public Library 735 Main r 79 

Fiske av 
—Patk H (Mary A) died Feb 2 1933 
— Richd J sexton h 25 Pond 
— Thos F elk r 16 Ripley 
— Thos F formn yard rear 158 Lexington r 

43 Harvard 
—Thos M (Sarah A) WW Co h 43 Harvard 
—Thos T (Mary E) elk 720 Main h 14 Law- 

— Wm L slsmn (B) r 25 Pond 
— Wm S (85 Devonshire rm 707, B) h 79 

Fiske av 
Rosberg Carl H (Hazel R) experimental mn 

h 5^5 Dexter 
—Hans P (Ida) died Sept 27 1931 
— Ida wid Hans P r 25 Maple [pk 

Rose Abr J (Agnes B) furn rpr h 138 Ellison 
— Alfaretta wid Norman J h 188 Hammond 
— Alvord H died Sept 22 1931 
— David (Alice) phys h 61 Marlborough rd 
— Estelle M photo fnshr 53 Moody r 52 Win- 
ship Brighton 
— Ida Shoppe (Wm Riseberg) women's 

dresses 288A Moody 
— Lottie A r 188 Hammond 
— Manuel chef r 876i Main 


— Mary E sec (Newton) r 138 Ellison pk 
—Mildred tchr h 165 Villa 
— Minnie A Mrs, WW Co h Pine Hill circle 
— Norman J (Alfaretta) died Nov 12 1930 
— Raymond (Irene) bench hand 77 Rumford 

av r 538 Pleasant, Watertown 
—Thos J ins agt 371 Moody rm 106 r 138 

Ellison pk 
— & Irene Shop (Julian Kontoff) women's 

wear 417 Moody 

Rosebrook Eliz B wid Geo W r 10 Cushing 
Rosen Talking Machine Co radios and elec- 
tric refrigerators 347 Moody 
Rosenbaum Arnold H r 22 Manning rd 
— Edmund (Lena) (Water St Garage) 6 Wa- 
ter h 22 Manning rd 
Rosenberg Edwd (Eliz) junk h 139 Adams 
— Frank restr (B) r 139 Adams 
— Geo restr (B) r 139 Adams 
— Irene elk 987 Main r 139 Adams 
— Mary bkpr 552 South r 139 Adams 
— Nathan (Mariam) elk 517 Moody h 51 

Rosenfeld Jack slsmn 552 South r 42 Eddy 
Rosenfield Philip (Sophia C) (Middlesex 

Electric Supply Co) 689 Main h 88 Par- 

menter rd 

Rosenthal Minnie G mlnr r 252 Brown 

Ross Catherine restr 916 Main h at Newton 

— Catherine M tchr Jonathan Bright sch r 

338 Trapelo rd 
— Danl R mgr 424 Moody r 22 Lee, Cambridge 
—Delia E Mrs, WW Co h 5 Derby 
— Douglas M (Arline) mgr 305 Moody h 26 

Emerson rd Wellesley Hills 
—Eliz wid Hugh died Nov 6 1930 
—Ethel M Mrs, WW Co h 74 Brown 
— Fred A hlpr Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
—Geo H, USCG r 5 Derby 
—Harold A (Gladys D) milkmn h 906 Moody 
— Hartley P lab r Larchmont av 
— Hugh T (Clara) linemn EEI Co, Cooper 

st h 5 Jay Cambridge 
— Lizzie atndt Walter E Fernald State sch r 

— M Gordon (Marjorie H) slsmn h 95 Over- 
land rd 

—Malcolm C (Ethel M) WW Co 

— Margt L studt r 338 Trapelo rd 

—Mildred I, WW Co r 5 Derby 

—Paul H died April 6 1933 

— Wm C (Jessie G) master mech Walter E 

Fernald State sch h 338 Trapelo rd 
— Wm H (Delia E) auto mech h 5 Derby 
Rossbach Adolph Rev (Malvina H) h 97 

—Geo B studt r 97 Church 
Rossi Alex J r 11 Williams 
— Christine 66 Woerd av r 11 Williams 
— Geraldine Mrs maid 94 Adams r 156 School 
— Jos (Mary) h 11 Williams 
— Mary L 66 Woerd av r 11 Williams 
— Pasquale farm hand r 11 Williams 
— Pasquale (Geraldine) mill rprmn h 156 

— Salvatore farm hand r 11 Williams 
Rossignol Catherine, WW Co r 28 Hall 
— Ralph J (Catherine M) carp h 28 Hall 
Rossyn Geo D (Dorothy) mgr 351 Moody h at 

Rotary Club of Waltham No 2225 Leroy 
Sweeney sec 84 Fiske meets every Wed 
afternoon at Waltham Country Club 
Rotchford Edwd J (Margt M) mach h 15 Low- 
Rothwell Geo florist r 23 Brown 



Roubian Martin (Annie) shoe rpr 750 Moody 
r at Watertown 

Rouffe Dora Weinstein (Louis' Public Mar- 
ket) 873 Main r 91 Hammond 

— Louis (Dora) slsmn 873 Main h 91 Ham- 

Roughsedge Percy H (Mary A) chauf h 33 

Roulston Robt (Mary J) chauf Waltham Coal 
Co h 180 Lexington 

Rourke Catherine J wid John M h 19 Cush- 

—Frank J (Ethyl) (Hotel Crescent) 25 Cres- 
cent h do 

— Harry J slsmn r 13 Harvard 

— J Jos r 66 Exchange 

— J Wm auto rpr 9 and 11 Wadsworth av 
r 67 Crescent 

— John J (Mary) (Waltham Drug Co) 830 
Main h 57 Irving 

— Margt Mrs opr r 31 Gorham 

— Mary E elk Pond opp Exchange r 66 Ex- 

— Mary E wid Michl J h 66 Exchange 

— Michl H (Bessie A) h 13 Harvard 

— Thos J auto trimmer r 91 Crescent 

— Thos M (Beatrice R) mach h 64 Exchange 

— see Roark 

Rouse Annie E wid Frank died Nov 28 1932 

—Grace died Oct 26 1930 

Roush Wayne (Velma S) mech hlpr 582 Main 

r at Billerica 
Rousseau Edwd J elk r 662 Moody 
— Roland (Theresa A) mill hand h 16 Gorham 
—Ronald F, WW Co r at W Newton 
—Ronald H, WW Co r 662 Moody 
— Rosario elk 399 Moody r 108 Chestnut 
— see Ruso and Russo 
Rowe Albert L (Mildred A) auto mech r 

Winter bey Smart 
— Alex F (Josephine A) bldr 38 Barbara rd 

h do 
— Arline L office asst supt of schools 55 

School r 75 Chestnut 
— Chas A (Grace M) forester h 14 Lake rd 
— Dorothy F Mrs h 4 Walnut 
—Edgar S (Dorothy F) died April 25 1932 
— Eliot M (Susan G) slsmn r 275 Crescent 
— Frances M Mrs slswmn (Newton) r 15 


— Jennie M Mrs r 73 Fiske 

— Mary A, WW Co r at Newton 

— Sargent S elk r 19 Appleton 

—Susan G Mrs, WW Co r 275 Crescent 

— Willard M dentist 680 Main rm 20 r 19 

— Winfield F (Hattie N) state insp public 

works division (State House, B) h 75 


Rowell Beatrice M wid Edwd F h 100 Cushing 

—Edwin W studt r 135 Dale 

— Herbert studt r 135 Dale 

— Lena S drsmkr 46 Wellington r do 

— Louise landscape archt r 135 Dale 

— Mary J Mrs r 31 Central 

— May L wid Henry K h 135 Dale 

Roy Clement, WW Co r 94 Adams 

— Emmet E r 141 Bright 

—Eva R Mrs, WW Co r 24A Myrtle 

— Godfrey J (Eva R) watchmkr h 24A Myrtle 

— Norman B (Catherine I) mach h 141 Bright 

— Romeo I linemn EEI Co, Cooper st r 25 

Capitol Newton 
Royal Arcanum, Rumford Council 113, John 

W Kohl sec 142 Myrtle meets first Wed 

721 Main 
—Ida B wid Asbury T died Mar 27 1932 
Royce Shoe Co (Roy T Sheinwald) 346 Moody 

Royle Ernest J (Jennie V) WW Co h 63 

— Gladys M bkpr r 113 Crescent 
—Harold (Ethel M) WW Co h 113 Crescent 
— Madeline M elk public works dept City Hall 

r 63 Highland 
— Norman C (Josephine E) elec eng r 113 

—Percy (Ida M) WW Co h 16 Sterling rd 
—Thos N r 63 Highland 
Rozofsky Shirley tel solctr 552 South r at 

Ruane Ann E bkpr r 455 Waverley Oaks rd 
— Bridget A wid Michl died June 3 1932 
— Helen L photog r 22 Auburn 
— M Doris waitress r 125 Felton 
—Nellie M died Oct 3 1933 
— Sara A personnel dir (B) r 455 Waverley 

Oaks rd 

Rubaway Fannie wid Benj h 19 Central av 

Rubin Eli junk r 118 Charles 

Ruccio Vincent (Lillian) barber h 138 Rob- 

Rudden Verna B Mrs elk The Waltham Natl 
Bank of Waltham r 27 Prospect 

Rudenauer Geo D (Mary F) auto mech h 28 

Rudolph Jennie atndt Walter E Fernald State 
sch r do 

—Robt P (Eliz T) eng h 112 Overland rd 

—Rose B atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 
r do 

Rueter Chas F r 64 Cherry 

Ruffin Wm B (Gertrude L) auto mfr h 60 

Ruggles Chester A (Margt W) undtkr's asst 

29 Spruce h 25 do 
— Clarence V (Cora W) carp h 68 Stow 
— Dwight (Alice M) carp h 203 Brown 
Rule Agnes A married Maxwell Hyde 
— Eliz wid John h 14 Dexter 
— Walter S atndt nurse 505 Trapelo rd r do 
Rumford Av Furniture Warehouse 51 Rum- 
ford av 
Rundlett Robt E prntr 18 Pine h 12 Willow 

av Somerville 
—Wilfred H (Lena M) chemist h 62 Lake 
Ruso Almira M wid Fredk h 115 Robbins 
— Fredk (Almira) died July 29 1931 
— Fredk K picture opr r 115 Robbins 
— Virginia slswmn r 115 Robbins 
— see Russo 
Russ Jennie forwmn 66 Woerd av r 577 Grove 

Newton Lower Falls 
Russell Alma F wid Chas S r 18 Townsend 
— Bertha wid Chas h 354 Newton 
—Chas M (Judith E) WW Co r 244 Dale 
—Chas T (Mary E) WW Co h 22 Boynton 
— Chester H studt r 22 Boynton 
—Clara M (Mrs Clifton W) died Dec 2 1931 
—Dorothy E typist (B) r 58 Hollace 
— Eliz B social wkr 775 Trapelo rd r 52 Em- 
mons rd, W Roxbury 
— Geo J (Florence M) supt h 8 Common 
— Harry A (Jennie M) car rpr B&M h 597 

— Howard S (Mabel) ins and insp Mutual 
Fire Underwriters 131 Lexington h at 
—J Chas, WW Co r 354 Newton 
— John M instr University of Mass h 95 Rob- 
bins rd Watertown 
—Judith E Mrs, WW Co r 244 Dale 
— Leon M, WW Co r at Watertown 
— Leslie A rem to Watertown 
— Martha A wid Chas H h 58 Hollace 
— Mary A wid Wm M h 128 Vernon 
—Ruth B, WW Co r 58 Hollace 
— Ruth I sten r 128 Vernon 




—Silas V, WW Co r 128 Vernon 

Russes Anthony L (Frances) gro h 44 Leon- 

Russo Andrew J (Catherine V) rem to Boston 

—Anthony (Grace) h 163 School 

— Anthony F (Alia M) pntr h 6 Lawrence 

— Antonio (Lucy) elec welder h 196£ Willow 

— Antonio (Mary) lab h 12 Kingsley's ct 

— Carlo P (Cologera) (Russo & Sons Art 
Studio) 353 Moody rm 106 h 16 Hench- 
man Boston 

— Carmine ins agt 267 Moody r 106 Forest 

— Gerlando (Nellie) gro 184 Newton h 1 Cal- 

—Jas, WW Co r 40 Calvary 

—John (Louisa M) lab WM Works h 58 Wil- 

— Jos (Mary) lab h 40 Calvary 

— Jos lab r rear 144 School 

— Josephine E radio tube wkr r 196£ Willow 

—Mary r 163 School 

—Mary E studt r 196i Willow 

— Pietro (Assunta) meat ctr h 42 Oak 

— Rosa Mrs r 71 Exchange 

— Rosaria wid John h 1 River av 

— Salvatore lab h 17 Noonan 

— Sebastiano (Frances) h 164 Felton 

— Thos (Mary) lab h 79 River 

— Vincenzo, WW Co r 40 Calvary 

— i& Sons Art Studio (Carlo P Russo) photogs 
353 Moody rm 106 

Rust Florence L Mrs, WW Co 

— Richd L (Florence) WW Co 

Rutter Robt P (Helen L) treas (557 Boylston 
B) h 177 Weston 

Ryan Albert M r 19 Boynton 

—Alberta C died Sept 29 1932 

— Alice h 13 John 

— Alice L slswmn (B) r 16 Plympton av 

— Beatrice L married John Muscato rem to 

— Bros (Mrs Mary J Ryan) grocers 108 New- 

— C Wentworth slsmn h 393 Newton 

— Catherine F elk r 37 Dartmouth 

—Catherine M elk 157 High r 113 Taylor 

— Catherine V r 16 Gordon 

— Chas r 115 Calvary 

—Cornelius F r 83 Hall 

— D Jos real est and ins 20 Faneuil rd h do 

— Dennis J meats 4 Oak r 113 Taylor 

— Edwd (Mary E) lab h 217 Grove 

— Edwd J r 217 Grove 

—Edwd J V (Marie J) died Jan 17 1933 

— Eliot S rem to New York city 

— Eliz F r 15 Harvard pi 

— Eliz J, WW Co r 73 Taylor 

— Ellen wid John r 16 Plympton av 

— Ellen L nurse 775 Trapelo rd r do 

— Evelyn M married Walter A Hood rem to 

— Everett E insp r 33 Floyd 

— Frances P studt r 108 Cushing 

— Francis J (Margt M) carrier PO 738 Main h 
160 Russell 

— Francis P r 26 Oak 

— Frank J (Kathleen L) editor and publisher 
Waltham Courier 680 Main rm 24 h 201 

—Frank P (E Irene) h 21 John 

—Geo J elk 108 Newton r 98 do 

—Gladys E elk r 269 Brown 

—Hannah wid Thos H h 20 Cutter 

— Helen E phone opr 16 Spring r 26 Oak 

— Helen F nurse h 274 School 

— Helen L sten r 269 Brown 

— Henry M (Ada G) postal elk h 19 Boynton 

— Henry M jr r 19 Boynton 


— Ina M Mrs nurse r 43 Marianna rd 
—Jas A (Mary) WW Co h 50 Myrtle 
—Jas A jr, WW Co r 50 Myrtle 
—Jas S (Mary T) eng 256 Charles h 87 Fran- 

— John r 153 Crescent 

— John A slsmn 223 Moody r 37 Dartmouth 
— John E (Ina M) formn h 43 Marianne rd 
— John F baggage master Waltham RR sta 

r 23 MtPleasant 
— John F brklyr r 7 Edwin rd 
— John F lab h 25 School av 
— John J r 63 Ellison pk 
—John J (Ida) chauf h 294 Warren 
— John P (Eulalia I) auto mech h 339 Lincoln 
—John T (Mary E) died Sept 1 1933 
—Jos A elk PO 738 Main h 16 Plympton av 
— Jos A produce r 113 Taylor 
— Jos F r 87 Francis 

— Jos G (Lillian) greens kpr h 686 Moody 
—Jos L (Mildred M) lab h 190* Adams 
—Jos R, WW Co r at Arlington Hts 
—Jos T r 21 John 
—Julia A h 1669 Trapelo rd 
—Julia T nurse (Wash D C) r 20 Cutter 
— Kathleen L Mrs investigator public health 

dept City Hall r 201 Dale 
—Leo F (Margt I) jwlr (B) h 108 Cushing 
— Loretta H sec (Wash D C) r 20 Cutter 
— Mabel F tchr h 26 Hammond 
— Madeline M r 686 Moody 
— Margt F, WW Co r 87 Francis 
—Margt T, WW Co r 7 Oak 
— Marguerite M elk (B) r 122 Taylor 
— Marian C studt nurse r 269 Brown 
—Marie J wid Edwd J V r 20 Cutter 
— Martin F (Eliz M) slsmn 582 Main h 50 


— Martin J carrier PO 738 Main r 16 Gordon 

—Martin J elk r 136 Felton 

— Mary curtain mkr r 115 Calvary 

—Mary, WW Co r 50 Myrtle 

—Mary E elk 315 Moody r 20 Cutter 

— Mary E wid John J h 15 Harvard pi 

— Mary E wid John T h 269 Brown 

—Mary E wid Michl J h 122 Taylor 

— Mary H r 7 Edwin rd 

— Mary J elk 299 Moody r 37 Dartmouth 

— Mary J Mrs r 115 Calvary 

— Mary J wid Wm F (Ryan Bros) 108 Newton 

h 98 do 
— Mary L studt r 108 Cushing 
—Mary T Mrs, WW Co r 3 Russell 
— Maureen E elk City Auditor's office City 

Hall r 122 Taylor 
—Michl H (Ellen E) lab 100 Seyon av h 209 

— Nellie E domestic 133 School r do 
—Nora J (Mrs John F) died Oct 18 1933 
—Olive M, WW Co r 87 Francis 
— Patk h 73 Taylor 
— Patk J (Eliz M) auto rpr (Cambridge) h 

63 Ellison pk 
—Patk J (Mary) formn 500 South h 26 Oak 
— Patk J (Anne J) slsmn h 173 Summer 
—Paul A, USN r 50 Myrtle 
— Percy W (Clara F) jan Thos R Plympton 

sch h 393 Newton 
— Philip F (Margt L) mgr h 5 Barton 
—Sarah C (Mrs D Jos) died Oct 15 1933 
—Sarah E r 1669 Trapelo rd 
— Susan wid Thos F h 37 Dartmouth 
—Thos G lab r 20 Cutter 
—Thos J r 26 Oak 
—Thos W, USN r 50 Myrtle 
— Timothy F h 16 Gordon 
— Warren M (Blanche E) city forester office 

City Hall h 77 Fiske 




— Wm F mgr Ryan Bros 108 Newton r 98 do 
— Wm F (Mary J) (Ryan Bros) died April 

12 1932 
— Wm F (47 Everett) died Aug 1 1932 
— Wm H elk 655 Main h 136 Felton 
— Wm H studt r 63 Ellison pk 
— Wm J r 122 Taylor 
—Winifred Mrs h 83 Hall 
Ryberg Carl A pntr h 107 Orange 
— John E (Mabel) hlpr h 14 Lawton pi 
Ryder Herbert S ins agt 680 Main rm 26 r 125 

Langdon av Watertown 
—Sarah F wid Fredk died Dec 3 1931 
Rynn Helen P studt r 43 Mayall rd 
— Jas F elk (B) r 43 Mayall rd 
— Margt A sten (B) r 43 Mayall rd 
— Patk M (Celia A) dist formn 101 Seyon av 

h 43 Mayall rd 

S M S Co 400 Main inc '18 Thos J Sullivan 
pres Arthur A Simmers asst treas auto- 
Sabean Arthur C (Addie E) died Dec 24 1931 
— Arthur M (Carrie J) pntr h 80 Myrtle 
— Ashby (May) died June 27 1933 
— Bessie M bkpr 570 Moody r do 
— Elmer C mgr 693 Moody r 130 Brown 
—Ernest H (Mildred A) elk (B) h 9 Parmen- 

ter rd 
— Eva D bkpr r 213 Brown 
— Harold J (Pearl V) slsmn h 195 Brown 
— Ida J wid Thos H h 213 Brown 
Sabsay Wiegard I (Ruth) (Continental of 
Waltham) 866 Main h 8 Norumbega ter 
Sacco John rose grower 411 Waverley Oaks rd 

r at Waverley 
Sacred Heart R C Church, River cor Jackson 
sts Rev Leo E Sella pastor Stephen Dalla- 
Via asst 

Safford Carl M (Margt L) mus tchr 243 Ash h 

—Lizzie E wid Edwd A h 243 Ash 

Safrine Edith J wid Marseleno h 14 Sparkill 

Sahagian Krikor gro 12 Warren r at Water- 

Sahatjian Vartan A tel opr r 3 Webster 

StArmand Wm C (M Lucille) landscape supt 
(Brighton) h 93 Lexington 

StCharles Convent 23 Hall 

— Parochial School 44 Taylor in charge of 
Sisters of StJoseph 

— R C Church 61 Hall, Peter J Walsh pastor 
Harold Wrenn, Ralph A V Harris assts 

StGermain Albert rem to Fitchburg 

— Arthur (Alma) mtrmn h 19 Colburn 

— Edgar R mach opr r 19 Colburn 

—Henry F, WW Co r 697 Lincoln 

— Leona M sten 15 Lane r 19 Colburn 

— Mary N studt r 697 Lincoln 

— Noel (Mary E) (Maple Hill Farm Dairy) 
697 Lincoln h do 

—Wilfred B hlpr r 19 Colburn 

StGermaine Sophia wid Anthony r 4 Warren 

StJacques Marie A, WW Co r at Waverley 

— Nelson r 37 Pine 

StJoseph's Parish Hall 47 Central 

— Parochial School 30 Pond in charge of Sis- 
ters of Notre Dame 

— Rectory 519 Main 

— R C Church 529 Main, Rosario Richard pas- 
tor Adelard Ouellet asst pastor 

StMary's Parochial High School, Lexington 
cor School in charge of Sisters of Notre 
Dame and Christian Brothers 

— R C Church, School nr Common sts Jas J 
Baxter DD pastor Jos C O'Brien, Waldo 
C Hasenfus, Wm F Faulkner assts 

StMichele's Society, Antonio Mazzarini sec 

6 Middle-st pi 
StOnge Gertrude E Mrs drsmkr r 41 Francis 
StPeter's Parochial School 30 School in 

charge of Sisters of Christian Education 
StPierre Joseph (Louisa G) WW Co h 56£ 

— Marie P phone opr 16 Spring r 6 Park pi 
— Myrtle domestic r 56 Caughey 
— T Michel (Alvina M) asst mgr h 26 Plymp- 

Sal's Beauty Shop (Salvatore Graceffa) 309 


Salamanis Thos G (The Candyland Shop) 475 

Moody r 26 High 
Salamone Carmela wid Francesco died Oct 28 

— Fannie wid Michl h 173 Charles 
— Frank, WW Co r 144 Prospect 
— Frank E barber r 13 Highland 
— Geo mill hand r 144 Prospect 
— Giovanni (Maria) lab h 22 Oak 
— Jas (Carmela) WW Co h 144 Prospect 
— Jos (Carmela) barber 137 Prospect h 13 

— Louis gasket mkr 11 Francis r 173 Charles 
— Michl auto mech r 173 Charles 
— Michl sr (Fannie) died April 27 1933 
— Nicola (Frances) shoe rpr 141 Prospect h 

53 Highland 
— Orazio (Carmela) lab h 24 Gorham 
— Raymond (Sarah) lab r 30 Beech 
— Vincent (New England Gasket Co) 11 Fran- 
cis r 173 Charles 
— Wm (Susie) uphol h 119 Pine 
Saldi Alfonso (Pauline) gro 137 Felton h 139 

Salisbury Arthur C, WW Co h at Lexington 

— Herbert (Eva) rem to Needham 

— Isabelle Mrs, WW Co h at Lexington 

—Jas (Lotta P) h 156 Dale 

Sallstrom Ellen Mrs r 250 South 

Salmon Alden H (Eliz) mgr 347 Moody h 39 

Fairlawn circle Worcester 
— Patk F rem to Watertown 
Salomone Stephen r 24 Gorham 
Salpietro Antonio (Nancy) h 129£ Charles 
— Jas (Angelina) gro 51 Charles h do 
Saltemaire John mach r 89 Cherry 
Salter Chesley F (Edith) formn h 208 Brown 
— Marion B sten r 208 Brown 
Saltzman Danl (Rose) (Daniel's) 361 Moody 

h 8 Nazing ct Roxbury 
Salupo Nunzio lab r 105 Central 
— Paul (Nathalie) lab h 17 Naviens lane 
Salvation Army The 11 Pine, Wm Nicol adjt 
Salvi Anthony Brother died Aug 29 1932 
Salvucci Anthony R (Elsie V) atndt 805 Main 

h 50 Everett 
— Danl mason r 55 Pond 
—Elsie, WW Co r 35A Maple 
— Nicholas D (Medora) mason r 143 Grove 
SALVUCCI PETER (Bertha) (Waltham 
Builders Supply Co) (Maynard Sand & 
Gravel Co) and mason 55 Pond h do — See 
page 81 
Sample Christine wid John M r 61 Barbara 

Sampson Chas E (Eva A) prntr WB&P Co h 

396 Lexington 
— Evangeline, WW Co 
— M Florence bkpr 390 Moody r 45 Waban 

SAMPSON & MURDOCK CO directory pub- 
lishers 179 Lincoln Boston — See page 112 
Samson Arnott elk 82 Trapelo rd r 35 Marl- 
borough rd 
— Dorothy sten (B) r 35 Marlborough rd 
— Thos (Isabella) pntr h 35 Marlborough rd 



Samuels Saml (Frances) tailor 466 Moody h 

^4 ^>ti?i t*oh 
Samways Mark A (Edith A) WW Co h 8 

Cornwallis pi 
Sanborn Carl B (Helen C) electn h 27 Copley 

— Chas E (Lizzie M) sta eng h Lakeview av 
— Edwd R (Eliz F) cond Pullman Co r 27 

Copley av 
—Sarah E wid Wm G h 29 Everett 
— Tracy N office mgr 844 Main r 25 Everett 
—Willis H, WW Co r 373 Winter 
Sanders Kendall (Gertrude E) WB&P Co h 

73 Pine 

Sanderson A Gertrude tchr Jonathan Bright 

sch r 111 Lincoln 
—Albert E (Annie E) formn 500 South h 

Ridgewood ter 
—Alex T (Helen A) WW Co h 274 Crescent 
— Annie I wid Irving W rem to Needham 
— Annie M wid Saml h 88 Woerd av 
— Cora Mrs h rear 152 School 
—Edmund L (Waltham Machine Works) 296 

Newton r 111 Lincoln 

—Edna C (Mrs Horace M) died Jan 22 1933 
—Edna H Mrs h 122 Ellison pk 
—Eliz H died Sept 3 1932 
—Ella O r 111 Lincoln 
— Ellen H wid Arthur h 314 Crescent 
—Emily E r 37 Highland 
—Evelyn S wid Edwd P h 267 Main 
—Frank L, WW Co h at Boston 
— Geo R mach r 516 Waverley Oaks rd 
— Guy R (Agnes M) Metropolitan police h 
Forest Grove 

— Helen M Mrs r 141 Robbins 

— Hettie Mrs r 10 Spruce 

— Horace A (Lorena M) carp h 60 Fiske av 

— Horace M h 111 Lincoln 

— Isabelle E mgr 313 Moody r 47 Chestnut 

— John L (Emily C) carp h 37 Highland 

— Nathan H (Lillian G) civ eng (Cambridge) 

h 131 Lincoln 
— Nathan H jr (Hazel) formn h 107 Lincoln 
— Nathaniel R r 37 Highland 
— Park rem to Needham 
— Penberthy (Olive J) died April 30 1933 
—Philip J, WW Co r 334 Crescent 
— Priscilla E married Kenneth C Raymond 
— Ruth E hairdrsr 511 Moody r 37 Highland 
Sanford Florence G Mrs r 96 Bacon 
— Fredk P jan r 79 Exchange 
— Murray M (Hattie M) lndry slsmn h 67 


— Prudence atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 

r do 
— Reginald M farmer Walter E Fernald State 

sch h 282 Trapelo rd 

Sangeleer Bertha E sten r 22 Barnes 
—Eileen R elk (B) r 22 Barnes 
— Frank E shipper r 22 Barnes 
— Wilfred W shipper r 22 Barnes 
— Wm P (Mary J) formn h 22 Barnes 
Sanger Chas (W Alice) linemn EEI Co, Coop- 
er st h 8 Fifield Watertown 
—Clarence E (Zella M) baker h 301 Lake 
Sangermano John (Anna) tailor 199 Newton 

h rear 75 Taylor 
SanSoucie Geo H pntr h 144 Willow 
Santamaria Basil r 103 Central 
— Stefano (Rose) lab h 34 Charles 
— Stephen (Mary) weaver h 103 Central 
SantaMaria John (Catherine) farmer h 75 

— Josephine broom wkr r 75 Dale 
— Rose E r 75 Dale 

Santangelo Jos A ins agt 267 Moody r 45 
Riverside Watertown 

Santo Jas (Jennie) lab h 162 Charles 
— Stefano di Filicuti Society, John Pinzona 
cor sec 432 River meets fourth Sun at 
710 Main 
Santolucito Angelo J r 47 Charles 
— Giuseppe (Mary) h 47 Charles 
Santon Jos J (Margt A) automobile storage 

1033 Main h 43 Eddy 
Santucci Dominick (Concetta) h 70 Francis 
Saphire Leon (Pleasant Drug Co) 132 High 

r at Boston 
Sapp LeRoy O (Alta M) h Winter cor Mal- 

Saprano Elsie M, WW Co r 14B Fern 
Sardi Antonio lab r 14 Harvard pi 
— Vincenzo (Anna) lab h 12 Muldoon's ct 
Sargent Edgar A (Mabel) carp h Pine Hill 

— John lab r 20 Crescent 
— Maria Mrs r 197 Chestnut 
Sarno Salvatore (Anna) lab summer res Cir- 
cle dr 
Sarty Doran E (Ethel G) atndt nurse r do 
Sass Norman E (Florence) carrier PO h 224 

Sasseville Natalie A Mrs mlnr 365 Moody r 78 

Sattelmair John, WW Co r 79 Cherry 
Saulnier Arsene (Hildred A) mgr Spencer 

Bryson Inc 150 Moody h 41 Common 
— Francis C elk r 41 Common 
—Geo E (Ruth E) real est h 21 Beal rd 
—Grace M, WW Co r 82 Chestnut 
— Richd L elk r 41 Common 
—Wilfred B (Stella M) toolmkr h 59 Maple 
—Wilfred F (Nellie J) jan h 67 Crescent 
Saultier Nellie wid Jos domestic h 181 New- 

Saumsiegle Henry G (Alice L) purch agt City 

Hall h 103 Riverview av 
Saunders Agnes C Mrs h 227 Ash 
— Anna opr r 139 Adams 
— Clarence E (Martha E) woolwkr h 105 

Seminole av 
— Donald E (Mary E) scourer r 166 Ash 
— Earl N porter 775 Trapelo rd r do 
—Eleanor M wid Saml H died Jan 22 1933 
— Geo R (Dorothy M) weigher (Watertown) 

h 5 Derby 
— Mabel L nurse r 20 Fairmont av 
— Mary A nurse r 20 Fairmont av 
—Monty elk (B) r 139 Adams 
—Sarah A wid Edwd J died Aug 5 1931 
— Wm B (Evelyn A) employment mgr WW 

Co h 80 Brown 
— Wm R carp h 20 Fairmont av 
Savage Anna E elk B&M (B) r 17 Elm 
— Geo H (Kathleen C) slsmn h 37 Parmenter 

—John D (Ruth) civ eng h 202 Main 
—John D jr r 202 Main 
— Mary E wid John F r 93 Crescent 
—Ruth E sec r 202 Main 
Saverse Romeo rem to Boston 
Savino Orazio (Nina) lab h 9 Greeley's ct 
Savory Katherine P wid David M h 10 Lexing- 
ton ter 
— Robt L slsmn r 10 Lexington ter 
Savoy Earl C (Marie A) WW Co r 121 Brown 
— John C (Iva E) mach h 606 Lexington 
— Jos C (Dora) h 564 Lexington 
— Jos C (Lottie M) carp r 120 Brown 
— Jos M (Lottie) bowling and billiards 61 

— Lottie M forwmn 54 Stearns r 120 Brown 
Sawasky Anna 66 Woerd av r 640 Grove New- 
ton Lower Falls 
Sawin Arthur L (Mary E) WW Co h 18 



S3, win 

—Arthur L jr, WW Co r 18 Myrtle 

— Chas A died Feb 26 1932 

—Chester S, WW Co r 18 Myrtle 

— Dixon B (Eliz B) neon signs (Somerville) 

h 72 Warren 
Sawlor Dawson (Vera) mach r 135 Brown 
—Vera M, WW Co r 135 Brown 
Sawtelle Grace H tchr North Junior High sch 

h 117 Plympton 
Sawyer Alf H pres Judson L Thomson Mfg 

Co off South nr Roberts sta h at Concord 
— Almont T mfr golf hosiery 621 Main rms 

3-4 r 70 Adams 
—Chester A (Esther) brakemn B&M h 44 

Hibiscus av 
— Curtis L (Katharine E) auto mech h 81 

—Fred W (M Eva) WW Co h 92 Maple 
— Harold E (Marion G) auto mech h 61 Gard- 
—Harry L (Minnetta) WW Co r 81 Maple 
— Iola, WW Co r 81 Maple 
—Minnetta, WW Co r 172 Chestnut 
— Waldron E (Ida F) h 188 Brown 
Saxe Mary J bkpr r 4 Cross 
Scafede Domenica balloon wkr r 19 Brown's 


Scafida Antonina wid Jos h 9 Felton 
Scafidi Salvatore (Jennie) lab h 101 Felton 
— Salvatore J (Lawrie & Scafidi) 1275 Main 

h 161 School 
— Vincent A gardnr r 161 School 
Scaia Jos cigars and tobacco 209 Newton r 

24 Gorham 
Scalese Andrew (Mildred) pntr h 31 MtPleas- 


Scalia Frances wid Vincenzo r 33 Winthrop 
— Francis mech hlpr 39 Felton r 33 Winthrop 
— Jos r 33 Winthrop 
— Raymond (Angelina) barber (Newtonville) 

h 18 Cedar 
Scamman Fred L (Marion C) mach h 22 Win- 
Scanlon Agnes J tchr r 92 Taylor 
— Cornelius J, WB&DW h 250 River 
— Danl (Mary) lab h 14 Bedford 
— Jas lab r 20 Crescent 
—John hlpr r 92 Taylor 
—John F (Catherine J) h 92 Taylor 
—Jos P, WW Co r 92 Taylor 
— Lawrence R lab r 14 Bedford 
— Margt A r 92 Taylor 
—Mary E r 250 River 
— Mary T bkpr r 92 Taylor 
— Raymond J (Ester E) yard mgr 1 Massa- 

soit r 85 Maple 
Schaal Harold ins agt 267 Moody r 62 Mar- 
shall Newton Center 
Schachl Frank lab r 29 Bowdoin av 
— Louise Mrs h 29 Bowdoin av 
Schade Geo gas sta h 372 Crescent 
—Louise M Mrs, WW Co r 372 Crescent 
Schafer Augustus E opr r 104 Adams 
Schaffer Arthur F die mkr r 80 Winthrop 
— D Louise bkpr r 43 Fiske av 
—Dorothy L, WW Co r 43 Fiske av 
— Felix (Eliza A) h 98 Vernon 
— Geo W (Daisy) mach h 43 Fiske av 
—Mildred M sten (B) r 98 Vernon 
— Muriel E mus tchr (violin) r 43 Fiske av 
Schaufus Arthur L (Mary A) formn 500 South 

h 12 Wamsutta av 
— Arthur L jr studt r 12 Wamsutta av 
— Aug F lab r 52 Adams 
— Elsa M r 54 Dale 

— Helen J wid Hugh sec 751 Main h 54 Dale 
—Margt elk 609 Main r 54 Dale 
Schebeci Jos (Josephine) lab h 37 Moore 

Schemehorn Fredk A solctr 761 Moody r 19 

Schemerhon Eva Mrs domestic r 4 Liberty 
Schiappa Frank (Maria) shoe rpr 47 Spring 

r 43 do 
Schmenitz David elk 278 Moody r 23 Pine 
Schmid Mary wid Edwd beauty shop 53 Cush- 

ing h do 
Schnapp Eug B (Mary L) confectionery 83 

Brown h do 
Schneider Chas C (Eliz M) EHW Co h 61 

Schoenberger Margt M wid Jos A h 28 Massa- 


Schoenfuss Alice W phycochometrist Walter 
E Fernald State sch r do 

Schofield Alice wid Geo E r 69 Dale 

—Chas H elk 20 Felton r 138 Crescent 

—Clarissa wid Richd died Jan 18 1933 

— Gertrude sten 567 Moody r 8'9 Audubon rd 

— May L wid Jos r 43 South 

—Russell J (Vera A) WW Co h 151 Robbins 

— Wm H (Effie) firemn h 99 Chestnut 

School of Related Arts, Forrest Thornburg dir 
dancing and drama 3 Lexington 

— Street Market (John J Clancy, Wm J Dree- 
lan) meats 100 School 

Schools Sturgis W r 12 Vernon 

Schoonmaker Ralph I tchr North Junior High 
sch h 4 Lawrence 

Schoorens Armand J (Charlotte) spinner h 
430 River 

Schribner Rex G (Gertrude F) (Schribner & 
Howland) rear 30 Elm h 243 Brown 

— & Howland (Rex G Schribner, Wilmot 
Howland) auto rprs rear 30 Elm 

Schroder Birger A (Annie) (Lundell & Schro- 
der) tailor 711 Main rm 3 h at Arlington 

Schultz Christopher chef 894 Main h at New- 

Schutte Alyce G Mrs millinery 10 Crescent h 

876A Main 
Schwartz Annie M r 46 Lincoln 
— Belle T Mrs pharm Walter E Fernald State 

sch r do 
— Bernard (Eliz) lodging house 23-25 Adams 

h do 
— Daisv M (Mrs John E) died Aug 31 1933 
—Helen Mrs, WW Co r at S Lincoln 
— John E slsmn h 82 Chestnut 
— John E, WW Co r at S Lincoln 
— Marianna F died Aug 31 1933 
— Saml W (Sophia) (Army & Navy Store) 

405 Moody h 100 Hillside rd Brighton 
— Wm H (Maud) mgr h 89 Grant 
Schwotzer Louise M Mrs h 47 Clark 
Schyve Katharine sec r 91 Summer 
Scichilone Michelangelo (Frances) gro 147A 

Charles h 147 do 
—Raymond (Mary) barber h 143 Charles 
Scipione Angelo (Bernadette) lab h 62 Rus- 
Scofield Donald A, WW Co r 783 Moody 
—Freeman R (Ethel M) pntr h 2 Tolman 
— H Delbert (Edith F) chauf h 783 Moody 
— Lougretta elk r 14 Hamblin rd 
Scott Chas E (Bernice L) elk B&M h 51 

Lunda ' 

— Druzella, WW Co r at Watertown 
—Graham R slsmn 100 Felton r 139 Adams 
—John H, WW Co r at W T averley 
—Kathleen E nurse r 27 Lord 
—Louisa R wid Wm R h 139 Adams 
— Milford M bkpr r 139 Adams 
— Lydia r 33 Adams 
— Sadie nurse h 33 Adams 
— Thos F (Frances) pntr h 228 Newton 
— Thos W r 51 Lunda 




— Willard died April 20 1932 

— Wm, WW Co r 35 Cherry 

Scottron Edith G r 1460 Trapelo rd 

— Saml J (Linda R) elk 738 Main h 1460 

Trapelo rd cor Outlook rd 
— Victor r 1460 Trapelo rd 
Screw Machine Products Co The (Karl W 

Ahlstrand) 57A Harvard 
Scribner Nellie A wid Henry H h 18 Chester 


Scrofani Frances wid Salvatore r 103 Bacon 
Seaburg Edmund G (Annie) chauf h 415 Lin- 
— Emily L Mrs r 11£ Charles-st av 
— Frank H h 11£ Charles-st av 
— Grace F tchr Senior High sch r 20 Lexing- 
ton ter 
— Jack H studt r 415 Lincoln 
Seager Cornelia J asst dietitian Walter' E 

Fernald State sch r do 
Seagram Wm H (Marion H) chauf h 30 Fern 
Seaman Josephine A r 26 Morton 
—Ralph H ins agt 740 Main rm 105 r 170 

Auburn Auburndale 
Searle Saml A, WW Co r 68 Adams 
Sears Annie L died Feb 1932 
— Evelyn G h 575 Beaver 
— Francis B (Marion B) pres The Waltham 
Natl Bank of Waltham h Crescent st 
— Mabel Mrs baker h 58 Robbins 
—Roebuck ,& Co hdw 713-715-717 Main 
Sebati Andrew (Mary) pdlr h 254 Calvary 
Second District Court of Eastern Middlesex 

25 Lexington 
Secor Austin B (Miriam E) purch agt (Cam- 
bridge) h 75 Shirley rd 
— Henry B (Flora M) slsmn r 75 Shirley rd 
— Richd W studt r 75 Shirley rd 
Secord Harold W M asst formn EEI Co, Coop- 
er st r 133 Newtonville av Newton 
—John C (Phoebe K) ctr h 74 Edwin rd 
— Katherine elk 100 Beaver r 74 Edwin rd 
Sederquist Anton N (Marion H) formn 256 

Charles h 23 Palmer 
— Herrick A (Doris D) prntr 14 Lord h do 
—Ralph A elk The Waltham Natl Bank of 
Waltham r 23 Palmer 

Seested Arthur L (Isabell) WW Co h 189 

— Chas F (Doris L) WW Co h 267 Crescent 
— Chas F (Susie F) died Sept 8 1932 
— Lois elk 416 Moody r 189 Robbins 
Segal Louis M (Rose) formn 77 Rumford av 

h 8 Fayston Roxbury 
— see Seigal and Seigel 
Segien Arthur W pntr r 1400 Trapelo rd 
— Aug J pntr r 1400 Trapelo rd 
— Helen A r 1400 Trapelo rd 
— Henry V pntr r 1400 Trapelo rd 
— Kasimir V (Helen) pntr h 1400 Trapelo rd 
Segreve Arthur hlpr r rear 21 Friend 
— Marion elk 305 Moody r rear 21 Friend 
— Wm (Mary L) formn 500 South h rear 21 

Seikel Hugo B (Elise C) athletic dir h 38 

Clark lane 
Seip Herbert F tire rpr 111 Ash r 636 Moody 
Selig John L (Pearl H) electn h 94 Fiske av 
— Wm M (Lillian M) lumber surveyor h 54 

Hardy's Pond rd 
Sella Leo E pastor Sacred Heart Church h 

311 River 
Semitelli Rocco ins agt 267 Moody r 6 Bemis 

rd Newtonville 
Seneca Hazel E sec h 151A Crescent 
Sennett Leo E (Mary E) sand blaster h 104 


Sennott Jas A (Louise A) dist mgr 210 Moody 

h 15 Dexter 
Senter Anna G Mrs rem to Boothbay Me 
Serbagi Nidhat (Grace) tailor 1054 Main h 

16 Eddy 
Servais Dieudonne A (Marie A) pres Reliance 

Garnetting Mills 25 Summer av and pres 

Belgian Spinning Co 169 Elm h at E 


— Eugenia M sec Belgian Spinning Co 169 

Elm r at E Acton 
— Ivan D (Laura P) treas Belgian Spinning 

Co 169 Elm and sec Reliance Garnetting 

Mills 25 Summer av h at W Concord 
Serval Jos (Sophie) paper wkr h 83 Exchange 
Severance Mary A wid Saml A r 15 Chestnut 
Sewall Dulcenia H wid Benj B h 238 Bacon 
— Edwd D coml trav r 238 Bacon 
— Homer (Marjorie) bonds (B) h 291 Bacon 
— Louise teaching supvr physical training for 

girls 55 School r 238 Bacon 
Seward Nellie M r 400 Lincoln 
— Solomon M (Abbie) carp h 400 Lincoln 
Sexton Gladys bkpr 515 South r at Maynard 
Seymour Alf N (Gladys L) treas Geo J Barker 

Lumber Co 118 Bacon r 258 Dale 
— Carrie A maid 775 Trapelo rd r do 
— David A r 118 Felton 
— Graham H gas sta atndt r 258 Dale 
—Napoleon H (Ella M) h 258 Dale 
—Phyllis G elk 54 Stearns r 258 Dale 
—Rosalie M wid Jos E h 118 Felton 
— see Simard 

Seynis Jos A atndt r 194 Chestnut 
Sgroi Jas V (Grace) jwlr 682 Main h 197 

Riverview av 

Shafford Alton L (Esther D) claim adjuster 
(B) h 42 Auburn 

— Bridget L wid David r 42 Auburn 

Shain Percy I (Esther) reporter Waltham 
News-Tribune 18 Pine h 39 Park 

Shakespeare Chas E (Margt E) mach h 16 
Shakespeare rd 

— Wm (Pauline) mach h 229 South 

— Wm E rem to Natick 

Shakliks Antonina (Mrs Henry) died Oct 31 

— John J (Mary E) milkmn h 369 River 

Shangraw Nelson R r 63 Irving 

Shanklin Gilbert (Elin C) driver h 22 Cal- 

Shanley Bridget J wid Jas J h 34 School av 

— Francis A elk r 34 School av 

— John J mach r 34 School av 

— Lillian A bkpr r 34 School av 

— Mary F r 34 School av 

Shannon Albert J atndt r 16 Gardner 

— Andrew J elk r 16 Gardner 

— Jas J (Catherine E) broker h 14 Gardner 

— Nellie domestic (Cambridge) r 16 Gardner 

— Patk (Honora) h 16 Gardner 

Shapiro Philip (Jennie) (Waltham Bedding 

& Upholstering Co) 575^ Main and stoves 

573 do h 20 Lyman ter 

Sharek Edwd J shoe wkr r 19 Adams 
Sharp Annie maid r 577 Beaver 
—Raymond P (Ethel C) electn h 31 Caldwell 

Sharpe Alf E r 91 Cushing 
— Anna T stitcher r 91 Cushing 
— Arthur F lab r 91 Cushing 
— Geo (Winifred) lab h 91 Cushing 
—Geo W r 91 Cushing 
—Helen W, WW Co r 91 Cushing 
— Jas P steel wkr (Cambridge )/r 91 Cushing 
— John J r 91 Cushing 

-Lois Mrs r 68 Hall 
-Margt M r 91 Cushing 




Sharpies Danl (Lydia) painter 23 Prospect h 

— Oswald D (Catherine M) h 23 Orange 
Shattuck E Maria died Oct 30 1932 
—Flora V wid Clayton S h 23 Boynton 
Shaughnessey Timothy pntr B&A r 31 Cross 
Shaughnessy Agnes elk WB&P Co r 18 Gor- 

—Alice M, WW Co r 121 Wash av 
—Alice P elk (B) r 59 Church 
—Bridget wid Thos died Feb 3 1933 
— Bridget wid Patk r 254 Linden 
— Chas J, WW Co r 121 Wash av 
nessy) 184 Chestnut — See page 80 
— Delia r 26 High 
— Edwd J studt r 59 Church 
— Eliz J burler h 73 River 
— Esther bkpr r 18 Gorham 
— Francis J (Ellen) h 201 Chestnut 
— Francis J shoe wkr r 201 Chestnut 
— Gertrude studt r 18 Gorham 
—Helen E Mrs, WW Co r 17 Ripley 
—Helen T r 59 Church 
--Hugh J waiter h 21 Friend 
— Irene L sec (B) r 59 Church 
— Jas J hlpr r 21 Friend 
— Jennie V Mrs h 121 Wash av 
— John F (Helen E) (Shaughnessy Coal Co) 

184 Chestnut h do 
—John J (Mary A) h 59 Church 
— John J jr rem to Dorchester 
— Katherine J G tube wkr r 121 Wash av 
— Madeline J elk 305 Moody r 59 Church 
— Margt insp h 77 Bacon 
—Martin H died July 8, 1932 
— Mary wid Michl J h 18 Gorham 
— Mary A bkpr r 48 Fiske 
—Mary A opr WB&P Co r 201 Chestnut 
— Mary B married John J Whelan 
— Patk P (Ellen A) driver h Pine Hill cir- 

— Sadie T maid r 314 Bacon 

— Thos J (Margt) grinding wheel wkr 115 

Bacon h 48 Fiske 
— Wm J hlpr r 201 Chestnut 
Shaver Erwin L (Ellen G) sec Cong Educ 

Society (14 Beacon, B) h 15 Shirley rd 
Shaw Frank (Marie) slsmn h 283 River 
— Harriett Mrs r 94 Adams 
— Horace W r 15 Hibiscus av 
— Jas A (Esther) eng h 41 Gordon 
—John W (Theresa M) lab 100 Seyon av h 

131 Grove 
—Stephen H (Iris R) WW Co h 329 Lincoln 
— Wm E (Margt J) elk h 15 Hibiscus av 
Shawfus Mary J wid Fredk A died Jan 27, 


Shay Alf L (Mary E) electn h 28 Farnsworth 

—Jacob (Sadie F) h 16 Fuller 

Shea Anna C sten r 55 Virginia rd 

—Catherine bkpr r 55 Virginia rd 

— Danl C r 55 Virginia rd 

— Edmund J (Dora R) civ eng h 55 Virginia 

— Francis J waiter 775 Trapelo rd r do 

—Geo A (Mabel M) chauf h 155 Alder 

— Helen B atndt Walter E Fernald State sch 
r do 

— Jas J (Annie E) combination man NET&T 
Co h 30 Murray 

— John (Catherine A) rem to Belmont 

— John E r 107 Orange 

— John F (Catherine C) barber 6 Crescent h 
87 Russell 

—Mary E elk (Washington DC) r 5 Cal- 

— Mildred F Mrs domestic r 107 Orange 


—Rose H, WW Co r 107 Orange 

— Thos A mgr r 329 Newton 

— Wm A farmer r 87 Russell 

Shear Benj (Mary) mgr 468A Main r 227 
Harold Roxbury 

—Philip (Philip's) 468A Main r 227 Harold 

Sheard Ann E wid Joe h 15 Eddy 

— Herbert chauf r 15 Eddy 

—Joe (Ann E) died Dec 15 1930 

Sheck Arthur D msngr 688 Main r 150 High 

—Dorothy E r 150 High 

—Edwd A chauf r 150 High 

—Walter B (Ellen E) chauf h 150 High 

Shedd Harold W (Winona M) drftsmn 500 
South h 125 Dale 

— Irving E carp r 396 Lexington 

— Mabel tchr Ezra C Fitch sch r 396 Lexing- 

— Prescott G (M Eliz) asst supt (Cambridge) 
h 4 Chester Brook rd 

— Wm C (Marion S) electn 588 Main h 396 

Sheehan Aurelia, WW Co r at Arlington 

— Catherine M Mrs h 78 Grant 

— Christine M tchr Jonathan Bright sch r 109 

—Cornelius J (Mary) elk 350 Moody h 109 

— Danl J (Margt J) rem to Newton 

— Eleanor J hairdrsr r 109 High 

— Margt r 57 High 

— Margt domestic r 295 Crescent 

—Margt K bkpr The Waltham Natl Bank of 
Waltham r 87 Russell 

— Rosemary hairdrsr 406 Moody r at Con- 

— Wm H jan City Hall r 4fi Harvard 

— Wm H (Eva M) slsmn h 46 Marlborough 

Sheehy Francis E tchr Senior High sch h at 

Sheer Abe H (Millie) tailor 872 Main h 15 

— Louis (Lena) (Waltham Plate Glass Co) 

991 Main h 89 Columbus av 
— Nathan (Mollie) musn h 15 Banks 
Sheffer Myer (Dora) RFD carrier PO 738 

Main r 28 Dyer Dorchester 
Sheffield Fredk C (Helen N) hlpr h 187 South 
—Helen N Mrs, WW Co r 187 South 
Sheinwald Roy J (Royce Shoe Company) 

346 Moody r at Brookline 
Sheldon Harry B (Margt M) chauf Hose 4 h 

52 Vernon 
—Jos F chef 613 Main r 157 Cherry, W New- 
Shelfant Ruth E waitress r 7 Elm ct 
Shelin Selma I, WW Co r 16 Curtis 
Shell-Eastern Petroleum Products Co Inc 
filling stations 55 and 962 Main 186 Lex- 
ington and 37 Crescent 
Shelly Eug E (Lillian A) mach h 24 Fern 
Shepard Eleanor G wid Jos V h 57 Grant 
— Saml F (Eva L) engvr h 54 Orange 
— Sarah r 89 Grant 
Shepardson Evelyn L rem to Orange 
Shepherd Jas W (Alma P) mgr 345 Moody h 

158 Ash 
— Margt S E wid Thos W h 334 Crescent 
— Ralph E (Katherine) opr h 27B Hammond 
Shepley Thos died Feb 5 1932 
Sheridan Abbie A mach opr r 222 River 
— Celes T, WW Co r 590 Main 
— Ellen A wid Wm J h 100 Elson rd 
— Francis L hlpr r 222 River 
— Jos (Germaine) mach opr h 14 Pond-st 




— Jos L warehousemn 20 Felton r at W New- 
— Louis P mach r 222 River 
— Michl J (Bridget A) h 222 River 
— Philip H (Mary H) dock supt (Hoosac 

Tunnel Docks, B) h 70 Alder 
Sherin Irma M tchr North Junior High sch r 

10 Chamberlain ter 
Sherins Victor (Lillian) mill hand h 14 

Sherlock Danl E (Ellen) lab h 29 Whit- 
—Edith r 53 Russell 
— Nettie V nurse r 55 Plympton 
Sherman Anna M photo fnshr 53 Moody 
— Blanche elk r 10 Wash av 
— Clara widow Max: (The Frances Benton 

Shoppe) 742 Moody h 10 Wash av 
— Clifford J mach h 43 Parmenter rd 
—Clinton P (Laura E) WW Co h 26 Adams 
— Dean C (Edith L) gas sta atndt h 54 Porter 

— Edwd W, WW Co h at Medford 
— Ferna M bkpr r 26 Adams 
— Francis J watchmkr r 43 Parmenter rd 
— John W florist r 43 Parmenter rd 
—Julia L, WW Co r 2